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 Sports Specific Packages


Body Coach Ski Fit





Body coach fitness has bespoke ski package designed to ensure that you can head to the hills and face the mountains with confidence this ski season . The  specific training will work on all physical aspects relevant to creating a better and more efficient skier. Increasing overall functional muscular strength and working on any imbalances and improving lung and heart function with targeted cardiovascular training and also working on core strength & function and flexibility training through specifically designed drills for skiing.

Ski packages are designed both for amateur and experienced skiers and will help  prevent injuries and maximise your potential skiing down the slopes !


 Option 1 -Full consultation+ biomechanical screening assessment + functional movement analysis + gait analysis




Price= £ 70.00

Option 2- Full 3 tier 12 Week Ski & Snowboarding Fitness package


Level 1-

-4 Week  Private PT Sessions over 12 week period

- 2 x Ski Fit Assessments  (Beginning & End of Programme)

- Comprehensive training programme

- Flexibility work

- Core training

- Nutritional Advice

- Injury prevention tips

- Advice on K Taping

* Additional fees for sports injury massage* 


 Structured to build strength and endurance and to correct any dysfunction found in initial assessment . Completing all 3 levels of ski fit will fully prepare your fitness levels in preparation to take on the slopes!


Level 1- Establishes  base fitness and corrects dysfunctions , improves core strength and confidence to breeze through a day on the slopes.


Level 2 - Builds on fitness levels and function established in level 1, integrating challenges and more complex functional exercises to keep your muscles  guessing


Level 3- Takes your body to a whole new level of conditioning .You will not believe  the difference it will make to your skiing experience . Level 3 is the pinnacle of the ski fit programme and it's well worth reaching the summit! 



Price= £400.00

* Add a customised Ski-Thotic Orthotic to your Package here:- https://www.fit-thotics.co.uk/affiliate-area/ski-thotic/ref/5/ *


Body Coach Swim Fitness


Body Coach Swim Fit Program is specific program designed to improve the swimmers technique, function, cv and functional muscular strength for sport.Body Coach Fitness- Swim fit program is designed for water babies from beginners to pro looking for advice, training programs and strength and conditioning programmes specific to swimming.
Most people do not realise that a lot of a swimmers preparation is outside of the pool and this is where Body Coach fitness comes in- I am not a swim coach but a coach who helps swimmers improve their cardiovascular endurance, stamina, flexibility and core strength as well as improve function and technique for their specific sports of swimming through a detailed program of assessment and training.

Option 1- Initial biomechanical screen and assessment


Option 2- Follow up 1-2-1 PT/coaching sessions specific to swimming based on biomechanical assessment

Price= £35.00 per session

Option 3- Full 12 Week Swim fit program including:-

-Full static biomechanical screening assessment
-Full functional movement screening assessment
-CV fitness test & specific cv programming to improve endurance speed and stamina for swimming
-Sports strength & conditioning program specific to swimming
-Core & flexibility testing and training program specific to swimming
-Continuous review and assessment throughout program

12 Week swim fit program Price=£400.00


 I Health Wave


Body Coach Fitness -Is now able to offer the I Health wave wireless swim tracker as a practitioner of wellnostics. This wrist worn water proof device tracks your swimming laps and swim strokes accurately and distance travelled and calories burned per swim. Allowing serious swimmers  an accountable way of tracking your progress each week ,it also acts as a motivator using smart alerts to wake you up and motivate you to get up and swim  and move more throughout the day. Purchase this useful swimming activity tracker through Body Coach Fitness below-

I Health Wave Tracker




Body Coach Equine Fitness


Horse riding is a demanding sport , all major muscle groups are used and placed under stress during riding. Body coach fitness equine fitness packages will help you to achieve horse rider fitness with a bespoke specifically designed package to prevent injuries , increase fitness levels and achieve oneness with your horse what ever your discipline -show jumping, jockeying, cross country dressage or just casual everyday riding.


          Be at one with your horse-Develop core connection between horse & rider!"


Your horse mimics you- if you want to be at one with your horse then you want to be as physically fit and functional for riding as possible, as your physical limitations can affect the horse, and can lead to physical pain and injury to the rider.

Body Coach Equine fitness -is a professional training process which develops your functional  riding ability and it is recommended to start with a full consultation  and personal functional analysis, biomechanics screening  and gait analysis . From this any corrective exercise can be given to improve common faults such as poor spinal alignment and posture , poor core strength,  limited flexibility, and poor co ordination and balance . Riders need to be strong "from the inside" and engage deep postural muscles.


 Once all corrections are made then the full training plan can be developed including training to increase core strength and stability which are essential to maintain correct riding position and allow you to be relaxed and balanced in the saddle and with your horse. Riders body alignment and  body awareness and rider related functional training ,pre riding stretches and  exercises to treat your body and help strengthen horse riding muscle will be included .

1st consultation + biomechanical screening, functional movement analysis , gait analysis & fitness testing


Price=£ 70.00 

Follow up 1-2-1 personal training session (corrective exercise & developmental training programme)


Price=£35.00 per session


Two person session(couple) over a 6 week period


Price= POA 



Body Coach Bike Fit


Over the years cycling has increased in popularity & is a fully inclusive activity which embraces all ages, abilities and genders - owing to it's multi benefits such as health, environmental and socio economic .Cycling is used both for recreational leisure activity as well as for sports, racing, commuting to work, triathlons and rehabilitation following surgery.
As a result the demand for scientific bike fitting and effective management of cycling related injuries have increased.
Examining both man & machine and correcting incorrect bike fit can improve comfort & performance and also decrease risk of cycling related injuries.
Traditional mechanical bike fitting fails to address the cyclist- Body coach Bike fit package  also identifies cyclists musculoskeletal /biomechanical deficiencies .So if you are serious about cycling either as your leisure activity or for sports Body coach Bike fit package is for you! Pro active professional cycle shop outlets and cycling teams may also contact Body coach fitness about this unique service.

Bike Fit Package includes:-

A 3 step scientific integrated process ( accredited by STA- Sports therapists association) to help treat, manage and prevent cycling injuries and improve cycling performance .

Step 1- Comprehensive Pre-Bike Fit musculoskeletal screening- To identify prevalent intrinsic and extrinsic Musculoskeletal and biomechanical deficiencies commonly found in cyclists

Step 2-Develop a personalised rehabilitation program  to address any deficiencies found in screening process and mange and treat and prevent common injuries such as over use knee pain, neck pain, pelvic instability and lower back pain.

Step 3- Integrate steps 1 & 2 together to deliver a discipline specific Bike Fit- For optimum performance and rider comfort.

Bike Fit Package available here- ensure you get the best out of your ride and get your cycle custom fit to you  -Contact Sharon on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and/or 07875086760 for further details


Cycle Training App-Get Faster


Become a faster  cyclist -stay fit all year long with trainer road app-cycling training plans to complement your Body coach fitness cycle fit/bike fit packages. Fine tune and define how long and how frequent you need to ride your bike to prepare for  a race or cycling event  with trainer road. Ideal for serious cycling enthusiasts, triathletes, road racers and off road cyclists. If you sign up to a Body coach fitness cycle fit or bike fitting package Body coach fitness is able to offer a free month off this system ( on the yearly subscription plan) as part of your Body coach fitness cycling training program.(Limited numbers available ) Contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  to start your cycling training programmes (above) and take advantage of this limited offer of a discounted training app package as an added bonus


Pro Bike Fit


Please go to following link:- https://www.probikekit.co.uk/referrals.list?applyCode=SHARON-R9Q&li   and get 10% off orders over £50.00 ( Or https://probikekit.co.uk and add  Body Coach Code  -SHARON-R9Q at checkout for 10% off purchases over £50.00) and purchase all your professional Pro Bike Fit kit (Bikes, accessories, wheels, hydration and nutrition)

Body Coach Ball Sports Program


Body coach Fitness ball sports program is designed to improve performance, stamina, conditioning , cv fitness and strength for a specific ball sport- football, rugby, cricket, hockey, net ball, basket ball, or racquet sport

Option 1 - Full consultation , biomechanical screening and functional movement assessment


Option 2- Follow up 1-2-1 personal training sessions  (corrective exercise plan & development plan)

Price=£35.00 Per Session

Option 3- Full 12 Week Program Including:-
-Full static biomechanical screen assessment
-Full functional movement assessment
-SAQ- Speed , agility & quickness conditioning program including pylometrics
-S&C program specific to ball sport eg:- football, rugby, cricket, racquet sport, basketball, netball or hockey
-Core strength, stability program
-Continuous review and assessment

12 Week Ball Sports Program Price= £400.00

*Add a Pitch-Thotic -Customised Orthotic to your Ball Sports package here:- https://www.fit-thotics.co.uk/affiliate-area/pitch-thotic/ref/5/  *


GPS Tracker For Football-Player Tech


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer - GPS tracker for football- To track your performance in games and training . Track distance , top speed ,sprint distance or number of sprints , post match tactics and heat maps ,1st half of match vs 2nd half of match fitness analysis and much more. Improve your game and add to  any Body coach sports specific program for best results -Get the edge!

GPS Tracker For Football-Player Tech



Body Coach Extreme Sport Program


As Extreme sports are becoming more popular in the UK- It is more important now to get sports specific programming for it to ensure you get the most out of your extreme sport experience.

Option 1- Full Biomechanical screen assessment , functional assessment & fitness assessment

Price= £70.00

Option 2- Follow up 1-2-1 personal training sessions ( corrective exercise plan & developmental plan)

Price= £35.00 Per Session

Option 3- Full 12 Week Extreme Sports Program includes:-

-Full biomechanical screening assessment
Full functional movement assessment
-SAQ- Speed , agility & quickness  conditioning program including pylometrics
-Grip Strength training- appropriate to sport
-Flexibility program
-Core strength, stability and function program
-S&C program specific to extreme sport
-Continuous review and assessment

12 Week Extreme Sports program Price= £400.00


Track & Field/Pylometrics Sport Specific


Individualised Sport specific track & field ,pylometrics and functional training specifically designed for you  . Including sprint sessions, functional sport specific and nutrition for sports guidance.


Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for prices and further details. 



Running Coaching

Run coaching training plans to improve your running times, fitness levels and technique. For all levels from amateur to elite runners. 

Option 1:- 1 Off Training Plan

-Technique coaching

-- Drills & warm ups

- Speed work, hill sprints and tempo running 

-Foam rolling/Trigger point therapy

- Pace running


Price =£50.00

Option 2:- 1 Off Session+ Nutrition Plan

Price= £60.00

Option3:- Ongoing Mentoring& Coaching

Monthly Mentoring:- Ongoing training plans and coaching and mentoring

Price=£50.00 per month-Monthly mentoring

Price =£75.00 -Monthly mentoring + 1-2-1 Session

*Add a Run-Thotic -Customised orthotic to your Run coach package here:- https://www.fit-thotics.co.uk/affiliate-area/run-thotic/ref/5/ *

 Running Club


-Join "Body Coach Fitness" Running Club and become a BC fit runner!

Benefits of joining:-

-Contact other members through a running club network

-Members only face book page to log race times and communicate with members of the club

-Discounts on Vivo barefoot running shoes

-Discounted run coaching services 

-Group events 

-Be part of a local running fitness community

-Membership card & 10% voucher to use on any Body Coach fitness coaching & nutrition service & own brand products 

-£30.00 per year 


Take the first step and join the running club!"




Price =£30.00

RunDNA Test


Body Coach Fitness-Is now able to offer the RUNDNA test as a practitioner of Toolbox genomics -an endurance performance plan-For your best performance race yet! Since the beginning of time athletes /runners have been looking for that competitive edge! With RUNDNA that dream is now a reality! It gives you a complete breakdown of 24 genetic traits, 47 genes an 57 SNP's that are crucial for running & endurance performance. Science backed insight into how to fuel your body and how to optimise performance, the truth behind your micro nutrient deficiencies how your mind set is related to your success during training & race day.

This unique package can enhance  your running & performance and provides professional actionable recommendations which are scientifically backed to help minimise injury and maximise nutrient intake and help fitness programming with customised reports -Nothing will stand in your way of crossing the finishing line in rec

                                                      "Your  best performance is yet to come!"




Digital Profiler-3D Run Analayis


Body coach is now able to offer the latest in sports tech-Digital profiler blue tooth smartphone 3D running analysis -For 3D running analysis to profile feet and characteristics of your strides. Measure and improve your running performance by analysing your gait ( between professional running gait analysis sessions with Body Coach) .Learn to help 'conserve energy' ,manage fatigue and improve injury risk detection wit this sports tech tool-Audio coaching in real time.* (Combine with run coach or any other body coach sports specific program for best results -Get the edge )*

3D Profile-3D Run Analysis



 Triathlon & Multi Sports Training


 The first event labelled a "Triathlon" was held in San Diego in 1974. Triathlons consist of four disciplines:-




-Transition Time

There are many categories of triathlons  from super sprints to Iron man events and also many other multi sports events such as duathlon, aquathlon, & paratriathlon.

  Endurance training is one of the most exacting methods of training and requires both stamina & endurance. Body coach fitness can help improve your "fitness level"  for recreational and beginner to intermediate level events with specific training plans, nutrition &  correct refuelling and hydration  strategies, to improve both your fitness levels & your race times.



Option 1:-Full consultation  biomechanical assessment , gait analysis and fitness testing specific to multi sports

Price £70.00 

Option 2:- Specific "fitness training" plans to improve event times and distance or triathlons and multi sports events including:-


-Single discipline training


-Simple & complex brick training


-Triathlon event specific fitness training plans 


-Multi sports event specific fitness training plans


-Strength & cardiovascular circuit training specific to multi sports


-Flexibility & core conditioning & strength


-Hill training, interval training & referral to specialist coaches for skills coaching


-Energy , hydration and fuel requirements pre, during and after event


Price= £35.00 per session



Option 3:- Monthly training & Mentoring


On going monthly  training plan updates and mentoring support + 1-2-1  session per month


Price= £75.00 



Body coach Golf Fit



 Do you want to improve your game of golf, lower your golf handicap, increase you golf swing, and improve your fitness levels with a golf specific program? Then Body coach fitness golf performance fitness packages are for you. It will help develop your game and prevent injury by improving core strength, balance and flexibility, work on muscular imbalances and increase physical fitness for golf.


*( I would recommend a full golf swing analysis before this program- please see sports injury/rehab page -for more details )*


"Reduce your handicap & improve your golf performance!"


Option 1:- Initial consultation ,  screening, functional analysis and fitness assessment

Price =£70.00

Option 2:- Corrective exercise training plan to improve common faults :- 


- Thoracic spine

-pelvic rotation

-Leg discrepancy

- Inflexibility in the hips

-limited strength & (ROM) Range of movement

Price=£35.00 per session

*Add a Golf-Thotic -Customised sports orthotic to your Golf coach Package here:-


Body coach Motor Sport Fitness 



First class training for fitness performance for motor sports whether it be motor cross, karting or motor car racing. Body coach motor sports fitness packages will maximise your fitness potential .It will train your body functionally for the demands of the sport and increase driver/rider fitness levels. It will improve your core strength, flexibility and upper body conditioning and increase cardiovascular fitness levels to help you achieve your racing dreams!

Option 1:-Full consultation, biomechanical screening, movement analysis and fitness assessment


Price= £70.00 

Option 2:- Full specific training programme for you based on assessment including:-


-Anaerobic & strength & conditioning exercises 


-Stability, co ordination and core stability and strength exercises


-Exercise programmes to complete at home


-Deep tissue massage and taping if needed


-Driver specific fuelling and hydration


-Body mechanics training (your brains ability to control your body)


-Flexibility work


Price= £35.00 per session

Option 3:- Monthly Mentoring and coaching plan


On going monthly mentoring and training programme  support with a 1-2-1 personal training session per month 


Price=£75.00 per month 


Looking to boost your tennis fitness ? Improve your game ,and decrease your chance of getting tennis injuries such as tennis elbow? Tennis requires speed, agility, proprioception, core strength, flexibility, muscular strength, and cardiovascular fitness .Are you falling short on any of these aspects of tennis fitness? If so a Body coach tennis fit  program Is the answer.


Option 1:- Full consultation, biomechanical screening, gait analysis and fitness assessment


Price= £70.00 

Option 2:- Full "fitness training" programme including the following:-

-Exercises to increase your serve & grip strength for tennis


-Exercises to improve serve, forehand and back hand for tennis


-Reaction & speed exercises & drills for tennis


-Tennis conditioning- plyometrics , shuttle drills , (HIIT) High intensity interval training and tennis specific circuits


-Flexibility & core strength work


Price=£35.00 per session

Option 3:- Monthly training & Mentoring Plan


An on going monthly training programme with a 1-2-1 personal training session included


Price= £75.00 

 Sports Team CPR Instructional Training 


 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer -Sports team/work place  CPR instructional  (kits) .This will help roll out -life saving- training instruction to your sports team & community clubs . This training will not replace a 3 year first aid certification for work as a first aider but would be an ideal addition as yearly update on CPR skills and a way to teach key members of your sports team/community club  ( first aid /or non first aid trained) to be champions of life saving CPR skills ( each person will get a BHF certificate of attendance ).Most companies/sports teams/clubs  have a first aider on site at all times but with this training kit  you  could also train up to 10 more  key members of staff/athletes to be champion life savers as support 1st responders to life saving situations. 

On purchasing you will need to contact Body Coach Fitness (on contact details below) to arrange a training kit and introductory session with set up of instructional DVD's ,resources and CPR skills training. This training can be for up to a group of 10 people *( CPR skills are taught by professional instructional DVD's from BHF (British heart foundation) and practical application based on resources )*Each attendee will recieve a BHF CPR certificate of attendance and CPR wallet card from the training kit.

A more affordable.convenient but professional way to update CPR life saving skills at work,home, or in sport or at play!

Sports Team Instructional CPR Training



*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details on the CPR Training kits*


Healthy Heart For Sport Program



Make a healthy heart your goal,Body Coach Fitness now offers a -A healthy heart for sport  program- For sports teams  interested in investing for improved future health ,& better sports performance -. It can help prevent (CVD) Cardiovascular disease by identifying the BIG 5 key risk factors  associated with heart disease affecting health prospects and better cardiovascular fitness for sports -Better Heart health For a healthier sporting  life!

Body Coach Fitness can come to you  and sports team  to conduct 1-2-1 heart health checks .The appointments are 20-30 minutes long and check for the big 5 heart and circulatory risk factors-

-Blood Pressure

-Glucose levels

 -Body Mass Index

 -Waist Circumference


*(Plus Genetic heart health tests & genetic sports tests can be added at additional cost-Body Coach Pro Genetic )* 


Up to 20 tests/appointments  can be performed per day  & costs will depend on numbers of individuals to cater for .*From £25.00 per person based on minimum of 20 people -price excludes vat *

*Each individual will receive a heart health age calculation and a personal report and healthy lifestyle and sports training/nutrition recommendations for improved heart health for sports * 


*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details on -Healthy Heart For Sports  - Bespoke pricing and to book a consultation/appointment


Body Coach Fitness Sports For Better Mental Health Program + (Connect Sport #21by21 Campaign)


Body Coach Fitness is proud to support the new Connect Sport #21by21  Campaign encouraging 21,000 more sports coaches and volunteers to become trained in mental health awareness by 2021 - more info at - http://21by21.info
Body Coach Fitness has also developed a -sport for better mental health program/workshop ( using professional 'mind' educational tool kits for delivery) .Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  or 07875086760 for more details  and  the benefits of signing up and attending a program/work shop

 Soccor DNA Genomics Test


Personalise soccor- Unleash & maximise your potential and achieve higher goals. An all encompassing soccor player development tool  that incorporates genetics, nutrition and exercise information unique to you! A unique DNA based test specific to soccor and you -the report provides insight into creating a soccor training program for you based on age, gender,player position and your test results and includes details on speed, flexibility/mobility, risk of injury, training goals, endurance, strength  and nutrition -Specific to you & specific to soccor.

Please go to the following link for more details and to purchase :-  https://www.soccergenomics.com/homenueva/

Soccer Genomics - DNA Soccer Test from Soccer Genomics on Vimeo.


My Heritage-My FootballDNA


 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the My heritage DNA test for anyone who wants to discover their ethic origins and discover new family and heritage connections to all areas of the world. My heritage footballdna  shows the connections between sports and your heritage - https://footballdna.myheritage.com  
Learn more about your own family ,ethnic  and sports heritage by purchasing the Heritage DNA test below-

 MyZone  Sport Specific Packages


Body Coach Fitness is now launching Sport specific Myzone packages -A range of customisable programs aimed at improving your sporting performance and health & fitness .Combining the use of the MyZone tracker , specialist personal training and nutrition coaching, functional and genetic testing options and much more -Choose your own unique package for ultimate results from the following:-

 How It All Works? 

There is a basic starter Sport Specific Myzone package to which you can add and customise your own unique program from a list of specialist services and products -each level from starter to ultimate gives you the competitive edge in your sport -expect results!

Sport Specific Package Options:- 

 -Basic Package- Sport specific coaching & nutrition programming from Body Coach Fitness (see list above- or create own package) + Myzone belt and watch wearable tracker system + vitamin /supplement advice & recommendations


*Choose from following customisable list for silver, gold, platinum & ultimate packages:-*

-Fitness Tracker App

-Vitamin subscription

-Functional blood /urine/saliva testing eg- sprorts ultra comprehensive sceen

-Genetic -Sport specific testing for  (nutrition, recovery, fitness, muscle damage ) eg-DNActiv8 or SMGenomics

-Food Intolerance testing- Sport specific

-Sleep profile app tracking & /or sleep genetic test-for recovery & recuperation

-behaviour programming & /or Karmagene test

- Thotics

 -Sports massage/therapy


Silver Package- Basic package as above + 3 options off customisable list above

 Gold Package-Basic package as above + 5 options off customisable list above

 Platinum Package-Basic package as above + 7 options off customisable list

Ultimate Package- Basic Package as above + all 9 options off customisable list  above


*Create your own pack Option-  If you have specific requirements please discuss for further options with Body coach Fitness*


*Contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com to book a consultation face to face/online & for pricing options (dependant on package) & to start your MyZone sporting journey to success!*


Body Coach Fitness- HIIT For Sports Test profile 


Body Coach Fitness -HIIT For sports profile test- is designed for anyone involved in high intensity activities /sports such as track cycling, sprint runing and HIIT Training. These activities often require  short,intense  bursts of effort but also require stamina to last the distance . This test profile is a mix of bio markers  relevant to power/endurance training and high intensity sports.

The test profile can be custoomised to your exact individual requirements  and can include the following biomarkers associated with fatigue, stress hormones, oxygen carrying capacity and muscle breakdown including :-

(ATP, Cortisol,blood glucose markers, creatine kinase, creatine, ferritin, FSH,free androgen, haematocrit, hs-CRP, RBC,luteinising hormones, haemoglobin, free testosterone, urea, vitamin D, WBC, MCH,MCV, EGFR &  albumin)

*This test is recommended to be taken with the -Body Coach Pro Genetic  HIIT For Sports  genetic test ( on Body Coach Pro Genetic page for best results *

 *As this is a bespoke customisable test please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details ,pricing and for face to face/online consultation*

Sports Relaxation Program -Holistic Body Training


Sports keeps you healthy ,improves your performance and energises you and makes you happy. Body Coach Fitness will look at your type of sport and its intensity and you will recieve tips on possible traning elements to include in your every day routine to improve mind /body balance and relaxation for your sports. You will learn how to slow down and discover your inexhaustable source of energy  and reclaim your full sports performance to your full potential( relaxation and recovery is especially important for hard working athletes /sports enthusiasts).This program includes -sports specific stretch and relax flexibility and muscle balancing and joint mobility improving exercise regimes specific to your sports needs eg - gymnastics for the feet -a targeted regime for ankle mobility and sports specific stretches eg PNF stretches .This together with meditation and relaxation tips will  help improve your focus of thoughts and help you to achieve a relaxed state and feeling of lightness -and a sense of wellbeing -with soothing and relaxing breathing techniques to improve relaxation and recovery between sports training sessions. This program is bespoke and customised to your own individual requirements (Please contact Body Coach Fitness on details below for more information and pricing.*This program can be delivered online or face to face -Price dependant on method of delivery and individual needs*

 *Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details,pricing and to book a face to face /online consultation *

Confidence Boosting -Mind /Body /Spirit  Program For Sports 


Build your confidence for your sport /activity  eg:- take on your own -life mountain- starting a new sport or challenge or risky activity such as sky diving or rock climbing with the Body Coach Fitness Confidence boosting  program for sports . It will help support you on your path to wellness and highest peaks of sports performance. Learn how to build a network of supporters ,reinforcing your sports journey through inspiring relationships . 
Many people succeed with a fitness regime ,sports activity and then fall off the wagon and go back to square one ,either due to injury, or lack of willpower . This confidence boosting program will unite mind,body,spirit balance for greater chances of success in your life and competitive field of sport. When transforming your body you need emotions to support life transformation. Being yourself and not comparing yourself to others and giving credit for your accomplishments are key steps to achieving life and sporting goals .Alongside  finding out your own unique personal strengths and weaknesses. Low self esteem is a negative evaluation of yourself -this program will help boost confidence ans self esteem and mond ,body ,spirit balance for optimum cahnce in success in your sport-Flex your willpower - and commit to not quit ! This program could be the last piece of the jigsaw for optimum sports performance , competitive success and life balance in sports 
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details and pricing on this bespoke -confidence boosting sports program *

Body Coach- Athletic Performance Testing Package


This new Body coach fitness testing & nutrition package is designed for the athletic person in mind -who wants to get the edge in their nutrition and training. A comprehensive look at specific biomarkers that will effect ,"recovery, health and ability to train at a higher level"

It consists of a combination of genetic and non genetic ( blood bio marker tests)Including -(Adrenal stress test eg cortisol & DHEA +Sports genomic test(from Body Coach Pro genetic page)+ Inflammation test Eg omega 3 index +  Vitamin D test +Customised Nutrition Coaching )

*Sports genomic test can be customised to your requirement -with appropriate gene markers* 

 Let Body Coach Fitness take the guess work out of all training and nutrition & bring the test results to life  by forming an easy to follow advisory nutritional program customised to you! Ideal for adding to any -Sports specific programs on this page.


*Please contact Sharon Clare  on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details/pricing  and for customisation of test package and to book a consultation face to face/online*


Circadian Variation In Sports Program


Chronobiology  is the science concerned with investigations of time dependant changes in physiological variables. Carcadian rythyms refer to variations that recur every 24 hours. The majority of components  of sports performance eg-flexibility ,muscle strength ,short term high power output ,vary with time of delay. .Heart rate -based tests of work capacity appear to peak in the morning because the heart rate response to exercise is minimal at this time of day. 

Individual differences in performance rythyms are small but significant. The Individuals circadian rythym can be adjusted to suit one's own schedule and preferences. There is debate about late-night exercise and late night stimulants such as caffiene or food consumption. Modifying your body clock towards morning or afternoon training and listening to body cues is -not enough. 

Circadian rythyms are even more important for sports athletes as they require fine tuning to establish the best sporting performance . Knowing your own circadian rythym  in sports will give you the edge in sporting performance. Body Coach fitness has developed a specific test profile and program specifically for sports circadian rythym variation  .

This program includes a cortisol wakening response test ( with diurnal rhytym) and circadian rhythm analysis ,and can include chronomics  genome testing*Optional*( for biological environmental factors such as smoking ,and other health factors associated with ability to perform sport -please go to-healthy lifestyle genetics page for more details on this specific DNA test ) as well as individual sports programming based on results. 

*As this is a bespoke test/program please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at www.bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details and pricing*

Athletic Performance & The Microbiome

Imagine a world where you could mimic the most elite athletes microbiome to improve athletic performance .Does this sound like science fiction?What if I told you athletes are  covered  in and full of microbes that provide an edge over their competition?
Every human has trillions of bacteria ,viruses and fungi inside of them in numerous microbial ecosystems known as microbiomes. Microbes help break  down carbohydrates , fibre and protein and regulate the bodies energy.These microbes influence the bodies inflammatory response ,stress resilience ,neurological function and even an impact on an athletes mental health.
Athletic performance ,recovery and even the type of sport an athletes engages  in have been linked to specific microbes. 
Please see the following list of how  microbiomes help athletic performance:-
-Reduces inflammation
-Boosts energy levels
-Shapes ideal body composition
- Strengthens bones
-Helps with nutrient absorption
-Elevates hydration status
-Improves sleep
-Antioxidant defence system
Eating a healthy diet with diverse foods is  a great start. But you can take athletic performance to the next level by eating a diet that specifically supports your unique microbiome.Body Coach Fitness now offers the athletic performance and microbiome health package including the smartDNA  Wellness pack (including genomic wellness kit,smartGUT test,IBS Gut detector and GUT spectrum test ) .Plus a specialist professional probiotic program for athletes if needed to improve the -inner athlete- in you and keep you at the top of the game -if not at the top of the podium!
This is ideal for any one who performs extreme physical exercise which can cause dysbiosis ( an imbalance in the gut microbiota) which is a major cause of major disease in the human body. Ultra athletes and extreme exercisers put incredible demands on their body when they train both physiologically and mentally .Which can lead to ill health ,injuries and poor mental health if no intervention is made.This program also includes nutritional advise specific to you and your gut microbiome * Please also consult your GP if needed for specific medical concerns of the gut*
If you are not a professional athlete but exercise regularily ,chances are your workouts are having dramatically negative effects and impact on your gut microbiome.This is where the -Body Coach Fitness Athletic performance & Microbiome - package will help gain -you the edge in competition!
*Please contact-Mrs Sharon Clare- From  Body Coach Fitness at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for this bespoke,individualised program*

Pre Race/Pre Event Tune Up


You asked for it  we heard you! Body coach fitness now offers pre event tune ups .The pre event tune up is designed to address last minute issues that may be affecting your training or performance  and keep you at the top of your game and for your next competitive event or help you conquer your first 5k-Exercise and recovery strategies( such as sports massage & flexibility) that help optimise your game plan and improving performance in the last week or so before event/competition !

*Price on application-contact Sharon Clare 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for more details*

Race Fit Profile


Body Coach Fitness can now offer the -Race  Fit profile- the perfect fitness blood tests for beginners or those taking a new fitness challenge. It brings together a range of biomarker's designed to help you track and transform your health that is happening as the result of your training. It also enables you to measure whether key markers are in the right zone to help you improve.
The markers included in this blood test include those related to body fat ,liver function ,fatigue and bodily stress. With that in mind we'd consider this is a great fitness blood test for beginners and there starting out in sprint triathlons or about to run their first long distance race.
This  a professional home finger prick test kit available through a  leading professional diagnostic laboratory .Which will be analysed and results will be given to you through an intuitive dashboard.
The test includes the following profile:-Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT), Albumin, Alkaline Phosphate (ALP), Bilirubin (total) ,Cortisol, Ferritin ,Gamma GT, Globulin, HDL, HDL % Total Cholesterol, hs-CRP, LDL ,Thyroid Cholesterol, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), Total Protein, Triglycerides and Vitamin D ( 25 OH).
The biomarker profiling allows you to understand your body like never before ,helping make the right nutrition and training choices to optimise your performance . By tracking your biomarker at regular intervals through our online dashboard you will see changes in diet and training load are impacting on the numbers ,helping gain the extra edge !
This profile can be used alongside the pre race  pre event race tune up. It can be used to adjust nutritional training programs and sceduling.
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare Body Coach Fitness for more details at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760  -pricing starting from £150.00 +*

 Sports Event Nutrition Planning


Making sure you are nutritionally prepared or sporting  events  is one of the key components to performing your best .Mishandling your nutrition your nutrition on the day ( or week leading up to competition) can unravel  any sort of training you have put in-Don't take that chance! At Body coach fitness we nutritionally prepare and educate our athletes  for the rigours of the event.

Problems I Can Help You For The Event/Race

-Running out of energy on the day

 -Muscle cramping

 -Bloating of the GI Tract

-Headaches & migraines

-GI Distress


*An event nutrition plan will help with this* 

 Events I can help you with?

-All lengths of triathlon (sprint, Olympic , half & iron man) 

-All lengths of marathon (Half , full, ultra)

-Cycling races & events  ( Criteriums, stage races, ultra- distance cycling etc)

-Strength events  ( Body building, strong man, power lifting, Olympic lifting)


What's In the Plan?

Every event nutrition plan starts off with a detailed consultation (face to face/Skype) to establish goals, fitness levels, nutritional preferences, and prior knowledge basis. I can the build your race week & race day fuel plan  based off  multiple factors like your personal fitness, temperatures, duration, elevation, weight categories, aid station stops, and any other relevant race/event based information unique to you!

The event plan includes:-

-Pre event meal(s) and hydration strategies (  hours leading up to  event)

-Properly portioned and timed during event  food and liquid planning(race day/event day)

-Post event recovery nutrition and hydration( hours & days after event/race)

-Supplement & snack  advice (for race/event day) and preparation/organisational tips

-7 day count down to the big day with detailed information on nutrition planning leading up to your event/race

*Pre event tests (at extra cost) eg Race fit test (By Forth Edge) *


*I would recommend a consultation 2-3 months before event to ensure adequate planning and time for any other testing necessary ( if needed ) eg food intolerance testing ,functional nutrition  blood testing(Race fit test) etc-& to ensure time for any last minute alterations which may be necessary*



Sports Event Nutrition Planning



                                   * Prepare To Plan -Or Plan To fail*


Keep It Going -Outdoor Adventure Sports Nutrition Bundle


Give Your workouts an effective boost with this Amway XS sports nutrition  bundle -for extra power ,muscle support and recovery ( plus an XS solar power bank).

What does it do for you:-

 The XS keep it going bundle provides -XS magnesium sticks to support normal muscle function ,reduce fatigue and control electrolyte  balance and XS whey protein powder for faster muscle recovery and cell repair ,perfect for those looking to -minimise carbohydrates- PLUS  a solar power bank with universal water proof portable USB -charging cable- ,LED lighting and carabiner and compass included( an environmentally friendly device which will never run out of charge) for outdoor sports adventures .

Key Features:-

Key features of this sports pack is the solar power bank for outdoor adventures ,which is an environmentally friendly solar battery operated device  -which  will never run out of energy!

 How To Use:-

Take the XS magnesium sticks before a workout ( dissolve in the mouth or water) , mix XS hydrolysed  whey protein with water to drink after a workout and consume XS protein choco protein bar within 60 minutes after workout or as a healthy snack.


 An ideal sports adventure pack for optimum sports nutrition on the go -with the added extra  Solar power bank to ensure you never run out of energy !


*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details and pricing RRP starting from £150.00* 

Female Athlete Triad- Interventional  Program 


For many female competitive athletes ,success is directly related to their weight. Athletes in these categories all have one thing in common -they are at higher risk to develop over exercising and disordered eating patterns ( Eating too little and exercising too much ) to make weight or condition for their sport. Female athletes are at particular risk of this due to hormones associated with bone loss and female productive system affecting future health . Females in gymnastics,dance ,body building & sports where weight categories need to be met/maintaind are more succeptible to FAT.

The Female  athlete triad ( FAT)  is a syndrome that occurs in women ( especially young women and children) It invoves over training and eating too little calories,this combined with stress from traying to achieve competitive goals can lead to FAT  and hormonal imbalances ,frequent injuries, depression and anxiety,low body temperature,adrenal stress,  trouble sleeping and long term future health problems such as osteoporosis. 

Body Coach Fitness has developed a program with nutritional and physical  activity guidence  specific to people with issues with FAT (Female triad syndrome). Working on specific health and lifestyle programming to both help treat & support female athlete triad syndrome *( Along with any medical supervision necessary and not instead of) *  looking at specific nutritional support, stress reduction methods, reduction in inflamation, and adjustments in physical training programming to prevent fractures or other sporting injuries  . *( Specific related blood chemistry testing may also be included at extra cost as part of this bespoke program)*

*Please contact Mrs Sharon clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760  for more details on this bespoke program and pricing and tests available *


 The Plant Powered Athlete


Many of todays athletes choose to adopt the plant powered lifestyle eg a plant based diet for sports fuel and sports performance due to either personal, cultural or animal cruelty reasons . There are advantages to  a plant based diet for sports as long as the correct balance of nutrients is available for this. It is possible to be extremely active and eat a plant-based diet -without destroying you body! It has been proven to have positive benefits .However following a limiting diet ( especially for hardworking active people/sports people) can be a risk of becoming deficient in some core nutrients for health and sports performance for maintaining good health eg:- iron & calcium, vitamin D  & active B12.

 Body Coach Fitness has developed a -plant powered athlete program- with a plant based finger prick blood test ( by a professional leading UK laboratory Forth edge) which has been specifically created to focus on these biomarkers when  following  a restricted plant based athlete diet plan. *All test results will be reviewed and analysed by a professional registered doctor and be made available to you on your own personal biometric dashboard. Where you can track your markers and any changes with adjustments made to your dietary plan as you progress.

Biomarkers Included In This Package:-

The liver -alkaline phosphate (ALP), Vitamins and minerals -active B12,corrected calcium, ferritin, folate(serum) ,and vitamin(25 OH), and many more biomarkers associated with a plant based diet and its possible deficiencies .

What Does The Package Include?

It can include the above plant based biomarker test, an advisory plan based on results and review of test results from a registered doctor practitioner, and you also have the option to add a plant based Nordic  practitioner supplement regime as part of the program which has been researched and designed to meet nutritional needs ,which is used by the  functional medicine practitioners community across the globe.

The 1,2, 0r 3 month supply of Nordic smoothie products contains plant powered lean protein, organic flax seed oil, broccolox, nucleotides, actigreens, much much more -to fuel your newly designed plant based athlete diet. 

* This bespoke package can be designed to your own personal requirements  dependant on budget  and  your own bodies specific need and the depth of analysis and support you require*- Prices starting from £150.00*

*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details and for a face to face /online consultation* 


Sports Behaviour Change Management Program


A confidential personalised sports  behaviour change management program with  a holistic approach ,for a successful life in sport and  every day life .An individual mentoring service supporting athletes through key transitions,changes and challenges  in their life eg- competing,sports preperation, balancing & integrating sport with work and family and every day lifestyle . 

A personal and professional behaviour management program -for life beyond sports! Helping athletes  fine tune and balance lifestyle behaviours to improve both sports performance , dual career management (eg integration of an athletic career /sports life allongside studies and work.Plus advice on preperation for life after sport .A program designed to communicate and connect for positive behaviour change in sports using neuro science -exercise tools and (MI)Motivational interviewing. 

A bespoke service for supporting and guiding athletes /sports enthusiasts in challeneging transitions through their -sporting journey. With an individual change behaviour plan just for you and your sporting dreams /goals .

*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details on program and pricing dependant on individual needs *


 Gender Gap -Get  Into Sport Program


Body Coach Fitness has developed a new -Gender gap get into sports program- for  females looking to get into sports /physical activities . The government has a campaign- This girl can- with a new one this year -Fit got real- for females wishing to get more physically active. Body coach fitness has developed a program based on  their principles of getting more women more active more often through physical activity but with more of an emphasis on sports -aiming to get more women more active through increased participation in sports!

There are 2 million less women than men participating in sports ,this may be due to many reasons including -personal, professional and social attitudes . Sport is ideal for developing skills, improving mental health, physical appearance and fitness and health as well as increasing social contact and engagement.

Body Coach Fitness aim is to get more girls/ladies involved in sports whether  it be team or  individual sports ,increasing physical participation in sports to the same level as males ,balancing the gender gap in sports whilst improving their overall health and fitness.

This can be delivered through a -gender gap get back into sports work shop ( face to face /online) or a individual /team program delivered over a fixed period of weeks/month. Both  aiming to educate, motivate and involve more females to participate or take interest in taking up sports for better health and fitness and to increase self esteem and confidence fore every day life


*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details -programs /workshops can be customised to your groups/individual needs * 



Operant Sports Conditioning

Sports coaches can use behaviorism to increase athletes motivation -people are motivated to obtain pleasure - and avoid pain. This explanation for human motivation is similar to hard-working athletes training through extremely demanding and often painful ( not pleasurable ) conditions to achieve competitive goals.Body Coach Fitness has developed an operant conditioning approach to its athlete motivation sports programing including the following :-
Reinforcement & Motivation
One factor that seperates a sucessful athlete from an unsuccessful athlete is having positive rather than negative reinforcement( operant conditioning rather than conditional) .Praise provides information to athletes not only about performance but also about notion of self. In other words it tells athletes about the quality of their motor perfrormance ,but it also tells them about their self worth and competence.
Feed back As Reinforcement
Motivating feedback is defined as feedback about an individuals progress towards goal acheivement that energises and directs behaviour.When athletes beleive they are improving and moving towards their goals ,they become increasingly motivated in their pursuit of goal acheivement .
Extrinsic & Intrinsic Motivation
Some athletes -engage- in behaviours they anicipate recruit certain rewards.Some athletes have intrinsic motivation and respond well to internal sources of re inforcement .However some athletes ned aditional external rewards for facilitating internal motivation.
Conditioned Responses
Athletes who associate positive physiological responses such as relaxation and enhancing emotions are more likely to love their sport and to respond better to their training.
Applying Behaviourism To Increase Motivation
Based on the theory of behaviourism an athletes motivation can be increased by-pushing behavioral buttons. "No two athletes are the same "Conditioned athletes have a -positive response to sports and react to positive re-inforcers in their training program making them more engaged and motivated to excel at their sport.Using external positive reinforcement can be effective at kick starting an athletes internal motivation.
This operant conditioning program could be the key to earning your place on the podium and excelling at your chosen sports - a carrot rather than a stick approach gaining positive reward for your efforts!
*Please conatct  Mrs Sharon Clare at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for this unique bespoke program for more information and individual pricing  *

Youth Sports-Movement & Physical Activity Intervention Programme


Body Coach has developed a -Idividual personalised  movement and physical activity/sports  evaluation programme for youth/children.Science has proven children /youths who are involved in stryctured fundamental movement and physical activity and sports are more likely to achieve higher levels of grades at schol, college or university ,making thm more likely yo participate in sports and have a higher  level of confidence ,well being and behaviour.

This programme  offers a unique evaluation and intervetion programme for youth & families for sports:-

-A 4 stage physical evaluation fir the child/youth at the beginning and end of programme- Incorporating SAQ ,movement patterns,speed,agility and accuracy,dynamic balance and proprioception ,hand eye co-ordination and manipulation skills 

-Targets set for guardians /parents /teachers  to work  with the child/youth at home /outside of sessions -This incorporates easy to implement  ,simple to use techniques and programme design to ensure effective indivdualised application for their sport

-Provision of affordable easy to use equipment and resources ( on request for purchase) ,which are fun.motivational and ensure maximum engagement 

-Ongoing monitoring and access to coach through out programme

A programme offering personally designed programming and evaluation and monitoring of your child /youth for their specific sporting needs 


*As this is a bespoke personalised programe -Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details, face to face/online consultation and pricing *



Active Kids -Vipr For Sports


Body Coach Fitness has developed a new-Active Kids VIPR for Sports program .Based on the -VIPR Kids- Specialist training for (4-15 Year olds) -harnessing the applications and adaptions for physical activity/sports and loaded movement for kids .Allowing integration  of style and strategy to adapt to each kids sports /physcal activity interests-developing motor skills ,balance, co ordination  -Exploring new ways of coaching kids activity all the way to adulthood. Using strategies to create an environment where kids can flourish and develop skills for future sports pathways whilst increasing physical engagement and fitness levels for better future health. 

*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more infromation ,pricing and details on 1-2-1 or small group Active kids For Sports VIPR classes *

*(All minors must be accompanied by a adult parent /guardian throughout the class whether  face to face /online )*


Active Aging -Senior  Sports Program


Body Coach Fitness has developed a new -Active ageing senior sports program with specific nutrition ,training and supplementation and smart watch fitness gps tracking and heat rate monitoring for seniors involved in or wanting to get back into sports .*( A next step on from both programmes on women's and men's wellness page -FFMOT & active aging heierachy of needs program -for the more sports orientated senior citizen)*

This program will be customised to your individual requirements in lifestyle and nutrition programming  and also sports specific  exericse programming with an emphasis on areas needing attention eg balance, co- ordination, flexibility amd muscle and bone strength in relation to your specific sport. It also includes a unique- elderly/senior  GPS tracker fitness smart watch with heart rate monitor ,pedometer ,medicine reminder , and sleep monitor reminding you to also rest with perfect happiness for ultimate recovery plus first aid SOS key to dial for emergencies  . The smart watch also has a GPS tracker and call function for personal security and safety as part of its programming. An ideal accompaniment to your Body Coach Fitness active ageing senior sport program -all part of the bespoke price.

It is important  to both track and monitor your workouts,fitness levels, activity levels and sleep /relaxation and recovery ,especially as a senior and this together with bespoke nutrition and exercise programming specific to your sport/activity will allow for improved health ,vitality and performance as we age .Add to this specific professional supplementation specific to over 50's eg -prime 50 supplements for bone & joints strength ,muscle gain and for vital nutrients as we age -will give the added advantage in your physical activity program in later life for a happier ,healthier sporting life 


*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details on the senior sports program and senior fitness smart tech  and for pricing and to book a consultation face to face/online*


Seasonal Sports Training Camps


Body Coach fitness- Seasonal sports training camps are designed to meet your sporting goals .Your goal does not go away in the off season and there is no time for sitting on the side lines. Body Coach fitness can help you reach your goals and go beyond the basics of speed, agility, strength and conditioning with season sports camps.

Each camp will lay a foundation for the competitive season ,improving skills ,focusing on conditioning and strength for your sport of choice. More than just sets and reps -Improving senses and recruiting muscles in a more coordinated and efficient manner specific to your sport.

 Winter Training Camps

 Track training camp

 Endurance training camp

Soccor (Rugby/Football)training camp

Tennis training camp

Basketball/Baseball training camp


Spring Training Camps

Hockey strength camp

Speed Camp

Recover Camp

Power swim training Camp


Autumn/Fall Training Camps

Contact Sharon Clare for details


Summer Satellite Training Camps

Power summer satellite training camps is a summer-based large group training offered to athletes at higher education schools /colleges and universities designed for sports


*Please contact Sharon Clare on sharonbodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details on each sports training camp and pricing* 



Body coach Fitness- Hyper Sports Pro


Body Coach fitness is now able to offer the new I year long term  sports program for professionals -Body Coach fitness Hyper Pro Sports program . HiPer  sports pro is for Super Humans to helpsto experience God-given peak potential. Become a peak performer and soar, because your success is only limited by one thing – what you do next. This program is for the fascinating humans who are little bit different from the rest of us. The humans with real super powers! We help you activate your high performance mode, allowing you to accomplish super human feats! Go above and beyond - optimize every area of your life and take yourself to the next level of magnificent health and vitality. HiPer for Super Humans - push your body and mind to the absolute limits of human performance! Get ready to take your life to the next level.  This program is a -sports lifestyle program- not just a -run of the mill off the shelf training program and will include a full years support for -long term investment in both your health & wellness & sports performance !This program will include :-

 -Full support for a 1 year period ( payment up front for whole year or monthly payments

-Optimum assessment programming ( Biomechanics ,general health & biochemistry assessment )

-High performance goal setting

-Specialist consultation oversight

-Sports nutrition planning

-Genetic assessment ( optional)

-Biological age assessment (optional)

-Injury prevention (elite program)

-Sports ware & technology recommendations

-Self assessment (Physical & environmental health, mental & emotional health & spiritual & social health)

-Over coming Gender specific ( hormonal issues, injuries & medical conditions ) 

-Rehabilitation program ( or prehab)  

 -Additional options( Sports floatation, cryotherapy & sports massage )

*Please contact Sharon at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com & or 07875086760 for more details and bespoke pricing for this exclusive professional sports package* 


Body Fit Profile-For Sports Optimisation


Body Coach Fitness now has  -The Body Fit profile for sports optimisation test - as part of its sports performance testing services-from Forth Edge a professional laboratory . This profile is ideal for anyone new to sports and in the early stages of training for challenges such as marathons and 10K races of people starting out in more advanced  physical activity programmes in the gym.

It includes 18 biomarker profiles (to help optimise sports performance  for your bodies health)  .All results are reviewed by a -sports  medicine specialist - and results are available through your own personal  biometric dashboard ,so you can adjust areas of your diet  which are in need of improvement when training for your event/challenge. It covers biometrics involved with the following body systems- blood  and transportation of oxygen and  cardiovascular system  ,metabolic system and vitamin and mineral deficiencies . You also receive an advisory  personalised programme based on test results as part of the -Body Fit sports optimisation package.

*As this is a physician led test/program   please contact Mrs Sharon Clare  at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details and to book a consultation online /face to face * Prices from £150.00*


Meal Plans- For Different Types Of Sports


Body Coach Has loads of Meal Plans (& more coming soon) to help achieve your goals in specific sports! There are plans for both recreational sports and those who compete at an athletic /elite level .Check out our meal plan list & if we have not covered your sport -Let us no!*( These meal plans are pre planned blueprint templates giving you a guide for meal planning for your specific sport  - Bespoke customised plans can be created on request for additional cost) *

Basket Ball -Meal Plan For Sports


Body Builder -Meal Plan For Sports


Cricketer Meal Plan For Sports


Cyclist Meal Plan For Sports


Fighter Meal Plan For Sports


Footballer Meal Plan For Sports


Golfer Meal Plan For Sports


Rugby Meal Plan For Sports


Swimmer Meal Plan For Sports



Tennis Player Meal Plan or Sports


There are more meal plans being created for - Coeliac & lactose intolerant body builders, dancers, gymnasts, hockey, netball, powerlifting, rowing, running, triathletes,& weightlifters/Olympic lifters 


*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  or 07875086760  for more details and breakdown of meal plans* 

Sports Travel Insurance

Sports Travel Insurance

PLEASE CLICK ON BANNER PICTURE LINK ABOVE FOR SPECIALIST :-Sports Travel insurance will provide cover for the whole time that you are on a trip away from home. It will cover you for any general travel issues, plus any issues related to the chosen sport(s). Cover is provided for your chosen sport, plus all other sports in the same sports group or lower groups. Policies can be Single trip or Annual multi-trip - Annual policies allow multiple single trips of up to 90 days each. There are 3 levels of cover available to choose from which allow you to select how much cover you require for cancellation, baggage, sports equipment etc

Sports Team Insurance

Sports Team Insurance

PLEASE CLICK ON PICTURE BANNER LINK ABOVE FOR SPECIALIST-sports team insuranceThe Team Personal accident policy will cover a team or squad of individuals for the chosen sport. Policies are annual and cover the individuals who play for the named team for injuries received as a result of a Sports Accident. 6 levels of cover are available offering a range of benefits to suit a variety of needs, so you can select the level of cover which would be most appropriate to your team or your budget. Benefits include Personal Accident, Personal Liability, and loss of earnings cover for adult teams. Junior team policies offer broken bone cover instead of loss of earnings

Health IQ-Athlete Life Insurance

If you are seriously into sports and physical activity you need to consider a life insurance policy which caters for your needs with secured special rates for sports enthusiasts and athletes. Health IQ  offer sports and health conscious people from all back grounds life insurance policies. Special groups considered include- weight lifters, swimmers, tennis players, runners, yogis, vegans, cyclists, HIIT athletes, triathletes and other endurance athletes among others. Check out more details and to get a life insurance policy quote at the following link- http://tinyurl.com/y9rc2sfz   or the following text links below or picture images above and below-

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