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Path Way Genomics


Pathway Genomic Tests are scientifically validated technological DNA based tests providing vital life changing information and recommendations to help improve your health, wellness, diet and lifestyle choices. Sharon Clare is now an approved practitioner for all Pathway genomic tests listed plus many more-(Pharmogenomics, cancer interceptor, DNA carrier tests, Colo DNA insight test Cardiac DNA healthy diet)
Additional benefits  to purchasing a pathway genomics test- are that you also receive a daily food journal, eat your vitamins report, tips for estimating your serving sizes and healthy shopping list .You can also request the Pathway genomic App -Access an interactive form of  your test results - any time any where- learn about other pathway genomic tests, and how they can help you , and help friends and family by sharing genetic insight data to them A more fun and interactive way to learn about your genetics!Please also see at bottom of page *( New soon to launch Pathway OME App which combines bringing together genetic information from your test results, along with health records, and other data combined with AI intelligence to provide personalised, actionable recommendations for health, nutrition and fitness).*


PathWay Fit

7 Billion People- 6 Million Years- 1 Perfect Plan- Pathway Fit.  Your DNA holds the key to what works best for you! With Pathway Fit you can discover your body's perfect fitness plan -80% of fitness goals fail due to the incorrect fitness plan.
Pathways nutrigenomic testing looks for 75 genetic markers to create one of the most comprehensive genetic fitness tests  on the planet .DNA insights that can turn into powerful lifestyle changes!
Get started on your path to optimum fitness toady!
You will learn your personalised genetic nutrition profile, how to make pro active decisions regarding, diet, exercise and lifestyle based on DNA and genetic predisposition for exercise so you get the most benefit from endurance or strength training. Learn about your metabolism , risk of cholesterol health factors, learn you perfect genetic diet type, learn how your body reacts to common foods, learn which vitamins you need ,uncover the  genetics behind your eating habits , find out if you are built for endurance or strength and an easy to follow guide based on your DNA diet. Make your natural   abilities your greatest advantage.
Contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for Price of tests & consultation (face to face /Skype)-RRP £350.00


FiT/iQ-Wellness powered by Genetics


FiT/iQ analyses your DNA and delivers an easy to understand report to enable pro active diet, exercise and lifestyle decisions. It assesses more than 65 genetic markers and provides a personalised report with powerful information to help better understand your overall health and wellness. It will give an insight into how your body may process sugars, fats, and micro nutrients and also how it responds to exercise. It will help you maintain a healthy weight and  a pro active lifestyle.
FiT/iQ analyses your DNA and providesa personalised diet plan , exercise recommendations and possible risk behaviours and factors that can negatively impact on health-A blue print to optimise your lifestyle.
The test includes the following genetic markers for analysis:-

-Calorie specific diet matching-Whether you are suited to low fat, low carb, Mediterranean or balanced diets -response to mono and poly unsaturated fats and omega 3 & 6 levels

-Eating behaviour Traits- Snacking, sweet tooth, satiety , eating disinhibition and food desire

-Food reactions-Caffeine metabolism, bitter taste, sweet taste, lactose intolerance and alcohol flush

-Exercise & weight- Weight loss-regain, adiponectin levels, metabolism, your optimal exercise plan, your response to exercise

-You also have the choice of ordering one meal plan type: Standard, Guten- free,pregnancy & lactation ,dairy free and vegetarian .

Benefits Of Test:-

-Increase performance- Knowing how to eat  right can increase your energy , improve your physical performance and optimise health. Exercising right can help you lose, maintain weight and improve metabolic health

-Improve energy- Knowing how you metabolise food allows you to provide your body with the best fuel.

Contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for price and consultation fees (face to face/Skype)


SportiQ-Fitness /Performance & Exercise


SportiQ is the ultimate guide for individuals of all levels. Whether you are a weekend warrior looking for the competitive edge ,or the athlete wanting to maximise performance. The test analyses for 20 genetic traits for fitness, performance and exercise, including health predispositions. It also includes the following diet fitness and exercise predispositions- endurance training response, insulin sensitivity, loss of body fat response to exercise, strength, recovery, exercise muscle cramping, weight loss response, aerobic capacity, sport endurance, achilles tendinopathy, ankle injuries, hamstring injuries, insomnia, anxiety, hydration, MCL, sport power, caffeine & endurance ,bone density , and marathon score. This genetic test will provide a fully comprehensive report to help you optimise your fitness, performance and exercise programs for maximum results! Please see  report document below for example  plan of SportiQ test.

click here to download file

SportiQ Pathway Genomics





 Nutrition iQ is  a complex genetic test that analyses over 65 genetic markers to discover eating behaviours ,food reactions , nutritional needs and even the type of diet that is best for you. The test analyses for 25 genetic traits of diet, nutrition and exercise  including- (Dieting & exercise behaviour) Matching diet type, snacking, saiety, sweet tooth, eating disinhibitions  & hydration .(Food reactions) Caffeine metabolism, lactose intolerance, response to poly unsaturated fats ,alcohol flush, bitter taste, gluten sensitivity, and response to mono saturated fats.( Nutrients) Vitamins B6,B12, E,C,D,B2,Folic acid and Omega 6 & 3 fats.(Exercise & fitness) Bone density and calcium intake. Please click on the link below for more information and a sample report of the nutrition iQ test

click here to download file

NutritioniQ  Pathway Genomics



Path Way Healthy Weight DNA Insight


Being at an unhealthy weight increases an individuals risk of developing many serious health conditions, including heart disease , stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancers. A persona genetic make up can influence how his/her body utilises energy and nutrients, responds to exercise and medications and affects the risk of developing certain health conditions.
The Healthy weight DNA Insight test can provide practitioners with a unique combination of information regarding nutrigenetics , medication responses and a number of common health conditions .This tests provides a  genetically -matched diet for the person taking tests to help them achieve or maintain a healthy weight.
This  simple saliva test or blood based test is  supported  by scientifically validated genetic testing technologies using clinical markers and assays. In 2-3 weeks the report will  deliver all the information yu and you practitioner will need to help you achieve healthy weight goals

Contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for price and consultation fees (face to face/Skype) -(Practitioner Only Test)


 GlutenFit -DNA Pathway


Get insight into your health and make better decisions for your body! Get to the root of food sensitivity -GlutenFit by Pathway genomics can reveal your genetic/DNA predisposition to one form of gluten sensitivity- celiac disease.

You will receive a prescribed diet recommendation based on results describing your diet type and gluten free- food options to eat -Choose GlutenFit  -From $199.00 plus postage


*Contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  for more details and to purchase consultation and test*


Path Way Healthy Woman DNA Insight


Many factors affect an individuals overall health & wellness, including nutrition, exercise and body weight as well as predispositions to a number of health conditions. However women face additional health circumstances and challenges with pregnancy, menopause, and gynaecological conditions. It is important to understand a woman's genetic profile to provide insight into common health conditions she may be predisposed to.
Healthy woman DNA Insight tests is a comprehensive general health and wellness test that analyses a variety of genetic markers that can provide practitioners with valuable information on a woman's dietary and nutritional needs, optimal exercise regiments ,potential response to medications as well as risk of developing a number of common health conditions.
The test covers DNA genetic markers on a woman's eating behaviours, health, medication, exercise, weight/diet, metabolic factors and nutrition.
It is  a simple saliva or blood test supported by scientifically validated genetic testing technologies. A full report will be available within a 2-3 week period -helping you achieve your well woman health and fitness goals.

Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for price and consultation fees (Face to face & Skype)-(Practitioner Only Test)


Path Way BRACTrue-Genetic Testing For Breast Cancer


What is BRACTrue?
Pathway genomics BRACTrue is a next generation patented sequencing test that searches for mutations in the BRAC1 & BRAC2 genes. If mutations are present  this significantly increases patients risk of breast, ovarian and other types of cancer.

Some statistics on breast cancer:-

-1 in 8 Women are affected by breast cancer in their lifetime

-1 in 71 women are affected by ovarian cancer in their lifetime

-80% of families with a pattern of breast and ovarian cancer have been attributed BRAC1 & BRAC2 gene mutations

This is a unique and useful test for women's health has a quick turnaround time on test results.

Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for details on price of test and consultation fees -(Practitioner Only Test)


ColoTrue-Genetic Test


1 in 20 individuals will develop colorectal cancer at some point in their life  equating to an approximately 5% lifetime risk of developing colorectal cancer. Approximately 5% of all colorectal cancers have been shown to be due to hereditary changes in single genes.
ColoTrue is  a patented genetic hereditary 13 gene testing panel for individuals and families -providing full (NGS) sequencing for these 13 genes -( APC,BMPR1A,CDH1,CHEK2,MLH1,,MSH2,MSH6,MUTYH,PMS2,PTEN,SMAD4,STK11,TP53).The simple buccal swab or saliva test is supported by genetic testing technologies ,using clinical biomarkers and assays. In  3-4 weeks the ColoTrue report will be delivered to your practitioner who can consult you on your details face to face or via skype.
An ideal test for anyone with family hereditary predispositions to the likelihood of colorectal cancer - to establish how to develop a preventative personalised interventional healthy lifestyle plan of nutrition and exercise to delay or help prevent this condition.

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details and price and to book consultation*

DNA Insight Skin Tests


Pathway genomics has 2 DNA Insight skin tests  SKiN iQ( 13 traits)  & SkinFit ( 23 Traits) which  are both unique preventative skin health and vitality genetic tests offering personalised genetic skin profiling reports ,identifying and analysing over 7 categories of skin health. They will show you how to address your skin health through lifestyle care and nutritional improvements and gain insight into skin nutrients and topical product recommendations which would benefit your skin based on your test results.
* Plus if you upgrade from the SKiN iQ test to the SkinFit test you will also receive procedure and treatment recommendations for photo aging and more in depth nutritional advice .*

            * Skin DNA insights that you can turn into powerful lifestyle changes!*

Path Way SKiN iQ


Unlock the genetic potential of your skin. Your skin plays a big role in your health and appearance and by understanding your genetic predispositions to wrinkles, cellulite and glycation and other skin conditions you can make a positive change to eliminate or reduce skin aging and skin disorders.
The SKiN iQ test is a comprehensive test analysing  7 categories of skin health and testing for 13 skin traits including the following:-

-Skin photo aging( response to sun) -Wrinkles, tan response , sun spots and freckles (4 traits)
-Skin photo aging and elasticity- Predisposition to troublesome skin conditions ( 3 traits)
-Skin inflammation and allergy reactions- Redness , itchiness and pain (2 traits)
-Skin moisture factor- If you are predisposed to dry skin or not(1trait)
-Skin oxidation- How your skin responds to harmful agents( 1 trait)
-Skin glycation- risk of advanced photo aging (  1 trait)
Skin's nutritional need- Micronutrient needs ( 1 trait)

This test is a comprehensive but slightly less advanced test than SkinFit test below -which also includes more advanced nutritional recommendations and procedure recommendations for photo aging and is competitively priced   

                  * Available in the USA only*

Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for details on price of test and consultation fees (Face to face /Skype)-RRP=£149.00

Path Way SkinFit


Genetics Under The Skin
Skin is the largest organ in the body and acts like a barrier to protect the body from the suns ultra violet rays , toxic chemicals and pathogens. Intrinsic aging is based on an individuals genetic make up and can also influence skin appearance and other skin conditions such as wrinkles, skin allergies, inflammation, skin elasticity , skin oxidation and glycation.
SkinFit is  an advanced version of the SKiN iQ  test and is a unique practitioner test which analyses over 70 genetic markers associated with 7  categories of skin health and 23 skin traits. Based on an individuals unique genetics the easy to read SkinFit report provides the practitioner with a personalised skin care treatment choice to guide them to the correct skin products and nutritional support as needed. The test covers genetic markers on photo aging and tanning response( 4 traits),skin inflammation and allergies (2 traits), texture and elasticity ( 3 traits), moisture and hydration factors ( 1 trait),skin oxidation( 1 trait),skin glycation (1 trait)-as  SKiN iQ tests above - but also includes procedure/treatment  recommendations for photo aging as well as analysis and more advanced nutritional guidance than SKiN iQ test ( 9 traits) .
                    *This test is only available in the USA at present*

Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for details on price of test and consultation fees (Face to face /Skype)-RRP=£199.00


Cardiac Healthy Weight DNA Insight


Cardiac healthy weight insight test is a genetic test for weight loss and overall heart health. Studies have shown that people who follow a genetically appropriate diet will lose significantly more weight and able to maintain it. This test is similar to cardiac insight tests, but has more in depth analysis on the nutrigenetics to create a matched diet type to improve heart health and healthy weight. The test analyses the following genetic markers:-

Weight & Diet:-
-Matching diet type-An individuals genetic profile can affect responses to specific diet types .Based on genetic make-up it can matched to one of these 4 diet types, low fat, low carb, mediterranean , or balanced diet

-Response to mono saturated and polyunsaturated fats- Some individuals receive increased benefits from consuming foods rich in polyunsaturated and mono saturated fats


Genetic risk for  decreased vitamins A,B2,B12,B6,C,D & E


-BMI Response, Blood pressure response, insulin sensitivity and loss of body fat


Predispositions and risk factors for diabetes 1 & 2

Book this tests today and find out your ideal  nutrigenomic  genetic  matched diet type and eating plan for a healthy weight and a healthy heart!

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for prices and consultation either face to face /Skype-(Practitioner Only Test)


Path Way-Cardiac DNA Insight Test


Path way cardiac DNA Insight tests is genetic testing for heart health. The DNA test analyses DNA to identify specific genetic variations associated with an increased risk of developing certain heart condtions such as high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation, and MI(heart attack).It also provides an insight into patients response to 8 classes of commonly prescribed heart/cardiovascular system  condition medications .
The heart is one of the most important organs in the human body and forms the most complex and critical part of most forms of exercise related activities . The  Cardiac Insight test helps inform practitioner to help make decisions regarding the right diet &  exercise programme and a road map to achieve optimal heart ,fitness and health.
The tests covers genetic markers in:-Heart Disease &  Atrial fibrillation,Peripheral Heart Disease,Hypertension(high blood pressure),Cardiovascular health, Beta blockers,( MI)Myocardial infarction, Simvastatins-indiced myopathy, Verpamil and QTc interval, Coranary heart disease,Caffiene Metabolism
An ideal test for anyone with family history or predisposition to Cardiac health conditions which may affect exercise adherence and to ensure correct heart health diet and exercise programme is implemented.

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for prices and consultation either face to face /Skype-(Practitioner Only Test)


Path Way Mental Health DNA Insight Test

Mental health is just as important as physical health and is sometimes neglected as part of a wellness and health and fitness programme. The Path Way Mental Health DNA Insight test can help potentially avoid severe forms of mental health disorders by ensuring the correct medication protocol according to genetic make up-so ensuring the best possible mental health state for fitness and every day life and work.
The test looks at genetic markers for different mood states and disorders such as ADHD and other mental health conditions as well as potential responses to common medications such as Benzodiazepines, stabilisers, ant depressants and anti psychotics all of which can affect a persons condition to function and exercise and if  correct plan is implemented  alongside a healthy lifestyle and exercise programme this will ensure total health and well being.

*Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for details on price and consultation either face to face or Skype.*-(Practitioner Only Test)

Pain Medication DNA Insight Test


You do not normally associate pain medication with health and exercise, however it is part of every day life. Some form of pain relief medication either over the counter or prescribed is taken for signs of pain, inflammation and joint stiffness and is especially useful for sports rehabilitation programs , post injury and joint conditions as well as (DOMS) post exercise muscle soreness.
The Pain DNA Insight test is a genetic pharmacogenic test  13 commonly prescribed and over the counter pain relief medications and how you would genetically respond to the analgesic effects as an individual, taking account of your age, weight, nutrition and general health status. Knowing how your body genetically responds to these pain medications could help establish the correct choice of medication to take alongside a   post injury recovery program or sports rehab program and  help  increase injury recovery  response  times ,allowing athlete, sports/exercise enthusiast to get back into exercise quicker .It is also useful for every one who has day to day aches and pains from sitting at a desk at work or car  or health conditions for the  correct choice of analgesic pain relief for you.

*Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for details on price and consultation either face to face or Skype.*-(Practitioner Only Test)


Cancer Intercept-Detect


Cancer intercept detect is only suitable for people who are at high risk of developing cancer through out life and analyses free DNA (cfDNA) In 9 cancer driver genes. Mutations in these driver genes are seen in many cancer types when disease is in stages of developing. It is ideal for individuals who have a family history of cancer- BRCA1 pathogenic variant, or family history of a mother or other close relative who has had cancer ,a life time exposure to smoking -bad lifestyle choices and environmental exposures eg radiation.
The test is not diagnostic a positive result requires confirmation from physician and a negative result means none of the 96 genomic markers were identified. This is a non invasive test and looks for both invasive and non invasive tumour cells .Results will be released to your physician on request and results can be discussed with them. If preferred you can designate a pathway genomic physician  and an oncology support team are available.
This is a test which is highly specialised and has to go through your gp/physician but would be a worthwhile investment in you health and wellness if you want detection of possible early stage genetic cancer development or screening which may not be available through your local health centre.

*Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for details on price and consultation either face to face or Skype.*-(Practitioner Only Test +GP/Physician approval)*


Carrier Status DNA Insight Test


The carrier status DNA insight test - is genetic carrier test for parents. Each person has two copies of genetic material. Many health conditions are recessive and they are passed on from DNA of both parents. If a parent carries a mutation in one of the two copies of the DNA he/she is a carrier of the genetic disease. A carrier has a 50% chance of passing the same mutation to the child, the child has a 25% chance of inheriting both copies of mutation-thus leading to development of disease. Some diseases and health conditions are more common in certain ethnic groups and in people with a family history of genetic disorders.

If you take the genetic DNA carrier test you can gain knowledge on the risks of passing on inheritable genetic diseases to their children or future children - if both parents are tested this is most beneficial. If you take this test you could help pre determine your future children health by identifying possible disease risks and creating an interventional plan of health, nutrition , fitness and lifestyle to try and counteract this. (The tests screens for more than 120 recessive genetic diseases and supported by rigorous science using clinically -relevant , well validated markers and assays. It is an ideal test for anyone completing a pre and post natal fitness, health and wellness and nutrition program.


 Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for details on price and consultation either face to face or Skype.*-(Practitioner Only Test)





Pathway ( Medicinal)Cannabis DNA Kit 


*Body Coach Fitness is not advocating the use of illegal recreational cannabis in the UK as cannabis is still an illegal  drug in the UK .This test is for people prior to or on -"medicinally prescribed" cannabis derivatives eg cannibol oil via their physician /GP(Proof of medicinal prescription must be given before purchase in UK )*

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the -Pathway fit -CannabisDNA kit- This test analyses 70+ genetic markers  and reviews 12 traits from your DNA  to give you a personalised report matching you to your ideal CBD AND THC product type .An ideal test as part of your GP/Physician healthy lifestyle precriptive planning.

Some physicians prescribe cannabis oil as it can be useful for alleviating pain, promoting sleep  and reducing stress ,boosting appetitie  and relieving anxiety in some sufferers.This test will help pin point and analyse whther you are more pre genetically determined to respond to certain medicinal cannaboid substances for your symptoms. This would be an ideal test to see if medicinal cannabis would be beneficial for your better fitness and health .

 *As proof of medicinal prescription is needed please contact Mrs Shraon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more deatails and to purchase *

 Path Way OME


Pathway genomics is soon to be launching a unique application Pathway Genomics OME App (Powered by  IBM Watson)-The future Of Medicine & prevention wellness - Which promises to bring together all your genetic test results data( from Pathway genomics) ,electronic health records Heart rate  & activity tracker wearable's results, and other biological and biometric data together in one place. Which is then combined with an AI -Artificial intelligence computation machine learning process to create tailored individual actionable recommendations on fitness ,health and nutrition based on all this data(For example depending on how much movement/physical activity  your wearable detects ,the OME will send a recommendation message to move more based on  your bodies genetic needs and it could be used with wire less scales to provide feedback on diet coaching. . The user will also be able to access their own data at any time and ask health related questions -allowing for better lifestyle and behaviour changes .Interactive, accurate , precision preventative wellness programing at your finger tips -Please see video below(More Details coming soon -On Launch!)
* If you are interested in learning more or when it is due to launch -Contact Mrs Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and/or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com * 


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