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Wellness Genetics


Sharon Clare is now a practitioner for Eastern Biotech Functional labs which offers  genetic tests in  predictive,preventative and personalised healthcare/wellness. They are highly specialised wellness tests which are only available through registered practitioners. Here is a list of some of the tests available -please contact Sharon Clare for further details on many more

Geneus Test


The Geneus Test is a DNA genetic tests screening for 2,205 SNP'S with known associations of over 350 medical conditions. Your presence of SNP'S will not change over your lifetime ,making Geneus a "once in a lifetime screen . It is a good way of finding ot many things about yourself and your current and future health -you can then plan your diet ,exercise and lifestyle according to your predicted health outcomes to prevent or delay any genetic predispostions.
The test results take 4-6 weeks to complete and a full report will be given on genetic markers on age relatd conditions, cancers, diabetes, heart related conditions, infertility and reproductive health, liver and kidney conditions, opthalmological disorders, male pattern baldness, sleep apnoea, metabolism and eating habits, intellectual abilities and social behaviour, allergies and immune conditions and many others

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details on price and to book consultation(face to face or Skype consultation)*-Practitioner Only Test

KarmaGene -Genetic Personality Test


Unique-Karmagene  Genetic Profiling Test -A Genetic test taken by buccal swab offering genetic market testing on 14 behavioural characteristic to define the role of DNA in the environment in shaping your current behaviour.  To see whether you are genetically predetermine to be an:-

-Self Aware
-Bon Vivant
-Stress Tolerant
-Risk Taker

This test is ideal before starting or as part of  a behavioural change programme when starting a new healthy eating regime, exercise regime and lifestyle programme(See mind body academy page for more details of this)

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details on price and to book consultation (Face to face or Skype consultation)*-Practitioner Only Test

Telemore Test


Biological Age vs Chronological age- Telemores are the structures at the end of chromosomes in your body " to protect your genes" This tests will test for Telemore lengths which will serve as a biomarker of cells replicative capacity and define your biological age  and is also an excellent indicator of your overall general health status. Also by knowing your biological age you can a better understanding of the lifestyle habits that are impacting you aging process so you can make appropriate lifestyle changes to  improve this. Critically short Telemores can contribute to the onset of chronic and age-related diseases including heart disease some cancers and type 2 Diabetes.
This test takes 6-8 weeks for results and a full report is given.

* Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details on price and to book a consultation (either face to face or Skype consultation)*-Practitioner Only Test

Dna Methylation


Body Coach fitness is now able to offer the Eastern Biotech Methylation  DNA Panel test which analyses markers for genetic changes that may impact the function of important biochemical processes such as methionine metabolism, detoxification, hormone balance and vitamin D function. The presence or absence of SNP's may modify disease risk. If tests results are found to be positive then these risks may be reduced by lifestyle changes ,and inefficient biochemical processes can be supported by dietary changes and supplementation to help maximise the methylation pathways .
*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details and pricing for customised bespoke testing* 

Life Long Wellness Genetics


In todays busy lifestyle of excessive work hours and fast paced environment, and maintaining a work-life balance , we are constantly negotiating the little time we have. In juggling all these things it is hard to monitor one's health. Genes are the basic hereditary material solely responsible for passing on genetic characteristics from one generation to the next. It is these genes that determine everything , from our eye colour to the possibility of having diabetes , from one generation to the next. Research has shown that there is a link between genes and certain ailments and health conditions that affect us. However you can offset the condition by following a healthy lifestyle which includes healthy eating habits and physical activities.
The lifelong wellness genetic assessment ,assesses your risk for the following disorders and provides personalised follow -up plans to help you prevent or postpone these conditions

-Diabetes Type 2


-CVD's (Heart attack , hypertension, coronary heart disease , atrial fibrillation and strokes)

What does the assessment involve?
1) Saliva test kit

2)A genetic health report

3) A 30 minute online consultation with a registered dietician (at eastern biotech)

4) Set targets with a counsellor ( and tracking)

5)100 days to better health(Health signals) pack

This test is ideal if you are interested in knowing about your genetic predisposition to these major health conditions which could affect quality of life and could be offset by a healthy lifestyle intervention program -designed based on the results of the tests -so an individual bespoke life long wellness program-An investment in your future life long health and fitness

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details on price and to book test*

Fitness & Genetic Diet Test


Due to our genetic make up we are all different in many ways. There are the physical differences such as eye and hair colour ,but then there are differences inside such as how we metabolise nutrients and the way we deal with toxins in our bodies. We all  interact with our environment differently and in our own unique way.

The fitness and diet genetic test -Helps identify an individuals genetic predisposition for ' sporting or fitness profiles' ,the ideal diet and personal nutrition needs based entirely on your own unique genetic make up. The fitness and diet genetic test is a genetic nutrition and exercise profile that tells you how you may react to specific  types of food and exercise  ( & how your body processes sugars, fats , carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals) and provides  a personalised report with  'powerful recommendations' all aimed at optimising your health and fitness from the inside out!

Application For Test:-

 -To better understand your nutrition requirements 

-To reduce injury rate during exercise or athletic /sports training

 -To improve fitness /sports performance

-To help avoid over training in the gym


The test is  a simple non invasive buccal (cheek) swab and takes around 3- 4 weeks for tests results and personalised exercise and nutrition profile-Tailor your workout & diet based on what your genes say & get results!

* Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and/or 07875086760 for more details on test, to book a  face to face/online consultation and on pricing*





DNA Healthy Weight


 Eliminate the guess work for getting and maintaining a healthy weight! HomeDNA -DNA healthy weight  is a  scientifically based weight-management test that identifies your unique genetic  makeup and provides -diet & exercise strategies specifically to your bodies own genotype!

Take the simple at-home DNA swab test and within a few weeks , you will receive a personalised nutrition and fitness recommendations that work best for you and your body-Get ready to take control of your body and your health! All tests can be ordered through Body Coach Fitness and will help you understand weight loss ability, protein, fat & carbohydrate utilisation , nutrients, vitamins, cardio response to exercise , strength training and how your body responds to various foods for energy-and how best to eat to lose body fat :-


*Please contact Sharon Clare at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  &/or 07875086760  for face to face /online consultation and to order tests -& for more information-(Price dependent on global location)*

EBT-Healthy Weight Package


Feel lighter with EBT'S healthy weight package-It's a total fitness and wellness bundle (FIT210+ Weight management profile + DNA Healthy weight test):-

FIT210-  Measures IgG responses to 200+ foods which include dairy, vegetarian, vnon- vegetarian , spices, nuts etc.. It is the most comprehensive  list of food that will be helpful for the people who assume that they have intolerance against a number of foods


Weight Management Profile-Carefully designed to screen for your susceptibility to a range of disease , by giving you a complete health evaluation and a snapshot of your current health


 DNA Healthy Weight-Scientifically based -weight management tests and program that identifies your unique genetic makeup and provides -diet and exercise  strategies specifically to your bodies genotype!


A fully comprehensive weight management and fitness package designed specifically for you-Guaranteed  results!


* Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodyucoachfitness.com and/or 07875086760 for a face to face/online consultation and to purchase test -(Price dependant on global location) *






Family Finder +DNA Healthy Weight Package


Know your routes- Use your  family's genetics road map to wellness-Trace your lineage through time and determine family connections -plus get a genetic based weight management DNA healthy weight test & program that identifies your own personal genetic makeup & provides diet and exercise strategies that are specific to you and your family histories genotype- Truly comprehensive personal weight management!

 * Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and/or 07875086760 for a face to face/online consultation and to purchase test -(Price dependant on global location) *

DNA -Wellness Inside Out


The wellness inside out package is a functional and genetic based testing program to give piece of mind &  total wellness from inside out It consists of :-

Telemore Test-serves as the biomarker of the bodies replicative capacity which defines the biological age of an individual. Hence it is an good indicator of a persons general overall health status 


DNA Healthy Weight Test-Eliminate the guess work out of gaining and maintaining a  healthy weight .Just take the simple at home DNA test and within a few weeks you will receive  personal fitness and nutrition recommendations that work best with your body

Both these tests serve to combine for a total testing package for health & wellness -From Inside Out!


 *Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.co and/or 07875086760 for more details on booking a consultation face to face /online and for more details on tests and prices*


Joint Care DNA


 Assess joint health -evaluate genes  affecting movement and elasticity in the body- with Joint care DNA test .You can adjust your dietary and exercise regime according to your genetic test results  to reduce risk of stress  on joints and injury and improve lifestyle by restoring strength , balance and flexibility to the joints -with corrective /preventative diet and exercise programming -using results from this test.

The test examines 9 autosomal markers (SNP'S) that impact your collagen and determines if you body has certain genetic variants. Collagen is an essential strength and structural component and the most abundant protein in mammals .It exists as a rigid form in bones ,a gradient form in cartilage and a compliant form for many other tissues ( eg- muscle, skin, tendons and ligaments  and blood vessels).A third of research identifies variants in 9 SNP'S that may influence the quality of collagen produced by the body which may influence joint health.

Useful for anyone interested in their joint health, sports enthusiasts and athletes  ,from young to old!


*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and or 0787508670 for further details ,prices and consultation face to face/online* 

Osteoporosis /Osteoarthritis Specific DNA Test


Strong healthy bones are important for providing structure and anchoring muscles and ligaments ,protecting our internal organs and storing essential minerals. During childhood and adolescence new bone is formed until peak bone mass at around 30 years of age. In more senior individuals bone mass loss results in osteoporosis especially prevalent in females .Osteoarthritis is also another health issue that frequently affects elderly people and occurs when the cartilage within the joint wears down.

Body coach fitness is now able to offer a new -osteoporosis DNA test specifically looking at 5 key genes related to osteoporosis and  osteoarthritis as a practitioner of Gene Track/DNA Access. The 5 genes tested for are-variations in CYP2R1 ,GC,WNT16,GDF5 & COL1A1 which are all associated with bone and joint health issues by interrupting essential vitamin D activity.  CYP2R1 gene is associated with vitamin D being converted from sun exposure to a physiologically active form for the body ,the GC gene helps with vitamin D binding, WNT16 gene encodes a protein from the  Wnt signalling pathway for bone formation, GSF5 gene encodes an important regulator protein for the maintenance and formation ,development and repair of bones, cartilage and joints and the COL1A1 gene encodes the major component of type 1 collagen found in bone ,skin and tendons.

This private customised DNA osteoporosis test  will give you accurate test  results within 2- 4 working weeks for peace of mind for future bone health with any one with a family history of osteoporosis /osteoarthritis and /or early signs of developing this disorder, so an interventional healthy lifestyle ,exercise and nutritional regime can be customised specific to your future health needs.

Gene Track Osteoporosis DNA Test


Price= £195.00 

Cancer Genetic Tests


Over the last decade we have witnessed  a revolution in genetic sequencing technologies that has a profound impact on our understanding of genetics and genome  biology. The next generation of sequence technology (NGS) has  provided  a great way to predict, detect and help delay and prevent cancers in humans. This new cancer genetic tests is cutting edge technology utilising a multi-targeting approach to detect mutations in specific genes in the body to help detect various cancer predispositions . so increasing likelihood of preventing and surviving cancer through lifestyle changes such as specific exercise and healthy eating regimes.
There are 122 cancer genes  tested for (of which 15 are hereditary cancer genes) including the following:- Cervical, thyroid, colorectal, brain, prostate, stomach, ovarian, liver, pancreatic, melanoma, and many more

*Please contact Sharon Clare for further details on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 price  and to book a consultation (either face to face or Skype consultation)*-Practitioner Only Test

Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes DNA Test


The Eastern Biotech diabetes genetic test is a genetic predictive test detecting genetic mutations associated with disorders after birth. This test can be helpful if you have  a family member with type 1 (& 2 )   diabetes but you do not have any features of the disorder at present . Diabetes is a group of not well-understood disorders characterised by abnormal glucose levels in the body. As a complex condition it is a results of a combination of an individuals genetic make-up and their environment and there are multiple genes in the body that are known to be associated with this disorder. This Diabetes multi-gene panel represents a cost effective option to identify a genetic predisposition to this disorder and the likely cause of getting it -so a specific dietary ,lifestyle and exercise regime can be created to help prevent, or improve condition and achieve optimum wellness.

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details on price and to book consultation (either face to face or Skype consultation)*- Practitioner Only Test*

Diabetes Type 2 DNA Test


 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the Gene Track- Diabetes  type 2 DNA test - as a reseller/practitioner. This is a private customised test for a metabolic disorder that disrupts the bodies normal glucose and insulin balance. Glucose is a simple sugar that circulates in the blood and is the primary source of energy for the bodies cells ,while insulin is a hormone produced by the beta cells of the pancreas and helps to keep glucose levels within a healthy range.

Genetic variations cab affect glucose and insulin levels ,sensitivity to dietary fatty acids and the way our body responds to insulin, resulting in an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. If you think you have  a genetic predisposition to diabetes type 2 this test would  an ideal private test to take alongside gp/physician advice and guidance and to help develop a preventative interventional nutrition and healthy lifestyle plan.

Diabetes Type 2 DNA Test




*This test includes international shipping costs -(Results In 2-4 Weeks) * 

Genetic Heart Panel


The heart panel is  a comprehensive 133 genetic diagnostic tool developed to cover a wide spectrum of cardiomyopathy and channelopathy heart diagnostics. There is difficulty in distinguishing between cardiomyopathy and channlopathy conditions in heart problems and sometimes people can have both. The heart panel is an excellent OS-Seq technology clinical grade sequencing diagnostic tool and is ideal for people with family history of cardiovascular disorders to detect genetic markers for these conditions. A preventative fitness, nutrition and life style program can then be customised for the individual based on these test results.

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details on price and to book consultation (either face to face or Skype consultation)*- Practitioner Only Test




The GynPlus test is a genetic test analysing for a predisposition to ovarian cancer- a often forgotten about and silent cancer  that can affect many females in life. This unique saliva/ or blood test can identify your likelihood of this condition ,so an interventional lifestyle program can be implemented with customised advice on  nutritional and physical activity and lifestyle behaviour changes .
The test analyses 13 genes associated with an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer and is suitable for anyone who wishes to beat their genetics by identifying health risk factors ( this is not a diagnostic tests but a useful health and wellness interventional tool - advice and referral to GP would be recommended on positive tests indicators for further diagnosis and treatment alongside lifestyle, nutrition program).
*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details on price and to book consultation (either face to face or Skype consultation)*- Practitioner Only Test

Genetic Cognitive Function


A predictive genetic variant marker tests analysing 38 gene panels associated with neurodegenerative disorders such as parkinsons , alzheimers and dementia. The exact cause of these disorders is not known but both environmental and genetic factors are involved.
This genetic panel test is ideal if you have a family history or predisposition to these disorders -so that a more targeted and specific cognitive function and lifestyle change plan can be implemented including general lifestyle and  environmental changes , and nutritional intervention program based on results of test to reduce risk of getting these disorders.-Give yourself the best chance of beating your genetics and book this test!

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details on price and to book consultation (either face to face or Skype consultation)*- Practitioner Only Test

Inherited Disease Panel (& Expanded Screening Panel)


The Inherited disease panel test investigates general susceptibility and /or carrier condition status for many major inherited diseases such neuromuscular, cardiovascular, developmental and metabolic diseases .Testing over 300 genes in the body associated with > 700 inherited diseases .

This test is ideal for couples who want to know if they will pass on inheritable diseases and people with a family history of ill health .Helping you adopt healthy choices and healthy habits based in test results to help delay and /or prevent inheritable diseases occurring. Not all diseases are preventable but creating a healthy lifestyle plan after this test will help.

Expanded Panel-Inherited Disease /Carrier Screen Test

The expanded inherited disease /carrier screen test is a more In depth version of the test above analysing 571 unique genes for mutations that cause 210 genetic conditions encompassing more than 400 genetic diseases .Offering a truly bespoke and comprehensive analysis of your future heath of yourself and your future family 

*As these are truly bespoke personalised tests-please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details a full consultation face to face or online  and to discuss price and suitable test *

Chromosome Analysis


Every one has 23 pairs of chromosomes and 22 pairs of autosomes and one pair of sex chromosomes. This chromosome analysis test is a referred to as cytogenetics , a branch of genetics that is concerned with how the chromosomes relate to cell behaviour (hereditary genetics).(This test does involve a  blood sample) The results will arm you with information on your genetic make up and your predispositions to any medical genetic disorders.
From the results of the test, you and your practitioner and physician can determine an interventional life style plan including nutrition, exercise, environment and behaviour change programmes to help delay and postpone any likely genetic disorders occurring-Creating a better healthier future for you!

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details on price and to book consultation (either face to face or Skype consultation)*- Practitioner Only Test


Join The Fight-Breast Cancer Package


Join the fight-Breast cancer month October 2018- With this  specially created breast cancer join the fight test package .If you want truly bespoke  and the most comprehensive testing available for breast cancer this package is for you.

It includes both genetic and non- genetic tests and screens-Including  BRCA 1 & 2 gene tests, BRCA 8 genes, breast cancer  focus panel 14 genes, targeted mutation screens, comprehensive cancer panel ( 122 genes for 15 + cancers ) , cancer marker profile (breast) & cancer screen profile, female.


 * This is a very comprehensive ,exclusive female health/breast screening package -Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com

and /or 07875086760 for more details and for customised pricing* 


Breast Cancer Focus Panel


The Eastern Biotech breast cancer focus panel can be useful for patients with a personal or family history suggestive of hereditary breast cancer syndrome. The next generation sequencing panel analyses  14 genes associated with breast cancer and other hereditary cancer syndromes .Genes covered are ATM,BARDI,BRAC1,BRAC2,CDH1,CHEK2,MRE11,NBN,PALB2,PTEN,RAD50,STK11 & TP53


*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  and /or 07875086760 for more details on pricing and bespoke test* 

BRAC1/2 & BRACPlus -Tests


BRAC1/2 & BRAC Plus-Two genetic tests analysing and identifying for inherited changes (mutations )  that are likely to cause breast cancers later in life. Both these tests are useful interventional tools as part of a healthy lifestyle nutrition and physical activity program.

This genetic tests analyses 2 breast cancer genes that identify inherited changes & mutations that could cause breast cancer

BRACPlus :-
This genetic test analyses for 6 genes associated with breast cancer - a next generation genetic sequencing panel

Both tests are saliva/blood spot tests and are useful health, wellness indicators to establish a customised /individual healthy lifestyle program

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details on price and to book consultation (either face to face or Skype consultation)*- Practitioner Only Test



InSureFIT is a CLIA waived test that is available for alongside (physician testing) .To help improve colorectal screening compliance .InSureFIT  is a highly patient- friendly , water based collection  method. It is a patented brush sampling method of fecal collection or smearing and there are no medication restrictions. InSureFIT has an 87% sensitivity for colorectal cancer & 98% specifity. The test has a 66% increase in patient compliance versus a guaiac- based fecal occult blood test (gFOBT) based on recent studies. This test would be useful as a preventative and diagnostic tool in isolation or combined with other testing -so a suitable interventional nutrition and physical exercise plan can be recommended to improve health chances

If you wish to take this test- Please ask your physician - for referral & then a test can be arranged through consultation with Sharon Clare and Eastern Biotech Laboratory

* Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for more details and pricing*

Colorectal Cancer Focus Panel


The EBT Colorectal cancer focus panel examines 17 genes associated with an increased risk for hereditary colorectal cancer .(This tests is appropriate for people with tendencies to both polyposis & non polyposis colorectal cancer) . This test is ideal for any one with a family history of hereditary colorectal cancer  and for any one with Red flags in the family eg;- anyone in the family under 50 years old diagnosed with colorectal cancer , more than 1 person in the family with primary cancer and multiple affected people in the family with cancer. (This test can also be used on children as well as adults).

Results of test will allow the creation of a personalised healthy lifestyle plan including an advisory exercise and healthy nutrition program with suggestions on how to include modifiable changes to decrease your family risk of getting colorectal cancer eg- Reducing fat and red meat in the diet, managing weight to prevent obesity, and eating more fruits and vegetables and low fat natural food sources ,less tobacco and alcohol and much more.*( To be used as well as guidance from your physician if results are positive )*

 A professional way to help delay and/or prevent the chances of getting one of the silent killers- colorectal cancer -(March is officially colorectal cancer awareness month- be pro active and make changes that could improve your health, fitness and quality of life expectancy and invest in your future with Body Coach Fitness & this test!

*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and/or 07875086760 for more details and to book a consultation face to face/online and for prices * 


Gastric/Stomach  Cancer Genetic Comprehensive Panel


Gastric Cancer -Genetic Comprehensive Panel
Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer a -Gastric/Stomach cancer comprehensive panel -to go alongside the colorectal cancer screening test for increased surveillance and  preventative steps to manage cancer risk ,a holistic approach  to digestive health . Please go to wellness genetics page- For more information and details regarding this personalised exclusive professional practitioner only test.
This genetic test examines 15 genes associated with an increased risk of gastric/stomach  cancer  ,ideal for people with a family history suggestive of a hereditary cancer syndrome ,or red flags for  hereditary gastric cancer  prior to the age of 50 years old and a family history of breast cancer, ovarian ,gastric and colo rectal .This test is not used to diagnose cancer but to be used as a preventative screen alongside medical assistance eg your GP/Physician.
This test  has a turn around time of approximately 2-4 weeks and will need a full consultation face to face/online with Body Coach Fitness. This is an personalised genetic test with full report and results sent via secure methods  through Body Coach Fitness and Fulgent Laboratories .
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for a face to face/online consultation and more details on bespoke pricing* 

Liquid Metastatic-Biopsy Test


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the -Liquid biopsy for metastatic cancer test -through Eastern Biotech as a  professional practitioner. A  DNA test offering   a comprehensive tumour  mutational profile,the test  helps identify all clinically relevant genetic alterations across all major cancers.The 73 gene panel includes oncogenes and tumour suppressor genes. It is a simple blood draw and not dependent on availability of tissue. The types of cancers that can be tested  are breast ,lung,kidney,stomach,pancreatic ,colorectal ,many solid tumours and blood cancers. 
*Only available with GP approval and consultation and through Body Coach Fitness & Eastern Biotech-please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodcoachfitness.com  or 07875086760 for more information and a consultation*

 Renal & Urinary Comprehensive Cancer panel


Renal and urinary cancer is a often forgotten disorder which affects many the  renal/urinary cancer comprehensive panel test examines for 27 genes associated with an increased risk for hereditary  kidney cancer and cancer of the urinary tract. This test is ideal for anyone with a personal family history suggesting predetermination  to kidney/urinary cancer. Red flags would be hereditary cancer in relatives below 50 years of age ,more than one primary cancer in a single relative and multiple affected people within the family. (This test could be suitable for children -dependant on individual family history).

This could help in preventing or delaying predetermined hereditary cancer as a preventative interventional nutrition and healthy lifestyle plan can be created in consultation with other medical interventions if needed. Giving you the best chance of a healthy future !


*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details on test and prices and to book a face to face or online consultation and book test appointment* 


NGS Genetic-Liver Panel


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the unique bespoke customised NGS Genetic -Liver Panels ,for congenetial hepatic fibrosis *.This test is a professional DNA panel at Body Coach Fitness in association with a leading international diagnostic company. 

This is an inherited liver disease test associated with fibrosis of the hepatic portal ducts and is useful in analysing for the likelehood of this condition so a interventional healthy lifestyle ,nutrition & wellness plan can be established. This test panel can include the folowing genes:-


*Liver panel tests are also avilable for - Cholestasis & Alagille*


*Please contact Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details and pricing and to book a face to face /online consultation*

Pancreatic Cancer Genetic Comprehensive Panel & Chronic Pancreatitis (NGS ) Panel


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer 2 bespoke pancreatic genetic testing panels in partnership with Fulgent genetic sequencing . November is pancreatic cancer health awareness month and Body Coach Fitness  now offers the - Pancreatic  genetic cancer panel - which examines 22 genes associated with an increased risk for heriditary pancreatic cancer . A bespoke genetic test ideal for people with a family history of pancreatic cancer ,melanoma, breast, ovarian , gastric and thyroid cancers.
The genes tested for are:- APC,ATM,BMPRA1,BRCA1,BRCA2,CDK4,CDKN2A,EPCAM,FANCC,MEN1,MLH1,MSH2,MSH6,NF1,PALB2,PMS2,SMAD4,STK11,TP53,TSC1,TSC2& VHL .(This test panel has a turn around time of 2-4 weeks approx )
Body Coach Fitness is also now able to offer   the- Pancreatitis (NGS) Next generation sequencing panel - which is a analytical genetic test analysing the following genes :-CASR,CFTR,CTRC,PRSS1 & SPINK1 (5 genes ) for pancreatitis .  This test panel has a turn around time of 3-6 weeks approx.)Both test panels require a face to face /online consultation an are to be used in association with medical guidance from your GP/physician (if needed post consultation).
 *Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details and to book a consultation and bespoke pricing*

Eye Regeneration Panel


Keep an check on your eye health with the genetic eye regeneration panel. Disorders and degeneration of vision, can occur due to aging but also there are 60 genetic mutations which can occur  and which can be tested for -so detection ,prevention and treatment can occur through either both medical, nutritional and lifestyle changes.

Your eyes are important and having acute accurate vision in both daylight and twilight  is important for both every day life and also watching and playing sports and physical activities. Also CVD -colour blindness affects over 300 million people and can cause difficulties in distinguishing colours of foods eg fruits and vegetables  and making it harder to watch and play sports as well as in every day life -not being able to see the difference between red and green at the traffic lights.

 If you have any concerns with your eye health or just want to know more ( seek medical/opthalmologists advice ) but also consider the preventative regeneration eye panel test which looks deeper into genetic causes and can help prevent, treat and improve eye health for sports and activities , and at work rest and play


*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and/or 07875086760  for more details, a consultation face to face/online ,bookings and prices *


Hearing Related -Genetic Test


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer -The Hearing related genetic test -for inherited hearing loss and people with predispositions to hearing loss through occupational work noise, noisy environments, and natural aging.

There are many ways to support and maintain healthy hearing–protecting ears from noise pollution, turning down the music, and getting a regular checkup from an audiologist, but nutrition also plays a key part in hearing preservation. Studies confirm that hearing loss and poor nutrition go hand and hand. diets high in sugar and carbohydrates detrimentally impacts hearing. A similar study showed that diets high in cholesterol also contribute to hearing loss normally associated with aging. Cutting out sugary and cholesterol rich foods would be a good start to a hearing fitness plan, but good hearing nutrition doesn’t only take into account what a diet includes, but also what is lacking.

Some types of deafness can be inherited. In the UK, about one in 1,600 children is born moderately to profoundly deaf because they inherit a mutated gene.

Where a recessive gene mutation causes deafness, both the mother and father must have passed on an affected gene to their child. If the child only inherits one copy of the affected gene from one parent, they'll be a 'carrier'. This means that though they are hearing themselves, they can pass on the affected gene to their children.

If you are deaf or if deafness runs in your family, genetic information may be helpful:

  • to find out the chances of having a child who is deaf

  • to try to identify the cause of your deafness

  • to look for medical conditions that might be associated with your deafness. About 30% of deafness in young children is associated with other medical conditions or ‘syndromes.

This genetic test available through a -professional international - diagnostic laboratory covers 167 genes associated with hearing ( this can be customised to specific hearing related conditions eg- Alport syndrome, Usher syndrome, Waardenburg syndrome & Zellweger syndrome).An ideal preventative and predictive  test for interventional healthy lifestyle and nutrition program for improved hearing.


*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and 07875086760 for more details ,pricing and to book a consultation  face to face/online*




LiquiCORE CTC Genetic Test


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the -unique LiquiCORE -CTC genetic test as a practitioner of Eastern Biotech. This is a genetic blood test for early assessment of metastatic cancers *( A very highly specialised test bespoke /customised test which will need involvement of your GP/physician)* . This test is FDA approved for detection of circulating tumours (CTC's) in metastatic breast, colorectal and prostate cancer -There are 3 separate tests :-

LiquiCORE CTC Breast Cancer Test

LiquiCORE CTC Colorectal Cancer

LiquiCORE CTC Prostate Cancer


 Each tests is monitored 3 times over a course of therapy -before the treatment ,after 1st cycle and after one year. The technique for test is a unique scientific testing method called - Celsee microfluid technology-Test results are normally available within 2-3 working weeks dependant on global location.

If you choose to take this test this could form a critical part of your treatment process and establish guidelines for future health through targeted accurate nutritional and lifestyle planning alongside traditional medicines and treatments.


*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details, face to face /online consultation and test bookings * 



Lung Disorders -NGS Panel


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer a -unique- Fulgent Lung disorder NGS DNA Panel test .This sequencing technology test analyses over 50 genes associated with the likelihood of getting a lung disorder in life. This will arm you with information to ensure you make significant behaviour and lifestyle changes such as not smoking, taking up cardiovascular exercise for improved lung function, taking more note of your environment and pollution and other interventional ways of preventing these disorders. A useful test if you have a family history of lung disorders and any early symptoms to use whilst working with your training coach and physician . Genes tested for are:-



*This is a bespoke  practitioner only test so  please contact Sharon Clare at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details on test , a consultation and individual pricing -Results normally within 3-5 working weeks*


Cystic Fibrosis Panel


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the-GTLDNA Cystic fibrosis genetic screening panel. Cystic fibrosis is the most common genetic condition in the caucasian population. This cystic fibrosis test is carried out using parralel sequencing ( NGS) and evaluates all 27 exons within the CTFR gene. Cystic fibrosis is a recessive condition ( meaning both parents must have mutations in the CTFR gene. This is an ideal test for future parents  for healthy pregnancy planning for a future healthy baby. Helping plan nutrition, fitness, lifestyle and behaviour change programmes for future parents .

This is a GP/physician consent test only -On purchase you will be sent a GP/physician referral form for consent for test via fax *You will also need to get a pathology sample taken at a professional centre -at additional cost* As this test is available in Australia dependant on location prices will vary so you will need to contact Body Coach Fitness direct on details below * 

Please see pdf document of GTLDNA Cystic fibrosis testing procedure and more details of test in file below:- 

click here to download file

 *Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details on price and to book test*

AUTISMgen -Test Panel


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the AUTISMgen genetic test panel for Autism and associated conditions. This genetic profile panel is available through Body Coach fitness in association with laboratoire renuis  /4pgenomics and a leading UK laboratory provider. This profile is recommended in cases of symptoms such as disequlibrium in the activity/rest cycle or memory decline and family history of Autism. The analysed polymorphisms are associated with  neuronal migration ,the formation and development od synapses ,circadian rhythms and memorisation capacity .

This test can be ordered as stand alone test as part of a healthy lifestyle program and /or combined with the GPL autism panel of tests ( on mind /body academy page).


*As this is a bespoke customised test you will ned to contact Sharon Clare direct on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and/or 07875086760 for more details on this tests and for consultation  ,booking & pricing*

Fulgent Genetics -Epilepsy NGS Panel Tests


Individuals with epilepsy who may benefit from genetic testing include those with infantile  onset, childhood onset , adolescent onset, and adult onset epilepsy. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder characterised by abnormal brain activity in the brain. Symptoms and features of epilepsy may vary dependant on age of onset, type and frequency  of seizures.

Body Coach Fitness is now a provider of Fulgent genetic tests including the full suite of Epilepsy  NGS genetic tests .Including the neonatal  NGS panel for under 2 year olds, the childhood NGS panel test for infantile seizures , the adolescent NGS panel tests for teenagers (12+-adulthood) & the comprehensive adult NGS panel tests covering adults (this test panel covers 397 genes associated with adulthood epilepsy) and can help people with - confirmation of clinical diagnosis, help determine both medication  and nutritional and lifestyle management of condition and testing for any at risk relatives.

 * There are also 3 complimentary blood chemistry tests available for epilepsy management (through Body Coach Fitness & persona labs)- which can be added to the above genetic testing panel  or taken on there own)* These are -

-Valproic acid (Depakote) Blood test -recommended for bipolar and epilepsy disorders

 -Oxcarbazepine Blood Test-For monitoring epileptic treatment


-Carbamazepine  Tegretol Blood Test- For monitoring therapy for Carbemazepine


 *Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details and consultation and pricing for both bespoke customised NGS Epilepsy panel & Blood test panels*

 Fulgent Genetics- Migraine NGS Panel


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the-Fulgent Migraine NGS Panel test- as  provider of this test. This is a unique preventative /interventional genetic test for anyone who suffers from or has a family history of chronic migraines . This condition can be debilitating at work, rest and play and many people do not get warning symptoms ,much like epilepsy and other neurological disorders.  Taking this test will help identify some of the causes and likelihood of getting this condition. This NGS panel tests for 19 gene markers involved with migraines,  so any interventional lifestyle and nutrition programming can be developed customised to you.


*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details ,consultation and pricing for this  unique bespoke customised NGS genetic test panel* 

 New Born-Genetic Anlaysis


The EBT new born genetic analysis test (NGA) Is a highly sophisticated and sensitive genetic test that identifies DNA changes in infants that could develop into life-altering conditions. Many of these disorders are not apparent at birth and this test screens for these conditions so early detection and intervention and prevention management plans can be put in place essential for infants overall  health and quality of life for the future ( Including nutritional modifications of diet) and lifestyle programming.

It analyses for over 255 genes and assesses over  200 disorders *(Covering many disorders and conditions which -go beyond state legislated screening tests for new born's /infants)*

This test is highly recommended if you have a strong -family history -of disorders which can be passed on through genetics eg congenital defects and is the best possible test for establishing health status and any predetermined tendencies for future disorders at a young age ,so setting  your child up with the best chance in life with a suitable nutrition ,wellbeing and healthy lifestyle plan from the word go!

 *Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for more information & a  face to face/online consultation and to book a test *



Carrier Screen-Expanded Panel


EBT Carrier screen is a genetic test used to identify carrier couples and individuals at risk of passing on genetic disorders to their children. These genetic disorders may cause babies to have physical disability ,cognitive impairment and other severe health problems. The panel screens for more than 300 conditions ,not specific to any population ,although some diseases are more common than others or more common to a specific ethnic group, these conditions vary in morbidity, mortality and treatment.

This test would be recommended in cases of consanguineous marriage or any history of genetic conditions in the family. This test allows future parents to find out if they are a carrier of a genetic disorder. It can help identify genetic disorders in people of a particular ethnicity and also for diseases that are inherited in autosomal recessive or X-linked manner. This is a NGS Blood test and requires specialist screening so will have a longer results turn around time and would recommend genetic counselling post results.

Give your self, family and future  the gift of good health by taking this test to ensure any preventative measures can be implemented .


*Please contact Sharon Clare on - Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details on the test, to book a consultation and pricing as this is a bespoke customised test* 

Non-Invasive Pre Natal Test (NIPT)


 Body Coach fitness is now able to offer the-(NIPT) Non invasive pre natal tests which is the most broadly studied cell -free DNA based maternal blood test .Clinical studies have been done in more than 22,000 women of all ages , and over 400,000 pregnancies tested -worldwide.

It is  new option In pre natal screening and the screening can be done as early as 10 weeks pregnancy. Meaning you can then start a suitable health and fitness, nutrition and wellness plan to help give your future baby the best start in life genetically from birth.


*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details of pricing and to book a consultation face to face /online* 



MTHFR Gene Testing-For Folate Deficiency


 Are you folate deficient ? Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the GTDNA (AUS)  MTHFR gene test for folate deficiency. This test screens for two of the most common MTHFR gene mutations that can be involved with reduced folate metabolism and /or elevated homocysteine levels. If the MTHFR gene is mutated and does not work effectively then this can lead to decreased folate levels and elevated homocysteine levls which could lead to B12 deficiency. Folate is essential for the healthy development of  a fetus in the early stages of pregnancy and for healthy neural tube development ,this is why it is recommended for pregnant women to take folate  supplements during pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects during fetus development. Folate deficiency can also lead to excess fatigue,impaired cognitive function and leathargy.

The test screens for - C677T & A1298C which are 2 common MTHFR gene mutations.  The test results will come back as positive or negative along  with full interpretation/explanation of results.*The only additional costs will be blood collection fee on taking pathology test*

This genetic test would be recommended for anyone with a family history of unexplained folate deficiency ,or of your health care provider  suspects you may have folate deficiency/elevated homocysteine levels and /or a history of nueral tube defects .This test would also be ideal for mothers to be, to ensure a healthier future baby.

This test is an ideal preventative /interventional tool for folate & B12 deficiency ,on finding positive results there are lifestyle changes which could improve this condition eg- Eating a more plant based diet which has methionine such as soya and beans and avoiding synthetic folic acid and exposure to environmental toxins which can tax the liver. Plus performing a liver cleanse twice per year can help to facilitate the removal of toxins and wastes. Also methylated folate can be useful which ia an active form of folate that your body can utilise. This test could help improve yours and your babies health and fitness for the future .


*As this is a personalised bespoke test please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for a consultation & prices*   



 Food & Pet Sensitivity DNA Test


Learning about the potential predisposition to food and pet sensitivities at a cellular level can empower a person to make targeted changes -both in their personal lives and in how they eat- that can help them to live a  healthier fitter and more comfortable life. Suggestions for supplements and lifestyle changes are included in the report ,providing clear instructions on how to safely manage any food or pet sensitivities/intolerances. Including DNA analysis , dietary tips, lifestyle and supplement tips based on scientific analysis and research.

This test available through Eastern Biotech analyses 35 SNP's and reveals how your genes make you more sensitive to common irritants in these -key 8 areas- (Gluten, peanuts,  lactose, cow milk protein, Egg, histamine, other foods and pet dander. This test is unusual and unique in that it also offers screening for your pet sensitivities as well as food sensitivities and covers most household and lifestyle major irritants for home testing. Results are normally available within 5-6 weeks and the sample is taken by a non- invasive cheek swab which is sent to Eastern Biotech through Body Coach fitness.


*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and 07875086760 for more details on pricing and to book an online /face to face consultation * 

Immigration DNA Test (Health & Fitness)


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer ( through a leading diagnostic laboratory)an -Immigration DNA test -For  anyone considering immigration who needs to know there genetic health /fitness status and proof of biological relationship eg paternity, maternity. *(The embassy or consulate will also add its own fee and may be payable in your local currency-so will not be included in cost of immigration test at Body Coach)*  

This is an official internationally standardised test  for anyone needing DNA status verification  for overseas re location or official work based travel  ( temporary or permanent).

 *Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and 07875086760 for more details on the test individual pricing based on need and face to face/online consultation*


 EBT- Genetic Test Counselling



Genetic Counseling

Genetic tests are incomplete without appropriate advice and guidance. Genetic counselors need to frequently speak to the clients about complex scientific and emotional issues. The counseling involves –
• Confirming, diagnosing or ruling out a genetic condition.
• Management.
• Communicating genetic risk for future generation.
• Providing psychological support.
Our highly qualified genetic counselors offer pre and post test counseling either online, by telephone, or in person.
For More Information prices and Booking a Visit/or online/telephone  -contact Sharon Clare  on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com who will refer you to EBT for genetic counselling



Genetic Fitness Counseling

Our Genetic Fitness Counselors will be a great resource as you seek to improve your workout or training time in the gym based on your genetic fitness report. They will provide assistance in understanding your genetic report to help you get the most out of your physical training and exercise. Our counselors can also save time by helping you find the most efficient path to your goals. All of these counseling outcomes will help you stay on track as you engage in a health and fitness program. In today’s world, it is just as important to have a genetics fitness counselor, as it is to have a primary care physician and/or dietician. Contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  for price,  and booking for genetic fitness counseling & she will refer you to EBT for this service add on when completing tests



Nutritional Consultation

Genetic tests are incomplete without appropriate advice and guidance. Genetic counselors need to frequently speak to the clients about complex scientific and emotional issues. The counseling involves –
• Confirming, diagnosing or ruling out a genetic condition.
• Management.
• Communicating genetic risk for future generation.
• Providing psychological support.
Our highly qualified genetic counselors offer pre and post test counseling either online, by telephone, or in person.
For More Information and Booking a Visit contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and/or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  for prices and to book for this add on service for tests & she will refer you to EBT for nutritional  genetic counselling

Elab App


If you order any tests above through Body Coach Fitness and live within GCC countries involved in the Eastern Diagnostic network of over 5,000 medical laboratories and medical facilities .Then you can download the Elab app and book your appointments for blood draws and download your test results .Elab is the most innovative mobile portal for lab testing results ( Soon to be launched in other countries )

*Contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and/or 07875086760 for more details on the App* 


 Eastern Biotech Complete Watch Packages (Health,Food & CancerWatch)

 Package 1



  Includes Food Intolerance 220 panel

Package 2


  FoodWatch & HealthWatch

  Includes Food Intolerance 220 panel &    Executive Wellness Profile 77 parameters


Package 3


FoodWatch & Vitamin D

  Includes Food Intolerance 220 panel &    Vitamin D test

Package 4

 Intolerance & Allergies (Food & Health Watch)

  Includes Food Intolerance 220 panel, 

Food allergy 44 panel, & 

Respiratory Allergy 44 panel

Package 5


  FoodWatch & DNA Ancestry
  Includes Food Intolerance 220 panel &    Family Finder test

Package 6


  Healthy Weight Bundle (Health Watch) 

  Includes Food Intolerance 220 panel,   

Weight Management Profile, &    DNA Healthy Weight

Package 7


  The Complete Watch (FoodWatch + HealthWatch + CancerWatch)
  Includes Food Intolerance 220 panel, Executive Wellness Profile 77 parameters, &    Cancer Screening Profile (Male/Female)

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more detailsof package pricing & to book a consultation face to face/online*

Genetic Directions - DNA Based Health Management


Your DNA is given , but we are giving you more with Genetic Direction -DNA Health Based management test programs .Use Body Coach Fitness unique promo/referral code - "BODYCOACHFITNESS.COM20" at check out for $20.00 discount off purchase  at http://www.geneticdirection.com/  

Genetic Directions offers a selection of DNA based  test programs including  weight management, micro nutrient predisposition analysis and  healthy aging -A genetics based Peak Athlete  Performance test program.



DNA Blue Genetic Traits Test


DNA Blue genetic traits tests is a new test -analysing the 8 pillars of health and wellbeing( digestion, metabolism, and blood sugar, stress, immunity, nutrients, stimulants , exercise and sleep) -A DNA based diet and lifestyle prescription .

Be in control of your own health and wellness journey -reaching optimal health and wellbeing with this specific genotype nutrition and lifestyle test programme.

Test Inclusions:-

Digestion-Serotonin,gluten & lactose

Metabolism-Insulin,appetite control, obesity

 Sleep-Circadiam ryhthms , early bird/night owl, melatonin

Exercise-Power vs endurance, injury,recovery

 Stress-Stress & Resilience , cortisol regulation, blood pressure and electrolytes

Stimulants -Caffiene sensitivity, adenosine impact, alcohol sensitivity

Immunity-Inflammation, histamine, ingested histamine

Nutrients-Folate/methylation, vitamin B12 & D ,protein and fats , carbs and fats and omega 3


Lets start your journey to wellness go to  https://bluehorizonmedicals.co.uk/r/9793/  

Best Of Blue-DNA Thyroid Test


Discover how your genes control the production of your thyroid hormones in the body and how variations in DNA might impact on the effectiveness of your health-with this unique and exclusive Blue horizons DNA thyroid test which is an accurate test to determine your own bodies individual genetic tendencies and traits to thyroid dysfunction.

This is a simple safe and effective DNA cheek swab test- so non invasive and easy to use that will help discover thyroid related markers in your unique DNA code that influence the following:-

-Your  bodies response to stress

-Conversion of T4 to T3

 -Detoxification of components that effect thyroid health

-Pituatary, thyroid gland  reactions to TSH & TSH signalling



This together with a  nutrition and life style guide developed by specialists to help you make the most of implementing action based on test results. Go to :- https://bluehorizonmedicals.co.uk/r/9793/   and go to test catalogue tab and select either DNA test or thyroid test section- to find further details and purchase tests.


Right Angled - Heart DNA Test


Uncover your genes and live your future health well! Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the NEW updated Right Angles DNA Test launched November 2018 . This heart DNA test is a proactive way to manage your heart health and have a -worry free-happy life . Heart DNA test identifies DNA glitches that can increase ( or lower) your cardiovascular risks, impact your response to medications ,alter chances of developing a blood clot or having abnormal cholesterol levels.

All reports come with personalised action plans from expert cardiologists on how to minimise your cardiac risks and optimise a treatment regimine. The right angled heart DNA test includes the following analysis:-(Hypertension, peripheral heart disease, MI, sickle cell anaemia, coronary heart disease and hypolipoproteinia. Plus drug responses to medications and lipid metabolism.

*As well as the test and full test report, you can also book a face to face/online consultation to receive further guidance on nutrition,fitness and healthy lifestyle planning with Body Coach Fitness -contact Sharon clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for bookings *


Right Angled -Heart DNA Test



Color Genetic Hereditary High Cholesterol Test


Sharon Clare at Body Coach Fitness is a provider of Color hereditary genetic tests -including BRCA test, hereditary cancer test, hereditary healthy heart test & hereditary high cholesterol test-(SEE VIDEO BELOW- &  (Please contact her for all test details  on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and or 07875086760) -Purchase the hereditary high cholesterol check saliva test below:-

Details 0n Hereditary Genetic High Cholesterol Check:-

People with high cholesterol and (FH) familial high cholesterol are 22 more times likely to develop (CHD) Coronary heart disease then those with a normal or low level of cholesterol. Knowing your genetic risk can help you work with your personal trainer & nutrition coach and health care provider in creating a personalised plan of action to  prevent and improve cholesterol levels. (About 1 in 50 people are born with FH a hereditary disorder  that causes high cholesterol )This test is ideal for anyone with a known family history of FH and tests for 3 genes known to cause FH & increased risk of CHD and will help provide :-

 -Cholesterol management- GP directed statin medication and or a low cholesterol diet

-Life style Recommendations- A regular exercise plan and diet low in saturated fats and trans fats and low in added sugars and salts.

-Family Care- As FH runs in families your results will help your family -keeping them informed of The hereditary health risks of FH 

 What does it include?

 -A  saliva test for FH (familial high cholesterol)

-Information about presence or absence of genetic changes that cause FH

-Analysis of personal family history of FH

-Personal FH risk analysis  

-Counselling & on going support 


*(A unique genetic test to put you and your families peace at mind over your cardiovascular health and help create a healthy lifestyle plan to achieve balanced cholesterol levels and health and vitality for fitness ,sports and every day life!)*

Color Genetic Hereditary High Cholesterol Test



*(Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare for more details and a consultation face to face/online prior to purchasing to ensure suitability of test)*


Color Complete Health Package


A complete package of hereditary genetic disorder tests from Color combining both the hereditary heart health test & the hereditary cancer test. The heart health test analyses 30 genes associated with genetic heart disorders and the cancer test analyses 30 cancer risk genes including the BRAC1 & BRAC2 genes. A fully complete health hereditary gene testing package for only £350.00-(If test results are found positive take advantage of the Add on  Color family hereditary genetic test below for your 1st degree relatives_-Color your life & Color your health prospects for you and your family!

Color-Complete Health Test Package



Color Family Testing Program


The Color hereditary family testing program  is a for when you test positive (+) for a   color hereditary test and a 1st degree relative eg parent, sibling ,adult or child wants to test if they have the mutation (there Is a 50% risk of hereditary mutation in 1st degree relatives) .For example if you test positive for the hereditary high cholesterol test or the hereditary cancer or heart health test- The Color hereditary testing program is available at a reduced price of £75.00 instead of £150.00-Protect your closest loved ones & purchase a Color hereditary test (Your test results will be needed for completion of results)-Family health & family life for the future !

Color Hereditary Family Testing Program



If you would rather take a genetic DNA test in the privacy of you own home HomeDNA genetic testsing is for you! The tests are available  in UK & USA ( look for  appropriate country on tab at top of page) in Skin Care genetics , healthy weight genetics ,joint care genetics and more. Non invasive individual tests and information on your genetic make up- allowing you to make better life choices through better skin care, exercise and nutrition. Find out further information and purchase tests on the following text and image links-

Want to look and feel better? $20 Off + Free Shipping on Healthy Weight DNA Testing! Use code: DNA20HW at HomeDNA.com!

Help your skin look healthier, longer! $20 Off + Free Shipping on Skin DNA Testing! Use code: DNA20SKN at HomeDNA.com!

$5 Off Joint Care DNA Test + Free Shipping! Learn about your joint health and collagen production from your unique genetic code. Use code: DNA20JT at HomeDNA.com!

Easy At-Home Genetic Testing at HomeDNA.com!

Easy At-Home Genetic Testing at HomeDNA.com!

24 Genetics (Health, Nutrigenetics , Sport, Skin & Ancestory Tests)


Your DNA is your tree of life- It does not matter if you are just looking to get healthier, get fitter, an athlete looking for more performance -24 Genetics tests can help you!

Body Coach Fitness ( as  reseller)  is able to offer  a 5% discount off all tests using the following code -'BCF5' at checkout at the following URL link:- https://www.24genetics.com .

Choose from individual genetic tests  for health, sports, nutri gentics , ancestry, or skin care -Or there are various super saver packs ( health pack,sports pack, nutrigentic pack, & skin care pack) which combine all tests together at a reduced price  with an added free bonus ancestry test).

Affordable, non invasive, professional and effective genetic tests  -Available world wide -(The ancestry tests is the only test giving results based on regional areas  within Europe -making it more accurate )

 Find your true potential & create your own tree of life with Body Coach fitness & 24 Genetics!



 Body Coach Fitness- Helix DNA Test Store


Do you know yourself inside out? Sign up for any one of the DNA based genetic tests at the Body Coach Fitness Helix DNA test store and you will learn something about yourself which could change everything- in relation to your health, family history, nutrition, performance and fitness .Check out the store at text link below:- 

Body Coach Fitness Helix DNA Test Store

Silverberry Genomix


 Know yourself-Reach your potential Ask your genes! Silverberry genomics is  a professional genomic test provider for a large selection of specialisms. The genetic specialised include:-
 -(Fitness ,Sport & Exercise Tests)- Including  the lean & fit test covering 4 genetic traits,Athletic  genetic test covering 45 traits, Sports & exercise report covering 8,000 genes & Exercise & injury test
-(Wellness & Nutrition tests)- Including the weight loss test  , nutrition test including 50 traits, comprehensive wellness test covering 140 traits & vitamin test covering 17 vitamin deficiency pre dispositions
 -(Lifestyle Tests)- Personality genetic tests, Skin care genetic test, longevity genetic test & Allergy genetic test covering 8,000 genes
All these tests are available through Body Coach Fitness here:- http://shop.silverberrygenomix.com/#_a_bodycoach - Please use Body Coach Fitness Referral code at checkout for 5% discount    ( bodycoach)   * this code is for -Fitness ,nutrition and wellness reports /tests ONLY  -not full silverberry DNA Test pacakges *


 Silverberry -Dna & Genetic Fitness Assessment  Certification


If you are a health, wellness ,sports or nutrition coach looking to gain professional knowledge in DNA genetic fitness assessment test this course could be for you, it teaches you how to use the Silver berry DNA tests and programs with clients .This course is also suitable for anyone with a keen interest in genomics and nutrigenomics and how genes affect your nutrition and physical activity and anyone who is considering having the test them selves to learn more about this .

This unique certificated online course is both affordable ,professional and user friendly for different people to learn all about DNA Fitness assessment testing for better health, nutrition  and sports performance .Please go to the link below to find out more details and to sign up to this unique certified course - 

Online Course In-Silverberry DNA genetic assessment for fitness icon

DNA To Z -My Match DNA Test


An unusual but valid test for potential couples looking to get married and stay married and create a happy healthy family .The DNA To Z -My match genetic test compares your DNA with your potential wedding match. Pheromones and other genes that are close or equally defective can be detected and indicate a reduction in genetic matching or a non match . For example a likelihood of certain diseases and health conditions .( This test can be combined with the EBT blood profile screens for pre marital screening at an additional cost and for extra analysis).

This test would be useful for anyone planning a healthy family and with potential partners who have family history of predispositions to genetic disorders  . Knowing this information could arm you with important data- & help you adopt a joint health and fitness approach with a carefully planned lifestyle and fitness and nutrition plan to plan a healthy fit future for you, your partner and future family.

DNA To Z My Match DNA Test



Nutri Sync -Health ,Nutrition & Fitness Genetics


 Body Coach Fitness now  offers a NutriSync Health, nutrition and fitness test - as a registered Nutri Synch practitioner. The test is a  practitioner only test which is professionally analysed and reports given by registered medical and nutritionists  and results are only sent  to customers via registered practitioners-making this a very professional method of testing.

Targeting well-researched genes the Nutri Synch test focuses on key genetic variations that have implications on how much certain nutrients and specific exercises may benefit you based on your genes and scientific studies. The patient action plan gives you an individual actionable guide to help increase the potential effectiveness of your diet and exercise for better health and wellness.

When you have completed a consultation online /face to face and taken the simple test then once you receive your results A follow up consultation to review and go over your report will be arranged to ensure you fully understand how to implement the changes based on your test results. This test truly is one of the best ,most accurate and most  personalised genetic tests for health, fitness ,nutrition and wellness -with backing and research by scientists and medical professionals .Please see document files below for   example reports of results and supplement recommendation report examples based on test

click here to download file

click here to download file

*Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for more details on test ,consultation and prices for test (dependant on location) and to set up a patient portal account with Body Coach Fitness NutriSynch  Practitioner account*

Mapmygene-Inherited Diseases genetic Test


 Body Coach Fitness is now a UK distributer/practitioner for Mapmygenes which are unique genetic tests available across the -globe. Use genomics to make predictions about your health and abilities -'A powerful paridiagm'

The Essence Of Perfect Healthy Living

Knowing  your genetic make -up is like being given a set of international tools  to deal  with inherited diseases ,more effectively. *Succeptability (does not) mean inevitability -it simply means vunerability* Map mygene analyses for over 100 predictable diseases with categories including:-(Bilary, Cardiovascular,respiratory,urinary, cerebral/nervous,musculoskeletal, digestive, reproductive, endocraine, eye,skin,mouth,nose,ear & hair, autoimmune and others)

Mapmygene DSGT test -is the No 1 choice - for accurate valid results ,a comprehensive test with genetic counselling .The ideal test for anyone interested in their future health, fitness and wellness!

Please see PDF links & downloads explaining more about Mapmygene and the test :- 


click here to download file

click here to download file

Mapmygene Inherited Diseases Genetic Test



Self-Code  -Decode Your Health & Wellness Genome


-'Unlock your personalised decode of your SNP's and genomes for health & wellness with Self-Decode'- A personalised health report service which enables users to get detailed information reports based on their genome. A place for you to learn about your connections between your genetics and your wellness.

Upload your genotyping files from companies such as 23&me , ancestry and family tree, enter any symptoms you have been experiencing ( if any) then begin to explore your genetics with the information based on results to plan your future wellness journey.  The following features are there to assist you-

-Health categories -See which health categories you may be at risk of & the SNP's which are playing a role in this

-Substance explorer-Receive product/substance recommendations based on test results

-Potentially bad genes- A summary of potentially bad genes

 -Potential fixes- A manually curated list of potential fixes for different genes

 -Potentially bad SNP's- A list of potentially bad SNP's

 -Gene packs-Lists of genes associated with different traits and your SNP's for each of them

-Important SNP'S-A summary of your SNP's identified as important

 -SNP Explorer-Consisting of a filterable table of all your SNP's with information about each one

 -SNP Pages- Pages dedicated to individual SNP's with information about associated traits and disease and their linked genes and population and frequency


 Self Decode- Analysis categories

Please go to the following( Body coach -selfdecode link tab )  to sign up to Self-decode genome analysis for health and wellness  categories listed below :-


 Life Style- Endurance, sleep quality, immune response, risk of muscle injury, depression status, fatigue status, response to stress, weight status, relationship status, early to be early to rise & response to sleep deprivation

 Diet-Monosaturated fats ,saturated fats, lactose intolerance, carbohydrates, protein, omega 3 fats, increases in fat in the diet, sugar intolerance & cholesterol status

Nutrition- Vitamins A,D,B, K, Sodium, iron & Choline

Toxins- Allergens & Toxins

Methylation-Methylation response

Aging- Greying hair, skin quality, bone density, hearing loss, eye sight status, lifespan and cognitive decline status

 Drug Response-Anti depressants, aspirin,  diuretics , blood pressure medication, corticosteroids, anti epileptic medications and statins

 Addiction Potential-Nicotiene, alcohol abuse, opiods, cocaine & cannibus

 Disorder Risk-Autoimmune disease, alzheimers, obesity, diabetes, autism, liver, heart disease, colonic  ,ADHD & lung disease


 Benefits Of monthly Subscription

The benefits of joining Self Decode genome analysis on a one off -or monthly basis is -Obtaining clear information on your genetic make-up for health & wellness, identifying relationships between SNP's and your health, uncovering truly beneficial foods, supplements and other substances for optimal health and wellness  and connecting with other users to share and read how to increase your health wellness



Medigoo At Home -Health ,Nutrition & Wellness Genetic Tests


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the new Medigoo nutrition ,health and wellness -at home - genetic tests .Professional Dna based tests at affordable prices ,convenient, accurate and affordable . There are tests covering many different health &  fitness, conditions  and nutrition and weight management tests .Listed below are some of the most popular tests to purchase- * (Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at Body Coach fitness for further tests available to purchase )*

Medigoo Weight Management At Home DNA Test



Medigoo Food & Wine Testing -At Home DNA Test
This test helps you to choose the wine and foods that you are guaranteed to like according to your genetic make up and preferences. Test Your Genetics for different tastes and get a comprehensive report in 3 weeks 

Medigoo Wine & Food Tasting At Home DNA Precision Test



Medigoo Caffeine Intolerance At Home DNA Test



Medigoo Alcohol Tolerance At Home DNA Test



Medigoo DVT At Home DNA  Test



Medigoo AF Protein Testicular Cancer At Home DNA Test



Medigoo CEA Breast Cancer At Home DNA Test



Medigoo Sleep Rythym At Home DNA Test



Dante Health, Wellness & Longevity DNA Test


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the Dante Health, wellness and longevity DNA test via wellnostics .It is a very comprehensive professional genetic test covering over 80 + personal genetic reports bout your health and wellness and conditions you are predisposed to. This test is non invasive and has a rapid turn around time on result reporting ( 3 weeks) . Once the testis taken you will receive a full report for your genotype using genotype technology and universal  genome -wide back bone based research with 99.9% accuracy.

*Please purchase this tests below & contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 & /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  for a consultation online/face to face * 


*(See example test report below)* 


Dante Health ,Wellness & Longevity DNA Test




Addiction -Genetic Test


Dependency on alcohol and drugs can be genetic -Find out your genetic predispositions to addiction to alcohol, cannabis  and nicotine. Plus your likelihood to addiction in general?

This test analyses for the following genes:-

-Nicotene dependence - GENE CHRNA4

Marijuana  dependene- GENE CNR1

-Heavy drinking- GENE GABRA2


Take this test at home by clicking on the following link below- 

Genetic DNA Test Addiction - is Alcoholism Genetic? Home Testing Kit

GI Map Test


This professional healthcare /practitioner test is available through partnership with Dnalife .The GI MAP Test is a gastrointestinal assay plus test designed to assess a patients  microbiome from a single sample. The panel is a  comprehensive collection of microbial targets as well as immune and digestive markers.

It screens for pathogenic ,commensal bacteria , opportunistic pathogens ,fungi, viruses and parasites. It uses multiplex automated DNA analysis to give integrative and functional medicine practitioners a better view of your GI microbiome. It also measures standard markers of immunity, inflammation and digestion including calprotectin ,secretory immunoglobin A ( sIgA) anti gliaden antibody and pancreatic elastase.

A professional test for accurate professional results. Please see  link below for an example GI MAP report you would receive:-  

click here to download file




 Pod Cast -On GI Map Testing


Here is a -free- podcast from 3 leading expert scientific researchers in their field on GI Map testing -Answering the most frequent questions asked by practitioners and patients/clients of these tests. Listen to this to learn more about the testing process before purchasing above  

Health & Wellness Genetics


Body coach is linked to various genetic health, fitness, wellness and sports tests with HELIX & 23 & me DNA -Choose from the following health and wellness tests to ensure your-'future life of health and wellness'









DNA Sequencing Apps


Sequencing is not a genetic testing laboratory but a dna app sequencing provider for analysing genetic data (from tests such as listed above). Sequencing is all about innovation -Making it easy to store ,use and understand test results through apps for yourself -and the ability to (if you wish) share real time global personalisation of genetic data for research purposes. It connects individuals interested in using their own genetic data through tech to apps which transfers data into sequencing code -giving detailed reports on test results offering personalised life changing data for various areas of life eg wellness, longevity, ancestry & geneology ,nutrition and personality DNA. Most tests from providers can be linked but there are recommended test providers such as Dante labs ,silver berry genomics, tool box & genomics personalised health.

Please go to the following link-  https://sequencing.com/referral/2f74c56c  to find out more and sign up to sequencing DNA apps.

Toolbox Genomics-WellCare Pro Health Action Plans


Body Coach Fitness is now a reseller /professional practitioner with Toolbox Genomics(TBG)- Well care pro health care plans based on your own unique genetic potential. This is a practitioner only service through Toolbox genomics.

It will give guided interventions based on your test results for better health outcomes through personalised health plans . This includes a choice of tests Health enrichment)All Tests  will be sent with practical ,easy to follow strategies that you can incorporate into your daily life (TBG Health Action Plan)to improve healthy lifestyle outcomes .

It is recommended you have tests at regular intervals for analysis of progress and additional subsequent tests reduce in cost accordingly .(Purchase a TBG Health action Plan below & contact -Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com to arrange face to face/online consultation and which test to take and arrange health plan action accordingly)* 


TBG 1st Health Action Plan



TBG 2nd Health Action Plan



TBG 3rd Health Action Plan



TBG 4th Health Action Plan



   CICA Genetic (Celiac,IBS,Crohns Array)+ Alcat Test Bundle


Find out if Gluten is impacting your health?? Imagine gluten ingestion on a spectrum. At one end you have people with  celiac disease who cannot tolerate gluten and then you have the lucky people who can eat pizza ,beer and cookies and have no ill effects whatsoever. In the middle is the murky area of gluten reactions including gluten sensitivity.

CICA is designed to provide an accurate evaluation of GI tract function gathering information from various pathways ,It evaluates genetic markers for celiac disease and checks for genetic markers associated with Crohns disease.  Combined with the Alcat test to evaluate immune cell responses to as many as 400 foods will provide the -'most comprehensive' assessment.

The predominant genetic markers are- NOD2/CARD15 associated with immune system and activation of nuclear factor. T300A mutation in the ATG16L1 gene increases its susceptibility to degradation  by Capsase 3 .

There are 3 levels of this unique test -

1) CICA Basic =Genetic Gut health profile ,antibody cellular assay on 19 items including gluten and  gluten free alternatives

2) CICA  Diet Screening= Genetic gut health profile as above with 250 Alcat food ntolerance test

3) CICA Genetic + Alcat Test Bundle =Genetic gut health profile as above + Comprehensive profile 2 ( Alcat 483 items food intolerance test)

This test is one of the best tests available for combined gut health and food intolerance issues which many people suffer from and do not need to -taking this test could start your healthy lifestyle journey off to the best start possible! 

CICA Genetic Basic



CICA Genetic -Diet Screening



CICA Genetic + Alcat TEST Bundle



LifeCode GX -5 Report + DNA Test


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the Lifecode GX DNA tests as a practitioner and has a unique suite  of genetic tests including 5 DNA test reports including:-


Methylation DNA test 


-Methionine  cycle :AHCY,BHMT,FUT2,MAT1A,MTR,MTRR,PEMT & TCN2

-Neurotransmitter Cycle: COMT, MAOA,MAOB,PNMT,QDPR & VDR 

 -Transsulphuration Cycle: CBS,CTH,GSS,MUT & SUOX

 -Urea cycle: NOS & SOD


Histamine  DNA Test



Nervous System DNA Test

-Genes included are(  Serotonin-Melatonin: QDPR, TPH1, TPH2, VDR, 5-HT1A, 5-HT2A, SLC18A1, ASMT, MAOA, ALDH2 and MTNR1B
Dopamine-Noradrenaline-Adrenaline: QDPR, TH, DBH, VDR, DRD2, SLC18A1, SLC6A2, SLC6A3, PNMT, ADRB1, ADRB2, MAOA, MAOB, COMT and ALDH2
Inflammation: IFN gamma, TNF, FKBP5
Pharmacological: CYP2C19, CYP2D6, CYP3A4
Thyroid: DIO1, DIO2


Oestrogen Balance DNA Test



Detoxification DNA Test 

 CYP450 family: CYP1A1, CYP1A2, CYP1B1, CYP2A6, CYP2C9, CYP2C19, CYP2D6, CYP2E1 and CYP3A4
Alcohol: ADH1B, ADH1C and ALDH2
Neurotransmitters: MAOA and MAOB
Pesticides: PON1
Glucuronidation: UGT1A1 and UGT1A6Sulphonation: SULT1A1, SULT1A2 and SULT2A1
Glutathione conjugation: GSTM1, GSTP1 and GSTT1
Acetylation: NAT1 and NAT2
Methylation: COMT and TPMT
Antiporter: ABCB1


*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  and /or 07875086760 for more details on 5 Report Suite DNA Test package and pricing- As this is a bespoke customised test* 


Atlas DNA Test-(Health++Nutrition+Sports+Personality Traits & Ancestry)


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the -Atlas DNA test for ( Health+Nutrition+Sports+Personal Traits+ Ancestry). You can buy this test at amazon or other outlets but at Body coach fitness you will also receive a full face to face /online consultation and aftercare plus dietary and lifestyle advice based on the test results .

This test includes gene analysis for :-

Health=19 disease  risks and carrier status for 326 hereditary conditions

Nutrition= Metabolism of vitamins and micronutrients ,food intolerances and dietary recommendations

Sports= Risk of evaluation for sports injuries

 Ancestry = Ethnic heritage, paternal and maternal haplogroups , ratio of neaderthal genes

 Personal traits= Personal traits, perception and appearance characteristics


Since the discovery of DNA in the 1950's  scientists have been investigating the human genome .Clear links have been established for many aspects of human health, like how your genes influence disease risk ,metabolism , food intolerances ,response to exercise and many personal traits. Thanks to major technological advances you can now learn what your DNA says about you!


*Listen to your genes  -Purchase this DNA test for an overall Genetic picture of your future health, fitness, sports ,nutrition and ancestry*


Atlas DNA Test-(Health +Nutrition +Sports +Personal Traits +Ancestry)



23 & Me DNA Test -Health+ Ancestry Personal Genetic Service


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the 23 & Me DNA Test -Health + Ancestry Personal Genetic Service -(90 +Online reports). You are able to purchase this test from other - non practitioner sites /locations  but I would recommend purchasing from Body Coach Fitness as you will also receive a full face to face/online consultation and full advice based on test results.

This test includes analysis on the following panels:-

-Wellness report- 5+ reports including:deep sleep, lactose intolerance and genetic weight

-Health features- 5+ reports including-Celiac disease , late-onset alzheimers disease and parkinsons disease

-Traits report- 25+ traits including- Male bald spot ,sewwt vs salty and unibrow

-Ancestry features-  5 reports including ancestry composition, maternal and paternal haplogroups and Neanderthal ancestry.

-Carrier status- 40 + reports including -cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anaemia and hereditary hearing loss

The full test offers a 90+ online personalised genetic report and analysis on all panels above.


* Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and 07875086760 for details and to book a consultation face to face/online* 

23 & Me DNA test -Health + Ancestry Personal Genetic Service (+ 90 Online reports)




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