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Body Coach- Ageless Aging Program- (Pre to Post Menopause)


This unique wellness package is designed to help ladies through a life change process -mid life pre to post menopause phase (30yrs-55+yrs age group).

This is a time when  the body goes through many different life change processes such hormonal and physical changes . This often results in a plateau in exercise , health and fitness goals and requires a more specialised approach to training and nutrition to achieve results!

The Body Coach Fitness Ageless aging wellness program is specifically targeting this group and includes:-


-Nutritional advice and planning to aid hormonal balance and increased bone health , menopausal symptoms and to help increase sex drive and intestinal health.  

-Specific exercise program designed to maintain/restore  pelvic floor health, increase bone density, maintain continence and aid intestinal function 


-Specific pre screen assessment - To identify  "The right type & amount & intensity "  of exercise for best results


-Lifestyle advice -  On relaxation methods, meditation, stress relief(self massage techniques ) recovery & sleep


-Advice on specific beneficial supplementation  


Price On Application 


Body Coach- Fit Period Program


(Face To Face Or Online)

Body coach Fitness fit period program helps you take charge of your menstrual cycle when exercising .No more excuses for not exercising 1 week of the  month due to bloating , feeling uncomfortable , moody ,lethargic or  period pains.

The program includes:-


-What to eat & what not to eat before and during your menstrual cycle -To help prevent feeling bloated , uncomfortable and lethargic


 -Home /Gym exercise program to help get you moving and increase your energy levels whilst reducing period pains and cramping


-Meal suggestions and  vitamin & mineral supplementation ( such as Nutri Advanced Mega Mag Fem Balance) suggestions to help improve liver health/function  (detoxification & cleansing to avoid bloat),  and increase energy levels and reduce period pain


 -Relaxation tips & suggestions and how to stop menstrual cramping naturally


*Plus New- Menstrual cycle Mapping ZRT Saliva test -looking at monthly menstrual cycle  in relation to premenstrual syndrome, hormonal imbalances,& fertility & Nutri Advanced 28 day hormone program (if needed)* 


Price On Application 



Body Coach-Vital Core Program


 Body Coach Vital  is a comprehensive program designed for women in need of improved pelvic floor function either post  pregnancy, due  ill health & injury , to improve sex life or just normal aging process.

It includes:-


- Targeted specific intrinsic  pelvic floor function exercise program appropriate to the individual for Home & gym


- Pre Assessment  for pelvic /core control and postural alignment linked to lower back/pelvic core stability & strength


-  Women's wellness advice and tips


-Nutrition & lifestyle advice & healing holistic  food recipes for hormonal rebalancing (post pregnancy )if appropriate and supplementation


- Body coach method   for  the 3 c's - (Core-control- continence)


 Price on Application



Body Coach Fertility Fitness Program


Did you know that 1 in 6 couples in the UK has trouble conceiving naturally and resorts to expensive drugs & IVF treatments they do not need . Diet , lifestyle and overall fitness could be preventing you from conceiving and 4 in 5 women who struggle with infertility will conceive naturally by addressing their health, weight , nutrition & lifestyle issues.

Naturally boost your fertility by discovering foods and supplements that would could  stop  you  from conceiving .Learn how to overcome PCOS, endometrious & fibroids and create and conceive naturally with Body coach fitness pre conception fitness system.

Body coach fitness fertility program includes:-


 - Advice on how to create an objective visualisation program setting physical, physiological and mental goals to get ready for conception


- Advice on healthy nutritious fertility boosting recipes as well as supplements to boost health for pregnancy and also chemicals and toxins in foods & drinks to avoid


- Body Coach Fitness preconception fitness system - A specific exercise program to increase your chances of getting pregnant - by getting to your ideal weight to conceive in the safest possible way


- A comprehensive fertility fitness vitality plan- To help combat fatigue, and increase energy levels and boost sex drive ( scientifically proven supplements)


- Advice on how to train in the early stages of pregnancy to prevent miscarriage and how to deal with PCOS, endrometrious  and fibroids (through diet & exercise)  to help with fertility issues 


Price on Application 



Better Sexual Health Program


If you want a better and more productive fulfilling sex life ,then there is nothing better for you than pulling on your gym wear and lacing up your trainers and getting active. Exercise increases circulation and blood flow , and healthy feel good hormone release and working on specific core muscle groups ( pelvic area) and flexibility and cardiovascular health will also improve sexual health . This together with a specific nutrition and supplementation program targeting common deficiencies in food groups  that may improve sexual function and libido and functional analytical tests for hormone health will improve your vitality, sex drive and sexual health .
This is often a  area of life which is forgotten about when looking at life style  , health and fitness and psychological well being but is an important part of being a healthier and happier you and of course it is a good form of exercise in itself . The Body Coach Fitness better sexual health program includes the following:-

-Male Hormone Health Test-testing for levels of key male sex hormone production eg:- Testosterone affects sex drive and a natural energy booster

-(It takes two) so a Hormone health test for females -Looking female sex hormone balance -Such as estrodial,esterone, progesterone and more

-Nutritional recommendation program and supplementation program based on tests results and to  boost sex drive, vitality and energy eg foods such as walnuts, oysters spinach and watermelon and more

-Libido Stim-Professional natural nutriceutical supplement if sex drive is low- to help boost energy and vitality levels and boost natural hormonal production

-Specific exercise , flexibility and core training program to help improve better sexual health and energy and vitality

-Full consultation and email support and follow up review

Improve your fitness levels whilst improving your sexual health- on the Body Coach Fitness-
better sexual health program

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details on price and to book consultation and tests*


 Bella Beat LEAF Nature (Activity/Sleep/Menstrual Tracker)


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer  a high tech non invasive menstrual tracker to work alongside the above women's wellness programs( from a UK distributer). It looks like jewellery but acts like  a health tracker! Bella beat app-better every day! A tracker specifically designed for women to help monitor reproductive health providing you with an over view of your menstrual cycle and help you relax with a detailed list of meditation exercises. Ii also help track sleep and activity levels and can be worn as a piece of jewellery eg necklace or bracelet. A unique piece of tech which could help with your woman's wellness health and fitness journey! The tracker is available at a discounted price -please purchase below:-

Bella Beat LEAF Nature Tracker



 Harness Your Hormones Program-Discover How You Can Make Them Work For You...


Body Coach Fitness -Harness your hormones  program helps you discover how to make them work for you! Instead of resorting to HRT and other youth enhancing hormonal treatments -invest in this nutrition & exercise program and use  your bodies own unique hormonal  benefits to its advantage for better health, fitness and vitaility .

What is included In The Program! 

To ensure accurate  programming it is recommended that certain hormonal functional tests are carried out post consultation and pre programming. These tests are explained in further detail below:-

Serotonin Urine test- Serotonin is a neuro transmitter mood hormone which affects libido, mood swings, sleep and memory( increased exercise can help increase serotonin if needed)

 Oestrogen Test- A female hormone which affects female reproduction and health-(Eating more plant based oestrogenic foods or isoflavone foods such as tofu can help boost this hormone if needed)

 Melatonin Test - When melatonin levels drop the pineal gland switches on the production of this sleep inducing hormone- so control of melatonin levels could help sleep patterns & recovery from exercise

 Adinopection Test- This hormone helps the body use glucose from foods ,boosts metabolism and helps increase fat break down. So an important but not well known hormone to regulate

Leptin Test-Grehlin & leptin are the hunger hormones  which affect appetite -so analysis and regulation of levels are important for weight maintenance and reduction

Irisin is an exercise hormone recently discovered  that switches on genes that convert white fat( eg central obesity-abdominal fat) into brown fat ( which helps torch calories)

A full consultation face to face/online and health  lifestyle & nutrition questionnaire and health screening process are also part  of the program -To then develop a -Harness your hormones Lifestyle program of recommendations on exercise, lifestyle, nutrition and behaviour change based on results of tests,consultation process and your health and fitness goals!

Why not use your unique mind and body to it's advantage and harness your hormones for greater health, wellness and  vitality!


 * Price of program includes all tests + analysis, consultation and harness your hormones health, nutrition & lifestyle change program*


Harness Your Hormones Program


Price= 550.00 

Women's Wellness-Proven Probiotics


The Women's wellness proven probiotic formula is scientifically and clinically tested for optimal gut health function and boosting immunity, mood and performance. It contains a  specific formula for women with 17.5 billion good friendly bacteria and cranberry & vitamin B6 in each serving. There are 30 servings-1 capsule per day (A months supply) A unique formula for a unique you-Use to boost your women's wellness health and fitness journey!

Women's Wellness-Proven Probiotics



 DNA Blue Well Woman Genetic Test


Thus NEW Genetic test covers production &  regulation of hormones and key vitamins and minerals and how it impacts your DNA & health. This test would complement any of the female hormone wellness programmes above . If you are taking into consideration starting hormone replacement therapy  (HRT)or taking the oral contraceptive pill ( OCP) or tamoxifen your genetic tests results could also help inform your physician about which is any therapy would best be suited to you and your needs.

This test differs from other  hormonal tests as it  uncovers your unique strengths and weaknesses when it comes to oestrogen production ,action and elimination. Plus it helps you discover whether you are prone to high or low hormone levels ,your risk of conditions such as (PCOS) endometriosis ,PMS, menopausal symptoms, CVD, accelerated aging ,pre eclampsia , hormone related cancers and menopausal symptoms.

You will discover which particular vitamins and minerals you may have a higher requirement for during specific life events such as pregnancy and menopause for example and you will also receive personal recommendations on nutrition and lifestyle based on test results! (female wellness hormones tested for are- Vit D, Oestrogen detoxification, anti oxidant aging, cardiovascular health, choline requirement, methylation, blood clotting, oestrogen receptor , cholesterol COMPT, and dominant circulating oestrogen hormones). 


* Test is available for limited time at discounted price  of £99.00   normal RRP =£149.00

DNA Blue Well Woman Genetic Test




Men-Mid Life Crisis?


Men-Are you experiencing a mid life crisis? Expanding waistline, decreased libido, insomnia, fatigue and depression- All signs of the manopause ( Andropause) the male equivalent of the female menopause.Men experience similar  hormonal related issues as females due in their 40's & 50's when going through the menopause. However this is not as widely accepted and understood so is often not dealt with leaving many men experiencing these symptoms for years. Lowered testosterone can also lead to early onset of degenerative diseases such as degenerative diseases , arthritis , adult onset diabetes and many more.

Body coach fitness has created a male specific program including a specific Andropause blood spot tests identifying key areas of hormonal imbalances which could be improved through effective nutrition and lifestyle programming. The program also includes life style behaviour change programming, nutritional supplement and dietary advice based on test results and general advice on the menopause ( Andropause ) and how to work through this pain lessly as possible .

 The program differs from the better sexual health and well man check programmes and tests as it specifically targets the issues surrounding changes in mid life in males considered to be linked to the male midlife crisis -or menopause


Body Coach Fitness-Male Mid Life Crisis -Andropause Program




Hair Loss-Testing Packages


Body Coach Fitness has a genetic testing & nutrition programme AlopeciaGEN for hair loss on nutracuetical page & also has a more cosmetic based   anti aging hair program on genetic  anti aging page  with accompanying scientifically based products to improve condition of hair both of which are unique and effective.

This hair loss testing package is non -genetic  but still looks at your biochemistry in relation to hair loss and health and is slightly more affordable but effective than genetic testing options -making it ideal for anyone experiencing or wanting to avoid male pattern baldness or hair loss due to chemotherapy, illness or hormonal issues. It will help pin point any areas which need to be addressed to improve hair health and decrease hair loss. Available through Body coach fitness & a professional scientific laboratory in the UK.

 Why Do We Lose Hair?

 Before introducing you to the tests lets explain -why do we lose hair? Some hair loss is inevitable and on average we have around 100,000 hair follicles on out heads  and lose between 100-120 hairs per day. However for some people this becomes excessive hair loss for several different reasons :-

-Aging hair follicles & genetic makeup

-A hormone imbalance


-Auto immune  Disease

-low iron levels & mineral deficiency

-Over styling  


Basic Hair loss Check

A test to investigate the possible causes of thinning hair and hair loss. including tests for testosterone and SHBG as well as thyroid health and iron status, & free androgen index to check for imbalances  + Inflammation markers

Basic Hair loss Check



Hair Loss Check-Advanced

An advanced hair loss test for me and women who wish to investigate why they are losing hair .It includes tests for key hormones ,anti nuclear antibodies ,mineral levels as well as liver and kidney function (39 Test included).  

Hair loss Check-Advanced



Men's Wellness

Mens Pelvic Floor Health Work shop/Class-(Prostate Cancer)


Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men across the world. Over 46,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year (128 men every day) and 1 in 8 men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime. But over 330,000 are 'living' with prostate cancer and these men often feel isolated, and left to get on with it post radio therapy and surgery and after hospital discharge. But symptoms of treatment with hormone therapy and radiation and physical limitations are often more long term issues eg up to 2-5 years later.
So Body coach fitness has decided to offer a specific series of classes /work shops for this specific group - Men's pelvic floor ( yes men have a pelvic floor too) health workshop -for men following the acute stages of treatment after Prostate cancer( although all men affected by pelvic floor dysfunction eg incontinence ) can attend.
GP and medical clearance would be necessary -before stating the group- but the 4 week series would include the specific areas of concern often experienced by Prostate cancer survivors:-

- A social informative support group

-Specific  Joint stabilisation and flexibility exercise and ADL advice

- Specific Core stabilisation

-Pelvis stabilisation- and correction of dysfunction

-Nutritional recommendations to follow

-Postural alignment -specific spinal ,lower back and pelvic function linked to condition

-Gentle circuit based low grade CV & Strength based exercise class -short in duration and low impact -based on all of the above (and specific to Prostate cancer survivors )

Benefits of Work shop-

It will help   to improve peoples quality of life post and during latter stages of treatment - including increasing stamina, health ,fitness levels and psychological issues  and dealing with specific areas highlighted below :-

-Weigh gain

-Pelvic dysfunction

-Joint instability

-Muscle loss

-Loss of libido & erectile function

-Extreme tiredness and fatigue

-bone thinning

* Specialist  male - small group class/work shop  ( maximum 10 people)  for Pelvic dysfunction and post surgery Prostate cancer*

Men's Pelvic Health Class/Work shop Series( Prostate Cancer)




Men's Wellness Package

 A wellness/fitness package designed for busy men whether they are an  office worker or manual worker who is time poor and stressed due to over work or poor time management.

The  men's wellness  package includes:-


- Office /Home work out exercise plan - quick , minimal equipment needed and specific to needs


- Pre assessment- Postural/work station assessment or advice on manual handling for active occupations to help prevent and treat work based RSI and back problems which cause pain, sickness and prevent exercsing


-Risk intervention & disease prevention -for common male problems such as obesity, poor nutrition, stress and lack of physical activity


- Tobacco & alcohol education program


- Stress relief relaxation exercises  , self massage techniques, for busy men


- Guy food- Food specific to chosen sport played, building strength & power, or fat loss easy to follow quick meal suggestions for men who have to cook for themselves .Healthy food for travelling/at work- a large part of a busy man's day commuting, driving or at work with limited healthy  choices


- Exercise , food and supplementation advise for men for male issues such as boosting testosterone, sex drive/function and prostrate health 


Price on Application




 BC Fitness Functional Fitness MOT (FFMOT)


 Your car has a service & MOT each year-Isn't it about time that you had  a fitness MOT? Body Coach Fitness  functional fitness  MOT (FFMOT) is a personalised  brief behaviour  change intervention program aimed at teaching older people ( 55-65+) different fitness components  necessary for independent living. It introduces physical activity guidelines for health and the avoidance of prolonged sitting & provides age friendly FFMOT physical activity  functional tests to give older people an idea of how their fitness  compares to their peers.

 The results of the tests can be used to build on individuals strengths and weakness found through a structure Body Coach Fitness Prime later life  exercise and nutrition program. The FFMOT is a functional evaluation program -offering  education & motivation to participate in physical activity.


*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  for more details -(Starting Spring 2018)*


 50+ Proven Probiotics (Men & Women)


Proven Probiotics for 50+ women & men is a professional clinically tested formula designed for people over 50+ with digestive enzymes and added A-Z multi vitamins & acidophilus and bifidus specific to senior age groups. It contains 2.5 billion lab4  friendly bacteria in 1  capsule serving per day ( 30 capsules in total) Ideal for general wellbeing in people over 50+ years -for immune support,and optimal gut health, wellness and vitality

50+ Proven Probiotics+ A-Z Multi Vitamins Acidophilus & Bifidus



Cardiobiotics  -Proven Probiotics


Cardiobiotics-Proven probiotics formula is a professional scientifically proven digestive probiotic aid as well as containing specific targeted ingredients to support heart health which is also more common place in more senior members of the community (men & women). Each serving contains 10 billion god friendly gut bacteria and olive leaf extract and vitamin B1-beneficial to heart health.

Cardiobiotic-Proven Probiotics



Partner Compatibility-Genetic Test


For true mental and physical wellbeing you must be in a compatible relationship with your partner. The Mightygene  partnership compatibility Dna test will establish how truly compatible you are with your partner. Are you and your partner on the same wave genetic page when it comes to happiness, empathy and positive mood? This test analyses both partners for the following genes:-

-Happiness- GENE FAAH

-Empathy-GENE OXTR

-Positive mood -GENE SLC6a2


After purchase you will receive 2 buccal swab tests -1 for each partner  .full instructions and a return envelope to send test back with. Full results with a 20 page report of both partners analysis and genetic compatibility  and advice will be sent to your door. Ensure full happiness and positive physical and mental relationships with your partner with the help of this unique test. Please click link below for more details and to purchase:-

Relationship DNA Test Kit - DNA Dating Home Testing

Body Coach Fitness-Skin Regeneration Program


Body Coach Fitness- bespoke skin regeneration programme -Has a unique approach to skincare. Healthy glowing skin is a sign of good health and fitness and should form part of your every day health and fitness regime for self confidence, esteem and  general psychological wellbeing .Healthy skin renewal in the body relies upon healthy sound nutritional balance in the body and this also applies to skin cells. Any imbalances in hormones immunity, digestion, and inflammation can contribute to skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, rosacea and premature aging.
Sharon will work with you  helping you to mange specific skin conditions and helping you attain a youthful glow and prevent premature aging by creating a specific bespoke nutritional programme and skin regeneration programme-suitable for both males & females alike with-

-An initial nutritional consultation with Sharon- To help develop a bespoke nutritional & supplementation plan

-A consultation with beauty specialist ( to be arranged separately) -included in programme for diagnosis of  current skin condition

- Invivo Skin vitality profile test

- Follow up consultations to monitor, review and adjust programme

-*protocols -will vary dependant on each individual and their specific skin conditions presented and other factors such as lifestyle, stress and family history *

Body Coach Skin Regeneration programme - will tailor nutrient intake to help maximise collagen production in skin and promote healing, balance hormonal activity, reduce inflammation, help regulate digestive function and identify allergens and intolerances -Resulting in a more healthy and radiant looking YOU

Body Coach Bespoke Skin Regeneration Programme



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