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  Mind Body Coaching AcademyEnter subhead content here


Coach yourself to wellness - using the Body Coach fitness Mind Body academy program! Life can be a rich and meaningful experience when we achieve optimal physical , mental and spiritual states.

With the mind body academy program you will receive  printable worksheets and information to work through to coach yourself too  wellness!

There are worksheets on firstly identifying your state of physical wellness and  creating a vision  that focuses on health and vitality . You will work through the stages of behaviour change which are necessary for a change in behaviour to achieve your health and fitness goals . You will go through preparation stages for change  and creation of a 3 month plan to start you on a journey towards optimum physical mental and spiritual health and fitness.(Based on Coach yourself to wellness program)


This program will   help you take charge of your health and wellness and act as a tool/guide that will make positive change possible .So helping you achieve your goals whether it be weight loss, nutritional health or mental wellbeing. 




Body Coach Fitness- Stress Management Programme


Most of us deal with stress in our every day lives without giving it a second thought .Are bodies are able to cope with stress in short bursts and have mechanisms in place to deal with it. However if we are under stress for a prolonged period of time our bodies can struggle to cope , and this can manisfest in a number of ways eg:- physical and mental symptoms. Prolonged stress at  home, work or away can cause a variety of symptoms such as- insomnia, fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, headaches, food cravings, lack of concentration and focus , frequent colds and infections and allergy problems.
 Even if you cannot remove the source of stress immediately ,there are a number of things that can be done both nutritionally and through lifestyle adjustments, to help the body cope.
Body Coach Fitness stress managements  plan  is designed to assess the levels of stress you are currently experiencing, along with any symptoms and put a lifestyle behaviour and nutrition and supplementation plan in place to support you physically and mentally -to balance your bodies biochemical imbalances and nutrient deficiencies.

What is included In The Programme?

-A initial full consultation (face to face /Skype) -Assessing stress levels and stress responses, work life balance, food diary analysis and initial testing

- Comprehensive Adrenal Stress Profile- A saliva test  -To identify levels of stress hormones eg Cortisol & DHEA ( which can adversely affect sleep patterns, mood, immune response , thyroid function, resistance to stress , energy levels and cardiovascular health).Good for assessing any biochemical imbalances in the body related  to stress.(Home test)

-Chronic Fatigue Profile- To identify for symptoms and biochemical imbalances linked to chronic fatigue and anxiety and stress-Including screening for Epstein Barr Virus, Vitamin D, C Reactive protein & lymphocytes immune phenotypes(Laboratory tests required)

-Follow up consultation- (Face to face/Skype) To go over test results and recommended plan of action -Nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle behaviour change

Benefits Of Programme-

A individualised plan of action to improve work life balance, manage stress levels and improve symptoms of stress related symptoms via  a recommended natural nutrition and supplementation plan with advice on practical easy to implement  lifestyle behaviour changes for a better quality of life and physical and mental wellbeing

Body Coach fitness- Stress Management Programme




Meaningful Motivation Journal


At times people need -meaningful motivation- without such an internal urge you may not succeed to ahcieve your life,health and fitness goals .Meaningful motivation urges you to take action in your life that you would not other wise take. Climb your own -life mountain- and find your meaningful motivation by using this - meaningful motivation tool kit/program. You will receive a personalised tool kit/program  to help move forwards and acheive your life .health and fitness goals. Included in this program will be :-

-Tools  to find your visual imagery motivation

-Written affirmation journal (Writing life ,fitness ,nutrition , health  goals and dreams down is a valuable tool)

-Ideas for using vocal affirmations & creating your mantra ( a mantra is a sound ,syllable ,word or group of words that is considered capable of -triggering transformation- repeated over time)

-How to get set physically as well as mentally and how to use your mantra in daily meditation

-Goal setting chart & strategy plan 


*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for your bespoke customisable -Meaningful Motivation Journal Program and pricing -From £75.00*



Body Coach-Genetic Personality Profiling


Your genetics are a road map to your health and psychological wellbeing -This genetic personality and behaviour profile programme will allow you to "meet your self" and who you really and provide information and knowledge to allow an individual  behaviour change programme to be implemented to achieve your health, nutrition, fitness and sports performance goals
The programme includes:-

-Unique-Karmagene  Genetic Profiling Test -A buccal swab offering 14 behavioural characteristic tests to define the role of DNA in the environment in shaping your current behaviour. With DNA based personality tests to see whether you are genetically predetermine to be an (Optimist, Spontaneous, Innovative, Self-aware, risk taker ,stress tolerant, calm, emotional, strategic, Bon viant, Decisive ?)

- Colour Personality testing/characteristic testing- Intuition Sensing Questionnaire

- Full Consultation and recommendation programme (based on above) on behaviour change for you health , fitness, nutrition, weight management or sporting performance goals to ensure you have the best chance to live the life you want to achieve!

*Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  for further details of price and availability for consultation face to face/Skype *


Bio Metric- Genetic IL Test (Dermatoglyphics)


Body Coach fitness- can now offer a unique finger print ( bio metric) system of genetic analysis for finding your innate potential, personality and preferences in life including behavourial type, sports athletic abilities and some health risk factors.
Western scientists believe dermatoglyphics ( study of your  finger print patterns ) is the   DNA  Genes in the human body reflecting in our physical appearance ( a physical/visible  version of our genetic make up).

Your finger prints are unique to you- no one has the same unique patterning and make up -so is a personal identifier /marker and is often used in forensic science for this reason. But it is also a useful tool in  diagnosis of characterisation of individuals , psychological profiling, and behavioural analyses , and in the area of sport it can help discover your athletic and sporting capabilities, and in health it can detect certain genetic risk factors -so it is becoming clear that our finger print is one of our health identities.

Know your Hidden Potential!

Genetic test IL offers a new innovative service determining abilities through your finger print analysis with over 80% probability including:-

Health Risk Factors- Predispositions to being over weight, how alcohol may affect you, certain disorders such as heart disease ,hypertension and predispositions to addictive behaviours and many more

Sport/Athletic guidance- Recommended type of athletic ability and recommended roles in team sports

Personality- How you perceive information, behavioural analysis ,temperament  nervous system potential(identifying common problems and how it differs from the norm)

Learning type & career guidance- genetic test determines professional area and roles which may be suited to you and the type of learning style in education in which you may be suited

You will receive a 17 page report (dependant on tests purchased) on all of these factors

Who this may benefit?
This unique test will benefit every one who wants to know who they are and what their abilities are and want to fulfil their health, sports, career , learning and psychological potential in life. For example, individuals, parents and children, schools and universities, employers and  sports/physical activity  coaches

Please click on the following links to find out more about each test and purchase:-

Single test- http://genetic-test-il.com/Single_Person_Genetic_Test?tracking=595ebc3c29409

Family Test- http://genetic-test-il.com/Family_Genetic_Test?tracking=595ebc3c29409

Big group(employers)- http://genetic-test-il.com/Big_Group_Genetic_Test?tracking=595ebc3c29409


Self Monitoring Biometric Screening


 Helo LX can help with early monitoring of bio-parameters and improve your healthy lifestyle 24/7. The best coach for mind and body!

Helo LX is not a medical device -however it can help with a change of lifestyle eg- helping to avoid diabetes and reducing stress. Find out more and purchase here-  http://amzn.to/2o97sMi    It is not limited to monitoring physical data it can also sense emotions ,fatigue, sleep quality, steps taken, mood and energy levels,  exercise, heart rate, HRV, ECG, blood pressure, and has added geranium extract that directly benefits the body -It even has built in GPS and panic button-your relatives can be alerted if you readings are out of balance -( New features being added in 2018 are 'non invasive' blood glucose monitoring by (PPG) photo plethysmograph analysis which can be continually be monitored with reports sent to the HELO app store .Please see video below for more details


                           *A health & fitness message sent in a bottle-  Or an APP* 


 Positive Mental  Wellbeing Food Recommendation Menu

Body Coach Fitness understands the importance of a healthy nutritious diet for better mental and physical health and wellbeing. Body Coach Fitness has created a mental health wellbeing food menu recommendation program .Learn how to create a menu full of delicious ,healthy and nutritious foods for yourself, family ,friends or work colleagues .The menu recommendations can be personalised and customised to your individual/group requirements  for both better physical health ,mental health and brain functionality. The food menu recommendations are seasonal and good for mood boosting including ingredients that have been researched for consideration to complement positive mental health. The food and drink menu recommendations have been designed with positive  mental wellbeing in mind and what the brain needs to remain healthy and what  helps the gut.

Relaxation Immune Support Program


Harness the power of your immune system with the Body Coach Fitness relaxation immune support program. This page is dedicated to mind body and soul and this program will help heal and nuture your body to health naturally through immune support giving foods and supplements, functional testing to find out your bodies needs, relaxation through gentle exercise and massage(head neck and shoulder massage) and supportive consultation through out program.
This program will amplify the bodies ability to fight disease -rather than resolving to pharmaceutical and chemical interventions. A weakened immune system can lead to illness , injury and stress and following this program will ensure that your body is in it's most protected state possible -enhancing performance, fitness levels, health and vitality .

What does the program include?

- Full consultation -On Lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and environmental stresses

- Functional blood test- Full Immune evaluation test-covering all immune systems in the

-Individual recommendation plan of nutrition  and relaxation exercise regime to boost immune system and increase energy and vitality

-Individulaised Immune boosting supplementation plan based on test results which could include - Including  practitioner only Cytoplex supplements -Cytobiotic, Zinc + copper,Aloe vera leaf, cherry C , CQ10, Vegan Vitamin D3,Garlic, Adult or 50+ or kids immunivite  all in one multi vitamin supplement,dependant on age group   & many more dependant on needs

- Relaxing head neck and shoulder massage

-On going support via email /phone and follow up consultation

This program is suitable for all people wishing to establish a well balanced lifestyle change plan which is customised to them - & who want to harness the power of their own immune system to fight disease and live a healthy, energy packed life

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details on price and booking consultation face to face /Skype*


Food Mentoring


Food glorious food-healthy mind and body starts in the kitchen- Body Coach Fitness now offers food mentoring  a different concept in healthy eating -helping you create your own food journey.
Food mentoring is not about what we eat -but how we eat -and what we are supposed to do to build and measure change into a hectic lifestyle to achieve a healthy diet-as we often juggle working  full time, travel and bringing  up a family all at the same time .Food mentoring will help shape your approach to food & a healthy lifestyle  as changes do not happen over night . Body Coach Fitness food mentoring- mind body coaching will include:-

- Easy food organisation
-Behaviour change & emotional eating
-The brain gut connection
-How to involve the family & friends
-Your Culture & foods and learning about different foods & benefits of these foods
-Advice for travelling
-Food shopping know how- buying habits, budgeting
-Food mind map meal planning
-Mind body wellness

Prices for individual  sessions start from £45.00 - Face to Face and remote options available via Skype-Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and/or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for more package options

Food Mentoring


Hidden Meaning Of Food-Chakra Nutrition


  The hidden meaning of food!- Have you ever wondered why you crave salty or sweet food types? Or have a certain aversion to bitter greens and/or fish? This balancing chakra nutrition based program will teach you the characteristics of food  -From the flavours to macro nutrient levels, colours, and food traits & chakras -which send messages to us at a deeper level  regarding our food choices -Chakra nutrition .I will take you on a deeper journey to unravel the mystery of your food behaviour choices -A look at food with a holistic lens!

Every thing in the body is linked and interconnected & there is a synergy or mergence of our physical and energetic being & our food choices and eating are personal to us -Our food choices reflect who we are and how we live.

 Included in the program:-

 -Basic background information on synergy versus separation and how every thing is linked in the body-In relation to food

-Food Traits- Physical properties such as (calories, chemical  composition, acid or alkaline forming properties & Epi genetic influences  .Energetic characteristics (flavors, thermal nature & vibrational essence) & Culinary application ( Origin of foods , preparation methods & dining experiences)


-Using nature as our guide-Explanation of  Five element theory (Chinese Medicine) ,seasonal eating,  interrelationships between  food traits and individuals inner workings, awareness and connection with foods


-(Chakra Nutrition Intro)- Chakras unite all aspects of ourselves and connect us to the Universe -(Different Chakras and your individual type :-

-Root Chakra- Earth, grounding-eating to feel full, likes animal  based foods and are usually picky eaters

 -Sacral Chakra-Water  ,emotions, control & life value-prefer fats, hydration, salty flavours and are emotional eaters

-Solar plexus Chakra- Fire  ,affects digestive health, self esteem and inner courage -Prefer carbohydrates, sweets and sugary foods, raw versus cooked foods

Heart Chakra- Love, heart , lungs, acceptance & forgiveness- Bitter flavouring, eating green vegetables 

-Throat Chakra- Choice, authenticity, truth & thyroid- Chewing, liquids, metabolism

-Third Eye- Brain, intuitive eating & stimulants- Chocolate cravings, caffeine use, eating nutrients  versus food

 -Crown  Chakra- Cosmic perspective, high self, gratitude -Fasting & detoxifying


Discover your individual personal path to wellness through learning the true meaning of using nutrition for personal growth health & fitness with this Body coach fitness Hidden Meaning of food Chakra nutrition program


*This plan is an advisory /recommendation program based on discovering your own individual Nutrition pathway -Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare for more details and price and to book a face to face/Skype consultation & program*




Intuitive Eating-Disordered Eating Patterns


 Intuitive eating is all about creating a healthy relationship with food. Many people from teenage years + have what we call- disordered eating patterns. Whether it be due to stress from family, work or exams or a behaviour pattern adopted due to outside influence or inner imbalance.

Body Coach Fitness would always  recommend consulting a health professional is you consider a full  eating disorder. if you experience -disordered eating patterns-and are consuming too little calories for your activity level on occasions  such as restricting food or  avoidance of certain food groups for no medical reason some times this can be early signs of eating disorder development and could be helped by an intuitive eating approach.

 Body Coach Fitness intuitive eating program can help support , advise and recommend a 10 step approach to intuitive eating ,making peace with food and creating a no diet approach to nutrition (This does not replace medical or dietary advise from GP or therapist) but could be an early prevention process to prevent  a full eating disorder in the future together with medical help.

Body Coach Fitness is also able to refer you for a  biochemical analysis (Biolab) test for eating disorders ( anorexia nervousa profile  ) & psychosis profile tests if wanted as part of the program. This program is for anyone wanting to adopt a non diet approach to food and establish a healthy eating pattern and also bring order to disordered eating patterns

*Full consultation is necessary &  this program is for -disordered eating patterns ( not eating disorders)  -Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details *


 Bio Resonance/Bio feedback Technology Hair Analysis


This unique test is available through Body Coach Fitness and a professional practice in the UK who uses bio resonance technology( only used by )qualified practitioners . Every material in the universe radiates  a unique energy frequency or signature. As individuals we receive ,transduce and transmit energy frequency patterns. These frequency patterns conduct 'conversations' with your body and is able to identify the bodies response to  hidden stressors, imbalances ,disruption to body organs and toxicity.

Your hair contains an energetic pattern  and if analysed can indicate issues which you may not be aware of. When your hair is sent off for analysis a full report will be issued with details of vitamin & mineral deficiencies, information on gut flora balance, and digestive system, hydration, food sensitivities, dietary adjustments, and suggested supplements. Test results are normally provided within 1-2 weeks and are accurate and scientific results of your own bodies bio energetic feedback.

 There is  adult and children's test ( under 14 years old) On consultation you  will receive a questionnaire and details of testing procedure

 *Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on 7875086760 and/or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for more details on test-to book a consultation face to face/online *


Adult Bio Resonance Hair Analysis Test



Children's Bio Resonance Hair Analysis Test




Body Coach Fitness- Holistic Wellness Health Screen


Body Coach Fitness- Holistic health screen is a more whole body approach to screening fitness and wellness. Screening for 4 elements:-

1) Organ systems

2) Functional testing/hormonal tests

3) Food intolerance testing

4) Environmental

The screen will include the following:-

-Food intolerance testing-Non invasive test

-Organs system tests- (Stomach acid test, pupillary reaction test, PH test,skin ,tongue and nail condition analysis, B/P, HRV -Heart rate variability )

- Hormone tests- (Raglands Adrenal test, Barnes basal body temp test for adrenal and thyroid )

-Urine refractometry analysis /specific gravity test-For % hydration of body

-Environmental & minerals - Hair analysis test ( Testing for toxic metals such as mercury & aluminium, and mineral levels of magnesium, zinc and calcium)

-Bio impedance- Body fat measurements & weight

-Basic Biomechanics Posture assessment

-Mind body awareness- Questionnaire/worksheet

This screen is suitable for anyone who wishes to assess their physical health status with a  holistic  whole body approach

Holistic Wellness-Health Screen



Body Coach -One on One Health & Fitness Screen


New Body Coach Fitness -One On one Health & Fitness Screen . A full , wellness , fitness, nutrition and performance screen -ideal for any one new to fitness, to re evaluate goals or advanced athletes who want precision training based on results!


-Medical history & Life style questionnaire

-Height & Weight

-BMI & Body  Fat %


 -Body Measurements

 -CV Fitness & Strength tests (appropriate to fitness level)

-Posture Analysis-(Biomechanical screen)

-Gait analysis

-Movement Screen-  Based on 5 main patterns of movement ( Squat, lunge, push, pull, rotation)

-Nutritional Status analysis 

-Lung Function Test

-Blood Lactate Threshold Testing

-Blood Glucose Test

-Blood Cholesterol Test

 -Urine Analysis test

- Bowel Health care test
-Urine refractometry/specific gravity-% hydration of the body
- Advice on reducing stress & smoking /Alcohol 


Price For One on one Health & Fitness Screen=£225


Green Prescriptions- Life Style Medicine


Green Life Style prescriptions go beyond lifestyle medicine coaching -It gets to the root cause of emotions, stressors, triggers and beliefs surrounding food, fitness and health  and which can affect symptoms and stimulate healing process in the body
Find out further details on the following links :-

Green Prescription Boot Camp -for holistic health , nutrition  coaching- https://sa182.isrefer.com/go/5/sharonclare/

For Trainers:-

Life style prescription Health coach Course- https://sa182.isrefer.com/go/mhu/sharonclare

Green Prescriptions  for a healthy lifestyle are the new way forward in integrated health/fitness/nutrition cand  holistic coaching- helping prevent diseases and improve health, fitness and wellness without prescription medications


Women's Wellness Circle


You are invited To- Body Coach Fitness  Women's Wellness Circle ,hosted by Sharon Clare-A  monthly gathering of like minded ladies   on a set  morning  in the first week of every month (day and location to be confirmed) .It will be a social but educational gathering for sharing health and wellness topics, lifestyle trends, creative outlets, healthy recipes, healthy cooking ideas, with a monthly topic of discussion regarding health, fitness and nutrition with tips for inspiration, fun and laughter and support-Healthy Beverage provided!-Please join as we nuture each other to wellness!

Email or phone Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 to put your name on the list -& sign up for £5.00 per person

Body Coach Fitness-Women's Wellness Circle



Questly -Create a Wellness Plan


Chart your wellness journey and create a wellness plan using Questly by Total Wellness Club. A free to access wellness portal to use alongside Body Coach Fitness health, fitness ,nutrition and sports performance  programmes. Improve- Transform-Maintain- with Questly join here https://questly.life/    and for more details watch this video   https://youtu.be/xrnfBItFIvk .Create a wellness plan, and track your progress through your wellness journey! Create your own health compass, communicate with health  buddies, and join health groups and find out about healthy fitness events and challenges in your area or across the UK. Choose which areas of you health quest you want improve upon - whether it be  life balance, environment, health quality, vitamins and minerals, progress tracking, allergies and intolerances, aches and pains, food and nutrition or fitness and exercise- Choose you health journey Quest and track your progress with Questly -It's no-ones health but yours!

Mind Health -Supplement Shop

MindCare brain health supplements are professional practitioner brain health supplements- ideal to compliment any of the above mind body academy programmes. Effective ,fast -acting formulas for brai memory, mood , mental performance and aiding stress.
The 4 mind care products whilst originally designed to target and support mind and mental health are also widely used with sports athletes  and students during periods of intense mental and physical exertion. The products are recommended to anyone who needs to be at the peak of their mental and physical ability -helping them function at their best. Whether you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed ,struggling to concentrate or perform at your best in sports/work , feeling low or not as sharp as usual whilst exercising there is a suitable MindCare product for you-

MindCare Balance


Igennus-MindCare Balance -Stay relaxed with omega -3 wild fish oils , magnesium, glycinate,L-Theanine and multi vitamins -an advanced nutrition supplement with stress relieving benefits .Helping reduce tiredness, fatigue, supports the central nervous system , enhances neuro transmitter production and normal thyroid function and normal psychological function -A 1  a day dual capsule professional super concentrated mind balancing supplement

Igennus MindCare Balance


MindCare FOCUS


Igennus MindCare FOCUS -stay alert with omega -3 from wild fish oils, acetyl L Carnitine ,L Theanine , taurine  ,caffeine and multi vitamins. Great for mediu intensity support for mental alertness and concentration. Helping to improve focus, cognitive function and mental performance - keeping you alert at all times with a professional 1 a day dual capsule -keeping you awake and alert whilst performing every day tasks.

Igennus MindCare FOCUS


Mind Care LIFT


Igennus MindCare LIFT- Is an advanced supplement designed to help adults stay happy and enjoy life- with medium intensity support for neuro transmitter production and mood. Scientifically proven to support mood balance in the brain. A 1 a day dual capsule with comprehensive brain nutrition support with omega -3 wild fish oils, magnesium glycinate , 5-HTP and multi vitamins .

Igennus MindCare LIFT





Igennus MindCare PROTECT- A medium intensity support supplement for cognitive function in adults aged 45+ .An advanced supplement formulated for adults to stay sharp and get the most out of life. A targeted professional dual 1 a day capsule providing bioactive nutrients scientifically proven to support normal function of the brain , protecting against age-related oxidative stress , preventing brain inflammation and aiding in brain energy metabolism. MindCare PROTECT -helps you stay sharp with omega-3 wild fish oils, N-Acetyl L Cysteine , alpha lipoic acid, resveratrol and multi vitamins.

Igennus MindCare PROTECT



Anxiety & Depression Genetic Test


Do you have a family history of anxiety and depression ? Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the unique international -Anxiety & depression 5 HTTLPR Test- as a reselling practitioner of gene track.  The SLC6A4 gene encodes the 5-HTT protein that transports serotonin into the bodies  cells. If you have inherited this gene you may be more likely to be- anti social, impulsive, suffer from ADHD , addictive behaviour, increased risk of depression and more anxious during periods of stress.

If you take this test and find you are positive to this gene variant you could then incorporate health, wellbeing ,nutrition and lifestyle behaviour  changes to improve these symptoms and /or likelihood of occurrence.

 This is an international test to be taken at home and is tested in professional laboratories  in Canada. Orders from UK & Australia are sent by international express and when sent back tests results are normally available within one- working week. Tests will be completed within 3-5 days in Canada & USA)*

Please purchase test kit below and if you require further information -contact practitioner /reseller Sharon Clare on- 07875086760and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com

Gene Track-Anxiety & Depression DNA test



 *Price Includes sending test kit/ international shipping costs*

 'My Brain ' Wellness  Tests


My Brain Balance

The my Wellnicity brain balance at home  test measures 7 neurotransmitters .Find out how your chemical imbalances are contributing to your issues of anxiety, depression, mood, sleep, focus and memory , weight change ,fatigue and more.... (Symptoms of imbalances could be -stress & anxiety carbohydrate cravings, chronic yeast  fungal infections ,depression and weight issues)Please click on text link below:-

Wellnicity - At-home Focus & Memory Test Kit - Measures 4 important neurotransmitters that affect focus, memory, energy, drive and motivation (Not available in NY or MD)

My Brain- Sleep & Mood

The wellnicity My brain- sleep and mood test analyses for  2 neurotransmitters .Find out if chemical irregularities are contributing to your issues  with sleep and mood. (Symptoms which could be caused by this are- depression, weight issues, anxiety, migraines and headaches and carbohydrate /sugar cravings).Please click on link below:-

Wellnicity - At-home Sleep & Mood Test Kit - Measures 2 important neurotransmitters that affect sleep, mood, anxiety and restlessness

My Brain-Focus & Memory

Wellnicity My brain -focus and memory test analyses for 4 neuro transmitters and finds any chemical imbalances  that are contributing to poor focus and memory. (Possible symptoms associated with this are- ADD/ADHD ,  anxiety, depression  & substance abuse ).Please click on link below to see more details and to purchase :-

Wellnicity - At-home Focus & Memory Test Kit - Measures 4 important neurotransmitters that affect focus, memory, energy, drive and motivation (Not available in NY or MD)

 Memory -Genetic Test(Verbal/Numerical Reasoning & Eidetic Imagery)


The term eidetic memory is the term for a photographic memory -Do you or your child have it? This genetic test analyse for the following genes:-

-Memory-GENE SNAP25 

-Verbal /Numerical/Reasoning & Memory-GENE AKAP6

-Episodic memory-GENE MIR2113

Choose this unique test to see if you or your child have the ability of memory and skills in photographic memory /imagery-Click link below for more details and to purchase:- 

IQ DNA Test - Home DNA Testing for Genetic Intelligence & Memory Test

Autism Panel Test


There is no 1 type of autism, but many! (ASD) Autism spectrum disorder refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills ,repetitive behaviour ,non-verbal communication .A combination of  genetic and environmental factors influence the development of autism, and autism often is accompanied by medical issues  -such as  GI disorders ,seizures and sleep disturbances. (Autism affects an estimated 1 in 59 children).

Many people with autism also have sensory issues .This can include aversion to certain sights, sounds and sensations. If you take this Autism test panel then you can help prevent any future issues associated with Autism eg GI disturbances, seizures and sleep disturbances etc with a Interventional  healthy lifestyle program and fitness and nutrition program.

  The GPL (Great Plains Laboratory) Autism panel includes the following test panels in combination:-

-Cholesterol (Advanced profile)

-Comprehensive Stool panel analysis

-Gluten/Casein peptides test

-GPL-TOX :Toxic non metal chemical panel

-IGG Food allergy test

-Metals hair test

-Organic acid test

-Phospholipase A2 Activity test

-Microbiology Test


* Please  contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  and/or 0787508670 -this is a specialised bespoke customised test so pricing will be dependant on individual needs*


ADHD Panel Test


 (GPL) Great plains laboratory ADHD-Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder affects teens and children and can advance into adulthood. It is one of  the most commonly diagnosed medical disorders in children and children with ADHD may be hyperactive and unable to control their impulses ,or paying attention and their behaviour can interfere with school and home life. It can be hereditary or due to chemical imbalances and brain changes ,poor nutrition ,infections, smoking ,drinking and substance abuse .

Many people with ADHD live successful lives with treatment but taking this test will help pinpoint any interventional healthy lifestyle programming  needed  nutritionally and behaviour  change programs needed to work alongside for better health and fitness prospects.

The (GPL) ADHD test panel consists of the following tests:-

-Gluten/Casein peptides test

 -Glyphosate Test

 -GPL-Tox Toxic Non Metal Chemical Profile

-IGG Food Allergy panel

 -Metals hair test

 -Organics acids test


 * Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details on this bespoke test panel and for pricing as it is based on each individuals needs*


Stress Less-Life System Design


Life Energy Design Solutions -Can help ease external stressors from your environment, with unique scalar energy  scientifically researched products and solutions to reduce negativity from electro magnetic stimulus and other stressors to the body.
Please click on the following link:- http://www.lifeenergysolutions.com/a1893/    or text link or image banner link below for more details of products and to purchase:-

Life Energy Designs

Heart Math


Live life with heart- Experience science based tech proven to 'reduce stress & anxiety' by helping create inner balance  and self security. Take charge of how you feel and shift your mood  in the moment -reduce stress- find balance- build resilience-With Heart Math Tech. There are  also certifications on the products if you are a coach, mentor, trainer ,leader, teacher or parent who wants to help teach the use of Heart Math to others .See links below for more information on this ground breaking tech that could help gibe inner balance in your life!

HeartMath LLC

emWaveŽ Pro from HeartMath

HeartMath Add Heart Facilitator

 Mindfullness Tracker


 Keep your body and mind in sync with Spire mindfulness breath tracker- it shows you when, where and how you get stressed helping you to stay focused, relaxed and perform better whether it be running a 10k run or sitting at your desk at work.

Respiration/breathing is the only autonomic process in the body you have control over and spire will give you feedback via breathing pattern algorithims  on how stressed and anxious you are at any given time -the app data is based on protocols for clinical intervention and knowing this information allows you to control and alleviate symptoms of anxiety, pain, heart rate variability and also reduce BP  -classifying your cognitive state -so you can take action to calm state of mind. Go to the text link or image below to help discover inner calm!






Nokia Health & Health Mate App

Nokia Health is forging the way in digital health & fitness -With award winning digital products from activity & sleep trackers to digital scales and apps. Nokia health create beautiful digital devices that enhance and empower people to make smart health and fitness decisions.

There is a  free health app called health mate ( see 'explore' tab when you go to links) that accompanies all the digital products that links up with their data and provides a digital personal coach in health and fitness tracking. Providing information on your health activities, sleep ,weight, blood pressure and much more .Please see more details on products and Nokia health below:-

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Body+ Scale

Steel HR Watch


I Heart-Internal Age Monitor


A persons internal age is affected by their lifestyle, stress levels, exercise and activity ,diet and many other factors. Being able to establish and monitor your bodies internal age will help you develop a responsive understanding of your overall health and fitness .It will give you personal power to change your lifestyle for better health and wellness  and encourage behaviour to help you achieve a happier,healthier,fitter longer life.

The I Heart monitor non invasively monitors your aortic pulse wave velocity (speed at which pressure waves through your aorta)-AOPW- It has been shown in scientific research studies over the last 20 years that as aortic stiffness  increases the more likely you are to develop conditions such as heart disease, strokes and dementia. You can now monitor your AOPW and aortic stiffness levels every day to help prevent conditions like this occurring ( if you then implement a suitable interventional lifestyle, diet and exercise program) This way of monitoring  your -internal age- was until recently only available in research facilities. This responsive monitor could improve your understanding of -your bodies true internal age- and developing a behaviour change management program eg-increasing physical activity and adopting a fitness regime, increasing inclusion of food items such as omega 3 fatty acids in the diet and reducing stress where possible and multiple other factors. Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer this monitor for home use ( as a [practitioner account holder with wellnostics)

 An accurate professional affordable internal age health and fitness monitor for a healthy fitness lifestyle journey!

I Heart Internal Age Monitor





Body Coach- Environmental Healthy Lifestyle  Program


Body Coach Fitness has a commitment to the healthy environment around us as well as the health and fitness of its clients. This is why the enironmental healthy lifestyle program has been developed for both better mind and body and improved surrounding environment . 

Due to climate change ,an increased population count and increased use of vehicles ,machines and chemicals  our environment has become more polluted and more of an environmental stressor to our body each day. Air polution  causes 7 million deaths per year world wide and respiratory disorders affecting health such as  asthma are more prevelant and ever increasing. 

Hence the Body Coach -Environmental healthy lifestyle program - Incorporating tech such as Plume flow mobile personal air pollution sensors detecting your own perosonal risk of air pollution anywhere in the world at any time ( wearable -measuring -NO2,VOC,PM 2-5 & pm10)a real time air quality forecast in each location pin pointing  areas to avoid  and best air quality , and power breathe ( sports/lifestyle versions )  to increase respiratory strength, boost energy and increase health and fitness ,plus specific individualised healthy and fitness lifestyle programming and monitoring for reducing environmental stress at home,work or play( sports) including  relaxation techniques to reduce and calm body/mental stressors plus an environmental space assessments for individual requirements

 Our environment affects our health which then affects out fitness and ultimately our performance ( sports/work/play). If we can reduce our inner and outer stressors in our environment we will have better health a,work productivity and sports performance ,whilst improving the environment around us.

 *Suitable for every one -From individuals to workplaces , sports athletes, assessing.monitoring and improving the environment around you for better health and fitness *

*As this is a bespoke individualised program please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details ,pricing and face to face consultations*



Practitioner Online Education -The Brain Micro Biome


The brain is a vital organ for healthy physical and mental function, the brain is not sterile -Open your mind to a new and exciting view of human brain evolution and our symbiotic relationship with microbes in  this 4 week *practitioner only* educational course (research based)  led by Dr Marco Ruggiero .This is a ideal course to study if you are interested in unravelling the latest research  on the mind and  self and want to know how to apply this knowledge in your health, wellness and nutrition clinic. The course is worth 8 hours of CPD for (BANT,NNA OR NTOI).The course includes:-

-Class 1- An introduction to brain microbiome and evolutionary  implications and the role of brain & mind function and evolution of the brain

-Class 2 - The brain micro biome and autism and diagnostic and therapeutic approaches aimed at restoring  the brain microbiome.

 -Class 3- The brain microbiome and CIRS and the role of inflammation in altering the microbiome

 -Class 4- The brain microbiome ,neurodegeneration  and the ageing brain


 If you are  truly interested in understanding the role of the brain and how we and our pt/nutrition clients think and how to restore alterations of the brain microbiome the this 4 week course is for you


                                                                      *Healthy Mind-Healthy Body-Healthy You! *

Practitioner Online Education- Brain Microbiome


Price= £159.00


*For qualified practitioners only-You will also need to register a Invivo clinical account to view course material-acceptance as a practitioner is not Body Coach Fitness responsibility* 

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