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Create your own healthy balanced nutrition plan.A complete full membership to nutrition complete.Hundreds of recipes to choose from at a click of a button. All tailored to your goals and dietary preferences with weekly updates and  shopping lists, and access to 11 leading retailers , to purchase items from your shopping list & compare prices between items offering a complete package , plus a daily motivational email and customised weekly meal creation is provided -A welcome email will be sent with log in details to access nutrition complete online  when payment has been received !
Only £30.00 per month- Equivalent to 2 cups of coffee per week!


Full membership to nutrition complete , one of the worlds most complete nutritional packages( as above ) but with extended membership period for a more intensive result!

With access to 11 leading retailers at a touch of a button to purchase items created from your shopping list & a  price comparison feature allowing you to choose items at the best possible price! Putting you on the right path for nutritional health & wellness and acheiving your nutritional goals with a motivational & educational programme and hundreds of recipe choices including,gluten free & vegetarian among others and weekly shopping lists . Plus a daily motivational email and customised  weekly meal planning is provided.You can be your own nutritional coach , safely & effectively. A welcome email will be sent with log in details to access nutrition complete as soon as payment is received via pay pal!

Only £55.00 for 3mths -Equivalent to less than 2 cups of coffee per week


Some people prefer to have there meal plans prepared for them .This package is designed specifically for them . Sharon will tailor a specific varied meal plan over the 4 weeks & also provide weekly shopping lists for the items. Plus daily motivational emails and customised weekly meal creation is provided . Photographic analysis , weight & measurements pre & post programme and food diary analysis  are recommended to monitor progress! All the hard work is done for you -all you have to do is follow the plan to achieve your nutritional goals!

Clients will be able to view all meal plans online and also have access to 11 leading retailers to price compare and purchase items on the weekly shopping list created. A welcome email will be sent with log in details to access the nutrition complete online site as soon as payment is received via pay pal!


A 12 week nutrition challenge , guarenteed to get nutritional results . With access to 11 leading retailers to price compare and purchase items on your weekly shopping list created at the best possible price.  Plus daily motivational emails and weekly customised  meal creation is provided. It will also help you to not only look & feelgood but will put you on a journey of health & wellness & reach all your nutritional goals.Whether they be weight loss,muscle gain or just general dietary advice.Sharon will  tailor the package  to individual needs and meal plans and shopping lists will be provided and updated.Weekly email support will be provided & photographic analysis pre,during and post package along with food diary analysis & weight & measurements. With hundreds of recipes to choose from & all at the touch of a button.So do not delay & sign up today! A welcome email will be sent with log in to access nutrition complete as soon as payment is received via pay pal!

ONLY £ 120.00 FOR 12 WEEKS


Luxury Bespoke Tailored Nutrition Plan


A tailored bespoke nutrition plan for 8 weeks including :-


- Breakfast , lunch & dinner  meal plans through the 8 week journey


- Cooking demonstration videos- Learn how to prepare some of the meals on the diet plan via videos.


- Coaching sessions- 2 coaching sessions throughout the 8 week journey

Price= £500.00


Fridge & Pantry Analysis


Be ready for me to open your fridge and kitchen cupboards/pantry doors and check on their contents- a 1 hour restructure session . Offering advice on what items to keep and which to replace with healthier alternatives.

Price = £45.00 plus travel expenses


Food Shopping Experience


It's confusing what to buy in the super markets or local grocery stores these days with all the variety on the shelves. "Low fat " , "Low calories", " Reduced Fat " etc... On a  1 hour food shopping experience Sharon will take you around the food shop of your choice and educate and advise you on your weekly food shop as you buy it. Helping you select the right foods and drinks that will aid you in your health & fitness journey in life. This can be 1-2-1 or in small groups or families , price will be dependant on numbers attending.

Price= £45.00  1-2-1


Price  for small groups & families - POA


Body Coach Fitness -Healthy Food Swaps


Body Coach Fitness has developed a healthy eating food swap recommendation program with a colour coded healthy lifestyle planner ( the healthy eating swap & change planner).The healthy eating swap change planner is a personalised nutrition resource  from a professional resource for aiding people to make healthy food choices and food swaps. With 15 easy to follow recommendations and suggestions to develop healthy food choice swaps via a colour coded chart eg:- green for fruit and vegetable swaps, yellow for whole grain swaps, red for active swaps, orange  for helpful habits , blue for protein swaps and pink for lowering salt, sugar and fats in the diet. Small changes -big gains find your balance and get portion wise and choose healthy food swaps for a healthier lifestyle. This combined with personalised professional nutritional recommendations from Body Coach Fitness will ensure the best outcomes for improved your health &  wellbeing.
 *Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  or 07875086760 for more information and pricing for a  -healthier food swap*

Elimination & Rotational Dietary Program


Body Coach Fitness  offers a elimination and rotation dietary advisory program ,which is an ideal way to reduce symptoms /causes of food intolerance's .An elimination  diet calls for some exclusion of suspected problem foods for a period of around 8- 12 weeks on wards followed by a healthy sustainable dietary advisory program.Questionable foods should then be reintroduced one at a time .If side affects develop from eating the recently introduced foods you are probably intolerant to them and should avoid eating them.A rotation diet requires that you do not eat foods from the same genetic family more than once every four days.eg- If you eat lamb on Monday ,you would not eat lamb until Friday of that week.
Combining the two will provide the ideal way to help  combat food  gut issues and intolerance's .A rotation diet is an easy and inexpensive way to approach identifying food intolerance's ,avoiding the symptoms of food intolerance and detoxifying your body,especially your digestive system.
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details and individualised pricing *

Nourished Kitchen


You train hard, eat right , supplement right and sleep well -but you are still not getting results? This may be due to poor gut/intestinal health issues . Our digestive system is the cornerstone of our wellbeing , it can affect our hormonal and nervous functions and many other important functional systems in the body, and throw your body into all sorts of chaos ! It is possible to restore optimal gut intestinal health ( alongside medical supervision) through Body Coach Nourished kitchen healthy eating plan and following  the 4 R'S System -( Remove/Repair/Restore & Replace)  .

Dependant on condition presented and advice from GP  meal suggestions and nutritional advice will be given which will help improve conditions such as leaky gut syndrome, food allergies , candida , mood disorders, anxiety , sibo, chronic health challenges, and autoimmune conditions, coeliac conditions ( GP referral or diagnosis of condition before starting plan is advised & before elimination diet) .

 This package is designed for busy , stressed people who experience these symptoms and want a healthy method of restoring normal gut health through  traditional natural nourishing foods and supplementation alongside medical treatment . no fad diets -food that nourishes the mind & Soul!


 One To One & Online packages available -Price & details on application (07875086760- Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com)


Vegan Nutrition Plan


  Body Coach Fitness Vegan plan is a 30 day online or face to face  (nutrition  training program- (there is also a combined vegan nutrition &  training program  available below) specifically for vegans. An ever increasing number of people are taking to eating vegan or raw either for religious, personal, ethical or health reasons or all of these -it has also been shown that people with many intolerances some times see marked results following a vegan nutrition plan ( even if just for a short period-such as this 30 day plan) seeing increased energy levels, less bloating and digestive upsets and generally feeling much better about them selves mentally and physically.
Below are 2 plans -Online and face to face -both offering a individualised plan- not a generic one fits all program- which is often given.
Both plans contain the following :-

-3 day food diary, health and lifestyle questionnaire(sent via email with online version)and ( 1-2-1 consultation & body stats analysis) with face to face version of program

-30 Day individual vegan nutrition and supplement  (recommendation only ) plan -( After completion of paper work above)-Guaranteed to be sent to you within 7 working days of purchase)

-Recommendation only- vegan recipes

-Online email support through 30 day period of program

*This package is not designed to medically diagnose your nutritional status and health condition- but is a scientifically based  guide and will aid in improving your general appearance, energy levels and wellness)*


This vegan program can be adjusted for individual needs eg:- weight loss, maintenance & weight gain -Prices of programs below

Online 30 Day Vegan Nutrition Plan


Face To Face -30 Day Vegan Nutrition Plan


Vegan Living-Combined Nutrition & Training Program


The vegan living -combined nutrition and training program is a more advanced program than above (vegan online and face to face nutrition programs) offering a 30 day training /exercise program as part of the package( all other details of the program are the same eg:- vegan snack box, email support, 30 day individualised nutrition  and supplement(recommendation only)plan ,  3 day food diary health and lifestyle questionnaire( online version of program)+ consultation and body measurements added on face to version of program.The advanced program is also available online and face to face and has the advantage in that you can combine both physical activity and healthy nutrition -all in one- package -offering greater results in enhancing energy , vitality and helping you reach your goals . Please see prices below:-

Online Vegan Combined Nutrition & Training Program


Face To Face Combined Nutrition & Training Program



*This package is not designed to medically diagnose your nutritional status and health condition- but is a scientifically based  guide and will aid in improving your general appearance, energy levels and wellness)*


Healthy Eating On A Budget


Quick tips and nutrition advice on how to eat healthily on a budget! Including the importance of eating healthily and implications, how to shop smart on a limited budget, barriers to eating healthy on a budget, how to make changes , and practical budgeting tips on how to eat well for less !Sent to your email after purchase!

Body Coach Fitness -Online Nutrition  plan
Healthy eating can be fun and delicious! It is true that health begins in the kitchen! By creating fun- simple-nutritious and flavour filled recipes . Sharon has created a healthy nutrition recipe plan which can be sent to you at a click of a button. It has delicious low-fat , high-protein  recipes for breakfast, meat and chicken dishes, fish dishes and vegetable dishes and could be the kick start you need for starting on your health and fitness journey! Please pay via pay pal below and this will be sent to you direct .


Online Nutrition Book- Only £19.99

Stay Lean Smoothies & Juices


Easy To prepare and delicious vegetable , fruit and whole food smoothy recipes .All gluten free, natural and high in fibre and above all healthy . A printable list of recipes with nutritional details will  be sent via email after payment has been received.


The Hidden Sweetener ?


Sorbitol is often used as a sweetener in the "diet" or "sugar free" foods and drinks ( it also occurs naturally in fruit such as pears,prunes, peaches,cherries and plums and is related to xylitol,mannitol & aspartame ( which in large quantities-consumption of over 20 grams-  causes laxative effects and IBS symptoms) . It is a sugar alcohol ( bulk sweetener ) a class of polyol ( low digestable carbohydrates) used  a sugar replacers in foods ( there are 8 polyols currently approved for use in the European union (EU) and the UK including - Sorbitol,Xylitol,mannitol, isomalt,malitol,lactilol,erythritol & polyglycitol) with a calorie range of between 0-3 kcal/g energy value and  Sorbitol has an   E number  of 420 ( sorbitol is 60% as sweet as sucrose ).Sorbitol is a 6 sugar alcohol sweetener which has been detected in lens deposits in people with diabetes mellitus and is often hidden in the manufacture of soft gel capsules to store single dose medicines and used in modern day cosmetics as a humectent and thickener ,mouth washes and toothpastes and reduced sugar  foods and as a humectant in low-moisture foods such as peanut butter and and fruit preserves and as a humectant in cigarettes and is a common sweetener in sugar free chewing gums . It is often a hidden ingredient and is not listed and specified in  common foods and  products as it is a polyol sweetener which only has to be labelled under (ESFA )European Food safety authority guidelines if the  food contains 10% or more polyol as - excessive consumption may cause laxative effects.
 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the -Sorbitol malabsorption (practitioner tests only)  available through a leading European professional laboratory (Gastrolife). This test will help establish  if you have issues with malabsorption of sorbitol in your diet and pre determined to acquire symptoms of digestive discomfort on consuming drinks and foods containing this often hidden sweetener ( and often pin point a possible unexplained digestive problem ,which may not be other wise detected). The test takes up to 3 hour in duration and is available for over 16 year olds , a pre procedure instruction sheet is available and should be used and adhered to upon and your GP/consultant should also be informed ( they will be forwarded a copy of the tests results). * If a positive result is found ,it is recommended you go and see your GP/Consultant immediately for appropriate treatment *
This sorbitol malabsorption tests is to be used alongside professional nutritional dietary recommendations  and medical advice is necessary.
*As this is a professional bespoke practitioner only test -Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  or 07875086760 for a online /face to face consultation before purchasing -normal price starting from £200.00 not including advisory nutritional  and lifestyle programming*

Chrono Type Nutrition & Lifestyle Program-Perfect Timing


Learn what your chronotype is and how to schedule your nutrition and activities for optimal performance. Do you ever wonder why you struggle to lose weight or lack optimal performance in sports or every day life ? This could be because you are fighting your own unique internal biological body clock or chronotype. Working against your chronotype can feel like slogging through quick sand al day and night. But understanding your bio-rhythm and working with it can make sleeping, dieting and exercising more efficient. Chrono nutrition is the science of individual nutrition according to the principles of natural rhythms of secretions of hormones and enzymes in the body. Every person needs required foods at different times of the day for the best  utilisation and power generation of energy from foods and to help less creation of waste material .Each persons chrono nutrition program will be different based on their bodies needs. Chrono type nutrition is a scientifically tested and proven form of aiding weight loss which has been around for some time .

Body Coach Fitness has devised a Chrono type nutrition and lifestyle program to unlock the key to discovering and working with your own individual chronotype and bio rhythm .Working out if you are a lion, wolf dolphin or bear. Bears  make up 50-55% of the population and their chronology follows the movement of the sun, Lions make up 15-20% of the population and they tend to be early morning people and ready for bed at night, Wolves make up 15-20% of the population and are creative visionaries who 'think outside the box' and take longer to get going in the morning and have energy late into the evening and Dolphins make up 10% of the population and often feel tired when the rest of the world is buzzing, and crave longer periods of sleep.

This program will help recognise your chrono type , give you an idea of whether you are an early riser, intermediary or night owl ,a reactor or non reactor (and which chronotype profile nutrition plan  and exercise program to follow) based on - specific questioning and lifestyle questionnares - professional sleep genetic testing  for chronotype - circadian rhythm testing - eating behaviour patterns - cortisol testing for stress levels at certain times of day and  food intolerance testing to eliminate any foods which could affect new food programming and ongoing body metric analysis .*(Other tests may be included to help with planning including blood lipid profile test or thyroid blood tests or other tests related to bodies metabolism)*This program is one step up from just taking the sleep genetics testing  ,which in itself is a most valuable tool in creating the perfect lifestyle and nutrition plan


*This program is not a medically diagnosed program but analyses and advises based on scientific results  and analytical professional laboratory tests and nutritional consultation the best Chrono nutrition type  lifestyle plan *


          "The Key To Unlocking your  genetic chrono type potential in health, wellness and sports performance-PERFECT TIMING!" 


* As this program is customised to each individual and neds professional analysis please contact Sharon Clare for a online/face to face consultation and further information on bespoke pricing and details of full programme* 


FMD Diet-Prolon Fasting Plan


Body Coach Fitness-Is able to offer the FMD -Prolon fasting diet plan a unique  program only available through practitioners . It is -5 day- FD-Fast mimicking diet plan that nourishes you body whilst supporting overall health. It has been shown to have a positive effect on a number of health related issues such as cholesterol ,inflammation and fasting glucose  levels. It removes the need for complete fasting and is safe monitored dietary programme. It is available in cycles from 1-3 dependant on your need for dietary assistance .

It provides the body with healthy ,plant based ingredients that have been scientifically  demonstrated to deliver optimal nourishment while not activating the key pro-ageing pathways -including growth hormones, insulin and insulin like growth hormone  (IGF-1) Pathways. These hormones signal to the body that it has consumed significant levels of carbohydrates and proteins and can activate genes that accelerate the growth pathways ,which also speed ageing. Prolon is the first FMD that provides you with a combination of foods and ingredients that promote healthy ageing.

 *Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for more details & before purchasing as this a highly specialised dietary program that is only suitable for some candidates *


Prolon FMD Dietary Program -1 Cycle


Price=£275.00  Inc VAT

Prolon FMD Dietary Program -Cycle 2


Price=£500.00 Inc VAT

Prolon FMD Dietary Program- Cycle 3


Price=£700.00  Inc VAT

Culinary Genomics Nutrition Program


Transform your recipes and meal plans with the culinary genomic program. After genomic/nutrigenetic or nutrigenomic testing your own individual genetic results will dictate your genomic culinary dietary recommendations-Genomic medicine + culinary arts. Bioactives in foods play an important aspect in gene expression For example if your dna results come back with a predisposition to Oxidative stress then culinary genomics may advise up-regulating the NRF2 Gene which requires foods rich in selenium , magnesium and iron (mixing biochemistry with the culinary arts).

Culinary Genomics unites nutrigenomics ( how food interacts with genes) with the kitchen. Introducing an exciting concept to chefs ,restaurants,work place canteens and at home truly giving meaning to-Food is thy medicine . This concept bringing both science and the kitchen together offers an opportunity to revolutionise your meals and recipe planning for a truly customised preventative healthy lifestyle nutrition program. Ideal for forming your home and work place/corporate cafeteria with nutrigenomically -focused menus .


*contact Sharon Clare  on 07875086760 and/or bodycoachfitness.com for more details and individual or group ,work based pricing*


The DASH Diet- Improve Your Mental Game


Have we found the mental health diet? The  American academy Of Neurology has found that the DASH- (Dietary approaches to stop hypertension) can also help with mental health and depression. Food is a valuable weapon in our arsenal against depression and can help lift mood and improve physical health too. DASH is a combination diet much like a Mediterranean diet and not restrictive and prescriptive. Body Coach Fitness has devised its own version of the DASH Diet program for any one wishing to help improve mental health and fitness through carefully selected foods and guidelines.

This dietary program is not a fad diet ,but a new way of eating for a healthy lifestyle. Its what you don't eat on this anti- inflammatory diet that has a protective effect  .Sign up for the DASH dietary program for improved ,mood, mental health and focus and improved healthy and vitality. You will receive personalised/customised plan after consultation  which will be evaluated and reviewed for optimum nutritional benefits.

Body Coach fitness -DASH Diet Program



 *Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for more details & before purchasing as this a highly specialised dietary program that is only suitable for some candidates *        

The PH-Dietary Program


Body Coach Fitness -Now offers PH testing and the PH dietary program for weight maintenance /weight loss. Most people are not aware we have different PH levels in our body /blood .It could be too alkaline or to acidic .In human health the PH law plays a crucial role in the general wellbeing and diseases and body healing and recovery. The body prefers to be slightly alkaline for better healing and recovery ,to promote cell health .Testing the PH by saliva /or urine test will establish exactly what level of acidity or alkalinity that the blood is at. After PH analysis  a document will be sent over with a full list of foods which are acidic or alkaline and how to introduce certain foods from each group ( based on your own individual PH level) The test will show how effective it is at dealing with acidic foods and selecting the right foods from this list will ensure ideal PH level for digestion, health and fitness and nutrition programming. If you need to increase alkalinity a program will be sent over to achieve this unique to your needs. If you choose to take this nutritional program it could mean the difference between  better bone health, muscle integrity , immune system ,  and general health and fitness and improved weight loss.

The PH Dietary Program



Carbohydrate Cycling Meal Plan


A online /email meal plan option for people looking for ideas on how to introduce carbohydrate cyacling into their nutrition plan -in  a healthy way fro fat loss. The plan includes:-

-Vegetarian ,vegan and non vegetarian option meal plans /menus

-Breakfast, lunch, dinners , snack and juicing ideas

-20 low carb meal option recipes/ideas

-20 medium to high carb option recipe ideas

-A nutritional tutorial video/or Skype session covering meal prep, suggestions for options whilst travelling , at work or on holiday , what and when to eat and portion control ands carb cycling principles

-Food list- with health benefits

-1 months access to nutrition complete online-( with ability to extend after this period for an additional cost)

Learn how to choose, prepare , and enjoy healthy foods on a fat loss carb cycling diet

Healthy Carb Cycling Meal Plan


28 Day Healthy Eating Fat burning Plan

 Candida Dietary Plan


Candida over growth is  a common but over looked condition affecting the mouth and mucous membranes in the body, including the digestive system, Causing symptoms and problems with eating and digesting certain types of foods and drinks.

Body  Coach Fitness is now able to offer a specific BTS laboratory test analysing for candida over growth to then offer suitable dietary advice to help relieve symptoms and causes if found. The test is a unique aromatherapy oil based resistance test ( aromatogram ) used in conjunctions with candida albican urine test analysis ( only used is SAPs are found in urine test) . Both tests together form a unique process of analysis . A recommendation  nutrition and supplementation plan can be created from tests results  -for example reduction in sugar intake and starchy carbohydrates which candida albican feeds off and other recommendations on foods to include and to avoid .This package could help increase  your fitness ,health and  vitality - for healthy lifestyle changes.

Body Coach Fitness Candida Dietary Program


Price= £175.00 

Insulin Resistance Dietary Program


This is a insulin resistance program to both detect insulin resistance & control and help reverse signs of insulin resistance . The full package consists of a DnaLife single SNP genetic insulin sensitivity panel test to determine if you have  a lowered sensitivity to insulin and ability to respond to it. The insulin panel tests for SNPS:-PPARG,FTO,TCF7L2 7 SLC2A2.

The second part of the total package consists of a suitable advisory nutrition ,fitness and lifestyle intervention plan with advice on which foods to avoid and include if found to be insulin resistant( If result is positive -Referral to GP would also be  taken and this plan is to be used in conjunction with and not in replacement of any medical or dietician led program) This package could help in prevention and delay of full type I & ii diabetes and improve quality of health ,fitness and lifestyle.


Reverse Insulin Resistance Program




The Meso Nutrient Nutrition Program


Body Coach Fitness has developed a bespoke  -mesonutrient  nutrition program- ( translated in Greek  litarally into  'inside ' or 'middle' -refering to the part of the nutrient  you are likely to be concerned with eg the innards . Meso nutrients can simply be classed as super foods  that provide  rich anti oxidants  in our bodies  needed to function properly and are resonsible for all the health benefits  associated with eating them.Some compnaies are starting to use them in supplemental powders and capsules to be ingested in concentrated doses.*( Always consult your health care provider first before supplementing in high strength doeses)*

This Body Coach Fitness  nutrition program is based on mesonutrient elements not just as part of your diet but also as a trend called meso dosing - using superfoods and meso nutrients  in with your every day dietary plans and also supplementing to boost mesonutrient intakes.

Five key nutrients which can be included in this plan are:-

-Berberines-Found in barberries,golden seal root and roots of plants-Good for cardio toxicity in combination with medication and countering anti biotics 

-Curcumin-Found inside tumeric and mixed into kimchi & kombucha -A good anti oxidant that boosts health and strengthens immunity

-Anthocyanins- Found in highest concentrations in chokeberries ,black raspberries ,strawberries,blueberries, and bilberries-Good 'brain protecting properties' and for memory and cognition in Alzheimers.

-Epigallocation Gallate-EGCG is found in both green and white tea- A natural anti-oxidant that helps prevent cell-damage and has anti-ageing properties

-Lycopene- Found in pink and red natural foods and in the highest concentration in tomatoes- A strong anti oxidant keeping free radicals in check -There is evidence to suggest that lycopene can raise HDL -Good cholesterol  and decrease LDL-Bad cholesterol

Saffronal-Derived from spice and saffron -Commonly used for promoting mental health  and decreasing macular degeneration and boosting digestive health and preventing hair loss.

This bespoke meso nutrient -'power food'- program is ideal for anyone serious about improving their future health ,fitness and lifestyle programming from 'natural power foods' and balanced nutrients .It includes dietary analysis ,advisory meso nutrient programming  and meso nutrient ( power food ) supplementation  advice ( professional grade supplements )

 *Disclaimer notice- This program is for nutritional advice concerning meso nutrient nutrition programming It does not constitute medical advice that is provided by your general practitioner*

*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details on the bespoke meso nutrient program ,pricing and to book a face to face/online consultation*



Low Purine /Low Carbo Type  Dietary Program


The kidneys are one of the most important organs in the body helping excrete all waste and regulate water balance. If you experience symptoms or have been diagnosed with kidney issues ,gout or unexplained water retention or experience swollen joints or kidney stones or are following the carbo type metabolic diet program -then a low purine advisory diet program could be for you.(To be used in association with medical advice and not instead of ) People who are low carbo type on the metabolic diet wil do well on this program as they require a low protein and low purine diet to help metabolise food, lose weight  and feel more energised physically and mentally.

The first part of the program is analysis  the kidney function test-analysing kidney function including accumulation of uric acid which can lead to these problems along with hereditary and lifestyle .Following the test if imbalance is found a low purine nutrition and lifestyle intervention can be created unique to you( alongside dietician & physician advice). The plan will advise you what foods and rinks to avoid or consider to achieve a healthy balance ,a non medication approach to preventative health and fitness .



Low Purine/Lw Carbo Type Dietary Program



Body Coach Metabolic Type Diet program


Identify your metabolic type with the metabolic type diet self test and Body Coach Fitness nutrition and lifestyle analysis program. Most of us are slaves to food -what we eat controls how we look , how we feel , fitness and sports performance levels, our emotional experiences and also how we sleep.

Once you have realised your metabolic type you will know what foods to choose for your body type. There are 3 main metabolic types eg protein type ,carbo type ( as above ) and mixed type , for example protein types will need a diet high in protein, with an emphasis on high purine levels and need regular snacks, and minimal carbohydrates and will need to try and  avoid oxalic acid foods citrus fruits, caffeine, sugar, alcohol and high glyciemic foods.

 Once your metabolic type has been found you will know if you are a fast or slow oxidiser  & Body Coach fitness will create a advisory meal plan based on your metabolic type, plus a list of foods to eat and foods to avoid and how to food combine for the  right fuel mix .This program will help restore metabolic balance and aid you to lose weight ,feel more energised , increase general health and fitness and sports performance and vitality -A metabolic plan unique to you



Body Coach  Metabolic Diet program




Diet & Life Style Test( + Omega 3 & 6) & Healthy Lifestyle Tracker


 Order the Ultimate test for diet and lifestyle ( + omega 3 & 6) and track your progress over time with the online healthy lifestyle tracker. The diet and lifestyle (+omega 3 & 6 fatty acids ) test is an advanced diet and lifestyle test  including  over 30 tests in total evaluating your kidney function, liver function, protein levels , bone health, gout, diabetes ,iron status ,cholesterol status, essential fatty acid levels, mineral levels and cortisol hormones.(Ideal test prior to and during a Body Coach Fitness nutrition program to  evaluate your nutritional status progress.

Once you have placed your order a finger prick test will be sent  ( and login details for medichecks  online health tracking account).Where you will be able to log in  and find your tests results, and fill out an online healthy lifestyle tracker questionnaire and see how improvements in your lifestyle can influence your test results and also track your progress with each test loaded onto site- Healthy nutrition  lifestyle tracking for results!


Diet & Lifestyle Test (+ Omega 3 & 6) & Healthy Lifestyle Tracker



Online Thyroid Support & Maintenance Program


Choose from a 12 week online program or monthly thyroid support program -A unique way to tailor your weight management for people with thyroid issues under or over active.  People who experience thyroid problems often find it hard to lose or maintain weight dependant on condition and are often given prescription medication which will aid but mask the issue concerned without addressing the cause & change in behaviour and their lifestyle ,nutrition, supplements and provide continuous evaluation.

The Body Coach Fitness thyroid support program will provide a tailored package to a journey towards better thyroid health and more energy and vitality . When you sign up you will be able to schedule face to face or online/Skype  consultation and 1-2-1 session to discuss goals, health needs , (arrange appointments or send out any -additional blood  tests and genetic tests-*( if  added to package)*Eg  thyroid genetic tests and blood tests ,food intolerance tests.

 When initial consultation  and tests  are completed a bespoke  tailored thyroid advisory nutrition and exercise program will be sent via email  & an online  /via Skype ,scheduling sessions every week over a 3 month period , reviewing progress and  measuring and tracking results .

A customised supplement and food shopping list will also be  sent to help you stay on track with your goals. A truly personal and unique way to help control thyroid function and improve you every day health and lifestyle 

 *Please ensure you also follow medical guidance from you GP /Diabetic nurse ,this program is to be used alongside and with medical clearance *


Body Coach Online Thyroid Support Program( 12 Weeks)




*Tests & Supplements at additional cost* 



Body Coach Thyroid Maintenance Program (Mthly Review)


Price= £32.00 per month ( For 6 months)


*30-45 minute monthly progress review tracking progress and fitness goals -Specialist support after initial -12 week thyroid support program* 

To change your subscription settings, click here.

Tailored Diabetes Support & Maintenance Program


 Choose from a 12 week online program or monthly advisory diabetes support program -A unique way to tailor your weight management for people with issues with weight loss/maintenance  who have diabetes .  People who experience diabetes type I & II often find it hard to lose or maintain weight dependant on their condition and are often given prescription medication which will aid but mask the issue concerned without addressing the cause & change in behaviour and their lifestyle ,nutrition, supplements and provide continuous evaluation.

The Body Coach Fitness advisory support program will provide a tailored package to a journey towards better diabetic  health and more energy and vitality . When you sign up you will be able to schedule face to face or online/Skype  consultation and 1-2-1 session to discuss goals, health needs , (arrange appointments or send out any -additional blood  tests and genetic tests-*( if  added to package)*Eg diabetes type I & II genetic tests can be added and    blood tests such as Lorisian HbA1c test for a reliable risk indicator of developing pre- diabetes and diabetes and food intolerance tests.

 When initial consultation  and tests  are completed a bespoke  tailored diabetes  advisory nutrition and exercise program will be sent via email  & an online  /via Skype ,scheduling sessions every week over a 3 month period , reviewing progress and  measuring and tracking results .

A customised supplement and food shopping list will also be  sent to help you stay on track with your goals. A truly personal and unique way to help control thyroid

 *Please ensure you also follow medical guidance from you GP /Diabetic nurse ,this program is to be used alongside and with medical clearance *


Body Coach Online Thyroid Support Program( 12 Weeks)




*Tests & Supplements at additional cost* 



Edit Site Add-On

Body Coach Thyroid Maintenance Program (Mthly Review)


Price= £32.00 per month ( For 6 months)


*30-45 minute monthly progress review tracking progress and fitness goals -Specialist support after initial -12 week


*As this is  a specialised product/service, please contact -Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 to book an online consultation before booking* 


PCOS -Nutrition & Testing Program


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer a specific nutritional program (and testing package) for a quite common but undiagnosed condition -PCOS. It has been shown in scientific studies that dietary adaptions and lifestyle changes can help alleviate this condition so improving fertility and health and fitness in general .

A specific nutritional program for this condition would not be complete without targeted analysis tests -There are 2 choices of test to choose from-The basic polycystic ovary syndrome check ( testing for SHBG ,free androgen  index calculation and LH & the advanced poly ovary syndrome check checking for testosterone, FSH & LH ,TSH & FT4.

Each program includes a advisory PCOS specific nutrition plan with recommended foods and foods to avoid and lifestyle behaviour change programming ( based on test results).Choose your package below:- 

Basic PCOS Nutrition & Testing Program



Advanced PCOS Nutrition & Testing Program


Price= £199.00 




 Forget dieting it is  a chore- by eating a healthy diet rich in nutrients and fuels you will feel more energised .By following this specific 28 day healthy eating fat burning plan you will look and feel better .A printable form of this plan will be sent after payment - with a full meal plan (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner ) for each of the 28 days . All specific nutrients have been calculated and calorie counted to achieve results.


Bespoke-Personal Food Shopper


Some people employ the services of personal trainers , personal stylists and personal clothes shoppers, so it should be no surprise that some have their own personal food/grocery shopper. To pay for this service on a weekly basis may seem extravagant , however if it works for you and you achieve healthier eating habits and lose weight as a result , this may be ideal for you . Having some one to go the shops/or select bespoke select produce online  for you and take the  worry and stress out of selecting the right ingredients and meals for the week may be just what you need .(More bespoke and individualised than food shopping experience)

A lot of  people these days  are victims of  a 12hour + working day , and may also commute each day to work and have to juggle busy family lives. They may find themselves skipping meals and snacking on unhealthy foods. A personal food shopper can help educate a busy person on the best foods and recipes for their metabolism and lifestyle." Being prepared is the key to success!" A personal food shopper will spend her day seeking food and health products and services especially for you, go out personally/or accompany you  cherry picking  and purchasing  the best fresh ingredients for you .They  will clean your cupboards and fridge of junk foods before hand and develop a personalised diet plan and shopping plan  to suit , working out all the specific nutrients and calories included in food items and showing you the best methods in how to prepare them and ensuring it is balanced and healthy for an active lifestyle. Whatever you require whether it be breakfast options,  working out 10-12 meals that suit your goals or developing a food and snack list for when out at work or on the school run, family friendly, for the elderly, for couples or single people .Body coach fitness can become your own dedicated personal food shopper to manage your every day requirements and special nutritional requests . An entirely bespoke personal - "Personal shopping and beyond !".


Price= POA - Price on Application


Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for further details. 


BCF-Quick Nutrition Guide


BCF-Quick nutrition guide is a vital part to any weight loss program . It will teach you exactly what to eat to fuel your body for success. With fast easy recipes, tips on snacks and desserts and what to eat when.


 Bespoke Customised Detox Program


Traditionally New Year & spring are the times to carry out a detox of your health, nutrition and fitness regime. However Body Coach believes the process of testing, analysing, road mapping, implementing  and evaluating your body is important all year round.

So the new Body Coach Fitness customisedDetox program was developed for any one serious about  ensuring they establishing  baseline measurements of any imbalances and inability cleanse one self at a cellular/biochemical level as well as physical and nutritional level ( holistic whole body approach).  Customised - Means just what it says- You and your practitioner will consult to establish the exact formula of testing and nutritional cleansing and behaviour change which are necessary. Which could include the following functional urine and blood tests:-(Liver function test, kidney function tests, metabolite acid profile (hormone toxicity),trace metal toxicity tests, and if you smoke and drink -alcohol and smoking (nicotine ) toxicity tests + many more. This along with a lifestyle behaviour questionnaire and food diary -will establish exactly what, when and how to follow out a nutritional and lifestyle detox recommendation program .Not your usual detox program of dieting and cleansing juices but a scientific, holistic and personalised detox program  of your body -inside and out !(There are also DNA/Genetic based detox programs available-On functional nutrition page)


*As each program is individual price will vary dependant on tests and nutritional and cleansing program given-Ranging from £175.00- £1000.00-Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com *


Vitl- Testing kit Tailored Multi Vitamins & Supplements -Home Genetic Testing -Find the Right Vitamins & Probiotics -DNA Testing For Health  



Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the Vitl Home DNA Testing kit for personalised nutrition and vitamin and probiotic supplementation. It includes the following;-


  • HOME DNA TESTING KIT - Discover our DNA Kit and find the optimum probiotics that are unique to your DNA. Then get regular supplements such as Vitamin A + B, Biotin, Zinc, Iron, Calcium, Potassium delivered direct to your door.
  • DNA TEST THE EASY WAY - The VITL DNA Testing Kit couldn't be easier. A simple and quick cheek swab is all that is needed. We then send it to be analysed and tailor the right vitamins that will give you health and mood a boost.
  • MULTIVITAMIN INSIGHTS - Our report gives you a breakdown of the key areas of your health and the essential multivitamins, supplements, probiotics that you need.
  • YOUR PERSONAL CONSULTATION - At VITL we give each and every customer their own personalised consultation. We identify the right vitamins to support a healthy lifestyle.
  • TRY OUR DNA TEST - We are confident you'll find our testing kit quick and easy to use. 

Vitl-Home DNA Test Kit-For Personalised Vitamins & Probiotics



Nutri Smart-Food Intolerance Test ( 30Mins-57 Foods)


Professional Food Intolerance testing ( 30 minutes and 57 foods)-quick and easy. A semi quantative immune assay tests from DST laboratories ,that measures the food specific igG4 In blood. Suitable for adults, children over 5 years old and pregnant women. Can be carried out almost any where making it a practical hygienic test .Body Coach fitness is now able to offer this test Once test has been taken  results can be downloaded to the following portal for your unique report- www.nutrismart-report.com


*(Purchase test below & contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760  And/ or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com to arrange consultation & test  & to arrange test report)*

Nutrismart Food Intolerance Test




YorkTest Foodscan Classic | Food Intolerance Testing Kit | 75 Foods Tested


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the York food test scan classic ( 75 foods tested) through Wellnostics. This test includes the following:-


  • Testing reactions to key Ingredients - YorkTest foodscan classic programme analyses your IgG reactions to 75 of the most commonly consumed foods.
  • Easy & pain-free - a simple finger prick testing kit is included, which can be used in the comfort of your own home and sent to YorkTest laboratory in a pre-paid envelope.
  • Expert testing - analysis of IgG reactions takes place in an ISO accredited laboratory, which recently celebrated 35 years of excellence in the field of diagnostic testing.
  • Detailed results - you will receive a report that clearly summarises the foods that your body is reacting to, as well as a series of support materials.
  • Extensive support - This includes a 30-minute telephone consultation with a bant* registered nutritional therapist.

York Scan -Food Scan Classic(75 Foods Tested)




YorkTest Food&Drinkscan Premium | Food Intolerance Testing Kit | 208 Food & Drinks Tested


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the York Test Food & Drink Scan Premium testing for 208 food and drinks(through wellnostics ). This test includes:-


  • Comprehensive testing - YorkTest most comprehensive test, the food&drinkscan premium programme, analyses your IgG reactions to 208 food and drinks.
  • Easy & pain-free - a simple finger prick testing kit is included, which can be used in the comfort of your own home and sent to YorkTest laboratory in a pre-paid envelope.
  • Expert testing - analysis of IgG reactions takes place in an ISO accredited laboratory, which recently celebrated 35 years of excellence in the field of diagnostic testing.
  • Detailed results - you will receive a report that clearly summarises the foods that your body is reacting to, as well as a series of support materials.
  • Extensive support - two 30-minute telephone Consultations with a bant* registered nutritional therapist are included.

YorkTest Food&Drinkscan Premium -(208 Food & Drinks Tested)



Common Food Allergies


There are many  different food intolerance and food allergy tests available through Body Coach some for sports performance , some for children ,families and adults and some for general or vegetarian or vegan.

But if you feel you have a specific allergy to a specific food groups there are not many isolated food allergy tests available .The 8 most common food allergies are milk, wheat, peanuts, eggs, soy, fish ,shellfish & tree nuts .

Body coach Fitness is now able to offer food allergy tests for individual food /drink groups and most are on the 8 most common food allergy list-These tests could help in an elimination process to establish causes of digestive problems and also aid in establishing a healthy nutrition plan (Also consult GP/physician for advice if conformation of tests is positive) 



Allergy Profile - Berry Blood Test

Allergen Profile - Vegetable Type 1 Blood Test

Allergen Profile-Legume Blood Test

Allergen Profile - Shellfish Blood Test

Allergen Profile - Grain Blood Test

Allergen Profile - Fruit Blood Test

Allergen Profile-Fish Blood Test

Allergen Profile - Nuts Blood Test

Allergen Profile - Milk Blood Test

Tomato IgE Blood Test

Allergen Profile - Meat Blood Test

Allergen Profile-Citrus Blood Test

Nuts & Seeds Allergy Test =£299.00

Peanut Components Allergy Test=£199.00

Herbs & Spices Allergy Test=£111.60

Soy Bean (F14) IgG Test

Price= £100.00 

Egg Sub-Fraction Reflex Immuno Kit (Egg White/Yolk)

Find out if you are allergic/intolerant to both egg white and yolk or just on of the 2 components of the egg. Each is tested separately so if one tests positive and one negative you can eat the positive part of egg tested.

Egg Sub Fraction Reflex Immuno Test Kit



Life Style Eating & Performance


LEAP -Lifestyle eating & Performance testing is the -'gold standard' - in food sensitivity & anti inflammatory testing! It's not what you are reactive to- It's what your not reactive too! MRT LEAP tests identify your BEST foods to eat-eg- your best foods to eat are the least reactive foods ( MRT is the only food sensitivity tests in the entire world that identifies degree of sensitivity  to foods eg high or low-all others only show high sensitivities) So MRT LEAP tests are the most accurate and take the guess work out of making a healthy lifestyle nutrition plan .See more details and purchase here:-

 Nutritional Testing-Complete Body Test


Body Coach Fitness is now a practitioner with life lab tests of which the -Complete Body test- Is  a comprehensive form of. It not only tests for food intolerances but also full blood allergies (IgE & IgG4) most tests only test for one or the other .

The complete  body test is an exclusive view  of your allergies and intolerances to foods and inhalants. Giving you a broader insight into possible causes into possible symptoms and effects of - food issues .The food tests for :-


Blood Allergies-  Wheat , peanuts,egg whites, rice, olives, potatoes, cod, shrimp &  tomato


Blood Intolerance - Gluten, wheat, egg, rice, garlic, onion, banana, cod, salmon, chicken, potato, birch and grasses


Complete Body Test- Analyses for 120 foods (40 allergies & 80 intolerances & Inhalant items such as pet hair)*


*Body Coach Fitness is able to offer this comprehensive test at a 20% discount off RRP OF £179.00* 


Complete Body Test -(Blood Allergy & Intolerance)






NutriCheck -Advanced Nutrition Evaluation Test


Why not add a advanced and Nutricheck comprehensive nutritional evaluation test to one of Body Coach Fitness nutrition programmes. This test is an ideal one for a general nutritional evaluation for future adaptions to dietary programmes and for monitoring progress in dietary programmes.

It incudes professional laboratory analysis  in TAS, homocysteine, carnitine, Q10, magnesium, zinc, selenium, amino acids and fatty acids with one simple blood test. *( Lab4more practitioner test only-Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 &/or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for consultation and to book blood draw)* 

Nutricheck Advanced Nutritional Evaluation Test




So What Am I ?-Swami Genotyping Dietary & Wellness Programme


  So what am I? Find your dietary genotype with the   Swami test by Dr Peter D'Adamo's  a dietary programme  that captures genetic information ,biometric markers ,health history and blood type and creates a personalised programme unique to you. Go to http://www.genegenies.eu?afmc=1i   and ( Swami products link for Swami nutrition programme & consultation)

Swami is  a unique  genotyping test kit with a personalised nutrition programme that is completely unique to you based on your blood type and genotype. Order a Swami personalised nutrition and consultation plan and you will receive an ABO blood type test kit & secretor test kit and a voucher for a 90 minute consultation and you will also receive a Swami test summary and customised profile link  with a unique meal planner  which will allow you to create individual weekly meal plans ,shopping lists and personalised cook book recipes that synchronise with your genotype diet. This plan takes you to the next level with a customised programme that works specifically for you and your genetic make up.

 Enhance your sports  performance, improve weight loss, aid digestive concerns, improve hormonal imbalance, reduce inflammatory conditions and immune conditions with this programme. Once you know your genotype you can also order suitable genotype vitamins/supplements ( genotype products tab on site) You may be either a hunter, gatherer, explorer, nomad ,teacher or warrior genotype-there is a product there for you!

Totally customised, personalised  dietary programme -unique to you!




Sharon Clare is a practitioner with embodydna and lose it  fitness testing and app. Go to her referral link and profile page :- http://www.loseit.com/wellnessprofessional/sharon-clare/  to sign up for lose it -basic tracking  -or purchase premium nutrition package  where you can get more personalised  diet programming with your lose it coach and to make it even more unique to you purchase the accompanying embodyDNA test at
http://www.loseit.com/?target=%2Fprofile%2F%3Fid%3D24200490%26name%3Dsharonclare A unique bespoke fitness nutrition programme at an affordable cost with a choice of options suitable to you


AGS & Factor 75-DNA customised Nutrition


AGS & Factor 75 -Bringing a new meaning to customised personalised nutrition on a new level! A scientifically based -Meal delivery service ( In all 48 states of the USA).The AGS & Factor 75 partnership offers :-

 -In house chefs & dieticians creating meals specific to your AGS test results

-Meals tailored to your DNA

 -Healthy delicious meals

 Based on (your AGS health & wellness DNA test results) Factor 75 will recommend and customise meals to fit the proper  ratios of macro nutrients ( eg protein, fats & carbohydrates) that your UNIQUE body genetically needs! Your weekly meals will have a variety of tasty options that fit both your genetic make up and healthy lifestyle. When you subscribe to Factor 75 meal deliveries ( you have the option -to link your AGS  health & wellness genetic test results ) to create  DNA/Genetic based personalised meal plan delivery system for you!

If you are interested in AGS health and wellness genetic test with Factor 75 meal deliveries go to the following link-https://www.factor75.com/get-started?referral=FQTN9  -(Scroll to bottom of page & choose -AGS health link)-& get full information  here & purchase plans based on your genetic make up(You also get $20.00 off your 1st order)


*If you need to purchase AGS health & wellness genetic test to link to plan above go to   http://amzn.to/2iBZsje*



 Customised Vitamins & Shakes-Subscription


Body coach fitness is now linked to Wellpath customised nutrition for health ,beauty, wellness and sports performance -personalised vitamin and supplement shake subscription delivered monthly-unique to you!

Your complete wellness solution in 3 easy steps- take an online wellness consultation, order your recommended personalised vitamin and custom blended supplement shake- enjoy the added benefits !

As  a wellpath customer Your monthly pack will be based on your feedback and will evolve with your goals, whether they be  better athletic performance, more energy, or emotional wellness?


Use Body Coach Fitness referral link/code  https://www.gowellpath.com/?rf=sharon6cgY1R-5

 to get $20.00 off purchase and sign up to the ultimate customised vitamin package delivered to your door



The Path-Online Wellness Journal


Staying on the path to wellness is worth celebrating -Join the path -fitness, nutrition & lifestyle journal online magazine at http://www.thepathmag.com/refer?referrer=sharonclareMgpTJ0IvF57K-1Bowy8TsA     get advice on beauty, nutrition lifestyle and fitness for your wellness journey & - if you refer more friends to join -the path to wellness You will receive benefits- the more referrals the more benefits eg- exclusive wellness reports, a wellpath gym bag, a wellpath T shirt and if you get enough other people to join you will be able to enjoy a free months subscription to Wellpaths customised nutrition & supplements ( as above) -Join Body coach Fitness & Wellpath in the path to wellness-through nutrition & healthy lifestyle!


 Personalised Dna Based Supplements


 Your DNA is your story-Harness the power of your DNA & shape your own future with Body Coach Fitness & Vitagene wellness & vitality bundles-the future of supplementation.

Answer questions such as -Who am I? what is the best exercise & nutrition plan for my genetics & what supplements does my body need unique to my DNA? Human beings have 99.5% of the same genetics -only 0.5% of your genes make you -look, feel and behave the way you do -but this is the key to establishing -key -nutrition goals !There are 4 options to choose from including -two unique plans -The wellness & vitality bundle which not only include a DNA test kit(non invasive saliva test) but a full ancestry + health report -diet,

fitness and supplement advice plans + an option of 30 or 90 days of your own 4 personalised supplement products sent to you -based on your own genetic make up- Truly unique, personalised , customised and the ultimate diet, exercise and supplement plan -For results!



Please go to the following link for plan options and to purchase:-  


The #1 Best Selling Lifestyle DNA Test


Health Span -(Nutri Coach)


Purchase  health span products and the latest Nutri Coach Activity tracker and digital scales kit with links to its own free health span app ( get £ 5.00 off voucher to use in health span shop on Nutri Coach or other products with Body coach here- https://healthspan.mention-me.com/m/ol/oh9yz-sharon-clare - add email address and click shop  now button & go to nutri coach tab to use voucher ) or use voucher at   website  https://www.healthspan.co.uk/shop/nutricoach  -  Sign up to the latest technology tracker and digital scale combination with app -sending all your vitamin & supplement preferences and requirements , activity level data & nutrition &  calories data to one app .Allowing the app to calculate and recommend heath span  vitamin products and protein supplements  customised and blended to you and your unique requirements and your fitness goals and biometrics . Bespoke vitamins ,supplements and dietary and fitness all on one app Plus many other health span products also available to purchase

 DNA -Diet, Fitness & Nutrition 3 Test Combo


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the-3 test combo (Fitness, diet and weight loss test) as a reselling practitioner of Gene Track. If you

are concerned about your nutritional health ,struggling to lose weight and want the perfect exercise plan to go with this ,this DNA test is for you.

This professional 3 combo genetic test is one of the most comprehensive and thorough tests for nutritional, weight loss and fitness status available .

 This is an international test to be taken at home and is tested in professional laboratories  in Canada. Orders from UK & Australia are sent by international express and when sent back tests results are normally available within one- working week. Tests will be completed within 3-5 days in Canada & USA)*

Please purchase test kit below and if you require further information -contact practitioner /reseller Sharon Clare on- 07875086760and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com

Gene Track- 3 Combo DNA Test( Nutrition, Weight Loss & Fitness)



 *Price Includes sending test kit/ international shipping costs* 

 Food Intolerance Dietary Support Guide-(E-Book)


This food intolerance dietary support guide is a 132 page E Book packed with useful information and advice on how to change the diet based on the results of a food intolerance test (Created for CNS Tests -on performance test page-but can be used with any food intolerance test for guidance ) .There are lots of ideas for alternative food recipes, and meals with further information on food intolerances, food families ,testimonials and healthy eating! A ideal guide to accompany food intolerance testing

Food Intolerance Dietary Support Guide (E -Book)



In Clinic-Food Detective (Professional)


Body Coach fitness is a practitioner/distributer with CNS and offers many home food and health test kits from CNS ( on health & performance test page) -But is now able to offer -In Clinic Tests -With results within the hour rather than sending off for results and waiting 1-4 weeks.

Food detective 'professional' is a point of care ,in-clinic test that measures IgG antibodies to 59 specific foods and provides results within 40 minutes ( so can be used as part of your nutrition consultation /package appointment -*at additional cost*)  This can identify potential "problem foods" for the individual , as elevated IgG antibodies that may be linked to inflammatory conditions within your body .Manifesting in a range of health issues.  Purchase the in clinic test below and book an appointment on details below -Become a food detective & establish a optimal healthy nutrition plan-unique to you


*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 to book an appointment for test after  purchase*

Food Detective Professional



 Marble AIRE-Food Intolerance Breath Monitor


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the unique- Marble AIRE food intolerance breath monitor. A professional home use portable breath tests for food intolerances for people to use when eating out for business or pleasure or in the home.

  Digestive difficulties can be very frustrating, and we want to help. FoodMarble AIRE is a portable breath test device and connected app. While doctors have used this type of breath analysis for years, this is the first personal device of its kind. We designed it to help the millions of people who experience digestive difficulties.

Everyone’s digestion is unique. For the first time, measure how your body digests food in real time. ‎

Tracking your breath test results in real time throughout the day gives you access to data that you previously couldn’t measure. Results appear on your phone after taking a breath test.

The food library allows you to view the levels of FODMAP components in different everyday foods.

View how your breath scores and symptoms vary over time and discover what is triggering issues for you. You can also track your stress and sleep.

   How does it work?

Hydrogen breath testing is available in the best hospitals in the world. We miniaturised the technology and made it accessible to everyone.

When you eat something, it travels through your stomach and into your small intestine for absorption. If it's not fully digested, the remainder continues on to your large intestine where the bacteria start to break it down by a process called fermentation

Hydrogen is only produced during fermentation. This hydrogen makes its way into the bloodstream and begins to circulate around the body, moving to the lungs. ‎

Once it reaches the lungs, the hydrogen is exhaled on your breath. When you breathe into your device, you can measure the level of hydrogen at that time.


Marble AIRE- Food Intolerance Breath Monitor



 *Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details regarding the Marble AIRE  food intolerance breath monitor and how to integrate it into your healthy lifestyle & nutrition programming*

Nima-Gluten Free Mobile Sensor


If you are gluten intolerant or coeliac then purchase the unique Nima mobile gluten sensor kit from Body coach Fitness a professional wellnostics account holder. The kit is a quick convenient way of testing liquids an solids in foods and drinks for gluten content. Its a food data Lovefest! You can take this mobile discreet portable gluten free test sensor kit with you anywhere, work, on holiday and to your local restaurant to test food ingredients for gluten in just a matter of seconds .Find Nima tested restaurants on the Nima app and contribute your own test results for other gluten intolerant people. Once you have your test kit you are ready to go -no more worrying about hidden gluten in food and drink products just a few drops and a few  seconds and your test results will be confirmed.*( Please see video link below for more details on how Nima works)*

Nima Gluten Free Mobile Sensor Test Kit



My Vitamin  -Snack Box


Introducing the My vitamin- snack box! Go to Body coach fitness referral link https://www.myvitamins.com/referrals.list?applyCode=SHARON-R4T&li   and use code SHARON-R4T at check out to   get 25% off purchases of vitamins, supplements, super foods  and many more - (go to 'snack box tab' at top of page and select fro 1mth,3,6 & 12 month 'My vitamin snack box delivery ' options . A monthly  box packed with different nutritionist hand selected vitamins, natural vitamin  packed snacks, super foods ,minerals supplements and much more sent to your home. You can even contact the resident nutritionist for advice on the snack box if needed. A professional vitamin packed snack box- not just an ordinary snack delivery box.


Patch MD -Topical Vitamins


Join the patch lifestyle and get vitamins & supplements the easy way via topical application .100% natural and gluten and sugar free with over 20 unique formulated patented patches made in the USA but shipped to virtually any country world wide ( some restrictions apply to some products).30 days of patches for just under $20.00 in packs including- Maximum performance patches, kids multi vit + omega 3, young at heart-older adults, anti aging, menopause day & night, PMS day & night, sleep starter, refresh & recoup and many more. See more details and purchase on links below-

#1 Vitamin Patch - PatchMD. Shop Now for 30% Off this Week

#1 Sleep Patch by PatchMD. Melatonin, 5HTP and more with transdermal sustained release all night! Shop Now for 30% Off this Week

#1 Vitamin Patch Supplement from PatchMD. Contains our top 3 sellers including Multivitamin, B12 Energy and Sleep Starter. Shop Now for 30% Off this Week

#1 Acne Prevention Patch Supplement from PatchMD. 100% Natural Ingredients with sustained release to help prevent acne. Shop Now for 30% Off this Week

PERFECT FOR TRAVEL! Try now for a limited time only at patchmd.com!

Nutri Patch-Vitamins


Skip the swallowing and use Nutri patch vitamin patches available globally. These patches are every day time release vitamin nutrition patches -Free from latex, gluten and lactose.They contain key nutrients to help you realise your full health and fitness potential and improve metabolism, energy and immunity. There are patches for - Multi vitamins, Vitamin B for energy, Anti oxidants, joint inflammation, omega 3 & vitamin D. Please go to the following link for more details and to purchase - http://bit.ly/2wUO24k

 Liquid Vitamin subscriptions-(Including Bariatric)


Tespo Liquid vitamin s -a pill free way to get your supplement nutrients. With zero calories, sugars, better absorption ,non GMO & no fillers and binders. 50% of vitamin tablets contain fillers and binders and ingredients such as magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, hydrogenated oils, and artificial colours. Also consumers on average absorb only 15-20% of he vitamins that they take -Tespo liquid vitamins have a proven formulation which allows for better absorption of nutrients. Each vitamin pod contains the nutrients you need, just pop it in the dispenser or travel pod and wait or the ingredients to mix into liquid form-easy to prep, take and get the benefits from.


There are vitamin pods for everyone -children, women's complete, men's complete, Energy, Energy +,Focus on eye health support, menopause, hair skin & nails, men's Bariatric & women's Bariatric. Vitamins for AM To PM & Between-here:- http://mbsy.co/tespo/29827757 & get $30.00 off 1st order!




Vitamin Pill Digital Assistant


Pillsy Cap- Is like a digital assistant for your pills ( vitamins and /or medications/supplements) -Never forget a pill again with smart reminders ,automatic dose tracking ,double dose 'alerts' ,smart snoozing and shared notifications. The first intelligent vitamin/supplement bottle   & app system for control of your health & fitness


Ideal for keeping track of your vitamin/supplement pill intake for increased vitality, health ,fitness and sports performance. Please go to the following link for more details and to purchase :- http://bit.ly/2v8TWOG



Sun Genomics -Know Your Gut Know Your Health


 Your gut is the house to millions of bacteria and unique microbiomes -Sungenomics  has created a customised probiotics product ( based on your genetics/DNA) to help restore balance and give complete control of your gut health. FLORE is a precision prebiotic formula based on your DNA -Empowering you to manage your unique microbiome.  A healthy microbiome can improve your ability to digest foods ,absorb and release nutrition from food and synchronise digestive system. FLORE works to put your gut back into as state of health - giving you increased energy.FLORE TOTS  - Is a childrens version of FLORE  -(For 0-12 Year Olds) -A childs microbiome is only jus starting to form and taking control of the health of the gut at an early age can help with health and vitality of your child for the future.

 You will receive a genetic stool sample test kit and 3 months supply of Customised Pro biotics personally made for your own unique microbiome to provide optimal gut health and function  for every day life ,health and vitality-A truly unique and personalised form of supplementation for improved gut health and food digestion-Please go to www.sungenomics.com  for more details and to purchase kits -(Use Body coach fitness Code -BCF25- at checkout to receive $25.00 discount off purchase )

 Thryve Personalised Probiotics & Nutrition



Personalised Nutrition recommendations and customised  probiotic supplements here at Body Coach Fitness.  http://lddy.no/4nmi

   (Choose shop now )option to take you to website &  .Choose from 3 packages( gut health tests only, gut health + personalised probiotics  and the ultimate bundle with gut health test, personalised probiotics and personalised nutrition recommendations based on test  results).


The full gut health bundle offering personalised nutrition recommendations is a fully comprehensive package available globally -offering a true  health,vitality  and wellness system for your body from the inside out!

 Habit Personalised Nutrition


Taking the guess work out of getting right for life-Learn how to eat for the one -unique you! Take this unique genetic test and learn how to handle your macros and nutrients in your diet , and learn insights into 60+ biomarkers that relate to heart health ,you will learn right away where you are going well and where you need to improve! The science based recommendations taken from test results will help you make confident food choices. It will break down what you ideal meal looks like, highlight your hero foods ands create a personalised daily nutrient recommendation plan ,based on your biology, lifestyle and goals! Please go to the following link below to find out more details and purchase -Habit-Personalised nutrition-Unique to you!


Smart Water Bottle- Hydration Tracker


Are you drinking enough water? Your body is mostly water ,it helps with virtually every bodily process and energises you and helps with every day normal health function , and performance and fitness. What if you could accurately record and monitor your  water /fluid content and track daily hydration -to establish a daily hydration habit?

Body Coach Fitness as a wellnostic stockist now has the-Bella Beat Ice Smart water hydration tracker system - which you can purchase  direct .No more headaches caused by dehydration, ,calculate the optimal amount of water for your body based on your daily activity level ,age,height, weight and local weather conditions each day ( will also alter amount needed when pregnant and breast feeding). View your hydration data through Bella beat app For- Hydration tracking-Drink reminder signals-send notifications to drink more frequently- tailored intake goals- calculates daily intake goals base on lifestyle habit needs -hydration coaching recognising drinking habit trends and guides you to reach your gaols -Smart water technology at its best!

Bella Beat Smart Water Bottle Hydration Tracker



Amazon FRESH- Healthy Home Food Shopping
Please go to the following text and banner links below -To start your weekly healthy food home shopping with the -NEW Amazon FRESH  service. You will not only save on the monthly subscription service but get all your healthy food groceries delivered to your door!

Try AmazonFresh Free Trial

 Healthy School Snack Delivery
The good grocer healthy snack boxes are all natural , non GMO , gluten free , and trans fat , artificial colour  and preservative free snacks delivered to your door. Purchase a healthy snack box below for your school and  /or college and snack healthy-
Healthy Variety School Snack Bar/Lunch Pack(Fruit & Nut) 



Healthy Snacks-Variety Office/School Lunch pack



 Farm Fresh Blue Apron Meals

Blue A Farm fresh meals-Makes cooking easy-Diner the Blue Apron Way! Chefs and farmers working together to send high quality food at better value to your door. So you can cook irresistible tasty meals from scratch-with perfectly portioned ingredients -Better ingredients, better pricing & better planet for us all. "Click on Blue Apron image above to learn more...!"

 Home Bistro-Special Diet Meals


Special diet chef prepared meals -shipped across the USA -Home bistro is a new approach to old world ideal's .Based on a healthy Mediterranean diet and foods are al naturally sourced. Special diets are catered for including- healthy gourmet , heart friendly , diabetic friendly , cancer support, vegetarian , gluten free , paleo , low carb and dairy free.

Nature intended to give us an abundance of fresh offerings and Home Bistro brings you seasonally inspired meals, ensuring your needs for your families healthy lifestyle are met-delivered to your door- and ready when you are! USE  CODE -'10OFF' for discount off first purchase at any of the following links:-

Diet Meals

Vegetarian Meals

Diabetic Prepared Meals

Cooks Smart


Cooks Smart meal planning is an affordable way of planning your meals and food prep with 1 a click grocery shopping list, diet options , a function to log your meals and recipes onto my fitness pal or weight watchers app, weekend prep feature , smart nutrition label information , and how to cook videos - all the inspiration and organisation you need from creating, preparing , cooking and scheduling a healthy meal plan all for  a few pounds a month .Discover a smarter and happier way to plan your meals and improve your healthy cooking experience at http://affiliate.cooksmarts.com/SHu

Diet Sensor -Select ,Weight & Scan Your Food App


There are many diet,recipe and meal planning apps available -If you are looking for an app that allows you to choose food items , recipes and meals from 600, 000 food database and be able to accurately measure and weigh and scan calories and nutrient content of each food on your plate -the diet sensor is for you! There are a choice of plans:-

The basic option -food database search option choosing from 600,000  items and recipe selector , premium option -with meal planning for 12 weeks , shopping, and food search option- But the ultimate package option allows you to add the SCIO food scanner and accurate digital scales to the system -so you can select food from the database , plan meals, create a shopping list, when you have cooked food -you can then digitally weigh your food and then scan each item with SCIO food scanner and the App will automatically tell you the calories and nutrient content of each weighed food item on your plate- You can even scan every item in your fridge- Truly unique and accurate technology for under £ 100.00 per annum ( price based on ultimate package and not including purchase of digital scales and SCIO scanner) Check out more details here:- http://www.awin1.com/cread.php?awinmid=9933&awinaffid=241743



Plan To Eat App


Cook ,plan and shop- Plan to eat App- saves time , and streamlines your grocery shopping trip, prevents food waste and gives you piece of mind that you have healthy food in the house! Use plan to eat to create online recipes  , share recipes with friends , write blogs on recipes, create a recipe calender , an automated grocery shopping list , mobile shopping list and record what's in the freezer and what and when to stock up with-All on the plan to eat app:- http://www.plantoeat.com/ref/5f6529beee



Body Chef Meal Plans

Body Chef meal delivery is based in Suffolk UK ( My home county) For locally produced healthy food delivery around the UK. Body Chef offers a large variety of popular and specialist meal plans. Click on the brand logo above or image logo below for more information and to order- go to plan tab- choose all plans section and you will see all the seasonal ,popular , specialist plans available. Including SIRTS meals named after  the 'skinny gene'  in the body , this diet focuses on intakes of sirtuins which are special nutrients that inhibit the storage of fat and increases fat metabolism. The blood sugar is a good diet type for type 2 diabetics ( consult your GP before starting) as it will aid in regulating blood sugar levels , the super food meal plan is based on traditional foods with modern super foods added. The popular Dukan diet is also included with- both phases of meal plan available + many more including Halal meals ,low carb, low GI ,low sugar , detox diet and other seasonal diets -please click on image below and find out more :-

Oat Box Healthy BreakFast Subscription


 Oat Box healthy breakfast subscription is a healthy monthly gift or business breakfast box -Redefining breakfast! Start the day off right with a healthy breakfast with a variety of 100% natural oat breakfast snacks, gluten free , vegan and nut free options delivered to your door- A monthly subscription or a one of gift!

There is also a business oat box option for business only allowing your employees to start their working day off on the right foot with a healthy breakfast! Helping amplify productivity in your work force as well as improving company culture and enhancing employee happiness at work!

Sign up for Oat box breakfast boxes at :-  https://www.oatbox.com/en/?utm-campaign=oatboxreferralprogram&utmcontent=styt2lshw0&utmmedium=link&utmsource=referralprogram  and receive a referral discount off 1st order ) delivery available in USA & Canada only at present)

If you choose the customised personalised option, your meals will be delivered based on your individual needs including your individual age, sex, activity level , goals and BMI  based on these results! A calorie goal orientated specific meal plan will be delivered to your door- results on a plate! Go to following link for $ 20.00 discount off 1st order:- http//newvisionnutrition.refr.cc/bodycoach

*Giving back -For every oat box subscription -A complete breakfast will be donated to children in need of  a healthy breakfast -see link for more details*





Senior Soft Meal/Pureed Meals

Wiltshire foods is a UK wide meal delivery company who offers a varied and wide selection of healthy foods and specialises in soft foods and pureed foods for seniors or conditions which make eating solid foods more difficult. There are a variety of soft food meals and various pureed meals  including the petite, classic , break fasts and sandwiches and pureed hot or cold desserts .They also offer various menu packs including Indian and Chinese and Mediterranean cuisine, meals for two and special diets including gluten free and free from ranges. Check out the range below at the Wiltshire Farm foods  web store by clicking image below:-

Convenient healthy great tasting food! Healthy chef creations also offers custom meals and if you contact them they will create a healthy senior plan for you. Fresh wholesome , delicious meals , free from preservatives, and artificial ingredients and naturally low in sodium , saturated fats and sugars. Senior meals will contain less calories, more vitamins and minerals and essential nutrients for the aging population and smaller , softer portion sizes - easier for digestion! Contact Healthy creations direct( 1-866-575-2433) & they can create your bespoke senior meal plan for you to suit your preferences and taking into account any medications, illnesses, allergies and food intolerances- Start a healthy senior plan today-More details on healthy chef creation custom option at link here:-

 Doctor Designed -Silver Cuisine

125x125A Silver Cuisine with AARP Members

These meals are designed by professional doctors of medicine for seniors  ( 55+) so you are guaranteed healthy eating on a plate delivered to your door. Individual to you and your requirements -Affordable , bespoke senior cuisine to your door -With silver bistro! Please see text link below for more details and to purchase:-

Meals Delivered for Healthier Living for Adults 50+ and seniors. Visit us today at silver.bistromd.com!

Healthy Chef Creations- Healthy Mum Meal Delivery


Healthy chef creations offers prepared meals for pregnant women & new mums that are a convenient , stress free way to eat healthy at an important time .The healthy mommy program delivers weekly gourmet menus of healthy meals tailored to the needs of pregnant , nursing  women including lot's of whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits , healthy B vitamins ( including folic acid) whilst also avoiding food groups that should be avoided or of concern to expectant or nursing mothers. Each week a menu will be created and delivered specifically for mum based on specifications and her personal food preferences which can be changed at any time using your own personal profile -all delivered to your door .Go to text link below & ( 'our products tab'-the 'healthy mommy section') for more details and to order- ( USA only-At present -due to shipping)

Healthy Chef Creations

Also use text link above to order 'custom programs' if standard deliveries do not meet your needs- As there are many different custom options to build your own menu, select portion sizes all hand made to order- Ad loved ones to your account and send to friend and family- A Perfect gift for some one special !

Veestro Meal Packs -Say I Do To Healthy Eating!


Say I Do to healthy food! With Veestro wedding day prep pack plant based meal deliveries- One of the many varied selection meal delivery packages delivered to the door including- other goal orientated meal packs- 3 & 5 day cleanses , 3,5,7 day weight loss , a la carte and vegan subscription boxes , choose a link for details on specific packs:-

Shop the Brand New Wedding Prep Pack Now at Veestro.com! Look and Feel Your Best on Your Wedding Day!

The Veestro.com Protein Power Pack is now available on a recurring subscription! Enjoy this power-packed variety of high-protein entrees, soups and salads, delivered every 2-4 weeks.

The Veestro.com Starter Pack Includes 12 Best Selling Vegan Meals at a 20% Discount! Get Started Eating Healthy Today.

Choose Healthy, Plant-Based Meals as Part of our Weight Loss Subscription Plan at Veestro.com! Enjoy Built in 20% Savings on Each Plan.

Official Veestro Online Store

Babeths Feast-French & Italian Inspired Meals


Babeths feast delivers meals which are inspired by both French & Italian cuisine , appetisers , soups , artisan bakery pastries , entrees and much more -Find out more here:-

Babeth's Feast

Keep artisain breads, baked goods, and breakfast basics from Babeth's Feast on hand, to heat and serve at a moment's notice.

Browse Babeth's Feast assortment of soups!

At Babeth's Feast, our chefs create small batch, French-inspired, restaurant quality food you can savor on your own time.


Munchery-A Resturant To Your Door


Join us at the table at Munchery- Start savouring delicious restaurant quality meals delivered to your door with monthly Munchery subscriptions. Planning a special night in for two or guests coming around , or fancy home quality restaurant type foods instead of a takeaway and want to save on restaurant bills then Munchery is for you. The best food starts with the best ingredients- from farm to fork- fresh local ingredients from farmers who specialise in seasonal all natural organic produce , anti biotic free meats and wild caught fish where possible. Order a meal for just 1 night or schedule a week ahead for the week. Munchery membership subscription will pay for itself within 3 orders/months as you place more orders- the more perks you will receive- like money off the next order , free delivery and a free main dish each monthly cycle .No waiting for resturants to open to take your order or scheduling food pick up from take outs on your commute home. The website and app allow you to order dinner the same day or up to a week in advance (Available at over 1000 states across the USA at present) Check out and join Munchery at :-

You need mealtime on your terms. That's where Munchery comes in.


Exante-Meal Replacement Diet Plan Delivery


Kick start your weight loss with Exante meal replacement diet plans- meal replacement plans with support at home. A simple and flexible plan to help drop a dress size , tone up or help kick start a change in your existing eating habits. The range consists of healthy meal replacement shakes , bars ,meals , soups, deserts , snacks ands low carb smoothies. There are various plans from total solution plans , a weight loss bundle, flexi solution and the 5:2 diet plan with shake pack. Want to lose weight and tone up? Then Exante high protein and low carb meal plans will help you with this!

 Use Body Coach Fitness referral link-https://www.exantediet.com/referrals.list?applyCode=SHARON-R142&li    & you will receive a 30% discount off your purchase


Pre Made Paleo Meal Delivery



Pre made paleo meals- are chef inspired , chef created and chef prepared , fresh paleo meals straight from the kitchen ,delivered to your door step. Which includes healthy paleo - breakfasts , family packages, individual meals , snacks, dinners and light lunches) Find out more here:- http://premadepaleo.myshopify.com?aff=15



Real Plans -Paleo /Gut health & Auto Immune Meal Planner


Real plans a meal planner with super powers -kitchen tested family approved recipes and personalised meal planning for your brimming life. Eating good food- should be easy- set yourself up for results with real meal planner. Which specialises in Paleo, AIP(Auto immune protocol) GAPS (Gut health elimination diets) Keto ( low carb) pescatarian and whole 30 recipe meal planning. The AIP option allows you to select from 1000's of recipes which help address auto immune conditions ands inflammation specifically to help heal the gut. The GAPS program is recipe meal planning for a temporary ( traditional diet) eliminating hard to digest carbs. toxic food additives and other foods hard to digest - to help heal the gut- by healing the gut conditions such as autism . coeliacs disease  , eczema , food allergies , environmental allergies and auto immune conditions can be improved.

With Real meal planner programmes you receive  monthly subscriptions to 1,000's of your chosen recipe categories to help organise ,plan and prepare your weekly grocery shop and cooking for the week- can be used on both android and IOS phone devices .Improve your auto immune system gut health through planning your weekly meals with Real plans meal planner:- https://realplans.com/?318732


1 Month Primal Leap Nutrition Plan

Join the 1,000's of people who have already changed their lives with Paleo! The Paleo Leap nutrition plan is a  30 day meal plan which will improve your health, improve balance, improve sleep patterns improve general balance and energy levels ,reduce inflammation, burn off excess sugar levels and  burn off excess body fat-You will never look back!

Kick start your Paleo journey off and sign up for the Primal Leap 30 day introductory nutrition plan. The plan consists of a 30 day Paleo meal plan , shopping list, Paleo food pyramid and recipes , enough to let you get started straight away .So what are you waiting for ? Click on the pay pal button  and it will be sent to your inbox within 24 hours of purchase:-




Primal Leap-Paleo Nutrition Program


Online /Print Paleo Magazine -Fitness E Book & Cook Book

The Paleo lifestyle has evolved from pre historic times into a nutritional science that is popular all around the world helping reinvigorate the health and happiness of millions of people all around the world. Why not subscribe to the only digital PALEO Magazine to go alongside the primal leap nutrition plan. Paleo online magazine is available internationally and offers tips on nutrition Paleo lifestyle and fitness. Go to the following link to get further details and to purchase magazine- http://www.paleomagonline.com?afmc=r6

Also click on the following images below to purchase Paleo holiday Cook book &  Paleo Fitness E Book

Paleo  Fitness E Book


Paleo Holiday Cook Book

 Emeals -Healthy Meal Deliveries ( USA Only)


Discover the smart way for families to do dinner! E Meals offers weekly recipes, shopping lists, and peace of mind -E Meals -real food for real life! Available only in USA at present ( due to shipping) Click on 'learn more tab' for more information on each link :-

 Heart Healthy Meal plan



Mediterranean Meal Plan



Kid Friendly meal Plan



Budget friendly Meal Plan



 Diabetic Friendly Meal Plan



 Plan It Meal Delivery ( USA Only)



Family Box Meal Deliveries ( Uk)

Healthy home cooking is important for your family -Good intentions to cook wholesome meals for the family often crumble- with busy schedules. So Gousto makes it simple -QUALITY- SIMPLICITY- VARIETY- In a recipe box. Your recipe box will have every thing you need to cook 4 delicious recipes- easy to follow recipe cards and fresh healthy ingredients all weighed and measured to avoid food wastage. Specific family boxes are available for 2 adults and 2-3 children -Build your own box- customise 4 different recipes from a list of 20 each time. Meals for 2 & lighter meals for calories conscious people are also available and dairy free and vegetarian. Share good food all round - Order your Gousto family box- See more details by clicking on flashing banne4r images:-

Approved Foods

Approved Food

Over a period of a year 7000,000 tonnes of food and drink in the UK are thrown away unnecessarily (food waste) a lot of which has passed its 'best before' date- but would still be good enough to eat!

Help prevent food wastage and improve the environment and also get healthy food ( & others) at a discount price by shopping at approved foods online. Approved foods has over 2,000 items always in stock from big brands and leading outlets typically saving people £ 60.00 per month on their weekly shop.  (All food & drink are NOT beyond there -use by date) Items available include- dietary foods- protein and nutrition, supplements , gluten free from foods, vegetarian , organic, low carb, special occasion foods , health items , world foods & much more! Click for more details and to purchase items ( on approve food logo and text link below) SAVE MONEY  & help the environment from food wastage with Approved foods & Body coach Fitness!

Approved Food

Meal Prep Bags & Meal Planning App


 Choose Isolator for all your fod prep needs and also meal planning -Sharon Clare & Body coach fitness are ambassadors for Isolator & fitness hacker meal planning app- see more details and purchase meal prep items , fitness foods & if you go to 'meal planner' section of site you can sign up to the new unique meal prep app that compliments all other meal prep products- http://bit.ly/2EqDrx5 ,   & make sure you use Body coach fitness referral code at check out -'BODYCOACH10' to get your discount!

Body Coach Fitness- Nourishing Hub Store


Choose from a selection of nourishing foods at the Body Coach Fitness Nourishing Hub:-

Body Coach Fitness Grocery Gourmet Food


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