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DNActive8  Health


Nutri Genomics

It is true that you cannot change your inherited genes ,however you can compensate for their influence by choosing better nutritional matches for your genes. Nutrigenetics determines your body hard ware and Nutrigenomics determines your bodies software eg:- the messages it send out.In short your gene expression is modifiable and your genes are NOT your destiny. You can repair DNA damage and improve functioning of your genes through the right exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices.
Nutrigenetics determines your phenotype which is the sum total of your visual aspects as a result of the interaction of your genotype (genes) and your environment.DNAAtive8 has developed several nutigenomic tests for health , fitness and sports performance based on your DNA and genes which will be available through Body Coach Fitness from April  2017 onwards -the first of which is below- The SMART CARBS Test-More to follow soon....There are also some mini introductory tests listed below to allow you to experience genetic testing at a more affordable price  and to provide an insight into how having the full testing  procedures could benefit your health and wellness by taking the fully comprehensive health DNA Health & Wellness Genetic Blue Print Test -To unlock your bodies genetic health potential

Health & Wellness -Genetic Blue Print Test


The Health & Wellness Genetic blueprint test is the key to taking the guess work out of unlocking a healthier you. A genetic snap shot into your bodies genetic make up and physiology.The health & wellness genetic blue print  test analyses over genetic 188 variants of health and fitness such as heart health, caffeine metabolism , diet , exercise , bone health ,deficiency risks, inflammation and mental heath, and a lot more(including-  DNA analysis in all the main areas of fitness performance ,nutritional deficiency and diet -(Analysing  genetic variants -  including performance durability, strength , Max O2 usage, muscle to fat ratio, muscle mass , collagen strength ,fat & physicality, inflammation & ATP, COMT variant &  nutrient deficiency risks for Calcium, B12,Omega -3 , Iron, Vits D,A,B6 Folate and selenium. Diet responses to Carbs, fats, protein , yo/yo dieting, unsaturated fat response metabolic rate,  obesity risk ,lactose intolerance & caffeine metabolism ,sensitivity , effects on sleep ,and consumption)

DNACTIV8 Health & Wellness Genetic Blue Print Test




There is currently a global obesity and type 2 diabetes epidemic and is no one size fits all approach to management of this,so the human genome may be the answer.
The Snart Carbs test  is ideal for anyone who-

- Is confused about carbohydrates

-Unable to lose weight

-Has trouble maintaining weight or has unexplained weight loss

- Feels tired and fatigued and lacks energy all the time - even when well rested

-Diabetics and people with insulin resistance

-Gluten intolerance

It helps you understand how your body metabolises carbohydrates , so a tailored personalised plan can be created for weight management, diabetes control, gluten intolerance and prevention of dental decay.
Everybody's body process starchy carbs differently and Smart Carbs will help you make informed choices on the right types and amounts of carbs to consume for your genetic type.
It tests for the AMY1 gene that produces Amalyse in saliva in the mouth, which helps digest starchy carbohydrates such as legumes, grains, fruits and vegetables as well as nuts and seeds. Amalyse begins the breakdown of starchy carbs in the mouth and the Smart Carbs test screens your AMY1 gene for indications of levels and quality of Amalyse production and your predisposition for starch metabolism.
It give you a result  based on your personal genetic score type from  low, moderate or high activity from (1-9+) -Low (1-4)  people who require lower intakes of starch carbs and if intake too high or wrong type can lead to diabetes /insulin resistance , moderate (5-8) -people who can tolerate more grains , but if intake too high or the wrong type the likelihood of weight issues and related problems and high-(9+) can tolerate higher starch intake from grains and other carbohydrates with less impact on blood sugar and insulin levels and less chance of obesity.
So a very useful  preventional and interventional health and fitness tool to personalise and modify your nutrition in response to your bodies response to carbohydrate consumption-balancing blood sugar levels , controlling food cravings, increasing energy and preventing fatigue, controlling diabetes and insulin resistance -A nutrigenomic way of preventing long term health issues  & promoting longevity of life!

*This test & other tests ( to be added soon) will be available from April 2017 onwards -expected RRP will be £155.00 -Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com to reserve a tests kit for you as soon as they come in*

Health & Wellness Mini Tests
Here are a selection of mini health and wellness tests to introduce you to genetic tests and how the physiology of your body works:-

Mental Health & Wellbeing


Certain genetics affect the way in which we respond to situations and can affect hormone response, take back control of your mental health with this small analysis of your genes. This test will analyse these genes responses .

DNACTIV8 Mental Health & Wellbeing Test


Vitamin D The Sunshine Vitamin


The health benefits of Vitamin D have been well publicised ,this brief tests will show you exactly if you have an increased chance of a Vitamin D deficiency.

DNACTIV8 Vitamin D The Sunshine Vitamin Test


Lactose Intolerance Test


The LCT gene commands our lactase enzyme, find out if you are genetically lactose intolerant

DNACVTIV8 Lactose Intolerance Test



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