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Sports Injury & Rehab Works


Body Coach Fitness offers many different packages for sports injury/work injury prevention and treatment and human performance. Here are some additional treatments which can help you achieve opitimal performance for every day life, work an sport

Optimal Recovery & Injury Prevention


 Although aspects of injury prevention and post exercise recovery are touched upon in all the sports specific programmes above .The optimal recovery and injury prevention programme is an in depth specific individualised plan formulated for your specific sporting  needs and goals ,having a big impact on your fitness, sports performance and allowing you to recover and  train more effectively.
Dependant on the individual presented it could include:-

- Sport specific post exercise recovery regeneration programme -To release muscle tension, restore energy balance, and increase (ROM) Range of motion. Which may include sports massage techniques , trigger point therapy and foam rolling flexibility

- Sports Specific -Injury prevention advice/strategies including periodisation  principles for peaking, tapering and maintenance for sport - incorporating rest/recovery phases and programmes

- Advice & strategies for optimising recovery through a combination of different modalities- including nutrition, electrostimulation, compression, immersion & contrast bathing, advice on k taping, injury supports , orthotics and heat

- Lifestyle analysis on areas for consideration:- Alcohol, sleep, smoking, stress, work life balance coping intervention strategies

-Functional testing & genetic testing ( at additional price) as injury prevention and sports recovery tool- eg sm genomics sports injury prevention and sports nutrition genetic tests.

- Advice on post exercise recovery and injury prevention supplementation specific to you and your sport (Supplements recommended at additional price)

- Mind state training-Behaviour change model, positive mind  set coaching

A full in depth programme looking at all areas needed for optimal recovery from exercise to prevent and rehabilitate injury from sport- An investment in long term health and optimising sports performance levels
 POA-Price on application (Dependant on specific individual tests and services needed in recovery package)-After full consultation.


Body Coach Fitness-Home Exercise Lab


Do you forget how to follow your home  care exercise program given via your PT, therapist or rehab specialist? Then Body Coach fitness - Home exercise lab may be the ideal solution. Offering a personalised unique online progressive exercise program  -from acute care post  injury to functional re integration  rehabilitation exercises sent straight to your email inbox.
No need to follow stick diagrams and written instructions which are sometimes difficult to follow and interpret once at home .A set of specific exercises for post injury , therapy or as part  of a sports rehab performance program or corporate wellness program .
You will receive weekly progressive updates with new exercises as needed via email - which includes a series of tutorial videos  demonstrating and explaining each one with accompanying written instruction-making it quicker, simpler and more effective to follow and adhere to between treatment /exercise sessions with practitioner. You can view this program as many times as you want , when you want and where you want from you email address via your mobile, pc or online device.

Here is a mini  example of a program and how to log in and follow the process -to show how simple and effective it could be for you* (this is not a real case study - based on a possible case scenario) *Follow instructions below:-

Please go to link:    http://exercise-lab.com/client-login

Add  the following Email Address:  steve@cyclopes.screaming.net

*This should allow you to view 2  example programmes ( shoulder rehab and hip rehab) - Click on each picture for Video tutorials on shoulder program  and  when you want to view hip  program "click white arrow tab -top left hand corner "and view exercise video demonstrations on hip program - you may click the white arrow tab forwards and back wards to select which program you wish to view *

The Body Coach Fitness home exercise program can be purchased from 9.99 per month per person - with weekly exercise updates and email support from Body coach fitness -The ideal solution for your post injury and therapy rehab home exercise program and for specific sports rehab/performance and corporate wellness ( postural/back care/flexibility exercises)

Body Coach Fitness Home Exercise Lab

Price=£9.99  Per Person ( 1 month)

To change your subscription settings, click here.


Neurological Testing


Find the cause of your presenting pain with neurological testing. This will give you and your practitioner the knowledge to safely decide on treatment and if any referrals are necessary.
An assessment will be made with a professional patella (reflex ) tool and specific muscle and nerve testing procedures including assessment of myotomes and dermotomes .This is suitable for assessment, and treatment of specific dysfunction within the neurological system -leading to  better treatment service and after care.

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for details on treatment and price and to book a consultation*

                                    K Taping


 Sharon is able to offer kinesiology taping after training with the John Gibbons Body master Method in Oxford. 

What is it ?
  Kinesiology taping started as a unique taping method in the 1970's by a Japanese chiropractor Dr Kenzo Kase .It is a taping method system that naturally assists in healing damaged tissues & provides support & to joints and muscles without causing restricted movement ,preventing injuries  & improving performance.

 Reduces pain , stabilises joints (without restricting movement) , increases performance in sport/general activities , helps prevent injuries - rehabilitation - psychological benefits (placebo) 

Who is it for?
From the very young to the very old & the very fit to the very old 

 - work places 

 - sports teams 

- Rehabilitation /preventing injuries /Individuals 

  Conditions treated 

- Lower back pain

- General knee pain 

 - Plantar fasciits 

- Shoulder injuries- rotator -
Oedema (swelling of limbs)

 - Ankle sprains

Kinesiology taping- can be combined with trigger point therapy, sports massage and foam rolling to keep you injury free and performing well . It is designed to be worn for 3-5 days for optimum support and it only takes  a few minutes to apply and can be applied either before or after a training session .

Price= £15.00 - £20.00  dependant on area


Myo Fascial Release-Trigger Point Therapy


Myo Fascial Release or trigger point therapy  are specialised forms of physical and manual therapy used for the effective treatment and rehabilitation of soft tissue and fascial tension and restrictions.'Myo' means muscle & 'Fascia ' means band.Fascia surrounds ,cushions and protects every other tissue ,tendon, muscle , bone, ligament and organ in the body.
Following physical and emotional trauma and through poor posture fascia scars and hardens at the affected site. This causes the fascial network to lose it's cushioning mechanism ,and internal structures become pulled out of alignment . The professional athlete and amateur sports enthusiast can suffer a myriad of injuries , stresses and strains and myo fascial release and trigger point therapy can help release these areas  causing pain and also help improve performance through increased flexibility, power and strength as well as improve fitness as a prophylactic against injury.

*Contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for consultation and treatment package prices *


AIS-Stretching & Strengthening -(Mattes Method)


Human movement is more enjoyable when the body is flexible ,strong and stable and capable of performing without restrictions and pain. Active people understand the importance of good health and search out methods to improve their abilities by including specific stretching and strengthening techniques such as the Mattes Method.
Aaron L Mattes -Mattes Method incorporates a key concept that isolates muscles that are to be stretched by contracting the opposing muscle groups to then allow  strengthening.
AIS-Active isolated stretching & strengthening is a method of stretching and strengthening exercises to develop flexibility and strengthen specific muscle groups. AIS is  a valid concept of injury prevention, rehab, sports training and performance, longevity enhancement and in general a healthier lifestyle.

Benefits Of AIS-Mattes Method:-

-Improved oxygenation and nutrients to myo fascial structures providing growth & repair

-Stimulates circulation and drainage of lymph which helps eliminate toxins

- Improves flexibility and health of muscle, tendons and ligament tissues

-Realigns collagen fibres, breaks down glueing  & friction of fascial sheath, releases muscle spasm

-Breaks down adhesions and reduces risk of muscle strain and tears

AIS-Mattes Method is excellent for seniors, beginners to exercise, youngsters, professional athletes and amateur sports enthusiasts , and active people of all levels and ages

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details ,prices and to book a consultation*


Muscle Energy Technique-MET


Muscle energy is a direct active technique  meaning it engages a restrictive barrier and requires the patients  participation for maximal effect. As the person   performs an isometric contraction ,the following physiological changes occur:-

-Sensory neuron activation results in direct inhibition of agonist muscles

-A reflective reciprocal inhibition occurs at the antagonistic muscles

-As the person relaxes agonist and antagonist muscles remain inhibited allowing the joint to be moved further into the restricted range of motion.

Studies have shown that muscle energy techniques improve functionality in people with disorders such as back pain

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 0787508676 for further details on price and to book a consultation*

Manual Therapy -Sports Massage


Manual therapy and sports massage is a "hands on" approach offering the therapist a greater insight into  a persons condition. It can detect changes in tightness, tissue temperature, joint mobility, muscle flexibility and muscle tone and can help address any pain and swelling, increase joint and soft tissue mobility , increase flexibility and increase muscle performance. 
The manual therapy can also include the use static and PNF stretching and specialised techniques such as the Mattes method of flexibility stretching. If you want a preventative ,or curative method of soft tissue mobilisation ,having regular sports massage and manual therapy sessions will  achieve this. Ideal for sports enthusiasts amateur or elite and people who regularily train at the gym or outdoors, sports injuries and anyone with every day pains and niggles which are affecting their life at home or work

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for packages , prices and consultation*



New treatment therapy coming to Body Coach Fitness- early 2019- Therapeutic electrotherapy in the form of ultra sound -Used as an adjunct to other treatment therapies and can help relieve and accelerate the healing process after injury. The treatment is pain free and has no adverse side effects  and is used frequently in acute sports injuries when pain and swelling are barriers to quick healing. Contact Sharon Clare  on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com   or 07875086760 for further details on this.

Dry Cupping Therapy For Sports


You do not have to be suffering from a health issue to seek out dry cupping therapy . Having cupping done regularly is a good way to stay healthy, remove toxins and help healing and recovery post training. If you are an athlete or gym enthusiast having cupping treatment as part of your training and fitness regime -will give you 'the edge' you need to be on top of your game!

Cupping therapy will help remove toxins that are created when you train ,relieve any muscle tension and ais in the healing and recovery process of your body so that you can carry on doing what you love. Dry cupping is an ancient practice ,which involves drawing out toxins and stagnated blood to the surface , by using a vacuum created by a  suction cup/pump without the need for incisions . The pain is minimal but it does involve a pinching sensation on the skin which leaves a circular bruise (This usually heals within 1 week).

Dry cupping has been used during the Rio 2016 Olympics by athletes such as Michael Phelps  and Alex Naddour as part of their training to ease over-exertion and improve recovery time. It has also been used by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and  Gwyneth Paltrow  as part of their overall beauty treatment as it promotes circulation of fresh circulated blood  restoring energy to skin and body cells as well as muscles.

Common issues faced when training eg- micro tears  to muscles, inflammation due to strenuous muscles, stiffness and soreness of muscles and joints, musculoskeletal injuries and spasms and build up of toxins such as lactic acid, cholesterol ,calcium and uric acid  -Can be improved by cupping. Cupping can help remove the toxins from strenuous exercise, help the healing process, reduce inflammation and pain from vigorous exercise and reduce excess iron content in blood and treat any sports injuries in a non invasive way with minimal discomfort.



Dry Cupping Therapy For Sports


Price= £ 35.00  Per Treatment  

Light Therapy -For Sports Injury & Rehab


Light therapy works on many levels for sports injury & rehab .It reaches into, and below the skins surface .The depth the light penetrates depends on the wave length being used.

 For example red light offers many of the therapeutic values of infrared ,but treats the dermis tissues at a shallower depth than infra red. As the light spectrum passes from red through to a much broader invisible infrared band ,the light waves lengthen ,and so are able to penetrate the tissues to an inreaseingly greater depth.

The light energy stimulates production of ntric oxide , a naturally produced and short lived gas ,this is the corner stone molecule of pain management . In particular nitric oxide widens and relaxes the blood vessels and arteries. An obvious first benefit if this is to regulate blood pressure ,but it also encourages platelet clump formation.

The expanded vein enhances blood flow to bring more oxygen and nutrients  to the area to be treated .The result is fast inflammation reduction and effective pain relief , as well as enhanced injury recovery time.

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer light therapy as part of its sports injury & rehab treatments/sessions. 

*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more information and pricing -dependant on area needing treatment *


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) For Sports Injury & Welbeing 


Body Coach Fitness is now able to refer suitable clients for specilaist -hyperbaric oxygen therapy -for sports injury recovery and wellbeing.Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is an adjunctive complementary therapy for sports injuries and acute traumatic injury.It can help reduce recovery ,improve healing and reduce expected scarring to muscle contusions such as ankle sprains. It can also be used in the treatment of joints ,ligament and tendon ijuries ,again reucing recovery time.

Athletes/sports enthusiasts  need to be in great physical and mental health to perform at their best ,and there is a high risk of injury in some sports  .Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help with the reduction in swelling and facilitate soft tissue healing. Many professional sports teams are now using hyperbaric oxygen therapy for competitors who have received a sports injury ,and to enhance sports performance and to reduce fatigue and pain. 


*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details on hyperbaric oxygen therapy and the sports injury referal scheme *


Pre Event- Massage


Pre event massage plays an important and useful part in prep prior to competition, events and sports games, , by removing tension and metabolic waste from muscles built up whilst training in preparation. It serves to enhance performance and reduce injury during your event-It is  a less deep form of soft tissue massage than post event massage working on superficial muscles and tissues and helps increase blood flow to  muscles  ready for exercise. It can be scheduled up to 3 days prior to event/race/game and is aimed at responding to the athletes needs in the days leading up to an event- and can be from 20 minutes up to 45 minutes in duration

Benefits of pre event massage:-

-Condition prep for competition

-Removes tension and metabolic waste from body

-Includes active stretches before event

-Good prep in week up to race/event

Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details ,price and bookings*


Post Event Massage


Post event massage  helps reduce DOMS by flushing out metabolic waste  built up in the body , helping the body heal and recover quicker. It is  a deeper tissue more advanced form of massage therapy and a crucial part of event /game/race recovery  and injury reduction. It will help identify minor injuries , muscle spasms and pains which could be masked by DOMS post event.
Treatment can begin straight away and up to 3 days post event/race /game to maximise effectiveness.

Benefits of Post Event Massage:-

-Helps you recover from exertion

-Helps you return to pre event/race/game state

-Helps remove metabolic waste from body

-Relaxation and recovery time post event

-Psychological boost

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com o r 07875086760 for further details, prices and to book*


Dry Needling For Sports Injuries


Body Coach is adding Dry needing for sports injuries to the list of physical therapy services at Body coach fitness sports rehab and injury clinic. (TDN) Trigger point dry needling  is an effective therapy for treatment of muscular tension and spasm .When injury occurs from repetitive acute trauma ,inflammation will be produced from damaged tissues.

TDN is not the same as acupuncture ( below) but is juts as effective in sports injury relief. There is light typical soreness after the treatment  lasting a few hours to 2 days and there may be occasional bruising.  TDN should be available in 2019 at Body Coach fitness .


*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for further details on the  Dry needling for sports injuries treatment and future bookings* 


Acupuncture For Sports Injury


There is strong evidence that acupuncture is effective for relief from symptoms of inflammation and pain associated with sports injuries because it:-

-Has a stimulatory effect on the nerves located in muscles and other tissues which leads to release of feel good endorphins

-It reduces inflammation by promoting release of vascular and immunodulaytory factors

-It improves muscle stiffness and joint mobility by increasing local micro circulation which aids in dispersing swelling

In general acupuncture is beneficial to stimulate the nervous system and cause the release  of neuro chemical messenger molecules . The resulting biochemical changes influence the bodies homeostasis mechanisms thus promoting physical and emotional well being. Stimulation of certain acupuncture points in the body are known to reduce pain and stress as well as promote relaxation and deactivates the " analytical " brain responsible for anxiety.

Body coach fitness- will be able to offer this treatment from late spring /early summer  2019  and will be available for treatments in isolation or in combination with other therapies


John Gibbons -Body Master Method


Sharon is currently working towards becoming a John Gibbons Body Master Method Therapist and gaining her Diploma in this method. This method approaches the body as a complex integrated unit ,where one dysfunction may require more than one area of expertise and is written and taught by a qualified osteopath. She has completed several  units towards this and is looking to add more this year to offer her customers the best possible physical therapy service

Back Pain Clinic


 Back pain and discomfort is a common problem and learning self management skills will help improve your back health. The back pain clinic offers  a 12 week healthy back program which is a weekly small group structured session focusing on teaching postural focus, relaxation and mental focus -a more holistic approach to back pain. The 12 week program includes the following:-

-A Weekly small group clinic comprising-Education-Exercise & Relaxation

-Each week there will be a  presentation on different aspects of back pain ,looking at possible causes, anatomy and solutions

Exercises for a healthy lower back with relevant exercises chosen for the group

-Relaxation & flexibility work -an essential part of back  pain management

-Email support and (video option for exercises and presentation-if you cannot attend sessions)

-Recognising people lead busy lives and cannot always attend -you can choose the video or email option or miss a session- it is not essential to attend all sessions -however it is advisable.The back pain clinic must be booked initially as a 12 week block and after that add on sessions can be booked individually

-This program is suitable for people with lower back pain as a guided exercise and education program-*If you experience sudden onset lower back pain or pain that gives rise to leg symptoms such as pins and needles ,numbness or weakness assessment by GP/Physio is recommended-immediately.*  

-*Individual (1-2-1 lower back assessments-and biomechanical screens are available on request*

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for start date, location  and prices and further details  *


Specialist - Dance Rehabilitation


Dancers are artistic athletes who place their bodies under extreme physical demands, for often hours at a time. The level at which enthusiastic amateurs and elite dancers perform can lead to chronic injuries and complex musculoskeletal problems. Over- training ,inappropriate muscle control and form , poor nutrition and stress , inadequate foot wear can all lead to injury.
As dance is a specialist art and sport the rehabilitation process demands a customised program of intervention.
The dance rehab program may include :-

-Therapeutic intervention- hands on advanced soft tissue mobilisation/release

-Biomechanical screens/assessment & postural dance alignment

-Joint stability work

-Proprioceptive rehabilitation & balance work

-Exercise therapy -Muscle strengthening, flexibility and sports massage

-Nutritional program to promote healing and improve stamina, endurance ,health and vitality

-Sports injury and nutrition-genetic testing-if requested 
* This rehab program has been designed for all dance performers -however if you are a ballet dance performer then specialist rehab exercise technique drills and skills tuition can be privately arranged  through a former Royal Scottish Ballet dance Performer  & tutor on referral*

A unique program for all serious dance performers who want to increase speed of recovery   from injury or preventative maintenance program through out the year.

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details ,price and to book*


Golf Swing Analysis Clinic -Prevention Of Injury


Prevention is better than cure! Body Coach Fitness has an online /face to face golf swing biomechanics screening  program specifically looking at improving your golf swing through assessment and movement screening  ,golf swing analysis correct body positioning, flexibility ,timing and force transfer .

This screening program is based on golf biomechanics  ,identifying  postural muscle imbalances and their impact on the swing movement sequence. How to integrate your body pattern movements with your own specific golf swing pattern , identifying physical limitations with your golf swing and body. It will also test whether your golf swing limitations are physical or technical and provide -proactive therapy to prevent golf injuries and prolong your participation in golf.

Overall this will help to reduce injury, maintain technique and accelerate technical change. The golf screening is split into 3 stages - Taking a detailed history of your injuries ,full movement pattern and biomechanical assessment of muscles and joints in your golf swing. Assessment of physical and technical limitations in your golf swing and  full golf swing analysis and advice on how your current swing affects your game and flexibility and functional golf swing exercises to help correct any imbalances and better prepare you for golf and prevent injuries .*(Any other therapies needed will also be included within this program at additional costs)*

This is a golf biomechanics swing analysis screen and therapy program -Also see golf fit package on sports specific page - For more exercise based golf fit program 


*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details on the golf screening program and to book a consultation and pricing* 

HRV Bio Feedback System


There are many different causes of stress to the body - including physical stress due to the wrong intensity or too much training (fatigue from over training). Body Coach Fitness can now offer a body stress check via  a professional HRV biofeedback system -which will give information on what physical activity stresses your body , based on measurement of pulse and heart rate variability - so helping you plan your fitness and training sessions and enable you to discover what relaxes you so you can plan relaxation within your training schedule.
It is a  non invasive test , which measures your number of heart beats per minute and the interval between each beat .This will take two measurements to calculate your current bodies stress score and relaxation score (the average score of your last 3 measurements taken). A low HRV indicates an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system which may be due to physical and/or psychological overload. Which may cause symptoms of over training, fatigue, poor sports performance , stress , depression, and possibly illness.
This is an ideal test to have periodically through out your periodised training program to monitor results of training and where to make adjustments accordingly for improved performance and health benefits.

* This is a scientific test and people suffering from certain medical conditions may find the accuracy of readings reduced. Anyone with frequent arrhythmia (irregular heart beats) ,has heart failure , has  a cardiac pacemaker or who takes heart medication called Beta Blockers should not take the tests*

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details on test ,price and to book*

 Aqua Kinetic-Sports PoolWork Rehab


Body Coach Fitness has developed a new water based pool work sports rehab therapy program for different sporting injuries ,after initial evaluation  on consultation. The pool work program uses water as an external force working against resistance in all ranges of movement ,muscles and joints are therefore strengthened in multiple ranges and planes of movement. In addition water demands fluid movement in order to generate velocity. Coordinated simultaneous contractions of the agonist and relaxation of the antagonist is the key. Pressure from water on soft tissue has shown to reduce pain, swelling,  promote relaxation  and speed up recovery of sports & other injuries. Various studies have also shown that compared to passive methods of therapy (massage, ice bath ,compressive therapy) active recovery in water after training also significantly lowers fatigue and delays onset of (DOMS) and improves physical recovery so can be used  as part of your post work out recovery process.
This water based therapy program works in conjunction with other sports injury rehab programmes and referral to appropriate health professionals will be recommended if needed. This sports rehab programme differs in that is based on a high intensity ballistic method under water using aqua kinetic  principles which will be beneficial to various physiological systems in the body as well as speed recovery of sports injuries
 *Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for more details ,prices of programme and to book initial consultation*

Hydrotherapy -For Sports Rehab


Body Coach Fitness -Is able to offer hydrotherapy for sports injury rehab in cooperation with a qualified physio . Unlike all other therapies and training hydrotherapy , a natural injury therapy, seems a fun way  of treating and exercising those sports injury affected muscles. 


Previous findings would support that hydrotherapy can have significant improvement in muscles strength through routines that is suited for the patient.

 Benefits Of Hydrotherapy

 -Aids In pain relief

-Aids in proper blood circulation

-Aids in strengthening of immune system

-Aids in reducing stress

-Faster healing & getting movement back


Ideal for sports injury rehab and wellness for better physical movement in every day life and sports!


*Please contact Sharon Clare  at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and 07875086760 for more details and to book a consultation * 


 Kids & Growing Pains -Youth Sports Development


 Functional movement  is a basic requirement  for all of us in every day life. While our bodies are designed for  movement, movement skills are skills we must learn ,develop and  master to become athletes. It may be difficult to understand how movements such as crawling or rolling relate to general health and fitness performance-the simple answer is every thing! There fore it is fair to say ,if it's not functional you can't make it optional!

Body coach fitness is a sports therapy/performance e and rehabilitation specialist and has  particular interest in correcting dysfunctional movement that causes pain and over use injuries and evaluating improving peak sporting performance  at both youth and adult level.

What are growing pains?

 Growing pains are where the bones grow quicker than the developing muscles surrounding them in children ,it can take the muscles an average of 3 months to catch up with bone growth in developing children. This can cause pain and discomfort and can be one of the causes of Osgood Sclatters disease and Severs disease. Any child can suffer from growing pains, if your child tends to have sudden growth spurts  rather than gradual growth the are more likely to experience this.

Treat It Now!

It is important to seek treatment  for young children suffering growing pains as this can be where problems start that may carry on into later life. The pain is ususally in the form of aching legs , hips,  knees and ankles which can easily be relieved by corrective therapy treatment. If left too long into puberty problems from childhood can begin to cause more severe issues later in life ( bad posture  and severe muscle compensation) which can then lead to back pain, knee problems ,groin strains into adulthood. Invest in your child's future health by getting a corrective posture assessment and therapy treatment for any developing growing pains to improve their functional movement and sporting future.

Youth Development -Sports Specific Trainability

Once all posture, movement function and growing pain issues are corrected the next stage is -sports specific trainability . This includes functional movement ability, efficiency and dysf unction competence assessment eg- motor control &  baseline movement skills .Plus diagnosing flexion and extension faults at joints and increased injury risk to the kinetic chain , and testing for peak  height velocity  to identify developmental age against chronological age .Allowing programming and athletic development planning. Exploiting the peak height velocity is - a window of opportunity- or  a period of accelerated adaption and can enable your child's coach to tailor programming in synchronisation  with the child's biological age as opposed to their chronological age-resulting in better training programmes ( Body coach is willing to work with youth /child development sports coaches on this-on the training program development )


*All minors must be accompanied by parents  or adult sports coaches at all times during treatment and assessment * 


*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details and customised youth development rehab pricing *



 Fatigue & Muscular recovery


If you are serious about performing well in your sports or exercise activities or every day life and want maximum results then you may benefit from Sore + tired muscle recovery gel dedicated to every day people who want to say active and perform in the gym , on the court or track. A product made with natural ingredients with proven effects helping active people challenge their bodies further and recover from muscular fatigue quicker. So whether you are a weekend jock, a gym or a life long athlete this can help give you the edge on exercise recovery -( alongside other massage and rehabilitative treatments).

 See more details on product and purchase below by clicking on  text links or image below :-

Sore + Tired (tm) BLUE Magnesium Sulphate Formula  

Sore+Tired(tm) BLUE magnesium sulfate formula

Or Purchase from Life Extension Labs For International orders:- http://www.lifeextension.com/Vitamins-Supplements/item52342/Magnesium-Sulfate-Formula

 If you are concerned about general fatigue affecting your training ,recovery time and preventing injury and getting better sports performance take the persona labs fatigue profile test on link below(USA Only) or CNS Adrenal fatigue test (UK only):-

Fatigue Profile Blood Test

CNS Adrenal Fatigue Profile Test



Muscle Injury Prevention /Evaluation Tests


Body Coach Fitness has  test packages ( non genetic) which can analyse and indicate levels  of damage to skeletal muscular tissue. When most people visit a sports therapist for massage or other rehabilitative treatment they normally present with some muscular damage .Whether it be through a sports injury ,or some kind of other trauma or inflammation.

Being able to test and monitor levels for high levels of  myoglobin, aldolose and creatine kinase   will indicate  if you are over training and causing inflammation, damage and injury to your muscle tissue -so acting as both a preventative test and also a evaluative test to monitor recovery from injury and muscle damage whilst under going rehab .Choose from UK or USA based package dependant on your location in the globe (Genetic muscle recovery ,and injury prevention tests are also available  on DNActive8 page)

Muscle Injury Test Package (UK)


*(UK package contains -aldolose, creatine kinase and myoglobin tests)* 

Muscle Injury Test Package( USA)

Aldolase Blood Test

Creatine Kinase (CK) Blood Test

*(Combine all 3 tests above for USA package)*

DNALife Single SNP Inflammation Test


 When injury occurs repeatedly and or treatment is not applied or preventative measures are not put I place chronic inflammation may occur causing pain, swelling, restricted range of movement and difficulty in rehabilitation post injury.

Some people are genetically more predetermined to suffer from chronic inflammation or low-grade inflammatory response of prolonged duration ,due to persistence of the causative stimulus to inflammation in damaged tissue. The inflammatory response inevitably results in  tissue damage  and difficulty in healing and repair.

Ploymorphisms have bee identified in several genes that result in basal levels of pro -inflammatory agents .If the DnaLife  inflammation test is taken and you are found positive to being more genetically determined to chronic inflammation on injury to muscle tissue the Body Coach Fitness can create a nutritional ,therapy and lifestyle intervention plan  to help reduce cytokine levels and affect gene expression and address secondary levels  of inflammatory response. Helping prevent chronic injuries and tissue damage from occurring and improving healing and repair .The tests analyses the following genes:-



*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details on test, price and  to book consultation face to face/online *

Get The Edge-In Sports Recovery/Injury Rehab


Get the edge in your sports training recovery and rehab program with the ASEA advantage- Asea delivers a balanced foundation to allow the bodies immune system to work more efficiently &  ,function better  and recover from training and injuries.Boosts energy, superior anti oxidant performance,  better athletic endurance and speed of recovery  & backed by science -ASEA provides the edge.

ASEA REDOX is a  signalling supplement and the pathways expressed   are signalling  genes. Pathway signalling genes are unique as they have the potential to influence a multitude of biological responses in the body. One set of molecules is responsible for activating anti oxidants  reducing oxidative stress and the second set of redox signalling molecules participate in intra and inter-cellular damage control and cellular protection in the healing response- all in one easy to consume liquid supplement .Please purchase on link below (USA only-UK link coming soon):-

Asea Bottle - 32fl ozk

Please view video link below for a snap shot of  the ASEA health & sports advantage :-

 Sports Injury Prevention & Recovery Nutrition  Supplement Programme


Are athletes born or built? Genetics shape us in many ways including our potential to succeed in sports. But our ability to perform, recover and prevent and repair our bodies from sports injuries also relies on a specific targeted nutrition  and supplementation plan.
Body Coach Fitness offers various biochemistry and genetic tests for sports injury and inflammation and immune support as well as the NUTRA sports programme for general sports supplementation and nutrition. 
How ever this new Body coach fitness -Sports Injury nutrition and supplementation programme uses  carefully selected products from a professional range of practitioner only products -Working towards targeting -prevention of & optimal recovery from  sports injury by Optimising cellular energy and muscle efficiency , preventing oxidative stress and support immune system as well as  ligament and connective tissue support and inflammation.
 Dependant on the stage of healing eg_ prehab, during or post injury and individual needs the package could include:-
 -Advisory nutritional programming for improved cellular energy ,reduction of oxidative stress and inflammation and immune support, increased circulation and muscle efficiency , ligament, tendon and other connective tissue support and aid in recovery & healing from sports injuries. 
 -Practitioner only Supplements for ligament and tendon support & inflammation( Bioemulsion joint guard, Omega Care, & Microcell Curcumin Plus )
-Practitioner only supplements for optimising cellular energy ,metabolism and muscle efficiency(AD Intensive, Mito Guard Intensive & Perform intensive)
-Other practitioner only supplements to specific to sports injury recovery and aiding the healing process naturally and effectively -Reducing time off from training and increasing optimal performance
 This package is entirely designed and customised to you & can be combined with any other Body Coach Fitness- testing ,therapy and nutrition programmes for best effect-Another unique programme to give you the sporting edge !
*As each package is customised prices will vary dependant on  individual sports injury recover needs- Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for more details and a face to face/online consultation and to book package*


 HyperVolt  Therapy -Sports Rehab & Wellness


We are happy to welcome the Hypervolt to Body coach fitness sports rehab lab. The hyperice hypervolt is a vibration massage device that relives muscle stiffness and soreness and increases circulation and range of motion and improves the overall health of body tissues. It is used across the globe by some of the worlds elite athletes and sports teams for fitness rehab and sports massage therapy.

Vibrating percussive massage can help take the place of using foam rollers and myofascial release and can be self administered. However  professional application via a qualified therapist will be able to utilise their experience and knowledge in biomechanics and anatomical positioning to utilise the effect In releasing tight muscles. The hyperice htpervolt has only just been released in  the UK and Sharon Clare has a certificate in application of this device and together with her biomechanics training and experience in sports massage will provide a beneficial treatment -improving range of motion, promoting circulation, accelerate warm ups and recovery and help improve injuries such as tennis elbow, rotator cuff/shoulder dysfunction, hamstring strains and piriformis syndrome as well as many other injuries. Both a good preventative and curative treatment ,with ground breaking technology to help improve mobility ,prevent & treat injuries and aid in recovery  .


*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details on price and treatment method and to book a consultation -This treatment is bespoke/customised to you  and be part of a full sports injury preventative/recovery program)* 

Bio Magnetic Therapy-Sports Flex


 Long before the advancement of evidence based medicine ,health practitioners used a variety of therapies to treat and prevent pain and improve injury recovery. From the earliest records of history of medicine, physics and scientists were fascinated with magnetic substances  and the way In which they affected the human body.

Today magnetic therapy is widely used  as a form  of alternative medicine with over 250 million people -worldwide- influenced by the force of magnetic therapy.

 Magnetic  therapy is the application of a magnetic field through permanent static magnets  or electro magnetic  devices on certain parts of the body to relieve pain and improve injury recovery. It also helps stimulate blood flow through veins and arteries and capillaries and electro magnetic flow through the nervous system .

 Bio flow  offers static magnetic therapy in body belts/wraps and wristbands including-Bio Sports  flex magnetic therapy wrist band. Targeted relief for specific areas that may benefit  from localised application of magnetic therapy .Bio flows unique -central reverse polarity technology- is unique technology designed to improve circulation ,reduce inflammation and help provide pain relief.

The Bio flow  flex  magnetic wrist band is -specifically designed for athletes active recovery -and individuals seeking a "natural and non- invasive" performance and recovery aid. A fully adjustable waterproof silicone wristband with unique magnet technology.

Body Coach Fitness is able to offer this product as part of its sports injury and rehabilitation products through a leading  online provider ,add Bioflow sport flex magnetic therapy to your  sports pack for improved injury recovery time, and pain and inflammation relief from  ,pains and injuries associated with sports !


Bio Magnetic Sports Flex




Body Rewire Continuum

Body Coach Fitness  has designed a new- Body rewire continuum to stimulate and re - engage the neuromuscular system for people who have had past injuries ,and through age and lack of training and conditioning( ideal for people 6-12 weeks post injury). So they can perform movements that may have become lost or difficult for individuals to carry out after injury. To accomplish this re-body wiring you will -engage the brain- and the body by performing a number of movements in 5 categories ,these patterns of movement are :-
-Homologous pattern- Upper and lower body halves  eg getting the arms and legs working together 
-Homolateral pattern- Left and right side of the body .Being able to move the left and right side of the body as one unit in coordinated patterns .
-Core distal pattern- Opening and closing patterns of movement 
-Spinal Pattern- Front and back control- Mobilising and stabilising the spine 
-Cross lateral pattern-Both sided patterns of movement  .This connects  the body across the vertical mid line.
-Plus a neuro warm up and a relaxation ,reflection ,and a warm down
Body wire is a fun challenging workout comprising of a group of specially designed  exercises  which stimulates all areas  of movement pattern ,improves  your general movement, balance ,core and vision,
(It is ideal for all ages and all level of fitness) .
*Please contact Sharon Clare from Body Coach Fitness at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more information and bespoke pricing *

Blood Flow Restriction Training-Movement Is Life


Body Coach Fitness is adding-Blood flow restriction training -To its sports injury /rehab services. Blood Flow Restriction Training is being prescribed for diverse populations — everyone from professional athletes, wounded warriors, active adults to the elderly can benefit from this technology. BFR is a training strategy involving the use of a computerized system (similar to a blood pressure cuff) placed around a limb during exercise, to maintain arterial inflow to the muscle while preventing venous return during resistance or cardiovascular training

 The benefits of BFR training include improving cardiovascular endurance, increasing muscle mass and improving bone density. extremity. It is a game-changing injury recovery therapy that is producing dramatically positive results:-


  • Diminish atrophy and loss of strength from disuse and non-weight bearing after injuries
  • Increase strength with only 30% loads
  • Increase hypertrophy (the growth and increase of the size of muscle cells) with only 30% loads
  • Improve muscle endurance in 1/3 the time
  • Improve muscle protein synthesis in the elderly
  • Improve strength and hypertrophy after surgery
  • Improve muscle activation
  • Increase growth hormone responses

Traditionally, in order to build muscle and gain strength, one would have to train by lifting heavy weights. Unfortunately, this isn’t feasible for many patients in the physical therapy setting, particularly those who have recently had surgery. With BFR training, one can exercise with significantly lighter weights while still creating the same hypertrophy and strength response as if they were lifting heavy weights. The result – earlier muscle growth allowing for faster progress, which ultimately means getting you back on the field quicker than ever

*This physical therapy technique  is ideal for athletes and non athletes alike who want to improve recovery and rehabilitation from injury and improve sports performance and ability to perform every day activities of living * 

*Please contact Sharon Clare at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details on when BFR training is available and to book a consultation and find out pricing* 


Compex Sport- EMS


 Compex is a  Swiss brand of muscle stimulators for improved performance and recovery in sports .EMS Electro muscle stimulation technology essential to athletes and sports enthusiasts . For delivering unparalleled expertise used for physical preparation  ,muscular recovery ,injury prevention  and pain treatment-In sports & fitness. Backed by clinical trials -Compex muscle stimulators are medical Grade  category  class II devices .

Purchase the Compex  SP 4.0 EMS  for serious amateur sports and fitness enthusiasts and /or the professional  Compex SP 8.0 professional athletes EMS technology for pro athletes below:-

(EFT ) Emotional Freedom Technique  -For Sports Performance


Are you performing at your peak? No? Let EFT take the strain.(EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique is starting to generate impressive results with every sport that it is applied to! The principles that determine whether you are performing at your peak are the same ,regardless of the type of sport. What causes you to perform well one day and dismally  the next day may not be down just your physical fitness but your how you 'feel emotionally' Your emotions and the way you are feeling may be blocking your performance. Changing the way you feel through EFT could help you push through any negative thought processes  due to anxiety, stress or destructive self-talk with a simple tapping technique which can be learned specific to you.

What sports could benefit from EFT? -The answer is any -from athletics to tennis ,all successful sports or game performance comes from positioning both your body and mind in the best place possible to succeed and not be limited to your 'comfort zone' .It is each individuals athletes mind which could make the difference between being a winner and a loser on the pitch, track, stage or field. Eliminate your barriers to success and fear of failure and become a winner in your sports and get the edge with EFT.

The EFT technique can be applied face to face or if distance and time are an issue then it may be possible to  teach you the technique  (face to face/via skype/online) and then you can learn this and apply this and use this for yourself whenever you feel the need for positive energy and self talk for a better sports performance . Sharon has a Diploma in EFT and can teach you techniques which can improve your chances of success in your sports performance , work and business success, stress reduction and improved self image.


*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  & or 07875086760 for more details on EFT  and to book a consultation  and face to face/online  EFT lesson* 



Bioresonance Therapy For Practitioners



Bioresonance is a non invasive ,gentle therapy making it suitable for adults as well as children and babies .Because it uses  the physics of the body -rather than biochemistry- practitioners may find they need to use less medications other therapy techniques . Bioresonance is used by sports therapists, complimentary therapists ,holistic practitioners ,  vets and dentists.

Sharon Clare from Body Coach fitness has her own Bioresonance website with a 5% discount off purchase for professional therapists to use on purchasing professional equipment .Energy medicine machines such as Bicom have been used for over 35 years and sells over 17,000 devices world wide every year and can be used for treating various sports injuries as well as disorders such as migraines, digestive issues (food intolerance issues), pain, weight gain and neurological conditions.

 Please go to Sharon's site to find out more details -sign up for 5% discount code - &

scroll to the bottom of page -click on therapists section -& find out further details about Bicom bioresonance  

therapy for sports, wellness and health- https://bioresonance.com/bodycoachfitness/

 See also detail about Bicom & injury https://bioresonance.com/disorders/sports-injuries/

Concussion/Blood Brain Barrier Permeability Screen(In Contact Sports)


Body Coach Fitness is able to offer ,(as a practitioner with Cyrex/regenerus ) a unique array test screening (Cyrex-Array 20)for increased risk of neurological disorders from trauma to the brain through sports .An ideal test for early screening of contact sport ( football ,rugby,  combat sports & more) head injuries  and brain permeability which can change due to repeated head trauma due to sport ,stress ,concussion or engaging in activity which involves force or shock to the body and head.

An ideal preventative test to identify &  to reverse any head trauma damage early on  ,our bodies are forgiving and if detected early damage may be overcome with appropriate interventions .This test screening is analysed  through professional laboratories and ( not to replace physicians /GP's advice or guidance - but to be used alongside as a early detection preventative interventional tool.*(USA & Canada -ONLY)*

The UK -Also has its own version of the blood brain barrier disorder test and as a practitioner of Regenerus/Lab4more  Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer this test which works on the same principles as the Array 20 Cyrex test *( Available in UK)*-suitable for brain barrier permeability disorders caused by trauma eg concussion and head injury in contact sports (eg- football ,rugby & combat sports) and stress

Concussion/Blood Brain Permeability Test(Array 20)




*USA Canada -only* 

Brain Barrier Permeability Screen Test (Lab4more)




*Available in UK* 

First Responder -Sports Concussion Programme


The Head smart sports concussion programme is a sports concussion solution to grass roots schools & clubs   and professional teams. Weekend warriors and childrens' brains are as important as high earning athletes .

This is a point of entry programme ( 1st responder ) to a network of medical practitioners  who manage sports concussion. With a -READY-RECOGNISE & REFER "educational webinars" ,approved baseline computerised screening and onsite first responder sports concussion app. Compliant with national sporting agencies /organisations concussion protocols ,promoting athlete/sports safety.

 Please go to the following link :-http://bit.ly/2do8cI2  find out more information and sign up to the -Head smart sports concussion programme- PREVENT-PROTECT & PROMOTE sports healthy, fitness and safety.( Go to website link for more details & register and purchase on link above)


Isokinetic Testing (Biodex/Cybex)



The theory behind isokinetic testing  is muscle movement isolation. You would be amazed at how one little change  in how you move can change which muscles you are using. By isolating the muscle groups and testing how much they can handle , therapists and PT's can identify where you are weakest and what movements might be contributing to that sore back or shoulder ?Body Coach fitness is now able to refer to a local specialist centre for isokinetic testing as part of their sports /wellness rehabilitation .

Traditional weight lifting exercises are performed at variable speeds at a fixed resistance or weight. Isokinetic exercises are performed at a dynamic preset fixed speed (ranging from 1 degree per second to approximately 1000 degrees per second) with resistance that is accommodating throughout the range of motion (ROM). Accommodating resistance means that Isokinetic exercise is the only way to dynamically load a muscle to its maximum capability throughout every point in the ROM. Therefore, the resistance varies to exactly match the force applied by the athlete at every point in the ROM.Isokinetic machines have the ability to objectively measure muscle strength. The Isokinetic device is attached to a computer, that assesses the torque output of the muscles being testing. The torque output is converted to a foot-pound measurement. Isokinetic testing allows for a variety of testing protocols ranging from strength, strength ratios between two muscle groups, power, and endurance. For example, the ratio between the external and internal rotators in an overhead-throwing athlete should be 70%. In other words the external rotators (muscles behind the shoulder) should be 70% of the strength of the internal rotators (muscles in front of the shoulder, pectoralis major is one). The 70% ratio between the shoulder rotators is critical for the enhancement of performance and prevention of injuries.An example of Isokinetic training research :-A group of tennis players exercised three times per week and performed only one exercise for strengthening of the shoulder rotators, while the other group of tennis player did not participate in any exercise program except playing tennis. The serve velocity in both groups of tennis players was recorded before and after the training with a radar gun. In addition, strength testing of the shoulder rotators was performed on the Isokinetic device before and after the training. A tennis professional was asked to select the tennis players for the study that were all at the same skill level. After 6 weeks the results indicated that compared to a control group, the Isokinetic training group showed a significant increase in their muscle strength of the shoulder rotators and a significant increase in their serve velocity.

*Please contact Sharon clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for more details on Isokinetic testing/Training  ,prices and to book a face to face /online consultation*




Altar G- Treadmill Rehab Therapy


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer rehab training/referrals for Altar G treadmill training ( in  Suffolk UK ). DEFY GRAVITY -DEFY YOUR LIMITS- Improve wellness ,sports performance and mobility (For all abilities from elderly to athlete).

Defy the forces of gravity and push the boundaries of your physical abilities  with Altar G -Recover sooner, improve physical function and enhance performance.

For example if  a runner is able bodies and fit the Altar G treadmill is used to reduce body weight in order to train at higher speed and /or distance -whilst reducing forces  on the body (even with fore foot strike).

The Altar G is also useful in rehab and medical application and is god fro comprehensive physical programming for the obese, the elderly  people after strokes and other mobility issues .


*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details /consultation and training* 

Mobile Whole Body Cryo Chamber (Sports Teams, clubs ,events )


The Whole body mobile cryo therapy chamber can be organised  through Body Coach Fitness (in association with BOC cryotherapy mobile chambers )in the Suffolk/Essex area to be available for a day for a specific event ,sports team meeting or your health, fitness club in association with BOC cryotherapy mobile chambers . Body coach fitness has established a professional link with this mobile whole -body cryo therapy company  .This is the only fully-mobile cryo chamber in the UK -Bringing this recovery tool straight to your door .

The treatment involves exposing athletes to temperatures of -135 c  for short bursts in a nitrogen -cooled Cryo chamber. This chamber has been used with professional sports teams such as Warrington Wolves and also on players at West Ham FC. This treatment although giving the benefit of cold in aiding recovery -does not subject the user to the shock of being submerged in ice cold water like ice baths which are often popular. The Cryo chamber comes to your team /club so no need to send players /athletes over seas or on trips to specialist rehab sites  for treatment.

 The whole- body cryo therapy treatment provides the most professional thorough treatment using a controlled cold environment for a short period of time in order to trigger physiological reflexes and defence reactions in the body that when associated with sport & fitness helps to improve training  fitness & injury recovery time *(Please see video link below for more details)*

 *As this is an outsourced service-Please contact Sharon clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  and /or 07875086760 for bookings and schedules available and prices /quotation based on location & participating members*

Cryo  Cuff Therapy -For Sports Injuries


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer cryo therapy for sports injuries via the air cast cryo cuffs and arctic flow wraps .This treatment provides continuous ice therapy to specific targeted areas of the body eg- shoulders, elbows, wrist and hand, knee and ankle joint and cales and thighs .

It can be used for post knees surgery eg-ACL injuries and for any joint swelling with acute sports injuries as well as painful joint conditions such as tendonitis and ligament stress and for ankle injuries. The treatment can be applied in clinic/home and you can purchase your own cryo air cast therapy product to use between treatments at the following link:-  http://shrsl.com/15uo8 *( International shipping at extra cost*)


*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for more information on pricing for clinic/home treatment  with therapist & to book a consultation* 


Sports Floatation Therapy


Body Coach Fitness is now able to make direct referrals to-Floatation therapy for sports ,wellness and health. The floatation tank can be an integral part of an athletes/sports/fitness enthusiasts training regime .

Sports therapy floatation can help you in finding  pain relief ,creativity & relaxation of the mind, relaxation, recovery, and clarity in thoughts. Many inspiring athletes will use float therapy and help you gain the physical & psychological benefits that will increase performance and recovery in sports.

Benefits of Floatation therapy

-Accelerates  recovery from injury

 -Helps increase ATP for energy

 -An ideal space for visualisation

-Helps boost the immune system

-Reduces lactic acid levels in the body post exercise sessions

-Aids in facilitated rest, improving athletes exposure to fatigue

*Ideal for athletes /sports enthusiasts  who participate in - Cross fit, martial arts, dance  & performing arts, gymnastics ,yoga, tennis ,football, rugby ,track & field and many  more.

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoahfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details on the sports floatation therapy referral scheme *




 Sports Podiatry/Biomechanics


Sports podiatrists work in association with sports physio's & specialist trainer ( such as Body Coach Fitness). After initial assessment by a podiatrist -Body Coach Fitness can help with assessment & treatment  of all foot ,ankle and lower limb injuries/disorders and assessment of mechanical issues of lower limb pain from the hip down.

A biomechanical assessment and specific testing can determine if there is leg alignment and leg stability/leg length discrepancy affecting normal and sufficient performance in your particular sport. Then in association with the podiatrist -a appropriate choice of sports orthotic available  through Body Coach Fitness can be made and mobilisation and manipulation  of joints and soft tissues  can be made and a suitable stretching/strengthening training program can be developed for best sporting performance *( The most common sports podiatry/biomechanics issues are- shin splints, achilles tendonitis ,knee cap runners pain ,calf strain,plantar fasciitis /arch pain)


Sports Injury Fix-Listing

Body Coach Fitness -Sports Injury/Rehabilitation -Is now listed on-Sports Injury Fix-  The professional site for people sourcing suitably qulaified and insured professionals for sports rehabilitation/massage therapists- Please go to the following web page for more information & Body Coach Fitness Listing :-




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