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Trainers Corner


Marketing Yourself In Fitness


A new addition to the trainers corner- How to market your personal training business . Step by step tips of the trade  on how to promote, market and make  your brand stand out & the  different methods of how to get more PT clients on a limited budget . Emailed to your inbox on purchase.

How To Market Your PT Business= Price £20.00


Boosting Sales On A Shoe String


Boosting sales and increasing profits on a shoe string & without breaking the bank is important for a small business with limited funding. Based on personal experience and knowledge gained through education I have created a blue print for  success for both established and new PT's and coaches which includes:-

-Boosting sales safely & do you really want to boost sales?
-Growing your business -Knowing you break even point- Resource limitation and budget
-Getting the product price right
-Maximising Profitability
-Identifying your customer ,finding the right customer
-Prospecting Techniques-Direct selling, direct mail, telephone, networking & referrals
-Establishing identity of brand to boost sales
-Competing For Profit- Cost leadership, differentiation & focus
-Sales process- Sales Leads(Potential, suspects, cold leads, hot leads and more)
Tracking & Closing Sale

Although we are not salesman/women we need to be able to sell our products/services to the best of our ability to maximise our profits and boost sales for out fitness business this product will guide you step by step for success

How To Boost Sales On a Shoe String



How To Run A Great Work Shop?


Any one who has endued death by power point or dry chalk and talk sessions will know the importance of creating an interesting and stimulating group session work shop .Work shops are  A good way for therapists, and nutrition & PT coaches to pass knowledge, experience and information regarding health, nutrition and fitness subjects in a interactive and informative way at a reasonable cost .This step by step guide in how to create a great work shop will help you facilitate this-It includes the following:-

-Finding your natural style of presenting
- Whole brain learning techniques- Getting people to use both right & left brain thought processes through tasks and presenting for different learning styles
-Welcome/Introduction & Ice Breakers
-Building A great Session- Formula/Structure, theme ,subject , title, content, tricks of the trade
- Venue- Location, facilities, cost, transport, equipment available
-Participants- Demographics , target audience
-Advertising. sales & marketing of work shop
-Materials- Design, welcome pack notes, your presentation notes, Mind map of session/work shop
-Closing Speech- Follow up after sales

This product will arm you with a step to success guide to running a successful work shop

How To Run A Great Work Shop



Social Media Made Simple-For PT's


Every one needs to embrace technology and make use of it including PT , nutrition coaches and therapists. Social media is  one of the best communication channels for business, being low cost, effective if used properly , reaching a large target audience and easy to use .
This lesson is a  step by step guide to using social media for business , developed by me -so suitable for beginners & specific to personal training -I found social media to be one of the most powerful tools in my business tool box & so can you! The package includes the following:-

-Importance of social media in business- concepts and application
- Pros and cons of social media in business
-Using social media tools eg:- twitter, linked in for networking & business  
-Using facebook to make business pages
-Pod casting and blogging
-Use of auto responders  for automatic e mails & E books
-Using images in social media(sizing, downloading ,posting etc)
-Email marketing
-Using social media- To develop an online personal training/nutrition  business (Tips & Tricks for better business)

Social Media Made Simple-For PT's



PT & Member Customer Client Acquisition Mastery & Lead Generation


Body Coach Fitness has developed a online workshop /webinar for -PT client acquisition mastery & lead generation- For personal trainers/coaches and other fitness staff. This can be customised to your requirements and will look at multiple areas where potential leads could be waiting for you and your business. This fitness marketing top source will help you find and generate leads and acquire and maintain PT customers.
One of the most pressing issues that all fitness businesses face today is how to generate leads. Lead generation has become increasingly important and can make the difference between a business making a profit or shutting it's doors. 
This will cover cost effective and cost-efficient ways to find future leads and ask current members /PT customers whether they would be interested in  your services. It will  look into the importance of keeping a database of clients, how to work with other businesses ,special corporate rates to businesses in your area , using preferred suppliers ,cross promotion and working with other fitness companies and developing different lead-generation strategies to put in place to keep adding to your sales funnel.
*As this is  customised package please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for pricing and bookings* 

Body Coach PT Mentor Program


New-Body Coach PT Mentor Program- A 12 week program designed to help new or established PT'S and nutrition coaches stand out in the crowd and create a successful business from their brand.
12 lesson plans/sessions  -one for each week on the following subjects:-

-Establishing A Vision,Value & Brand Mission Statement
-How To Get More PT Clients
-PT Client retention
-Setting SMART business goals-creating a business plan
-Mind Set & behaviour change for positive change
-Time management Book Keeping & Administration
-Sales & How to convert leads
-Creating A USP
-marketing & branding-PR
-Social media For PT
-Building your own fitness community

This Program can be purchased online and plans sent via email (with telephone /Skype support)or face to face weekly consultations for best results.

Price for both face to face and online -contact Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760


Body Coach- PT Business Starter Documentation  Resource Packs


Purchase a ready made -PT business documentation template pack -From Body Coach Fitness. Add your own logo and branding .A professional checklist of documentation necessary to start and maintain a professional personal training/nutrition business. Choose from a wide range of document templates including:-

(Legal Check list, Simple steps to tax, GDPR  form, Lifestyle questionnaire, Client testimonial form, Nutritional food diary, PARQ, Readiness for change document , consultation document , Pre assessment document, Stress questionnaire, Pain stage of change form, Body metrics analysis form, biomechanics  analysis form, Informal consent  form, decisional balance inventory, health & safety checklist, Exercise programming documentation, readiness ruler, Health/fitness Goal agreement form, Terms and conditions agreement, + many more)

 *Choose ,select & customise your own business template package & contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more information and price to purchase *



Body Coach Fitness- How To Build A Fitness Business Online Master Mind Series Of Workshops 


Body Coach Fitness has developed a series of -online master mind fitness business building workshops - For budding online fitness entrepeneurs looking to create their own USP in the online fitness market. Step by step online advice and guidance on how to launch an online educational work shop in -creating online fitness classes, launching a community fitness online /face to face project  & how to create an online fitness education course/programme online .
Each online workshop will follow the same formula for success :-
-Step by step launch plan -how and what to do
-Business plan /education plan strategy
-Marketing and social media coverage  for project
-Case study on how to create online programmes
-How to researh and  brain storm for the right target audience 
-Specific resources needed for each individual-How to-Online work shop 
-Body Coach Fitness -10 Step formula for online success 
*Each online  programme can be sent via email instead as written format /please specify when ordering*


Gym/PT Studio Member Retention Tool


Build rapport & professional customer relations through member interaction with  Amphigames  ,a UK Active supplier. Amphigames is a new concept in gym challenge evolution.Increasing  your gym/pt studio member/staff  interaction and giving them a reason to structure their work out and work their way up -the leader board. A hub that reaches out to clubs nationwide. Amphigames gives you the ability to set up different group fitness challenges simultaneously,in any part of the country.The members app introduces a fun element -and more serious athletes can receive top medal placements.All results got straight to the league table and are verified by club staff -no cheating allowed. An innovative app with personal club login and a nationwide multi club challenge. Let the games begin-Get a gym /pt studio challenge started !Challenge gyms in your town or country and see the results as if you are in he same room ( Virtual gym challenge evolution). Please go to the following link for more details here https://www.amphigames.co.uk/


Coach Yourself To Wellness -Work Book Set


Personal Trainers,coaches and wellness coaches can now purchase -Coach yourself to wellness book sets through Body Coach Fitness. These can be used as support for your health and wellness coaching services. They can be purchased as a set of 5 coach yourself to wellness books /programs or as a full set of 5  coach yourself to wellness books/programs plus work books set. It is recommended you have first completed health ,well being and coaching specialised instruction  before use with clients.These book sets are  based on the REPS accredited Wellness coaching Australia certification.

 *Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details and for suitability and to purchase-RRP from £80.00 onwards  

Wellness Coaching Australia-E Books

Personal trainers, coaches and wellness coaches can now purchase Australian wellness coaching E books to use for their health and wellness business through Body Coach Fitness. Educational resources for professional wellness coaching.E book titles include - staying connected in a virtual world ,engaging clients in coaching, fighting your demons, handling our own resistance , making worry work for you and waking up your positivity - you can also purchase the complete coaching resource e book set as one pack.
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare from  Body Coach Fitness at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details and pricing RRP starting from £20.00*

Online Courses
In development- Online courses for PT,S Nutrition coaches  in health & fitness, nutrition and business coaching.


PT Qualifications
Excellence in personal training courses -start living your passion with Origym REPS recognised and internationally accredited PT qualifications.
Go to  https://origympersonaltrainercourses.co.uk/ for courses and when you apply for a course quote Sharon's unique Origym Ambassador  code -BODYCOACH-PT for an extra 15% off your fees - start your fitness journey to success!
Origym offers flexible learning options with E-Learning platforms so you can learn online and/or blended learning with some face to face lessons and assessments, and they also offer a 0% interest fee option to pay.

 Sharon's Tips On How TO Write A Fitness Blog


Please click on the following link to find out Sharon's  advice in an article on Origym site on how to write a fitness blog:-https://origympersonaltrainercourses.co.uk/personal-trainer-tips/start-fitness-blog-body-coach-fitness/

Train Fitness- PT/Fitness instructor/ETM/Pilates & Yoga Instructor Courses

We recommend the TRAINFITNESS Personal Training Courses

Please click on the following Body Coach Fitness referral links :-

PT courses- https://train.fitness/personal-trainer-course-enquiry?cs151808

Other Fitness Courses  Courses- https://train.fitness/request-a-prospectus?cs=151808

Sign up to these REPS approved fitness courses - through Body Coach Fitness -start your journey to success within the fitness industry!

 Brook Bush Institute -Online learning


If you are looking to continually up skill and  professionally develop your coaching skills than the  Brook Bush institute of human movement is for you. If you join you will receive evidence based rehabilitation ,fitness and performance enhancement education delivered via an interactive ,hands on online training portal allowing you as  a trainer/coach to optimise human movement with your client base-giving you the edge .With over 500+ articles, 400+ educational videos and 70+ online courses to choose from and affordable monthly or yearly subscription rates of $19.99 mthly or $ 199.00 per year ( after 10 day free trial period)
Sign up for your free 10 day trial today and -"learn more" at-



Shaw Academy-International Online Education


Access 1 free international Diploma of studies for free  ( 30 day free trial -no credit card required) If you then decide to continue studying with the Shaw Academy you will have a choice of over 50 international diplomas in subjects such as health & wellness, sports nutrition, child's nutrition, personal nutrition, digital marketing ,leadership and social media marketing. (All certificates are internationally approved eg:- EQF Level 5 in UK ,USA associates degree, UAE NQF level 5 Ireland level 6 and Australia level 5/6).

Try a course for 30 days and receive live webinar recordings in choice of learning subject, after trial you can sign up to the premium service from £45.95 per month  and continue  studying one or all 50 courses available with webinar recordings, weekly assignments -and you can cancel any time -no contracts.

Accessible , affordable reskilling and up skilling -Interactive engaging and ever evolving learning. 

Get one month subscription for free with any one of the online courses.

Get Diploma in Nutrition for FREE

Methodology X -Instructor certification


Do you want to become one of the elite -Methodology X class instructors? A unique method created by Dan Roberts-Personal trainer to international fashion models and celebrities which can apply to every woman looking to strengthen and sculpt without bulk. I combinational of bodyweight functional strength mixed with Pliates , boxing, ballet moves and free flowing movements and meditation and mindfulness.

Be one of the few offering these classes and sign up to the online instructor course here:-  http://danrobertsgroup.com/instructor/drg/31/      & teach Methodology X 1-2-1 & In group classes   


Flying Yogi Instructor -Training Courses


Please contact Sharon Clare at Body Coach Fitness on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details on -Flying Yogi Instructor Training in India and Canada. Go to glamorous locations to learn this  new yoga suspension method of teaching. Suspension yoga alters our relationship to gravity and creates a whole new experience of learning about our body.

If you want to learn how to teach this unique way of yoga training to others then choose from several courses .The flying yogi suspension training instructor training course is an intensive 50 hour CYA Accredited certification  .

You will receive A full colour manual of over 100 Suspension Yoga™ postures with special index,36 hours of in class time plus 15 hour of practicum and apprentice ship. Plus duplicatable guidelines and formats for creating your own class. Eligibility for discounted purchases of a YogiGym®     Eligibility to become a Distributor or Studio Affiliate, Studio Pass for 6 Suspension Yoga™ classes & Yoga Alliance certification upon successful completion of the curriculum.

All this from £1295.00 per teacher training course .Learn  a new skill and take your business to the next level with Body Coach fitness & Flying Yogi .

PT Business Mastermind


Body Coach Fitness PT Master Mind is a one day skills gap  PT experience day  designed to bridge the gap between formal learning and the real world of work in the industry. It helps new trainers and returning trainers to improve their client relationship skills , confidence and put skills learned on qualifying into practice. Helping develop much needed soft skills that are touched upon in  personal training qualifications.

You will shadow your PT Mentor (Sharon Clare) on the gym floor or out and about  carrying out the essential day to day tasks of personal training. You will get involved and take part in activities of the day such as consultations, nutrition advice, classes, personal training, and get to practice in real life your personal training soft skills of communication and building rapport and learn  skills to help you build professional client relationships with your own personal training client base . Valuable face to face time with potential PT clients with an experienced personal trainer guiding and mentoring you through out the day. A taster PT experience day with a unique opportunity to learn on the  job first hand what it takes to be a success in a competitive industry , watching a PT in action and then putting this into practice yourself



PT Business Master Mind Experience Day

Price= £75.00


How To Start & Build  A Successful Online Fitness Business


Do you want to become a successful online fitness /nutrition instructor? But do not know where to start ,then this program may be ideal for you!
I have done all the ground work setting up my online fitness business and through trial and error have learned  a lot along the way and I have formed a formula /recipe to pass on to you that will help you get a successful online fitness business  -quicker, more efficiently and professionally, saving you  time &  money by sharing  my passion and love of fitness business to you.
Join me on a 1-2 -1 or screen share lesson for 2 1 hour sessions ( via Skype) which will take you through the steps of setting up and creating and running a online fitness business and allow me to run through SEO, monetisation, advertising, creating services and much more ( listed below)-or alternatively you may decide to have the session sent to you via email/post - which will give you a written format to follow and look back on and refer to more than once. Which ever option you choose it will cover the following subjects:-

Social Media- Platform options, creating content, building an online presence , engagement, what method  you should be using

Personal website- Creating a website from scratch -free or paid, monetisation, what services to offer, what to charge,  when/how to get paid

Generating income- Free advertising, paid advertising, your USP and target audience

Influencer Marketing- How to become an influencer

Communication/ good customer service-Winning  potential customers, keeping your customers, communicating your brand message , dealing with difficult clients/customers

Pricing & marketing- white label services, competitive pricing and package ideas

How Start & Build  A Successful online Fitness Business


IHRSA -Educational Webinars


Please go to the following link- https://www.ihrsa.org/publications/type/webinars/ to sign up to a selection of international fitness professional educational webinars by IHRSA. In subjects such as :-


-Sales & Marketing

-Fitness programming

-Wellness-Corporate wellness programs  

-Membership Retention


-Strategies & Finance


These IHRSA educational webinars are for fitness professionals who are interested in knowledge in how to 'develop and improve'  their fitness business eg Pt/class studio, health club or leisure facility *Discount of member of IHRSA*


DNA Life -Practitioner Training Video Bundles


 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the -DNA Life training video bundles -For professional healthcare/fitness/sports practitioners .This series of 6 videos is educational training for the -DNA Life genetic tests .*(You will also need to be  a Dnaclife registered practitioner to practice & purchase the DNA tests )*

This educational training video bundle consists of the following videos:-

-Introducing DNA LIfe video training

-DNA Diet video training  

 -DNA Health Video training

 -DNA Sport 1 video training

 -DNA Sport 2 video training

-DNA Introduction to The Science Video Training

 -DNA Oestrogen Video Training

*Please contact Sharon  Clare at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details before purchasing on practitioner registration & video content*  

DNA Life- Practitioner Training Video Bundle



Advanced Coaching Academy (ACA)


The (ACA) Advanced coaching academy can help you transform your PT business and take you through a learning journey .Its mission is to educate and bring together health and fitness professionals  allowing them to learn evidence based  knowledge in business acumen, applied nutrition and advanced coaching. With online courses, live seminars, e-books, membership to the business academy and nutrition academy and an academic exercise database plus much more.
Join the advanced coaching academy -one of the worlds most comprehensive and leading online learning platforms for health and fitness professionals at :- https://www.advancedcoachingacademy.com/?ref=371



Body Core Training & PT Mentoring


Potential PT's and gym instructors -contact bodycorementor@gmail.com or text  07505900811 with your full name and Body coach Fitness  promo/referral code- 'Bodycoach'- for more information on Bodycore training level 2 & 3 courses and other CPD courses.Body core training  also offers established PT's a mentor scheme more details on www.bodycoretraining.com

Savant Squared-Fitness Courses


Sharon Clare at Body Coach Fitness is now a fit pro referrer for Savant Squared  fitness educational courses. If you are interested in  learning more about studying online with Savant Squared please send your full name, contact details and area of interest to Sharon at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and/or phone her on 07875086760 and she will refer you to a suitable instructor for more details and to book courses. Savant squared offer level 2 & 3 fitness instructor , level 3 pt, advanced pt, obesity & weight management, lower back pain, strength and conditioning GP referral and many more. All courses are available online and come with full mentoring and support - 5 face to face days, PT business starter pack, 8 steps to success program, weekly tutor support & pace setting, on going carer advice and re fully endorsed by CIMSPA & REPS.


 Home Fitness Pro Course & Organisation


National Strength & Conditioning coaches(NSCA) if you are looking to add vital (cec) points - use this link http://homefitnesspro.org/partner/5 to get the home fitness specialisation course and membership to  home fitness pro.org   a vital source of information for at home fitness specialists

Alison -Global Online Learning


Empower your self with Alison Global online learning experience-access to  free online learning (small  charge for pdf certification of completion) at :- https://alison.com/register/referral/CD84C8869BBD759D3D96706E83636379    and when using this Body coach fitness link you will receive  a 10% discount off purchase of certificate of completion .

Alison online is an internationally recognised company providing 1000 free course diplomas  from world leading experts in catergories such as health/fitness, lifestyle, tech, marketing and  business (Health /fitness course include-human nutrition, stress management, personal health & fitness, out door & physical education, IIN health coach diploma and much more)- all you pay for is a certificate of completion if you require one .Join over 11,000,000 other people across the world in a valuable free learning experience


ACTION-Personal trainer Certification



Get personal trainer certified with NCCA accredited pt certification, advanced nutrition certification or group trainer certification which are part of the institute for credential excellence .

The NCCA  accreditation program- get started - all the tools o help you succeed are included. Download class videos ,interact with instructors and take unlimited  practice examinations. Go mobile and down load class videos and kindle text books to your mobile device and you can study any where. Launch your career and sign up for discounted liability insurance , custom business plans and personalised reference letters and a job board .ACTION  certified trainers have a jump on the fitness career market place.

Impress your clients with-ACTION personal training systems  -a custom  

website for you and your clients .Design training programs , track their progress and monitor their nutrition all through your mobile device. Also if you sign up to the platinum ACTION plan you will have recertification for life -offering free recertification for life .Find more information and sign up to ACTION certification programmes at https://actioncertification.org/?atid=182 or text or image links below





New Skills Academy -Online Courses

Create your own career path with -New Skills Academy & Body Coach Fitness ( click image below for more information & to purchase )  There are a variety of online courses available that are all CPD accredited including, a fitness diploma, international massage course, event management , career personal development courses in mindfulness, assertiveness, priority management , negotiating skills, customer service , marketing and sales and business diplomas and many more .Start a new year with a new career with Body coach Fitness & New Skills Academy .

NFPT Certifications-Turn Your Passion Into Profit


Turn you passion into profit and make fitness your career path. The NFPT  CPT Certified professional trainer  is for fitness enthusiasts that would like to take fitness to a new level and help others by becoming a certified 1-2-1 and group fitness/pt coach. NFPT has been certifying individuals since 1988 with professional quality accredited and endorsed qualifications.If you would like to join  on a small deposit with full payment later then go to following link to start your new career today!-


Public Speaking Courses-For Presentations


Please go to the link below to sign up for a professional course in public speaking ( for seminars, presentations & teaching)- Never fear public speaking again!- http://shrsl.com/129f3

First Aid Courses/First Aid Instructor Courses


As a professional in the health and fitness industry we are legally and professionally obliged to keep up to date with our first aid training in case of medical  emergencies which may occur. Profaw offer a long list of professionally recognised  first aid courses (blended learning) for all situations eg- general first aid, first aid at work, paediatric first aid, first aid for active pursuits, first aid for all different sports , first person on the scene , general H&S , food safety, fire safety, manual handling, risk assessments and also if you would like to teach  others first aid as part of your business- first aid instructor courses. Go to www.profaw.co.uk/en and Register/sign up to  an account -log  into your account  and then choose your first aid course of choice go to check out and  -Use Body Coach Fitness PROMO CODE - UKbodycoachfitness1    for 10% DISCOUNT off all first aid courses  !

  IHRSA  Fitness Industry World Convention Pass-(San Diego March 2020)


If you want to only attend one fitness industry event this year ,make it IHRSA 2020 18-21st March in San Diego.Time is running out  to attend the annual gathering of the industry's best and brightest YOU!Time is running out !Save US $100  on a Full 4 day convention pass or US$75 on a 3 day pass by using the special promotional code SAN DIEGO  through 31st December 2019.Body Coach Fitness now offers the following discount referral code ,to use at check out - https://www.ihrsa.org/events.IHRSA 2020 features  4 influential key note speakers and over 100 educational sessions taught by successful leaders  in the health and fitness industry.

Business Promotional Products


A large part of a businesses success is reaching your target audience effectively and this is no different in your PT & Nutrition business . To be successful you have to promote and market your product and brand and a using personalised promotional products will help you stand out from the crowd and create your own USP.
Wearing customised work wear with your brand on and offering business branded accessories to your client base and marketing yourself with professional business cards will make you -the go to personal trainer/nutrition coach
Please go to my personal website link  (national pen)below for all business promotional materials :-


National Pen

Business-Secondary Spend Income


If you are a personal trainer , nutrition coach whether you are independent/mobile or have your own studio/gym facilities  "you are your business " - your brand is how you are perceived in the business market. Creating your own personalised branded nutrition supplements is one way of both promoting you and your business and also creating a secondary spend income on top of your coaching/gym  income.
Please click on the links below to create and purchase your own private label supplements for your business clients to purchase:-

 50% whey protein blend http://www.henchprivatelabel.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=75&tracking=587b3a8eb13eb

Baked Protein Flap Jack-http://www.henchprivatelabel.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=79&tracking=587b3a8eb13eb

 Meal Replacement -http://www.henchprivatelabel.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=66&tracking=587b3a8eb13eb

High Calorie Mass Gainer-http://www.henchprivatelabel.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=50&tracking=587b3a8eb13eb

Anabolic Mass-http://www.henchprivatelabel.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=83&tracking=587b3a8eb13eb

PLR (Private Label Rights) -Master Resale Rights Products


An opportunity to purchase professional properly licenced PLR (Private label products) and master resale rights products through Body Coach Fitness. If you are looking for professionally created E books, videos, audio and software in a variety of categories to resell ( at profit ) either as sold or by adding your own logo label ( as your own product) then this is for your business. Choose from 100's of items -look under 'personal niche' section on site for products to resell/rebrand in cooking & recipes, family, health & beauty, self improvement ,travel and weight loss ,marketing and business and many more !Affordable professionally created product to resell/rebrand under your own name at a large % profit-maximise your businesses profits with PLR products-

PLRProducts.com - 1,000's Of Resell Rights Products

1,000's Of Resell Rights Products (Set 3)

PT Minder- Business software


PT Minder business software is designed to streamline and make your PT and nutrition coaching business easier to manage on a day to day basis. You can schedule classes, plan your diary schedule and create work out and nutrition programmes and much more.
 Please click on the following link and add Promo code BODYCOACH when purchasing:http://ptminder.com/promo/BODYCOACH

E Fitness Tracker - Business Management Software


It is important to be organised in business and fitness professionals are no exception. An effective professional personal trainer business software technology system will enhance and transform your fitness business giving it a competitive edge. E Fitness Tracker software system gives you the tools to boost sales with a fitness marketing suite and business account feature .As well as fitness analysis tools and features such as client personal profiling, tracking fitness measurements ,and creating custom work out and nutrition meal plans. Create your own fitness community blog and connect through your mobile fitness device. A flexible , efficient and professional way to keep track of your clients and business scheduling.

Please click on text link below to get further information and purchase business software packages:-

eFitnessTracker - This fully customizable solution enables you to differentiate your services and stay ahead of your competition

Nutrition Practice Management Software For Wellness Pro's


Practice better is the complete nutrition practice management software for wellness pro's. (Nutritional coaches, therapists) Manage your practice like a pro- clear your desk and practice better, using a secure cloud based  system .If you have a specialist niche nutrition clientele you can  use the system to create practical lifestyle recommendation templates for any specific health concerns your nutrition clients may have ,modifying templates on the portal to each individuals needs. It also includes supplements from our database of over 60,000 popular dietary health products complete with all ingredient details and recommended dosages. Clients have their own secure login portal where they can login daily food & mood journal details & also use  a  secure in app chat and messenger service and there is 24/7 access to details for client and practitioner. Track your nutrition clients progress, book & schedule appointments, customise your brand online, use tele heath video chat , and keep all your nutrition practice record management in order all in one place at http://www.practicebetter.io?afmc=3l

 Yoga Class Plan App


Yoga class plan app -Create relevant effective yoga class plans in minutes. A directory  of yoga poses and asanas for both yoga teachers and students of yoga . Professionally written articles all written for the purpose of assisting you in creating classes & in  instructional commentary throughout the class. Edit poses dependant on both style of yoga and difficulty from beginner to advanced  ,create class plans, save plans and print out whenever you want for your self and /or students and class/pt customers. A yoga class sequence builder app for yoga teachers and students .

Take your free 15 day free trial to then sign up to this  yoga tech tool on the text link and click image below:- 

Yoga Class Plan

Yoga Sequence Software

Custom Fitness Business App


Click on the following link:-  http://fitnessbusinessapps.com?ap_id=bodycoach1  to purchase a custom set up designed and branded fitness business app for your fitness company -whether it be a health and fitness studio/club or mobile pt/nutrition/therapists   business . Your market is going 'mobile ' with an ever increasing number of people using mobile apps -you can increase traffic to your business website, increase foot traffic, increase your popularity and revenue with a smart phone app for the pro fitness industry designed specifically for your business. Features will include easy product uploads, social media integration, GPS tracking of location ,events calendar and organiser, push notifications ,sell memberships to pt or packages direct and much more -all branded and designed for your business-stand out from the crowd in a competitive personal training market and invest in  making  your  business mobile & unique  with  your own pro fitness business mobile app!

Schedule A Lesson


Schedule a  lesson -Is part of positive coaching alliance creating better athletes and better people! As an instructor  ( in the USA) you can sign up to schedule a lesson and get the benefits of having a personalised schedule a lesson website created for you ,with  web site hosting if needed , a direct URl ,a prominent business listing on a nationwide coach finder site ,direct access to lesson takers/athletes who want coaching in dance , sports, fitness education and many more. Go to   www.scheduleanylesson.com/and use Body Coach Fitness promo code ' 5A1C2' at check out when signing up as an instructor and you will receive a $10.00 discount off annual membership of £79.00 & a $1.00 discount off monthly membership of $8.99 . Join schedule a lesson and gain a captive audience of athletes /individuals to coach !

Courses Plus -Training Course Provider Online Directory


Body Coach Fitness -Personal Training Academy distance learning/online courses are listed on CoursesPlus  training course directory .Courses Plus - lists over 5,000  courses from around 11,400 trainng courses providers. Body Coach fitness /Edufit TQUK & Fit pro endorsed courses are listed alongside these -Please go to links below to view more details and to purchase :-







Studio Instructor-Professional Directory


Studio Instructors, gyms and studios sign up to the studio instructor professional listing directory- http://www.studioinstructor.co.uk  using REFERAL CODE- STUDIO3096629717 when joining. The site makes it much easier to:- 

-Find a group exercise job
-Getting insured in group exercise
-Getting qualified in group exercise
-Hiring qualified group exercise instructors
-Being informed of the latest fitness industry developments surrounding group exercise as it happens
-Gives you a professional group exercise profile for employers and the public 

Sign up as a studio instructor, gym or PT studio using the referral code above and you will - gain all these  professional benefits   

-Sharon Clare  Is listed under Body Coach Fitness as a professional studio instructor 

-  Body coach Fitness PT Academy/Edufit  online fitness instructor and personal training courses  are listed on the training -course providers section of the site here are the direct links to the listing on website:-





Professional Weight Management Equipment


Body Coach Fitness is working in partnership with pursuetec  professional weight management equipment supplier to the health and fitness industry. To bring you a special price on their unique body composition and metabolic analysing equipment as well as food replica material for educational talks and food portion  recommendations.
 This range of equipment and products is ideal for professional nutrition and fitness coaches to give them a USP and an added benefit to their nutrition and fitness programming .
Here are a few examples of what is available :-

-BIA Check BC2 Bioimpedance body composition analyser RRP=595.00 /BC PRICE =£535.50

-BIA Check BC3 Bioimpedance body composition analyser RRP=£895.00/BC Price =£805.50

-BC2 Software package RRP=£69.00/BC Price=£62.10

-BC3 Software package RRP=£89.00/ BC Price =£80.10

-Breezer Metabolic rate analyser RRP=£399.00/BC Price=£359.00

-BIA Check package including BC2,Fat/muscle replicas,tape measure, hand grip and dynometer RRP=£695.00/BC Price=£625.50

*Professional fitness trainers & nutrition coaches please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and/or 07875086760 for further details and to choose and purchase body weight management equipment training packages*


First Aid Training & Instructor Courses

Sports Jobs 4 Women


Grab your international fitness career by contacting the 1st dedicated fitness and sports jobs agency for women only, specialising in fitness and sports jobs over seas .If you fancy working in the sun for minimum of 1 year with a tax free salary , free accommodation ,annual return flights and up to 4 weeks vacation each year.
Email  your CV and details of fitness & sports qualifications and work skills and experiences to
jobsinthesun@sportsjobs4women.net or telephone 01590676379 (UK)and ask for Mr Simon Windsor for further details and to arrange a free consultation to discuss further.
Ladies in fitness You could be 1 step away from your dream career abroad gaining valuable work skills and experience with  1st class benefits -please also see website -
www.sportsjobs4women.net for more details

 Future Learn -Online Courses


Choose from 100's of online courses  from top universities and specialist organisations at Future Learn -Offering a powerful new way of learning online .Each course has been designed according to the principles of effective learning  whilst  using community support to celebrate progress . Each course provider has designed a complete  learning experience by leading academies & experts in their field.

When you sign up to a Future Learn course- You will  receive 'full free access  to all the learning material' online for that chosen course including articles, peer reviews ,steps and quizzes-Or you can choose to 'pay for an upgrade' and also receive access to the final online examination for that course and receive a certification of completion in that subject .

 Choose from several different categories of studies including Science( Nutrition  wellbeing ,infant nutrition, science of nutrition, physiology & science of life, why do we age & mechanisms of aging & genomics & genetics)-Health( Food as medicine  for the gut, preventing childhood obesity,  mindfulness for wellbeing & performance ,heart health, mental health, Study of metabolism, geo health, & health & psychology)-Business( Coaching in the knowledge era, how to succeed in the global work place, Online business -pricing for success, marketing & leadership & leading a team & effective communications, plus many more categories and courses to choose from! Go to the text links and button link below for more information and to start your learning experience at Future Learn -Through Body Coach Fitness!

FutureLearn Limited

Become an Entrepreneur. Start learning today.

Improve your wellbeing with an online course from FutureLearn. Start learning for free.

Try enjoyable, flexible teaching CPD courses from FutureLearn. Start learning for free.

Become a better manager with online courses from FutureLearn. Join for free.



Teachable-Create Online Courses


Create your own online business or lifestyle health, fitness, nutrition, therapy or sports course with Teachable-A worldwide online teaching course platform .Start now and turn your own fitness and nutrition knowledge into a profitable online course with Teachable. You can create as many course as you want and teach as many students as you want on all Teachable plans. An affordable and professional way to create online courses with use of video content ,digital teaching platforms and more go to :- http://sendmeto.teachable.com/jL7hC    for more details and to sign up to making creating future learning for others profitable!


Stone Bridge College Distance Learning- Careers Courses


Do you want to get 20% off Stone Bridge distance learning courses  & benefit from worldwide distance learning? Then if you send Sharon Clare -your full name via email ( Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com)with a short message asking to be referred -& also contact Stone Bridge with your details and Sharon's full name (Mrs Sharon Louise Clare ) & her student reference number (s 139267)  and both details match -then you will receive your 20% off purchase discount code to use on any one of 700 accredited online distance learning courses & diplomas available nationwide. There are courses available from many different categories including - Nutritional therapy, sports nutrition, clinical nutrition, diet & nutrition, macrobiotics ,  exercise physiology, personal fitness training, anti aging,  NLP, weight management consultancy, yoga, science, education, business management, office management  

,operations management & book keeping. See more details of what courses are available at-

https://www.stonebridge.uk.com  Remember you must  contact both Stone bridge & Sharon Clare to get a 20% gift of learning




Business Coaching Alliance


Start one of the coaching alliance certified business coaching courses and you can learn new skills to add a USP to your fitness, health , nutrition business -coach others in life coaching, business , corporate coaching, mentor coaching, spiritual coaching and find professional coaching work books and tools at the bookstore on coaching for weight loss and coaching wellness see more details here :- 


( go to explore specialisations section for courses and bookstore for coaching tools & resources)  or go to following text links below for specific courses of interest!

Yoga 2 Life Coaching Certification

Become a Certified Coach Today!

Fast Track Your Coaching Career with Coach Training Accelerator

Coach Training Accelerator Online

Get The Exam Edge-Fitness Certification Prep


Get the extra edge in passing your fitness & PT certifications with many leading fitness course providers at http://www.fitnesscertprep.com  where you can purchase practice tests to ensure you are fully ready to take your final examination .Course providers who offer practice tests  for PT  and fitness qualifications are:- NASM,ACSM,ISSA,NSCA,NFPT,ACE,AFPAA,AFPA,IFPA,NCSF,NESTA & NETA.  Search for your course practice tests under 'subject section' on website address above and use Body Coach Fitness Promo Code 'SAVE-KPOAA'  at checkout when purchasing to get 10% off all practice examinations. Give your self the best chance of success & sign up to some practice tests-Good Luck!

 UK Open College-Online Courses

Please click on picture image above- To purchase  'UK Open College-Distance learning courses through Body coach Fitness. UK Open College offers varied courses  online and distance learning- including Nutrition courses, beauty & holistic's  ,  psychology& life coaching   business skills courses, trade skills  ,web design course &  many more -High quality but affordable distance learning for nutrition .

E-Learning-Online College


Better your career prospects  with Distance E-Learning college courses, create new interests ,study at your own convenience at your own speed in any location -A wise investment .Please go to  picture image above or below and click for more information and to sign up to online E-Learning with Body Coach Fitness & E Learning college -there are many quality professional online courses including professional nutrition courses(Diploma in nutrition), Sports & Fitness (Fitness management, Pilates trainer , sports nutrition & sports psychology), Complementary health therapies( Anatomy & physiology , yoga practice, kinesiology, hypnotherapy, meditation & mindfulness), Counselling & Psychology(CBT & life coaching skills) + many more:-


Online Course-Summit


Sign up to the Online Course Summit here:- https://theonlinecoursesummit.com/home?afmc=34    & take advantage of 72 hours free access to world class speakers on how to create , market & sell online courses- ( Fees apply for year long access)to Online Couse Summit sessions -Learn from the experts !

Audio Blocks-Royalty Free Music


Audio Blocks is an ideal way for fitness instructors to access and download royalty free new combinations of music through a monthly or annual membership. Choose from over 100,000 continuously updated music tracks and even mix your own combinations to use for your fitness classes or other projects.More information here- https://videoblocks.go2cloud.org/SH5g


Fit 4 Sport Ltd


Fit4sports Ltd - . No 1 choice  for sports professionals such as PT's ,  physio's,& sports therapists for medicinal consumables. Fit4sports are also a leading supplier to the football premiership and football league and work alongside Pro rugby league and rugby teams. Please enter Body Coach fitness code -naqi5% into discount code box  when purchasing any Naqi Curative product  from  website -http://www.fit4sportltd.com/  to receive a 5% discount off purchase -(Enter code into discount code box when ordering) 


Song Bird Naturals- Massage Therapy Products


Song Bird Naturals is a natural professional massage therapy product range - only available to practitioners. It is made of all natural sourced ingredients from New Zealand and made in the UK and includes products such as unscented and scented massage waxes, fascial waxes, reflexology waxes and other massage products.
Body Coach Fitness is able to order these products direct through her account with them at up to a 25% discount off. If you are training to become a therapist or already trained then please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com with orders - please see products on website link:- http://www.songbirdnaturals.co.uk 


Promo Life- Promoting healthy lifestyles - economic and environmentally friendly equipment and products for therapists and coaches looking to promote a healthy lifestyle with treatments-Ozone therapy , infra red and magnetic therapy and many more .Click on image button link  and home & office text link below for more details:-

Home & Office


Hab Direct 


Pts please contact Sharon Clare at Body Coach Fitness ( on 07875086760 and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com)for preferential pricing rates in Hab Direct professional products designed for sports scientists ,coaches and other sports professionals from world class leading brands. Discounts and preferential rates available for products such as Power breathe, HAB resistance bands, Skin calipers , blood pressure monitors and Sigma HRMS.

Sports Coach Software


If you are a specialist PT/ sports coach interested in soccer coaching then soccer tutor may be for you , with software for coaching programmes, dvds ,books and information on tactical, practical and mind skill coaching involved with youth and adult football coaching .More details here:-


: http://shop.soccertutor.com/Tactics-Manager-Soccer-Designer-Software-p/tm-dl.htmClick=24751

Select My Tutor


Select my tutor- is an online platform that connects students, parents and tutors with others- A world wide tutor platform - with a large number of professional well qualified and experienced tutors listed to choose from-including personal training and nutrition tuition and health and fitness tutors and assessors-(Sharon will be completing her fitness tutor and assessor profile soon)
Please click on the following link to source your nearest tutor or to add yourself onto the list:- 


Manual Therapy CPD


Please click on the following link :- http://www.nielasher.com?rfsn=553808.94fcb9        And update your manual therapy skills  by  purchasing a trigger point therapy online course .These are suitable for any  trainers and therapists who want to update their knowledge and also  for NASM & AFAA CPD /CEU accreditation

Skillogy -Technology & Business Skills For Your Role

Skillsology - Learn, Master, Advance

Please click on the text link below to purchase course on technology and other useful business skills for your role :-

Excel with Business

These courses are designed to equip you with the necessary skills in finance, business, technology and much more-so your business succeeds -at every level

FDN -Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Certification


Would you like to be able to offer a bespoke holistic nutritional and lifestyle program to your customer base. Functional diagnostic nutrition (FDN) certification could help you build your business in a unique way- the certification is one of the most respected functional lab testing training programmes in the world.
You will learn how to complete  functional diagnostic testing and customise your clienteles lifestyle behaviour programmes encompassing their diet and nutrition, fitness exercise regime , stress reduction and supplementation recommendations from these results via online /distance learning. CPD certifications post certification online is also available to keep yourself up to date -Sign up for this opportunity to offer a bespoke service in your PT, nutrition , therapist or wellness expert offering.

Please click on the link below to purchase:-

FDN Certification Details:-http://ua175.isrefer.com/go/Cert/Bodycoach/

FDN Advanced:-http://ua175.isrefer.com/go/ADV/Bodycoach/

Professional Insurances


 Vitality Health Insurance If you are a self employed personal trainer , nutrition coach or  sports massage therapist  you will also need to consider health insurance - as you are your business -if you look after yourself you will be able to look after others . Please click on the following link  :- Genadvisory.co.uk/bodycoachfitness   to get more information on vitality health, the new approach to health & life insurance. If you sign up through Body Coach Fitness you will receive up to 25% off health/life insurance and 50% off  monthly gym membership (please see link for more details).

Specialist Fitness Business Insurance

Sports Coach

It is important that you and your fitness business are covered for both public and personal liability-Please click on Protectivity insurance banner link above to purchase insurance for you fitness business -They are specialists in the field of sports and fitness businesses and cover the following areas:- personal trainers, specialist coaches, sports coaches , gym/club insurance, martial arts instructors ,event insurance, sports business, sports leagues, fitness/sports associations -Be protected by the best and sign up to protectivity insurance.


Financial Accountancy


It is important to keep on top of your finances as  PT (especially if self employed)- Please click on the following link www.crunch.co.uk/?aid=sharoncl   For all your business accountancy needs. A unique affordable online accountancy /book keeping service for small and large companies .Live your life and let Crunch do the numbers! Crunch  also offer other financial services such as pensions (important for self employed PT's and coaches)  

Business Website


In the year 2017- It is important for every business especially fitness, nutrition and therapy businesses to have an online presence- A UK wide and international voice about your services and promote your business USP.
Please click on the following recommended site link :- 

http://www.penguin-uk.com/clients/aff.hp?aff=141 ( & click on a link) to purchase web hosting services, create & register your own web domain name and sign up for   web design services (with bespoke, custom, template designs available) e commerce services  and also content management systems -An all in one shop for your business website needs at affordable prices!  

Business Logo/Brand  Design

Custom logo design for your PT business - A professional logo for your brand -click on banner link below(or text link) with coupon code to get discounts off purchase-matching branded marketing and stationary also available

LOGO DESIGN by LogoBee.com
Save $20 by entering this coupon number: 6037

custom logo design
COUPON   # 6037

Venice Nutrition Health & Nutrition Certifications

For personal trainers who want to gain CEC points towards NAFC & NASM   fitness education development and learn how to become successful business professional , health & nutrition coach.

Please click on the following text or picture banner links to sign up for one of these online courses:-

Purchase a Nutrition Coach Certification from Venice Nutrition

digital coaching experiencePurchase the 8 Week Run Plan and Digital Coaching Experience

venice beach certifications venice beach certifications

Order the How To Feed Your Kid Athlete Coaching Series

 You may also click on the following link:- https://www.vnonlinesystem.com/affiliates/aw.aspx?A=65   to sign up to these coaching courses

Recommended Reads


Here are some suggested and recommended books that I have used through out my personal training experience/career to update my knowledge . I cannot list them all as the list would be endless.But I have tried to include at least one from each section of the fitness industry from fitness to nutrition.

Functional Rehabilitative Training- B J Boulter (B2 Fitness Training Solutions) ISBN 9780993184307

NLP Work book  -Joseph O' Connor (Element) ISBN 0-00-710003-5

First Aid Manual (Dorling Kingsley) Latest edition ( Written & authorised by leading first aid providers -St Johns Ambulance, British Red Cross & St Andrews First Aid

 Sports Massage & Remedial Therapy- Mel Cash (Ebury Press) ISBN 0-09180-956-8

 Sports Psychology For Dummies-Leif H smith & Todd M Kays (Wiley) Latest edition

Human Nutrition -Mary E Barasi-(Hodder Arnold) ISBN 978-0-340-81025-5

The Triathletes Training Bible- Joe Friel- (Velo Press)  ISBN 931382-42-5

 How To eat Move & Be Healthy- Paul Chek -Chek Institute ISBN 1-58387-006-7

How To Run A Great  Work Shop- Nikki Highmore Sims (Pearson) ISBN 0-273-70787-6

A good source for fitness , nutrition  , wellness and sports text books and courses is Human Kinetics go to the following link :-www.humankinetics.com?associate=21535

 Body Coach Fitness Trainers Book Store


Choose from the following selection of books at the Body Coach Fitness Trainers book store:-



What the Foot?: A Game-Changing Philosophy in Human Movement to Eliminate Pain and Maximise Human Potential

The Complete Guide to Personal Training (Complete Guides)

The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition (Complete Guides)

Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Manual and Movement Therapists, 3e

Performance Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition

Strength Training 2nd Edition

The Fitness Instructor's Handbook: A Complete Guide to Health and Fitness (Fitness Professionals)

Lifestyle Wellness Coaching, 2nd Edition

Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy

Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise

Facilitated Stretching-4th Edition with Online Video

Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology

Sports Injuries Guidebook

Athletic Taping and Bracing-3rd Edition

Postural Assessment (Hands-On Guides for Therapists)

Aquatic Exercise/Rehabilitation Training

 Trainers Suggestion Box


Email in your suggestions to Sharon@bodycoachfitnes.com or phone 07875086760 for ideas on fitness and nutrition courses for her to develop and other fitness and nutrition related ideas you would like her to offer at Body Coach Fitness. The best selected idea of each month (draw on last day of month) will receive a gift voucher to put towards paying for Sharon's own Trainers corner( not other training providers listed)  course,  mentor programmes .

         "Tell me & I Will forget , Teach me & I may remember ,Involve me
                               & I Will Learn!"


Body Coach Fitness Pt's Store


 Here are a few hand selected fitness products and kits -suitable for personal trainers to purchase - to start and grow your health & fitness business:-

 Personal Training Fit Kits

Fitness Training Set - A great training package suitable for personal trainers and anyone looking to improve their fitness. Includes 10 training hurdles, a 4m foot speed ladder, a speed resistor belt, 25 grid marker cones and a nylon storage bag.

TRX Suspension Training Home Kit

Yahill® Premium All Purpose Multi-Functional Resistance Trainer Belt Set With 4 X 25lb high elastic tubing For Resistance Fitness Training, Vertical Jump Training and Athletic Partner Training (Black (4 X 25lb)) (Orange(4 x 25lb))

JLL® Kettlebells with Coloured Neoprene (Rubber) Covered Cast Iron 6kg to 24kg Home Gym Fitness Exercise Kettlebell workout training 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 14kg, 16kg,20kg, 24kg (18 Kilograms)

DTX Fitness No Bounce Textured Slam Ball Set - Set of 4 - 3kg,5kg,10kg & 15kg

Power Plate MY3

New Powerblock Sport 9.0 Stage 1 Adjustable Weights Dumbbells Set - 2-22.5kgs

Juice Master's Pro Bounce Folding Rebounder 45"

Sports & Rehab Kits

Firstaid4sport Sports First Aid Kit Advanced

Trigger Point Performance Starter Set Massage Kit - Multi-Colour


    Bleep Test https://amzn.to/2uLyM79


Bleep Sit Up Test  http://amzn.to/2vL34Ey


Bleep Press Up Test  http://amzn.to/2uT3Xi1

Gym Design & Equipment Consultancy


Go to https://gymcompany.co.uk/ref/sharonclare/?campaign=Bodycoachfitness   for all your commercial & home gym design consultancy needs and to lease or purchase professional wellness and gym equipment at the gym company.
If you own your own home gym/studio or  pt studio and/or want to equip your gym with the latest gym equipment and need professional help on which equipment and how to design your space they will be able to fulfil all your needs-(Use code= SUN17 at checkout for 10% off strength equipment )

Gym Equipment from GymCompany


Home  training & Professional Gym/PT Studio Equipment

Staff Fitness Ltd is one of the largest UK fitness suppliers in the fitness industry . Selling a wide range of brands -If you are looking to set up your own personal training gym/studio at work or at home click on the following links for good quality professional affordable fitness equipment:-


Power Plate

Power Plate

Please click on the banner image above or the URL link and text link below to browse and purchase all things power plate :-

Power Plate UK

Use the following Power Plate Body Coach Fitness Referral/Promo code at check out for 10% discount :- BODYCOACHFITNESS

Les Mills Equipment


To purchase all your les mill studio/gym equipment for your gym,pt studio or home gym co to the following links

Get Fit Faster

Weights for Strength Conditioning


Les Mills Equipment

Kit out your fitness space with the above functional strength and cv circuit/class equipment and move more with Les Mills!

 IFIT Coach & Nordic Track

State of the art home fitness and gym equipment from NordicTrack

Purchase professional fitness equipment and IFIT Coaching program at text link below. Choose from Nordic Track skiers, ellipticals , treadmills , bikes and more for home gyms ,studios and offices. IFIT Coach is also available through Nordic track for £79.00 per year -Start a smart fitness program-It  Includes google maps work outs ,taking you around the globe with all terrain tech & realistic  street views  on your fitness equipment where ever you may be  a exercise fitness library, personalised nutrition feature, customised tracking sleep tips feature, Rock & Run - Run to the beat of music feature , online fitness community memebership+ much more- customised lifestyle and fitness tracking motivational program -Join IFIT Coach & purchase professional fitness equipment at text link below:-



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