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                                                    Corporate Health & Wellbeing!

 Body Coach Corporate Active Communities Hub


Welcome to -Body Coach Corporate Active Communities Wellness  Hub-  a programme with the   passion , motivation & vision  to lay the foundations of health ,wellness and mind fullness for your  work force -for the future. The Body Coach corporate  wellness hub's vision is to -ACTIVATE-ENGAGE-MOTIVATE-INSPIRE & EDUCATE  your  work force for better productivity and a happier & healthier work place for all. Making a positive impact on the health &  lifestyle of employees within the working community & creating an -ACTIVE COMMUNITY. Combining both sports ,nutrition & physical activity to improve- personal, work, social & active work force & community outcomes -A good balance between work place ,community  & behaviour change with positive results in mind* Available online & face to face *- (Most medium to large  companies have a corporate social  responsibility (CSR) to  ensure their work force are safe and looked after as well as contribute a positive impact to the local community through projects & programmes- The active communities programme helps drive this)

Corporate Active Communities

Begin your  healthy work place  & active community initiative with Body Coach Fitness -Corporate active communities programme - Helping  you develop productive & engaged people and building  an effective team  of workers with the FUTURE in mind.  

 A five step approach to employee and active community engagement ( Plan, Do , measure, evaluate & impact) "Getting the inactive & active" more active ,more often through physical activity, sports & play  , engaging with both able bodied and disabled people with an emphasis on education.

The programme consists of the availability/choice  of all Body coach fitness corporate services on this page ( customised to your business/local community needs) .Plus specific education ,delivery and engagement sessions for your work force   -based on local active community needs including:-

 -People & Skill development through physical activity

 -Active community outcomes sessions

 -Increasing participation & reducing inactivity workshops

 -(Getting the inactive active) through sports, play & physical activity sessions at work

-Group /team building sessions -involving sports /physical activities  -with  a benefit to the local community  eg-charity based & work /community based  

 -Education & nutritional focused engagement sessions involving local community involvement eg- sessions on community gardening for health & physical activity, growing food for the local community & work place - (Food skills )

- Corporate active communities- Action pack -Full of useful resources ,tools & educational advice on involving your work force in sports/physical activity & play for the benefit of the community and a more productive & healthy work force


*Join the Body Coach Fitness- Active Communities action movement - Get your work force -More active more often-contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  or 07875086760 for more details and prices on customised packages -(Available online & face to face)* 




The Next Generation Of  Corporate Wellness- Pathway To Wellness Genetic Testing(International)

 Body Coach Fitness- Offers a variety of corporate fitness, nutrition and health and wellness schemes , including next generation genetic testing working towards -keeping and getting your work force fit and healthy!
The Pathway to wellness genomic  corporate wellness  program -is a International  genetic testing program  which specialises in boosting the ROI of existing corporate wellness program by increasing participation , engagement and outcomes.
Our scientifically proven genetic  testing guidance program -empowers employees to make positive behaviour changes that impact their health and your bottom line. Here are some statistics on how the pathway to wellness corporate genetic testing program will benefit your companies corporate wellness scheme already in place -It will result in up to 60-80% more engagement in physical activity  by employees, resulting  in positive clinical outcomes for 76% of participants ,it will  also reduce the average health care bill  costs by £100.00 per participant per month to the company/employee.
 With a  simple oral swab test and easy to understand results, Pathway to wellness  corporate testing will offer your organisation proactive solutions that have been proven to deliver :-
 -Increased participation and engagement

-Positive behaviour changes and improved outcomes

-Optimised productivity and better return on investment (ROI)

Empower employees to make lasting positive changes to nutrition, exercise and overall lifestyle by adding personalised genetic testing to your company wellness scheme

 Additional benefits of Pathway to Wellness -Genetic testing

-Each employee will  receive:-

-International tests (available globally)
-Full consultation and health/lifestyle analysis prior to test ( via Skype/face to face)
-Oral swab test-genetic test -with full report on findings

-Follow up review

-a recommended healthy shopping list

Daily food journal to complete

-Eat your vitamins guide

Tips for estimating serving sizes

-Access to your own pathway genomic App- with an interactive guide to your personal rest results-anytime & anywhere- you can learn about other pathway tests available  and help friends and family  by sharing genetic insight data

"Take  action today to reduce per-employee costs and increase performance today!"

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760   for further details on test , price and how to book-Test prices will vary due to being available Internationally*


 Corporate Wellbeing -Health & Wellness Genetics (UK Wide) 


Body Coach Fitness mission is to offer professional choice and support to corporate /work places. The pathway genetics test (above) is an international test and the Mudho  DNA profiling test is a UK wide version available for health and wellness to individuals and work places through Body Coach Fitness.

One size des not fit all - each employee of you company is an individual and this test could help improve both their healthy life expectancy and health and wellness for a longer working life. Absence from work is estimated to be 29bn and 15bn is down to poor mental health. Companies could save literally millions per year in staff sickness and injury  ,by looking after their employees health.

This test can be added to any workplace /corporate scheme and Body Coach Fitness program. It offers advanced genetic profiling and a dashboard with all results and data .Body Coach Fitness is able to also come and give a Genetic/Epigenetic seminar/presentation to staff to explain the benefits of genetic testing and to improve participation in testing .

The test covers nutritional recommendations including details on recommended supplements and covers over 18 vitamin/minerals) .It also includes data on sleep ,stress levels and mental psychology as well as lifestyle changes based on results .An ideal test to add to any work force health and well being scheme in the UK.Price will vary dependant on number of tests ordered please contact Sharon Clare on details below for purchasing *(Dash Board Link for more idea of what you will receive as part of health dashboard)-www.muhdo.com/try

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details and to book a consultation or genetic wellbeing test /presentation for your work force and to find out pricing(Pricing will vary dependant on numbers needed) -Uk only *



DNA Warrior Gene Test -Successful In business?


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the unique international -Warrior gene test -as  reselling practitioner of Gene track. This test can be used for various reasons but one is to see if you possess the warrior gene which means you are more likely to be business savvy , willing to take some risks and benefits from these business risk making decisions.

The warrior gene(MAOA)  is associated with more  risk taking behaviour  and can be inherited and research has shown that there is a strong correlation between having this gene and making successful business decisions & other certain  characteristics such as being  willing to take financial risks (in order to succeed in business)  

 *(This is an international test to be taken at home and is tested in professional laboratories  in Canada. Orders from UK & Australia are sent by international express and when sent back tests results are normally available within one- working week. Tests will be completed within 3-5 days in Canada & USA)*

Please purchase test kit below and if you require further information -contact practitioner /reseller Sharon Clare on- 07875086760and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com. 

Warrior Gene Test-Are You Business Savvy?



 *Price Includes sending test kit/ international shipping costs* 

Exercise Therapy At Your Desk/Work


Work place wellness- exercise therapy at your desk/work -face to face or via Skype .A combination of I move freely biomechanics based functional movement exercises , balance, core and postural exercises which can all be applied whilst in your immediate work environment- no need for gym equipment and lots of space .
I move feely is a proven form of systemic strengthening and conditioning of agonistic and antagonistic muscle sin the body-correcting imbalances and dysfunction and allowing function and movement of the body- this combined with simple corrective ,postural and balance exercises provides the ideal at work exercise based program-Live, work , play and be pain free!

What is included?

Consultation assessment at work face to face /Skype

-Plan of action-(eg daily ,weekly monthly -long term plan) Personalised work based exercise program  based on I move freely exercises, balance ,core and postural exercises- suitable in a small work space environment and/or at your desk- no gym equipment needed - cost effective and convenient -delivered either face to face or via skype

-Complementary home based exercise program- to keep up the good work at home

*-(Optional home and work based assessment-please see biomechanics page for more details )*

-Review and evaluation

-* I move freely small group classes also available -via Skype/face to face*

* As this is an individual process-please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details on availability, prices and bookings*

 Customised Work Orthotics


Choose Dr's Orthtotics  available through Body Coach Fitness- for your workplace wellness customised orthotics. Whether you stand up or sit down all day ,work in an office or outdoors (protective footwear included) Dr's Orthotics can full fill your company workers needs - to help prevent  foot knee and back pain and other biomechanical work related issues .For  more details and to purchase go  here :- https://doctorsorthotics.com/?affiliates=8   (Use coupon code 'save50' for $50.00 off)  - go to' work custom fit tab' to browse/purchase  work orthotics -Pain free workers=Happier workers !
(Also see more details regarding other orthotics  available on Biomechanics assessment page - The orthotics can be added as part of any Body Coach Fitness Work Place Wellness Programme and biomechanics /work  assessment-ask for details at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 078750867660) )

Active Office-Sit Stand Desks


Sit Stand Desks-for all your active office needs- Reducing sedentary behaviour is one of the best ways to prevent and treat obesity and is important for both adults and children at home and at work. So to get sedentary office workers standing sit stand desks, treadmill desks and active seating office equipment  can offer a solution ,it is perfect for ensuring you have the option of standing , sitting or even walking at  your desk at home and work and some are also  suitable for children at school.
Sit Stand - offers sit stand desks, active seating and treadmill desks amongst many more items to keep your office staff more active  from quality brands such as Free Desk, Varidesk and walk fit.
Please use Body Coach Fitness Promo/Referral code - “AF-BCF”  at checkout on purchase at https://sit-stand.com/  for a  discount off items


Body Coach Fitness  -Ergonomic Work Active Work Smarter Bundle 


Work active,work smarter with the Body Coach Fitness Work active ergonomic bundle .Your office furniture  should be "an investment " that grows and moves with you!The space in which we work directly impacts the quality of work and your health and well being.This ergonomic bundle can be customised for your individual business needs and budget.On ordering an ergonomic bundle through Body Coach Fitness you can book **an additional** -active work ,work smarter seminar - including  an office audit and guidelines with best practice to deliver effective change for the culture of sit to stand office working ( active working).
An example ergonomic bundle could include :- An anti fatigue mat, active stool, desk riser and other ergonomic accessories. You could also even add a treadmill desk or sit to stand desk as part of the package. This ergonomic bundle is unique in that it can be incorporated into any one of the Body Coach Fitness corporate wellness packages with an expert opinion on biomechanics ,ergonomics and health and wellbeing. **included in  cost**
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more information and  bespoke pricing *

Desk Analysis- Fit Space


Body Coach Fitness can visit your work space and analyse your desk space -every desk tells  a story! Body Coach Fitness has a methodical method to adapt and improve your working space to make it a -Healthy fit space-For both better productivity at work & for  better health  !Working to organise ,declutter and assess your desk set up for best biomechanical posture and mind set -not only ergonomically but for best working practice and an optimal space for self expression for your unique personality and a comfortable space for the best work out put-Healthy work space =Healthy mind & Body =Optimal work productivity.

Health is paramount and it starts in the work space ! From home offices to large companies -Prices vary for example :-

-20 work spaces analysis (Half Day) = £200.00 

-40 Work spaces analysis (Full day)=£350.00

 --Single home office analysis = Price on application (Dependant on location) 

Feng Shui Your Office Space -For Business Prosperity


Improve your health, wealth and career and business prospects with Body Coach Fitness- Feng Shui for career success. Add this element to the Fit space desk assessment (above) or as a stand alone service .Feng  Shui is the Chinese art of better living and maximising one's Chi or energy and energy patterns and the circulation of one's life force energy. Arranging your work space to encourage a flow of positivity and a better chance of work productivity ,less stress, better health and increased chance of career/business success. This applies to all work & living spaces at home or at your company office .An affordable complementary work place option for improved health & work success


*Please contact Sharon Clare at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and or 07875086760  for more details and for individual pricing as this is a bespoke customised service* 

Body Coach Fitness-30 Day Sit To Standing At Work Challenge 


Get involved in the Body Coach Fitness 30 day sit to stand at work challenge ,to help you go from sedentary chair based  to non sedentary -( for office based workers /schools  and college ) .Including a step per day log in and standing desk diary ,noting progress from sitting at work to standing position through a 30 day introductory process .Using ergonomic principles and research data ,specific postural exercises and the use of additional equipment ( at added cost) such as leaning chairs and stools  ,manual or electric adjusting desks , and treadmill desks ( working while walking).Move more-sit less and get more active more often at work!There are 2 paths  to this  challenge and you can alternate between the 2 options throughout the 30 days. Option 1 is the recommended route but if you do not have access to a sit to stand desk, option 2 can be followed instead.Experts tell us that the human body is -designed to move- we are not designed to sit still.It also includes recommendations for Apps for sitting to standing and moving eg Siri ,stretches at your desk and activity break physical activity exercises. It also covers a 30 day" introductory" ergonomics  process ( based on full Body Coach Fitness ergonomics assessment )  for someone seated at  a desk, & someone standing at a sit to stand desk ( & functional sit to stand) and proper use of cell phone,tablet and laptop/PC.Some of the  health benefits of introducing this sit to stand challenge at work are :-

-Increased weight loss/maintenance

-Postural improvement and less back pain

-Improved work productivity and less sickness absence

-Better mental health/mood 

This  30 day challenge can be introduced to the work place at any time through out the year there is no set start date ,schedule a consultation with Mrs Sharon Clare on details below .A good introductory process for a sit to stand culture at work eg increased health and physical activity for improved work productivity.

*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare for more details and pricing on the 30 day Sit To Stand challenge at work program at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760*



Body Coach Fitness- Myzone Corporate Wellness


Encourage your staff/employees to be more active at work, as well as at home and at play with the Body Coach Fitness Myzone Corporate Wellness programme. The Myzone corporate programme differs to the 'at desk programme above'  -as it offers varied forms of physical activity at  the desk & also away from your desk environment including bootcamps and relaxation classes and includes a personal activity tracking monitor for at work and at home.
With the annual cost of sickness absence estimated at over 100 million in the UK ,employee health and well being is at the centre of debate to help reduce absences and improve productivity rates at the work place- through improved mental and physical health of your work force.
Body Coach Fitness-Corporate Wellness Package is a customised ,tailored service to help improve your employees overall health and wellness ,with an added  accountability aspect -with the Myzone system offering an incentive to be more active more often
The Body Coach Fitness -Corporate Wellness programme  can be adjusted to your work forces needs  but may include:-

- A full health and wellness consultation -with a specialised personal trainer and nutrition coach

-6-12 week exercise and nutrition programme  -at a time and place convenient to you ( remote corporate skypercise & nutriskype available ) varied choice of exercise regime

- A Myzone belt /watch system -as part of the programme ( more accurate & reliable than pedometers) .A personal effort monitor so you can track and measure activity and effort levels .You can invite your workforce and work colleagues to compete against each other in challenges and see who gets the most 'moves or MEPS ' and reward the member of staff who achieves the most activity points a corporate gift from Body Coach Fitness corporate gift package ( virtual class also available soon)

-Mental health & wellbeing- Wellness coaching programme

-Incentive reward scheme- Effort points mean prizes( which can be included at additional cost) for employee of the month/year who accumulates the most activity /effort points

-*Additional services from the corporate range can be added eg genetic and functional testing, office/desk based exercise, onsite massage therapy, sleep therapy  and postural assessment *

* Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and/or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  for further details on pricing and minimum participant numbers *


Corporate -Active Rewards/Points Scheme


Get Rewards for your companies activity efforts with Body Coach Fitness & Active points! Its all about you- You do all the hard work and you get active rewards points in return for your efforts!

Get your employees connected- Get them to sign/link up their fitness app/gym card to the active points scheme  

through the following link:-  https://activepoints.co.uk/index.php/connect-an-app

More Information here:- https://activepoints.co.uk/


using Body coach Referral code 'BCF100' ( type in referral box) and they can track their efforts and accumulate active rewards points for discounts off products and services. Most fitness trackers apply ( including Myzone as above-available through Body coach)-belt & watch and also fit bit ( wrist based monitor/tracking), Garmin, Polar and many more!

 Active points is like Gaming - You start at level 1 & work your way up through different levels with the more activity accomplish accumulating points with different member discounts and offers at each level. Earn cash credit on online shopping or vouchers for large brands including supermarkets-AWESOME-There are over 5,000 offers on the active point platform each day to choose from -just get active -record your effort through active points portal by linking fitness app tracker and/or gym card  to system and reap the rewards. Choose from cash rewards, discount vouchers/cards, and various other ways of saving money for just £ 18.00 - The more active you are the more reward you get- So Benefits for employer and employees as a more active healthy workforce which is rewarded for efforts is generally happier and ore productive!

* Contact Sharon Clare at Body Coach Fitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details on corporate active rewards/point scheme  and community wellbeing programmes* 





Get Your Work Place Off To A Flying Start-With UK Active National Fitness Day 2020


Body Coach Fitness & UK Active are supporting National Fitness Day 2020 encouraging workplaces to get their teams off to a flying start! Research suggests employees who start the day being active enjoy lower stress levels, are better decision makers, have more energy, and most importantly, are happier.

That’s why this National Fitness Day, Body Coach Fitness & UK Active  are doing something about it by asking workplaces all around the country to push back the start of the working day by an hour and get active To discover more and find out how your workplace can get involved in all things National Fitness Day. Body Coach Fitness will  be running an event /activity hour  on National Fitness Day for local work forces to get their staff more active more of the time .For more details please  contact with Mrs Sharon Clare at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760.

Work Place Skills -Educational Courses


Body Coach Fitness -Is now able to offer the E Alliance LMS Professional video arts series of -work place skills educational courses. These are world class technology tech courses with learning development for your employees. Off the shelf ready made training course solutions for your staff  to meet all business and work place training and soft skills development needs.

These courses are available  in course suites .The categories for course suites are:- Work place skills, wellbeing, sales, project & change, ,management ,customer service, leader ship, influence and negotiation.  Each individual  video arts interactive course module will run for 30minutes to 1 hour approx. and offers state of the art video recordings with interactive learning and question and answering -not just learning by reading content  ,but getting more involved in the learning process, making it applicable to the work place .*(These can be purchased alongside Micro learn courses on work place wellbeing page & fitness business zone page -as they complement this course selection further)* But these are specific to work place skills for theoretical and practical learning and skill development .Details and sign up to course suites below:-

Work Place Course Suite- 10 online video arts courses (Body language & assertiveness, 30 ways to make more time, dealing with stress, finance & budgets, making time ,managing yourself, negotiating, the balance sheet barrier, understanding behaviour & work place generations  

Work Place  Course Suite



Wellbeing Course Suite -The wellbeing video arts course suite consists of 9 online courses including ( Criticism and failure, emotions versus evidence, getting stuff done, happiness habits, inside your head, personal wellbeing for managers ,planning, practical wellbeing and team wellbeing

Wellbeing Course Suite



 Sales  Course Suite -The sales video arts course suite consists of 6 online courses including( Closing sales, consultant sales, control and close, difficult sales, needs and objectives and the art of selling)

Sales Course Suite



Projects & Change Course Suite- The projects and change course suite video arts series of online course consists of 4 courses including ( Change, Living with change, manging change , managing projects and processes)

Projects & Change Course Suite



Influence & Negotiation Course Suite- The influence and negotiation online video arts course suite consists of 8 online courses including ( Achieving goals and commitments, being a people person, helping hands, less is more, Negotiating & tying the knot, negotiating tactics, using ,making your case and using similarity)

Influence & Negotiation Course Suite



 Management Course Suite-The management video arts course suite consists of 11 online courses including- ( One to one training, absence minded, behavourial interviewing , being a leader, counselling, dealing with absenteeism, developing a team, difficult conversations, managing discipline, motivating a team, and recruiting.

Management Course Suite



Performance Management Course Suite

The performance management course suite consist of 6 video arts online course modules including-(Managing performance every day, performance review -code red, performance review -every day appraisals, performance review -every managers nightmare, performance reviews and praise and criticism 

Performance Management Course Suite



Leadership Course Suite

The leadership course suite consists of 13 video arts online course modules including-( Practical leadership, team decision making, team development , creativity and innovation, crisis management, emotional intelligence , ethics, every leadership, pass it on, leadership sins, jamie's kitchen 15 lessons in leadership, jamies's kitchen 15 lessons in team work and first impressions ) 

Leadership Course Suite


Price= £728.00 

Customer Service Course Suite

The customer service course suite consists of 12 video arts online course modules including -(  Advising the customer, after sales , communicating effectively, complaints, customer types, customers on the phone, first impressions, if looks could ill, the power of behaviour, online customers , service of sales, when things go wrong)

Customer service Course Suite



Communication Course Suite

The communication course suite consists of 10 video arts online course modules including -( Assert yourself, communicating in writing , communicating on the phone, going to a meeting, meeting menaces, messing up a meeting, inside information, meetings, meetings bloody meetings & presentation is every thing)

Communication Course Suite



*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  and /or 07875086760 for more details on the courses packages *

Work Place Wellness Work Shops


All people can benefit from a helping hand with back care and posture related issues- which massage, trigger point therapy , myofascial release and AIS Mattes stretching method can help prevent, correct and treat . Office workers who are mainly seated all day or hard physical manual workers and even house wives carrying babies and children can benefit from this work shop as they are all prone to posture related issues and "prevention is better than cure!" 
Body coach wellness work place workshop/program can help correct:- 
- Upper & lower back issues 
- Help with tension headaches caused by stress & poor posture caused by poorly designed work station area
- Neck pain & stiffness
- Repetitive strain injuries eg :- wrist and forearm 
Prices on application dependant on numbers of employees needing advice/treatment 

Monthly Lunch & Learn


Body Coach Fitness is now able to provide structured monthly lunch and learn work shops for small workplaces looking to gain knowledge ,advice and  support with physical & mental health & wellbeing for employees. The lunch and learn sessions   The first in a series will be on  mental health and wellbeing including -The 5 ways to wellbeing (based on professional resources ) .Looking at mindfulness at work, mindfulness tools and exercises ,mindful eating ,mindful relaxation and the benefits and barriers to mental health at work.  
Each attendee will receive a (WAP)Wellness action plan as part of the mental health wellbeing in small  work places session   and a one off "pause for mind"  box to carve out a moment of -me time - as a gift to yourself or a colleague which will contain an activity or gift designed to encourage creativity ,relaxation ,new skill or a moment of calm to improve mental health ( whilst helping support a mental health charity) .Plus tips and advice on staying well at work and taking care of your mental health .Education is the key to unlocking the golden door to freedom , lunch and learn sessions will be informative  educational networking sessions to connect with colleagues and improve health in the work place
 *Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details on pricing and to schedule a monthly lunch and learn workshop in you work place- Minimum of 15 places  for each booking *

Body Coach Fitness-Supporting Staff & Well being In Schools Program


Body Coach Fitness  has a specific -supporting staff well being in schools program - for over worked and stressed teachers/work staff  in the education sector. Research commissioned by the education research institute states that 62% of teaching staff and colleges experienced stress and work problems due to poor health and nutrition.Teachers and support staff in education often experience anxiety,stress and depression and work long 12 hour days affecting work performance and health and teaching ability at work.
Staff well being is of the utmost importance to schools  and this supporting staff well being in schools program specifically addresses  this  looking at health issues ,common work place impacts due to stress and anxiety and related stress. It also explores the 5 ways to well being and explores what positive staff well being means in practice and how you can  recreate this in the school work place for the benefit of staff and pupils.
 It also includes the use of resources and supporting documents  from ofsted,the NHS and the 5 ways to wellbeing  eg:-( summary and recommendations ) ,teacher well being ,flexible working reducing work load,plus many more. This program will help reduce absenteeism from work ,improve teaching capability and staff well being for positive benefits to staff and pupils.(This program is one in a series of work place wellness programs for adults and children available at Body Coach Fitness -including  work place cpr/resucitation program above, nutritional program ,and family programs on fit family page and many more )
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details on the  educational -staff well being in schools program*

Body Coach fitness - Wellbeing Employee Education  Assistance Program


Body Coach Fitness recognises that  large companies such as -multi national food retail outlets - are commited to supporting the  well being and education of their work  force , who can then in turn educate and assist   others in healthy eating lifestyle behaviours (educate the educator & motivate the motivator) . So Body Coach Fitness  has  dedicated  a team to cover this area working on training & education for staff on wellbeing  and  nutrition education -driving forward- with a well being strategy. Utilising  articles and nutritional  resources from (BNF) British Nutrition Foundation, FFL Food a fact of life and Educare Ltd and Eat well plate government guidelines . Ideal for large corporate  multiple  national  food shopping outlets. Body Coach Fitness  provides  Training/education  for employees in large food shopping outlets  on  food ingredient labeling & nutrient guidance to identify healthy food choices for themselves and their customers/shoppers.*This program can also be used for other medium to large corporates *
                                              "Educating the Educator & Motivating the Motivator"
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at Body Coach Fitness at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details and information and customised pricing*


Work Place /Team CPR Instructional Training 


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer -Work place /team CPR training instructor ( kits) .This will help roll out -life saving- training instruction to your business /team /work force/community.This training will not replace a 3 year first aid certification for work as a first aider but would be an ideal addition as yearly update on CPR skills and a way to teach key members of your work force ( first aid /or non first aid trained) to be champions of life saving CPR skills ( each person will get a BHF certificate of attendance ).Most companies have a first aider on site at all times but with this training kit  you  could also train up to 10 more  key members of staff to be champion life savers- as support 1st responders- to life saving situations. 

On purchasing you will need to contact Body Coach Fitness (on contact details below) to arrange a training kit and introductory session with set up of instructional DVD's ,resources and CPR skills training. This training can be for up to a group of 10 people *( CPR skills are taught by professional instructional DVD's from BHF (British heart foundation) and practical application based on resources )*Each attendee will recieve a BHF CPR certificate of attendance and CPR wallet card from the training kit.

A more affordable.convenient but professional way to update CPR life saving skills at work,home, or in sport or at play!

Work Place  CPR Instructional Training



 *Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details on the CPR Training kits*


The Big 5 -Heart Health Program


Body Coach Fitness now offers a -Big 5 Heart Health Risk program- For companies/individuals and sports teams  interested in investing for improved future health ,productivity, engagement production & performance . It can help prevent (CVD) Cardiovascular disease by identifying the BIG 5 key risk factors  associated with heart disease affecting future work and health prospects -Better Heart health For a healthier working life!

Body Coach Fitness can come to you  and your work place to conduct 1-2-1 heart health checks .The appointments are 20-30 minutes long and check for the big 5 heart and circulatory risk factors-

-Blood Pressure

-Glucose levels

 -Body Mass Index

 -Waist Circumference


*(Plus Genetic heart health tests can be added at additional cost-Body Coach Pro Genetic )* 


Up to 20 tests/appointments  can be performed per day  & costs will depend on numbers of individuals to cater for .*From £25.00 per person based on minimum of 20 people -price excludes vat *

*Each individual will receive a heart health age calculation and a personal report and healthy lifestyle recommendations for improved heart health* 


*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details on -Big 5 Heart health check - Bespoke pricing and to book a consultation/appointment * 

Corporate Onsite Treatment


Soft tissue injuries comprise the majority of work related injuries .This alone can be a significant hindrance to the health of employees and ultimately work productivity. Hands on therapy tailored to an individuals needs  is crucial to recovery for soft tissue injury .By providing specific treatments for a variety of impairments  including repetitive motions, acute and chronic work elated injuries this will expedite the healing process and promote a timely return to work.

*Contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more information regarding our mobile office team and how to integrate our corporate on sight packages into your company injured workers program*

Body Coach Fitness- Corporate Nutrition


If you value your employees health and nutritional status and want to reduce staff sickness and give employee benefits then Body Coach Fitness corporate nutrition may be for you-is a comprehensive package of  healthy nutrition advice, testing and education available face to face ( dependant on location) or remote eg via skype/email and phone.
Body Coach Fitness nutrition is unique and more in depth than most other corporate  nutritional services and s also flexible in that you can choose your package dependant on employees and companies needs selecting from the below services and many more:-

-Educational seminars /lessons  either face to face or nutriskype (remote) dependant on location - a choice of motivational & educational lessons on different nutrition subjects for your employees

- Nutrition online - Online nutritional meal planning &  meal prep service with grocery list    as part of service for each employee -system also includes access/links to 11 leading major supermarkets so you can purchase items online that are included in your shopping list

- Food shopping experience - group shopping trip to educate staff and employer and employees on healthy eating at work and home  

- Food detective analysis -If your company has a canteen or provides food  and catering this  is a dietary analysis of the foods and drinks available on the menu for employers to see if improvements could be made for employees and can also  include  educational talk /advice on choosing the healthiest meals on the list available fore employees

-Nutrition specific genetic and functional testing for employees - For  food intolerances and specific dietary requirements

-Food diary analyses of employees

-If your company does not have a canteen or food on site- membership for employees to a meal prep/delivery service so healthy meal/snack options can be delivered direct to work place  - dependant on location and availability

As this is a truly bespoke corporate service - the employer and employee gets to choose their own packages - so the price will be dependant on many factors and a consultation face to face/skype is recommended

* Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for further details and to book consultation and corporate nutrition service for your company*

NutriFit Health & Fitness DNA  Test-Corporate Wellness


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the comprehensive nutrition (health & fitness ) genetic test to businesses and individuals interested in learning their genetic make up and break down of macro and micro nutrients needs as well as your  individual  metabolism of alcohol, caffeine and lactose .You will begiven a nutrigenic guide that includes an easy to understand introduction to diet and genetics ,lifestyle and dietary recommendations and food nutrition tables  including nearly 200 different foods along with their calorific values, cholesterol content and contents of vitamins and minerals.
This test helps determine your own bodies unique food neds based on your own genetic predisposition for the best physical and mental performance, cognitive function and health and vitality for work. It uses  the (NGS) Next generation sequencing technology method of testing coupled with leading genetic analysis software and modern scientific findings. Analysing 35 different analyses and 100 genetic variations that affect our metabolism and physical characteristics. It includes every thing you need to start your journey to healthier productive life both inside and outside of work. Invest in yourself and /or your employees with this test & improve   staff sickness levels, work performance, work productivity and every ones health and fitness-A happy healthy work force -Is a productive one! 
Please see link below for a brief introduction to the Nutrifit  health & fitness test report and what it includes :-

click here to download file


Employee Engagement


Engage your employees & customers with Perk Box- offering financial, emotional and physical wellbeing incentives and discounts. Happy work teams do great things- 61% of the UK work force is disengaged. This means they are not passionate about their job or loyal to their company of work and this creates an estimated cost of 340 billion a year to companies in the UK. 'Re engaging ' with your employees/customers  boosts work force productivity , makes your company the place to work for or purchase from and helps motivate your team with exclusive perks and big discounts at some of the  UK's largest brands . When you join- every one in your team becomes a VIP -saving money on important stuff and also helps keep your team fighting fit- with wellness incentives such as money off health and dental  plans, gym memberships and also offers  a dedicated employee assistance help line for any problems.

 Perk Box can help attract and retain the right employee/customers, and reward hard work or customer loyalty .'Engaged' employees/customers  are 87% less likely to look for new jobs and places to purchase goods.

 You can even join Perk Box webinars and events to learn  from and meet with like minded business owners and hear about how Perk Box has benefited their company, work force team and customers !

Do not delay- join/ask for more information on  Perk Box today  

at - http://perk.so/3qvy



Corporate Gifting


Corporate gifting is a way of gesturing and expressing gratitude to valued customers and staff at the company over the year- why not give the gift of good health & fitness with Body Coach Fitness Corporate gifting?
Instead of sending flowers or gifting pens and vouchers , why not choose a Body Coach fitness corporate gifting package. Choosing from various different products and services from the website -including  nutrition programmes to  fitness wear / products  and fitness breaks and much more! Create your own corporate gifting and reward package  for continued service and/or custom

*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and/or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for more details and to choose a package*

Office Meal Delivery Package


Our office meal delivery package will provide you and your work force with energy to excel in the work place! Helping increase mental focus and physical health for work so increasing productivity and stamina.A time saving solution for busy professionals ( London and surrounding areas only- at present) Packages include breakfast & lunch or lunch & dinner plus a cold pressed juice and a healthy treat tailored to your individual requirements-Delivered daily from £20.00 per day
Please go to the following website - http://freshfitnessfood.com/package/office  and use Body Coach Fitness Promo/referral code= SHACLA10  for 10% discount off purchase


Healthy Office Snack Delivery


Snack well and do good with Love with foods healthy snack box delivery office plans  . A choice of organic and gluten free options delivered to offices across the USA (full  international delivery soon- leave contact details on link )- https://lovewithfood.com/subscriptions/office?s=top-bar-office-snackbox .
Home plan snack boxes are also available internationally in various options and both home and office plan snack box purchases give  a % donation of purchase price to global food bank networks across the world helping the needy and vunerable .So look after your work force -by providing healthy snacks and do good in the world at the same time by investing in love with food snack boxes - https://lovewithfood.com/invite?m=r&ref=3VCB


Executive Wellness Profile & Food Intolerance Test


 With the demands  we face day in -day out it's hard to keep track of our current health status -no time should be wasted when it comes to health! So Body Coach Fitness is now offering a specific functional testing procedure that can be taken by employees/employers on its own or added to any other Body coach Fitness Corporate package- The Executive wellness profile + food intolerance test 220.

What does it Include?

The Body Coach Fitness executive wellness profile and food intolerance  220 includes :-


Executive Wellness Profile :

A carefully designed test to screen for a range of diseases  by giving you a complete health evaluation  and a snap shop of your current health and lifestyle. You can use this to check your current health and also to use it to check improvements in health over time .Profile includes :-

-Liver profile, lipid profile, iron deficiency profile, thyroid profile, diabetic screen, complete blood count (28) , electrolyte profile, vitamin deficiency profile, cardiac risk monitor , arthritis profile, serum ferritin, folic acid and testosterone and pancreatic profiles are also included


Food watch-Food Intolerance  (220 Panel)

 This test measures IgG responses  to 200+ foods which includes dairy, non- vegetarian, spices, nuts etc- It is the most comprehensive list of foods that will be helpful for the people who assume that they have intolerance against a number of foods who may experience a number of unexplained symptoms eg- respiratory symptoms, neural symptoms, immune system symptoms, skin, hair & nail disorders  ,metabolism problems and muskulo skeletal symptoms.


 Both tests provide a most comprehensive package for your self as an employer and your employees-value your health and the value of your staffs health with- Body Coach Fitness Executive wellness profile + food intolerance 220 test


* Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  &/or 07875086760 for more details, price and to book a consultation face to face/Skype-Special new year offer if you book in January 2018!* 





LifeTime VIP Club MemberShip - Corporate Wellbeing Packages


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer a -Lifetime membership wellness package  of blood testing- via a professional international laboratory service Blue Horizons. Blue horizons has introduced a lifetime membership club allowing a fee upfront ( in the same way as  a health plan membership ) allowing you access to three main blood testing websites and enjoy permanent discounts of 50% on each test, supporting awareness of your health status. There are 4 levels of membership -VIP20,VIP30,VIP40 & VIP50( Offering 20-50% discounts off accordingly) VIP lifetime club membership valued at £200-£1000

Body Coach -Occupational Health Bundle tests


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer UK based professional Occupational health bundles through a private laboratory service which  are available to purchase and book through over 30 private clinics all across the UK. Included with the two occupational health blood tests bundles are a professional Doctors referral ,all phlebotomy fees (your blood taken at private hospitals) ,all laboratory fees and GP advice and comments.

Occupational Health Bundle 1

Includes assay blood tests for 3 common occupational health  risk factors and will require attendance at a private hospital and is not a postal kit. Thoroughly recommended for employers who need to ensure occupational health standards ( Can be added to any other Body Coach Fitness Corporate service )

Occupational Health Bundle 1



Occupational Health Bundle 2

 Includes assay blood tests for 5 common occupational health  risk factors and will require attendance at a private hospital and is not a postal kit. Thoroughly recommended for employers who need to ensure occupational health standards ( Can be added to any other Body Coach Fitness Corporate service ) 


Occupational Health Bundle 2



Executive Blend -Vitamin Boost IV Infusion Therapy 


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer stressed and over worked executives the -"Limitless Drip" Vitamin IV Infusion as part of its executive & corporate packages -by professional referal to a  clinic in London UK . 

This executive blend will help you hit the ground running and power through your working week. Infused with an array of multivitamins ,amino acids  and anti oxidants ,this treatment  will optimise  performance ,neurological function, immune support , fight against free radicals ,diminish side effects  of stress ,illuminate your skin and help fight work fatigue ,stress and make your more revitalised for your working week.Other benefits are it increases focus ,increases immunity, increases energy and helps detox the body. ( All treatments are carried out in a professional clinic with registered and insured professionals).*From £450-£850.00*there are 2 options available.

How It Works

The executive blend limitless IV infusion therapy is professionally administered  in a UK clinic ,this delivery method makes sure you receive 100% bioavilability directly into the blood stream while bypassing the GI tract for instant benefits.

What Vitamins & Nutrients Does It Provide?

 (Executive Blend  Limitless Drip -Option 1)

Basic Hydration Drip (Sodium Chloride , Potassium, Bicarbonate & Calcium)+ Potassium ,B complex vitamins ( B1,B2,B3,B5& B6), Amio acids (L-Lysine,L-Arginine,Leucine,Isoleucine ,Methionine ,Phenylalanine ,Threonine,Tryptophan,Valine, Alanine, Histidine, Serine, Glycine,Aspartic Acid,Glutamic Acid,Tyrosine,Potassium and magnesium), Methylcobalamin B12, Zinc, Calcium,Bicarbonate, Taurine, Glutamine, Selenium, L-Carnitine,Methionine,Gluthatione,Vitamin D ,COQ10

 (Executive Blend Limitless Drip-Option 2)

Potassium, (Vitamin B1,B2,B3,B5 & B6), Amino Acids (L-Lysine, L-Proline , L-Arginine, Leucine, Isoleucine ,Methionine, Phenylanine ,Threonine, Tryptophan , Valine, Alanine, Histidine, Serine, Glycine, Aspartic Acid, Glutamic Acid, Tyrosine, Potassium & Magnesium), Methylcobalamin B12, Zinc, Calcium, Bicarbonate ,Glutamine , Vitamin C, Gluthatione, Vitamin D & COQ10


*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details and pricing and to book a face to face/online consultation- Prices between £450-£850.00*




Body Coach - Fit For Work Fit For Life Occupational Health


 This is not your average occupational health screen ,but a comprehensive  pre employment or in employment health & fitness screen for you staff.

It involves physical checks such as body composition, weight, lung function and biochemistry checks eg:- FBC & health screen blood/urine tests  for organ functions and other tests for stroke and cancer likelihood  etc  , a full fitness assessment  (BODY MOT) -plus some specific screening tests ( available in some countries) for specific job roles eg health care workers and food handlers and also screening for alcohol levels, drug misuse and nicotine levels all as part of a preventative occupational health and fitness screening approach .


                          "A program to make your staff fit for life & for work"


Here are some test examples which could be added to your  employment pre screening or in employment fit for life fit for life program:-




Pathway Fit DNA Weight Management Panel

Recreational Drug Screen Blood Test

Healthcare Worker Screening Profile Blood Test

Wellness Checkup

Hepatitis B Profile Blood Test

DNA Genetic Cancer Risk Profile

Diabetes Management Profile Comprehensive

Doctor Directed Testing Consult

Doctor Directed Testing Consult with Follow Up

*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for more details prices an consultation*

Body Coach-Healthy Work place Online


Have you thought about arranging a healthy work place and well being day/seminar  for your work force? Body coach fitness has an online solution for this reducing costs ,travel and making it more time effective -The Body Coach Fitness  online healthy workplace webinar/Skype series split into zones of learning/activity -which can be purchased as individual sessions, or as  a package ( with reduced costs)
Each healthy work place session will be informative, educational, fun and as interactive as possible to inspire your wok force to be more active, stress less ,eat well and perform better and more productively at work. The sessions will be schedules via Skype so all you will need is a large screen/tv ,frees kype account with internet and wifi access to join in-Skype makes the sessions more interactive than pre recorded videos .
The Healthy work place series will include the following:-

-Eat well Zone-Healthy eating at work, reading food labels, portion sizes,& more

-Activity zone-Fitness challenges, stretch & relax, desk based exercises , interval training & more
-Think well zone-Mind set coaching , mindfulness and wellbeing, smoking & alcohol reduction/cessation

-Health Zone-Healthy hearts & cancer support and awareness at work & other conditions

-Stress Less Zone-Mental wellbeing, stress coping strategies, & more

-Work Place Health Check zone-A dedicated Q& A session to answering all your work health, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle questions to see if your work place is up to scratch

*Face to face option could also be available which would include whole package to be condensed into 1 full day ( minimum of 10 people) from £25.00 per person-and would include extra body fat % analysis, BMR basal metabolic calorie consumption analysis & interactive wi fit, and step challenges and food nutrition games *

Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and/or 07875086760 for further details , bookings and prices*


Corporate Health Seminars 

Do you have a team conference ,training day or just want to give your clients a thought provoking presentation that allows them to take something home. Body Coach Fitness is offering corporate wellness seminars. "Forget the out of date " wellness seminars ,Body Coach Fitness has put a progessive twist on the typical corporate health topics and developed these online or face to face  corporate wellness seminars which are ideal for work places as they can be booked online for ( efficiency and time saving).
Corporate wellness seminars topics now available include :-
 Creating A Vision For Lifestyle Change & Developing A Strategic Plan
 Body Coach Fitness beleives personal wellness and optimal performance go hand to hand.This online seminar shows you that to succeed and achieve in today's competitive world of business you need "to invest" in personal planing and "business planning".This session will support "success in your professional life".
Professional Organisation & Organising Your Mind
 Life in a  technology rich world creates challenges for individuals in business.We are constantly juggling roles, processing multiple channels of information and very often struggle to make clear ,rational decisions.This seminar will help improve focus and direction and add structure to your life.
Mindful Leadership
 The pressures of every day life can push us to react in interesting ways.We need to step back and evaluate the situation before we act.When we identify the triggers and how to control responses rationally ,we make more balanced decisions.Identify your key values in order to enable you to work to your strengths ,and improve overall performance 
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details and schedule a online corporate wellness seminar*

 Dexa Scan-Create The Future Of Health & Wellness In The Work Place


Body Coach Fitness -Corporate Wellness is now able to refer *  (on request)* individuals and company employees for medical grade professional DEXA image scans .Engage and motivate your employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle!, empower employees with personalised insights -drive down your short and long-term health care costs as an employer . Motivate them with visual 3D image scanning of body composition ,medically approved professional technology quantifying lean tissue eg muscle , adipose tissue ( fat) ,bone mass ( bone density) & visceral fat ( a leading predictor of longevity in life). This scan can also reveal imbalances in muscle symmetry, strength , joint mechanics and much more...!

Replace guess work with science and get life changing insights for you and your staff -by adding a DEXA scanning program for your staff -help staff be healthier &  live longer -be more productive at work and home and  also look good & feel good. The perfect -one off or regular scanning program to add to your work force corporate wellness program.


*(Please contact Sharon Clare for more details on the DEXA scan & how to add this -on request- into your work place wellbeing program-Healthier staff =More Productive staff)* 


Work Place -Nutrition Tool Kit


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer a tool kit for healthy nutrition in the work place via Natural dispensary. This is a series of practical tools to educate your staff ,family and the general public in natural health and eating guidelines .The natural Alliance for natural health  -international-  is a UK based no profit making company dedicated to safe guarding natural and sustainable healthcare and research.

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer practitioner bundles of tools to use in your work place to -Get Involved - and spread the word about healthy eating -*"The time for sitting on the side lines is over  ,step up, opt in and  play your part in global healthy eating!"*

What's On Your Plate -Tool Kit

This is a comparison hand out and part of a practitioner tool  kit series. It has been specifically designed for  showing your clients, employees, work colleagues and family and community how the government guidelines for healthy eating  differ from guidelines designed by independent scientists.

It depicts the UK,US and Harvard food plates  alongside ANH -Intl's Food4Health Guidelines. Seen side by side the differences are clear. On the back is a comparison chart with a traffic light system -red-amber-green to show which of the four plates ticks the -key health boxes and the explanation as to why. An ideal pictorial hand out tool for helping make the right food choices and creating educated healthy staff

What's On Your Plate-Nutrition Tool Kit


Price= £28.99

*This is for a bundle of 25 leaflets -multiple bundles will incur a reduced price * 

Food & You-Nutrition Tool Kit

This handy pull out shopping guide is part of  a tool kit for practitioners by the Alliance of  natural health international from the natural dispensary. ANH-Intl's -'Food For You'  leaflet bundle has been specifically designed as a client /staff hand out for employees, work colleagues, the community, friends and family, to accompany them on their -supermarket shopping trips. You may not be able to accompany them to the supermarket but you can give them this handy guide to take with them. It clearly illustrates the ANH's Intl's adult and childrens Food4health guidelines as well as clear justification for the health benefits of ' eating the rainbow' every day -Including the list of vegetables and fruit that make up the 6 -colour palette. An attractive simple guide for you to give to them as a daily reminder  of what a healthy ,anti -inflammatory -evolutionary -rational plate looks like.

Food & You- Nutrition Tool Kit


Price= £28.99


 *This is for a bundle of 25 leaflets -multiple bundles will incur a reduced price * 


Work Place & Community Health Promotion  Resources



This  section is dedicated to offering workplace and community wellness and health promotion resources for companies, individuals and the community .With educational presentation packages for seminars/workshops, online training resources to train to become an  active living and every day healthy eating facilitator  with  accompanying participant work books and much more to help develop  your own work site wellness or local community wellness scheme (Active living & healthy eating schemes)or for personal interest( to work alongside other occupational health schemes)* here is a link showing a list of benefits to the health promotion scheme training & participation in work places and communities*


 Please click on each images to learn more about (& purchase)work place wellness /community health promotion training and educational resources:- 

Work Place Health Promotion Package (Presentation/Seminar Material)

Healthy Eating Every Day(HEED) -Facilitator Training

Also includes link to purchase (HEED)  participant work books for people taking part in your health promotion scheme

Active Living Daily(ADL)-Online  Facilitator Training

Also includes link to purchase (ADL)  participant work books for people taking part in your health promotion scheme


 Body Coach Fitness- Lumo Corporate Wellness Program


See how Lumo Lift could fit into your corporate health and wellness program. Poor posture is a leading cause for back pain across the globe let alone the UK. Back pain is one of the most common and long term problems associate with work place wellness which causes absences and sickness from work -costing your company a vast amount of money and loss of efficiency and productivity. Posture god or bad is linked to the mood, self esteem and perception as well as physical ability of your employees /or yourself as an employer -all affecting productivity in the work place!

This product can track and correct your posture whilst at work ( or home) and gives you gentle vibrational reminders when  your posture is incorrect and if you slouch at your desk or incorrect form when lifting or standing. It is linked to the android lumo lift app which tracks your posture, steps taken and distance travelled and average calories burnt. This is  a revolutionary posture activity tracker helps you and your employees stand and sit taller and help prevent long term chronic back pain -a long tem major cause of staff absenteeism.

Body Coach fitness is able to offer these through a UK  distributer at affordable prices. The  RRP is normally £ 72.95 +£3.95  postage -How ever Body Coach Fitness is able to deliver you a single unit for £67.00 (Including postage )  * ( Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for reduced pricing on multiple units) *

 A small but useful addition to  any corporate health and wellness program - Improving the health and wellness of your staff & your business bank balance- helping reducing back pain related work problems! 


Body Coach Fitness -Lumo Lift Corporate Wellness Program




Corporate Wellness Holidays -For Work Place Wellbeing


Body Coach Fitness offers corporate wellness holidays/breaks -for work pace wellbeing, a customised corporate incentive travel program. Improve employee morale and productivity, team skills, reduce health care costs and absenteeism and offer your work force a reason to work for you.

Why Attend a Corporate Break?

 A healthier ,more rested work force with an incentive to work towards will be a more productive one and also encourage retention of current staff and recruitment of a high quality work force -company profits could increase with increased productivity and reduced sick days and bonding as a team for short breaks or holidays could increase team working skills

What Is Included?

 As all Body Coach Fitness products and services are customised this will depend on you -& your work force-However it would usually include:-

 - Your own certified PT & nutrition coach ( or team of coaches )

 -Activities such as team building games

-Stretch & flex -Flexibility /Core & Posture

-Relaxation & Stress Relief-Mindfulness classes, relaxation techniques  & massage

-Walking, running  & small group classes

-Seminars & work shops in nutrition, health & wellness 

-Back to work -Tips & advice on how to continue your fitness holiday experience when back at work 


Body Coach Fitness Corporate wellness holidays/breaks for work place wellbeing - Provide an innovative experience for you & your work force providing-Relaxation, invigoration , mindfulness, stress reduction, education and a work force team building experience. Ideal for corporate reward incentive schemes at work(yearly bonus packages)  , prevention of injury & illness & occupational health wellness schemes ,team building and can be arranged for 1-2  day conference weekends and/or week breaks dependant on company needs & arrangements.

*Location, accommodation , travel, prices  and packages can all be discussed and confirmed  with a full consultation with Mrs Sharon Clare -Please contact her on 07875086760 and /or 07875086760 for further details *



Business Travel Fatigue Supplements


Frequent flyers for business will understand the demands on our bodies that it takes to cross time zones and still feel refreshed and ready to work when we get to our destinations. Body coach fitness offers frequent flyer programs with biochemistry and genetic testing as well as healthy travel programmes on mind body page & functional nutrition page-for frequent travellers and business and sports people who are always on the go.

Fly fit  travel fatigue  vitamin shots are the perfect solution to health travel needs on business -The single serving direct to mouth shots   contain a careful blend of vitamins and minerals which can be take pre ,during and post travel and contain natural ingredients that normalise energy, protect from oxidative stress ,aid proper cognitive brain function and nervous function and support the immune system as well as improve circulation during flights.Providing an ideal solution to business/sports  travel supplementation to help prevent jet lag and increase health and vitality -For busy people with busy lifestyles! Go to following links to find out more & purchase :-




Body Coach Fitness-Executive Stress Resilience Progrm


Body Coach Fitness- Executive Stress Resilience package is designed specifically for stressed and over worked executives and corporates. Research has found that losing body fat and maintaining weight is a lot harder when the body and mind are under constant stress and together with a more sedentary work life this make hard working executives at a higher risk of gaining weight, and increased physical and mental disorders due to this lifestyle.

With this program Body Coach Fitness will offer each client a cortisol stress test , in depth lifestyle and stress management questionnaire ,a critical vitamin and mineral check test and a exercise program starting with exercise which will not cause undue stress to an already overburdened system .(As research has shown that increasing high intensity exercise when already stressed leads to further health issues).  The program will consist of parasympathetic exercises and gradually increase in intensity over a period of time ,starting with basic primal movement patterns moving up to functional body weight training that you can perform at home and work  and relaxation techniques and then building up to a more  intensive exercise as necessary when ready. Body Coach Fitness can also offer the wellness coaching program and a unique technique called (EFT)Emotional Freedom Technique which improves your thought processes for more positive thoughts and actions in the work place reducing anxiety ,stress and increasing success in your business.

This unique program  covers both mind and body and would be ideal to be combined with the executive stress supplement package below


*AS this is a bespoke customised program please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details on pricing and booking a  consultation *


Executive Stress Management Supplement Package


Every one experiences stress in some part of their life and working a in a responsible occupation can cause unwanted stresses which can affect both home and work life. Body Coach Fitness has a professional practitioner account with various leading professional laboratories and supplement manufacturers.

Body Coach fitness is now able to offer the 'Executive stress management  supplement package' as part of  it's professional corporate services. The package contains professional practitioner only grade products and professional consultation .Including Simply nature 'work life support package' which includes -mineral products, multi vitamins, probiotics, high grade vitamin C & D for overall wellness & Douglas laboratories 'Executive stress formula' which is a professional grade practitioner only formula with specific enzymes ,minerals   & multi vitamins for stress management,plus Nutri Advanced Adroset for energy support and stress management and Nutri Advanced 5HTP for improved sleep, relief of anxiety and mood enhancement . This combination of specific stress management products combined with professional consultation and nutritional and lifestyle advice -Will help improve stress management at work (& home) and aid work productivity and standards for a better  healthier work force .


*Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and /or bodycoachfitness.com for a consultation after purchase for full package * 

Executive Stress Management Supplement Package



Blue Horizons-Travel  Pathology Passport


 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer a comprehensive business travel health blood test package in association with Blue Horizons. 'The travel pathology passport'-This is a passport to healthy travel for business with  guaranteed appointments for  company employee s travelling  who need accurate and efficient travel blood tests  .They will receive a Quantiferon TB Gold  test package including malarial borrellia TB travel related blood tests and any other appropriate tests arranged for travel.

All test results come with a customised PDf report of results ( with lab reference ranges) to allow for correct and easy interpretation of results -and any test results which are outside of normal parameter ranges will be reported and advice given by Blue Horizon registered medical professionals /GP's.

All tests can be arranged through Body Coach fitness for Blue horizons at over 30 private spire medical/BMI hospitals .


*Please enquire regarding this  -Travel Pathology passport-on 07875086760 and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  for more details and to add to any Body coach fitness corporate package*




Fitlosophy 'Fit At Work'  Employee Program


Body Coach Fitness can  now offer the  Fitlosophy fit at work program is a scalable corporate/workplace wellness program that can used at work places, for wellness providers , small businesses and health care providers. A simple tool to deliver health education, a scalable wellness solution to plug into your current corporate wellness solution-For Health tracking and accountability!. A unique program with branded  ,tangible components to offer your employees. Can be used for work forces from 20-20,000 employees -A perfect  "fit" for your business big or small.

It consists of a branded ( your own company  logo)  

fitlosophy fitbook a fitness + nutrition journal  + Healthy BYTES daily motivational daily healthy tests messages + employee-engagement communications via email-Corporate wellness simplified! Find out more and send off your details and sign your company and employees up to this fit at work program for a fit motivated engaged work force - http://bit.ly/2BpGb1a


  Prodimed-Occupational & Wellbeing Programme!

Body coach fitness provides an individually tailored approach for all staff who need to lose weight. Evidence suggests that a fitter  work force pays dividends in terms of productivity for your organisation & the government recognises this & may offer financial support for such work place health initiatives.
Sharon can attend your work place & offer both preventative & remedial nutritional therapy via the Prodimed dietary system. This combined with moderate exercise or a Body coach fitness corporate , wellbeing personal training package & lifestyle mot will provide optimum results & keep your work force healthy, productive & in turn will pay back your organisation many times over by decreasing sickness/absence through  obesity related health problems such as lower back pain & general ill health & increase staff morale by providing health benefits .
The Prodimed treatment plan is suitable for the following  conditions:-
- Back pain related to weight gain
-Type 2 diabetes
-High Blood pressure
- High Cholesterol
- Breathing problems related to back pain
- Joint pain related to weight gain
 It has been revealed that when work sites provide exercise &  nutrition  wellness programs the  companies healthcare costs decreased from 20% to 15% & short- term sick leave lowered from 38% to 32% & productivity increased by 50 % to 52%. *
Body coach fitness would like to welcome the invitation to visit your work place & explain this effective healthy nutrition weight loss system & how this could be a useful addition to other occupational health initiatives that your company may offer!


                                Public & Private Health care Professionals!

Prodimed is an award winning  weight loss system established over the last 15 years & is still rapidly expanding throughout Europe including Gt Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria & Switzerland with consistent results.

Prodimed is evidence based & supported by clinical studies & is widely used in an array of clinical settings including Gp practices, medical weight loss clinics,  bariatric surgeries & pre & post operatively.

 Body coach fitness is happy to introduce & present the Prodimed programme to you & your colleagues , with a view to piloting a trial scheme with your patients. To establish how this medically based dietary product can offer enormous savings to the health care budget by reducing patient consumption of expensive medications for weight related health problems such as morbid obesity, type 2 diabetes, lower back pain, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol & metabolic syndrome.

Weight loss is not one size fits all - so therefore Prodimed is the perfect  addition to any professional weight loss programme as it can be individually be tailored to each persons needs dependant on weight loss goals , as well as being extremely cost effective for the Public or Private health care practice/professional  on a set budget.

Corporate seminars & Health checks!



Corporate Wellness- Individual seminar!

Do you want staff performance & to decrease sickness abscence from work?

Then choose from a range of health, nutrition, & wellness seminars with Body coach fitness!

Individual seminars =£120.00

3 Hour/Half day Corporate Wellness Seminar

Half day workshop with presentation, handouts ,advice & discounts on Bodycoach fitness training & health assessment packages.

6 Hour/Full day Corporate Wellness Seminar

6 hour/full day corporate presentation ,interactive workshop with handouts, nutritional advice , training advice  ,lifestyle & staff health & wellness promotion & discounts on booking Bodycoach fitness services on the day!

Price= £600.00

All prices based on a maximum of 12 people POA for larger groups!

Choose from a range of subjects:-

Stress & stress management

Psychology of exercise

Health related eg:- diabetes, CHD,cancer

Weight management

Businesswoman sitting in chair w/feet on table

Basic health check

Blood pressure
Cardiovascular fitness
strengh test
body fat/body ,mass index
body weight
life style questionaire

Price per employee = £50.00

Bronze health check

Basic health check + Bronze lifestyle MOT package=£310.00

Silver health check

Basic health check + silver lifestyle MOT package =£525.00

Gold health check

Basic health check + Gold lifestyle MOT package=£725.00

Platinum health check

Basic health check + Platinum lifestyle MOT package=£925.00

Back , neck & shoulder massage

Half hour Back , neck & shoulder massage =£20.00

Relieve aches & pains of sitting at a desk or manual lifting all day long & treat yourself to a massage to prevent & treat injuries.

*****Now book  your appointment on booking schedule to choose time/day you require*****

Contact Sharon for more details!


Personality Profiling & Behaviour change coaching


Personality profiling or character referencing can be used for many different purposes eg for individuals or employers starting a lifestyle  or work place change  process or new healthy lifestyle programme.

But it is mainly used by employers for corporate needs analysis-  to analyse your current or future employees for suitability for job roles in companies or for when behaviour change is necessary in working practices and you need to establish a starting  point for the next step- behaviour/mind coaching .

Body Coach fitness already offers some of these services seperately on mind body academy page and is now offering a package for personality /character referencing and behaviour change coaching for corporates.


Options available for corporate programme are:-

 -Myers Briggs 4 letter type character profiling analysis -for  character testing/analysis

-Maslows  hierarchy of needs analysis profiling- Analysing stage of behaviour change process

 -Karmagene -Genetic personality type testing

 -Colour type -personality /character type testing

 -Biometric genetic IL test- dermatoglyphics -finger print genetic personality testing

 -Lifestyle and character type questionnaire

Wellness coaching -Behaviour change coaching


* As this service is bespoke and individual to the company & employees -please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and/or 07875086760 for a consultation and further details and to book profiling *



"Set your goals high - don't stop till you get there!"


Truity-TypeFinder For The Work Place


As mentioned above -Personality profiling is often used to establish someone's personality type with reference to their personal life and work life - as the way you behave and perceive information and situations in life is some what influenced by innate personality type.

Body Coach Fitness has a PRO account  with Truity who offer a patented workplace Typefinder test to help find the right person's for the job/team based on personality testing -you as an employer & your employees knowing their personality types will help create a environment of calm and organisation preventing health and wellness work related issues and improving work performance of all staff -Happy health team = Productive organised an efficient work force!

 There are 16 personality types ( Inspector, craftsman, supervisor,dynamo,champion,master mind, visionary, architect, protector, composer, performer, provider, commander, counsellor, healer &  teacher)- Find your personality work type with Truity & body Coach Fitness! 



*Please contact Sharon Clare on bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for a personalised invite for individuals or teams  to take part in Typefinder tests -Price dependant on numbers *




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