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Active Youth Fitness  ,Sports & Wellness Hub
Body Coach Fitness is developing an -Active youth fitness,sports and wellness hub - to get kids and younger adults up and moving and more active more often and following a healthier lifestyle . Through educational ,interactive programming and reward based effort programming.

Body Coach Fitness -Online  Healthy Eating School & Further Education Reward Certification Program


Body Coach Fitness is introducing the -Online & face to face  Healthy eating school and further education certification reward program as part of -the Body Coach Fitness  health,sports,nutrition and well being school/further education learning community hub .This program celebrates the positive actions of students on participation &  delivery of this  healthy eating and physical activity initiative-effort rewarded, as part of a child & younger adult obesity prevention plan. Involving and covering healthy eating and nutrition and wellbeing ,self efficacy and social trust using professional guidelines  from department of education healthy eating rating scheme and resources from the British Nutrition Foundation ( BNF).
Your school or further education facility will receive  a Body Coach Fitness  healthy eating rating certificate of achievement eg bronze ,silver or gold dependent based on achievement and your educational facilities and students compliance to the program guidelines .
This program will include a questionnaire survey based on food education ,physical activity participation, and active travel eg- walk to school & bikeability.Each school receives a bespoke report of individual and combined effort of participants on their healthy eating achievements whilst on the program and recommendations for improvements for a more active ,more nutritious and healthy lifestyle . Body Coach Fitness can provide back up information/resources for the students aged from 3 years onwards ,advice on extra curricular activities for improved physical wellbeing ,cooking club recipe suggestions relevant to each age group ,growing food to eat and activity worksheets.This scheme helps educate,motivate and inspire students ,teachers and encourage parental engagement in the healthy eating process .
*Please contact Sharon Clare from Body Coach Fitness at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more information and community/education facility bespoke pricing *


Body Coach Fitness Food Challenge-Food For Thought

Body Coach Fitness has developed an educational seminar /challenge with power point presentations with resources from a leading multi national food store and FACE (Farming and countryside education). This food challenge is suitable for KS 3/4 pupils in secondary schools upwards.The food challenge can be used as part of the curriculum in food technology or PHSE.It can be used for single class, tutor groups or multiple classes creating a element of healthy competition between class groups ( also suitable for groups/individuals with learning difficulties).
Learning outcomes of this challenge will develop understanding in  key skills of learning including :- communication skills, IT skills, thinking and processing skills, enterprise education and business processes  as well as business studies and designs in tech and food studies and food technology .The Body Coach Fitness food challenge -food for thought can be presented face to face as a whole days activity or as separate modules /lessons for more detailed research .It can also be adapted to present online to various groups .
This activity/challenge is a interactive  exercise and involves a great deal of inter-group communication. Each class will recommend the development and marketing of  a new food product ,justifying recommendations based on cross reference to costs and benefits ,ethical and consumer issues.Each food product has a set of wild cards making the students think and possibly change their course of action, an important element of the challenge because it makes students realise -the global nature of food production, business element to food production/sales and farmer and consumer concerns affecting food choices. In conclusion of the challenge you will have learn't how food  is produced in farms and factories , the human ,animal and environmental impact of food production, how to work as a team to achieve goals ( team against team challenge) and career opportunities in supermarkets/farm shops.
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more information on this face to face/online enterprise food challenge*

Body Coach Fitness -Passport To A Healthy Lifestyle For Children 

Body Coach Fitness active youth fitness,nutrition,sports,wellness and healthy lifestyle hub has a new - Passport to a healthy lifestyle for children program .  This program is specifically designed for 9-10 year olds (year 5 /primary6/p6) with the aid of resources from the ( BNF) British Nutrition foundation and Danone.
 This program includes a passport e work book guide with activities for your child/student for  healthy active  lifestyle  program.A 6 lesson program to help change eating behaviours through fun and inspiring resources and exercises/lessons. With  a mission to bring health ,well being and physical activity performance through food.The key lessons cover :- eat well, nutrients and fibre, hydration, energy, making healthy choices ,staying active, using menu work sheets ,eat well guide ,surveys, food cards ,label detective  examples ,design a poster ,activities and activity diaries.
 This online hub program can also be presented face to face if required as a bespoke customised program ,it is designed for children,youth,students, teachers and parents /guardians
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at  sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more information and details on this program*

 Body Coach Fitness -Food Route  A Healthy Journey Through Food

Body Coach Fitness has developed  -food route journey through food activity learning packs - with resources from a leading UK nutrition research based website BNF. It includes activity lessons and resources for parents and healthy children /youth for an increased  active lifestyle and healthier nutrition and lifestyle.
Each pack is designed for specific age groups and looks at core competencies in food science , food technology and food skills. The first activity pack is for  3-5 year olds with activities on food based sessions including get ready to cook cards and setting up cooking sessions. The next activity group pack  is for 5-7 year olds looking at diet and health, food shopping, cooking, food safety and active lifestyles. The activity pack for 7-11 year olds has 12 worksheets /resources including food route charts ,cook around the world dishes and nutrient functions. The activity food route pack for 14 - 16 year olds contains resources and lessons based on food safety, active lifestyles, food consumer awareness, cooking journal and a diet and health journal. This series of activity packs will provide a continuous journey route through food ,its origins, consumer awareness, food safety, around the world  dishes and an active lifestyle route . All information can be sent over online  or secure email with additional personalised nutritional guidance if needed .
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more information on the activity packs ,applications  and pricing*

Body Coach Fitness-Healthy Kids Program


Do you value your children's health & wellness? Then this Body Coach Fitness - healthy kids program, with pediatric tests profiling may be the answer to their optimal health and fitness-giving them a good start in life on their fitness journey!
Two specific Alcat Pediatric Wellness ,sensitivity and food intolerance panel tests that will determine the body's cellular reactivity to  foods ,and food additives  and colouring agents as well as for signs of candida albicans- (at varying levels dependant on which  test you select below).Each test is scientifically accredited and validated by the Alcat Laboratory In Europe.These tests could be a useful aid in determining your children's future nutritional needs, and health and fitness status.These tests are unique in that they are specifically designed for under 3 Year old's - An age group which is not covered by other testing procedure and at an important  age when your child is developing rapidly and in need of the correct nutritional diet .There is no fasting required and the test is quick simple and easy . (These tests are not designed to take place of medical /GP supervision , but an additional service which could improve your child's health)
Why Do I need this test?
Is your child  experiencing unexplained headaches , skin rashes , chronic digestive  discomfort like tummy aches and diarrhea or signs of hyperactivity or ADHD?
Then this is why you need this diagnostic test -Young children may have difficulty explaining exact symptoms and may not remember exactly what they had to eat ,when and how much. Trying to identify  the cause of a child's discomfort can be a complicated process ,but the intolerance and sensitivity test can help pin point specific foods and food additives that should be avoided for optimal health and fitness and healthy growth and development.
Some common intolerances in young children are_
-Dairy products(lactose)
-Food additive & preservatives
Food intolerances are much more common than true allergies -and removing the offending and making suitable dietary changes based on results of these tests can help your child feel much better very quickly and provide them with the best chance of optimum health through correct nutrition. 
Specialist Pediatric Profile Tests-(Under 3 Years old)

Two tests specifically designed for under 3 year olds -measuring for specific food intolerance parameters

Pediatric Profile 1 │50 items

Foods Gluten/Grains Egg/Milk Others
apple, banana, beef, broccoli, cabbage, cantaloupe, carrot, cauliflower, chicken, garlic, grape, green pea, lamb, lemon, lettuce, onion, orange, pear, pork, rabbit, squash, strawberry, string bean, sweet potato, tomato, tuna, turkey, white potato barley, corn, gliadin, gluten, oat, rice, soybean, wheat casein, cow's milk, egg white, egg yolk baker's yeast, cane sugar, cinnamon, cocoa, fructose (HFCS), peanut, black pepper, mustard, vanilla

Pediatric Profile 2 │71 items

Foods Gluten/Grains Egg/Milk Others + 20 chemical items colourings, preservatives, environmental chemicals
apple, banana, beef, broccoli, cabbage, cantaloupe, carrot, cauliflower, chicken, garlic, grape, green pea, lamb, lemon, lettuce, onion, orange, pear, pork, rabbit, squash, strawberry, string bean, sweet potato, tomato, tuna, turkey, white potato barley, corn, gliadin, gluten, oat, rice, soybean, wheat casein, cow's milk, egg white, egg yolk baker's yeast, cane sugar, cinnamon, cocoa, fructose (HFCS), peanut, black pepper, mustard, vanilla annato yellow/orange (E160b), aspartame (E951), benzoic acid (E210), blue #1 (E133), blue #2 (E132), BHA (E320), BHT (E321), erythritol (E968), lissamine (E142), MSG (E621), polysorbate 80 (E433), red #3 erythrosine (E127), red #40 (E129), saccharine (E954), sodium sulfite (E221), sorbic acid (E200), sucralose (E955), yellow #5 tartrazine (E102), yellow #6 (E110), xylitol (E967)

+ 1 Candida Albicans

Pediatric Profile 1 test-50 Items


Pediatric Profile Test 2-(50 Items + 20 Colouring & Preservatives & Candidia Albicans )


Be part of your children's future well being and take their health & fitness journey to the next level!
*These packages are not designed to medically diagnose your child's nutritional status and health condition- )-but is scientifically based and  a professionally tested indicator of your child's wellness needs*


Start4Life -For Healthy Kids

Body Coach Fitness is a individual member of UK Active and promotes the Start4life government campaign for healthy active kids.This program includes- 

Baby Moves

Playing actually requires a lot of your babies brain and muscle power. It helps develop their social ,intellectual ,language and problem -solving skills -and is one of the main ways thy learn about the world.Playtime activities are equally important and really helpful for language development ,cognitive growth ,motor skills and social interaction.


Practice makes perfect and its an important part of growing up, so its good to try to make sure your baby is free to have a toddle when they get the urge -to move.

Activity Groups 

Joining a pre school activity group or centre  will help your toddler learn new skills and make new friends.

Sensory Play

Toddlers love sensory play ,and its a wonderful way to spend- time- with them and let them know -the world- and use stimulating senses such as touch, smell,taste and  hearing.


Once your little one has mastered walking ,try to encourage  this as much as possible. Let your toddler walk some of the way.

At Home

 There are lots of ways to get them moving and exercising at home eg dance off,-music time- and exercise play activities at home.

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