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                                                        DNA FIT-Accreditation programme


                                              DNA FIT-Tailoring you fitness programme to your unique genetic profile!
Welcome to the future of health & fitness! 
Body coach fitness is excited to  be part of a new frontier in health, nutrition, fitness & wellbeing by providing  one of the newest fitness genetic profiling tools to its valued client base allowing them to dive into there own individual genetic variations so they better understand there natural strengths, predispositions & abilities so they can make the right exercise , dietary & lifestyle choices to reduce health risks! 
 DNA fit supporting articles!
 Here are some examples of recent media articles to support the use of DNA fit profiling for individuals looking to improve on sports performance, fitness levels, health & nutritional gains . Please click on the following links for further information:-

·         Sky News Breakfast Television with Eamonn Holmes

·         DNAFit in the Daily Mail


·         DNAFit in the Times South Africa






What is DNA profiling?
DNA FIT  profiling is a non invasive testing method designed to gain valuable data on your unique genotype & take the guess work out of your nutrition & training progress .The company is staffed by leading scientists & elite professional athletes , based in the UK & also available internationally. Sharon is an approved DNA FIT accredited instructor who is qualified to administer & evaluate the test results. DNA  FIT gives  you the power to change your body shape & fitness using the very latest in genetic  science. By getting Sharon to  take  a simple sterile mouth swab sample & send  this off for rigorous  testing you will then receive a more personalised specific targeted /tailored training & nutrition programme from Body coach fitness.
What does DNA FIT test for?
 Your soft tissue injury risks
 What diet is suitable for you
Specific nutrients vitamins/micronutrients needed for recovery
How much & what type of exercise eg:- power or endurance
Aerobic potential & post exercise recovery
Many other exercise, nutrition & lifestyle variables 
Specific Gene Variation
FTO= Tests for levels of the "FAT GENE" - genetic variations which increase the production of grehlin the hormone behind the increase in hunger for more fatty foods.
ACTN = Tests for -"Elite athlete gene "- for elite sports performance
Also testing for up to 30 other genetic variables. 
Functions Tested  for?
 Insulin response & sensitivities
Fast & slow twitch  muscle fibre dominance
Body fat storage
How to reduce/ regulate diet / training
Many other function variables  
Who is the test suitable for?
The DNA FIT test is suitable for everyone interested in achieving there own unique genetic potential whether it be to lose weight, change body shape , health benefits or improve sports performance from absolute beginner to elite performance athletes.
Ethics & confidentiality!
Any samples  taken for analysis are only used for the purpose of the DNA FIT  specific test & collected , stored & scientifically tested in a controlled & secure environment.  All results & data collected from this process will only be accessed by the DNA FIT laboratory , trainer & client involved & not given or used by any other third parties & all  information will be protected under the data protection act.
So what are you waiting for?
Unleash the power of your genetic profile! Achieve your potential in whatever your personal goal may be eg- lose weight, change body shape, improve strength &/or muscular endurance & increase sports performance.
Purchasing a DNA FIT test?
If you wish to take a DNA FIT  test please contact Sharon to book a consultation & screening /sample taking session & pay for test on arrival.Or alternatively pay online via pay pal & a test kit will be delivered to your door(Provide contact details to Sharon at Body coach fitness) & you can arrange an appointment after sending off your sample & when the results come back for analysis so Sharon can then tailor a programme unique & individual to "Your genetic potential"
                    "DNA FIT is the future, it combines science with sport to get optimum results for myself & my clients"
                                                  "Remember - your genes cannot change but your lifestyle can!"
Please see link for purchasing DNA FIT test below:- 


DNA FIT- fitness profiling kit


One DNA FIT testing kit with sterile swabs with instructions, sampling, test analysis & detailed tailored nutrition & training programme 


Price=£150.00 for a full  personal fitness genotype profile 

Woman on beach w/ bike at dusk

If you require further information or just want to register your future interest please fill out the customer request form & Sharon will get back to you!

Amplify Premium


Amplify your health with premium quality supplements  as unique as you! Custom supplements based on your DNA test results from DNAFit tests. To help meet your nutritional goals.

Benefits  Of Amplify

Say good bye to trial and error in supplementation .The amplify formulas are a perfect combination of nutrients based on your own unique DNA. Bespoke  and genetically personalised formulas ,premium quality, gluten and preservative free ,easy to digest  ,affordable and easy to use.  


Cutting Edge Science 

Bringing science out of the lab into the customers hands ! Custom supplements ( Omega 3 ,Viatmin B 6 & 12 & Vitamin D ) Made to measure in the right formula and quanities for your genetic make up. Fine tuning your nutrition ,health and sports performance !




Please go to the follwing link-  https://dnafit.mention-me.com/m/ol/cn0qt-sharon-clare for

  a 20% discount referal off any DNA fit test ( including Amplify when launched .....very soon!)


Also see more information and details regarding new Amplify launch here- 



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                                                   "I will be floating like a butterfly & stinging like a bee!"
                                                                            (Muhammed Ali)


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