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Brunel Health Core Ten Test


A unique new test available at Body Coach Fitness- The Core ten test an easy simple test that measures for key indicators  that may be deficient that may effect your health and performance .Ideal for people who want optimal performance and health in sport and every day life.

10 Core Metrics Tested:-

1)Vitamin D-Deficiencies affect around 20% of the UK population and can cause weight gain, fatigue and weakness

2)Vitamin B12 deficiencies can cause , tiredness and fatigue ,low energy levels , headaches and leg pains.

3) Ferritin (Iron)- Low levels can cause fatigue, weakness, headaches and leg pain.

4) Magnesium- Low levels can cause fatigue , muscle weakness, cramps, muscle spasms or convulsions.

5) Calcium- Low levels can cause easy bone fractures , muscle cramps and spasms , brittle nails and depression.

6) Albumin- Low levels can cause signs of liver disease , kidney impairment, inflammatory disorders or digestive conditions such as Crohns disease or Coeliacs disease.

7) Sodium- Low levels can cause weakness, fatigue, headaches, muscle cramps or irritability.

8) Vitamin B9 (Folate)- Affecting energy levels, and anaemia

9 & 10) Thyroid stimulating hormone & Free T3- Together these thyroid markers  when levels are out of range may indicate an under active or over active thyroid which may cause fatigue, weakness or weight gain.

Test is a simple pin prick blood test taken by Practitioner(Sharon Clare) which is then sent for analysis to accredited  laboratory and a full analysis will be sent back with results of all 10 core metrics with comments from a private health GP based on results for future action. Also phone and email medical  support for any clinical questions that may arise regarding results is available .Purchase cost of test must be made before test to ensure laboratory analysis and GP advice.

Brunel Health Core Ten Test  Price=£149.00


Brunel Total Digestive Health Test


The total digestive health test is only available through approved qualified practitioners .It is a simple stool sample test which when sent to the laboratory - will be medically tested for quantities of good microbes within the gut & also quantities of undesirable pathogenic micro organisms, as well as any fungi or yeast present which could adversely affect gut health.

Intestinal/gut health depends on a co-existence of bacteria within the gut for effective digestion of foods and defence against potential harmful organisms. Problems occur when the symbiotic ( mutually beneficial relationship) between good & bad bacteria/organisms in the gut is imbalanced .This can result in symptoms such as excessive flatulence, poor digestion of foods, loose motions, fatigue, low mood, and possibly immune system disease and impaired absorption of nutrients .

 The total digestive health test reports on the following:-

 1) Resistant bacteria in the gut

2) Pathogenic bacteria  in the gut

3) Fungi present in the gut

 4)Passing flora

 5)Yeast present in the gut


A detailed medical report from a private GP practitioner will be sent from the accredited laboratory of all these test results with guidance on the next steps to take following test results.

All total digestive health tests must be purchased in full before testing to ensure full test procedure  can take place.



Brunel Total Digestive Health Test



Brunel Total Digestive Health PLUS Test

The same test as above -Brunel total digestive health plus with an additional comprehensive add on test screening for parasitology and faecal calprotectin analysis. Parasitology analysis looks at stool sample for signs of Ova and Cysts and faecal calprotectin screens for differentiations between IBS and IBD.

(Both tests are taken from the same stool sample-making it a more comprehensive overall digestive health testing screen)  

Total Digestive Health PLUS Test


 (Both Brunel total digestive health & Brunel total digestive health PLUS tests include a detailed colour coded break down with raw data and comprehensive commentary to support data sheets on results from the scientific laboratory analysis of sample taken. Results are normally available within 2-3 weeks)
Brunel Health Advanced Adrenal Health Test


The Brunel Advanced Adrenal Heal Test- Consists of 6 saliva samples taken at intervals throughout the waking day &  serum finger prick tests taken in the morning giving  a more dependable representation of 24 hour cortisol production than 4 samples enabling more accurate results .

Complete  failure of the Adrenal glands(Addisons disease) is very rare however under performance of the adrenal glands is more common place and establishing the adrenal profile could be a useful tool to achieving optimal health and performance . The test  looks for hypothalamic pituitary axis (HPA) pathways -oestradiol ,testosterone ,cortisol serum,thyroid(TSH) FreeT4  ,DHEA levels .

Not only do you get the benefit of results from an accredited laboratory but also full medical comments from a Brunel medical private GP on your test results and after care and support from your practitioner-Sharon Clare.



Brunel Health Adrenal Test


* New-Brunel Health-Allergy Test Available In February 2017*


Lorisian food intolerance testing


 What are Food Intolerances?
A food intolerance is a reaction to certain foods after consumption/digestion(not to be confused with an allergy) .Symptoms may not always present themselves immediately , they may take a few hours to develop. It is normally caused by an enzyme deficiency or chemical sensitivity in the product . It can also sometimes be an immune response related to food specific antibodies known as IgG antibodies. These can bind to specific food proteins & form immune complexes accumulating in joints & organs and causing inflammation and wide ranging symptoms including  :-

Symptoms of Food Intolerances:-

- Headaches/Migraine

-Fluid Retention

- Abdominal pain

- Ezcema

- Irritable bowel

- Tiredness/fatigue

- Weight loss/gain

- Chronic fatigue syndrome

Who can Benefit from Food Intolerance Testing!

Any one who has the symptoms  listed above  or who has an interest in there sense of well being & health.Also nutritional programmes & weight loss plans can be effected by many different factors such as stress, sleep deprivation , metabolism, blood sugar imbalances , thyroid problems, inappropriate digestion , & food allergies & food intolerances. Body coach fitness offers nutritional supplementation & nutrition advice & plans to encourage healthy eating habits & weight loss through natural detoxification & elimination whilst still providing tasty & healthy recipe recommendations. Offering  Lorisian food intolerance testing prior to these will ensure correct dietary requirements are met & maximum results! Food intolerance testing will identify which foods to limit & avoid & which ones to eat without restriction.




 Lorisian Food Intolerance Test's Available:-

Lorisan /50-Analyses your igG antibody reactions to 50 food items. Price =£125.00

From one simple finger prick test we can check food intolerances which can often be mistaken for food allergies. * 45% of the UK population experience food intolerances. The side effects of this can range from IBS symptoms, abdominal bloating, to headaches, low mood & weight gain( also  inefficient weight loss in an exercise regime).
Lorisian food intolerance tests analyse a blood sample for food specific IgG antibody reactions. Reactions to certain foods may not be life threatening but may cause symptoms that may affect your health , work & social life as well as sports performance.
Taking a lorisian food intolerance test independently or in addition to a fitness, nutrition or wellness program will optimise results for fitness & health performance.

* Research at Allergy UK

Lorisian /75 - Analyses your igG reaction to 75 food items. Price= £175.00

Lorisian/100-Analyses your igG reaction to 100 food items. price=£225.00

Lorisan/150- Analyses your igG antibody reactions to 150 food items . Price=£300.00

Lorisian 200plus Test




Lorisian 150 Plus With IBS Support-(Low FODMAP Plan)


Lorisian 150 Plus with IBS Support- Analyses your IgG anti body readings for over 150 food ingredients and also includes a unique -Personalised  low FODMAP plan to follow based on results- to help with any IBS issues

Lorisian 150 Plus With IBS Support & low FodMAP Plan



Lorisian 150 Plus With Ideal Weight Programme Support


Lorisian 150 plus with ideal weight programme support- analyses your IgG antibody reactions to 150 food ingredients and also provides a unique personalised list of low Glycemic index foods and drinks and a personalised 12 week low GI nutrition plan

Lorisian 150 Plus With Ideal Weight Programme Support & 12 Week Low GI Plan



Please contact Sharon at Bodycoach fitness for further information -Discounts may be available if  lorisian test is booked at th same time as  personal training, nutrition, or co orporate wellness packages.

      "Un estilo de vida- Way of life!"


Lorisian 150plus + MyDNA Fitness Test


Body Coach Fitness ( as a practitioner of Lorisian) is now able to offer the Lorisian 150plus test + DNA Test .This comprehensive test combines the 150 IGg  food intolerance test with the latest genetic testing for fitness DNAFitness.An ideal combination  for overall health and fitness and adding to your healthy lifestyle journey!

Lorisian 150Plus + MyDNA Fitness



Lorisian 200Plus + MyDNA Fitness


 Body Coach Fitness ( as a practitioner of Lorisian) is now able to offer the Lorisian 200plus test + DNA Test .This comprehensive test combines the 200 IGg  food intolerance test with the latest genetic testing for fitness DNAFitness.An ideal combination  for overall health and fitness and adding to your healthy lifestyle journey!

Lorisian 200Plus + MyDNA Fitness



Lorisian Homocysteine Testing


New- Lorisian Homocysteine test available at Body Coach Fitness- The importance of homocysteine as a marker of health and wellness is clear.Raised homocysteine levels are predictors of potential health problems. For example raised homocysteine levels are predictors of heart disease, strokes, higher potential risk of miscarriages and difficulty in conceiving for women potential for migraine risks and has also been linked to Alzheimers disease , dementia , declining memory , poor concentration and lowered moods/depression.
However if high levels are detected they can be returned to normal levels/lowered  through simple dietary changes and supplementation with B vitamins .
The Lorisian homocysteine test is a quick simple pin prick blood  test taken by Sharon that can be performed at home, gym or work place and provides reliable laboratory test results within 10 days - so a suitable dietary and supplementation programme can be provided needed based on test results!
Give your self peace of mind-take the test that may improve your chances of future health & wellness!
*(homocysteine measurements do not give a definitive diagnosis of risk of these conditions and any symptoms or illnesses must be cleared by a medical professional before taking the test)*

Lorisian Homocysteine Test Price= £150.00


Opti -0-3 Testing



  Do you get dry skin ,lifeless hair,cracked nails,dry eyes, depression, aching joints, lack of motivation , forgetfulness, breast pain? All these symptoms are signs of deficiency of omega 3 fatty acids.

The Opti-0-3 fatty acid profile test is an easy-to-use blood finger prick test .The test identifies your individual omega -3 requirements based on a thorough fatty acid profile and measurement of key biomarkers such as:-

-Omega 3 index -an early cardiovascular risk indicator 

-Omega 3-6 ratio an established marker of long term health & chronic illness

-AA to EPA ratio- The most accurate measure of 'silent' or chronic inflammation in the body

Taking into account body weight and red blood cell omega 3 levels, the final report recommends the specific dose required to bring these biomarkers into healthy target ranges. Armed with your Opti 0-3 test results and a personalised dose that is specific to your individual needs , you can be confident that you are taking the right amount of omega-3 fatty acids to maintain good health for the long term.

 As dried blood sample tests have to be back within 48 hours to the Igennus laboratory this test is only available in the UK and via consultation with Sharon Clare at Body Coach Fitness.

To place an order please pay via pay pal  and book a consultation with  Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com direct

Opti 0-3 Test + Consultation & supplement/diet plan based on results


Igennus Practitioner Code

Please go to http://igennus.com and use the following unique practitioner code to receive 25% discount off  when purchasing recommended supplements from Igennus ( after test diagnosis) :- SHARONC1


Blue Horizons -Online


Body Coach Fitness now has a referral scheme with Blue Horizon  tests - order self arranged tests kits for female health, male health, sports performance, nutritional matters or health screening online via https://bluehorizons.co.uk/r/9793/  

-Keep a check on your health and fitness through bespoke private convenient tests

Earn Pathology Points


Earn pathology points /rewards with Body Coach Fitness . If you order a test through the Blue Horizons link above or oder any other blue horizons test through Body coach fitness you will accumulate pathology points .Which you can either spend on further tests (in addition to any other coupons redeemed) or collect them and save up for a test for some one else. Each Blue Horizons test will give you a certain amount of pathology points  each pathology point is worth £ 1.00 ( so is a test has 20 pathology points -this will give you £20.00 worth of pathology points)to spend or redeem.You can also earn more points by referring a friend and colleague (that the places an order)-Get ordering and collect your reward points for health & fitness!

Biolab Diagnostics


Sharon Clare is now a registered professional practitioner with Biolab diagnostics in London UK. So is able to refer to and offer their unique blood and functional testing service for a variety of tests including tests for :- hormones, nutrients including vitamin and mineral screens, paediatric tests, hair analysis, toxin testing ,MTHR ,allrgy screens and SIBO and other gut tests.
Biolab is also unique in that it can offer the MELISA test which screens for type IV allergies to metals found in dental work eg amalgam, gold and titanium implants -Please go to www.Biolab.co.uk  for futher details of all tests and screens available through your Biolab Practitioner at Body coach fitness and contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and/or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for a consultation and referral for further testing

Food Intolerance Test Group

Standard Food Intolerance Test


The standard food intolerance tests- is far from standard- and includes analysis for 600 items -300 food items and 300 non food items to see if you are intolerant to them via a non invasive hair sample - giving you a full report of all analyses -please purchase tests kit below and contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for consultation -face to face /skype

Food Intolerance Testing Group -Standard Test


Advanced Food Intolerance Test


The advanced food intolerance testing group test is a non invasive hair test for over 680 items- 300 food items and 300 non food items as well as 24 toxic metals- giving you a full detailed report of all results analysed -Purchase test below and contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for consultation face to face /or via Skype.

Food Intolerance Testing Group-Advanced Test


Gold-Food Intolerance Test


The Gold standard food intolerance test- is a non invasive hair tests analysing 600 items plus 80 other nutritional factors- 300 food items plus 300 non food items and 80 nutritional needs- giving you a full report of result findings and nutritional needs analysis -Purchase tests below and contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and/or 07875086760 for a consultation face to face or via skype

Food Intolerance Testing Group-Gold Standard Test



Cardiovascular Health Genetic Tests


Look after your health and fitness by getting the  personalised heart health genetic tests from Right angled diagnostics. A personalised  health approach- with simple DNA/genetic tests sent to your home or practitioner to analyse for any predispositions to cardiovascular/heart health issues- The full tests covers all 3 areas of diet and nutrition, drug responses and inherited CV conditions- and all may be purchased separately also .
The perfect test prior to a new health and fitness regime or to review heart health condition during a fitness and nutrition regime. Please click on the following link https://www.heartdnatest.com/  and place PROMO CODE- sharon10 into check out when purchasing tests to receive a 10% discount on purchase- and /or contact your practitioner Sharon Clare at Body Coach Fitness on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com to arrange a consultation to discuss this further before purchasing .


 DirectLabs-(Putting Health In Your Hands)


 Body Coach Fitness is now a registered HCP provider of Direct labs international tests at reduced patient prices( up to 80% off). The tests offered include the most popular comprehensive wellness and metabolic profiles, woman's wellness tests, cardio plus, vitamin d, and lipid profiles. As well as speciality tests such as ELISA /ACT  tests for hypersensitivity/delayed reaction allergy tests and other allergy/intolerance tests.

All tests must be ordered through your practitioner Sharon Clare - contact on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com /7875086760  with full contact details -more details of tests available through Body coach fitness at http://www.directlabs.com   


Molecular Testing


Please go to www.mtlfitness.com   and use codes Bodycoach 20 ( for 20% discount off purchase) or Bodycoach 10 (for 10% discount off purchase) when ordering molecular tests. Learn how to train more efficiently for your genotype with molecular fitness testing!

Lifenome Tests


Please click on the following link:-https://www.lifenome.com  and use Body Coach Fitness unique promo code -BCF10 at checkout to receive a 10% discount off price when purchasing any of the Lifenome DNA /genetic or functional tests for health, fitness  skin analysis allergies and nutrition. Professional tests for fitness and wellness solutions!




Body coach Fitness is now able to offer health and wellness tests through Thriva. Please contact Sharon Clare at Body Coach Fitness ( on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760)for more details - Testosterone, lifestyle baseline, thyroid, vitamin and energy tests available from £39.00

Betterlabtests-Speciality Tests


Betterlabtestsnow offer optimal tests for your health and nutrition- with a varied list to choose from including specialist  tests for kosher and halal food group allergies  and herbs, therapeutic foods , food colourings, silicone hypersensitivities and  also medical allergies such as dental and orthopeadic implants  more check out the following text links for more information-


LRA Therapeutic Foods 46foods

LRA Therapeutic Herbs 18

LRA Food Coloring 20rings

LRA Medications 25


Spectracell Tests


Spectracell Micro Nutrient Testing + Nutrition & Supplementation Plan

"Are you in control of your health and performance or it in control of you?"

Nutritional balance plays a key role in optima wellness and age and disease prevention as well as sporting performance levels. Do you find yourself feeling stressed , tired or depressed and in need of a boost of energy ?

" Be Pro active rather than Re active"

Eating a balanced diet ,exercising and taking supplements such as multi vitamins is just not enough -Individualising your nutrient intake is -Spectracell micro nutrient test is scientifically proven to identify any nutrient deficiencies which can then be address by your nutritional coach !
Spectracell tests measure over 35 different components including vitamins , anti oxidants , minerals and amino acids within our-white blood cells-giving us the most accurate diagnosis of body's deficiencies -so a suitable nutrition and supplementation plan can be developed.(Please see table of testing components below in testing procedure)
Make the right choice and take the spectracell micro nutrient test  so your can start your own 8 week personalised functional  nutrition and supplementation plan, developed by Sharon Clare

Spectracell Micro Nutrient Test + Nutrition & Supplementation Plan



Medi Check



Sports Hormone Test

A comprehensive sports profile test covering all sports related hormone and metabolic tests ( 38 tests in total)Ideal for serious fitness and sports enthusiasts and athletes 

Sports Hormone Test


Sports Hormone Check +

The same tests as sports hormone  plus (CRP-hs,FSH & SHBG & free testosterone) -Ideal test to measure sports performance

Sports Hormone Check Plus



Sports Hormone Check Ultra

Sports hormone check plus tests + cortisol level testing- Ideal for keeping track of sports related hormones in the body and exercise related stress levels on the body during extreme exercise. 

Sports Hormone Check Ultra Test



Sports Hormone Check Ultra (Vits)

Full comprehensive sports hormone test check plus extra vitamin tests including vitamin D ,B12  Folate levels and also DHEA & Insulin levels affecting sporting performance 

Sports Hormone Check Ultra (Vits)



 Pre & Post Travel Screening



Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer pre and post travel blood screening  for any one who is a frequent traveller for business and work. Ideal for keeping check on your health status pre and post travel which could affect your fitness levels and general health


Pre Travel Test 

To screen for the possibility of an increased risk or tendency to blood clot eg:-( DVT) -Ideal for any frequent flyers in business

Pre Travel Test



 Post Travel Test 1

A  blood test for common parasitic diseases known to travellers and tropical diseases  -post travel (after travel) including haematology and biology profiles.(39 Tests in total) Ideal for frequent business travellers keeping an eye on their health and fitness 


Post Travel Test 1



Post Travel Test 2

A post travel profile blood test , based on common parasitic diseases (41 tests in total) known to affect travellers. 

Post Travel Test 2



 Womans Health Tests


Well Woman Check

A comprehensive well woman check -health screen which includes liver and cholesterol level checks  and red and white blood cell counts  and CA-125 for ovarian cancer

Well Woman Check



Well Woman + Ultra Vit

Everything in well woman check +  thyroid function , female hormones , FSH, LH & Oestradiol as well as ferritin Vitamin B12 & Vitamin D

Well Woman +Ultra Vit Test


Price=£ 139.00

Menopause Check

A blood test that looks for signs of the menopause -which could lead to complications of osteoporosis , circulatory disease and strokes and so affect health and fitness  regime needed  

Menopause Check



Menopause Mini Check

Ideal for women over 40 years old  testing follicular stimulating hormones (FSH) to gain reassurance of reproductive status -and female hormones levels which may affect health and fitness needs

Menopause Mini Check




Mens Health Checks

Body Coach now offers tests specific for men's health and fitness :-


Well Man Check

An essential health screen which includes liver and kidney function , cholesterol, and red and white blood cell counts as well as PSH tests for prostate cancer-Ideal for men of all ages -young & old- for establishing base levels of specific health markers. 

Well Man check



Well Man Check + Ultra Vit

Everything in well man check + advanced prostate profile test, thyroid function and nutritional markers-+ vitamin D & B12 levels 

Well Man Check + Ultra Vit



Essential Series

The essential series of blood tests is a series of health , fitness and nutrition screens suitable for all ages and genders and anyone who is interested in achieving optimum health, nutritional status and sports  performance


Essential Diet Check

A test screening for baseline essential liver function for people on a restricted diet (also includes diabetes test) and includes vitamin and mineral testing. Ideal  test for anyone interested in their general health,fitness and nutrition

Essential  diet check





Essential Fitness Check

Designed to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts monitor progress and meet fitness goals. This tests includes  blood counts, thyroid checks, and testosterone levels).This test can be repeated and used to track progress over a time period. Ideal for all fitness enthusiasts of all ages and all levels and for seeing how your training influences key biomarkers .

Essential Fitness Check



Essential Energy Check

Is a panel of checks to help diagnose causes of chronic unexplained low energy levels . Including a  full blood count , iron level status , thyroid status and vitamin B12 levels

Essential Energy Check



Essential Weight Loss Check

A test to help identify whether you are at risk of weight related conditions such as diabetes, and heart disease and investigate reasons why you may be struggling to lose weight. Ideal for men and women where weight poses an issue and a problem  for their body.

Essential Weight Loss Check



Allergy Screen (Inhalants & Foods)


Allergy screen for inhalants & foods is a blood test for comprehensive analysis of inhalant irritants and common food allergies. Inhalants reactions could be hay fever , watery eyes and running nose, skin irritation such as rashes and other respiratory allergic responses such as wheezing and shortness of breath(asthmatic symptoms) .Food allergies may cause digestive allergic responses. (This test is not  a substitute for seeing your doctor -especially if you are experiencing symptoms regularily) But the doctors in the lab can inform you of any results with which you can take to your GP for further treatment if necessary).

What does the test screen for?

There are 42 items tested in this screen including the following:-
-Total immunoglobulin E Grass Mix

-(Grass Mix)-Cocksfoot, meadow fescue, meadow, rye, timothy

-(Dust Mix)- Blatella Germanica, Dermatophgoides Pteronyssinus,Dermaphagoides Farinae,Hollister -Styler Labs)

-(Mould Mix)-A  alterna ,Apergillus Fumigatus, Candida Albicans, Cladosporum Herbarum, Helminthosporium Halodes, Penicillium Notatum

-(Tree Mix)- Box Elder, Comon Silver birch, Hazel, Oak, London Plane, Maple, Sycamore.

-(Single Allergens)- Beef, Bermuda Grass, Cat Dander, Clam, Common silver birch, Cows milk, Crab, Dog dander, Egg white, Egg yolk, Fish(Cod), Hazel Nut, Horse Dander, Latex, Nettles, Peanuts, Shrimp/Prawns, Soya Beans, Wheat

A venous blood sample test- with an approximate 5 day turn around with professional laboratory doctors recommendations /results of analysed sample

Allergy Screen-(Inhalants & Foods)



Food Intolerance Tests


Food Intolerance 150 Test

A food test screening for IgG intolerances to 150  food ingredients from the major food groups- meat ,dairy ,fruit & vegetables and sea foods. Non invasive finger prick test with quick test result turnaround time.

Food intolerance Test Kit 150




Food Intolerance Kit 150 Test+ FODMAP Test(IBS Support)

The same food intolerance  test as above with an added FODMAP test screening for specific IBS triggers to( fermented oligosaccharides, disaccharides , monosaccharides and polyols).

Food Intolerance 150 Test + FODMAP (IBS Support)



Diabetes Check Plus


 Diabetes check plus- A fully comprehensive non invasive finger prick blood spot test -Used as an indicator of the amount of sugar that has been in your circulatory system over the last 2 weeks-Ideal for monitoring & tracking diabetes 1 & 2 symptoms(ensure you also seek under GPS , medical advice) 

Diabetes Check Plus Test




Hair Mineral Analysis Test

A non invasive hair analysis  test  screening for toxic metals such as lead, mercury & aluminium and mineral levels including magnesium, calcium and zinc. 

Hair Mineral Analysis Test



 Vitamin Check Plus Test


A comprehensive blood screen testing for levels of vitamins A,B1,B2,B12,C,D,E & red cell folate

Vitamin  Check Plus Test


IgE Test



For individuals who want an introductory screen for multiple allergens /allergies to see if further investigations are needed

IgE Test



Bone Mineral Density Screen


A Blood /Urine test to determine bone resorption and/or formation of abnormally increased bone growth. Eg:- Determines bone fracture potential risk factors -that could lead to conditions such as osteoporosis - so determining specific exercise programming and  nutritional intake to try and decrease risk.

Bone Mineral Density Screen


Thyroid Tests


Thyroid Check (Ultra) Test

 A comprehensive blood screening test for (TSH, Free standing, T3 ,Free T4,Total T4) Thyroid hormone levels as well as ferritin , red cell folate , vitamin B12 & CRP-hs.

Thyroid Check (Ultra) Test



Thyroid Check (Ultra Vit) Test

Thyroid check ultra test ( as above) + an additional screen for Vitamin D levels. 

Thyroid Check (Ultra Vit) Test


Anaemia  Test


A test that checks levels of re and white blood cells and blood platelet levels , plus any deficiencies in them that may cause anaemia

Aneamia Test



Mineral Tests


Co Enzyme Q10 is made  naturally in humans and found in foods such as vegetables and fruits , it is a co factor transfer pathway that produces energy within the mitochondrial cells .The energy  is used for muscle contractions within the body and vital functions and also has anti oxidant properties. So quite an important but forgot about enzyme to test for.

Co Enzyme Test



Magnesium Test


A test that measures levels of magnesium in the blood. Magnesium is a mineral used by every organ in the body and is especially important for bones and muscles. It is needed for proper muscle function and nerve function. It is needed in energy production in the body and helps move electrolytes into and out of body cells. A good test to measure to see if more magnesium is needed in the diet eg:- green leafy vegetables, bananas , whole meal bread and brown rice.

Magnesium Test



Calcium Test


A test for screening and measuring calcium blood levels in the body to look for deficiencies so to improve consumption through the diet

Calcium Test



Zinc Test


A test to measure the amount of zinc in the blood. Zinc is necessary for immune function , wound healing, and for sense of taste and smell .It also helps remove toxic metals from the brain  such as copper, lead , cadmium and mercury.
If you have symptoms of zinc deficiency such as hair loss, skin lesions, diaorrhea  then this test would be beneficial -if low levels are found in the body  the can be improved by consuming more foods containing red meats, poultry, pulses, seeds and nuts.

Zinc Test



Life Genetics Tests


 Please click on the following referral links to browse and purchase professional DNA genetic tests from Life Genetics a unique cooperation between biotechnology ,genetics and dietics has led to the creation of the most foremost health concept in DNA testing in female and male fitness/sports testing, children' s DNA tests, weight management and nutrition and unique DNA acne skin care  tests -simple tests with powerful results

Genetic DNA Skin Care-Acne Test-

Genetic DNA Baby &Kids Test-

 Genetic DNA Talent Test-Physical&  mental  abilities test- https://newlifegenetics.com/dna-talent-test/ref/23

Genetic DNA stress/anxiety Test-

Genetic Female/Male  Fitness Test- https://newlifegenetics.com/dna-fitness-test/ref/23

  Genetic Obesity & Weight Management Test- https://newlifegenetics.com/obesity-and-genetics-test/ref/23


TellmeGen Adult HealthMap Test


TellmeGen health map tests provides you with information on risks of developing certain health conditions/disorders based on genetic mapping and personal traits (multiple genes involved). The environment and your lifestyle also play an important part of who you are and development of conditions , so information gained from these tests could be used to your advantage for through  preventative health and fitness lifestyle choices. It tests for over 260 separate items -including 6o genetic personal traits, 130 predispositions to disease and 40 drug /medication compatibilities and 100 other items.
It is unique as results will be adjusted based on your age, sex, race and location and it determines which of your physical traits are genetically predetermined or environmental so you can make adjustments to lifestyle accordingly and disease and health conditions you may get due to your genetics in which you could improve your diet, activity levels and lifestyle and environment early to  intervene and create a healthy outcome .Another unique fact is that is also specifically for available for children (below)0-3 years old
It is a non invasive test -(saliva mouth swab) in which results are normally provided to you within 4-6 weeks turn around time.

*Please consult your medical practitioner before taking test ,and do not discontinue medications without medical consent based on tests results-results are recommendations based on genetic mapping and not medical diagnosis)*

TellmeGen Adult Health Map Test


TellmeGen Childrens Health Map Test (0-3yrs)

TellmeGen children health map test- is specifically designed for babies and young children from 0mths-3 years old .The buucal mouth saws are smaller and tests are adjusted accordingly based on size , age , and it offers all the comprehensive personal traits and health predisposition tests as the adult version

*Please consult your medical practitioner before taking test ,and do not discontinue medications without medical consent based on tests results-results are recommendations based on genetic mapping and not medical diagnosis)*

TellmeGen Childrens Health Map Test (0-3yrs)



GC Biosciences Testing


Each person is unique so why follow a generic health, fitness or sports program? Reach your health, fitness and sporting performance goals with biomedical scientific testing!


                            "Healthy, productive & informed!" 


These tests could reveal certain factors that can prevent you achieving your goals. Revealing these factors  and implementing the correct dietary and lifestyle changes to counteract them will deliver far superior results to  help you achieve your health, fitness and sporting goals!


                                                  "Use Science To Set Your self Apart!"




 CBC-Full Comprehensive Blood Chemistry

 For any one with a clear interest in their health and who wants a deeper under standing of what diet works best for them and vitamin & mineral needs .

This  test is the most thorough biochemistry test available that  includes analysis of  50 different biomarkers and complex algorithimsto help provide specific dietary , supplement and health recommendations . This test   includes full blood chemistry analysis including glucose levels in blood, thyroid, cardiovascular risk, liver and kidney function ,haemoglobin ,creatinine ,sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus ,cholesterol (LDL & HDL),White blood cell count (WBC), red blood cell count (RBC), Vitamins D,B12, Folate,TSH ,Platelet count, bilirubin , full protein levels, and ( neutrophils, lymphocytes ,eosinophils , monocyte and basinophil counts) .This test is only available through suitable practitioners with consultation  ,please purchase CBC test below and contact Sharon Clare for the test and consultation on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com.


CBC Comprehensive Blood Chemistry


Includes :-Full description of test and main findings , full diet and supplementation plan based on findings and 12 weeks  phone & email support post consultation


 FR-First Response Test
Tests for 1st response /priority biomarkers in the body for health-(FBC-Full blood count, lipids, glucose levels & HbA1c) Please purchase test below and contact Sharon on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  for consultation. 

First Response Test


Includes:- Full description of test results, and main findings ands full diet and supplementation plan & 12 weeks phone and email support post test consultation


HT Advanced Hormone Test

A thorough test for  hormonal function and deficiencies in the body, ideal for anyone concerned with hormonal function and their health . This test is important for people who have symptoms of adrenal fatigue , sleep problems and/or male or female hormonal imbalances.
The test monitors for hormonal metabolites in the urine to represent the hormonal status of  a person over a 24 hour period presenting a clear picture of a persons  hormonal health using a simple non invasive method.

HT Advanced Hormone Test


This test includes a full detailed description on main findings and includes a full diet and supplementation plan based on test results and 12 weeks phone and email support post test diagnosis.

ST Comprehensive Stool Test(Hyplori)

This micro biome test is for people who have extreme symptoms of IBS,Crohns , bloating and diarrhoea and standard methods to alleviate these symptoms have failed.
The test provides a detailed over view of the gut bacteria , yeast and parasitology using PcR dna analysis. With this information a diet can be provided to alleviate  symptoms related to the bacterial composition.

ST Comprehensive Stool Test


This micro biome test includes a full description of test results and main findings and also a full diet and supplementation plan based on results of test and 12 weeks phone and email support post test diagnosis.

Food Sensitivity Test

The food sensitivity test is for people who struggle with losing weight , bloating , skin complaints, IBS, or low energy and fatigue.

The test analyses for 95 foods based on IgG4 immune reactions .A three phase diet plan is produced from the results , which includes an elimination , rotation phase and removal.



Food Sensitivity Test


Price includes a full description of test and main findings of test , it also includes a full diet and supplementation program based on results and 12 weeks phone and email support. 

Test Lead Times

Blood Chemistry- (8 working days ) from test date approximately
Hormone Testing -( 21 working days ) from test date approximately
Micro biome/Stool Test - ( 21 working days) from tests date approximately

Food sensitivity test-(21 working days) from test date approximately 


*(It is  recommended that you consult your GP for diagnosis prior to testing if your symptoms are affecting your health adversely -these tests are indicators of deficiencies and symptoms are not a replacement for medical treatment- but can be a useful tool in identifying key factors for evaluating biological stress and revolutionising  the way health data  is collected and used to identify nutritional recommendations)*


 Sharon as an affiliate works  alongside a team of experts at GC Bio sciences including nutritionists , health consultants, phlebotomists & doctors to ensure your health and fitness is in safe hands


"GC Biosciences The Future Of Nutrition & Health" 



Be spoke Tests

If you would like to tailor make your own list of individual biochemistry tests then select from this list which areas you would like analysed and Sharon can arrange this  


Vitamin D

Do you suffer from chronic pain, fatigue, unexplained muscle pains, cramps, restless sleep , high blood pressure weight gain!....The list goes on -these are just some signs of vitamin D deficiency .We know vitamin D  is required for calcium absorption, but it also plays an important role in prevention of cancer, heart disease, breast cancer and type 2 diabetes . This simple test will reveal deficiencies and results so Sharon can recommend dietary requirements

Vitamin D Test



 Adrenal Stress Profile

This test will reveal  hormonal and adrenal function relevant to health/fitness. A simple  blood sot test that could be an important part in your health and fitness journey as stress factors on the body can affect most bodily functions.

Adrenal Stress Profile Test



 Pre diabetes

Pre diabetes test with full glucose level testing and testing for HbA1C 

GHB Pre Diabetes Test


Bone & Kidney Health

A specific blood test analysis of bio markers affecting bone and kidney health in the body 


Growth Hormone

A specific blood test analysing levels of growth hormone present in the body's system 


Amino Acid Test

A specific blood test analysing  for levels of amino acids in the blood profile


B12 & Folate

A specific blood test analysing levels of B12 & Folate in the blood profile 


Thyroid Panel Test

A blood test analysing just the thyroid panel (TSH , Free T3 & free T4)


IGF-1 Test

The IGF-1 test is monitoring insulin like growth factors that can be used to identify pituitary gland dysfunction and excess growth hormones. If a health practitioner suspects that someone  has symptoms of an underactive pituitary gland such as decreased bone density, extreme fatigue and adverse changes to blood fat lipids and also reduced exercise tolerance levels this test may be suggested. 


Immune & Blood Viscosity Check

A specific blood test looking at immune function and blood viscosity

Lipid Panel

A specific blood test for  lipid (HDL/LDL) levels in the body



 KBMO Diagnostics-Food Inflammation Test With Diet Plan


The FIT Test employs a unique method that detects IgG antibodies and complements antigens  to determine reactivity to foods . The FIT Test is a high quality sensitivity test which can measure up to 132 of the most common foods, colorings and additives.

They measure 132 foods  including including dairy, grains, fruits, additives, vegetables, beans, spices, fish, meat, nuts, microbes for candida and yeast (both bakery and brewery), poultry, seeds, shellfish and many others.

Testing for IgG /food immune complexes ,along with the specific  complement protein ( C3d) that induces the inflammatory  response , increases the reliability and efficacy of IgG testing considerably.  The test includes a food inflammation diet plan specific to your food intolerance test results!


KBMO  Diagnostics -Food Inflammation Test With Diet Plan


KBMO FIT Test (6 Markers)


KBMO FIT Test ( 6 markers) -Is a mini screen test of the full KBOM test above. It is however a very useful and specific test looking at all the  6 most common intolerances experienced by people. The 6 markers tested for are-( Egg white & Yeast, Casein, Milk, Gluten & Wheat -with C3 Compliment). An ideal test for beginners to food intolerance testing and anyone with a likelihood to these 6 intolerance markers. Improve your chances of success with your nutrition planning for a healthy lifestyle with this -KBMO FIT Test.

KBMO -FIT Test (6 markers)


Price= £150.00 

Regenerus Laboratory Tests


 Body Coach Fitness now offers various professional laboratory testing procedures through Regnerus laboratories. These test will analyse various elements in the body scientifically that can affect your health , fitness levels and sporting performance , so are a vital missing link to a better you!There are various methods of testing available including non invasive saliva , urine , stool and breath testing as well as full blood testing methods to suit your needs  and your budget .  When payment has been made for chosen test , it will be sent direct to you and a appointment for testing at a accredited site across the UK will be made , following this a full consultation with Sharon will be made to discuss and advise on findings.

Gut Health

There are 4 tests available for gut health testing  through Breath Tracker- Breath test analysis listed below:- 

Breath Tests


SIBO -Small Intestine Bacterial Over Growth Glucose Intolerance Test

 Breath Test analysis screening  for over growth of bacteria in the gut due to glucose


SIBO -Small Intestine Bacterial Over Growth Lactose Test

Breast test analysis screening  for over growth of bacteria in the gut due to lactose intolerance



Fructose Malabsorption Test

Breath test  screening for signs of malbsorption of fructose in the gut/digestive system 



Lactose Malbsorption Test

 Breath test screening for signs of malbsorption of lactose in the gut/digestive system



Stool Tests


There are 4 main stool tests for gut health listed below( there are more available on request):-

Yeast & Sensitivities Stool Test

A stool test that screens for yeast growth and sensitivities in the digestive system


Bacteriology & Sensitivities Test

A stool test screening for bacterial and sensitivities in the digestive system/gut


Parasitology Test

A stool test screening for parasites and microbiology


Comprehensive Stool Analysis Test

 A stool test that fully screens for parasites, H pylori and full microbiology and cultures and sensitivities in the disgestive system/gut- Nutrition advice/plan based on results


 Environmental Tests


There are 4 tests listed below for testing of toxic metals within the body possibly due to the environment which may have an affect on both health and fitness and performance levels.(There are more available on request of details)

Hair Toxic & Essential Elements Test

A hair test which looks for basic   environmental toxins & essential elements



Hair Toxic Element Exposure Profile Test

A  more advanced hair toxin test that shows the whole list of environmental toxins and exposure profile 



Urine Toxic & Essential Elements Test

A urine test sample to test for environmental toxins and essential elements  



Urine Toxic Metals Test

A test purely testing for environmental  toxic metals in the urine 




Micro Nutrient Profiling Test

A blood profiling test for the often forgotten micro nutrient levels in the blood  .Essential for the most accurate nutritional programme-Includes nutritional advice and plan


Organic Acid Test(OAT)

Testing for levels of (OAT) Organic acids in the urine -A 24 hour  collection  method which measures levels of  organic acids in the urine and the test results can show nutrient utilisation in the body , gastro intestinal function, mitochondrial energy levels, and any nutrient deficiencies- includes nutritional advice and plan


Multiple Food Reactivity Test (10-90)-(Array 10)
A fully comprehensive test screening reactions to all major food groups-Includes 8 week nutrition plan and nutritional advice


Multiple Food Reactivity Test (10-90x)-(Array 10)

A test that screens for reactions to all major food groups ( less comprehensive than 10-90 version but still one of the best food screening tests in the UK) - Including a 4 week nutrition plan & advice


Alcat Tests


Food is an essential part of our lives .The ALCAT test measures and unmasks what may be harmful to your body and provides the information necessary to make positive dietary modifications.

Alcat 150 Test

A food sensitivity test for 100 food ingredients in all major food groups + 50 medicinal herbs and functional foods



Alcat 200 Test

A food sensitivity test screening  150  food ingredients from all major food groups + 50 medicinal herbs and functional foods



Alcat 300 Test

A food sensitivity test  screening for 200 food ingredients from all major food groups +50 medicinal herbs and functional foods +50 chemical agents (Preservatives, colourings, environmental chemicals, pharmaceuticals)

Price= £605.00 


Alcat 20 Moulds Test

A mould sensitivity test screening for anti body reactions to 20  listed types of moulds that can be inhaled or ingested


*Add on test only-available to purchase on ordering  Alcat 150, 200 or 300 tests)* 


Alcat Chem 50 Test

A test screening for intolerances to 50 chemical food additives, environmental chemicals artificial food colourings and pharmaceutical chemical exposure(medicines)




 *(Typical turn around time from initial test procedure for ALCAT tests  is 14 days)*

Metabolic  & Cardiovascular Testing


Body coach Fitness offers the following metabolic and cardiovascular profiling tests ( more available on request):-

Metabolic Blood Panel Test

A varied blood vial test for the metabolic blood  profile  




Functional Blood Test

A full functional blood analysis test


Fasting Insulin Blood Test

A fasted blood test for insulin levels in the blood



Cardio Metabolic ( Full Marker) Test

A full  cardio metabolic  blood marker test 

Price= £235.00

DNA Oxidative Damage Urine Test

 A urine test analysing  oxidative damage to the body 




Body Coach Fitness offers 4 non invasive saliva tests screening  for hormonal function ( more available on request) which are listed as follows:-

Basic Hormone Panel Saliva Test

A basic level (essential) non invasive saliva hormone level test procedure


Short Comprehensive Saliva  Panel Test

A comprehensive non invasive saliva  panel test


Comprehensive Panel Saliva Plus Test

A Fully comprehensive non invasive saliva  panel test


Adrenal Function Saliva Test

A non invasive  saliva test that analyses adrenal function

Price=£ 80.00



Two tests for immune responses to gluten and celiac tests ( more tests available on request) listed below:-

Celiac & Gluten Sensitivity Test

A test for gluten sensitivity and intolerance and symptoms  of celiac disorder

Price= £125.00

Celiac Test

A Test for signs and symptoms of celiac disorder

Price= £105.00

Epi Pharma 7 Nutri Genetic Tests


A series of epigenetic and nutrigenetic tests available through Body Coach Fitness for basic health , well being, weight control, fitness, nutrition and stimulants and hereditary intolerances to fructose all listed below( many tests more available on request):-

Fructose Intolerance Hereditary Test

A non  invasive saliva test , testing for any hereditary fructose intolerances


BASICgen Basic Test

A  non invasive saliva test covering basic Epi Gentic marker testing -with 4 week nutrition plan


FITgen & Anti Aging Test

A fully comprehensive fitness and anti aging Epi Genetic non invasive saliva test-with 8 week nutrition plan based on results


WEIGHTgen Anti Aging Test

A non invasive Epi Genetic saliva test looking for weight control and anti aging markers-with 8 week nutrition plan based on results


WELL-Being & Anti Aging Test

A non invasive saliva test testing for Epi Genetic markers for well being & anti aging-with 12 weeks nutrition & training plan included


NICTOTENE gen Nutrition, Stimulants Test

A non invasive saliva test for Epi Genetic markers to Nicotene and stimulant abuse and nutritional needs-nutritional plan included


Cyrex Tests


Body Coach Fitness in alliance with Cyrex & Regenerus laboratories  offer a range of auto immune tests array 1-20 , some of which are listed below( more tests available on request):-

Diabetic Auto immune Reactivity Test (Array 6)

A test designed to look for any diabetic auto immune responses in the body


Neurological Auto immune Reactivity Test (Array 7 & 7x)

A test for any auto immune responses and reactions such as signs of likelehood of dementia, cognitive dysfunction


Joint Auto Immune Reactivity Test (Array 8)

A test that screens for auto immune reaction markers  that can affect the joints such as arthritis ( or other inflammatory joint conditions)


Gluten & Wheat Reactivity Tests


Wheat/Gluten Proteome Reactivity Screen (Array 3)

A Test which screens for proteome reactions to wheat and gluten in the body- includes nutritional advice/plan


Gluten Associated Cross Foods & Sensitivity Test(Array 4)

A test which screens for all cross food contamination sensitivities to gluten in the body


Multiple Auto Immune Reactivity Test(Array 5)

A test that screens and measures predictors and anti bodies throughout the whole body- brain, bones, joints, liver, pancreas, thyroid , heart, gut , testes and ovaries




Intestinal Antigen Permeability Test (Array 2)

A test screening for permeability of the digestive/intestinal system and factors affecting this



Pathogen Associated Immune Reactivity Test(Array 12)

A test that unravels the complexities of the autoimmune process and identifies potential triggers and markers such as specific pathogens.

A key environmental trigger process looking for pathogens associated with immune reaction screen, and also screens for latent pathogens in the body that may be eliciting a immune response , negatively impacting the body after exposure and causing acute infection.

It assesses the urine for 29 viral , bacterial, fungal, parasitic and stealth organisms antigens such as gingivitis bacteria that causes tooth decay, penicillin used to make antibiotics, giardia  & parasites  found in lakes and streams -to much lesser known bacteria such as borrelia bacteria



Environmental Autoimmune Reactivity Test(Array 11)

A chemical and environmental auto immune reaction test which identifies the loss of immune  tolerance associated with toxic chemical exposure which may lead to auto immune responses. Helping identify specific chemical and environmental  triggers and in creating a effective lifestyle management plan accordingly.




Precision Analytics

Precision analytics are in the fore front  of medical science in creating a one stop  test for all for hormone testing in the body. A much more accurate test than some other methods of testing and covers  melatonin levels , androgen metabolites , estrogen metabolites, cortisol metabolites, free cortisol levels and all basic hormone screening in the body.

A unique dried urine test for comprehensive hormone testing- one of the best testing methods in the market. 

DUTCH Cycle Mapping Hormone Test

The DUTCH( Dried urine test for comprehensive hormone ) test screens all the following groups - free cortisol, cortisol metabolites, melatonin levels, estrogen metabolites, basic hormones and androgen hormones in the body


Price= £375.00 


CNS Tests


Body Coach Fitness offer specialised food print tests for vegetarians , vegans and cultural diets eg herbs and spices as well general as full food print tests and IgG Anti body tests


Food Print- Vegetarian Test

A food detection test of food specific IgG Antibodies specific to a vegetarian diet- Through the use of immuno  essays -useful in the management of food intolerances



Food Print Vegan Test

 A IgG Anti body food detection test specific to a range of foods frequently consumed by vegans as part of a lifestyle choice

Price= £162.00


Food Print Herbs & Spices Test

A food specific IgG Anti body test for diets rich in herbs and spices - as many of us enjoy foods with different cultural influences 



Food Print Indicator Test

This test is designed to give a positive or negative result that determines whether or not it is necessary to have more detailed or specific food print tests




Food Print 40 Test

 IgG Anti bodies recognise and bind to specific food proteins to form immune complexes in the body- this is food prints base level test for food intolerances -if food indicator test is positive 



Food Print 60 Test

 Symptoms of food intolerance can show up many hours and can be  several days this test is the next stage up from the basic food print test 



Food Print 120 Test

CNS food print test service utilises a new state of the art immunoassay test based on microarray technology to detect food-specific IgG anti bodies - The 120 test is a comprehensive test that looks for a wide range of food intolerance indicators and is the next stage up from the Food print Test 60

Price= £211.20


Food Print 200 Test

The most advanced and fully comprehensive food print test available for identified food specific IgG Anti bodies to the foods we consume on a daily basis 



45% of the UK Population suffers from food intolerance .The food detective test is a simple method  of testing with  immediate results- taken by practitioner (Sharon Clare) No need to wait for results to come back from the laboratory. 
Suitable  for detecting a possibility of food intolerance issues - to then go on to investigate further with more specific  Food print tests 


Food Detective Professional Test

A simple and quick to use food intolerance testing kit with dietary support guide - to find out if further in depth food print tests are needed


CNS Lab Tests


Candida Test

Candida does not cause problems in the body unless the body is under stress eg:- due to excess exercise or if you are unwell. It may become established in the body and make you feel unwell if candida becomes dysbiotic and pathogenic in nature - injurious and invasive. Giving rise to yeast infections ( Candia Albicans)

Do you suffer from symptoms such as fatigue,unexplained  muscle weakness and joint aches and pains , gastro intestinal problems, headaches, menstrual disturbances , allergies and skin irritations- Then this test may be for you!




 Vitamin D Test

There is evidence that low levels of vitamin D can contribute to chronic illness. This may be due to due to dietary deficiencies of vitamin D , deficiencies in production of own vitamin D , impaired kidney and digestive disorders or decreased sunlight exposure.This test will screen  for levels of Vitamin D currently in the body



Coeliac Disease Test

Coeliac disease is n autoimmune disorder caused by intolerances to gluten- a protein found in wheat, rye and barley.

Do you have symptoms of coeliac disorder- unexplained weight loss, lethargy, tiredness, vomiting, persistent digestive symptoms of diarrhea -Then this screening test could be for you!

Price= £66.00


Histamine Test

An  intolerance in the body is caused by the inability to breakdown histamine - a chemical released during an allergic reaction.Excessive levels accumulate in the body organs and cause allergy like symptoms




Parasite Test

A parasite is an organism that exploits living animals/humans and causes harm to the host causing removal of nutrients from the body and also carrying disease


Adrenal Function Profile Test


Optimally functioning adrenal glands are vital to the fundamental  survival mechanism process of energy delivery. If your body has poor adrenal function you can experience low energy and poor sleep quality weakened immunity, weight gain ,low libido and  inability to handle stress.

The CNS adrenal function profile uses a convenient salivary sample collection method , taken at 5 intervals through out the day and DHEA  measurements to identify cortisol/DHEA levels in the body.

It is vital to monitor  your body and make sure that it is  not adrenally fatigued especially when exercising -so take the CNS adrenal fatigue test here :-

CNS Adrenal Function Profile Test



Great Plains Laboratory Testing


Body Coach Fitness has linked up with a worldwide leading laboratory facility- Great Plains Lab for specialised and unique sequencing and profiling tests specialising in metabolic health and environmental exposures to toxins in every day life which may affect our long term health prospects, fitness and sporting performance levels.

Below are listed some of the most popular tests ( more are available on request) As these tests are sourced and analysed  overseas the turnaround time is greater than in the UK -however their partnering company in The UK BIOLAB can offer the same or similar tests if requested through Sharon Clare (the practitioner).                                        


Organic Acids  Test(OAT)

A urine test offering a comprehensive metabolic profile  of a person health through 70 markers.

Organic tests also include markers for minerals and vitamins, oxidative stress, neurotransmitter levels and oxalate levels in the body

The initial screen test so that more advanced specific tests needed can be identified and so that suitable supplementation and dietary modifications can be made 


Microbial Organic Acid Test(MOAT)

A more advanced version of the OAT test  and the second stage of testing in the organic test procedure after detection  on the initial organic acid test (OAT) 


 Organic Acid-Add On Tests

Calcium & Magnesium Test(Add On)

This test can only be purchased as an addition to (OAT,MOAT or GPL-TOX test)


Glysophate (Add on Test)

This test can only be ordered when adding onto a (OAT,MOAT,or GPL-TOX test)

Glysophate is a common toxic chemical used in farming and horticulture and in herbicides used around growing plant food products  and evidence has shown that small traced have been found in some food products. So it is a worthwhile testing process.  



GPL-TOX Toxic Non Metal Chemical Profile Test

Every day we are exposed to hundreds of chemicals through products such as  household cleaning  chemicals, pharmaceuticals, packaged foods, pesticides and environmental pollution .

Exposure to these has ben linked to many chronic diseases and the advantage of the GPL-TOX profile test is that it screens for 172 different environmental pollutants using 18 metabolites all from one urine sample-so also non invasive.


*(Add on OAT,MOAT Test for even more comprehensive testing) *

 Combo Tests


Enviro Tox-Combo Test

A fully comprehensive environmental metabolic test  including 3 of the best test available -OAT, GPL-TOX & Glysophate testing all in one package.


OAT,IgG Food Allergy & Candida Combo Test

A fully comprehensive urine and  serum or dried blood spot test for 3 major areas affecting utilisation of food products in the body




GPL-SNO1000: DNA Sequencing Profile Test

A genetic urine or blood test  that screens for alterations in the bodies genetic code in the pathways that are most important . The test look at 9 core groups of genes which are crucial for many different biological pathways . Previous to this most genetic test have only looked at small sub sets of genes and very few SNP'S .The GPL-SNP10 Test includes over 1,000 different SNP'S and over 144 different genes.(Includes 3 month nutrition & lifestyle plan)



GPL Mycotox Test


The GPL Mycotox test- analyses for the most prevalent environmental toxin myctox which is  fungi mould which can infests buildings, vehicles and food stuffs. The majority of mycotoxin exposure is through food ingestion and airborne exposure. In the European union 20% of all grains handled have been  found to be contaminated with mycotoxin ( and unfortuanately mycotoxins have been found to be resistant  to heat and food processing) and so harmful to health .Conditions and syptoms  which may result  from mycotoxin exposure are asthma, chronic fatigue, ADHA, anxiety, skin rashes, sinusitis and heart disease, rheumatic disorders and some cancers.
If test results are positive then a treatment recommendation and prevention plan can be given to reduce symptoms and exposure  
The advantage of the test is that it screens for all 7 mycotoxins from 4 species of moulds and is an easy to use non invasive urine sample test taken after a 12 hour fast from foods. So it is one of the best tests

GPL-Mycotox Test


 Food Allergy & Sensitivities With Candida Test

IgG Food Allergy & Candida Test

A fully comprehensive food allergy test including screening for candida and yeasts  -Serum or dried blood spot test(Includes 4 week nutrition advice/plan)


Gluten & Peptides Test

A urine test that screens for gluten and peptide antibody reactions or intolerance markers



IgE  Advanced Food Allergy Test(93 Serum)

A serum test that  is advanced in nature and screens for all likely food intolerance markers(Includes8 week nutrition advice/plan)


IgE Inhalent Allergy Advanced Test(69 Serum)

An advanced   serum test that screens for reactive anti bodies to inhaled substances  (Includes 8 week nutrition plan/advice)


IgE Allergy Advanced Combined Test ( 69 & 93 )Serum

An advanced combined test for food intolerances & allergies and  inhaled  substances(Includes 12 week nutrition plan & advice)



Asian IGg Food Allergy Test(With Candida Test)

The great plains- Asian food allergy tests is a good health indicator specifically for people of Asian decent &/or who eat  a diet very high in Asian cuisine. It analyses immunological reactions to foods, found in an Asian diet.It is ideal for people from China, Japan,korea and India -&/or people who eat diets rich in these countries cultural foods.
Analytes tested for are specifically Asian food types eg:-Asian fruits and vegetables , twice as many shellfish items listed due to a diet predominant in these  and more spices and more select Asian items such as Miso paste.

Full List Of Analytes-

IgG Asian Food Allergy Test w/ Candida (94)  
Abalone, Adzuki Bean, Almond, Apple, Bamboo Shoot, Banana, Barley, Beef, Black Pepper, Bonito, Buckwheat, Burdock (Gobo), Cabbage, Candida albicans, Carrot, Casein, Cauliflower, Celery, Cheese, Cherry, Chestnut, Chicken, Clam, Cocoa, Coconut, Coffee, Corn, Crab, Cucumber, Curry Powder, Duck, Egg, Eggplant, Garlic, Ginger, Grape, Green Bean, Green Pepper, Green Tea, Honey, Jack Mackerel, Kiwi, Kombu (Kelp), Lamb, Laver (Nori), Lettuce, Lotus Root, Mackerel, Mango, Melon, Milk, Miso, Mushroom-Enoki, Mushroom-Shiitake, Mustard, Oat, Olive, Onion, Oolong Tea, Orange, Oyster, Pacific Saury, Pea, Peach, Peanut, Pear, Pineapple, Pistachio, Pork, Potato, Pumpkin, Radish-Daikon, Red Pepper, Rice, Rye, Salmon, Sardine, Seaweed (Wakame), Sesame, Shrimp, Soybean, Spinach, Squid, Strawberry, Sunflower, Sweet Potato, Tomato, Tuna, Vanilla Bean, Wheat, Wheat Gluten, Whey, Yeast (Brewer’s), Yogurt

This test is unique in testing for specific cultural items on food items list and would be a good choice as a preventative heath test

Asian IGg Food Allergy Test ( + Candida Test)



 Allergy Screen-Mediterranean Profile


A test profile screening for allergens specifically found in the Mediterranean diet and environment -

Profile Details:-

Testing for IgE with individual IgE allergens for A.alternata,Cat eplithelium and dander, cows milk, egg whites, house dust mite, (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus farina),olive,peanut,rye-grass and timothy grass among other allergens

A finger prick blood spot test-no fasting needed & quick turnaround time

Medical questionnaire & interpretation of results by GP specialists -copy of results & consultation regarding results via skype(or face to face)with Body coach fitness 

Allergy Screen-Mediterranean Profile


Allergy Screen- Middle East Profile


An allergy screening tests for common allergens found in the middle eastern diet and environment -

Profile Details:-

Testing for Total IgE with individual IgE allergens for cod, cows milk, egg whites, soya beans, peanuts, wheat, house dust mite, dermatphagoides pteronyssinus , dermatophagoides farina and blatella germanica among other allergens

 A simple blood spot test- no fasting needed-Quick turnaround time

Medical questionnaire GP interpretation of results ,copy of laboratory results and skype consultation( or face to face) with Body Coach Fitness 

Allergy Screen- Middle east Profile



 Test Panels


Basic Assessment Panel 1 (Bap1)

Urine, serum and hair screening test covering all items listed in  BAP1 list in panel above(Includes 6 week nutrition plan/advice)



Basic Assessment Panel 2 (BAP2)

A urine, blood serum and hair screening test  for the items listed in panel above (BAP2)(includes 8 week nutrition plan/advice)



Advanced Assessment Panel Test (AAP)

A series of blood serum, hair, urine and stool tests screening for items listed in (AAP)panel above(Includes 12 week nutrition plan/advice)



Comprehensive Assessment Panel (CAP)

A series of urine, stool, and blood sot and serum tests screening for items listed in panel above(Includes 6 months online nutrition plan & advice )



Metabolic Assessment Panel Test (MAP)

A series of urine, blood serum and hair tests to screen for IgG Allergies and candida , organic acids, immune deficiencies in the profile, and toxic metals present  in the body as well as for gluten and peptide ant body reactions.(Includes 8 week nutrition advice/plan)


Metals & Essential Elements Test


Copper & Zinc Profile Serum Test

A blood serum test screening for traces and levels of copper and zinc


Metal Whole Blood Test

A whole blood test screening for a list of 20 metals and essential elements  in the body 


Metal Stool Test

A faecal/stool test screening for 39 metals and essential elements in the body

Price=£ 175.00 

Metals Urine Test

A 24 hour timed random collection urine test screening for 37 metals and essential elements


Metals Hair Test

A hair test screening for 39 metals and essential elements in the body


A red blood cell test screening for 18 metals and essential elements in the body.

Price=£ 300.00 

X-Code Life-Genetic Tests (available in India & Asia)


X -Code life are pioneers in personal genetic tests ( for Indian & Asia market) They specialise in preventative health care and empowering individuals and wellness professionals to improve quality of human health and life.

Please click on the following link:- https://www.xcode.in/?affiliates=2   to browse and purchase tests including:-

-Nutrigenetic test- Genetic testing for nutritional requirements

-Fitness genetics-Aerobic (VO2)Max capacity, injury potential, inherent flexibility &fat loss response 

-Skin genetics test- Inflammation, glycation, photo aging, collagen breakdown and oxidative stress

-Health genetics- Predispositions to heart disease, diabetes type 2, and obesity

 -Pharmaco genetics test- Personalised medicine and gene analysis -Know your drug response to medication

- Weight loss-DNA Light analyses your genes so a tailor made exercise and nutrition program can be created for you aiding fat loss

 -Lactose intolerance test-3 out of 4 Indians and people of Asian descent are intolerant to milk and airy products this test analyses for this

-Gluten intolerance-Do you get bloated after eating bread or chapatti then you may have a gluten intolerance- this tests will help identify this


All  tests are available in the Asian continent and India and are professionally analysed and you will receive you results with health, exercise or diet recommendations according to each test- Sign up  now for the gift of good health & life with X-Code genetic tests!



Genetic Testing

A test to measure factor in your genetic make up that determines you- an ideal base of results to work with to develop  specific fitness and nutrition programming individual to you- click on text link below image below to purchase

Genetic Ancestry Testing



A test to work alongside the other more general genetic testing kits- knowing your true ancestral DNA and ethnicity   could be the last key to unlock your true genetic potential in life, health &  fitness -as this would be a good indicator of factors which may affect your future health and  which you could work with in any future lifestyle plan Eg diet related and health condition specific factors -for example more increased risk of diabetes, CHD(WHO Organisation 2014-India will account for 60% of world cardiac patients) -How could your ancestral genetic mix affect your health?

DNA Ancestry Test

Vitagene- DNA Nutrition ,activity ,supplement  & ancestry Genetic test


Please click on link for Vitagene Test- http://amzn.to/2uRpDdP

Color Test- Genetic Hereditory Test


Please click on link for color genetic hereditry test:- http://amzn.to/2vTR5Vf

Ulta Lab Tests

Ulta Lab tests- https://www.ultalabtests.com/bodycoachfitness (  USA Only) Track ,mange and control your own health care through lab tests and health screens, Using physician approved laboratories in you local community.Monitor your progress and be pro active in the prevention and early detection of disease . Preventative tests for fitness, health, and wellness .


LabSafe Tests


LabSafe tests- A range of professional health, fitness, sports and wellness blood tests suitable for all ( only available in USA at present) - Find out more  details on tests available at  text link below:-




 A unique company offering Performance & Health & Wellness Blood analysis packages (Available in US States only).Packages including :- Baseline, Performance, Premium, Advanced thyroid, Omegas , Women's health and life vitality!
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Want to reach your fitness and health goals but tired of guessing how? Get analytics for your body.

WellnessFX_Get a Blood

Health Labs


Fast private, affordable lab tests  available through Body Coach Fitness- To all US customers -tests available across 200+ current locations in the USA. (Results available in 1-3 days). Tests include :-

-Sports tests
-Anti Aging Tests
-Allergy Tests
-Health Tests
-Vitamin & Nutritional tests
-Military Tests-( 4 Deployment panels-For prior to over seas military deployment)

Tests range from $89.00 to £350.00

Purchase through the following link (add items to cart and discount will automatically apply)and you will receive a unique 15% discount off your tests-through Body coach Fitness :-https://www.healthlabs.com/?coupon=bodycoachfitness

Everly Well Lab Tests


Everly well lab tests are available in over 46 states of America, and are on of the most reliable forms of- at home lab testing- for Americans. Body coach Fitness has partnered with Everly Well to offer its American customers  10% discount off all tests kit purchases on their website www.everlywell.com  using the following PROMO Code at checkout:- BODYCOACH .Everly well is one of the most well known and professional at home test kit providers for health and fitness, including tests kits for metabolism, food sensitivities, sexual health and other hormonal tests relevant to your overall general wellbeing and fitness


TryFuel -Fuel Coach


Sharon Clare is a fuel coach at TryFuel  a unique meal/food prep  & food delivery service in the USA -offering  truly  customised tailored food delivered to your door - using continuous data provided by yourself -you can link up all your fitness trackers ( for fitness activity levels), running app data, DNA/genetic test result data , and any other blood lab results and health apps via the integrative online portal , your meals will be prepared with natural ingredients to your bodies needs based on the data downloaded via the online portal -creating a truly individual data driven meal prep delivery service to your door -Contact Sharon Clare at Body coach Fitness ON SHARON@BODYCOACHFITNESS.COM with your name and contact email address and you will receive an invite to sign up to this exclusive service- https://tryfuel.com


Methlylation Panel


The methylation pathway is the process of controlled transfer of a methyl group( one oxygen atom and 3 hydrogen atoms) into amino acid , protein, enzymes and DNA in every cell and tissue of the body to regulate healing, cell energy , genetic expression of DNA , metabolic processes and immunity etc.
It is one of the essential metabolic functions of the body .This methylation pathway process is responsive and also affected by the environment ( eg-toxic metals  organophosphates  and infectious agents etc) and the pathway process also deteriates through the aging process .(So health & fitness and good quality of life are especially dependant good function of the methylation process pathway).
So this methylation panel test is a good indicator of how your methylation pathway process is functioning  and affecting all other body system processes in your body - giving you vital information  which you can use as  preventative /interventional tool so you can adapt your lifestyle, behaviour, diet, activity levels and environment to enhance this methylation process and have  a better understanding of how your body works

What does this methylation panel test include?

This panel  includes tests for:-Glutathione(oxidised), Glutathione (reduced), S-adenosyl-methione (RBC), S-adenosylhomocycysteine (RBC), Tetrahydrofolate (THF), 5 -Methyl-THF, 1-Formyl -THF, 5-Formyl-THF, Folic Acid, Folinic Acid, Folic Acid (RBC), Adenosine

Sample Type

This is  blood test sample and turn around time is 1-2 weeks

Methylation Panel Test



Wellnostics -Health Products/Tests


Be health smart and order home health test kits and health and fitness tracking products through Sharon Clare at Body Coach Fitness and devices for home use -between  PT appointments or gym sessions -to keep your health and fitness on track. Body coach fitness has a 10% discount off all products -saving you money -go to http://www.wellnostics.com for details of products and contact Sharon Clare on 0775086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com to order


Here are some metabolic performance healing mastery courses to complement the above testing procedures. These courses are for health, fitness and scientific professionals who wish to learn scientifically sound holistic nutrition and health related facts about metabolic performance -eg blood insulin and metabolic healing to facilitate organic evolution . These courses are also a complementary purchase/addition  to testing procedures above to people with a great interest in their health, fitness, nutrition and sporting performance .Click on the following links to find out more:-

 Metabolic-Blood Insulin Resistance Mastery Course
Please click on text link or banner link below for more details and to purchase:- 


         Sugar & Insulin Resistance Mastery Course

 Metabolic Healing Mastery Course


Please click on text link and/or banner link below for more details and to purchase:- 


MTHFR Master Course


Live Blood Analysis


Live blood analysis for oxidative stress is a professional scientific way of testing blood involving on the spot live and dried blood analysis under the microscope .The practitioner and client/customer can both see the blood cells size and shape and a course of action can be taken based on sample eg nutritional advice, health advice -If you would like to offer this unique service through your nutritional /naturopathic  or personal training, therapy practice sign up to the 12 week E-learning webinar course in live blood analysis- contact Sharon clare for more details  on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com - more details on website- www.livebloodonline.com

* All of the listed diagnostic tests can be used as part of an individualised program -on request-or on there own as listed - and are supplied and analysed by professional diagnostic laboratories ,any  blood draws are performed by professional centres and  any advice  given after these test procedures is based on results (recommendation only)  and not to replace medical  diagnosis of  condition and nutritional status)and Sharon is approved by Providers )*


*Medical Disclaimer-Please note this site does not provide medical advice from a GP  .I always recommend programmes ,tests and dietary and nutritional supplements based on individual needs, but cannot diagnose and treat medical conditions and illness-The information on this site is NOT designed to substitute professional medical advice and you should always consult your medical practitioner before starting any new changes to your diet, supplementation exercise or physical activity programme*