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NutriClean Advanced Practitioner Programmes


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer Nutri Advanced Programmes - A practitioner based only series of programmes -under consultation (face to face/or Skype) for specific wellness goals. These recommended programmes can only be ordered with a face to face/Skype consultation with advice  included to ensure correct application of programme . They  include full instructions, FAQS, recipes , menu planners and work books .A comprehensive practitioner based recommendation plan for optimum wellness

30 Day Nutri Kick Starter Programme


The Nutri 30 day 'kick starter' programme is ideal for anyone looking for a good way to get back 'on track' for the summer holidays and start the season looking and feeling well. It is for those who want support with liver and gut health an individuals who would benefit from a more structures approach to a healthier lifestyle

What does the programme include?

-Similase ,a vegetarian digestive enzyme formula to support gut health 

-Probiotic plus ,a live bacteria formula designed to support gut health

-Milk thistle complex with artichoke and choline to support liver health

 -A kick starter programme booklet containing ( Before & after medical symptoms questionnaire, supplement dosing schedule, FAQ'S, recipes, recommended food lists & details on how to join the face book group


*Nutri advanced supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle -results may vary between individuals*

30 Day Kick Starter Programme



14 Day NutriClean Programme


A 14 day plan to target the liver, including all supplements, instructions, FAQS , recipes, menu planner and work book plus a face to face consultation -A great place to begin on the road of welness

The pack contains all supplements : Ultra clear PLus PH vanilla, Meta Lipoate, Cela Pro, NAC, Physilium & apple pectin ,programme instructions, a food list, food and juice recipes, a menu planner and a work book 


Participants who have completed the 14 day Nutri Clean Programme report a host of improvements, including improved energy, weight loss, better sleep and more vitality-Results may vary per individual 


*Nutri Advancedhould not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle & Results may vary between individuals- Please consult your GP before starting programme if taking any prescribed medications (or convalescing diabetic,pregant, nursing children(breast feeding) and taking anti depressants -as there may be contra indications  and side effects associated with this)



14 Day Nutri Clean Programme


6 Week Gut Transformation


 A 6 week programme to help transform your gut and get your gastro intestinal system functioning at its best. It includes all supplements needed, instructions, FAQs, suggested food lists , recipe  suggestions, menu planner recommendations and a work book to fill out as well as a face to face consultation  . The Nutri Gut transformation programme includes the 5R approach-evaluation of GI function and targeted nutritional digestive enzyme and probiotic formulas in addition to a more targeted food plan to help normalise the gut.

The pack includes:-Ultra InflamX , Glutagenics, Ultra Probioplex, Similase, Berberine & Grape fruit seed, food list, recipes, menu planner, shopping list, supplement protocol, and work book 

 The gut transformation programme is an intensive gut clearance protocol which aims to free unpleasant nagging gut-related issues which some one may have been suffering from for years


Nutri Advanced should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle & Results may vary between individuals- Please consult your GP before starting programme if taking any prescribed medications (or convalescing diabetic,pregant, nursing children(breast feeding) and taking anti depressants -as there may be contra indications  and side effects associated with this)


6 Week Gut Transformation Programme


30 Day Weight Challenge


A 30 day weight challenge using a structured supplement protocol and a more targeted recommendation food plan, rather than a crash diet -it helps you establish a healthier relationship with foods and also reflects on what you are eating and the role of sleep, exercise and play in controlling weight.A comprehensive product kit as well as full instructions are included, and also a face to face consultation (Available in Chocolate or Vanilla Flavours)

What is included in the kit: Ukta meal soy vanilla or chocolate(dependant on choice ), Eskimo Extra, Gluco- Chrome, Thermo-max, plus full instruction, recommended food plan, FAQs, recipes, menu planner and work book to fill in


   *Nutri Advancedhould not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle & Results may vary between individuals- Please consult your GP before starting programme if taking any prescribed medications (or convalescing diabetic,pregant, nursing children(breast feeding) and taking anti depressants -as there may be contra indications  and side effects associated with this)


Nutri Advanced 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge


 28 Day Hormone Challenge


A 28 day plan using 5 focused supplements to help reinstate healthy hormone balance in both men and women. Addressing them with recommended dietary intervention , nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes. The programme uses a  specific supplement regime and  amore targeted food recommendation plan, focusing on cutting down caffeine, dairy, alcohol, other stimulants, gluten and ensuring plenty of low fat protein, cruciferous vegetables and essential fatty acids are incorporated. A face to face consultation is also included as part of the programme

 What is included: Hormone challenge information pack, Estro factors DIM, Calcium D Glucarate, N-Acetyl -L-Cysteine,Fola Pro , recommended food list,shopping list and menu planner, and work book to fill in


  *Nutri Advancedhould not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle & Results may vary between individuals- Please consult your GP before starting programme if taking any prescribed medications (or convalescing diabetic,pregant, nursing children(breast feeding) and taking anti depressants -as there may be contra indications  and side effects associated with this)



30 Day Hormone Challenge


30 Day Thyroid Challenge


A 30 day plan focusing on 3 natural supplements to support the thyroid, including instructions , maintenance plan .FAQs, and a work book to fill out. Between 20-50 % of adults suffer  with some form of thyroid dysfunction and it is one of the main reasons people seek medical advice. This programme can be used alongside medication( but consulting GP if on prescribed medication is still recommended/necessary)as every one is an individual and has different symptoms and needs , it also includes a face to face consulttaion. This is a recommended supplementation programme and not medical treatment .

What is included: Nutri Thyroid, Nutri T-Convert, Nutri Adrenal Extra, full instructions, FAQ's, maintenance plan, and work book to fill in.



 *Nutri Advancedhould not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle & Results may vary between individuals- Please consult your GP before starting programme if taking any prescribed medications (or convalescing diabetic,pregant, nursing children(breast feeding) and taking anti depressants -as there may be contra indications  and side effects associated with this)

30 Day Thyroid Challenge


*Medical Disclaimer-Please note this site does not provide medical advice from a GP  .I always recommend programmes ,tests and dietary and nutritional supplements based on individual needs, but cannot diagnose and treat medical conditions and illness-The information on this site is NOT designed to substitute professional medical advice and you should always consult your medical practitioner before starting any new changes to your diet, supplementation exercise or physical activity programme*




Vivaliti  is the most extensive DNA based health , fitness and nutrition testsing program that provides completely unique personalised wellness , nutritional and behavioural  modifications and advice through a portal or mobile app based on DNA test results  together with a shop that provides products to use based on your results. Choose from a DNA basic, advanced , optimal health package and then choose from the supplement and food ranges at vivaliti to complement your report based on tests results. To receive further information and to purchase click on image below to enter vivaliti shop-

NUTRILITE-Foundational Trio


 NUTRILITE By AMWAY is a professional brand of natural food supplements that form a essential addition to a healthy diet plan. The foundation of everyone's diet are 3 key elements -Micro nutrients- Macro nutrients & Phyto nutrients- The 3 foundational trio products from the NUTRILITE range of food supplements contains these.

Let Sharon Clare Amway business owner introduce you to the NUTRILTE range by offering you the chance to experience the Foundational trio:-

-Micro nutrients +  Phyto nutrients-Double X multi vitamin and mineral supplement carefully selected from 23 natural plant sourced ingredients Taken twice daily to deliver premium nutritional support-31 day supply for £63.15

-Macro nutrients-Omega 3 complex-with 2 active components DHA & EPA -250mg of EPA & DHA per dose -90 capsules for £36.25

 -Macro nutrients-NUTRILTE plant protein-All plant based protein supplement containing high quality protein with all 9 essential amino acids-450g tub - £30.85

 All these 3 foundational products combined will provide you with an introductory healthy nutritional supplementation plan to complement your health and fitness journey!-All for £130.25 + postage


*Contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 for  consultation face to face/skype and to purchase on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com*


Please click on the video link below to view more information on NUTRILITE Product range:- 




 NUTRILITE-Active Lifestyle Products


NUTRILITE-Active lifestyle range -Is specially selected supplement products to help you lead a healthy active life at work, rest or play. It consists of a large range of bars drinks, shakes and nutritional supplements -some of which are mentioned here .

Let Sharon Clare your Amway business owner introduce to the active lifestyle range with this introductory package( more products are available):-

-PHYTO2GO -An immune system support product in the form of an immunity drink. Refreshing, food supplement drink with vitamin C Zinc and berry blend powder. Containing acerola cherries and available in pomegranate and acai flavours.-6 caps and 12oz /355mls re- usable bottles =£19.40

-NUTRILITE protein bars-A special formula with high quality ingredients and delicious taste. 1 bar provides 50% of recommended daily fibre intake as well as high quality protein and B vitamins to support natural energy ,metabolism and reduce fatigue and tiredness and support muscle growth and repair.-12 x 50g bars =£29.90 (Available in chocolate & caramel vanilla flavours)


-NUTRILTE STRIVE-An energy drink mix to help top up nutrients on the go and rehydrate and replace electrolytes-pack of 20 sticks=£24.40

-Vitamin B `Plus DUAL ACTON- Instant release of B2 & B12 and extended release of 6 more B vitamins over a period of 8 hours.1 tablet is 100% NRV of all 8 essential B vitamins-60 tablets =£15.90


-NUTRILTE FITH20- Drink mix low in calories and low in carbs ,ideal for rehydration and helping reduce oxidative stress with vitamins B6 ,pantothenic acid and niacin to help reduce tiredness and fatigue-A pack of 20 sticks=£19.55


-- XS Magnesium sticks-1 stick provides 250mg of magnesium in a refreshing lemon flavour -for when on the go- pack of 30 sticks= £10.55


-XS Energy drinks- An extra dose of power -for fast paced energy on the go. Great tasting and low in calories and ZERO sugar -also contains pantothenic acid & B vitamins  for aiding mental performance as well as reducing fatigue and tiredness- 12 x 250ml cans=£19.40


This energy packed kit will keep you full of energy and vitality and keep you physically and mentally focused for sports, work or at rest and play- ALL for £139.10 + postage!


*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com 0r 07875086760 for a consultation face to face /skype  and to purchase kit*( more active lifestyle product available)


Please click on the video link below to view a quick intro to the power of NUTRILITE Active lifestyle products range:- 

New Gen Dircet Super Food Plus


Please click on the following link:- http://www.newgendirect.com/bodycoachfitness1  to access Sharon's New Gen Super Foods Plus website. Where you can browse and purchase products including the unique Super Foods Plus - all in one - supplement .Super Foods Plus is a high quality certified organic and 100% natural supplement. It provides an extensive range of raw wholefood fruits, veggies,  seeds, grains, proteins, fibre, grasses and sprouts, fruit extracts and over 10 billion dairy free freeze dried bacteria cultures , digestive enzymes, naturally occurring anti oxidants , vitamins and minerals-all on one product-A power house of ingredients.
The product is also free of  all animal sourced ingredients so is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and free from soya, dairy, gluten, and added sugars and artificial sweeteners and contain no GMO ingredients. Natural and organic- An all in one super food to boost health , vitality and energy.
New Gen Protein Product Launch....
 Body Coach Fitness is able to offer information on the pre launch of NewGen protein 2 years in the making designed for weight management and the sports and fitness market. This product is a 100% certified organic complete protein based supplement with a 100% clean label. Virtually all comprehensive protein based supplements are mage with additives, synthetic gums, flavourings ,sweeteners and /or added sugar. Often companies use non- organic proteins from plants exposed to pesticides and herbicides .Many companies also use genetically modifies soya or non- organic dairy proteins from intensively farmed cows which are subjected to hormones, antibiotics and other drugs. Also if this is not enough some companies add a lot of sugar to product -the quality of different brands of protein varies significantly.
NewGen Direct is soon to launch a spectacular protein based supplement for the weight management ,sports and fitness market -It has a unique blend of plant proteins providing all the essential and branch chain amino acids. Each serving contains 23 certified organic kale and spinach leaves, lavishing the body with phyto nutrition. In addition each serving provides 10 legumes and gluten free oats. Using technology from the USDA the cell walls of the certified organic oats are sheared releasing Beta Glucan supporting cardiovascular and digestive tract health. Each serving also provides our very own special unique blend of anthocyananin rich ingredients. Bringing a large range of phyto nutrients to the formula ,each serving contains freeze dried certified organic acai berries ,raspberries, wild blueberries, blackberries, pineapple, lemon and banana. There are NO added sugars ,sweeteners ,additives ,flavourings ,synthetic gums, synthetic nutrients or gmo ingredients. When this product launches soon-Body Coach fitness will be able to supply this vegan friendly protein based fitness and sports supplement -There is nothing like it on the market-Please see promo product launch link here - https://facebook.com/clinton.sellersngd.3/videos/145588396350890
*Please contact Sharon Clare about launch and to Pre- Order* 




Body Coach Fitness -Is now able to offer Zooki Omega 3 products which are the next generation in health supplements -New technology & new ingredients -Better taste-Better absorption & Better results! No waste -Once opened Zooki supplements will keep in the fridge for up to 12 months .

The products combine  Micelle Nano encapsulation  technology with natural ingredients  which are all sustainably resourced -A table spoon a day is all you need! Tastes delicious with no artificial sweeteners and sugar added .Ideal for all ages-& the family!


MCT Zooki Emulsified MCT Oil (Vanilla/Coconut Flavour ) 450mls 


A high potency emulsified MCT oil MCT Zooki has a delicious coconut flavour and creamy texture. It fuels body & mind with natures potent health formulas ( 450mls - 30 serving size)Ideal for transforming plain water into a sugar free  refreshing coconut drink for energy or adding to coffee, porridge &smoothies

MCT Zooki Emulsified MCT Oil (Vanilla/Coconut) 450mls



Omega 3 Zooki Fish Oil (Peach/Mango) 450mls


 Omega 3 Zooki fish oil ( peach mango flavour) has 90 teaspoons of pharmaceutical grade fish oil which is nano encapsulated and contains no artificial sweeteners , sugars , soya, gluten and no GMO ingredients .It is suitable for all ages and it helps with better heart and brain function and good vision

Omega 3 Zooki Fish Oil (Peach/Mango ) 450mls





 New Beginnings Nutritionals


Affordable nutritional supplements formulated utilsing recent scientific research -guranteed for purity and potency-gluten/casein ,soy corn and yeast free. Supported by a professional customer support team with personal experience and knowledge of nutritional issues for children and adults with special needs and allergies.

Our professional quality product line offers support for special dietary needs ,digestion and nutrition deficiencies and immune dysfunctions.Please go to the following link https://www.nbnus.net/shopaff.asp?affid=1223 

Proven Probiotics -Adult Gut,Immune,Mood & Performance Support
Body coach fitness is a registered practitioner with Proven Probiotics ,here is a selection of (practitioner only  -to be used with Body coach programmes) and general use products to purchase:-
Proven Probiotics-Adult/HIGH STRENGTH 


Proven probiotics-Adult (High Strength) has a 25 billion gut friendly bacteria count in each 2 capsule serving ( 30 capsules -1-2 capsules per day). This will help colonise your intestines with friendly gut bacteria ,help prevent bloating and increase gut flora and improve general health and wellbeing.

Proven Probiotics-Adult High Strength



Proven Probiotics- (Practitioner Only) Intense MicroFlora


Proven Probiotics -Practitioner only product is to be used (in conjunction with) any Body coach fitness gut health & nutrition and fitness programme ( under direction of Body Coach Fitness) .This product is a maximum Intensity Micro flora gut health product with 50 billion lab4 gut friendly bacteria in each sachet ( 14 sachets in total) There fore to purchase you will ned to contact Sharon Clare direct to purchase at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com &/or 07875086760 -Ideal for full gut health immune support for your healthy living journey! ( RRP £49.00)

Core Health Products


Please click on the following link:- https://www.corehealthproducts.com/affiliate-profile/rep/154/     to purchase Core health products  real alkalising whole food products.  With a unique bio available delivery system which aids with nutrient utilisation which is more important then nutrient consumption. In todays society obesity is an ever increasing epidemic  and we have developed countless diets, exercise regimes and programmes to try and counter this epidemic. Due to the majority of people eating foods in the acidic PH scale (1-6) we experience issues associated with this - low acute energy levels , weight gain, acid reflux, heart burn, and it can also contribute to many disorders such as osteoporosis, yeast infections, chronic fatigue, gout, diabetes, and hair loss and many more. Alkalising or neutralising an acidic body can help prevent or ease these .By combining a balanced PH scale diet and consuming plenty of green foods  (also found on CORE Greens) , adding digestive enzymes ( Core digestive & Core Health Pack) to help digest undigested food in the guts will neutralise the acidic waste accumulated in the bodies system, which can cause inflammation free radical damage, and demineralisation of connective and tissues and bones. Core health products can form part of a healthy PH balanced dietary programme ensuring optimum nutrient utilisation from foods consumed 


Proto-Col Nutrition Supplements & Cosmaceuticals


Proto-col is an all UK based company that sells natural health, fitness and weight management supplements as well as natural cosmeceuticals (skincare & make up). Please click on Sharon's proto-col website link here:-http://www.proto-colambassadors.com?id=814289    and then click online shop and select either skin care, cosmetics or nutrition section to purchase items (like green magic-below)and get further details-Happy & healthy shopping!


HealthHub 247


HealthHub 247 is a worldwide hub for selected products and supplements from Australia, new Zealand and the USA  that drives people to professionals rather than retailers for their health, fitness and wellness needs. Optimal life,clean science and thorne are practitioner products only and sun organic is exclusive to healthhub 247- more exclusive and practitioner professional products are being added all the time. The idea of the heathhub is to promote safe professional supplementation through selected practitioner outlets. Body Coach Fitness practitioner details  will be added to the UK list -on practitioner search very soon. ( Added charge for Shipping outside of Australia) For more details and to purchase go to



Better You- Magnesium


Better You- Magnesium Products  are useful professional products designed to increase absorption of magnesium in the body which is essential for skeletal strength, normalising muscle  function, energy production and improving the bodies ability to detox itself. Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer these products through a professional practitioner account with - natural dispensary!

Magnesium Oil Joint Spray ( 100mls)

10 sprays of magnesium oil spray delivers a minimum of 40mg of optimally absorbable magnesium together with glucosamine. Magnesium is essential for the body and is used in over 300 bio chemical actions in the human body. Containing 100%  natural ingredients -Can be applied to any body area and is suitable for anyone from 12 years upwards 

Magnesium Joint Oil Spray ( 100mls)



Magnesium Gel (150mls)

When Better you magnesium gel is applied to the skin ,the essential mineral commences absorption immediately and the technique has been scientifically proven to work 5 times faster than tablets. Apply a small pea sized shape amount onto targeted area and massage well into the skin, reapply whenever  needed.

Magnesium Gel (150mls)



Magnesium Flakes ( 150g)

Magnesium is essential for skeletal strength and normalised muscle function, energy production and the bodies ability to detox. When dissolved in a body  or foot bath the solution feeds every cell and efficiently replaces magnesium lost through the modern diet. It is advised to take 2-3 magnesium rich foot baths per week. 

Magnesium Flakes ( 150g)



Magnesium Oil Soak (1 Litre)

This magnesium soak oil is a good way of absorbing essential magnesium through the skin for a cooling calming effect as well  as relaxation and soothing of aching muscles.

Magnesium Oil Soak ( 1 Litre)





Nu Image Medical


Nu Image Medical HCG weight loss program is a highly specialised physician led program incorporating supplements, meals & food delivery, food and meal programming, diagnostic blood testing and much more( available all across USA).

The process works by booking a online consultation with a qualified physician at NU Image medical and then they will prescribe the correct weight loss program individual to you based on test results, consultation and questionnaires. Nu image HCG have there own HCG diet gourmet meal delivery program  which is physician led and ideal for keeping you on track with your weight loss program- calorie counted healthy nutritious meals  delivered to your home and  office /work place  -lunches ,dinners and snacks ,with a wide range of variety. Together with this you receive your individualise  nutrition and lifestyle plan and HCG pharmaceutical grade supplements to help maintain balance, and a healthy weight reduction .Blood tests are often included as part of the program to establish baseline measurements of hormones and nutrients for dietary planning .All consultation , plans ,analysis , meal subscriptions are licenced and professionally physician led -making this a truly bespoke individualised weight loss program with results- see more details here:-

100% Prescription HCG Diet Program

BioCare Supplements


Sharon Clare is now  a practitioner with Biocare supplements - health care professional range of supplements -including vitamins, minerals, immune support, weight control, sports and fitness and womens health.
Sharon will use these products within her practice as a nutrition and fitness coach and can also order supplements at a discounted professional price .Go to www.biocare.co.uk for more details on products and professional referral code- ' P6906 '  to place  an order  at discounted  prices

Foods You Can- Healthy food & Tests


Foods You Can- offer Imupro food intolerance tests,functional blood tests and healthy food boxes to help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Food-Fitness-Feel good- please check out their products on the following link:- https://foodsyoucan.co.uk and use Body coach fitness Promo code :- BCF001 at checkout ( on all purchases of Imu pro Food intolerance tests-only)   .



Sharon has a Revital practitioner account- to allow her and her personal training and nutrition clients discounts off  product ranges in store, online or by phone -with a special membership discount card. There are 14 Revital branches/health stores through out the UK  and products can also be purchased through their website http://www.revital.co.uk or by phone using the code on discount card given(once activated).Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or speak to her in the gym to get a unique  discount card for a 10% discount off  all products and supplements(excluding food items) from Revital .Sharon's clients booking nutrition packages will receive one as part of their nutrition & lifestyle plan.


Life Extension Europe -Supplements


Body Coach fitness is able to offer Life Extension Europe supplements and tests products .Which include- blood tests (vitamin D, Hormone tests for women and men , omega 3  and stress balance) and herbs and botanicals, diet and lifestyle, skin and personal care ,supplements and vitamin and mineral products .Please click on the link http://lifeextensioneurope.com and use ID CODE- 60201617  - at the checkout when purchasing any blood tests , supplements and products




Body Coach Fitness can now source herbal tablets powders and capsules sourced from one of the largest Australian organically wild crafted and sourced herbal products companies - Mediherb. Their herbal capsules, powders and tablets are inspired by core naturopathic principles and the latest evidence based research. Contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com For a consultataion and more details


 Brain Health


Brain HealthMD  improves the health and function  of the organ which controls every thing we do and think and feel ( including exercise ) .Brainhealth MD specialises in supplements to improve leaning, mood, stress reduction and sleep for recovery.As the saying goes- A healthy mind means a healthy body! Optimise your brain health by going to the following link for more details:-

Shop BrainMD Supplements


              Natures Sunshine Supplements

Body coach fitness is now an independent distributor of Natures Sunshine food grade supplements , a brand which is a  world leader & has 40 years of proven excellence in it's field.
All  products are organic & free from chemical additives providing a safe effective way of supplementing a healthy daily dietary regime.

To place orders please visit my natures sunshine website :- (bodycoachfitness.eu.nspshop.com)

If you would like more details on how to become an independent natures sunshine distributor yourself please contact Sharon at Body coach fitness for further details & sponsor details.

Prodimed- Permanent weight loss system

Sharon  is an independent consultant for the medically based protein  diet system- Prodimed  . Which provides a unique & effective programme for losing weight & keeping it off responsibly, whilst under the constant guidance of a nutritional consultant, so you will quickly lose those extra stones & pounds !
There are  a wide choice of products to choose from in the range from breakfast dishes , soups, main meals, snack bars, & cold drinks & supplements . Prodimed  is a medically founded , phased programme which encourages your body to use it's fat stores for energy as opposed to dietary carbohydrates. Also making you less hungry due to high protein & lower carbohydrate ratio in products so also  less muscle mass loss. Which phase of  the programme you will start on will depend  on your weight loss goals , initially you may start on a full phase 1 programme consisting of mainly Prodimed dietary products , & then gradually  working through each phase , reducing consumption of Prodimed products & increasing consumption of freshly prepared healthy meals,  until  phase 5 which is when the client should be reconditioned in healthy eating patterns & able to follow a full healthy diet plan with some supplementation of Prodimed products as a top up  when necessary. When you decide to start the programme Sharon will provide a full  consultation, health evaluation  questionnaire & individual Prodimed dietary plan , as well as  details of all the products from the range that you will need &  regular monitoring & guidance to  guarentee results! So do not delay contact Sharon today for a consultation to  discuss this revolutionary medically backed, safe,  , cost effective , great tasting weight loss system  & pricing options on 07875086760! Also take a look at the Prodimed website for further information on www.prodimed.co.uk!
Body coach fitness also offers a Prodimed occupational & corporate wellbeing package & can attend your work place & offer preventative & remedial nutritional therapy via the Prodimed  programme. Please see corporate & wellbeing page for more details!

Prodimed is exclusive to healthcare professionals & nutritional experts & cannot be found online or in retail locations !                     

                                  "Prodimed - The Key To Success!"


Nutri Gold Supplements


Body Coach Fitness- Is now able to order Nutri Gold the natural choice and gold standard in naturopathic nutritional supplements at just over trade price -and uses them in her nutritional and supplemental programmes Here are a selection of kits/packages to buy -Please ask Sharon for more individual item  product details and prices  Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 to purchase

Nutri Gold Detox Support Programme


Nutri Gold detox support programme contains- Alka greens , pro-otic, colex, and detox support formula and body brush. Plus a free booklet explaining detox programme.Normal retail price incl VAT =£50.62

Nutri Gold Detox Support Programme


Nutri Gold Male Pre Conception Pack


Nutri Gold Male Pre Conception pack contains- an effective package of Supa Mag Plus with selenium and zinc for sperm production and health and EPA marine fish oils and Pro otic. Normal RRP of £61.87 inc VAT

Nutri Gold Male Pre Conception Pack


Nutri Gold Female Pre Conception Pack


Nutri Gold female pre conception pack is  a cost effective package which contains zinc, pro- otic , EPA marine oil and folic acid -Ideal for preconception period and 1st trimester of pregnancy. Normal RRP inc VAT =£61.87

Nutri Gold Female Pre Conception Pack


Nutri Gold Nutritional Pregnancy Support Pack


Nutri Gold Nutritional Pregnancy support pack is an effective package including pro-otic and EPA marine fish oils ,folic acid and pregnancy formula -Ideal for 2nd & 3rd Trimester of pregnancy .Normal RRP inc VAT=£61.87

Nutri Gold Nutritional Pregnancy Support Pack


Microbiome Plus


Microbiome Plus is a clinically proven professional range of prebiotic and probiotic and gastrointestinal digestive enzyme products .Effective , advanced products that help boost the immune system and improve digestive health,  increase levels of vitamin D and have also been shown to lower LDL cholesterol . See more details here:-

Microbiome Plus

 Pangea Bio Medical


Unique medical grade supplement designed to restore cellular energy and reduce soreness related to aging and exercise - allowing top sports performance in middle age and beyond-A one a day supplement for mature adults over 40 -perform at your best at any life stage! Click on text below or  picture image for more details on products and to order!

Pangea Biomedical LTD

Pangea gins

Helion Nutraceuticals


Helion Nutraceuticals- Is an Americal natural nutraceutical supplement product company- So for all you Americans out here-Click on the following link to purchase these high quality products :- http://helionformulas.com/ref/10/

My WellLabs


My Well labs is a American nutriceutical supplement company in the USA. For all you Americans out you can purchase feel well medicinal grade supplements , wellness that works -making nutrition simple for life  through the following link:-

https://mywelllabs.myshopify.com?rfsn=522642.64815  - Help give back each purchase will make a contribution towards donations towards lifestyle medicines for kids who need it in the USA- (Products can only be shipped in USA at present)

Vitabase Vitamins


Vitabase now available through Body Coach Fitness- All your vitamin supplement needs. Use the interactive videos on each product on the website on link below to choose your vitamin of choice .


Buy Supplements at Vitabase

Oxford Biolabs products


Oxford Biolabs produces innovative -user friendly products  that help to enhance the customers wellbeing and appearance. All the products are naturally-based  and aimed at people who want to avoid unwanted signs of ageing such as hair loss, hair thinning and signs of premature skin ageing. Oxford Biolabs work  in the worlds professional  nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industry .Oxford Biolabs seeks to provide solutions of superior quality backed by credible science that can make a genuine noticeable difference.
 Produced by founder  scientists from the Oxford university -one of the world's leading centres for biochemical research.

Products consist of  break through research based scientific products such as Melaniq - a supplement for greying  hair  & TRX2 for thinning hair- both proven to produce results -boosting your self confidence, health and well being as part of your healthy lifestyle regime-looking after your hair is as important as loking after your body through exercise- and the health and vitality of your hair is only as good as the specific nutrients it is provided with .Please click on the following  text links to learn more about this ground breaking hair program and to purchase  plus promo offer  code link for TRX2 pack below:-


TRX2® Molecular Food Supplement for Hair


TRX2® Hair Revitalising Foam £10 promocode
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Vita Vegan -Health Store

Please click on the following text link or flashing image to purchase Vita Vegan  products  and other fitness  supplements , foods and lifestyle products all ethically sourced and suitable for vegans


Vegan and Vegetarian Health Products - Herbalift

Body Kind


Please click on the text link below to purchase high quality products ranging from supplements, beauty products, wellbeing and lifestyle :-


Health Food Store

There are not many health stores in the UK which offer such a professional and varied range of foods and drinks, vitamins and supplements  , beauty and skin care , sports nutrition and lifestyle products . an De Vries health food store offers all this and  more. Higher nature products are available through this store - a hard to professional range of products .Including the kids range - Fruit & shake powder vitamins, soothe & immune vitamin sachets, kids relax and unwind and smart focus supplements as well as multi vitamin chewable vital vits for kids. Higher nature also offer sports nutrition products such as energy break fast shake, performax relax sachets and performax hydrate. There are also many more brands of products available -please click on picture image above or below  for more details and to purchase

Natural Skincare Supplements


Buy your natural skin care nutraceutical supplements at the following link:-


Udos Choice

Udos Choice is a company developed by Udos Erasmus an expert in healthy fats nutrition. It tackles the 4 most neglected areas of nutrition/supplementation  in the population- Essential fats, green foods, pro biotics and digestive enzymes.
Please click on images or text links below images to purchase items from amazon store or the following direct link to purchase the full range of udos choice products from their store direct:-


Oil Blends/Capsules

Udos Choice Ultimate Oil Blend 500ml

Super 8 Capsules - Pack of 30 Capsules

Digestive Enzymes

Udos Choice Digestive Enzymes Travel 21 VCaps

Udo's Choice Super 8 Probiotics by Udo's Choice

Greens Super Food

255g Beyond Greens

Child/Infant Formulas

Udo`s Choice Infant`s Blend Microbiotics - 75g Powder

Udo's Choice Junior Blend Probiotics - 60 Vegicaps

Pet Oil Blends/Formulas

Udo'S Choiceudo'S Choice Pet Essentials/Dog 16-Ounces

Udo's Choice Pet Essentials/cat 8-Ounces by Udo's Choice

Omega Fats Blends

Flora Udo's Choice Udo's Oil 3-6-9 Blend 90 caps



                       LA Muscle  Supplement Discounts                              




Body coach fitness has a  15% discount code that members/clients can use when purchasing their 1st item from the website www.lamuscle.com. - SharonC15- One purchase per person only!



Jennifer Lopez Body Lab Female Only Supplements

Click on the picture banner link above to purchase Jenifer Lopez Female only supplement range !

Core Sport Supplements


Please click on the following link:-


To view and purchase items of Core Sports supplements!

  Nutrition & Weight Management!



 1-1 one hour Food shopping experience!

A 1 hour accompanied food shopping experience with full advice on food labelling, healthy food choices, &  shopping on a budget at a local shop of your choice. £30.00.

 Group food shopping experience!

Join familly & friends & share the benefits of personal food shopping ! Only £40.00

  Group food shopping experience- 3 people -only £45.00

  Group food  shopping experience -for 4 people- only £40.00.

 Fridge pantry analysis!

1 Hour home visit with fridge & pantry analysis .£30.00 + travel expenses.

 Online fridge/pantry analysis

Send the latest shopping list via email or post & I will email nutritional & shopping advice.

 Health & wellness seminar!

An hour long presentation on health & wellness on subjects such as:-

Weight management
Physical activity
Understanding food labels
Psychology of eating

£7.50 per session

  Monthly Health & wellness seminar package!
Or alternatively pay for 4 sessions (1 mth) in advance & pay only £25.00

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