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 Herbs For Healing


The use of whole foods and organic foods as medicine( healing ) is indigenous in  a lot of cultures. A return to chemical free foods , ( as close to their natural state as possible) -with dietary measures can aid and help many health complaints and conditions and help provide much needed vitality and energy.

Ensuring the body is correctly fuelled  and a more therapeutic approach to nutrition will help .Focusing on preparing the body for absorption and utilisation of food ingredients by a detoxification and cleansing process of the body systems such as a kidney, liver or bowel cleanse as part of  a controlled process will enable your body to filter and gain more nourishment and pure energy from foods, and help it keep up with demands on the body systems such as pollution and toxin over load.

 Here are a recommended  selection of natural energy giving, detoxifying, and age preventing botanical and nourishing food supplements and topical products as  well as 1, 5-8 or 28 day cleansing kits -(Ranges recommended are created by herbalists and nutritional therapists for the general public - & are recommendations only-not prescribed -a full herbalist consultation would be required for this)

 Please consult your GP before taking herbal ingredients when also taking prescribed  medications ( Or if  you are diabetic, convalescing, pregnant,  breast feeding (nursing children ) and taking anti depressants and MOAI or not able to consume alcohols -as there may be contra -indications and side effects associated with this)-or in cases of attempted kidney , liver and bowel cleanses do not attempt cleanse if the kidneys, liver and bowel are weakened or have debilitating conditions and diseases -consult GP first)


Dr Schulzes Products


Super Food Plus Powder 


Dr Schulze's Superfood Plus Powder - 396g

An instant 14 plant powder drink -High in plant protein and B6 & B12.Contains dried and powedered blue-green algae, Chorella, Broken-cell algae, Barley, Alfalfa, wheat grasses , purple dulse seaweed, acerola cherry, rosehip, palm fruit, lemon and orange peel, beetroot, spinach leaf and Dr Schulzes proprietary non- fermentable Saccaromyces cerevaise yeast.

It supports the immune system by helping psychological function, and the nervous system,aids normal red blood cell formation , has high levels of vitamin B6 , supports blood sugar metabolism, has high levels of plant based proteins (ideal for vegetarians and vegans).Useful for diets where  nutritious meals are limited.

 (Does not contain- whaet, sugar, lactose, milk protein, eggs, soya, nuts, tree nuts, corn, caffeine, preservatives, starches, sweeteners, flavours or colourings. Non GM ingredients and gluten free)


Dr Schulzes Intestinal Formula

Dr Schulze Intestinal formula 2 (8 oz. powder)

A super cleansing Intestinal formula - based on Dr Schulzes super food principles and processes. Ideal as part of a natural cleansing process of body systems as part of  a controlled cleanse of intestines.

Herbalists Kitchen

Energi Revive 

EnergiRevive Nutrient Rich Food Powder

Herbalists Kitchen- (Herbs Hands Healing) Energi Revive Botanical Food powder Drink-Helps to support menstrual monthly cycle , helps calm and balance during and after stressful situations. Acts like a "Tonic" -Optimsing mental clarity, and offers balance and support during challenging times. Also has an energising yet recharging effect.-Ideal for recuperation post surgery , convalescence and seasonal lows and people over 50 years to sustain the "plus" years.

It contains wild Siberian ginsing (85%)-An "Adaptogenic" herb- which have normalising and balancing effects on the body , lavender flower, arrow root and cinnamon quill. It is ideal for adding to smoothies, or super food plus .

 (It does not contain- Corn,soya, gluten, wheat, eggs, dairy, nuts and tree nuts, caffeine, preservatives , starch and colourings).

(Does not contain-  

Pump Beet Capsules

PumpBeet Capsules

A food supplement containing beetroot, Ginkgo and olive -beetroot has many active compounds -betaine, alaso termed trimethylglycine (TMG)  plays a role in the breakdown of homocysteine in our body , liver detoxing and bile production. It also increases levels of amino acids called glutathione an important anto oxidant. It is a naturally occurring nitrate that helps make nitric oxide. Wild hawthorn- is rich in bioflavonoids ,especially proanthocyanins to help circulation, wild ginkgo leaf inhibits substances know as platelet activating factors- useful for healthy blood flow. Wild olive leaf contains compounds oleuropein and oleaserol -both circulatory aids and wild dandelion reduces excess water and is rich in potassium and wild leaf rosemary has flavonoids that help braek down fats and inhibit free radical damage.

Ideal for those looking for generalised circulatory support and healthy homocysteine levels. It also contains 60 proanthocyanins to support bodies natural defence mechanisms. It can also help support common routes of elimination- liver and reduction of inflammation.

 (Does not contain- Corn,soya, gluten, wheat, eggs, dairy, nuts and tree nuts, caffeine, preservatives, starch and colourings.

 Lemon & Artichoke Concentrate

Lemon & Artichoke Concentrate

A botanical bitter concentrate- That acts as a digestive aid and can be used on a daily basis around meal times or " as and when needed" much like Swedish bitters bwhich stimulate completion of digestion or appetite for people who have trouble eating enough foods.It also increases levels of hormones "gastrin" which increases levels of pancreatic juices and the production of stomach juices. 

It contains whole lemon- which helps alkalise the body and other beneficial bio-chemistry liver detoxification and bile production processes. Wild cinnamon Quill- for balancing blood sugar and digestion, wild basil leaf essential oils for defence of gut health. Pepper mint leaf -the phenolic acids , flavanoids and essential oils soothe the gut and increase digestion.Wild rosemary leaf helps digestive process and is a significant bile and liver regulator.Wild artichoke the cynaroside and other bio-chemistry is strongly protective and the allicin in the garlic bulb has components that provide cholesterol and liver support. Fennel seed has a soothing and anti flatulent effect and unpasteurised organic cider vinegar gently fermented from pressed apples  aids digestion , metabolism and detoxifies.

 (Does not contain - Corn, soya, gluten, wheat, eggs, dairy, nuts and tree nuts, caffeine, preservatives, starch and colourings.



Onion & Horse Radish Concentrate

Onion & Horseradish Concentrate

Onion & Horseradish Concentrate Botanical all seasons concentrate- Helps open up breathing and move on excess mucus, .It warms the lungs and entire body and can be supportive for those suffering from chills at low times. It can be used as a preventative (October-March) or for a short time period or as long as persistent issues arise.

It contains  red onion bulb-containing anthocyanins and the amino acid cysteine  both of which stimulate the respiratory system , breaking up mucus and killing germs. Wild horse radish which contains sinigrin and allyl isothiocyanate , both hugely effective at removing mucus and attacking bacteria. It also contains chilli pods (cayenne pepper)- the capsaicin and other biochemical components that increase circulation and have anti microbial properties. Garlic bulb which helps treat a wide range of conditions, ginger root which has warming properties and good for the lungs .Also wild thyme leaf which is rich in immune essential oils and specific for lungs and carvacrol and thymol.It also contains organic cider vinegar which is gently fermented from whole pressed apples -thus keeping its nutritional benefits.

 (Does not contain- Corn, starch, soya, gluten, wheat, eggs, dairy, nuts and tree nuts , caffeine , preservatives and colourings.


Pollitox Capsules

PolliTox Capsules

Pollitox Capsules- A food supplement containing burdock, dandelion, and nettle.It helps support our bodies cleansing and detoxification process. Our modern environment exposes us to many chemicals and undesirable substances. These capsules can be used on a daily or periodically to help relieve the burden placed on the bodies organs and systems, via organ detoxification/cleansing- liver, kidneys and bowel.

It contains wild burdock root- which contains polyacetylenes that are classic immune modulators .Burdock is also detoxifying and helps with toxins in the body. Especially when combined with  dandelion root & leaf , 2 of the other ingredients which are gentle diuretics. It also contains wild nettle leaf extract which is classified as an alternative substance able to gradually restore normal health, and can strongly cleanse and detoxify mostly due to its high flavonoid and potassium levels. Wild rosemary is known as a  culinary herb and it is significant liver and bile regulator and detoxifier.  It also works to support the circulation , which is vital for all detoxification processes and wild chicory root that supports general intestinal digestion.

(Does not contain- Corn, soya, wheat, eggs, dairy , nuts and tree nuts, caffeine, preservatives , starch and colourings). 


 IntestAble Capsules

IntestStable Capsules

IntestAble Capsules- A food supplement containing clove, coriander and cinnamon. It aids gut health and balances fungal or microbial over growth .In fact their microbial capabilities and especially the cloves , coriander and garlic were used for thousands of years to prevent food stuffs from rotting and causing serious infections such as salmonella and other digestive  upsets. What the olive leaves have long been used as a fast acting immune defender in countries where it grows prolifically. he formula can also be helpful for those recovering from a diet previously rich in sugary and yeasty foods or those with yeasty over load. These capsules also can be useful during and after holidays abroad. To help over come the possible effects of less hygiene food circumstances .

It contains wild clove bud which contains eugenol, coriander seed and leaf which is anti spasmodic and has carmative compounds( for gas and bloating and soothing).Wild cinnamon quill which contains volatile oils that research has shown works on microbes. Wild olive leaf is rich in elenoic acid which disrupts receptor sites and pathogens and garlic bulb is considered anti infective  .It contains wild thyme leaf which is rich in carvacrol and thymol aimed at microbe activity and wlld chicory root which supports general intestinal health and digestion.

 (Does not contain- Corn, soya, gluten, wheat, eggs, dairy, nuts and tree nuts, caffeine, preservatives , starch and colourings).

Slippery Elm Plus

Slippery Elm Plus Powder

A botanical food powder blend - That helps soothe and calm the digestive system in any situation where gut and bowel recovery support is needed, either short term to help restore balance after consuming unsuitable or irritating foods ,or for  long tem sustained repair. It helps soothe and settle excess acid and indigestion, can form part of a programme to support gut permeability. It can also help regulate bowel movements (too regular or not enough) and is also a helpful support mechanism to the upper part of the digestive tract , also including the throat.

It contains wild slippery elm bark- for the throat, stomach, small and large intestines .I t is  mucilaginous once mixed with liquid and becomes gel like. This gel then coats any mucus membrane ,acting like a relieving and cooling moisturiser for the inside of the body. It is highly protective and those with irritating upsets may find benefits. It also contains wild marshmallow root- that soothes and protects mucous membranes , irritations and inflammation in the stomach and bowel and its pectin content helps counter toxins. Arrow root works as a 'demulcent' (which is an agent that forms a soothing film over a mucous membrane) It supports those with sensitivities in the digestive tract (to include the large intestine-the bowel).Chamomile flower- A potent gut and muscle relaxant and highly anti-inflammatory due to its essential oil content. It also contains pepper mint oil -which helps soothe and col digestive upsets. Research  has looked into pepper mint compounds on digestive pain , and found they work on the specific anti-pain channel called TRPM8. Tumeric root contains curcumin , a special compound that works as a cox 2 inhibitor .Put it simply , it will work to stop inflammation from occurring or to work on reducing inflammation already present.(Curcumin also has an anti- microbial action and anti- viral action in the body).

Herbal Teas & Herbal Blends

Breath & Clear Herb Tea Blend

Breathe & Clear Herb Tea

A lung and breath tea to uplift , ease and enliven. It contains- wild plantain leaf , pepper mint leaf, wild mullein flower, wild eucalyptus leaf, liquorice root with trace mandarin and pepper mint essential oils.

ImmuGold Herb Tea Blend

ImmuGold Herb Tea

  For a stronger, more resourceful and less hampered immunity .It contains- wild red grape leaf, wild plantain leaf, wild marigold petal, wild lemon, thyme leaf, with trace elements of orange and eucalyptus essential oils.

Evening Peace Herb Tea Blend

Evening Peace Herb Tea

A soothing , calming , nerve repairing tea for the end of the day and a good nights sleep. It contains- peppermint leaf , wild elderflower, chamomile flower, wild betony leaf flower, oat straw, hop flowers with trace elements of orange essential oils.

 Parsley & Corn Silk Herbal Tea Blend

Parsley & Cornsilk Herb Tea

A kidney and bladder tea to soothe  and act as an anti microbial and gentle detoxing release . I t contains- wild corn silk, wild dandelion leaf, parley leaf, and wild juniper berry.

Mullein & Star Anise Herb Tea Blend

Mullein & Star Anise Herb Tea

A liver/gallbladder tea and to clear , regenerate and detox and enliven .It contains - Wild cinnamon quill, lemon peel, fennel seeds, liquorice roots , wild mullein flowers, wild plantain leaf, hibiscus flowers, star anise, wild carob pod, wild dandelion root , wild clove buds and trace elements of orange essential oils.

Detox & Cleansing "A Must For staying Healthy"

Cleansing our eliminatory systems of the body eg:- liver, kidney and bowel  helps rid our body of toxins and pollution over load ,Hanging onto toxins will slow down our organs making us feel tired and sluggish , or worse contribute to inflammation and health conditions.

Removing any accumulated waste is a good way to stay healthy -the following  recommendation cleanses for liver, kidney and bowel are safe and effective (as long as *important advice* given which each cleanse  adhered to regarding contra indications and conditions).Each one works on moving, flushing and clearing these areas and body systems with particular botanicals for each cleanse

  Bowel Cleansing Kit


For "all round" health , periodic cleaning of our eliminatory system and organs is vital. The cleansing process should start with the bowel first .Completing a bowel cleanse twice yearly (Autumn & Spring) .Super cleanse all toxins gathered by the liver and eliminate/release them efficiently and safely with this pre prepared bowel cleansing kit.
The bowel cleansing kit contains all the natural product you need for a 5-8 day cleanse and also contains full instructions and a free Dr Schulze  Book 

Bowel Cleanse Kit


*Important Advice - Do NOT attempt this cleanse when pregnant or breast feeding-Do NOT attempt this cleanse if taking prescribed medication-Do NOT attempt this cleanse if you have any fragile colon/bowel conditions eg: irritable bowel syndrome, spastic colon and Crohns disease*

One Day Liver Cleanse


The one day liver cleanse is good for a first step with a unfamiliar experience. Ideal for people working Monday to Friday (cleansing on days Saturday at  weekend to allow for recovery on Sunday) for normal food and rest

It contains all the products that you will need to complete the cleanse and full instructions and advice to follow. 

One Day Liver Cleanse


 *Important Advice : Ensure your bowels are clear first-ideally carry out a bowel cleanse before hand- Do NOT attempt this cleanse if taking any prescribed medication- Do NOT attempt if you have a weakened or debilitating liver condition liver condition and disease-Do NOT attempt if pregnant or breast feeding*

28 Day Liver Cleanse  


By embarking on this lengthier liver cleanse it means that you have either done several one day liver cleanses or you wish to address the liver at a gentler pace over a longer period of time, with more modified  reactions and as part of a normal working day. Although the cleanse is intended to last a month and therefore contains 28 days of supply of products -it can be stopped at any time and never force yourself to complete the cleanse if you experience problems. All products and advice and instructions are included in the kit for full 28 day cleanse

28 Day Liver Cleanse


* Important Advice: Do NOT attempt this cleanse when pregnant or breast feeding- Do NOT attempt this cleanse if taking any prescribed medication- Do NOT attempt if you have a weakened or debilitating kidney condition or disease*

One Day Kidney Cleanse


The one day kidney cleanse is a good first step for those unfamiliar with this kind of experience .Ideal for people working Monday to Friday ( as you can cleanse on Saturday and recover with normal food and rest on Sunday)

The one day kidney cleanse includes all the products you need for the cleanse and full instructions and advice to follow . 

One Day Kidney Cleanse


*Important Advice: Ensure your bowels move before process- Ideally complete a full bowel cleanse before hand for best results- Do NOT attempt this cleanse when pregnant or breast feeding- Do NOT attempt this cleanse if taking any prescribed medication- Do NOT attempt if you have a weakened or debilitating kidney condition or disease*

28 Day Kidney Cleanse


By embarking on this lengthier kidney cleanse it means that you have either done several One day kidney cleanses or you wish to do one at a gentler pace over  a longer period of time, with a more modified outcome and as part of time, with a more modified outcome and as part of a normal working week. Although the cleanse is intended to last a month and therefore 28 days of supply of products is provided it can be stopped at any time and never force your self to complete the course if you experience  bad symptoms or feel very unwell.

Full instructions and advice is provided for the full cleanse as well as all products needed for 28 days. 

28 Day Kidney Cleanse


*Important Advice: Do NOT attempt this cleanse when pregnant or breast feeding- Do NOT attempt this cleanse if taking any prescribed medication- Do NOT attempt if you have a weakened or debilitating kidney condition and disease*

Herbal Beauty Parlour

Treating our skin carefully is important.AS well as shaping our external appearance , the skin of our immune system acts as barrier to protect us against the outside world. Our skin is also responsible for the elimination of a quarter of all bodily toxins .For this reason  we believe that the best skin care starts with natural ingredients such as whole plants and essential oils , to nuture, protect and heal.Here are a selection of recommended natural herbal botanical based beauty products ( including a skin brush - to help with exfoliation of dead skin cells- which can often prevent the normal removal of toxins through skin  if  not removed )


Herbal Beauty Products 

St John's Wort & Clary Sage Moisturising Facial Cream

Lemon & Lavender Toner

Rose Geranium Body Moisturiser

Rosemary & Marshmallow Shampoo

Lavender & Mint Body Wash

Bitter Orange Body Oil

The Best Dry Skin Body Brush With Free Wet Exfoliating Set & Cotton Travel Bag By Brooklyn Beauty-High Quality 16" Wooden Brush With Extra Long Bristles For Gentle Scrubbing-Convenient Detachable Oval Head With Cotton Strap - A Perfect Gift for Loved Ones

Botanical Massage Oils

The massage oils are made in a base oil of sweet almond , peach, wheat germ, and sunflower  with individual blends of essential oils

(Please click on text links below to purchase individual massage oil blends listed):-

Relaxing Massage Oil

Bud & Berry Exercise Massage Oil

Flower Massage Oil

Earth Song Massage Oil

Hot Zing Massage Oil

Pestle Herbs

Pestle Herbs - Herbs, Herbal Remedies and Natural Products

Please click on the text link below to browse and purchase Pestle herb products including herbal supplements, herbs , herbal tinctures and herbal gift kits including, herbal detox kit, herbal travel kit , herbal de stress kit, and herbal first aid kits:-

Pestle Herbs


Functional Food & Medicinal Herb Panel Tests


The following functional food ,medicinal herb anti inflammatory agent test panels are  made available through Body Coach Fitness as a practitioner with Cell Science Systems  & Alcat tests. They provide scientific  analyses of functional and therapeutic foods and herbs specific to both males and females and a more comprehensive full panel test- To ensure your body is functioning as well as it can with the right nutrients and herbs


50 Female Therapeutic Herbs Test Panel


This test panel -tests and analyses for allergies/intolerances to 50 herbs which are specifically therapeutic to females eg- Evening primrose,butchers broom, horse chestnut, lavender, alfalfa leaf, peony root & Uva ursi and many more

50 Female Therapeutic Herbs Test Panel


50 Male Therapeutic Herbs Test Panel


 This test panel -tests and analyses for allergies and intolerances to 50 herbs which are specifically therapeutic to males-eg-Cats claw, American ginseng,horny goat weed, Gota kula ,DingQuai and many more

50 Male Therapeutic Herb Test Panel


50 Functional Foods & Medicinal Herbs Test Panel


 This test panel -tests and analyses for allergies and intolerances to 50functional foods & medicinal herbs which are therapeutic to the human body-eg-Aloe vera, bilberry, ginkgo biloba, goji berry, maitake mushrooms, noni berry and many more

50 Functional Foods & Medicinal Herbs Test Panel



Platinum Comprehensive-Functional Foods & Herb Test Panel


Platinum comprehensive functional foods and medicinal herbs tests panel analyses for allergies and intolerances to not only 200 food state items , but 50 'functional foods' and medicinal herbs , 20 moulds, 30 food additives/colourings and environmental chemicals as well as 20 antibiotics & anti inflammatory agents -giving an all round test for health and well being through herbs

Platinum Comprehensive -Functional Foods & Medicinal Herbs Test Panel




*Medical Disclaimer-Please note this site does not provide medical advice from a GP  .I always recommend programmes ,tests and dietary and nutritional supplements based on individual needs, but cannot diagnose and treat medical conditions and illness-The information on this site is NOT designed to substitute professional medical advice and you should always consult your medical practitioner before starting any new changes to your diet, supplementation exercise or physical activity programme*

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