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Body Coach Fitness-Class Schedule
PiYo LIVE subhead content here


PiYo LIVE is a all over total body conditioning music driven athletic workout . PiYo LIVE  is inspired by Pilates and yoga and includes flexibility, strength training and conditioning and dynamic movement patterns.

It includes 3 styles of movement -FOCUS/FLOW & FUSION & is suitable for all ages and abilities.Brought to you by the creators of insanity!  (YOGA+PILATES + CARDIO) + (SWEAT-STRETCH & STRENGTHEN)! 

PiYo Classes are weekly-Please contact Sharon for further details

 Price per class= £8.00 Drop in

                       £5.00 pre paid in advance 



Cani Cross Fitness


New  Cani Cross introductory  & small group classes ( beginners & Intermediates )as well as 1-2-1 instruction  hikes and walks & runs !

Are you passionate about you & your dogs health & fitness? Then Cani Cross classes  may be for you! Cani cross is a fast growing sport of off road running with your dog .Dog Fit Cani cross offers a safe effective fully licenced & qualified instructor lead way  of keeping yourself and your dog fit at the same time! 

Cani Cross developed its origins  form the spot of skijoring (people skiing with their dogs) .It requires only simple equipment to participate  - the owner wears a harness with a  2 metre bungee lead and the dog wears a padded harness which attaches to this in front of the owner and the idea is the dog leads the way. (You can use a normal lead at first if necessary) . The dog also needs to be over 12 months old and to understand simple commands which will be taught by instructor to participate. A good pair of trail running shoes is also recommended for this to prevent slipping. 

Anyone with  a basic level of fitness upwards can participate and there is no set pace or distance unless stated & no preferred dog breed  it could be any dog from small terriers to large Vislas .Your fitness level will be monitored and gently encouraged to increase fitness levels through long walks, distance runs, hill runs and speed work dependent on participants and other fitness elements such as body weight circuit based exercises will be incorporated into the training sessions to develop muscular endurance and strength as well as cardiovascular fitness .

A good way to stay motivated in a small group setting (or individual 1-2-1 for specialised instruction) in an out door setting on different surfaces, grass, pathes , woodland,heath and roads. Your instructor will be fully qualified in Cani Cross instruction and will lead you safely through the route taken offering safe effective instruction to you and your dog ensuring you receive the best and most enjoyable experience of cani cross whilst also  increasing yours and your dogs fitness level  and can also have the added benefit  of  improving discipline and behaviour with your dog and making new friends at the same time.

Location & Prices will be announced nearer the time for 1-2-1 and small group and beginners to intermediate sessions (based in South east area UK/Suffolk)

Cani Cross Starter Kit-For Classes 

You can also purchase your cani cross starter it with dog harness, waist belt bungee line, kit bag and starter bag through Body Coach Fitness RRP£95.00

*Please contact Sharon Clare- For More details at  sharon@bodycoachfitness.com & 07875086760*


Nordic Walking With Dogs


Why not combine two activities in one- Nordic walking & Cani cross - (Nordic walking with dogs). Adding the element of the poles and Nordic pole walking adds another dimension to Cani cross and will increase the use your core and upper body in Cani Cross and a fun element to your work out (Contact Sharon for more details) & Prices

 Pet Allergy Intolerance Tests-(Keep Your Dog Fit To Keep You Healthy)


Keep your pet pooch healthy for exercising with for cani cross, health walks and every day life! Your best friend is important to you and your health -so invest in a test your intolerance animal /pet food intolerance test (available through Body Coach Fitness as  a partner/practitioner with Test Your Intolerance). A small sample of animal hair is needed for test and it will be analysed for 300 items of food, major pet food additives and ingredients & pollens and moulds  - any item that your pet found to have 85% or more intolerance to will be listed -so you can change their diet accordingly- Your dog is mans best friend -so keep them healthy -to help keep you healthy!

Pet Food Intolerance Test



Dog Health & Activity  Tracker 


Body Coach Fitness now offers a Fit bark dog health activity tracker  for your beloved pooch to track their health and activity levels whilst working out with yourself-keeping active together. This tough rugged and water proof addition can link up to your own health activity tracker eg- fit bit,apple health kit  or google fit device and help build healthy habits together ( & review progress side by side)-monitoring the dogs activity levels minute by minute  ,distance travelled and calories burned, stress and  anxiety levels plus the dogs health index,sleep score ,and overall health behaviour .Adopted by 50+ research institutes in 103+ countries including  Cambridge University and the Mayo Clinic for precise activity monitoring .
An ideal addition for sports training ,health walks and runs and cani cross with your dog -helping create a bond between you and your dog.*This can be included as a cani cross starter package at an additional cost*
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details on pricing RRP from £225.00 and cani cross starter package at additional cost*

Balance Escalation & 3 D Flexibility ( Mostability) Class


Balance escalation & 3D Flexibility ( Mostability) class- A new class  including both elements of balance in motion and flexibility in motion within three functional planes.
Ideal for injury prevention, rehabilitation, strength, flexibility, CV endurance , performance and power .Using the principle strategy  technique process of applied functional science and loading the centre ( hip) with 3D authentic motion attaining balance and flexibility to enhance every day and sports function.
A class that will dramatically impact on how you train your body. Ideal for beginners to athletes as it is flexible in that it can be adapted to suit all levels of fitness with progression and regressions  according to ability.

Balance Escalation & 3D Flexibility ( Mostability) Class

Price= £ 8.00 Per Class ( paid on the day)

            £5.00  Per Class pre payable In Advance

Foam Roll Release Class


The most over looked componenet to fitness,injury prevntion and progress is soft tisue quality .Roll out and prep  your muscles for a work out, treat day to day stiffness and recover and loosen up tight areas by attending a half hour foam roll release class .Learn new techniques ,variations and advanced techniques ,and  correct methods of application in a small group environment . 

Foam Roll Release Class (30 Minutes)

Price= £5.00

Body Coach TRX-Fitness


A 1 hour suspension training session +cardio+ rope-Full body fitness program -fast & effective! A combination of functional body weight suspension exercises for core and muscular strength and HIIT cardio intervals and rope intervals for added cardiovascular endurance . Ideal for 1-2 -1 or small group sessions, and designed for all levels , both male & female and good for cardio & core conditioning !


Further Details- Contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for further details! 


Buggy Health Walks


Are you a new mum looking to get more active with your baby and buggy-then come and join Body Coach Fitness new buggy health walks .Meet other mums and chat whilst you walk .Much more than just a walk , with a trained pre & post natal walking instructor and buggy fit instructor (this is not a buggy fit class).A chance to socialise , get more active more often and get to know the other mums in the area in which you live, buggy health walking is a fun low impact 1-1.5hours of fun activity without having to buy expensive equipment and no need for childcare and all in a fully supportive environment. A complementary gentle form of exercise post pregnancy to combine with other classes such as - (Buggy Fit classes which is  body weight and resistance band exercises   )

Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.co for more details on times and locations

Buggy Health Walks 

Drop In Price= £6.50 per class

£5.00 Per Class payable in advance


Body Coach-Buggy Running Club


Your chance to get your running legs back on- & get to feel the wind in your hair- Any buggies are suitable for Body Coach Running club, but buggies designed specifically for running are more suitable. Babies must be at least 6 months old and able hold there heads up on their own confidently . All abilities welcome -just bring your self your buggy , baby ,trainers and a big bottle of water. Any mum's still breast feeding will need to also wear a very tight supportive maternity bra for comfort. Body coach running Club is the 3rd stage in Body coach fitness's post baby classes(Buggy health walks for just after birth, buggy fit classes for 6-12 weeks post baby  & now Buggy running club for 6 months after baby)  -Your 3 stage process to your pre baby body .Join a social , fun filled class and get the endorphins and feel good hormones flowing .

Mind/Body Class/Work shop


A mini class/work shop with a series of educational kinesiology (mind/body)exercises & tasks that incorporate mind & body and work to improve brain function and motor movement . Ideal for a early morning energiser or post lunch work out to prevent afternoon tiredness , improving short term memory and use of both left and right side brain (creative & logical) so giving your heart and brain a boost.

You will carry out a series of exercise and practical tasks to increase blood flow to brain and body and is ideal for students, business-workplace , older adults to improve cognitive function and sport(motor control  & focus)and for any one who wishes to increase energy and brain function and motor control at the same time. All exercises and tasks can be performed at home as well as at work or gym and each participant will be given a list of exercises to use for every day use to help them boost self esteem, goal set, stay calm, problem solve , be assertive  as well as improve general well being and increase energy.

Contact Sharon on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  for more details


I Move Freely Group Training


New- I Move Freely Group training- Starting Early-Mid Spring 2016(Sports Therapy Association Accredited Training)-I Move Freely is a unique concept   intended to improve functional movement of the body , reducing and preventing any  injuries & muscular pain whilst improving normal  day to day  function and activity and sporting performance levels. It involves systemic strengthening and conditioning of agonistic and antagonistic muscles in the body -correcting any imbalances and dysfunction and allowing freedom of movement. Using (MET)Muscle energy techniques and biomechanics and functional training methods .Regular attendance at an I Move Freely class can help you to move more freely & can be tailored for  beginners up to Elite athletes and is suitable  for use in  conjunction with Pilates, Yoga, and sports rehabilitation and performance training.


What To Wear?-

 -Comfortable breathable loose fitting clothing

-Indoor trainers or bare feet

-Small towel

-Water bottle(For hydration) 



Price Per Class= £8.00 Drop in

                           £5.00 Pre Paid In Advance



Bare Foot Walking

 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer Bare Foot walking ( Ayurveda )which follows the  principles and  traditions of visiting holy places bare foot.In other  words to be able to connect and feel grounded from within.It has been widely propagated to walk bare foot  for health and well-being reasons.In  principle anytime of the day is good, but early morning is best, and  the main focus should be to  to walk on natural ground or grass. The theory goes ,when your body connects to the negatively charged ground  , it allows you to release any built-up positive charge  you may have accumulated from the environment, such as electro magnetic field energy from electrical devices -EMF's (and  sand on the beach  is said to be one of the best surfaces to achieve true grounding).
Grounding is putting your bare feet in direct contact with the ground .Body Coach Fitness uses professional vivo barefoot technique for bare foot walks .According to Ayurveda there is an energy channel or Nadi that connects to the ,big toe, to the eyes and the brain, and when this connection is decreased it can affect the flow of physical and mental health well being .When we walk bare foot the energies are absorbed and distributed via this channel to the eyes and especially the brain to keep it alert and active.According to Ayurveda anything & 'everything' is made up of five elements including the 5 elements of the toes :-
1)Big Toe-Space
2)Second Toe-Air
3)Third Toe-Fire
4)Fourth Toe-Water
5)Fifth Toe-Earth
Like wise there are Marma points on the foot and sole that are sensitive and easily absorb prana or energy into the body.There are many different electrical systems in the body which include the nervous and cardiovascular system which can be negatively affected by EMF and cause health issues . This bare foot walking technique could help link with earth and improve your health and well being.
*Please contact -Mrs Sharon Clare- at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more information and to schedule*

               Primal Flow Class


A body weight training system which maximises the movement potential of the human body. A sequence of functional natural movement patterns such as pulling, pushing, squatting and crawling in a workout structure which has a more functional carry over to sports !

Primal Flow classes are weekly-Please contact Sharon for further details!


Price per Class= £8.00 Drop In

                     £5.00 Pre Paid in advance 


Power Tramp-Mini Trampolining Class


 POWER TRAMP  is a fitness workout with a difference. Each participant has there own mini trampoline and specific choreographed workouts are performed to upbeat music. POWER TRAMP  is FAB, FUN, FUNKY & it ROCKS!

Urban trampolining parks are now opening up all over the UK and is the latest fitness craze from the US , so why not come along and join in the fun and start mini trampolining classes .

 Mini trampolining has been proven by NASA scientists to be 68% more effective than jogging alone and it offers an effective cardiovascular workout , improves balance and core strength, and can improve  upper and lower  body strength (when using light resistance weights) and most of all it is fun and always produces  a smile-making fitness fun!

 (Please bring along your own mini trampoline/rebounder - water for hydration and wear suitable supportive footwear!)

Power Tramp classes are weekly- Please contact Sharon on 07875086760 for further details


Price per Class= £8.00 Drop in

                        £5.00 Pre Paid in advance 




Fit After 50 Class


A low impact class  to help increase physical activity in the over 50's age group . Specifically designed to improve cardiovascular  health , strengthen  muscles, help maintain/increase  bone density and improve flexibility , suppleness and posture for long term health results.

Fit over 50 classes are held weekly- Please contact Sharon Clare for further details !


Price per Class =£8.00 Drop In

                           £5.00 Pre Paid in Advance  


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X-treme HIIT Class


X-Treme HIIT(High intensity interval training) is an exercise strategy with alternating measured periods of intense anaerobic exercise with short( sometimes active) rest periods . It is based on 5 functional movement patterns and variations of these .A full 45 minutes -1 hour of intense fat burning exercise to boost the metabolism and define and sculpt your body!


"Fitness For Sports- Fitness For Health- Fitness For Life! 

X-Treme HIIT Classes are weekly-Please contact Sharon for further details!

Price Per Class= £8.00 Drop In

                      £5.00 Pre Paid in advance 

Tabata Class


A 20 minute HIIT(High intensity Interval Training) scientifically proven head to toe workout! Proved to achieve greater results than 1 hour of steady state exercise and calories are burned for up to 12 hours post exercise. 20 Minutes is all it takes to break into a sweat and take your body and fitness levels to the MAX!



Tabata Classes Are Weekly-Please contact Sharon for further details!

Price Per Class= £8.00 Drop In

                     £5.00 Pre Pay paid in advance



Barre Concept Class Online
Body Coach Fitness Concept Class online  is a new class offered by Sharon Clare as a professional fitness class instructor .It is a new concept  on dance ,choreography and fluid movement patterns based on dance based barre work.It is available as one to one instruction and small group instruction  online and also face to face at select bespoke locations (only).
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare from Body Coach Fitness regarding bookings and bespoke pricing*

Calisthenics /Street Work Out Class


Calisthenics in its purest form- An art of using your own body weight and qualities of inertia as a means of physical development! Calisthenics - comes from the Greek words "kallos" which means "beauty" and "sthenos" meaning "courage" ! Calisthenics when performed vigorously can improve muscular and  cardiovascular fitness and improve flexibility and psychomotor skills such as balance, agility and co ordination .Your own body weight is used , however weighted plates, vests resistance bands and kettle bells can be used  for advanced members of the group.

Groups such as sports teams and armed forces units often perform leader-orientated group calisthenics as a physical training tool, and to increase group cohesion and discipline.Calisthenics is also popular as a component of physical education in primary and secondary schools over much of the globe.

What's more exciting than being able to control your own body weight and have the strength to perform iconic calisthenic moves and techniques such as - Front Lever-Back Lever-Planche- Human Flag , Muscle Up & Super man push ups! A typical  group  conditioning class may consist of warm up, skills work- (work on  more advanced specific signature calisthenic  moves)- followed by a full body work out and ab/core finisher. Classes can be catered for beginners to advanced!


                                 "Your Body weight-The Ground-Gravity!"

Calisthenic classes are weekly- Please contact Sharon for further details on 07875086760!


      Price per class=£8.00 Drop in

                                £5.00 Pre paid in advance 



Body Coach Fitness-Boxercise Boot Camp


Body Coach Fitness Boxercise  Boot Camp- Is a combination of Boxercise and Kickboxercise  , circuits and aerobic exercise! A fat burning and fun form of upper body strength , lower body exercise , building stamina and conditioning. An hour long class that  includes non contact kicks, elbows, knees and boxing punches, as well as core exercises and cardiovascular exercise. Ideal for fat loss and is suitable for females and males alike.

 Benefits :-



 -Upper & Lower Body strength & muscle tone

-Body Fat Loss

-Increased confidence & self esteem 


                                                   "Gloves Up- & Get Ready To Box!" 


Price per Class= £8.00 Drop In

                            £5.00 Pre paid in advance

Body Coach Fitness Before & After Fat Loss Challenge


 Looking for ladies   to join the Body Coach fitness 8 week fat loss challenge in February 2017- Blue team versus  red  team -

 *Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for further details*

Option  1:-

8 Week plan - including 1 tub of Body Coach Fitness protein , 24/7 support, diet plan and access to a  class of your choice (which is currently running) each week for 8 weeks. 

Option 2:-

8 Week plan- 24/7 support, diet plan and access to class (which is currently running) of your choice once a week for 8 weeks. 


Romana Braganza 321 Training Method Classes -Please see dedicated website page


Buggy Fit & B-Baby Fit Classes -Please see dedicated website page


No Lippy Boot Camps- Please see dedicated website page  

Methodology X Online Classes


Methodology X Classes coming soon to Body Coach Fitness- 2018-You can also purchase Dan Roberts (celebrity trainer to fashion models & stars) 28 day online Methodology X class to complete at home, work or travelling here - http://danrobertsgroup.com/cart/drg/31/?add-to-cart=29736   - (more details on site).

Methodology X is a celebrity fashion model  work out ,empowering  , educational and comprehensive fitness programme and community accessed online through the link above to purchase. It is scientifically designed for female models and has become a trusted resource by up- & - coming models, modelling agencies, and established global super models. This break through work out can help 'ALL' women of different shapes and sizes  reduce hip and waist measurements , improve posture and core, shape glute's and precisely tone the entire body. Due to its innovative cross- movement philosophy , you will learn elements of dance, athletics, pilate's, yoga and mindfulness.

 Methodology X is a fitness regime for women created by Strength & conditioning coach Dan Robert's who is  a celebrity personal trainer  who has cv of training a plethora of international models for Victoris secrets shows , swimwear/lingerie shoots, global campaigns and fashion weeks.

In addition to professional models Methodology X  is suitable for ALL women who want  a clear path  to a leaner and firmer and more toned body ,while also significantly improving strength ( without bulking) and developing core stability , coordination, grace of movement and body- confidence .methodology   X uses an exciting array of movement patterns inspired by Pilate's ,athletics mindfulness, meditation, pylometrics, yoga, boxing & ballet. Sign up today at the link above and you can train in Methodology  where ever you may be !



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