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Sports Performance Hub


Body Coach Fitness sports performance Hub is all about fine tuning your body ,and offering coaching in specific areas of sports conditioning and performance such as strength & conditioning ,balance training, flexibility training, and speed and agility work .Which will complement all other sports  services offered at Body coach Fitness eg:- Sports specific training packages, sports  genetic and functional fitness and nutrition tests, biomechanics, gait analysis,  fitness testing, sports therapies and injury and rehab.

Sports Performance Assessment


Body Coach Fitness Sports performance assessment keeps you on top of your game - and helps find out more about you & your sport! We will look at posture, flexibility, cv endurance, muscular strength, power tests , muscle weaknesses and gait analysis and other elements of your fitness - to help work out the perfect sports program for you!(Please also see specialist testing -Lactate threshold testing and maximal uptake VO2 Max and sub maximal aerobic capacity testing further down this page)
This will help analyse balances and weakness together  with the dynamic functional movement assessment ( on page below) and can be combined for best effect. Help prevent injuries and allow your body to work at it's optimal performance level for you. Book a sports assessment /analysis test today!

*Please contact Sharon Clare-For individual pricing & to book consultation*


Strength & Conditioning (S&C) Training Packages


Strength and conditioning is  a means of exercise to improve a persons entire function and or sports performance goals. It requires dedication and discipline to commit to exercise and nutrition  programmes and to see rewards in your performance and technique.
Body coach Fitness Strength and conditioning coaching will incorporate all 9 components of fitness:-

-Strength-How much force you can exert when contracting under load

-Flexibility- The ability to move joints through a full range of motion (ROM)

-Power- A combination of both strength and speed to produce a maximum muscular contraction in an instant

-Muscular endurance- A muscle or group of muscles ability to perform work over an extended period of time

-Agility- Ability to perform a series of co ordinated movements in quick succession in multiple directions

-CV Endurance- The heart and lungs ability to oxygenate muscles

-Balance- Joint position sense of pro prioception in the ability to control the body or parts of the body statically and dynamically

-Co ordination- The ability to integrate all of the above components in to an effective meaningful movement

What does service include?
All strength and conditioning coaching programmes include , assessment , a detailed plan of action , and review and evaluation .They will all be customised to the individual/team goals and needs and can be tailored for people from amateurs to more elite advanced athletes/sports enthusiasts. All strength and conditioning programmes will also be designed to prevent injury and integration of all 9 stages of conditioning above will be incorporated in a periodised progressive training programme individual to you.

*Contact Sharon Clare 0n Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for specifics on your individual training needs and to book*


3D Loading & Lifting



Every body has to lift and load their bodies every day whether in every day life- lifting the baby and/or groceries and in the gym- lifting weights. The human body was designed for lifting, from the legs to the hips , the feet , the spine ,through to the torso. So why do we get so many injuries occurring through lifting-poor posture-poor biomechanics, poor loading , poor lifting technique- it could be one or all of these options and more.

The 3D Loading and lifting model analyses  the way you lift  and the chain reaction of lifting with ( load/weight)-in an integrated way and in 3D planes of motion-helping you  prevent injury, improve lifting technique, and conditioning whilst and /or  offering better rehabilitation from injury -giving you the edge in your strength based programming


* Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and/or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for further details ,prices and bookings* 


3 D Balance & Pro preoception Training Packages


Balance is a needed (& often forgotten about) area of focus of fitness, injury prevention rehab and sports performance. It is a component that dramatically influences ones strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. Using the 3D matrix performance series (the synonymy of balance and motion ) method foundered by gray institute .This method will train your body to be functionally stable by properly lending and balancing your body with motion. Balance escalation  is a 3 dimensional and sequential balance performance improvement program to expand ones functional threshold .It will allow you to better perform tasks , activities and sports and properly blend balance training with motion providing optimum sports training  performance needs.

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details on booking balance training sessions/packages*


On Ground Function-Evolution Of Movement Program


The On Ground Function-Evolution of movement program  teaches you ( as in life) how to crawl before you can walk -basic movement patterns are mastered before more complex movement patterns are introduced. You will learn new 3D -On Ground functional movement pattern matrixes   formulating  a program for you to integrate and facilitate a desired functional chain reaction in your body for your chosen sport/exercise element to achieve improved sports performance & function , conditioning, motor patterns & cognitive function. Improving your ability to get up & down  off the ground to upright function for sports and every day life more efficiently biomechanically and functionally helping prevent injury and improve rehabilitation  and improve performance  eg getting up and off the ground for sports such as Rugby,MMA .Wrestling and other martial arts and gymnastics and many more - A foundational but important part of your training development for sports/exercise


 * Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and/or 07875086760 for more details ,price ,consultation and to book appointment*


SAQ-Speed ,Agility & Quickness Training Packages


Do you and/or your team seem to be missing that extra gear? Are you not quick enough , fast enough or agile enough to match the opposition ? Do you ever wonder if your training program is part of the problem?
Improving speed and sports performance involves more than practising sports specific patterns and plays over and over again.

Developing a winning Formula
The key to developing an individuals overall athletic ability is to work on all the elements required for success in any sport -speed, agility, power , strength ,Co ordination, balance, endurance and flexibility. Lack of physical coordination and ability  to move quickly under control in all directions holds many sports athletes and teams back and could be the key to getting that winning performance edge . By using a wide range of drills, exercises and equipment  a program can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and that of your sport

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details and to book SAQ training sessions and packages*


3 D Dynamic Flexibility Training Packages


The principle strategic technique process of applied science will be introduced into your flexibility program. Enhancing strength and cardiovascular endurance as well as stability -"mostability". If you are to become more flexible then you must also make the body stable and strong in its new state. This is why 3D Flexibility and Mostability training will help you. It creates  3 dimensional flexibility and motion through out the entire body and also creates 3 dimensional stability for optimal environments -for sports injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance enhancement. A unique dynamic and effective method of flexibility training to add to your sports and fitness training routine.

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details and to book training sessions/packages*


3D Matrix -Core Conversion Training


The principle strategy of applied functional science - will be introduced and you will learn more on how this influences the core in each core conversion training session.
You will not only be targeting the main core muscle groups but you will also  be working on these areas in various positions and functionally in all 3 planes of motion. A truly functional and applicable core system of training to add to your sports and fitness program

*Please contact Sharon Clare on
Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com 0r 07875086760 for further details on price and booking sessions/package*


Resiliency & Adaptability Training-For Faster Function


Body Coach Fitness now offers a resiliency & adaptability for faster function program to enhance the bodies functional elasticity and improve resiliency and adaptability through all transformation zones (Where change of direction occurs) This program is suitable for better function in every day life but especially in sports .It applies functional training techniques to a  tri-plane training & rehabilitation program. It involves 3 strategies based on an understanding of the person and specific tasks/training they need:-

-Melting-Active Warming up the body in 3d with load & movement direction  and potential functional chaos -(but stopping short of chaos)


-Molding-Stretching with 4 points of attachment of safety to expand ROM and true neural system stimulation in zones of functional chaos existing beyond transformational zones 


-Moving- Systematically providing authentic  challenges that incorporate movement/mass /momentum/leverage & speed -  For safe recovery


Training begins with  -the -end-in-mind- Creating a faster more functionally efficient  performance  for sport !


*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for further details, consultation & pricing* 

Pylometric & Jump Jop Hop Explosive functional training (3D Matrix Series)


Explosive power and performance is needed both in every day life but more importantly in sports performance ,both athletic and strength performance .Jump-Jop-Hop 3D matrix  performance series is a program specifically designed to enhance the bodies ability to perform and in this case to defy gravity and also increase vertical power and performance as well as protect from injury-(Load better - To explode better)! Improving  strength ,flexibility ,cardiovascular endurance ,coordination ,agility, power, speed and reaction times for sports/fitness . The work out program created by the Gray institute consists of a logical sequence of 18  different matrice's of( three dimensional organization of movement) utilising positions & motions  of jumping ( 2 feet to 2 feet) ,jopping ( 2 feet to 1 foot) & hopping ( 1 foot to same 1 foot)  loading (lengthening) and unloading( contracting) the body functionally in all 3 planes of motion. Creating a synergistic blend of functional strength, power and flexibility and enhancing overall health wellbeing and sports performance and creating an environment where one can expand his/her functional threshold. A unique form of functional training for sports and fitness -Suitable for multiple levels from beginner to elite athletes .


                                              "Load Better-To Explode Better "


*Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for further information and to book assessment*             


Functional-Static & Dynamic Movement Screen


An important start to any fitness/sports training program (or rehab program) is a complete static  posture analysis  and dynamic movement analysis of the individual . To establish dysfunctions & weaknesses in the bodies functional movement  patterns and posture .So training, to strengthen , re educate and improve efficiency of movement can be established -preventing injury and improving performance.
This is not just a static posture assessment for posture but also a dynamic assessment of the body during movement based exercises in the major functional motor movement patterns eg:-  squat, push, pull, lunge patterns for example. Any underlying muscle imbalances that are inherent in poor static and movement posture are identified and short and long term corrective exercise strategies can then be implemented to address these imbalances- giving you the best foundation to work from to improve your bodies function and performance in fitness an sports

*Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for further information and to book assessment*

Throwing-3D Chain Reaction


 The action of throwing is used in every day life and sports and is often misunderstood- Throwing is a 3D chain reaction which does nor start with the arm and shoulder  ( as most people think) it starts all the  from  the big toe and consists of 2 phases of loading and unloading occurring from the ground up working  through various kinetic chains in the body. The body coach fitness Throwing 3D chain reaction program is based on the throwing chain reaction whip program at Gray Institute which  works on first analysing the thrower by  performing integration tests such as functional balance reaches, lunges and jump tests and abdominal /core strength tests . There are many reasons for causes and compensations in throwing actions and injuries . Analysing   throwing action will help design a reaction and conditioning program to facilitate your sport.   Rehabilitating and improving performance in  the entire chain  to facilitate load. This specific program would be ideal for sports which involve upper body strength and throwing eg:- Rugby, American football, basket ball , net ball, athletics , racquet sports , throwing punches ( Martial arts) and many more !


* Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details, to book a consultation and prices* 



HamString Injury Prevention Program-Eccentric Power


Hamstring injuries are one of the most common & most frequently occurring injuries in sports. They can be challenging and frustrating injuries to treat and the recurrence rate is high. Any one who sprints or who uses eccentric explosive power in their sports is at risk of hamstring injuries eg football, rugby, tennis, athletics basket ball & many more. So a specific targeted prehab program of hamstring conditioning can ensure optimum sports performance and help prevent injury .Body Coach Fitness -Hamstring strength, flexibility and conditioning program is a prehab program using Gary gray's  unique 3D movement  pattern training methods to help increase your ability to use eccentric explosive power in your sport & prevent injury at the same time


*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details on the program , to book a consultation & prices* 

ACL Prevention Threshold Training


There is no more common problem or potentially devastating injury in sports than a torn ACL. We cannot directly repair an ACL but Body coach Fitness can hep to prevent one from occuring in the first place with an ACL  training rehab and prevention program. This program will first analyse the individual/athlete  developing  a successful functional profile  from which to build an effective training and rehab program . It will test load components of chain reactions to determine the functional successfulness of the athletes/individuals ability to decelerate and accelerate effectively . Allowing the development of a functional tri-plane chain reaction  injury prevention and rehab program for ACL injuries .Helping prevent knee issues and ACL injuries occurring in your sport .Individual effective preventative functional training based on a leading training rehab specialists training program by ( Doug Gray).
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for more details*


Assessment -Ankle & Foot Mobility Drills


The foot and ankle are used in every fitness and sports regime, as well as in every day activities , so it of great importance that they are  assessed to create efficient movement  .Body coach Fitness offers gait analysis (barefoot running instruction & biomechanics  page) but this program is an assessment of foot and ankle (using FYI-Foot posture Index Scale)and creates a problem solving mobility and strengthening exercise program/drill   for the foot and ankle helping increase your  speed, performance and skills for sports conditioning  to your sport. Increasing your ability to move freely and functionally &  optimally at the foot & ankle for your specific sport .

*Please contact Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details on program/drills ,price and how to book*

Tp Therapy Foot & Lower Leg Mobility


Together with the foot mobility drill program above- Body coach fitness TP Therapy ( Trigger point therapy ) program  for the foot and lower leg -will provide you with the perfect combination of preparation , manipulation and stimulation of the facia ,muscles ,joints and tendons for better pain free performance in sports and physical activities. This specific program for the foot ankle and lower limb will aid in prehab/rehab and prevent injuries and increase potential for sports performance. Use as a stand alone program or combine with program above for best results


* Contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for details on program including price and to book a consultation* 


Ankle Sprain-Chain Reaction  Prehab/Rehab Program


If you lead an active lifestyle or participate in sports you have probably experienced  the pain of  a severe ankle sprain. Many injuries especially ankle sprains can set you back at least 6 weeks from your training plans and competition prep .With the Body Coach Fitness ankle sprain prevention /rehab program you could prevent or minimise time taken out from you sports activity  .

The program involves ankle chain reaction integration training from the bottom of the foot up  and through the entire body. It works on proprioception and strength in relation to ankle function. Transforming instability of the ankle and foot into enhanced body function for sports.

The program is based on Gary Gray's chain reaction  integration training method which will include Tri stretch, BAPS ( Biomechanics ankle platform system) , body blade , balance reach tests & exercises and much more .

 The ideal program to include with ankle & foot  assessment /mobility program and foot & lower limb  trigger point therapy program -or as a stand alone foot & ankle sprain prevention and treatment program


*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details on the  foot & ankle sprain prehab/rehab  program , or full lower limb ,foot & ankle  training  package option ( all 3 lower limb  foot & ankle programmes), prices and to book a consultation)* 



Online Sports Performance Analysis & GPS Player/Athlete Tracking


Body Coach fitness is now able to offer online video sports performance analysis and GPS player/athlete tracking ,through professional (Issports analysis software) . Video coding/tagging sports performance analysis  helps monitor  and improve the performance of a sports team /player or individual athlete what ever their sport. Online sports performance analysis through this software will provide analysis  of each sports team/athletes performance , strengths and weaknesses  whilst focusing on behavioural ,technical and tactical aspects of sports team/individual sports athlete.

Player/athlete GPS tracking is also available with quick and easy player/athlete statistics and data analysis , with the use of metrics and graphs . Player/athlete GPS + Uploads  , synchronises  GPS impact ( G force ) and heart rate  and views athletes  sports performance  over selected dates /training sessions/games  all shown with  statistics & graphs .

By providing this statistical/analytical sports data you can -Optimise sports performance to maximise sporting gains!

*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details and how to send over online video analysis  and pricing of new -Sports performance analysis & Player/Athlete GPS tracking*


  Sports Functional Breath Strength Training Program



Body Coach fitness is now able to offer- Sports Specific Functional Breath Strength Training. Is breathing the -missing link- in your sports ability & performance ? This breathing/respiratory technique exercise program helps improve exercise performance.

If you are a committed sports man/woman this specialised inspiratory muscle training exercise program will help increase power, endurance ,efficiency and better performance  .This has scientific approach -

When we think of the trunk musculature in a sporting context we most likely think about its role in core stabilisation, or even in postural control; we might even think about how trunk muscles contribute to movements such as swinging a racquet. However, most people will not consider how these roles interact with one another, or more importantly, how they interact with breathing. Virtually all sports involve movements that implicitly perturb posture (football), require trunk stabilisation (rugby), incorporate trunk rotation (tennis), and/or compress the trunk (rowing), whilst simultaneously increasing the demand for breathing. Breathing is brought about by a complex group of trunk muscles that include the diaphragm, rib cage muscles and abdominal muscles. These are the same muscles that are responsible for trunk stabilisation, postural control and/or movement.

The diaphragm is one of the best known, but most underestimated trunk muscle. Whilst its role in breathing is obvious, its roles in postural stabilisation and control are not. For example, the diaphragm is an important contributor to the increase in intra-abdominal pressure that stiffens the trunk and stabilises the spine. It also works in synergy with transversus abdominis (TA) to preserve postural control (prevent falling). These vital roles are illustrated by the fact that both TA and diaphragm contract automatically in anticipation of actions that destabilise and/or load the trunk. These contractions occur irrespective of the phase of breathing, but when ‘push comes to shove’, the diaphragm’s role in breathing always takes precedence over its non-respiratory roles. So in situations of high breathing demand, such as exercise, the non-respiratory roles of the diaphragm are compromised, which may lead to an increased risk of injury and/or an increased risk of falling or loss of balance.

This specialist training program incorporates specific breathing strength focused core, diagpragm , trunk and breath relaxation exercises for better breathing technique for sports .It can also be combined with more  specific equipment based training eg- elevation masks and power breath ,giving you a -Unique-  8 week step by step -Power breath training program for sports working on breathing movement specific for your sports * Ideal in combination with specialist respiratory physio*

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details on the -Power breath sports specific  breath strength training program pricing and to book an online/face to face consultation* 


Sensory Training For Sports


Develop sensory skills to improve physical skills for sports performance. This training is for amateur to elite athletes looking to maximise their multiple sensory performance skills.

The training will include a pair of sensory performance  eye wear ( SPARQ  Vapour strobe eye wear)  soon to be launched in  the UK .This  specially adapted eye wear will improve visual cognitive training when performing training drills with the coach(strengthening connections between muscles and brain -for better sports performance).It could be the difference between "quick & fast" .Strobe training develops the athletes sensory system by interrupting delivery of visual information to the brain, and by performing drills under situations of reduced visual input  they are  trained to become more efficient in processing information.

*When launched this will also involve having to attend a separate  SPARQ sensory training station assessment before training commences (looking at visual clarity, contrast sensitivity, depth perception, near-far quickness, target capture ,perception span ,hand eye co ordination and decision making and hand reaction time.*

For a sports person eg- football receiver  it could  mean better concentration,  more accurate judging of  the flight of the ball  and better quality catching in rugby -seeing clearer, thinking quicker and moving faster!


*Contact Sharon Clare on this new system of  sensory training & for more information and pricing being launched in UK soon on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and 078750860* 


 *Please see video below for an explanation of Sparq Vapour Glasses*


Neuro Athletic Trainer Program


Body Coach Fitness has developed a professional neuro trainer program for athletes/sports. Neuro plasticity is the ability of the brain to rewire itself given the right stimulus. This program will enhance your sports performance, by applying principles of neuro cognitive science ,building resilience and stamina .A system of specific cognitive neuro science exercises adaptable to most sports ,improving your performance ,cognitive function and competitive edge !You will also learn how to deal with competitive anxiety, how to control emotions and how the brain interacts with the body learning how to control and stimulate better physical responses for better sports performance!

An" innovative vision in sports training"  whether you are a professional sports person.coach or just want to improve your performance -Body Coach Neuro trainer athletic program will help you reach your goals!

 *As this is a professional, bespoke, customised  program -Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and or 07875086760 for more details and to book a consultation and training session-face to face /online*



Body Coach Vestibular  Precision Movement Training System


There is  a lot of reserach into the vestibular system and how to train it  .All the body systems are plastic and adapt positively to the right type of volume and intensity of stimuli .The vestibular system is the 3rd system in the balance and coordination system /sensory system.This system resides within our inner ear ,as our head moves we receive information as to what direction and how fast and slow we are moving. The vestibular system helps us with posture ,stance ,balance and coordination.

Training these systems will help athletes improve  balance, coordination,awareness of position ,make better cutting movements and change direction quicker "out maneurvering your oponent" whilst improving proprioception and their somatosensory system and overall sports performance. *It is recommended that you have a sports physio assessment if you already have vestibular health issue before commencing the program* You can also add the ( Vetsibular /hearing genetic test & nutrition program to the syste for better results )Ideal for Athletes who want the edge in sports performance to -Get back into the game!


*Please contact-Sharon Clare on sharon@bodcoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details ,pricing and to book an assessment and consultation*

Pre -Orthotic Conditioning (POC) Biomechanics  Programme


Body Coach Fitness has developed a -Pre-Orthotic conditioning (POC) biomechanics programme for the lower limb,based on  prepare and perform principles .It involves biomechanical screens and tests  to identify causes of training over activity. It includes 3 stability knee screens  and 6 foot/ankle tests to identify when a sports person may need to go and see a podiatrist ( for sports orthotics) and application of a pe-orthotic conditioning exercise programme for sports conditioning.
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare for more details on this bespoke/customisd  pre -orthotic assessment /programme and to book a private consultation *


Customised Sports Orthotics


Choose Dr's orthotics available through Body Coach Fitness-For all your custom fit personalised sports orthotics needs ( available internationally). For more details  and to order go to   https://doctorsorthotics.com/?affiliates=8   ( use  coupon code 'save50' for $50.00 off) and choose from customised orthotics from many sports including:- Football, soccer /rugby, tennis, golf,  cycling, running, hiking, racquet ball, basketball, handball and many more....! Easy 4 step  ordering process  and ship internationally -Unique sports orthotics personalised to you!
More details regarding other orthotics available on Biomechanics assessment page! 

Squat Thotic -Strength Training Orthotic

Fit Thotics

A specific sports orthotic  customised for you as a strength based athlete - Body Builder, strong man/woman , Olympic lifter or power lifter- If you are serious about lifting then consider a professional Squat thotic designed and created for you by a professional British Figure Athlete. Go to text link below( or dumb bell image above)  for more details and to purchase .( More thotics for other sports also available- Delivery to All of UK)-Please see video below of how orthotics are made

Squat Thotic

DEXA Scan-Sports Medicine


 Body Coach fitness  can now *(on request)* arrange for you to book a DEXA scan as part of your health, wellness & sports program . This sports medicine and weight management test is  a medical grade test for both body fat ,muscle and bone density. It is an more accurate method of body fat analysis than body callipers and also gives regional breakdowns of fat mass in arms, trunk and legs and data for belly ( android) and hip-thigh (gynoid) sub regional fat. *( Quick scans and baseline scans can be pre arranged and highly recommended for serious athletes ,amateur and elite sports/fitness enthusiasts and competitive individuals ,teams as well as for general health  and weight maintenance.

*(This test is a specialised scan & can only be arranged via appointment -contact Sharon @bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for further details)* 

Body Coach Sports Medicine- Athletic Screening Test


Predict-Prevent-Nuture & Nourish!  Body Coach Fitness can create  a-bespoke & unique- Sports medicine athletic test package for you and your own bodies unique needs. Sports pushes the body to extremes and it can take its toll on a sports man's/sportswoman's health. This bespoke athletic testsing package will help you understand your own "Individual"  strengths ,weaknesses , stress levels and health status in relation to your performance.

An intensive training programme for sports/fitness can impact  your metabolism ,pulse rate ,blood pressure and affect organ function in the body  and it can take its toll on an athletes health and increase the risk  of morbidity & mortality -long term. 

Medical screening with athletic testing is critical to help( predict-protect & prevent)  an athlete from potential health problems ,injuries and  pre -existing comorbidties .

What does this Program Include ?

-Full lifestyle, health,wellnes and sports performance consultation 

-Medical history details 

-Blood group test

-Allergy & food intolerance tests

-Body Parameter Test ( BMI,Body fat, B/P, heart rate and VO2max may be included )

-*(Medical referals /examinations arranged with specialists in - Cardiology,orthopedic ,radiological and general GP consultation) + Therapy referal/examinations arranged ( Physiotherapist,chirpractic,osteopath )*All outside medical & therapy referals /appointments are by recommended professionals in their field (Part of Body Coach Sports & Health Concierge Service)

 -Training,hormone,metabolism,nutrition,endurance conditioning biochemistry test parameters ( listed below)

Sports & Athletic Training Parameter-Profile

Cortisol,testosterone cortisol (t-c) ratio,C -Reactive protein, creatine kinase, immunoglobin A(IgA),Interleukin -6(IL-6), Iron % saturation & TSH

Metabolism Parameter-Profile

 Cortisol Random,Insulin Fasting, testosterone total, vitamin D total-Hydroxy 25, HsCRP -High sensitivity CRP,Lipid profile

Hormone Parameter Panel

Cortisol random,progesterone & testosterone total

Nutrition Parameter Profile

 Alkaline phosphatase , bilirubin total, blod urea nitrogen/creatine ratio, eGFR with Creatine, ferritin ,folic acid, HbA1c glycated haemoglobin, total protein, iron, TIBC, TS% , vitamin B12  Cyanocobalamin, Vitamin Total Hydroxy -25, electrolytes serum, lipid profile & glucose fasting. 

Sports & Athletic Endurance & Conditioning Parameter Profile

Albumin -Globulin Ratio, Alkaline phosphatase, chloride, creatinine , estimated glomerular, filtration rate (eGFR), ferritin, folate (folic acid), glucose,potassium, protein ,sodium, total iron binding, capacity (TIBC), Vitamin B12, basophils, CO2, corpuscular volume (MCV), Eosinophils, hematocrit,hemoglobin ( HGB), Lactate dehydrogenase (LD), Lymphocytes, Mean corpiuscular hemoglobin (MCHC), Mean platelet volume (MPV), Monocytes, neutrophils, % saturation, red blood cell distribution (RBC), Transferrin, Ura nitrogen & ,White blood cell count( WBC). 


*This athletic test program is bespoke & can be customised to your needs eg additional genetic or functional testing/screening- Please contact Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 *


                 "Predict-Prevent -Nuture & Nourish- Designed For the Indivdual sports person in all of us

                                                " Untouched by hand - Touched by heart!"

Humnfit Blood Test Diet


What does your blood test tell you about your diet?  Humnfit blood tests diet- is if you are passionate about your health ,fitness and sports performance levels and is an at home finger prick blood test that is professionally analysed at approved laboratories and a sports nutritionists will devise a specific macro nutrient break down nutrition  plan with advice on supplementation and lifestyle based on results of report findings -It does not get more personal than that.This is not a genetic test but a biomarker  test of your blood chemistry which is very accurate and CPA & Healthcare commission approved.It is a simple process- sign up on the pay pal link below and then your tests will be sent within 3-5 working days ,take the finger prick test at home, send in completed test to lab for analysis , and  then a professional sports nutritionist  will then design a unique plan of advice for nutrition and supplements , based on results.
Among the biomarkers tested for are:-( HDL,LDL,Tryglycerides, hbA1c, sodium, potassium, bicarbonate, chloride, glucose, protein total, albumin, globulin total ,urea, creatinine and eGFR) and supplement and personalised diet advice is given on protein, fat, carbohydrates and  electrolytes and also your organ function and lifestyle choices for better health, fitness and sporting performance
Please go to link to purchase *for £149.00*( click on  pay with debit/credit card link):- https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=V6WJ8FTU7U8Z2

If you go to the following web link- you will get an insight into the how the results from the tests are used to fine tune your diet -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cB4xAIDKWk&t=135s


Elite Sport DNA Profiling


Body Coach Fitness now offers (Suffolk UK based )  Elite DNA profiling tests through Mudho a professional genetic testing company. This test not only looks at your health & fitness  but your injury risk and athletic sporting performance ability based on your genetics. Unlocking your unique genetic code and genetic advantages for different sporting disciplines.

You will receive your own dedicated genetic expert and dedicated chef to provide you with on going personalised feedback. You will  receive your full test results within 4-6 weeks and be able to access your test reports and information on your own dedicated portal on the Mudho  dashboard and download to your phone.

Sign up to this Elite sports DNA profiling test and watch your performance increase to its optimum-Be Elite ! 


Elite Sports-DNA Profiling




 Athgene  Premium


Become a better athlete with Athgene Premium, Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer this test as a practitioner at Dnalife .You are unique ,and just like every sports challenge an athletes body copes with sport in different ways ,every person's body function in different ways.

This is precisely why some people build muscle easily or get fitter  faster, while other people  simply don't -no matter how many hours they spend in the gym, or on the 'track'.

Purchase the Athlete Premium Test through Body coach Fitness below and you will see your fitness and performance increase to its most optimum level -Knowledge is power! Unleash the athlete in you with this unique test! 

Athgene Premium




Life Code GX-Athlete & Nutrient Core DNA Tests
Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the LifeCode GX range of DNA Tests-Including the Athlete DNA test & Nutrient Core DNA Test
Life Code Athlete DNA Test


DNA sequencing has opened the door to personalised approaches to health & fitness, enabling a more intelligent approach to training, recovery and performance. In this DNA test it analyses for your unique DNA profile for athletic performance .

The personalised genetic results are grouped into 3 topics:-

1) Train- A tailor made programme that will be most effective for you to support cardio-vascular adaption, strategic fuelling  and structural strength.

2) Recover- Build resilience and reduce your risk of injury and illness by controlling inflammation ,reducing oxidative stress and optimising sleep

 3) Perform- Balance stress and stimulation when it matters most- to achieve your personal best.

This test is ideal for sports enthusiasts and athletes and features - personalised ,colour coded genotype results, gene function and SNP impact descriptions , clinically relevant SNP's presented in the context of sport and nutrition & lifestyle recommendations 


LifeCode GX- Athlete DNA Test



LifeCode GX Nutrient Core DNA Test


Take this Lifecode GX DNA Test alongside the  Athlete DNA test for ultimate nutritional analysis. Discover how your genes impact your response to food- gluten, dairy, and caffeine, your microbiome diversity, nutrient needs eg vitamins -A, Beta carotene ,folate, B12, C,D,K and glutathione and metabolism ( blood sugar control ( insulin & appetite (leptin) and inflammation .

Nutrient core examines the key genes and variants (SNP's ) involved in food response and this test also has personalised colour coded genotype results, clinically relevant  SNP's ,follow up functional options, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations and dynamic links to research based evidence and nutrient and epigenetic impacts. Genes analysed are-

Food Response-LCT,HLA-DQA1, HLA-DQB1, FUT2, CYP1A2 & ADORA2A, 




Lifecode GX Nutrient Core DNA Test




 Vitl- Testing kit Tailored Multi Vitamins & Supplements -Home Genetic Testing -Find the Right Vitamins & Probiotics -DNA Testing For Health  



Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the Vital home DNA Analysis service as a practitioner account holder of a leading health/fitness distributer. It offers the following bespoke customised DNA testing and personalised vitamins and probiotics recommendations based on your genetics -For better sports performance and health:-


  • HOME DNA TESTING KIT - Discover our DNA Kit and find the optimum probiotics that are unique to your DNA. Then get regular supplements such as Vitamin A + B, Biotin, Zinc, Iron, Calcium, Potassium delivered direct to your door.
  • DNA TEST THE EASY WAY - The VITL DNA Testing Kit couldn't be easier. A simple and quick cheek swab is all that is needed. We then send it to be analysed and tailor the right vitamins that will give you health and mood a boost.
  • MULTIVITAMIN INSIGHTS - Our report gives you a breakdown of the key areas of your health and the essential multivitamins, supplements, probiotics that you need.
  • YOUR PERSONAL CONSULTATION - At VITL we give each and every customer their own personalised consultation. We identify the right vitamins to support a healthy lifestyle.
  • TRY OUR DNA TEST - We are confident you'll find our testing kit quick and easy to use. 

VITL Home DNA Analysis Service -+ Personalised Vitamins & Probiotics



The Feed-Food For Athletes


The Feed-Food For Athletes-A better way to fuel your sports nutrition. Boost your next work out by purchasing a specific performance box delivered to your door-containing sports hydration and nutrition products for your goal. Choose from the following monthly performance boxes- Work out recovery pack , over night recovery pack, high performance pack, Skratch hydration pack or caffeinated pack and /or specific personalised sports feed boxes for kids, cycling, running, triathlons, out door adventure, alpine skiing and strength   - all designed to improve your performance , nutrition and hydration needs pre,during and post exercise/Sports .Go to  - http://prz.io/z9BqKOUR  for more details and to purchase for all your sports fuel needs delivered to your door
Sharon also invites people to join her Body Coach Fitness team at the feed at-http://team.thefeed.com/bodycoachfitness to gain free bonus items when ordering at the link above-more members means more bonus items for everyone in the team on purchase


Nutrition-Choose Your Goal?

Choose your  sporting goal-Lean muscle, weight loss, strength & mass, health and wellbeing or energy and recovery-with  supplement ,vitamin and snack bundles to achieve your goals + Fresh meal delivery  for cutting, building  and performance -choose -Go nutrition -with Body Coach Fitness. Go to image Go Nutrition above and click to view all packages. A supplement and meal/snack shop for all your health & wellness, exercise recovery and sports performance  needs -High quality and high performance

Athleat-Grass Fed Meat

Have you ever had problems sourcing pure meat to meet your dietary requirements for sports performance - with no hormones, no chemicals, no fillers and grass fed -Well look no further than Athleat -The products are all naturally sourced and bred and kept under strict conditions to ensure the best possible meat source for fuelling active people, sports enthusiast and athletes.

Please use Body Coach Fitness partner code- bodycoachfit- at checkout at https://www.athleat.co.uk and you will also receive a £10.00 discount off your first purchase(For orders over £50.00). Athleat offers athletes a choice of start packs for different diets and sports,including  -the strength box,  cross fit box, lean meat box, boot camp box, omega 3 box, nutritionist box, caveman box, ketogenic box and many more plus single item purchases . The best way to source all your natural food proteins safe in the knowledge that professional athletes and sports teams order  from Athleat and find improved energy, health and performance .

 Body Coach Fitness will be launching their own- Body Coach Fit Box starter pack very soon-I will add details of how to purchase as soon as available

Athleat Body Coach Fitness- Fit Box


Now you can purchase the new-Athleat Body Coach Fitness-Fit Box packed full of natural grass fed meats from UK based sources. A special hand picked selection of meat cuts for Body Coach Fitness customers Including:-

-5 x Outdoor Bred Cajun Pork Burgers 

-1kg Grass Fed Top Side Roast  Beef (Aberdeen Angus)

-2x 80z Grass Fed Fillet Steaks

-10x Grass Fed Beef Meat Balls

 -5 x Chicken Fillet Breasts

-1 x 16 0z Pork Fillet

 -5x Kofte Chicken Kebabs

Please purchase the new Athleat Body Coach Fitness Fit Box Pack (with discount) here:-  https://www.athleat.co.uk/bodycoachfitness.html  Ideal for every day active people good enough for elite  athletes!

Sports Fuel-Nutritional Purification Program


Body Coach Fitness -gentle and effective sports fuel -food based purification/cleansing program will help relieve symptoms caused by exposure to environmental and food toxins (allergens ,pollutions and pesticides daily life stressors and a potentially nutrient poor diet)through food. This program will guide you to a more balanced diet  program for sport while helping to relieve food cravings .The month long nutritional cleanse program utilises natural foods to cleanse and eliminate exposure to high allergen foods and processed foods as well as toxins and stressors ,giving your liver and digestive system a mini vacation and assists in optimal health for sports performance.

This program is specifically for sports and works to improve your digestive and immune health through specific natural foods so helping  increase sports performance & can be combined with any other genetic and blood testing package for sports for best results! (Price does not include any tests and supplements recommended)*Also see Nutra sports supplement program (Nutraceutical page)to work with this food based cleansing/purification program*

Sports Fuel- Nutritional Purification Program


Price=£75.00 (Not including tests & supplements) 



 Customised Vitamins

Create your own customised and personalised nutritional supplement program with Body Coach Fitness & Custom vite.Sharon Clare is now a practitioner for Custom vite a professional unique company based in USA offering practitioner only subscriptive vitamin and supplement programs for health ,wellness and sports performance. ( Available in USA & Canada at only present - due to shipping)Create  your own unique customise nutritional supplement program with  a choice of 3 programmes- the premium where you follow an online health & lifestyle assessment  to assess your supplement program the deluxe- where you carry out the health and lifestyle assessment and you can also send your lab tests results for improved accuracy to assess you vitamin and supplement needs( Body coach fitness can arrange customvite comprehensive wellness profile tests through their Direct lab accounts if you have no test results to send for analysis ) & thirdly the  classic test involving all premium and deluxe details plus A health care practitioner supplement program. You can choose your program and level of accuracy requirements as needed and you will receive your 90 day -automatic re-order Custom Vite personalised supplement program delivered to your door. The program is based on scientific principals and provides you with optimal customised formulations - convenient daily dosage packets of maximum bioavailability nutritional supplements -cost effective, precise and affordable customised formulations as unique to you as your finger print- to help you reach your optimal health , wellness and sporting performance!


*Contact Mrs Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and or Sharon@bodycoachfitness for program pricing, online consultation, health and lifestyle assessment and to start your own UNIQUE  Custom Vite Nutritional Supplement program *


Pro Collagen-Pro Sports Nutrition Package 


Body Coach Fitness now offers its own - Pro Collagen Sports nutrition package-with cutting egde collagen based recovery and sports performance products ,plus individualised nutritional advice programming. Collagen is  a naturally occuring substance in the body to help maintain healthy bones,ligaments,tendons and skin.Added collagen is a fantastic supplement for people who are serious about training,eg-sports athletes and body builders .The top five benefits of added collagen in your nutrition plan are:-

-Weight management-(Natural slimming aid supressing appetite & encouraging fat burning)

 -Maintain & gain muscle-(Collagen contains 3 essentail amino acids for muscle growth-arginine,methionine & glycine)

-Proects bone and joints-(Collagen cushions your joints against impact and helps wth inflammation)

-Healthy digestion-(Actively encourages natural healthy digestion through amino acid -glycine)glycine

-Encourages sleep-'(Deprivation of sleep is a double negative-does not allow you to recover & have less energy for tommorrow)'

-Plus many more health benefits

What does the Pro Collagen Sports  Nutrition Package Include:-

A full face to face /online lifestyle and nutrition consultation, individual customised nutritional advice programming .Plus a professional -Protocol Pro collagen nutritional sports performance & recovery supplement package containing - Collagen sports pro tablets recommended for athletes for recovery, and strengthening weak joints ( containing 1000mg of hydrolysed collagen ,plus collagen and body joint formulation with type I and type III hydrolysed collagen ) closet match to human collagen supporting healthy ligaments,bones, joints and skin,hair and nails.It also contains a -Pro gold whey &  collagen protein to add to protein shakes ,smoothies, sprinkle on foods such as soup and breakfast with 25g of protein and 5g of hydrolsyed collagen with each serving( which will help with celular repair and muscle recovery from exercise).   

The complete package for -Sports recovery,performance and improved energy - Protect-Prevent & Perform- With Body Coach -Pro Collagen Sports Nutrition Package!

Body Coach Pro Collagen-Sports Pro Nutrition Package



 Athlete Blood Test -(ABT)



ABT -Is a trusted blood testing service through Phuel  Sports Science & has been used by 1000's of professional Olympic athletes and other sports enthusiasts. It provides tailored recommendations based on your results unique to your  physiology .ABT offers  a choice of blood performance testing panels from basic screening  to genetic &  nutrition panels including:-


 - (Bronze Panel)- Pre Competition/Pre Race Panel- A system  for critical blood markers related  to performance


- (Silver Panel)- Bronze panel + Testing for long term predictability of training tolerance levels and recovery from exercise  


-(Gold Panel)-  Baseline pre season panel ( most popular panel)- Including analysis  of dietary  & supplement needs and training tolerance levels -recoverability- and competitive readiness -The perfect  plan for your best season!


-(Platinum Panel)- Gold Panel + Genetic testing & nutrition- To define  & control  diet & nutrition for the long haul, including micro nutrient analysis  critical to  athletic performance


 ABT Black -We heard you  'loud & clear'  you wanted a more consultative approach to testing for sports performance -'A deep dive analysis' of physiology. ABT black is  a more comprehensive collaborative  testing service -working with you over several months and not just 1 test, to drive you to peak performance .ABT Black contains a minimum of :- Gold panel test  providing insights into  analysis of diet and training (Gold panel tests can be changed to Bronze or silver panel at your discretion if wanted dependant on needs analysis)+ pre panel consult with sports science expert, much more in depth report (report plus)than standard report (dispatch phlebotomist   within 3-5 business days of order to home /office -no need to attend lab for draw)Report plus-Full report and access to other specialist trainers ,coaches and dieticians post panel consult- With an ABT specialist service covering details in report and discussing findings which can also involve other trainers , coaches and nutritionists. Full individual  project management through process of testing and (recommendations for add ons - DNA test and dietician)-A truly bespoke high end product launching soon -Price point ( $1,295)

 Add On Tests For ABT Black Test:-

 -Genetic Test Add on- Providing insight into 15 micro nutrients tendencies  $395

-Dietician Add on- An assigned dietician assigned to your case  $175

- Iron & TIBC Add on test   $37.00

-Lipid Panel Add on test   $ 29.00

-C Reactive Protein  Add on tests   $34.00

-Thyroid Panel Add on test -TSH Free T3 T4   $45.00 

-Uric Acid Add on test  $27.00 

 -Add on consultation ( $75.00 per appt)

Choose you panel for improved fitness & sports performance  at https://www.athletebloodtest.com  and use Body Coach Fitness unique referral code - "bodycoachfitness" for a 10% discount off test panels




Example study of research into female athletes and iron deficiency in sports- https://www.athletebloodtest.com/ladies-know-your-iron-levels/

 *Phuel sports science part of Athlete blood testing service (ABT) are currently developing a unique - customised- recovery product unique to you  based on testing results  -will be some time before launch but Body coach will keep you updated -Physiology +fuel=Phuel*




Biomarker Profiling  For Sport (Power,HiiT & Endurance)


The massive explosion in apps and wearables has mean't that we have more information than ever before to help us with out training.We spend hours tracking our progress on platforms like Strava, Garmin Connect and training peaks.... but how do any of us really know about our inner health?
This is where biomarker tracking can provide that extra insight and knowledge that can help you not only optimise  your training but your health as well.
That's why Body Coach Fitness has teamed up with Forth, an innovative biomarker tracking service to offer direct access to biomarker profiling , quickly and easily.

What's in it for me?
By testing and tracking key biomarkers it is possible to obtain valuable information into when you are over-training, under-rested and or in need of extra nourishment. By gaining valuable insight into fatigue ,recovery and immunity you can optimise  your training and diet .
For more information and to purchase Power ,HIIT & Endurance tests go to -https://www.forthedge.co.uk/bodycoach-fitness/ 

 Forth edge Tests(Race Fit, Training Load ,Recovery & Injury Risk)

The  series of new additions to the Forth edge testing package can cover the following areas dependant on test purchased -:-

Race Fit:-  Perfect fitness blood test for beginners taking on a challenge -To track your transformation eg in sprint triathlons, or the first long distance runs. Home finger prick test covering body fat, liver function , fatigue and stress levels

Training Load:- If you are worried you are over training this biomarker tracking test can analyse key markers to help you avoid over training -Ideal for people who need to endure high stress loads during training so you can monitor ,track and  improve your training plan and avoid over training & subsequent long term rest periods

 Recovery:- Gain scientific insight into your body's training and race recovery times to help improve your training and performance. It's difficult to know when the damage has been repaired and the body is ready to train again. Perfect test for athletes who want scientific insight into your own personal race recovery profile

 Injury Risk (Male):-Evidence suggests that certain forms of exercise can improve bone health eg highly trained male athletes who engage in sports such as cycling can be at risk of reduction in bone density and increased risk of sports and over training injuries .This tests measures key markers eg vitamin D and 4 key markers for bone health via a home use finger prick test

 Injury Risk (Female):-Evidence suggests that female athletes can often be threatened  by a  reduction in bone density and  bone strength due to vigorous exercise  due to a reduction in female oestrogen ( oestradiol ) a key transporter in calcium in the body essential for bone health leading to an increased risk of sports and over training injuries .This tests measures key markers eg vitamin D and the important hormone oestrogen ( oestradiol) for bone health via a home use finger prick test


*Purchase new tests here:- https://www.forthedge.co.uk/bodycoach-fitness/ *


Inside Tracker


Optimise your bodies health and performance now sign up to inside tracker on the following link:-https://www.insidetracker.com/qr/onboarding/BODYCOACHFITNESS/   -   A worldwide personalised analytical platform at the intersection of biology, science and technology. Start now and optimise your health, wellness and sporting performance potential. 
You have two  choices of test tracking  - a home test package  with full analysis and a DIY  analysis where you can add your own lab and blood tests data from previous tests - a yearly plan .There are various tests plans from essential for the basics, ultimate for the comprehensive plan, vitality to get  the competitive and high performance to take your body to the next level. Depending on plan chosen you will have full personalised nutritional ,supplement , fitness and lifestyle plan sent to you based on tests data - A truly unique bespoke  way of analysing and using your own bodies data for optimal performance all year round to get the competitive edge!
Use the power of your blood to get yourself game ready every time- track progress -see results -as no two bodies are the same -OPTIMISE TO OUT PERFORM!


 Goal Getter Genetic Test


Welcome to goal getter -You have wellness & performance goals -To run faster ,live longer,lose fat ,improve performance, and sleep better -Goal getter can  help you achieve these-A digital coach in the palm of your hand with access to your genetic goal tracking any time, any where  on any device eg- mobile device , desk top pc, lap top, net book, tablet-Keep your goal in mind with your  personalised Goal Getter action plan! Intelligent soft ware reveals the goal's that your fit your genes and reveals how to achieve them based on your personal habits, performance and biology-Your body is full of potential -But what does your DNA say? Personalised  nutrition & action plan recommendations are made to get to your goals taking into account results from DNA test that looks at 4 main goals and lifestyle choices - performance, weight, sleep  healthy aging as well as food sensitivities

What will you Get?

-Personalised action and nutrition plan based on genetic test results

- Your own downloadable E Book called- Your Genetic Story (Which guides you through your genetic data & 4 goals of goal getting!

-Access  to your tests results and goal getting  portal at all times to track your progress and evaluate results

-A unique DNA/genetic based performance goal getting program unique to you -offering you the best chance of success!

How to Sign Up?

Please got to the following link:- 


and find out further information and purchase tests (Special discount off until end of March 2018) *If discount is not taken off at check out for some reason please use the following code at checkout to gain special offer- aPDwy5bu 

*Available in USA -Only at present* 


 What can you learn From Genetic Sports, Fitness Testing?


What can you learn from genetic tests? You can learn your genetic traits eg your personality and sports genetic type, nutritional needs , fitness genetics and muscle building and fat burning potential -Choose from the following tests in links below for all your sporting and fitness genetic tests needs( All tests are professional helix laboratory tests -which are partnered with Inside tracker test above)  







 Ultimate Performance-Sports Test Panel


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the Ultimate performance test as part of their sports performance test panels ( as a practitioner of a leading UK diagnostic laboratory) .

The Ultimate Performance test is our most comprehensive sports performance test yet, combining a thorough health check with a full hormone profile, thyroid function and sports nutrition. With tests for liver, kidney, heart health, diabetes and more for general health; a full hormone panel including testosterone, oestradiol, prolactin and cortisol for body composition; testosterone/cortisol (T:C) ratio as a good measure recovery, full thyroid function for weight loss and energy, and key nutritional markers like iron, vitamin D, active B12 and folate for energy and optimal performance. 

 Do You want to establish your pre-transformation baseline for health, hormones and nutrition?


Do You want to track your progress at key stages through your training programme?


Do You want to optimise your endurance, strength and recovery

  This profile was designed for top personal fitness coaches & sports athletes at Ultimate Performance to provide deep insights into their clients' body transformation. Take this test before you start your programme to establish your baseline levels and to check any personal health risks your trainer needs to be aware of. Use the insights it gives you to focus on the areas of your diet and nutrition that can help you achieve your health and fitness goals and then take again at the end to see how the transformation you've made in the gym and to your lifestyle has impacted your inner health. If you want, for added motivation, you can even check your progress along the way.

This test panel includes the following tests :-(HCT, RBC, MCU, MCH , Neutrophils, lymphocytes , ROW, Monocytes , eosinophytes , MPV, Urea, Basinophils , creatinine , platelet count, CK , GFR , Gama GT , alp , Bilirubin , ALP , ALT , Insulin , Albumin , Iron , globulin , total protein , transferrin saturate, ferritin, folate, HDL Cholesterol, non HDL Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, FSH, Vit B12,Vit D, triglycerides, CRP-hs, HDL Total % , prolactin, FT3, TSH, TPOAb , FT4, Cortisol( waking), SHBG, DHEA, F Test (calc), LH Oestrodial and testosterone/cortisol ration)


*This test will require a professional blood draw to be arranged which will add on an additional fee for a professional phlebotomist* 

Ultimate Performance Test Panel



*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details and consultation and to purchase test panel*

Sports -Immune Function Monitoring


Body Coach Fitness now offers- Sports immune function monitoring -For strenuous training which can temporarily disturb the immune system and cause athletes to be at increased risk of illnesses such as coughs and colds. Although trivial in nature ,such infections can affect  training and/or competition performance. 

The tests covers total immunolglobins and the bodies defence mechanisms ( antibodies) Eg IgG,IgE, IgA, & IgM which can be  weakened when fighting infection. 

This test is deal for anyone who seriously trains hard whether an amateur or elite athlete or working towards competition when pre competitive training is at full level. A test can be taken to first establish normal range ( measured in off season training or in low intensity training periods ) and a comparison test can be taken later ( in full competition prep or in high training intensity periods  ) to measure the different reponse to different levels of exercise to establish -The correct training volume/load to ensure correct training periodisation to prevent excess fatigue,illness and stress to the body and injury .Ideal for active people /athletes looking to get the edge and prevent set backs in their training regime 

 *Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details on bespoke pricing for both tests and programming based on sports immunity testing*

Right Angled- Fitness DNA Test


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the -Right Angled  Fitness DNA test as a practitioner with this leading genetic test provider. Achieve your peak fitness potential -for beginners to elite pro athletes-time is of the essence ,this test will look at your full genetic profiling along with dietary information ,training schedule and general lifestyle and will give you 8 weeks personalised training and dietary plans  from one of our specialised personal trainers.

This fitness DNA test is one of the -most comprehensive- and includes analysis of the following gene profiles:-

-Feeling Full= LEPR,SH2B1 & MC4R

-Feeling Hungry=NYP2R

-Energy metabolism= PCSK1

-Food pleasure response =DRD2


 -Excess Eating=NMB

 -Snacking behaviours= LEPR

 Sweet tooth gene= SLC2A2

 -Proinsulin to Insulin conversion= MADD, ACDY5, GLIS3

 -Fasting blood glucose= G6PC2, ADRA2A, PROX1, GCK, SLC2A2

 -Insulin secretion= NAT2 & Intergenic GMNC/BAMBI

 -Blood pressure response= EDN1

-Good cholesterol response= LIPC

-Muscle power= ACTN3, NOS3, ACE & AGTR2

-Muscle endurance= ACE,PPARA,ACSL1,NFIA,AS2 & AGTR2

-Muscle growth= IL6

-Muscle repair= TNF

-Muscle recovery= AMPD

-Achilles tendinopathy=MMP3 & COL5A1

-Dietary Interactions= PPARG & ADIPOQ

-Caffeine sensitivity= CYPA12

-Lactose intolerance= MCM6

-Alcohol intolerance=ADH1B

-Folate deficiency= MTHFR

-Vitamin B12=FUT & TCN1 & Vitamin D= GC & Vitamin A= BCMO1  

 You will receive a full training, nutrition and lifestyle plan for improved fitness/sports performance based on analysis of all these genes plus you will also be able to book an additional face to face/online consultation with Sharon Clare to fully discuss and plan future programming for better fitness and sports performance !

Right Angled -Fitness DNA Test



 My Traits -SPORT


 Purchase the -Traits For SPORT -Startline genetic test & See how you stack up against a huge database of some of the world’s greatest athletes, based on your height and genetic code. Decipher your DNA puzzle and  boost your fitness with this unique genetic test .Find out where you place in the competitive sports field  at the following link:- https://www.helix.com/products/dnafit-startline/8


Future Athlete -Fitness & Sports Test Kit


Be a future athlete- This Mighty gene fitness & sports Dna test will help you answer the following questions-(This test provides actionalble recommendations for cyclists, triathletes , runners and omnisports  endurance athletes, helping you train better and recover from exercise and injury! Do you have the power and strength to become a power lifter? Or are you genetically inclined to become an endurance athlete or marathon runner? How fast will your body recover from exercise & sports? Do you have genes for building easy muscle? Could your metabolism help hinder or reach YOUR goals ? Do your current 4xercise levels meet up with your genetic traits?  
This test analyses the following genes:-
-Power & strength-ACTN3
 -Endurance (ACE)
 -Exercise recover/cellular health (NFE2L2)
 You will receive 2 sterile swabs to take test at home and return post envelope -results will come back with a full 20 page report regarding all information above -Enhance & optimise your fitness and sporting performance and prevent injury  with this test .Click below for more details and to purchase-

Future Athlete DNA Fitness Test - Home Athletic DNA Kit for Health & Exercise

Blue Print For Athletes- App


Sign up to the Blue print for athletes app here at     https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/blueprint-for-athletes/id1329075911?mt=8 - You can order blood tests such as -Blue print 1 ( 42 biomarkers), Metabolic ( 13 biomarkers), Nutrition ( 42 biomarkers), muscle recovery ( 9 biomarkers), endurance ( 46 biomarkers), foods allergies ( 61 biomarkers), gut health and hormones (  6 biomarkers). Then upload your test results and view through your IOS device. Tracking tests result progress over  time .For ultimate health and sports performance tracking!

Sports Academy Profile


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the -Sports Academy Profile - A bespoke test panel  for sports performance and an emphasis on advanced measurements  ,this sports profile is useful for those into hormone and metabolic profiling for their chosen sport ,and serious up and coming sports talent looking to develop their sporting potential .This tests includes the following analyses:-

 FBC.ESR,Biochemistry, Omega 3 , Antioxidant status, Ferritin, C Reactive Protein, HDL/LDL , Mineral Screen, Vitamin B9,Vitamin B12, Calcium ,Sodium, Potassium,Iron, FreeT3,FreeT4,TSH8, Total Testosterone, SHBG 11, Oestradiol, IGF-1, Cortisol, HS-C-REcative Protein.

*This panel is a truly bespoke package looking at hormones, nutritional elements,vitamins and minerals associated with sports performance -creating a unique sports aademy profile*

This test panel is more exclusively priced as It also offers  full lifestyle, nutrition, advice and exercise programming based on results + optional Body Coach fitness -Sports performance E Book as part of price *

*Please contact Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and 07875086760 for more details and information and to book an online /face to face consultation *

Sports Academy profile



Sports Benefits Of Vitamin B12



Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer unique private home visit vitamin B12 injections/shots for anyone who experiences deficiencies in vitamin B12  but is unable to get sufficient levels from their diet for their levels of activity and bodies needs. Please go to the following link to book- https://b12horizon.co.uk/r/9793/

Vitamin B12 is essential for proper functioning and development of the body. It holds numerous benefits that aid maintaining body cells and overall health. Supply of energy is essential for a sports person to remain active at optimal levels, it is a great energy booster and helps digest proteins as part of food consumption for fuel, breaking down the proteins to form energy .A slow metabolism results in lethargy and weakness for athletes. You can get vitamin B12 from a diet rich in non vegetarian foods such as beef, fish, sea foods and crab & there are limited vegetarian sources of vitamin B12 Eg- banana ,sunflower seeds and beans .Deficiency of vitamin B12 causes fatigue ,depression and lack of energy .So B12 is a very important source of fuel for athletes and anyone who exercises a lot to high intensity or duration ( especially vegan /vegetarian due to limited sources of food based vitamin B12). 50% OF American's have sub optimal vitamin B12 levels so this means 1 out of 2 are deficient in this energy giving nutrient. Vitamin B12 also helps burn extra calories and helps convert carbohydrate  protein and fats to energy for the body. It helps with formation with red blood cells to provide oxygen for bodies cells so helps prevent anemia .It plays an important role in the formation of DNA and your genetics and is also a SMART vitamin helping with mental focus for sports people to win the race .An ideal way of keeping track of your energy levels and getting ahead of the game


 (*diagnosed cases by GP & medically administered & monitored -if you need more than  3 monthly injections available under prescription from your GP *)


Sports Benefits Of Iron- In Clinic Heamoglobin & Heamatocrit Test


Body Coach Fitness realises the benefits of Iron for both sports performance and health. Iron is an extremely important mineral for good health and performance. The most important role iron plays is as a component of the protein haemoglobin ,which carries oxygen from the lungs to the bodies cells. A higher level of iron can mean a higher aerobic capacity and better sporting performance. Maintaining an iron balance can be difficult as an athlete because iron is lost through sweat , urine and the gastro intestinal tract .Iron stores are quite difficult to maintain in some athletes ,especially endurance athletes ( females more than men) .Because iron from foods and supplements are not fully absorbed ,athletes must pay particular attention to the quality and timing of foods eaten to prevent iron deficiency anemia .

Body Coach  fitness -As a practitioner of CNS will soon be able to offer - an in clinic point of care haemoglobin & haematocrit test as part of its diagnostic portfolio( when this launches soon...) This is a versatile testing devise combining optical analysis with centrifugation measuring both haemoglobin and  haematocrit levels in the blood ,displaying a quantified result with a visual reference range specific to client (Results are available straight away without test result waiting times offering more efficient monitoring and tracking for individuals , sports enthusiasts and athletes).

This point of care test is the perfect tool to identify and monitor individuals at increased risk of anemia including athletes and others who exercise to high intensity levels ,as well as individuals with poor nutrition and expectant mothers.

 *Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details of test and launch details and to pre book consultation/test*


Personalised IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy For Sports,Vitality & Wellness


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer IV Vitamin therapy shots via  specialists in London  UK .For gym bunnies,bodybuilders, sportsmen & sports women,athletes & corporate business  .Sports enthusiasts especially tend to rely on oral tablets and supplements to boost health,stamina and performance .A huge variety of supplements have been developed  which are often not as effective as they could be .Offering vitamin boosts via infusion therapy offers a professional -more effective - way of boosting a sports persons health,immunity and sports performance . They are also used in preventative medicine for health and fitness and can help keep short and long term conditions at bay. Shots can  include :-  blended health,wellness and sports performance shots including ones for - Fitness,Energy,hydration,Detox,  multi vitamins, immunity,High dose vitamin C,Bolt on nutrients, Mood Boosting,  fertility,anti ageing & beauty & hair enhancment ( + many more  on the menu) .
There are also personalised shots available -combined DNA tests + vitamins shots based on tests results -For truly personalised drip recommendations unique to your own bodies make -up-Get the edge with Body Coach fitness!Ideal as part of any bodycoach fitness- healthy lifestyle & sports performance coaching program.
Example Personalised Vitamin Shot Package
DNA Test testing for genes associated with the following nutrients:- B12,B2,B3,B6 & Vitamin C ,L-Carnitine, glutamine, Vitamin D, CoQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Magnesium, B 12 Hydroxycobalamin, B12 Methylcobalamin, Taurine, Glutathioine, Amino Acids, Prnithine ,Methionine,Zinc & Selenium + personalised viatmin /energy shot based on test results 
 *Please contact Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details on how this can be added as part of your healthy lifestyle ,nutrition & sports performance programming*
*IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy is performed by fully qualified  medical professionals trained in this and will be outsourced by Body Coach Fitness to a professional clinic in London UK)*


Sports Endurance IV Infusions


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer 2 more additional professional IV Infusions (Specifically for sports endurance )-Ornithine & NADH drips * Via a professional london based Vitamin Infusion clinic .*
Ornithine Shot
Ornithine alpha -ketogluterate is an amino acid that is regularily used in sports and fitness for helping remove ammonia from the athletes blood and helping with concentration and and improves muscle growth (OKG) is used by the body to make substances related to cell growth & repair. L Ornithine is thought to be important for conditions characterised by an excess of ammonia such as endurance sport and prolonged cardiovascular exercise.There is also improvements in lean mass and power output in weight lifters and evidence of self reported fatigue after endurance exercise. 
 NADH Shot
 NADH has been introduced due to popular demand ,it is a super nutrient that helps endurance athletes with enhanced performance.Olympic athletes take NADH to improve endurance ,stamina and performance scores. (NADH is NOT a drug) it is a stimulant * It has been approved by the olympic committee (IOC).It is mother natures way to improve muscle endurance ,stamina and better sports performance. Clinical testing has shown that athletes with a -higher- concentration of NADH in their muscle cells enables the athlete to have increased endurance and stamina Customers include - Olympic athletes , professional sports teams  and amateur endurance tri- athletes, marathon runners and bicyclists.
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details and pricing *

At Home -Sports & Athletic Abilities Genetic Test


This  -at home- professional Medigoo genetic test Is available through Body coach fitness (in association with wellnostics) to purchase .It offers all the professional benefits of other tests but all in the comfort of your own home for under £90.00.This sports specific genetic test analyses for 6 gene variants  -ACE,ACTN3, PPARGC1A, AMPD1,gdf8 & NOS3. Full tests results sent to you within 3 weeks.

Medigoo Sports & Athletic Abilities (At Home DNA Test)



At Home-Medigoo-Sports & Fitness Test


This at home professional genetic sports & fit test offers dna testing for fitness in your own home. It covers testing of 4 gene variants -oxygen uptake, recovery, endurance and strength and aerobic fitness. An ideal starter genetic test for sports and fitness enthusiasts .A simple swab inside the mouth and laboratory standard testing with a 3-4 week turn around time on results.

Medigoo Sports & Fitness Genetic Test


Price= £79.99 

Blue Horizons -Sports Performance


Blue Horizons offers professional laboratory tests at home or in private hospitals/laboratories all across the UK, including the sports performance range listed here (Basic Athlete, Athlete female, Athlete Male, Athlete PLUS Female & Athlete PLUS Male & Nutrition nine (n9)-Please see more details about each test and purchase below:-

`Basic Sports Athlete Check 

A full blood count  with( Ferritin ,haemoglobin ,red blood cells volume, distribution, mean cell haemoglobin ,platelets, white blood cells, neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils, basophiles) -To be used a a baseline performance tracker and basic health check for athletes


Basic Sports Athlete Check



 Athlete Female & Athlete Male Sports Hormone Checks

The athlete male and athlete female hormone checks are the next stage up from the basic athlete check. They test for hormone levels, kidney and liver function ,lipids, cholesterol and iron( a test relevant for athletes and non athletes alike).

Both tests ,male and female  analyse for the following( Testosterone, SHBG, free testosterone (calc), oestradiol, creatinine for kidney monitoring,  Iron, protein, globulin, ALT, AST, ALP, GGT, Bilirubin, total cholesterol, HDL, cholesterol & triglycerides)

Athlete Male  Sports Hormone Check



Athlete Female Sports  Hormone Check



Athlete PLUS Sports Male & Athlete Sports PLUS Female Checks

Athlete PLUS Male & Athlete PLUS Female tests for every thing listed  in the athlete hormone check test (above)-plus ( FSH,TSH,FT3,FT4 ,LH &  full blood count) .A fully comprehensive sports performance analysis check for your health and fitness  

Athlete PLUS Male Sports Performance Check



Athlete PLUS Female Sports Performance Check



Blue Horizons -Nutrition Nine


 Nutrition Nine (n9) is a new unique profile test for key nutrition performance indicators (covering 9 tests)-Vitamins D ,B12 & B9, Plus Magnesium, Selenium, zinc as well as Ferritin ,Sodium & Calcium .A comprehensive nutritional analysis for better health, fitness and sports performance

Nutrition Nine Check



New-Sports Nutrition -Consultation Only

A 30 minute sports nutrition consultation from Ed Tooley, a leading UK sports nutritionist who works with amateur and professional athletes and clubs. This can be purchased on its own or before/after & between sports nutrition testing for evaluation of progress.


NEW-Sports Nutrition Profile Blood Test  &  Nutrition Consultation


The NEW-Blue Horizons Sports Nutrition tests & nutritional consultation -is a more targeted and improved specialist sports focused test looking at not only key vitamins and minerals ,but also testosterone and key metrics as well as a professional nutritional consultation with a SENr registered performance nutritionist (Ed Tooley),who works with both amateur and professional athletes as well as sports clubs( 30 minute telephone consultation  after test results are back). This test is more targeted towards serious amateur and elite athletes (N9 is more targeted towards serious fitness enthusiasts ) .

 The sports nutrition tests + nutrition consultation  are available for a discounted  combined price of £139.75 ( normally £140.00 for test alone) .This tests has been created for both amateur & professional athletes  and "zero's" in  on important key markers.

This sports nutrition blood test covers :-VitAmin D , folate, vitamin B12, magnesium, zinc, copper, sodium, calcium, testosterone,  SHBG, free testosterone + sports nutrition consultation. Purchase through link below and you can arrange test through Sharon Clare at Body Coach fitness at numerous locations across the UK.

Sports Nutrition Blood Test + Professional  Consultation with SENr Registered Sports Nutritionist




GX Perform-Athletic Performance Genetic Test


GX Perform-Athletic Performance genetic test is now  available at Body Coach Fitness .A professional peak athletic performance test analysing 100 genetic key markers and 15 traits for mental /physical foundation, training response ,fuel utilisation and recovery recommendations-Summary below:- 

-Genetic Mental & physical foundations-(Intrinsic motivation to exercise, addictive behaviour  tendencies and stimulus control, power /endurance potential ,grip strength/muscular fitness and testosterone levels

-Genetic Training Response (VO2 Max, exercise heart rate response and body composition response to strength training

-Fuel Utilisation( Protein utilisation,  Fat utilisation, Carb utilisation & Caffeine metabolism

 -Recovery & Injury Risk( Systemic inflammation & injury risk)


Please go to link below for more in depth detail about the test:

GX Perform Athletic Performance Test

Pre Order -GX Perform Athletic Performance Genetic Test




*Pre order GX Perform -For May 31st 2018 Launch Date*

Fighter Panel Test


Fighting is In the blood- Make sure nothing else is! Fight smart -fight fair-fight clean -contact sports require testing for the safety and health of all concerned and for fair play in martial arts sport- Invest in a test to be the best:-

Fighter Panel Blood Test

Doctor Directed Testing Consult

Lab Testing Follow Up Consult


Body Building Panel Test


This body building panel blood test is available across USA( Please see body building page for UK body building panel test) It is a comprehensive panel which can be used on its own or with growth hormone panel .Please see more details and purchase on links below:-

Bodybuilder Profile Blood Test

Growth Hormone Profile Blood Test

Doctor Directed Testing Consult

Lab Testing Follow Up Consult

 Body Coach Endurance Check (UK Tests)


If you are involved in endurance sports & activities & are serious about your training-Choose the Body Coach Fitness Endurance Check program. A professional advanced endurance profile for athletes of all abilities .The evaluation consists of a professional blood test ( through a leading laboratory in the UK) Formulated with the help of endurance coaches to check the markers that can make the difference between success & failure! There are 3 tests dependant on endurance goals- (Endurance check- 27 tests for beginners to experienced including iron, cortisol, inflammation + much more & Essential Endurance check - 35 tests including Tracking progress& recovery for iron, inflammation, muscle damage, vitamins and minerals + the Elite Endurance Check Plus - 56 tests including full blood count, liver & kidney function ,inflammation, muscle damage, cholesterol, cardiovascular risk, hormones, cortisol, fatigue markers and vitamins and minerals including magnesium & zinc as well as  a comprehensive panel  including insulin resistance tests.

The Body Coach Fitness Endurance Check is specifically for endurance athletes of every level who want to optimise their performance and gain insights into their training , nutrition & recovery! 

Body Coach Endurance Check


Body Coach Endurance Check Plus


Body Coach Essential Endurance Check Elite



Body Coach Fitness Endurance Check (USA Tests)


 These tests panels are ideal for evaluating your endurance and fitness status .The Moxi Life Endurance baseline bio marker blood test is a customised endurance evaluation panel test which determines critical biomarker status which are influential and vital to endurance athletes. This test is ideal for prior to baseline season training and mid way through iron man training season ,and will help keep you on track with your nutrition and where you might need additional  attention to particular biomarker levels, B vitamins ,magnesium levels and choline-recommended for sports enthusiasts and athletes.

The Iron & TIBC panel test will help determine your iron level status which can affect your aerobic  fitness ability  , and help prevent fatigue after exercise.

These tests can be ordered independent of each other and/or together for best fitness endurance evaluation and analysis 


MoxiLife Endurance Baseline Biomarker Blood Test

Iron and TIBC Panel Blood Test

Body Coach Endurance Check Tests(International)


For an endurance check test truly available across the globe choose these Rx'd performance panel tests .These  tests are suitable for athletes and sports enthusiasts to help achieve optimal health and sporting performance -people training for a race, cross fit competitions or just trying to achieve their personal best time !

Both the RX'd & RX'd Plus & R X'd  ULTIMATE performance panels offer testing and analysis  for energy performance enhancement , performance inhibitors, endurance and hydration status-A total package at an affordable price available globally! 

Also the  Iron Protein Plus formula supplement -will help increase your performance -as lack of iron can lead to decreased oxygen uptake in cells leading to fatigue and poor performance  -Boosting  your immune system and improving sporting performance

Rxd Performance Panel Blood Test

Rxd PLUS Performance Panel Blood Test

Rxd ULTIMATE Performance Panel Blood Test

iron Iron Protein Plus, 300 mg, 100 capsules

Inherited Traits-Athletic Performance Tests


 Physical conditioning and athletic performance  are largely influenced by one's own training , coaching and diet/nutrition practices. 'However' there are specific genetic variations that contribute as well. Knowledge of your genetic variations will allow you as an adult ( or as a child -nor recommended for under 6 years old)  to choose your sport ( or field position within a sport) in which you are more likely to excel and will allow you to facilitate the design of your training regime accordingly.

There are 3 tests  to choose from power and endurance athlete ?ACTN3 Genotype which lets you know your muscle fibre composition  and your suitability to certain sports eg :- if you have two copies of the variant R you would be best suited to sports such as basketball, foot ball, short distance swimming, and short distance biking. However people who have 2 copies of the X variant are best suited to long distance swimming, and long distance biking and running. This test could show parents their children's sporting potential and potential athletic ability.

The ACE endurance type level genotype test is associated with athletic performance  ACE 1  variant will find you more suited to endurance sports  .Or you may choose to take both tests together which will give you &/or your child the best analysis of your athletic /sporting potential and ability.


Please go to the following links:-   



 Sports -Baseline ,Advanced & Endurance Fit Checks


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer 3 new fitness/sports blood marker  analysis tests from Medichek ( baseline ,advanced and endurance fit ) Simple finger prick tests which can track changes in your inner health as fitness levels improve:-

Baseline Check

The baseline check is a ideal way to know if you are fit to train, and want a baseline level of health so you can track improvements for sports performance and if you are not making the gains you expected to see where you can improve .It includes liver function test, alkaline phosphate test alanine transferase , creatine kinase ,gamma GT, bilirubin, ferritin, cholesterol status, triglycerides, HDL & Ldl levels, CRP, Vitamin b12, vitamin D & Testosterone,  

Baseline Check



*(UK Only) *

Advanced Check

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the advanced check biomarker blood test which is ideal  for anyone who trains hard but wants to train smart, and wants a more detailed look at their sports nutrition and wants to understand if their hormones are hindering or helping them with their sports performance and health.

The advanced check includes- kidney function, urea, creatinine, estimated GFR, ALP, ALT,C reatine kinase, bilirubin, gamma GT, total protein, albumin, globulin, HbAlc , iron status, TIBC, transferrin saturation, ferritin, cholesterol status including  triglycerides, HDL 7 LDL & non- HDL Cholesterol, HDL%, CRP-hs, testosterone , ccortisol waking horone, DHEA-S & Vitamins B12 & Folate  

Advanced Check




*(UK Only)* 

Endurance FIT Check
Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the -Endurance FIT Check biomarker blood test for optimising your race performance, avoiding injury and maximising recovery and getting a more detailed look ay your nutritional needs and hormonal status that effects performance .It includes a red blood cell count, haemoglobin , HCT, RBC, MCV, MCH,MCHC, RDW, and white blood cell count, neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils, basophils, platelet count MPV, urea, creatinine, estimated GFR, ALP, ALT, CK, Gamma GT , bilirubin, proteins, albumin, globulin, HbA1c , iron, T.I.B.C , Transferrin saturation, ferritin, triglycerides, cholesterol including HDL,LDL, Non-HDL ,HDL% ,CRP-hs ,THS,FT4,Testosterone, cortisol wakening hormone, DHEA-S, & Oestradiol.

Endurance Fit Check




*(UK Only)* 


Sports Profile -Testosterone:Cortisol Ratio


We aim to make blood tests, previously only available to elite athletes, accessible to anyone who wants to improve their performance. Useful  For both endurance and strength training athletes, the T:C ratio provides a useful marker of possible overreaching and overtraining syndromes - where the body does not sufficiently recover after exercise. 

What is the Testosterone:Cortisol ratio?

The Testosterone:Cortisol (T:C) ratio is a good measure of whether athletes are recovering from their training. On a simplistic level testosterone is an anabolic hormone – it helps to build muscle, produce red blood cells and increase aerobic metabolism in muscles. Cortisol is a catabolic hormone – it works antagonistically with testosterone, inhibiting protein synthesis and blocking anabolic signalling. 

When chronically elevated, cortisol actively breaks muscle down and makes you more prone to infection. For both endurance and strength trainer athletes the T:C ratio provides a useful marker of possible overreaching and overtraining syndromes, which is where the body does not sufficiently recover after exercise, which in turn then lead to a decline in performance, physiological stress and emotional change.

The T:C ratio is more sensitive to the stresses of training than either measure alone. As an absolute number, the ratio is of limited use, but over time it can be trended to see how well you are recovering and indeed the true value of the T:C ratio is seen when these trends start to appear. A 30% decrease in T:C ratio has been suggested as an indicator of insufficient recovery and can point towards overtraining.  If this is the case it is extremely important to reflect on your training routine and make sure you recover sufficiently to prevent long-term ill-health. This test is most useful for the male athlete. 

Sports Profile-Testosterone: Cortisol Ratio Test



Lactate Threshold Training


This is a combined lactate threshold testing process and development of a suitable program based on results of tests and future sporting goals. There are 3 main programming factors which are highly correlated with performance especially in endurance sports -VO2 Max & aerobic capacity, economy of movement and lactate threshold testing. The lactate threshold test is a key measure that reflects both the effect of metabolic activity and economy of movement .The lactate threshold (which represents applied aerobic power) is the single biggest driver of success in endurance events and what you want to emphasise in training for distance events .This test measures aerobic power  and aerobic capacity. An ideal test to include in preparation and evaluation of training program  leading up to specific events  or races and the best way to see if those hours of training have paid off.

The test is a finger prick test with mobile measurement monitor with blood lactate measurements taken at strategic time through out training/testing procedure. On completion of tests results will be analysed and reported back and a suitable training program will be developed based on results ( repeat tests at intervals throughout the yearly training cycle are recommended to establish evaluation of progress and need for adaption of programming for optimal sporting performance)

Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and/or 07875086760 for consultation, more details and prices of testing program-based on your needs* 





Maximal Uptake VO2Max & Sub Maximal Aerobic Testing


Body Coach Fitness offers a range of performance tests  including the lactate threshold and metabolic testing above and both the maximal  02 uptake VO2 Max test) and sub maximal aerobic efficiency test. After consultation a suitable tests will be performed dependant on need.

Both the VO2 Max & sub maximal aerobic capacity tests can be performed with minimal equipment dependant on your location eg field testing .cooper endurance test ( but Body coach fitness can visit your site with full VO2 max testing equipment if necessary). These tests are ideal for determining an athletes capacity to perform and sustain exercise and is linked to aerobic endurance. Areas in need of improvement can be pin pointed in your training and it will help specify what type of training plan would best benefit you ,working on weaknesses and improving strengths. Following the consultation and test you will have a much better understanding of how to train in the months ahead and a better knowledge of your physiology for exercise and how to alter your training schedule.

 * Testing prices range from £45.00 -£80.00 per hour dependant on test method and location-Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare for more details and consultation at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760*

Combined LAVO Test( VO2 Max & Lactate Profile)


Body Coach Fitness now offers the -Combined LAO test ( VO2Max & Lactate Threshold test)- This test is designed to measure  both maximal aerobic capacity (VO2 Max) a well as lactate profile. The protocol for this test usually consists of six 3 minute stages ,each at increased intensity ,followed by minute long stages each increasing in intensity until volitional exhaustion occurs.

Following completion of this test ,you will be provided with a feedback report detailing your test results. Together with  calculated  thresholds, comparisons to normative data and recommendations on how these results can be used to inform your training.  

Combined LAVO TEST ( VO2 Max & Lactate Threshold)



Metabolic Efficiency Test


Metabolic efficiency is important especially in endurance athletes -to be more efficient body fat burners and not having to rely on outside sources of energy. An endurance athlete who can rely -more- on body fat stores for energy will reduce the risk of gastro intestinal  stress -and will also mean carrying less food weight during training sessions and races that need energy for up to 2-3 hours.

Metabolic efficiency is evaluated by measuring the o2 uptake /inhalation against the level of c02 you exhale at different intensities of exercise.

With the  results  of the test- adaptions can be made  to your training based on results to ensure your body is working at its optimal fat burning pace and heart rate zone for the best metabolically efficient race/training session.

 * This test will include pre & post consult  ,metabolic efficiency testing  for up to 1 hour and training advice afterwards- Price starting from £80.00- This is  a specialist test % requires a performance testing facility for best results-Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.co and/or 07875086760 for more details ad to book*

Hypoxic /Altitude Training


 If you want to knock seconds or minutes off your personal best and make the leap between top performer territory you need to add simulated altitude training to your training regime.

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer a -Hypoxic  training programme with personal high altitude simulator mask &  hypoxic sleep  mask included ) -*allowing you to train & sleep comfortably at the altitude of your choosing* This package also includes training methods and techniques associated with your specific sport and altitude training needs. The use of weighted vests and other training equipment can also be used dependant on individual  specific sporting purposes. *Referals can also be made to a local performance unit offering sporting edge simulated altimeter training* to improve effectiveness.

This programme is specific to you and  suitable for home and outside use and can help with the natural mechanism of helping weight loss as well as increasing fitness,endurance and recovery from exerise training.

*Please contact Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for full individualised package prices and full consultation face to face/online*

Performance Monitoring Tool-Oximetery


Pulse oximeters are a great way to help unleash your true potential with your training and sports performance .These powerful performance -monitoring tools are low cost ,easy to use and accurate ways of measuring your oxygen levels ( or oxygen saturation point- Sp02) in the blood. They are non invasive and widely used in both the medical field, for pilots  and also sports at altitude and in intense training for cycling ,triathletes and anyone wanting a win-win sporting edge!

Endurance, speed and efficiency  are goals for all athletes and fitness enthusiasts in their -pursuit of excellence! It becomes increasingly challenging to achieve optimal work outs and stave off competition. Monitoring the effects of exercise and training sessions will ensure subsequent progress, in maximising lung function, and optimising major body function for sport/exercise. For athletes during periods of high intensity training there is a tendency for blood oxygen levels to drop oximeters can be used to evaluate compromised lung function ,improve O2 uptake efficiency and guide training to increase stamina for your sport. Please see more details and purchase wrist or finger tip oximeters below -"Get a win -win  sporting edge!"

Sweat Test-Precision Hydration



Precision hydration are the -sweat experts- offering bespoke unique sweat tests to measure  your bodies hydration levels & then recommend electrolyte and fluid hydration products and supplements for your  every day training -from enthusiasts to elite athletes. Sweat rates and electrolyte vary dramatically between individuals  up to 15 fold so a 'one size fits all' approach to hydration just does not cut it! All H2Pro hydrate tablets and sweat salt capsules contain close to zero calories. They are specifically designed to provide electrolytes and assist with fluid replacement ,not to deliver a source of carbohydrate energy. This allows you to fine tune your intake to your needs, without adding unwanted calories. 
Please go to
https://precisionhydration.com & scroll down and add Body Coach fitness unique professional Promo Code- 'BCF15'  at checkout to get 15% discount off purchases of products  & get a free mini sweat test online - or if you are serious about your hydration book an advanced sweat test through precision hydration


Electrolyte Panel Test


It is important to ensure your electrolyte levels are correct for best sporting performance and health and vitality. Having this electrolyte screening panel every 1-2months in your training cycle ( along with tests and products above) will ensure your body is fully hydrated and has the right balance of electrolytes to ensure efficient functioning of the body for every day life and sports performance. Go to link below for more information and to purchase:-

Electrolyte Panel Blood Test

The Future Is Bright -Customised Sports Hydration


The future is bright-the era of true customised hydration for sports is to be launched soon after years of scientific research and trials with athletes and sports teams. The GX Sports fuel customisation a comprehensive digital ecosystem to provide athletes with new customised solutions to help them fuel their performance. GX-is an in depth -four part system that includes sweat analysis, forula-specific Gatorade pods, DRINKFINITY technology and smart cap tracking technology and mobile-hydration monitoring app(Designed by an innovation team and leading sports drink companies). Please see video below to explain more of what the future will hold for serious athletes, sports people-wanting the edge in sports performance-Purchase your own unique gatorade pod system below on the following link:-



 IGg Food Intolerance Test(+Reaction To Sports/Protein Supplements)


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the Smartblood IGg food intolerance test through (Blue Horizons & Brunel Health) -A food intolerance test that not only tests for over 134 food and drink items it also offers a 30 minute consultation with a BANT registered nutritional therapist + a section on analysis of intolerances to  sports supplements -Casein, hemp, pea, rice, soy and whey protein supplements -if a reaction is found to one group of supplement an alternative will be found from a non reactive protein on the list-*Fuel your work outs with the correct fuel and watch your performance grow!* With this test -Improve health, vitality, performance and nutrition for every day life with specific food intolerance tests (with  added supplement allergy section)
Please go to the pdf link below giving more information on test procedure and inclusions:- 

click here to download file

 IGg Food Intolerance Test (+Sports/Protein supplement Intolerances)




 Test Your Intolerance-Sports Nutrition Deficiency Test (UK & Europe)


 A sports  nutrition deficiency test available at Body Coach Fitness (as a partner /practitioner with  test your intolerance) - specifically aimed at sports people. It tests for 50  items of nutrition deficiency and  results will help enhance your athletic ability and help get that extra 1% out of your diet for performance .An affordable test -with results ! Ensuring you fuel your body correctly based on its needs!-(Available in UK)

Test Your Intolerance-Sports Nutrition Deficiency Test



 Sports Nutritional Performance Test For Vitamin & Mineral Deficiency(USA)

A non invasive hair analysis test- for 300 food ingredients and environmental toxins & 50 sports nutritional deficiencies & minerals vitamins & minerals -A good reason for pulling your hair out!

Sports Nutritional Perfomance Test for Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency by Affordable Allergy and Intolerance Testing (1)

 Food Intolerance Tests- For Sports Performance



Lifelab Testing are making waves in the health and nutrition industry, as the company looks to give a sporting edge to those who need it, allowing them to excel at an elite level. Providing its clients with the extra 2% they need to enhance their performance, Lifelab works with sports professionals to identify their allergies and intolerances, helping them to run that little bit further, concentrate that little bit harder, and ultimately improve their performance. Intolerance testing and allergy testing has been proved to help others discover their extra mile, as they eliminate the offending foods from their diet and feel an improvement in both their health and sporting performance.

Blood analysis is a very revealing tool for observing and monitoring the health of the human body through capillary blood. At Lifelab, the intolerance and allergy testing which we carry out are specifically for immune-mediated reactions. Furthermore, allergies and intolerances are a lot more prevalent than you think, and the difference between them is not always understood. Make sure your intolerances and allergies are not holding back your elite performance by up to 2%!

Choose from the following -Life Lab Test- Food & Drink Allergy tests for better health, nutrition and sports  performance :-

Life Lab- 25 IgE Basic Allergy Test


Price =£74.99

 *Tests for 25 key foods & drink allergies including wheat, nuts, egg white& meats- Also Includes 30 minute consultation with BANT registered nutritional therapist* 

Life Lab-IgG4 Basic Food Intolerance Test



 *Tests for 40 key foods & drink intolerances - Also Includes 30 minute consultation with BANT registered nutritional therapist* 

Life Lab  Complete Body Test (40IgE Food Allergies & 80 IgG4 Food Intolerances



 *Tests for 40 key food & drink allergies & 80 key food intolerances - Also Includes 30 minute consultation with BANT registered nutritional therapist*

Life Lab -Complete Intolerance Test (160 Key Food & Drinks)



 *Test for 160 key food & drink  intolerances - Also Includes 30 minute consultation with BANT registered nutritional therapist*

Proven Probiotics-Plus Acidophilus & Bifidus  (Total Immune & Energy Support)


 Sports enthusiast s and athletes also need gut health support ,extra energy and immune support for training ,competing and recovery at optimal levels. Body coach is  a practitioner with Proven Probiotics. It not only contains 12.5 billion lab4 gut friendly bacteria in each serving but also vitamins, COQ10 ,Guarana & caffeine .Purchase their energy and immune support probiotics here at Body Coach Fitness ( 14 sachets -1 per day)-For optimal gut health, fitness, energy and immune support ,improved mood and performance for every day life and sports!

Proven Probiotics-Acidophilus & Bifidus + Immune & Energy Support





XS Sports Nutrition


Every day is an adventure with challenges and rewards & every body is unique. XS Energy and sports nutrition is a young fast paced company aiming to help athletes and sports enthusiasts to get the best out of their work out, with the best supplemental products.
If you are looking for an innovative and effective performance range look no further than XS sports nutrition , which is only available through select representatives .
The products are great tasting, healthy, dynamic and work to hydrate, energise and recharge your body. The range consists of :-

-Energy drinks( No sugar, healthy and full of energising Vitamin B)
-Hydrate-( Pre- work out , all in one creatine & BCAA'S)
-Energise-(With fast & slow release carbohydrates &  5 electrolytes)
-Recharge-( Protein range- bars, whey powder & mineral sticks-20-20 grams protein per serving)

  *Also See promotional videos below for more information*

* Contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and/or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  for more details / consultation or to purchase)

Body Coach Fitness- Sports Essentials Pack


 Success in sports is dependant upon many factors but when everything else is equal nutrition can be the difference between winning and losing. At body coach fitness we strongly believe that their is no substitute for a healthy diet and supplementation plan. However it is all too often a common occurrence that we consume insufficient levels of vitamins , minerals and other nutrients -This is where a suitable vitamin and nutrient program comes in .

The Body coach fitness essential sports pack is a hand selected  collection of professional practitioner products for increased energy,recovery from exercise , health, vitality, nutrient metabolism from(Biocare)giving you a essential base /foundation of health to work from helping increase performance and prevent injuries .Products included within this pack are as follows:-

 (Perform Intensive)-High potency energy support with VitB3 ,Arginine, citrulline , glutamine and beetroot


(Refresh Intensive)- A unique product combo- a systemic blend of creatine, and vitamin B mix for cellular energy and support and increased performance 


(Suchroguard)- A blend that contributes to maintenance  of normal blood glucose levels and maintenance of metabolism (chromium, manganese, B1 & 2 ,Niacin and B6) 


(Body balance whey )- A unique combination which combines a high quality whey protein with L Carnitine ,CLA  and chromium to contribute to normal metabolism and maintenance of blood glucose levels


(Garcinia  Cambogia Plus)- Provides hydroxycitrilate with co factors to support energy and fat metabolism (with vitamins)


(Bio emulsion Joint Guard)- A unique combination of pure fish oils from anchovies ,blended with glucosamine, hydrochloride,vitamin E , ginger & omega 3.


Purchase you essential sports pack below- get a solid foundation for sports performance -wellness! 


 * All products in sports essential pack have the informed sport logo (below) which shows they have been thoroughly  tested by (WADA) Worlds anti doping agency for sport for any banned substances*

Body Coach Fitness- Sports Essentials  Pack




Kids Sports Performance- Sportzpure


Keep your kids healthy and full of vitality for sports and every day life with Kidzshake range of electrolyte drinks, shakes and vitamin flakes. Sportzpure electrolyte drink is a naturally sourced electrolyte drink from coconut water powder and real salts for kids and has no GMO ingredients, is gluten free, certified kosher  dairy free ,with no artificial sweeteners and vegan-Ideal for kids who need to  replenish vital minerals and  hydration   when exercising . Kidzshake  is a  natural whey based shake for kids made of only 100% grass fed whey from New Zealand,the product is soya and casein free with only lactose free milk proteins. Kids Sprinkles are natural vitamin flakes that can be added to shakes, sprinkled over foods and also drinks.

Give your kids  a good start  in sports & health  -with Kidzshake range of natural hydration energy and nutrient range .(Products ship to the whole of USA, Canada & internationally-contact Kidzshake customer services before ordering internationally for shipping rates)  -Check out links below for more information and to purchase:-


Kids Electrolyte Drink




Kids Vitamin Flakes 


 Kids Starter Pack




 Kids Water Sports Bottle





 Body Coach fitness-Healthy Fuel On The Go Recipe Book


Purchase Sharon Clare's Body Coach Fitness healthy fuel on the go recipe book here.25 Quick ,easy and tasty snack/meal recipes to fuel your body before during and after exercise/sports. Ideal for busy sports athletes and exercise enthusiasts serious about prepping for their next race ,event or exercise training session. 25 different ideas for a healthy start to the day or a pick me up recovery of fuel or quick energy release. Recipes include energy smoothies , protein energy bites, and other power packed snacks!Purchase below via pay pal and a pdf version will be sent to you ( print copy could be available at extra cost)

Body Coach Fitness- Healthy Fuel on The Go Recipe Book



Sports Specific Supplements (Football/Rugby/Boxing & MMA/Cycling & Running)



 Chose from the following sports specific My protein supplements, equipment and clothing products -Click on each link -Just choose your sport!


Cycling-    http://shrsl.com/10waq

 Running-  http://shrsl.com/10was

Boxing/MMA- http://shrsl.com/10wan

  Rugby - http://shrsl.com/10wam

 Football- http://shrsl.com/10wak

Body Coach Fitness -Girl Power Club


Join Sharon Clare and her Girl Power team -Register to join for when it launches in new year at http://tinyurl.com/y9wkjsqy   just add your details to the team register and you can log in and book appointments for both free and fee paying specialist team talks ,  S & C & other sporting challenges &   events, and seminars  -Be part of it -Join Body Coach Fitness -Girl Power!


Develop A Winning Mind Set


Developing a positive mind set creates positive results-Sharon Clare is able to either refer you to a specialist sports psychologist/NLP cach and /or offer general mind set tools for positive behaviour change and goal setting in sports through her personal experience of  training & competing as an athlete and also her academic knowledge from CPD qualifications on mind set ,behaviour change and psychology.

Sharon will be able to advise you on tips and tricks and mind set tools to use to help reduce anxiety & competitive stress and increase focus and drive in your sport. This will be an introduction to tools which you could then develop further with more specialist advice from sports psychologists and NLP's


*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and/or 07875086760 for further details and pricing*

MAX International-Riboceine Antioxidants



Max international patented Riboceine formulas (available in Canada, USA & surrounding areas) are ground breaking patented combinations of D-Ribose and L-Cysteine available in orally digestable formulas that help fight free radicals, increase energy, improve sports performance and recovery and also helps joints, quality of sleep and skin and general health. These vegetable capsules are also (BSCG) Banned substance control group approved ( see more details at bottom of page) and certified Halal & Kosher products. An ideal addition to any serious athletes or sports enthusiasts supplement plan . Choose from the following products below to purchase:-


Max International Cellgevity 

Max Cellgevity helps protect your body -Riboceine technology and a patented blend of D-Ribose & L Glyceine and 12 complementary ingredients that enhance the function of glutathione in the body.Purchase here:- http://amzn.to/2Cl6wN9

Max International -MAX-ATP

Max International-Max-ATP fuels your body from start-to finish .Whether it be for basket ball, the board room, the football field or the class room. MAX-ATP is key to improved performance .A patented Riboceine formula with 10 essential nutrients for cellular production of ATP( Adenosine Triphosphate & Glutathione) Adding to your bodies powerful anti-oxidants .Purchase here:- http://amzn.to/2BZBve6

Max International- MAXN-Fuse

Max International-MAX N-Fuse gives you the start your body needs -designed to promote direct and indirect anti-oxidant use during important training sessions. It protects against free radicals and helps reduce toxins, chemicals and stress damage to the body. Purchase here:- http://amzn.to/2Cvp2QD

 Max International-MAX-GXL

Max International-MAX-GXL is an exclusive N-Acetyl cysteine (NAC) Formula designed especially to provide your body with nutrients that it needs to help maintain- Glutathione-An important nutrient for health. Purchase here:- http://amzn.to/2EmW7ie

Max International-MAX-ONE

 MAX International -MAX ONE- Contains  proprietary Riboceine-technology which combines D-Ribose and L-Cysteine to make a more effective Glutathione supplement for your bodies needs. Purchase here:- http://amzn.to/2zSSjBF


BSCG-Banned Substance Control Group


 The following Max International products listed above to purchase are all natural products and safe to take for competitive athletes -with no n known banned substances-They have the logo from (BSCG) Banned substances control group on the packaging - which is the Gold standard in recognising products and supplements without banned substances included in the ingredients- So feel safe in the knowledge that you are purchasing true quality clean products for improved ,health and sports performance!

Ketone Analysis -For Performance


Ketosis is a metabolic state where by the body uses fat stores for energy, in contrast to a state of glycolysis where glucose provides the energy. When blood glucose from carbohydrates and simple sugars cannot meet cellular demand the body forms ketone bodies from fat tissues and utilises the ketones bodies for energy.( A fat burning -or ketogenic state).Ketosis is a desirable state for many people in weight loss and of interest to diabetics for blood sugar control. It is also important to know your ketogenic state when exercising at intensity and duration as it can have an effect on performance levels.
Body coach fitness has two products which could help in both the analysis and improvement of ketogenic state for optimal sports performance  .Please see more details of Ketonix breath analyser for ketones and the unique new Humn ketone fuel below:-
Ketonix-Breath Analyser 

Ketonix 07350078460255 Breath Ketone Analyser, USB with Battery, Red

Humn-Ketone Fuel


HVMN Ketone - Ketone Ester Elite Performance Nutrition Drink, 3 Count Servings

DNAWorx  Sports & Nutrition


DNAWorx for fitness & sports performance as well as  wellness-Whilst your genetics cannot be altered performance can be enhanced!

DNAworx offers both sports & nutrition genetic tests to decipher your sporting modalities that you are genetically blessed for eg( power, speed, endurance , recovery & injury risks) & personal dietary analysis with recommendations for food modalities eg (  fat metabolism, carb metabolism, cell detoxification and satiety. More details and purchase below :-




*   Choose DNAWorx -Choose Optimal Sports Performance ! *


 Nutrigenomics For Health & Sports (Online )



The nutrigenomic institute is a research institute specialising in online courses in genetic nutrition research -Offering an online course in health and sports nutrigenomics ( Ideal for  sports athletes, professionals in sports ,sports coaches & physios ) -Learn all about nutrition genomics and how it can improve sports performance -*Leave details on this link


For when it launches soon....!*

Also go to https://nutrigenomicsinstitute.com/online-courses/nutrigenomics-online-course-for-professionals-in-nutrition/ref/4

For  nutrition courses in nutrigenomics -For professionals!

Virtual Reality Fitness-Sports Package


Vr systems are the new technology of fitness -The Vive VR Package offers virtual  reality for  everyone once you have the headset and tracker (including sports). There are many different programmes/apps  you can add /purchase once you have the main system (purchase from over 1000's of apps via HTC Viveport subscription service at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.htc.vpc&hl=en_us )Including   -The BoxVR , vr Goal keeper , VR cricket ,virtual sports package, world of golf and many more from categories such as education-health & fitness- fashion & beauty and food & drink. There is also a specific racquet sports set which you can purchase to improve your tennis serve. The VR system is another tool to aid in your sports performance, improve reaction times, increase activity levels and health and fitness and keep every one moving ! The can be used by children and adults and from couch potatoes  & general fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes to get a winning edge ! Click on images below to see more details and purchase -get more active more often with sports! 

 HTC VIVE Pro Reality Set

Racquet Sports Set With VIVE Tracker