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DNA Power Coach


Have the power of your own genetics at your finger tips- with DNA Power coaching packages-DNA Power tests can be purchased as a stand alone complimentary tests to any existing program ,or you can get one of Body Coach Fitness custom designed DNA Power programmes to achieve ultimate results -programs created through Sharon Clare DNA Diva and British Champion and international athlete with expertise  in genetic fitness, nutrition and mind body programing.



Learn what diet is right for your genetic make up. Studies show that 95% of individuals who diet gain back the pounds that they shed within several years and 41% of individuals who try dieting eventually gain back more  pounds than they lost. With a personalised diet power report you cab tailor your diet around how your body reacts .
Diet power tests for:-

-Diet management-How you process and regulate-cholesterol , carbohydrates HDL & LDL,dietary & stored fats, mono & saturated fats,insulin and proteins

-Weight response-Body mass index, alcohol, caffeine , gluten, lactose, salt, sugar ravings

-Cravings & Preferences - Caffeine , carbs, fat, protein, bitter foods, salt, sweet, smoking behaviour

-Vitamins- Vitamins A,B6, B9, B12, C, D, E, Ca, Iodine, Iron, Omega 3  6 Fats

DNA Power Test


DNA dietPower Coach Program


If you want ultimate nutrition results  purchase the DNA Diet Power coach program. This includes:-

-Full DNA Diet Power test -As above

-DNA Diet power report =Consultation (face to face/Skype)

-Goal Planning & review

-Personal customised nutrition program online/face to face  -based on tests results 

-Membership to Body Coach DNA Diva membership group-Email, telephone support, face book group, DNA report review

DNA Diet Power Coach Program




DNA Fit Power reduces the uncertainty and takes  a healthy ,informed approach to your fitness  and wellbeing.
The Fit Power test includes tests for the following areas of fitness training:-

-Injury & recovery- Your susceptibility to joint, ligament, or tendon injuries, .How effectively you muscles recover and repair after exercise and how you body recovers

-Exercise performance- How well your body regulates blood pressure and utilises energy during exercise. How well you break down nutrients for energy during exercise and how well you manage oxygen during exercise.

-Exercise response- Your body's ability to regulate blood sugar due to exercise and how well you manage oxygen during exercise.

Make exercise count -Lean the work out routine that suits your body -and this will provide the best results!

DNA Fit Power


DNA fitPower Coach Program


DNA Fit Power genetic program will produce ultimate results in your fitness training programming it includes:-

-Fit Power Test (As above)

-Fit Power report and consultation (facetoface/skype)

-Goal planning

-Personal customised fitness plan (face to face /online) based on fit power test results

-Membership of Body Coach DNA DIVA group- Email and telephone support ,members dedicated face book group, DNA test report review

DNA Fit Power Coach Program


diet Power +fitPower


You can maximise your health through understanding your foods best suited to your body and the exercise program that will get the best results. Take power of your health and take the combined dietPower & fitPower test for maximum results in your fitness and nutrition lifestyle plan.This tests includes:-

-dietPower & FitPower test-All categories of both tests detailed above

Reduce uncertainty and take a healthy approach to diet and fitness and work with your genetics for optimum results!

dietPower +fitPower Test


dietPower +fitPower Coach Program


dietPower + fitPpower coach program is the ultimate combined genetic based nutrition and fitness program available face to face & online The program includes the following:-

-dietPower + fitPower Test (As above)

-dietPower +fitPower report and consultation (facetoface/skype)

-Goal planning

-Personal customised fitness plan (face to face /online) based on diet +fit power test results

-Membership of Body Coach DNA DIVA group- Email and telephone support ,members dedicated face book group, DNA test reviews on dietPower  + fitPower  reports


dietPower+ fitPower coach program


Health Power


Learn about essentail pathways to mainatin overall health .35+ genetic variations tested. Your health is affected by important functions related to hormones ,detoxification,inflammation and methylation.They can affect your mood,energy, cells and health .You DNA test results provide a snap shot of how your body is predisposed to work in these areas. These are hidden areas thta can affect your health  and contribute to chronic disease .By learning your DNA profile you can take  pro active steps  to enhance wellbeing . Please see an example report below:-

click here to download file

DNA Health Power



DNA -Health Power Coach Program


DNA Health Power genetic Coach Program will produce ultimate results in yur healthy lifestyle coahcing program.It includes :-

-DNA Health Coach Test

-Health Coach  report & consultation ( face to face/skype)

-Goal planning

-Personal customised  healthy lifestyle plan ( face to face /skype) based on -DNA health coach test results

-Membership  of Body Coach Fitness DNA Diva group- Email and telephone support ,members dedicated face group group and DNA Test report review 

DNA Health Power  Coach Program



Brain Power


Find out your genetic mental wellness risk factors  to take pro active action, 15+ genetic  variations tested . Nothing is more important than our mental well being .Some people may be at higher risk for chemical triggers or injury. Knowing where you have genetic weaknesses can allow you to pro actively support your mental health through diet and lifestyle changes. 
 Brain power provides you with your personal DNA results related to your genetic risks to :-Alzhiemers ,concussion,cortisol,depression,emotional eating and parkinsons.Please see an example Brain power DNA Report below:-

click here to download file

DNA Brain Power



DNA Brain Power Coach Program


DNA Brain Power genetic Coach Program will produce ultimate results in your health and fitness lifetsyle programming it includes:-

-DNA Brain Power Test

-Brain Power report and consultation ( face to face /skype)

-Personal customised  fitness and healthy lifestyle plan ( face to face /skype/online) based on Brain power test results

-Membership of Body Coach Fitness DNA DIVA group -Email and telephone support, members dedicated face book group , DNA test report review

DNA Brain Power Coach Program





TotalPower test is a fully comprehensive ultimate Pack of all 4 tests combined for - health, fitness , nutrition and mental health including dietPower +fitPower test and Health Power & Brain Power - So covering mind body and soul!

Get all 4 tests in ONE with 240  genetic variations tested ( Diet power, fit power, health power & brain power) All with comprehensive reports including summaries of actions for immediate impact.Plus a health consultation/personalised phone consultation  ( 45 minutes ) with DNA POWER.

totalPower Test


totalPower Coach Program


totalPower coach program is the ultimate fitness, nutrition and health mot programme available -the program includes the following:-

--dietPower + fitPower & detox,inflamation,hormone,methylation & brainpower tests (as above)

-dietPower +fitPower & detox,inflamation,hormone,methylation & brainpower test reports and consultation (facetoface/skype)

-Goal planning

-Personal customised diet , fitness & lifestyle plan  (face to face /online) based on diet +fit power test & detox,inflamation,hormone,methylation & brainpower tests 

-Membership of Body Coach DNA DIVA group- Email and telephone support ,members dedicated face book group, DNA test reviews on dietPower  + fitPower & detox,inflamation,hormone,methylation & brainPower reports

totalPower Coach Program




immunePower test-Available soon in 2017 at Body Coach Fitness - Testing for the following auto immune categories :-


-Celiac Disease

-Crohn Disease

-Graves Disease

-Multiple Sclerosis

-Type 2 Diabetes

expected RRP-£299.00

DNA Review Of Test reports


My DNA Coach review of Report- Is an add on to all DNAPower (test only) options -A Skype/face to face review of progress after initial report findings of test

My DNA Coach Review


Personalised Vitamin Program(DNA Power + Vitamin Lab)


DNA Power & Vitaminlab have partnered to create your own all in one personalised supplement program form top quality sourced ingredients . Genetics plays a role into your supplementation needs and this offers a complete solution to you .When you purchase a  DNA power test through Body Coach eg-(dietPower , dietpower+ fitPower or totalPower ) you will then receive a unique 16 digit code (with your test results) which when used to sign up with Vitaminlab will get you a custom made vitamin supplement program based on your genetics ,from $59.00 per month. The formulas are sent as a 3 month supply (billed monthly)and the subscription can be cancelled prior to each 3 month supply date. This vitamin supplement program is truly personalised to your dna power test results and your own unique body chemistry and health history given, creating your own unique daily,single formula vitamin.
*Unleash the power of your DNA with DNAPower  Vitaminlab & Body Coach fitness  -Personalised vitamins & supplements*



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