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Fitness Travel/Retreats    


Body coach Fitness health &  fitness retreats starting late 2018- Dates , location & prices to be confirmed!
Retreats including relaxation, classes, work shops/seminars, 1-2-1 instruction, boot camps and both indoor and out door activities.
Dependant on location- activities including walking, hiking, cycling, stretch & relax, circuits and boot camps and fitness and nutrition work shops/seminars and many more!
Keep an eye on this page for new developments on Body coach fitness retreats through out the next few months!


Wander Lust -Genetic Test


 Do you love adventure /fitness travelling and discovering new places ? You may be one of those people with the "wanderlust" gene. Find out whether  thrill seeking is in your DNA*(Around 20% of people around the world have this gene)*?

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the Wanderlust genetic test as a reselling practitioner at Gene track. This test detects the wanderlust version of the DRD4 gene .People who inherit this gene or at least one  allele  of 7 or more repeats (7R+) are more likely to travel often ,take risks eg adventure fitness travel ,try new food and be more adventurous.

*(This is an international test to be taken at home and is tested in professional laboratories  in Canada. Orders from UK & Australia are sent by international express and when sent back tests results are normally available within one- working week. Tests will be completed within 3-5 days in Canada & USA)*

Please purchase test kit below and if you require further information -contact practitioner /reseller Sharon Clare on- 07875086760and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com. 


Wander Lust Genetic Test




*Price Includes sending test kit/ international shipping costs* 


Adventure Experience Days
Book a special adventure experience day for a special occasion or just for fun, choose from many different physical sports, hobbies  and family activities in including sky diving , canoeing, family packages, spa packages on the following link:-

Body Coach Experience days

Luxury Spa Breaks (Health & fitness)



Please go to the following link- https://www.awin1.com/cread.php?awinmid=3489&awinaffid=241743&clickref=&pfor spa break for ultimate luxury and health and fitness pampering .Choose from exclusive surroundings at affordable prices-Relax -Be pampered & Enjoy!



Active Advantage

Ready to be a VIP? active  Advantage is a premium membership program of Active.com .It makes fitness travel , challenges and adventures more affordable. Improve you active lifestyle with VIP saving on events ,travel and apparel for fitness and a active lifestyle at the following links:-


We make being active easier

Take advantage of Advantage

Soul Shine Retreats


Please click on the following link:-

http://ibiza.soulshineretreats.com?tap_a=9281-ffb1ab&tap_s=50698-2d1ca0    To browse and purchase a relaxing health & yoga retreat in Ibiza , a chance to recharge , re energise,relax,
         unwind and take in the sights of the beautiful countryside at the same time -A healthy holiday journey in Europe suitable
         for everyone at affordable prices!

Thailand Yoga Retreats

Thailand Yoga Holidays

Please click on the following link :-

http://thailandyogaholidays.com/trip/10-nights-in-northern-thailand-nov-2016/?ap_id=sharonclare to browse and purchase a relaxing yoga holiday retreat. Thailand yoga was born out of the notion that yoga retreats should be the right  combination of fun, relaxation ,action  & affordable and available  to everyone . So treat yourself to a yoga retreat  in Asia in style!

G Adventure Action Holidays

G Adventures-Choose your style of action adventure holiday from national geographic(nature journeys etc) yolo( you only live once)marine , active, classic & familly - its your planet choose how you want to see it and action travel in style with G adventures! 

 G Adventures also runs Planeterra a not for profit organisation endorsed by the UN that gives back to the communities it travels through please see www.planeterra.org to donate to this charity.Planterra currently supports 40+ projects around the world which only uses local transport and communities as well as helping build local innovative tourism projects that help train local communities to benefit from the good force of travel!

Adventure Holidays
Book an adventure holiday through the YHA -Affordable breaks for all the family and full of lot's of fun filled fitness/sporting activities . Click on the link below! 



Fitness Travel Pro


Mix passion with paradise- Imagine vacationing in the carribean , central America,& Mexico at a fraction of the cost -just by teaching a couple of fitness classes per day. If you join Fitness pro travel all you pay for is an administration fee each week and fitness pro travel provides you with free all inclusive accommodation at 5 star luxury resorts of your dreams in return for your professional expertise a couple of hours each day. Certified fitness instructors, personal trainers, tennis and golf coaches ,yoga,pilates and zumba teachers and group instructors - who offer small group instruction or tennis & gold lessons are able to apply for membership and have opportunities to travel and work every single week of the year! Go to http://www.fitnessprotravel.com  to join and if you want a discount off admin fee between November and March use code -5ideamember1718    For 15% off


Action & Adventure Travel Insurance

         fitness winter sports

Globe link is one of the rare travel insurance companies which offers cover for the more adventurous and active traveller. If you are into adventure travel , winter sports and back packing they have a policy for you. You can now purchase this insurance through Body Coach Fitness at the following links:-

bodycoach fitness
         winter sports

Fitness Travel Adventure Box


An adventure in a box- Sign up to Nomadik Fitness travel adventure monthly subscription and you will experience an adventure .3-5 items of top quality tested adventure gear,tools ,fuel(food/hydration) knowledge & inspiration all in one box delivered to your door each month -1,3 & 6 month price options. Prepare yourself for your fitness holiday adventures with Nomadik & ADVENTURE BETTER!

More details on link and banner image below:- 

A new adventure awaits you ever month. Get started with The Nomadik Subscription Boxes today!

The Nomadik

 Body Coach - Fitness Travel Essentials Pack 


 Body Coach -Fitness Essentials travel pack-Contains all you need to work out in style whilst travelling, and in your hotel room the beach or park ,and on the go .Easy and light to pack and ready for use when you feel the need to keep fit.-keeping you active and fit whilst travelling.

You have a choice of fitness essentials to choose from making it possible to create your own- Body Coach fitness travel pack for your own needs.

Choose from the following fitness essentials :-

 Fitness tracker -Myzone watch & belt

 Stepometer-for tracing your daily activity

 Travel mat

Body coach Fitness Branded ( Sweat towel, water bottle , sweatbands ,resistance bands )

Skipping Rope

Body Coach Fitness Branded ( Fitness travel tote bag)

Choice of written, Skype or e book travel workout packs with  nutrition tips  from Body Coach fitness

*As this travel essentials pack is customised to your needs-Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for further information ,pricing and to order* 



World Privilege Club

Our Privilege Plus site brings together discounts and privileges from hundreds of leading stores.

Join the Globes best world privilege discount club with Body coach Fitness here http://bit.ly/2qX1jGz   (Or  logo image link above ) for discounts off global companies promoting travel, leisure, family , food, entertainment and lifestyle - Including gym memberships at fitness first, fitness magazines such as mens health & fitness & ladies health & fitness,   golfing breaks, virgin experience days, the activity people breaks , supplements such as my vitamins, my protein, fitness fashion at Kyra sports , pursue fitness and new balance & most major healthy food shopping outlets including Asda , Morrisons , M & S & discount taste cards to use around the globe on healthy fine dining when out- Take advantage of large discounts for your active leisure and general healthy lifestyle with World Privilege & Body Coach Fitness

Body Coach Fitness- Travel Health Package


Your personalised travel heath care ,immunology and fitness solution when planning a fitness holiday or adventure.
Our bodies come under attack from all sorts of unusual foreign visitors when travelling - eg:- ticks, mosquitos, bacteria, parasites and environmental pollution. We can go to out GP/physician and get vaccinated against most of these ,but preparing our bodies for travel and ensuring our body is in the best condition possible prior to and after travel will make your trip away much more enjoyable.
Bod Coach Fitness not only thinks of your fitness regime and nutrition but also your body as a whole before and after travel looking at your current immunity status to determine if you can avoid unnecessary immunisations if your body is immune and preventative and analytical tests before and afterwards - offering functional testing before and after wards to identify issues that may affect your holiday (before-during- or on return).

The travel package is not a one size fits all program and is not for every one - but if you are seriously interested in your health and fitness whilst travelling -this would be an ideal preventative package for you.
Dependant on your destination and activities planned the plan may include the following:-

-Consultation face to face/via Skype- to review  travel plans, destination and activities planned to determine plan of action and functional tests needed. 

-Full Current Lifestyle and health analysis -current medication, health condition and allergies etc

-Functional test package which may include the following
Before Travel-

i)Immunity Check Plus-  screen prior to travel for Hepatitis B & C,HIV measles , mumps rubella and varicella Zoster

ii) Viral Anti Body Screen- A comprehensive screen for anti bodies to a range of different viruses- Herpes, influenza, cytomegalovirus and mycoplasma

iii) Clotting Check- An assessment for clotting factors in your blood to determine if you are succeptibel to (DVT)-Deep vein thrombosis - whilst travelling

After Travel-

-D-Dimer test- A blood test to identif conditions such as (DVT) deep vein thrombosis or abnormal clotting-post travel

-Lymes Disease(Elisa) test- Lymes is a debilitating disease caused by bits from ticks and can be a problem in the UK as well as abroad -this test will confirm whether you have been infected if you have experienced a tick bite

-Zika Virus test- If you are travelling (to certain areas abroad) it may be advised to have a zika virus test  up to 10 days prior to travel to ensure you have not been infected

-Stool Test For Ova Cysts and parasites- To establish that you have not been infected by parasites in you GI tract whilst visiting developing countries or drinking and eating unclean water or food products.

-Body Coach Fitness individualised travel package exercise program ,nutrition and nutra ceutical
supplement regime

-Post trip review and evaluation - for future note

*This program differs from the Frequent flyer program on functional nutrition page in its content and suitability- the consultation will determine the best plan for you*

* As this is a unique and customised process- please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and/or 07875086760 for more details, pricing tests and program*



Body Coach Tropical Travel Screen



Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer a-Tropical Travel  Screen ( as a practitioner with a leading UK diagnostic laboratory)-It is a screen to test for the most common parasitic diseases known to affect frequent business, sports and holiday travellers which are not showing any symptoms. Geographically some diseases are  more common in certain parts of the world due to temperature ,humidity and certain types of insects, low poverty  and low standards of health. Contamination of food and water with human excrement are the cause of intestinal (gut) infections such as typhoid and paratyphoid fever, cholera, amoebiasis, shigellosis, tapeworm and other parasitic infestations & Insect borne diseases include malaria, yellow fever, sleeping sickness and leishmaniasis. The malaria transmitting mosquito was once common in the south of England and, due to climate warming, could return. This test can be taken alone or as part of the travel package above or any other body coach fitness health and fitness program for the healthiest and fittest holiday, business or sports trip possible!

There are 8 tests included in price :- 

Amoebic Antibodies, Schistosomal Antibodies(EIA ),Schistosomal (IHA), Malarial Antibodies F.A.T, Toxoplasma Antibodies IgG, Toxiplasma (IgM) ,  Echinococcus Antibodies & Leishmanial Antibodies 9IHA)

Body Coach Fitness-Tropical Travel Screen



 *Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and/or 07875086760 for more details * 

 DNA Thrombotic Risk Test


Body Coach fitness-Is now able to offer gene track DNA Thrombotic Risk test for frequent travellers  . Three genes markers are analysed -F5 (Factor V ) ,F2 (Prothrombin & MTHFR) People who have one or more mutations with these gene markers may be more pre genetically determined to have a risk of blood clotting and DVT ( which is common in frequent travellers/flyers) .

This test would be an ideal addition to all the Body Coach Fitness travel test programmes to assess risks of likelihood of DVT and clotting whilst travelling or resting for long periods .Making you both more informed and able to develop  a healthy nutrition, lifestyle and fitness program  and travel schedule to suit you -making fitness /business travelling stress free

 * Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and 07875086760 for more details and consultataon*



Travel-Proven Probiotics


Travel proven probiotics are professional clinically proven pro biotics for business & holiday travel. It helps maintain a healthy gut microbiota for people on the move. With 12.5 billion good friendly bacteria per serving ( 14 capsules per pack- 1 capsule per day) It also contains added ingredients such as ginger, and other digestive support, immunity mood and performance boosting ingredients to aid in  smooth stress free travel especially when abroad and consuming different cultural foods and travelling through different time zones.

Travel Proven Probiotics



Body Coach Fitness- Fitness Travel Store


A place to source unusual and essential items for fitness adventure trips and general holidays which you may have not thought of but would make your holiday that much more safer for  your health and peace of mind-Enjoy you holidays!

Business Traveller Back Pack



Car Back Seat Organiser



Travel 1st Aid Kit



DVT Flight Sock



Mini Water Filtration System



Natural Insect Repellent



Travel Pillow/Head Rest



Rehydration Salts



Travel Mosquito Net




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