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Skypercise Fitness


Need a fitness fix while you are on the road ? Missing your weekly studio classes due to lack of time, family or work? Then online classes may be the answer!

  Join  an online Skypercise  class -  and follow  instructions from  your  favourite class with your  favourite class instructor- as if you were in the room with them ,and work out any time and any place on a more 1-2-1 level .They can also see you and correct your form or make you work that little bit harder

Sign up for a Skypercise  session/class for  1  session , a  weekly package or monthly package All you need is a wireless online connection with a -PC/Computer,I Pad or I Phone  and a Skype connection - you can download a FREE SKYPE account  from www.skype.com  -you will also need  a webcam , a pay pal account for payment and then arrange a video call  a time for 1-2-1 .Ideal for time poor busy people like mums, business people who have to travel, sports people who cannot miss a training session and anyone who wants to get fit fast

  Skypercise is a new fitness trend in the industry and so much better than following an at home DVD work out as you can communicate and ask questions and will receive real time face to face coaching!
Work up a sweat by contacting Sharon Clare for your ultimate skypercise fitness session



Skypercise-Hiit Training circuits


Do you struggle to find time to fit exercise into your day -then Hiit training circuits may be for you. They can be adapted to most age groups and abilities and will help increase cardiovascular fitness, total body strength , stamina, endurance and overall fitness levels in a much quicker and efficient way.
Cannot make to you favourite Hiit class each week due to travel, business or pleasure - then arrange a Skype Hiit training session at Body Coach Fitness with Sharon Clare- classes can start from 20 minutes , 30 & 45 minutes dependant on your fitness levels and time available and price will change accordingly. All you need is Skype your self and a time slot arranged for you to get 1-2-1 class instruction in your own home, at work or whilst travelling.
This is a flexible and more affordable way to train as you do not incur travelling costs to the gym/studio and can fit a short work out in as part of your every day life. Book from 1 session to several sessions per week and choose from various different longer term packages which will encourage you to adhere to this healthy lifestyle change and get more active more often.

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details and prices and packages * -More classes ,PT  and Info coming soon!


Personal Training On Skype


Live personal training through Skype/face time video link- instead of flicking through endless you tube videos trying to find the right exercises for you-you can now have your own expert trainer where ever you are in the world-just a click away.
The top 3 benefits of Skype/face time PT are:-

1-Train in your own home/work place ,hotel any where in the world

2-No gaps in personal training sessions when travelling around the country/world

3-You can have multiple links at once and so therefor split the cost of PT with friends
*Please contact Sharon for more details on 07875086760 or sharon@bodycoachfitness.com

PT Skypercise  Training Packages


Travel Package:-
If you find yourself travelling a lot with your work or you are unable to have one to one PT sessions in your own home this this is for you! ALL the personal training sessions will be via Skype/Face time at the times that suit you best -All you need is a wireless internet connection, PC , I Pad or I Phone with webcam and Skype account (free download) and pay pal  account for payment

Home & Away Package
This PT package is  a mix of one to one face to face personal training sessions at home or in the gym and one to one personal training sessions via Skype/Face time -YOU CHOOSE the amount of personal training sessions you would like online and how many you would like face to face -A flexible package to suit your lifestyle

Get Fit With Friends
Get in shape with your friends and save money at the same time by splitting the cost .With the use of  Skype/Face time ,multi-video streaming is possible and therefore more than one person can train at onc.

*Top Tip- Why not make the Skype PT experience even better, why not connect your laptop to the TV by using RGB or HDMI cable or another device *

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details on price and to book*


Custom Fit-Skype Packages


Custom fit Skype training packages are individually tailored to your needs and goals and If you are after specific training and/or nutrition advice via Skype or if you cannot find what you are looking for on the following list of packages -please contact Sharon on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for price and further details

Over 10 custom fit packages to choose from including:-


-Boot Camp

-Pre & Post natal

-Sport Specific

-Pre travel -beach body prep

-Business travel


Corporate Skypercise-Membership


Employers who promote work life balance  will retain and attract  high calibre professional hard working people to join and stay with their company. Resulting in productive workers , less staff turn over costs and higher levels of staff loyalty- so in the long term it will pay to invest in your staffs health and fitness. Staff undertaking physical activity before work or in their lunch hour or even as part of their working week on site will improve health of employees, reduce sickness absence and promote mental well being as well. There is really no equipment needed - just your self ,comfortable trainers and breathable workout clothing,  your work colleagues (may be a comfortable mat to lay on and a towel ) and a bottle of water. Your work place will need  a PC/Laptop , free Skype account, wireless internet connection (and preferably a Tv screen  -for better viewing of instructions ) +  Suitable space to work out in.
Schedule your daily or weekly Personal training, small group training session or class by emailing or phoning Sharon -and off you go-different packages available from 1 session ,monthly package, 3 monthly membership and yearly membership

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details, instructions and to book*



Do you need personalised nutrition and dietary advice but just cannot get to appointments? Nutri- Skype  allows you to enjoy face to face consultation with your nutrition coach from the comfort of your own home /work place.
Prior to the consult ,you will be asked about information regarding your lifestyle, nutritional diet and medical history -details will be sent via email. All you need is a wireless internet connection PC/I Pad or I phone , webcam, pay pal account  for purchasing and a free Skype account and arrange a video call at a convenient time.
There are various Nutri Skype nutrition sessions which are normally 1 hour in duration  and a 30 minute video coaching phone call is also recommended between full consultation sessions for indispensable support Price of session dependant in time -contact Sharon for more details)

There are also more specialised nutri Skype sessions which could involve genetic and functional testing procedures. The price would depend on tests taken and advice and number of sessions needed.

Each session will include:-
-Full medical history ,lifestyle analysis and nutritional analysis

-Food diary analysis

-A recommendation nutrition and supplementation plan will be created  for your needs and goals

-Recipes and top tips for healthy eating


Body Coach Nutri Skype can cover many different specialities such as :-

-Sports Nutrition

-Weight Management

-Special medical conditions

-Contest Prep

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 fro further details on packages and pricing and to book consultation!"


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