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Genetic testing  nutrigenomics,pharmacogenomics  are the future of individualised health care, fitness, sports performance and nutrition. Embrace a gene based nutrition and training plan with DNALife and Practitioner Sharon Clare from Body Coach Fitness.
Sharon is a registered, qualified practitioner with DNALife who focus on DNA based tests in athletic performance , dietary disposition, health management  and drug metabolism.Each test provides a unique insight into a persons genetic code -revealing sensitivities , succeptabilitys and the keys to your true health, fitness and performance potential.
There are several  DNA based tests available .DNAlife Nutri genomic tests include-DNASport, DNADiet, DNAHealth, DNAOestrogen, and  a more specific health series focusing on preventing genetically determined health conditions and reactions to medications -Pharma cogenomic tests   include-mypainRx , mycardioRx, mygeneRx and mypsychRx.These tests are only available through practitioners and cannot be ordered elsewhere  online or on the high street and are specialised DNA based tests and programmes. Details of the  tests are below-please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  for further details


DNAlife-Nutri Genomic Tests


DNA Sport


DNA Sport Test unlocks your genetic basis for sports performance potential and is for  both the recreational  and elite  athlete. The focus is to get the maximum return from your training efforts. Genes are tested for three categories (power/endurance, tendon pathology and recovery from exercise). Resulting I a individual specific exercise selection , recovery method and injury avoidance profile .

What it tests for:-

-Strength & Endurance- Physiological factors such as circulatory and cardiovascular performance , blood pressure , heart & lung capacity , muscle strength and adaption to training.

- Connective tissues-chance of soft tissue injury

- Recover time- The athletes sensitivity to inflammation, free radicals and oxidative stress

Who is it for?

DNA Sport is aimed at both elite and recreational athletes looking to gain maximum return from training time-Unlocking your athletic potential

*Please contact Sharon Clare to book face to face or skype consultation  to go through results on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com*

DNA Life -DNA Sport Test



dna diet


DNA Diet test- helps optimise diet and exercise interventions in order to treat and prevent obesity. Results provide a personal diet , exercise and lifestyle strategy for the individual specific to them based on their genetics

What does it tests for?

It tests for 13 different genes that mark for individual disposition to:-

-Energy adaption
-Weight gain
-Circadian rhythm
-Weight gain
-Weight loss training

Who is it for?
The DNA Diet test  profile is for anyone with weight loss or weight management issues .However healthy weighted individuals can also benefit from the nutritive profile and dietary recommendations.

* Please contact Sharon in the gym or on the phone at 07875086760 or via email on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for face to face /skype consultation  to go through results of test*

DNA Life-DNA Diet Test



Dna Oestrogen


80% of breast cancer occurs in women with no family history .Oestrogen gene testing may help lessen  your risk. Research has shown that an increased lifetime exposure to oestrogen is a strong risk factor in the development of breast cancer .DNA Oestrogen tests for gene variants that have been shown to have an impact on how oestrogen is processed in the body.
Oestrogen affects the function of  a number of target issues  in the body and any man or woman who suffers from numerous oestrogen - dominant conditions would benefit from insight from this DNA Oestrogen test.

What does it test for?

- Variations in key genes involved in metabolising oestrogen and related compounds

- Intervention strategies for carriers  of high risk variations

Who is the test for?
Anyone male or female who wished to know more about oestrogen gene variants in their body and how it may be affecting them now and in the future - and to create  a more personal  functional  nutrition and lifestyle interventional programming

*Please contact Sharon Clare in the gym or via phone on 07875086760 ,or email at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com   to book face to face /Skype consultation to go through tests results*

DNA Life -DNA Oestrogen Test



Dna health


Dna Health is  a gene based personalised nutrition  programme. Testing for 26 genes markers for seven key biological processes .Results offer a unique breadth of health profile:- A gene based healthy eating plan, dietary goals for relevant vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals , and foods and nutritional supplement recommendations. With this genetic knowledge a specific diet  and lifestyle recommendation plan can be provided.

What does it test for?

-Heart disease -The impact of LDL/HDL levels and CVD risk

- B Vitamins- Vitamins B-6,B-12 and folate , all involved in DNA cell renewal

- Oxidative stress- Free radical and anto oxidant production levels

- Bone health- Indentifies calcium and vitamin D metabolism processes

- Detoxification- Phase 1 & phase 2 of enzyme function

- Inflammation- Response to injury, infection and allergies

- Insulin resistance -Cell insulin sensitivity

Who is it for?
Dna health test profile is a comprehensive genetic analysis of health risks and predispositions with clear interpretations for lifestyle response.

* Please contact Sharon Clare in the gym or by phone on 07875086760 or email at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  to book face to face / Skype consultation to go through test results*

DNA Life- DNA Health Test



DNALife Single Panel- Food Responsiveness Test


Different people react differently to certain food components-The Dnalife  food responsiveness test looks at individuals unique genetic response  to certain SNP'S( FADS1/MCM6/CYP1A2/ACE & AGT)  to see if they would have a detrimental effect upon an individuals ,health, wellness, fitness and sports performance levels .

This test will be able to analyse if you have genetic predispositions to lactose intolerance, polyunsaturated fat metabolism(PUFAS) caffeine metabolism , salt sensitivity & blood pressure measurements and iron overload. A useful test for anyone looking to pin point food responses to certain food groups at a genetic level


*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and/or 07875086760 for detail of price, testing and consultation face  to face or online)*



DNAlife-Pharmacogenomic Tests


DNAlife also have a series of 4 pharma cogenomic tests- preventative genetic health tests which can be used to determine your own individual genetically determined response to specific groups of medication -which could impact both your health and fitness. (These are good tests to use alongside/in conjunction with- any medical advice you are given and not to be used  instead of GP/physician treatment -they are not designed to diagnose or treat but can assist in improving your quality of life ,health and fitness as part of a fitness/health program with DNAlife practitioner & GP/physician)

mygeneRX Test


MygeneRx  test analyses genetic variants linked to metabolism of the following drug class:-

-Diabetes medications

-Gastro Intestinal medications

-Infection medications

-Rheumatology medications

-Transplantation medications

-Urological medications

62 genetic variants and over 150 drugs

DNAlife mygeneRx Test



mycardioRx Test


mycardioRx focuses specifically on possible side effects and toxicities associated with cardiovascular medication such as statins or anti coagulants ,analysing 48 genetic variations and reporting on over 30 drugs .A user friendly report categorising medications into risk areas and aides the DNA life practitioner /GP /physician to determine optimal medication based on response 
It tests for :-

-Beta Blockers

mycardioRx tests for 48 variations and over 30 drugs 

DNAlife mycardioRx Test



mypainRx Test


MypainRx focuses specifically on possible side effects and toxicities associated with pain medication, analysing 49 genetic variations and reporting on over 30 drugs. The user friendly report categorises drugs into risk areas and aids the DNAlife practitioner/GP/physician to choose optimal medication and health and fitness advice based on response
It tests for the following pain medications-

-Fibromyagia Agents
-Muscle relaxants

mypainRx tests for - 40 genetic variations & over 30 drugs

DNAlife mypainRx Test




mypsychRx PGX Test


One of the most recent dnalife tests to be made available is the mypsychRX PGX test which is unique in that it purely focuses on the relationship between genes/your genetics  and responses and possible side effects and toxicities associated with psychiatric drugs taken -(which could affect you health and ability to exercise) for every day life.
Mental health is just as important as physical health and they both go hand in hand. There is an ever increasing number of the population using either prescribed or non prescription mood enhancers and mental health/psychiatric medications recommended by your GP/physician.
If you and your GP/physician knew which types of medication were going to be more effective and cause less side effects -this would be the ideal solution.
This test will help with this - analysing for 55 genetic variation and reporting on over 80 psychiatric  drug responses - giving you your own unique report to use in conjunction with your medical advisor to ensure you receive the best possible treatment in line with your genetics - giving you peace of mind- literally- & the best chance of mental health in line with an active healthy lifestyle -Looking at the body with a whole body holistic approach and along with  a customised healthy diet and exercise program from Body Coach fitness - Will aid in improving your mental health & focus.

DNAlife mypsychRx Test





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