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Body Building /Weight Training

Healthy Eating Recipe Note Book For Female Body Builders 



 Body Coach Fitness has developed a healthy eating recipe note book for female body builders ,please go to link below for more details and to purchase direct .It has 15  recipes and is ideal for female body builders on the go!



*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details and purchase in the UK* 

 Please look at (download PDF file link) below to view a sample edit of published copy through Food projects .com (@copy right 2019)

click here to download file

 This  cook book is also listed on ourCookbooks.com  website page :- https://www.ourcookbooks.com/cookbooks4sale/search_results.asp

Body Coach Fitness- "Tag Coaching"



                     "Bring Your Coach to The Show-For Greater Confidence!"

Body coach fitness tag coaching is a unique service to help you place higher and give you an advantage in your fitness/figure/bodybuilding competition.

With a tag coach , Sharon will help prepare you back stage, making sure your suit is fastened properly , tan is organised and appropriate, and give last minute advice . Sharon will help run over your poses and routine and give you last minute advice.

Sharon will be right up front during pre judging and will call out corrections on poses , if needed, using "tag words "learned when attending a posing workshop or mandatory half hour phone consultation  prior to competition.

 Hiring Sharon as a "tag coach" on the day will make you feel more confident, help you place better on the stage and provide you with that little extra service form personal competitive experience that friends and family cannot provide.

Cost  Tag Coaching Pre Judging (1 ) show=£80.00

Cost Tag Coaching Pre judging (2) shows= £145

Cost Half Hour Pre Competition "Tag Word" Phone Consultation= £20.00


Champion Corner


Who wants to be BC Fit champion of the month in Champions corner- Members of BC fit community (or competing fitness athletes)who are in the process of or have competed -please send in photos & mini profile to be included in this .The chosen athlete of the month  will receive a month membership to the BC Fit community with all its benefits . Please send photos and mini profile to Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com with contact details.


4 Week Pose Down 


4 Week pose down - A 4 week program too fully prepare you for your special competition day- 1 step up from the 2 hour work shops taking you from last to 1st place -to help you shine - and ready to Rock !

The 4 week pose down course runs over 4 weeks and consists of :-

- Week 1- Perfect posing/presentation 1 hr

- Week 2- Advanced stage presence /presentation- choosing music 1.5 hours

- Week 3- Running through compulsory pose eg :- Quarter turns & routine 2 hours

--Week 4- Q &A & Mock/practice  show day(tan/bikini fit/hair/poses & routine) 2.5 hours

- Photographic analysis /assessment of progress in final 4 weeks prior to show 

- Plus final week preparation guidelines & fitness training instructions, competition prep checklist, nutrition guidance(carb loading or depleting & hydration) in the last week

- Full telephone support or email support throughout the 4 week period






Price= £300.00


Champion Maker 


A way to put the finishing touches to your presentation & routine and increase stage presence - & make you into  a champion! Sharon will help you with everything you need to know & no one has told you about for final preparation for show day!Recommended to book at least 2 weeks before your show - to ensure you are fully prepared for the day! Consisting of 2 hours of putting the final touches to posing, routine, tan prep, music cueing, stage presence & running through a practice session of the day- A practice mock show day to ensure everything runs smoothly !

Price  For 2 Hour Champion Maker =£45.00

    Body Coach Fitness -Muscle Fit Camps



 A one day muscle Body coach fitness  muscle fit  camp -with training sessions, nutritional and supplement advice and a chance for a photo shoot !Designed for all shapes and sizes and all fitness levels .To educate, inspire &  motivate people in the sports of Weight training/fitness & Body building .


Example of Days Schedule:-



10AM-Registration & chance for healthy juice/smoothie & introduction


11-12.30PM- Choice of lower and upper body strength training workshop


12.30-1.30PM- Lunch & refreshments


1.30-2.30PM- Poise & presentation- Posing practice 


2.30-3.00PM- Break- Healthy snack


3.00-4.00PM- Nutrition & supplement seminar


4.00-5.00PM- Q&A session and chance to have a picture taken







I am not  a fitness pro is this the right fit camp for me?


YES- most definitely , the idea is for you to learn all about the world of fitness/ weight training/bodybuilding  and enjoy the day  !


Do I have to be model ready for the photo shoot?


NO- Just arrive with the clothing and image you wish to portray on the day!


What costs are involved and is it worth it?


Price is on application please enquire /contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for all the details. The only additional cost will be for the photo shoot.

Of course it is worth it- you are investing in YOU! 







Phone Consultation

                 "Listen In & Win!"

Get insider tips, advice  and knowledge over the phone from  a federation pro on various competition topics such as :-

-Posing techniques

-Dieting & Nutrition

- Choreography

 - Hair & Make up

-Choosing flattering costumes

-Tanning tips 

- Focus & determination 

 -Show ready tips & tricks

-And more...


                               "Listen To An Industry Expert For THE competitive Advantage!" 



Price Half Hour Consultation= £20.00

Price One Hour Phone Consultation= £30.00


Body Coach Fitness- Body Building Biomechanics Program


The new Body Coach Fitness body building biomechanics program is designed to improve both biomechanics , injury risk and aesthetics and symmetry .Learn how to optimise your workout program through good biomechanics . For example learn how to optimise your latissimus dorsi workout through good biomechanics . Eg- Although not as heralded as its anterior counterpart the pectoralis major or chest ,the latissimus dorsi is synonymous with that elusive ,highly sought after v-taper. Unfortunately due to the inability to see the back while training combined with the extreme volume of work performed for the pectoralis major , many trainees neglect proper balance in their upper body training opting to prioritise chest development . Good biomechanics will help optimise your muscle developmental potential.By having a stronger comprehension of the proper biomechanics of all the muscles and their correct methods you can successfully design  a program in which you can optimise your body & muscle function and aesthetics.This program series utilises proper biomechanics as a means of optimising your own muscle development potential. By having a stronger comprehension of the proper biomechanics of muscles as well as correct methods-optimal human performance and aesthetics can be achieved.
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more information and bespoke pricing* 

Competition Day Checklist


A full checklist for competition day to ensure you do not forget any essential items on the day-This list will help take the stress out of preparing for your special day!

Price= £10.00

Youth Strength Training Program


A strength training program specifically targeted at the Young adult/youth sector of the community

A printable version will be sent via email on purchase

Price= £10.00 

 Senior Strength Training Plan


 A strength training program specifically targeted at the 50+ age group.

A printable version will be sent via email on purchase

Price =£10.00 

Personalised Performance Supplement List


A personalised performance supplement list recommended for  you( women , men, fat loss, endurance training, team sport athlete , muscle tone or muscle mass, competitive exerciser or just general health, dependant on your goals.




Personalised Autographed Photographs



Personalised autographed photographs (10 x8) -choose form a selection in the gallery

  Price each= £10.00

Vegan & Vegetarian Bodybuilding Nutrition Plan


Hints and tips on vegan/vegetarian body building nutrition, recipes, supplement suggestions and general useful nutritional advice for vegan and vegetarian athletes.

Printable version sent on receipt of payment


Body Building Meal Deliveries



Learn more and order meals for delivery at https://goo.gl/SMAhDR  use code- 'BC10' at check out  for  mealpro meal plans delivered anywhere in the USA specifically designed for body builders and fitness fanatics in mind with option for high protein meals ,low carb meals and calorie counted meals whether you are looking to body build, lose weight or gain muscle there are healthy options for you-different meals for different goals . For every purchase you make you will receive reward points towards discounts off events, protein powder and sports apparel purchases- change your life with nutritious meals delivered to your door making scheduling your meals around your training much easier!


Body Building & Strength - Health Check Blood Test Profile


For Body Builder, weight trainers, strong man &  & power lifters-Body coach Body building & strength specific blood test panel looks at your health, nutrient levels and hormone status. Ideal for an annual or seasonal  health check or pre & post competition .A lot of Body builders and strength competitors place a large emphasis and spend a lot of money on their nutrition and training but neglect the fundamentals -healthy body -healthy mind- more chance of success in training & competition-Build your body & track its progress with this test-(Available UK only at present -Through Professional UK Laboratory service)
Body Builder Panel 1 Tests for -
DHEA, Testosterone , SHBG, cortisol, prolactin, liver function check, FSH & LH, ferritin, Full thyroid check (TSH,T4,FT4 & F3),

Body Coach Fitness Body Building panel Test 1



Body Builder Panel 2 Tests for-

All of the above in Body builder 1 test + Diet & lifestyle check ( Including- urea, creatinine , liver function, total proteins, diabetes, HbA1c ,Iron, cholesterol status , Vitamins B12 & D)

Body Coach Fitness Body Builder Blood Test Panel 2



 Custom Blood Test Panel-

Choose your test selection/combination from any of the above two test panels -Dependant on your needs -POA 


Steroid Profile Test Panel


 As an advocate for natural body building - I understand the need for testing for use of steroids and performance enhancing drugs in sports/bodybuilding. This test profile specifically looks at detection of steroid hormone levels and performance enhancing drugs and the health effects on your body ,both detecting use and improving health of users ( as I understand not all body builders /sports athletes are natural). This is a home lab urine test testing adrenal androgens, androsterone ( 5 alpha and 5 beta), aetiocholanolone (5 beta), 16 alpha hydroxy DHA , pregnandiol, pregnanetriol, 11-beta-hydroxyactiocholanolone, tetrahydrocortisol (THF-5beta), Allo (THF-5 alpha),alpha cortolone, beta cortolone &  beta corto,alpha cortol.


*Important Information

Our tests are not a substitute for seeing your doctor, especially if you are suffering symptoms. Our doctors will interpret your results based on the information you have provided, but will not diagnose, consult or provide any treatment. You will be advised to see your doctor for any necessary follow-up action.*

Steroid Test Panel Profile



 Allergic/Intolerant To Whey Protein?


Whey protein & Casein are some of  the best sources of protein supplements available to Body builders and exercise enthusiasts.  But what if you are allergic/intolerant to milk-the key component of whey protein? As a milk/lactose intolerant myself I started looking into how this would affect my ability to take some protein supplements, although there are many good  vegan supplements  on the market, some people still wish to consume Whey and casein based proteins as they generally are more palatable, and normally offer  higher bioavailability of amino acids and protein .Many people ask if they can eat curd (Casein) or whey protein if they test positive for milk intolerance .The answer can be determined by the -Milk sub-fraction reflex -Immuno Labs test- available through Body Coach Fitness & Quest Diagnostic/Direct labs internationally .

One of the firsts steps in preparing cheese  is to separate the curds and whey ,this is often done by acid precipitation of the milk ( souring) followed by centrifugation. Curds are insoluble (precipitate) : whey is liquid ( supernate) and cheese is made of curds , the major component of curds is Casein ( another form of protein used in supplements). Whey proteins consist of Alpha- lactalbumin (ALA), Beta lactoglobulin (BLG) , bovine serum albumin ( BSA) and lactoferrin (LF) .In this test all 5 proteins ,sub fractions of milk, are tested individually. If you are found positive to Casein you should not eat cheese and Casein based protein supplements , and if you are found positive to any of the 4 proteins of Whey -you should not include Whey based  protein supplements in your training plan.

A unique test for people who may be milk intolerant & are unsure if they are able to tolerate  whey & casein based supplements  (Consultation face to face /online recommended before purchasing this test for suitability & test is a blood sample which will require a blood draw - at additional cost- Test turn around times will vary with location Globally)

Milk Sub Fraction Reflex -ImmunoLabs Test Kit



Athleat-Body Coach Fitness -Fit Box


As body building athletes we need a lot of protein and this is best sourced from local farmed grass fed sources in the uk. Athleat and Body Coach Fitness are now able to offer the new- Body Coach Fitness -Fit Box .  A special hand picked selection of meat cuts for Body Coach Fitness customers Including:-

-5 x Outdoor Bred Cajun Pork Burgers 

-1kg Grass Fed Top Side Roast  Beef (Aberdeen Angus)

-2x 80z Grass Fed Fillet Steaks

-10x Grass Fed Beef Meat Balls

 -5 x Chicken Fillet Breasts

-1 x 16 0z Pork Fillet

 -5x Kofte Chicken Kebabs

Please purchase the new Athleat Body Coach Fitness Fit Box Pack (with discount) here:-  https://www.athleat.co.uk/bodycoachfitness.html  Ideal for every day active people good enough for elite  athletes!

Monthly Fitness Subscription Box (Nutrition & Gym Goodies)



Choose the best supplement  subscription plan for you! Get the latest and best supplement samples from all over the world  delivered to your door every month (From £9.93 per Month). Its as easy as 1,2 3 go to 


1) Select the right fitness supplement subscription plan  for you 1,3,6 or 12mth options & Gift subscription

2)Box will be delivered to your door (free of charge in UK & £3.99 In EU) From  30th each month of subscription-with 5-10 different supplement samples , and items of apparel & gym goodies each time

3)Enjoy sampling your supplements and spending your discount codes off full sized products until your next box arrives

 What's Inside The Box?

A varied selection of trusted supplement brand samples , healthy treats, gym tips and advice, discount codes off full size items , gym apparel and goodies such as T shirts, caps and shakers -Different selection of items each month from worldwide leading brands


 Body Building /Strength Training Orthotics

Fit Thotics

Improve your biomechanics with customised orthotics specifically designed for you as  a strength based athlete- Body builder, strong man/woman, power lifter or Olympic lifter-Squat thotics are personalised professional orthotics to ensure you get a balanced biomechanical starting point for your lift-Ideal for serious lifters ,competitive athletes and weight training enthusiasts .Designed and created for you by a female professional figure athlete .Please go to following text link below ( or dumb bell image above ) for more details and to order-Also check out the video below of how orthotics are made-Serious product for serious training!

Squat Thotic

Body Coach Competition Nails


Add the finishing touches to your competition outfit and stage presentation -with Body coach Competition nails. Sharon qualified in college as a nail technician ( city & guilds ) and knows the importance of adding the finishing touches to the final package when competing  ,especially in fitness, figure and bikini categories. Competitors have their tan especially applied and order sparkly bikinis and purchase special stage shoes and sometimes have makeup professionals apply their make up on the day , but whether going for a job interview or standing on stage to win -hair, teeth & nails are 3 things that people notice .

So with this thought Body Coach Competition nails has arised ,please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for more details on availability, pricing and last minute competition day pricing.

A Personal Consultation  with Sharon


Spend half a day with Sharon and experience and learn new fitness workout techniques , nutrition hints and tips, how to choose and where to source fitness wear and competition costumes, fridge anlaysis or food shopping experience or  combination of all these or acivities of your choosing. Gain from many years of  knowledge and experience in the health and fitness industry and from a international natural athlete in  bodybuilding. Sharon will schedule and  arrange an itinary based on your requirements for the day - go on have a fun fitness day just to your self!


Contact Sharon on sharon@bodycooachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details!


Price on Application


 BC FIT-Female Fitness Community  Membership Plan

A new all female fitness community membership plan. Specifically targeted at ladies who want results and who want to be part  of an exclusive  membership club  and who have the same interests in achieving the best female physique possible ! Open to  all  female fitness, figure and body building competitors and non competitors alike from complete beginners to elite athletes .


Member ship includes:-


-An exclusive membership to BCFIT female community face book group

-Specific fitness competition advice on  -posing, presentation, suits & shoes, makeup and tanning

choosing a show, list of posing coaches &photography

-Competition day show prep checklist

-Final week preparation-guidelines 

- Personalised supplement list and list of recommended supplement suppliers

-Discounts on online shop 

-Discounts and concessions on other Body coach fitness services 

-Chance to attend Muscle Camps (Discounted Price) 

- List of recommended professional fitness photographers

- Up to date information on  fitness, figure and bodybuilding shows-dates ,schedules, organisers and what to expect.

-General Competition guidelines  (variable dependant on organisation/federation)

-Full membership to a flexi meal customised meal planning service-Nutrition complete

-Online personal training membership

-Skype email and telephone support

-Daily email motivation support

-The benefit of Sharon's competitive experience and fitness knowledge and fitness industry contacts to help you achieve your fitness  competition goals! 




Introductory offer= £195.00 for 3 months


    Bodybuilding Training, nutrition &
           supplementation Program!

 12 Week  Pre competition Transformation

12 weeks prior to your show date, Sharon provide a phone consultation to clarify fitness goals.You can send digital photos via email (front & back) & an honest assessment will be made of your physique.If you decide to go ahead with the program it will include 12 weeks of customised nutrition & training programmes ,  including both weight training & cardiovascular training, via online distance training methods. Weekly evaluation for progress & bacp up telephone & email support. 1-2-1 face to face appointments can be arranged for an additional fee to complement the program.

Price for 12 weeks=£600.00

 12 Week Post competition training program

To be within 30 days post competition or to maintain muscular & athletic condition all year around. Keeps you  on track & gradually increases body fat levels to a healthy level for all yea round. Involves a motivational plan to inspire you , plus a weight training & supplementational schedule. It will take all the worry out of post competition phase nutritional needs.

Price for 12 Weeks= £450.00


 Bodybuilding nutrition & supplements seminar!

 I Hour "Mini" Bit Size " Seminars on subjects such as :-

Pre & post  nutrition
Competition preperation
Q & A on general nutrition

Individual sessions=£15.00

  Monthly Bodybuilding " 1 Hour Mini Bite Size" Seminar Package

Book 4 sessions over 1 month in advance & pay only £50.00

Body Coach Post Show Support -Reverse Dieting


Body Coach Fitness -Is now able to offer its own -Post show support reverse dieting program- For competitors looking to ease back into off season training and nutrition without the repercussions and normal bloating associated with -post competition diets.

There are 3 stages to competing pre season, competition prep  off season -and If you have never competed you will not know how the body can react to the metabolic effect of extreme dieting for 12-20 weeks and transition into to normal eating patterns/off season dieting( this could be helped with a post support reverse diet program). For some it can be a learning curve  

associated with health and digestive issues .

Reverse dieting is pretty much what it sounds like: a diet turned upside-down. Instead of cutting calories and ramping up time spent on the treadmill, you increase metabolism by gradually adding calories back into your diet while reducing cardio.


 Body Coach Fitness will create a customised training and nutrition program specifically designed on your bodies needs ( biochemical markers can also be tested for accurate results) to support your body through post competition -reverse dieting. Ensuring all nutrients are accounted for whilst still having a positive metabolic effect -normalising hormones, and bodily processes after extreme dieting phase -ready for the -off season building phase. Not many trainers /nutrition coaches take this important process into account  -but this post support reverse dieting program could help you achieve optimum health, help with recovery from competing and get you ready for the important building phase -giving you the competitive edge !

*As this is bespoke and customised to each competitors needs-Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more information ,pricing and for  a face  to face/online consultation*

Body Coach Fitness-Body Building Store

Choose from over 1,000's of  items in different categories from  fitness clothing ,supplements, meal prep, nutrition and more-( Type brand name /area of interest  -in search area box at top of store-Select international country tab  eg UK or USA to see if item ships to your country  & Purchase)- Brands including EAS, Fit Miss ,femme fit, BSN ,USN,Weider, Gaspari, Isopure ,power bar, trigger point, books and videos ,KT Tape,  reflex, CNP , Golds Gym, Ronnie Colemans signature series, Cutler Nutrition,Kinetica , NRG Fuel, Natures Best, Labrada, MET RX,Isatori, BPI Sports, Universal nutrition, optimum nutrition ,Muscle tech, Skull candy, My vitamins,  Dream tan & pro tan, gai herbs  and many more....!