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BC FIT- Full  Biomechanical  Screening  assessment &  corrective  training package!



 What is Biomechanics Training?
Biomechanics is the study of the human body & how it's mechanisms move naturally covering both:-

  Extrinsic function:-Study of movement in performance areas such as sports & fitness & work related physical conditioning!
 Intrinsic Function:-  How the body performs these tasks & movement patterns in relation to the individuals mechanical makeup!    Sharon is a qualified Biomechanics coach & is trained in providing biomechanical screening  assessments & prescribing a corrective exercise program to help alleviate or eradicate problems found during the screening process & work towards positive outcomes such as pain relief, injury treatment & prevention & improving the bodies functional movement so increasing physical performance in sports & everyday life & work!

*Are you experiencing pain on movement when walking,  running, exercising  & sitting at your desk or                     suffering from a recurring injury - Then Biomechanical screening  may be the answer!*

  Qualification-Sharon is fully qualified as a Biomechanics coach with Intelligent training and is listed on www.biomechanicseducation.com   website under the find  a coach section(UK & Ireland) .Click on red logo on map marked Sharon Clare (just under Norwich)for further details.    

                                                      BC FIT -Full Biomechanics Screening Assessment!

Screening process will include screening of :-

 -  Neck

  - Shoulders

 - Back



  -Ankles & feet



 Weaknesses in body especially Pelvis-Hips & Spine

 - ROM(Range of motion) at the joints 

-Where pain is located or referred from

 - Areas of functional movement to be improved upon


  -See how flexible you are 

 -Have a full analysis of movement function
 -Provide a sound basis to develop an individualised bespoke corrective exercise program 

 -Can be incorporated into occupational screening process or inline with other treatment from professionals such as Osteopaths, Chiropractics &  Physiotherapists , sports & conditioning  coaches & physical trainers. 

  Bespoke Biomechanical Corrective Training   Body coach fitness can create a bespoke personal corrective exercise program consisting of 4 phases , normalise, stabilise, functionalise, & specialise . Helping you achieve pain free movement , increased flexibility & range of motion ,balance, stabilise  ,strengthen & condition weak areas &  release  tight restricted areas increasing overall physical performance for sports, work & every day life- providing overall balance & harmony & full functional movement!   

 Price for Bespoke Biomechanics corrective Training packages:-

 -Full Biomechanics Screening Assessment (1.5-2hrs)= £75.00


 -Follow up from Biomechanics Screening= £50.00 -Initial consultation  + 4 follow up sessions =£265.00


Skype/Email -Postural Alignment Exercise Therapy


As a biomechanics coach and corrective exercise specialist and therapist -Sharon can help create a corrective exercise program and provide pain relief from back, hip , and knee pain, migraine headaches, neck pain, degenerative joint conditions and a myriad of other pain conditions.
Skype exercise Therapy with postural alignment and corrective exercise program will still give you the same personalised exercise therapy you receive in person but can be done from the comfort of your own home or office and any where in the world.
All you need is a computer, with a webcam and Skype software  or I phone , I pad -you can download Skype for free at www.skype.com and create an account. It is possible to assess, analyse and correct your posture and dysfunctions via this method if you are unable to get to clinic or busy at work ,or travelling but still want to get the benefits and in between face to face sessions.
An initial Skype  static visual postural analysis , (and dynamic movement based assessments)  can determine your future Skype corrective exercise sessions and can help enhance your every day and sporting performance and help extend your working life or sporting career pain free .
This together with Email exercise therapy where you can send pictures and photos of (front, back , left and right side posture) and a summary of limitations and goals will allow Sharon to create a personalised corrective exercise program within 24 business hours. Just-like in person you will receive guidance and personal coaching through this program. Ideal for busy people with busy lives

*Please contact Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for price on initial assessment and Skype/email exercise therapy packages available -from 8 weeks to 12 months *


Biomechanics-Home & Work Assessment


Body Coach fitness- is able to provide a biomechanics home and work assessment package- or lifestyle package - that will enable you to make the right choices concerning your office space, work practices and the environment in a biomechanical sense - eg the way you sit and stand ,walk and sleep and live and how it is affecting your posture and biomechanics -and advice on how to correct this. It may include:-

-A full biomechanics and posture assessment and gait analysis

-Home assessment- Looking at our environmental and physical space at home - eg your chairs ,bed and computer  office space and equipment  at home, every thing that may effect your movement including foot wear -which may effect your gait and biomechanics -advice will be given and/or referrals for suitable foot wear, any orthotic prescriptions at discounted prices through recommended suppliers and also a referral to an ergonomic specialist which can then supply the correct equipment ,furniture or aids to improve your ergonomics/biomechanics ( with a discount on purchase)

-Work Assessment - Sharon will look at your job  role and also get you to show your office or work environment , so that recommendations and advice can be given on how to improve this for your biomechanics eg - also  referring to ergonomic specialist store -for any needs ( at discounted price)

-Simple to follow corrective biomechanics exercises  program will be given to do at home and work

-Lifestyle, work and health assessment questionnaires will be completed

-A report will be given on completion of questionnaires, assessments and biomechanics consultation

-Follow up consultation and review -for progress and evaluation

*As this is a personalised service -please contact Sharon Clare for further details and prices on 07875086760 and Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com


Customised Orthotics- For Sports/Work /Casual


Dr's Orthotics -Internationally available customised orthotics are for all walks of life -Sports-Work-Casual use- Using the highest quality  grade orthotic materials the latest technological  biomechanical advances and they all come with a lifetime guarantee.

Why suffer biomechanically with foot, back and knee pain? A customised orthotic can be made unique to your foot and based on your unique sport or need ,just  choose your  orthotic group of choice of use eg sport, work or casual  from website and start the easy 4 step  process  to professional casts which will be sent via  Drs Orthotics ( Free shipping USA,$39.95 Canada  & Price on application for international shipping) and within a few weeks you will have a unique orthotic designed for you and your sport/lifestyle .

(Body Coach Fitness can also order  orthotics as part of gait analysis and biomechanics assessment  if needed after assessment)

 Choose from the following orthotics:-


Sport Specific-Running, hiking,  golf, football, soccor/rugby,  tennis, weightlifting,  aerobics, bowling, basket ball, cycling, orthotic cleats, fencing, handball  and raquet ball


 Work Specific-Customised for your work needs including  protective foot wear ( for flat feet, plantar fasciitus ,achiiles tendon issues etc)


Casual Wear-  Every day wear, for walking, hobbies etc


 Children's Orthotics- Choose suitable casts from site


Senior Orthotics-Choose from suitable casts from site 


Military Orthotics-See Dr Orthotics web link above for more details 


For more details and to purchase international custom orthotics go to -  https://doctorsorthotics.com/?affiliates=8   and use coupon code 'save50' at checkout for $50.00 discount off purchase



Body Coach Fitness -Pre Employment Fit For Work

Body Coach Fitness has developed a new additional fit for work assessment  to accompany  the Body Coach Fitness -fit for work fit for life occupational assessment on the corporate wellness page of this website .This associated fit to work body function screen /assessment will ensure that your intended work force are functionally fit to perform tasks of work for which they are intended  without risk to themselves and others ( healthy and safety and health risk management) and can then follow on with programming to improve ability for intended role . It is aimed at assessing individuals functional and physical ability to perform tasks of work ( pre employment ability screen) to help in pre screening process of applicants and also on going assessment after employment .
 The benefits to the potential employee are reduced health  and safety injury risk, assessment for improved performance , and better job prospects .Benefits for employers  are improved staff screening for appropriate job roles , reduced healthy and safety risk at work, and improved levels of staff performance .This combined with the fit for work, fit for life occupational health program will ensure full screening for both health and wellbeing status and body function capability for the work role.
 *Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more detailed information of what this program includes and customised pricing *

Back In action


Book a biomechanics assessment with  Sharon Clare at Body coach fitness & receive a free referral to an  ergonomic specialist who will offer you a consultation for specialist products for all your mobility and back pain needs and  give you an exclusive   discount off all purchases made  .Beat back pain at work, at home , on the move or when asleep ,ergonomic back pain products for all ages including children ,also  includes massage products.Contact Sharon on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details on taking up this specialist service .


 First Back To Work- Work conditioning Program


Body Coach fitness now offers -FIRST -Functional Integrational Rehabilitation Strength Training -Optimum rehab back to work -work conditioning programmes for  work related injuries. This  work conditioning program uses a sports methodology  to safely return injured workers back to work.

Often times people are referred for physical therapy with physiotherapists ,occupational therapists  ,osteopaths (in the NHS /private)  and other therapists for a few weeks post injury and then left to return to work. This unique program is designed to increase strength, endurance  ,cardiovascular function and the workers confidence in performing work tasks again. A one on one approach for post work injury rehab to fully functional working capacity.

 This program consists of a full consultation and  postural and biomechanical assessment ( with gait assessment if needed) and a functional capacity evaluation (FCE) .Together with an individualised   post  work injury rehab plan ,including a work conditioning program based on  functional movement patterns specifically targeted towards your work role .

This program is ideal for anyone with work  related injuries post initial therapy and looking to get back to work quick from industrial to corporate office workers 


*Please contact Sharon clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for further details and pricing as this is a customised program  for work conditioning * 


Back On Track- MSK Screening For Sports & Athletic Performance



The back on track -MSK screening program for sports provides clear directions to implement corrective exercises which will assist in diminishing deficiencies and correcting imbalances seen in sports athletes




There are mainly two types of sports injuries: traumatic and over use that could be acute and chronic. An injury that occurs suddenly, such as a sprained ankle caused by an awkward landing, is known as an acute injury. Chronic injuries are caused by repeated overuse of muscle groups or joints and include cramps, tears and strains. With increased exposure to sport in the adolescence period, there is higher risk of overusing the muscles, tendons and bones. Sports therapists and biomechanics coaches are  areas trained in assessing,  planning and teaching exercises that address musculoskeletal strength and flexibility factors that predispose people to injury. By identifying deficiency in strength and flexibility, they will prescribe exercises to address these issues and prevent further injury

You will first be biomechanically assessed for deficiencies and imbalances seen in your static posture and dynamic movement patterns. Then a treatment rehabilitation process will begin to -'Get back on track to sports'. The process will consist of a 5 phase development process to get you back to effective sporting performance !


Phase 1

-Symetric neuromuscular activation and control in isolation


Phase 2

-Develop coordination of the muscles, strength-endurance, static balance and core stability (commence advanced core/balance  program)


Phase 3

-Develop an aerobic and anaerobic capacity/power

-Basic agility drills

-Develop symmetric eccentric and isometric strength


Phase 4

-Build up sports (tennis/running , golf etc ) functional strengthening and dynamic balance


Phase 5

- Develop a sports specific speed, agility and explosive power (Plyometrics)

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details and pricing for customised -back on track -MSK screening and sports performance programming*


Ergonomics Of Driving Position-A Postural Analysis


Remaining alert is the most essential need when controlling a vehicle on the road,there are few other occasions where we are at such risk. The driving position we are obliged  to assume and the activities we have to perform whilst driving cause us to become drowsy and sleepy ,stressed and often uncomfortable ,especially for long distance driving.The family car is well designed to get from one point to another ,but is not necessarily ergonomically designed for muskuloskeletal ( MSK) function. Biomechanical principles must be related to engineering practice to successfully match driver performance with vehicle design, a new postural concept is suggested as  a basis to enable such principles to be applied effectively.
Ergonomics is the study of designing equipment and devices that fit the human body,its movements and its cognitive abilities .The drivers car seat is the most important part in the car -in terms of safety- ,without proper posture when on the driver seat ,the driver will cause the spine to become misaligned and could be a causative factor for  impaired concentration when driving. To obtain drivers optimal postural position ,the drivers seat must be equipped with  features  such as ergonomics,comfort and easy to adapt,good design of car seat also can help reduce fatigue whilst driving.
Body Coach Fitness -Driving & Ergonomics assessment - can be used as an occupational health and safety tool to find the ideal ergonomically designed postural position for you in your car.Occupations at risk can include any person in a vehicle ( car,truck,ambulance ,racing car etc )who is likely to experience aches and pains.  Exercise protocols for lower back pain,foot cramps,stiff neck and sore shoulders from poor posture ,stress and tension from extended time in poor posture whilst driving can be included as part of this program to improve general driving comfort.
This driver assessment program could include the following:-
-Driving position biomechanical postural assessment &  movement  assessment ,with full plan of action & follow up reassessment
-Driving ergonomics ( adjustable seat heights,headroom,steering wheel reach ,head rest and head restraint and seat back rest and lumber support
-Selecting a suitable vehicle ( matching requirements ,layout and ergonomics and features)
-Car environment ( temperature ,humidity,ventilation ,visual field and noise levels )
 -Getting in & Out of The vehicle ( functional movement pattern programming )
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details and consultation*

Biomechanics & Gait -In Pregnancy


Most people do not realise the musculoskeletal changes that a pregnant mother can go through during and after pregnancy. The pregnant women's body not only goes through hormonal chnages affecting the baby and mother but also structural/potural and gait changes due to abnormal loads placed on the human body.

The hormone relaxin plays a decisive role in in the mechanics of the bodies movements ,as it provides greater ligament laxity in the pelvis and peripheral joints.The increase in maternal weight can affect load on the spine ,pelvic area and affect posture causing lower back pain and mechanical gait and musculoskelatal issues.

Body Coach Fitness offers  biomechanics ,gait and lower back pain analysis for pregnant and post natal ladies specifically looking at addressing the musculoskelatal issues surrounding pregnancy ,(plus an advisory ergonomic assessment for fitting for suitable buggies/prams and baby carriers ) looking at the best fit for your own bodies biomechanics. This will allow for personalised programming for functional activities of daily living during and after pregnancy eg how to lift and carry baby and postural exercises to improve any musculoskelatal imbalances occuring during /after pregancy.*(This assessment/program shuld be used inconjunction  with GP/practitioner advice and permission )*

*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details and bespoke pricing of Biomechanic for pregnancy assesment /programming *


 Children's Biomechanics Program


Body Coach Fitness has developed a children's biomechanics assessment/program ( in association with a podiatrist specialising In children's gait ). Podopaediatrics is the study of children's feet. This is focused on treating and addressing early foot deformities and paediatric foot health.This program looks at minors gait and biomechanics for improved form and function.
How do we assess children?

In the first initial treatment you will see a specialist Podiatrists, who in conjunction with the parent/guardian will take a full medical history, including birth history and immunizations your child has received ,combined with an initial assessment of posture foot index PFI  and gait and biomechanics through Body Coach Fitness.


Will orthotics be of use to children?

Many children benefit from foot Orthotic therapy and at Brightwell Clinic we find it rewarding to help many children to enjoy sports without symptoms. The biomechanics ,gait and podo paediatric assessment will allow for personalised -biomechanics ,form and function programming and suitable orthotic supports for your growing child.


Will the orthotics still work as feet grow?


Prescription Orthotic Devices will last for one and a half shoe sizes.

A special Policy can be taken out by Parents to allow for upgrades to take place as children grow. This is explained in full to all parents.

*As this assessment /program is extremely specialised ,please contact Mrs Sharon Clare direct on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details and pricing* 


Biomechanics -Mobility & Gait Program For Seniors


Body Coach Fitness now offers a combined biomechanics assessment ,mobility and gait program specifically for seniors . Any good coach/trainer knows the importance of intrinsic biomechanics ,specifically in simple activities like standing and walking. Posture and gait are perhaps the two most important aspects of human biomechanics  when it comes to a persons long term health success .It is not uncommon for severe deficits in postural gait dynamics to appear in otherwise healthy older  adults /seniors paying attention to this is -essential. Over 90% of hip fractures are due to falls in the elderly /seniors ,changes in the hip resulting from age  and  lack of activity  can affect gait biomechanics ,along with growing weakness in the ankles shifting the pattern of movement putting undue stress on the joints ,making it more likely to get injuries as we age.
Walking is a fundamental motor skill that significantly affects the level of independence in older adults. It is well established that a large proportion of falls in older people occurs when walking. The prevention of falls  is vital for minimizing disability ,preventing injury,and impeding the development of frailty and subsequent deterioration in -quality of life.
We carry out a intrinsic biomechancs assessment  ,followed by an analysis of  biomechanical gait whilst walking  which helps deal with various postural changes  that occur though natural aging in the human body which can affect function and mobility. This program is a mobility impairment prevention program, ideal for active and non- active seniors looking to improve form and function for every day life.It can also be used to assess the ergonomics of adaption aids for walking and mobility .
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare For more details and to book a consultation and pricing  for  this program at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 *



Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer-Equi Biomechanics -For equestrians. Educating riders  on fitness, biomechanics ,posture ,nutrition ,exercisesand ridden exercises  so you have better results in the saddle.

Horse riders spend a  lot of time ,money and energy ensuring the horse is well looked after but tend to neglect their own corrective programming needs .Body Coach Fitness believes that horse riding is a team -both horse and rider  as one -so Equi biomechanics was developed for this purpose -specifically for horse and rider -focusing on key areas  neede for core ,flexibilty,balance and pelvic floor function ,posture ,balance and biomechanical muskuloskeletal  issues related to horse riding. 

Body Coach Fitness has both online and  face to face bespoke options for -equi biomechanics  rider fitness assessment ,classes,clinics  and programmes . The equi biomechanics rider fitness program is ideal for enhancing your riding and fitness with a full biomechanics /posture  assessment specifically for riding and tailor made workouts targeting key areas for riding eg- core,cardio,uper an lower body strength ,body awareness, balance and pelvic function- resulting in a more balanced ,pain free fitter rider . Specific Rider classes clinics and workshops and rider asessment days are also held and an online 12 week program is also in development  .

*As this is a bespoke program please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details  and pricing and to book a face to face /online consultation*




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