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Body Coach -Fit Family Packages


Body Coach Fitness- Family fitness & community packages are inclusive programmes designed to get the whole family and community involved in physical activity -online worldwide - or locally face to  face on request. Many different programmes and packages designed specifically  for you and your family and community , affordable, fun ,educational fitness , nutrition and well being programmes .

Family Fit Exercise Package


Body Coach fitness- Fit Family exercise membership package is designed for the whole family - to get together and have fun whilst getting fit in the process. Parents are the biggest factor in influencing their child's activity and fitness levels  , by leading by example  .So working out all together is the best option ,helping family bonding and down time together and improving your fitness levels a swell as your child's  development and bone strength and preventing yourself and your children from becoming an ever increasing statistic in the world wide obesity epidemic.
These family work outs are short and less intense in nature than adult only sessions ( & children under 16 must be accompanied by at least one  adult -during the whole session) The online class  or PT  session will be conducted via Skype- so you will need a free Skype account, access to a wireless internet connection ,PC/Laptop and preferably a tv screen to connect to for better viewing.The training session will be circuit based with HIIT training (all adapted for abilities) plus some relaxation and will last from 20-30 minutes in duration.
 This is not just a pre prepared video sent to you- it will be live -so you will be able to interact with your instructor and corrections can be made and intensity and types of exercises adapted to abilities of every one. Different membership plans available & can be scheduled for a convenient time for all the family -no traveling , no gym membership fees and time saving -so ideal for the modern busy family of today!

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details ,plans prices and to book*


Fit Family -Nutrition Wellness Package


Is your family looking to over haul their nutrition habits?The Body Coach Fitness- Fit Family Wellness Package- is a nutritional online package for the whole family using  Skype -( you will need free Skype account, wireless internet connection and A PC/laptop and preferably a TV  to screen from -for  a better view.

The programme involves:-

-Initial consultation with all adults "Heads of the household"  of the family and children for goal setting and discussing family lifestyle habits-send in family food diary for analysis (via email)

-4 weeks custom meal plans

-A nutritional education session -online with entire family(Once per week)

-Healthy family recipe ideas sent to your email inbox
-On -going support via email through out the program

-Follow up review session -For further goal setting and to analyse progress

The benefits of this package is it is the most cost effective and economical option- for long term results -for accountability, consistent contact, and on going support -leading to successful behaviour change in dietary habits of the whole family. Package can be  adapted according to family needs and cooking tips and ideas provided for a healthy twist

If you want to combine with Fit family exercise package this can be arranged  ,or it can be purchased by it self if you feel you only need nutritional support & guidance

*Please contact Sharon Clare for further details and program details and to book*


 Eat Smart-Be Smart Healthy Eating For Students


Heading off to college /university is an exciting time and it is easy to over look the practical aspects of leaving home :like your diet and eating sensibly-especially on a student budget. The food you eat can have a great impact on how your mind and body works. Knowledge of how to eat healthily will help you get the most out of your university experience and create healthy lifetime eating habits. The government recommends that we eat a balanced diet as no one nutrient can give our bodies what it needs.

The Body Coach Fitness -Eat smart- be smart healthy eating plan for students is based on government eat well plate  and British Nutrition foundation guidelines in the UK. it will include practical tips on healthy food choices on a  budget but specific to students who have limited storage , cooking equipment ,low budgets and busy lives often juggling part time jobs, studying, partying and college sports  -burning the candle at both ends requires healthy eating! It will include healthy meals  & quick & easy to pack  snack suggestions , for taking along to the library for study suggestions or between classes and how to enjoy but control alcohol intake and alternative suggestions. Tips for clever eating during exam time and gap years on your travels. The program will be tailored to you as you are unique and require your own nutrition advice plan and can be face to face or online (Skype) ,email and /or telephone support.

 Treat your self ( as a student) or anxious parent to this nutrition plan and give the gift of food knowledge for a smarter higher education!

Body Coach Fitness Eat Smart -Be Smart Healthy Eating Student Package



Kids Stir- Kids In The Kitchen


Created by Mums who wanted to raise their children with a healthy connection to foods and make food fun for kids. Spark a love of food in your kids educate your kids on science and nutrition , encourage healthy family fun and empower children wit valuable life skills .
Kidstir  is an education, fun cooking kit subscription which has the core values of providing materials recipes and products to help them learn valuable cooking skills , encourage quality time between parents and children, connect families, friends and communities  and inspire and empower children and educate them on good healthy, delicious varied food choices -making it fun at the same time. Explore , create and cook and have fun together as a family-Click on the following web link and go to store page for more details on subscription packs-


Junior Food Scan Test


The junior food scan test analyses your child's IgG reaction to 113 foods, providing clear results and nutritional support to help you replace your childs problem foods and optimise their diet. As individuals our reactions to foods varies a great deal - eg we all have our own food finger print- discovering and understanding your child's personal dietary intolerances and their effects they may be having on their health and wellbeing is important to ensuring you make the best possible food choices to balance your child's diet.
The test analyses for some of the following food ingrdients-( Acai bery, elderflower, grapes, hibiscus, rose hip tea, abalone, eel, tuna, haddock, plaice, prawns , sole, vendance , herrings, mackerel, cod, crab, apricots, apples, grape fruit, mango, orange, peach, raspberry, strawberries, barley, hops, oats, quinoa ,  malt, maize, rye, spelt , millet, anise seed, garlic, juniper, sage, vanilla, cassia, cloves, coriander, beef, chicke, turkey, deer, duck, goat, lamb, pork, almonds, brazil nuts, cashew nuts, coconuts, linseeds, peanuts, rapeseeds, sunflower seeds, asparagus, avocado, beetroot, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, kale, mushroom, onion, potatoes, lemon grass, sheep's milk  , gots milkand cows milk

The tests will include the following:-

- Test kit with instructions & expert analysis of 113 foods

- telephone consultations x2 ( 30 minutes)

-Results card to carry around with you

-A letter to give to child care provider or school with your child's dietary requirements

(This test is suitable for 2- 18 year olds)

Junior Food Scan Test


Allergy Prevention -At An Early Age


  A  baby /child has a high risk of having food allergies intolerances if 1 of the parents also suffers from this. This could be prevented or improved with dietary advice  by Purchasing  the new Body Coach Fitness -Allergy prevention at an early age program ( based on British nutrition foundation & department of health research  - A  guideline to follow pre natal, ante natal and pots natal for mum and weaning and introduction of foods to babies including:-

-Types Of allergies eg  IgE Mediated or non mediated allergies ,hyper sensitivities and true allergies

-Common foods and drinks which cause allergies and food intolerances

-Dietary & supplemental advice (for mum  to) to  prevent allergies  & food intolerance in child /baby ( pre natal,ante natal and post natal

 -Breast feeding & allergies in baby

 -Weaning & complementary food choices for babies at high risk of food allergies/intolerances

 -Best Formula milk choices for babies with food allergies /food intolerances

-How to introduce child to allergenic food items  

 An ideal program  to use alongside child and family food intolerance testing , which will help alleviate ,prevent and improve food allergy/intolerance prevalence in your children at an early age in life

Allergy Prevention-At An Early Age



 Proven Probiotics (With Vitamins)-For Toddlers & Children

Proven is a professional clinically proven probiotic range which has specific products designed for children and toddlers, keeping their immune gut health in optimal working order whilst growing. Choose   from the toddlers product and fit for school range ,more details and purchase below:-


Proven Probiotics-Fit For School (With Added Vitamin C & D ) 


 Keep your child's gut health working optimally with Fit For school Proven probiotics a scientifically proven formula for children of school age upwards. It has 12.5 billion friendly bacteria per tablet and there are 30 tablets ( Contains lab4b friendly bacteria & vitamin C& D)

*This formula has  been shown to reduce coughs and colds in children by up  one third and the duration of coughs and colds by 50% and absenteeism from school due to these conditions and associated gut health conditions by up to 50%*

Proven Probiotics-Fit For School Formula (With added vitamin c  d)



Proven Probiotics-For Toddlers


The Proven Probiotic Formula for toddlers is a chewable tablet form of probiotic for young toddlers .It contains 30 tablets with vitamin C and 12,5 billion friendly lab4b bacteria. Ideal for nursey school or pre school toddler age groups to provide optimal gut health and immune support, help moods and digestion

Proven Probiotics For Toddlers




Proven Probiotics-A-Z Acidophilus & Bifidus +Multi Vits For Children


Proven probiotics- Acidophilus bifidus with A-Z multi vitamin support for children has 2.5 billion good gut friendly bacteria and 100% NRV of 13 essential vitamins in each serving( 30 tablets supplied) Ideal for general healthy immune and gut health support for wellness in children from 4-16 years of age

Proven -Acidophilus & Bifidus + Multi Vitamins For Children



Personalised Vitamins For All The Family


 If you have trouble getting enough nutrients in your families diet-then Vita five gummy supplements may be the answer -colourful, tasty, easy to digest and  sweet like gums packed with nutrients available in both adult and kids packs and you cane even personalise your choice of vitamins. Go to Body Coach Fitness promo/referral link - http://fbuy.me/hv3wr   and you will get a 30% discount on your 1st order .Choose from Adult packs (pick a goal)- pro biotic pack, sleep pack, immune pack, beauty pack, brain pack & active pack. Kids packs  Kids immune pack, kids pre biotic pack & healthy bones pack  & create your own personalised packs -choose only the vitamins you need from- pre biotics, omega 3, vitamin c, multi vitamins, calcium, D3, and many more. Improve your families health with Vita five (Only available in USA at present)


Children's DNA Discovery


The children's DNA discovery test uses the latest genetic research related to physical and behavioural tendencies to find out how your child's genes influence who they are and what they can be. You child's genetic profile can help make informed decisions about their future  and well-being. Get information on how your child's genes influence who they are and empower your kids from the start and receive lifetime access to their personal test report.

This specific tests analyses your child athleticism and finds out the key role  genes play in their physical ability,  a child possible predetermined height based on genetic factors, a predisposition  for near sightedness (myopia) avoidance of errors ( how your child might experience or handle errors). If they will be a morning or night person ,their learning patterns ,risk taking tendencies and find out how actively your child may seek out social support in times of stress.(The test results normally take between 6-8 weeks but may be vary dependant on location -available globally ) Please click on the sample children's DNA test report below for more information regarding this test-

click here to download file

Children's DNA Discovery



Kids Home  Environmental Allergy Test(+Food Items)

 This test available through Body Coach Fitness- analyses over 300 home environmental items which could cause allergies in your child( + Food items) .Some times it is hard to identify and pin point outside or indoor environmental causes of ill health, difficulty in breathing, coughs, colds especially in children as they may find it difficult to express symptoms. This test will help identify any environmental causes such as dust, moulds, toxins and many more (+ food allergies) all from a sample of their hair- non invasive , cost effective and professional .Find more details and purchase here:-

Affordable Allergy Test | Home Environmental and Food Intolerance Test Kit for Children & Toddlers | Over 600 Sensitivities and Potential Allergens Tested | 1 Pack

Test Your Intolerance -Couples & Family Food Intolerance Tests


 Learn to identify the whole families  food allergies and intolerances with -the test your intolerance kit tests- from basic to advanced and couples and- also test packages for all the family-Testing from 150-300 food items ( dependant on test)Non invasive simple test -Keep your family fit with the family test your intolerance test kit. Click the banner image below & order test button and find out more details and purchase tests through Body Coach Fitness

Create The Champion In Your Child-Inborn Talent Genetic Test


Body Coach Fitness is now the UK distributer/practitioner for Mapmy gene tests, available across the globe ,unique tests for fitness health and wellness. Create the champion in your child with the Mapmygene  -Inborn talent genetic test. Scientists have discovered what psychologists ,coaches and education specialists have been looking for-' the missing puzzle'-In the quest to support parents  in developing their children to their potential!

This test could give your child a head start - no more guessing and no more trial and error-nature before nuture .  This test analyses for 46 natural gifts, talents and traits ,spread across 8 distinct categories including:-

-Personality Traits( Optimism, risk taking, persistence, shyness ,composure, split-personality, hyper -activeness ,depression, impulsiveness and mould ability)

-IQ-(Intelligence, comprehension, analytical , memory, creativity, reading, ability and imagination)

-EQ(Affectionate, faithfulness, propensity, teenage romance,  passion, sentimentality, sociability)

 -Sports (Endurance, sprint technique, training sensitivity and sport psychology)

-Addiction (Alcoholism ,smoking & general addiction)

- Artistic-(Performing, music, drawing, dancing, literature  & linguistic )

 -Physical Fitness (Height ,general wellness & obesity)

 Other ( Sensitivity to secondary smoke & non sensitivity to secondary smoke)

It also covers future career profiling for your child

Most people are from 6 personality types:-







The ITGT test is the -No1 Choice- for parents for accurate  and valid talent genetic testing with  practical recommendations and professional advice  based on test results .Use nature vs nuture with your child to their genetic potential  and innate personality traits.

Please see pdf document files for Inborn talent genetic test a brochure and sample report explaining more about Mapmygene and the test itself 

click here to download file

click here to download file

Map My Gene Inborn Talent Genetic Test




Abilities Genetic Tests


Does your child have a natural aptitude for learning new languages or the potential ,be articulate and able to read or  be a maths whizz? Some of these questions could be asked by taking this test. The test analyses for the following genes-

-Language ability-GENE FOXP2

-Learning ability- Chromosome 6

-Reading ability- GENE DCDC2


After purchase you will receive sterile buucal swabs to send off in the stamped addressed envelopes .On return you will receive a full 20 page report on test findings and learn  your childs true reading, learning and language  abilities to target specific areas of education which may need to be focused on.Please click link below for more information and to purchase-


Learning Ability Genetic Testing - Home DNA Test for Language/Learning/Reading

Body Coach Fitness Family Cook Book



Body coach fitness has just published a print copy family cook book written by Sharon Clare available at the following link-

http://www.ourcookbooks.com/cookbooks4sale/cookbooks_for_sale_detail.asp?bookid=12682     the book contains 40 recipes suitable for families of 4 and recipes are available in categories including appetisers, soups and snacks, beef pork and lamb main meals, poultry seafood main meals , vegetarian meals desserts and cakes and breads and much more. There are also useful pages on cooking tips, weights and measurement conversions and other useful cooking ideas. Our cook books is a cook book project website with many varied cookery recipe books including Body coach Fitness family cook book. Cook the body coach fitness way-purchase below on paypal

Body Coach Fitness Family cook book


Price=$17.00 (including P& P) 

Body Coach Fitness- Children's Cook Book & Note Book



Body Coach Fitness has now developed a new -Body Coach Fitness children's recipe cook book and note book.Ideal for budding young chefs in the making at home ,school or college .Allowing them to get creative and get involved in healthy eating and cooking ,with additional note book pages for noting of learning activities .Containing 23 kid friendly finger food recipes for healthy eating and picky eaters created and edited by Mrs Sharon Clare -Healthy lifestyle coach  at Body Coach Fitness. You can purchase the book through the following link-  


orIt  is also available to purchase in the UK as a printed ( non hard back ) copy or pdf document file  RRP From £5.00 + additional Postage and packing ( dependent on quantity ordered) 

Please look at the -Download file -below for a PDF copy right file of the edited book above :-

click here to download file

  This  cook book is also listed on ourCookbooks.com  website page :- https://www.ourcookbooks.com/cookbooks4sale/search_results.asp
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details *

Body Coach -Online Break Fast & After School Club


An online  breakfast and after school club fit 4 schools  -A series of educational ,fun and interesting  sessions fit 4 schools, parents & children designed for before and after school(parents/tutors need to present at all times during session to control the group). Covering topics related to preventing childhood obesity- including health, fitness and nutrition theory and science based sessions as well as physical activity session recommendations and nutrition recommendations,-all designed to get pupils prepared for the day and increasing physical health and wellness .
The advantage of an online program via Skype is reduced costs for my time and transportation to venues ,and that schools  any where in the UK & world any time any where can schedule a session for their school with Sharon Clare-as long as time slots are available-you and the pupil do not need to go any where - and you can interact via Skype live - asking and answering questions .It could even be possible to share sessions with another local school or group -on a shared screen session basis. All you need is a large TV screen /projector screen , wifi connection, web cam and a free Skype account -to set up and arrange a time suitable for your pupils eg before , after or during school time- Sessions can be adapted to age groups concern-and information will be based on childhood obesity prevention data and the latest nutritional data in this field.

*Please contact -Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details ,prices and bookings*


Body Coach Fit-Community Club


Body Coach Fitness Online community club is a membership based package offering support , education, and join the community together  in a private fitness and nutrition focus group on face book as well as seminars -discussions online ( screen share with Skype) .

-Swap nutrition & recipe ideas

-Learn new skills and knowledge about nutrition and fitness in your community

-Online Community weight loss group, motivational and supportive group -with ideas and tips on how to involve your whole community in physical activity and a healthy lifestyle- eg walking ,gardening etc 
-Meet new like minded friends locally and from afar

-Fun Fitness ideas for challenges and activities to use in your community

-Plus much more

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further information*


Me & My  Culture Package


The Body coach Fitness- Me & My culture package will give you an understanding of how your environment and surrounding in which you live and your culture influences your physical activity and nutritional choices.
It will teach you how to build relationships with your community and focus on foods from around the world - and awareness of cultural celebrations and festivals linked to different ethnic ad cultural groups in your local area and who you may meet whilst travelling.
This can be delivered online- worldwide and if you want to get other members of your community, friends and neighbours together -this is possible with Skype (Using screen share). It can also be delivered locally face to face for best effect .

*This is a unique new project in development - so please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details* 


School Breathe -A Breathing Room For Children


Breath work has  a positive role  in the way children learn at school and university/college.Research has shown deep diaphragmatic breathing can improve learning and concentration and help calm down the central nervous system and allow clarity of thinking.
Body Coach Fitness has developed a holistic school breathe program which helps prepare teachers to share practical ,easy to learn bite sized  breath exercises  with  lung specific aerobic conditioning and relaxation techniques .A formulated breath work program to help power full healthy breathing function . This includes talks ,workshops and practical teachings with simple breath exercises and aerobic conditioning and relaxation techniques for mindfullness for all ages ( including colleges & universities) .* Can include tools such as breathing posters/leaflets and  literature ,breathing balls for the class room and recommendations for purifying plants and flowers for the environment . This holistic program can be formulated to suit all age groups in class and the community. A 6 week program consisting of half an hour to 1 hour sessions increasing focused energy and the feeling of calm ,improving mental health and study ability.
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more information *

Body Coach Fitness Kids  Active Based Learning Hub -(Preparation For the Brain & Learning)


The Body  Coach Fitness  action based learning hub is designed  to prepare the brain for learning. Each active learning station in the hub applies to create a brain body connection, focusing on the 12 foundations of learning readiness.Strengthening foundations in these areas facilitates the pupils ability to encode information. Proper development of these systems are critical for a child's/young persons ability to learn.
An active class room is  a shift in culture ,bringing physical health into the class room increases learner participation and helps add to the 60 minutes of recommended physical activity per day.
Students love the opportunity to change their scenery in the classroom. This program includes active seating and   standing desks ( which help burns 15 more calories per day, increases blood circulation to the brain and increases brain capacity by up to 42%).
Body Coach Fitness can help create and facilitate a kinesthetic class room as an adaption using various active seating ,standing desks active dance/movement  based  learning  programs ,brain breaks ( energiser boosts) and kinesthetic learning based resources and activity based curriculum and fidget busters ( designed as simple intervention techniques whilst learning eg standing whilst introducing hand held stimulation that does not distract) to help reduce loss of concentration and fidgeting in the classroom.

*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details on this concept for active brain based  learning* 


Nutrition Through The Life Stages


Body Coach Fitness has developed a -nutrition through the life stages program- from infants to seniors and all life stages between . Based  on the science of nutrition through life stages and how it affects health. With fact sheets on nutrition and health for school childrenand adults  from the (BNF) British nutrition foundation and information based on hydration and dehydration in the seniors. Depending on your age  the nutrition program can be developed for each life stage from young to later life ,students , men and women, pregnancy & menopause and specialist nutritional and health programming.
Each life stage program would include a personalised body coach fitness  recipe file  for their individual preferences and life stage needs sent via post ( At additional costs)plus if requested a wellness profile test for each life stage eg a childs wellness,young adults, middle age adults and senior adults wellness profile. A perfect way to fine tune your nutritional needs through personalised nutritional profiling.
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare for more information on this bespoke nutritional life stage package at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760*

                        "Family , Community , Culture- Body Coach Fit Family"

Fit Kidz Store
A new resource for any one interested in setting up their own kids play area - making fitness fun  and functional - at home and/or in the garden - better than them sitting in front of the TV .
Check out the young kids range of gym equipment at Body Coach Fitness - Fit Kidz Store!

Redmon- Fun Fitness Treadmill



Redmon- Fun fitness Air Walker


Redmon- Fun Fitness Rower


Redmon- Fun Fitness- Weight Bench



Redmon- Fun Fitness Exercise Bike


Kids Climbing Frame- Wall Bars


Kids-Choose My Plate


Parents use this -My Plate Champion- Initiative to get your kids healthier through nutrition- get them to pledge to following the My Plate champions list - A useful tool for encouraging your kids to eat healthy- they even  receive a  certificate on participation -A useful tool for parents and schools-

Click on the button code image below for more information and to get your kids involved in their own health and nutrition and make  a pledge to being healthier :- 

Button code: Take the Pledge
         -- Become a MyPlate Champion.

Healthy Kids Inc-(Meal Planning From Seed To Table)

Healthy Kids Inc Meal Planner

  Healthy Kids Inc -Making real food -real easy.A meal planner for healthy kids -with over 300 + healthy family and budget meal recipes , customisable weekly grocery shopping list, meal prep tips for the weekends and special occasions, access to gardening tech knowledge online to create your own custom plan, gardening tips and videos for vegetables  and herbs and how to videos for every recipe dish.

Join the healthy kids Inc community and meal plan ,prep and grow healthy kids and family meals -from seed to the table! Click on both image links above and below to learn more! 

Fit Book Junior-Fitness  Journal


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer -The Fitbook junior :- A fun interactive journal for setting a healthy lifestyle for 5-13 year olds. It uses a unique 3-step planning system to help establish children's healthy habits and earn rewards.

The 3 step program consists of 

-Making a game  (Establishing a 12 week-BIG goal + reward that helps kids with-get movin, food, school & home)  

-Track progress- Monitoring child's physical activity and nutrition daily. Getting blue star for riting in fit book every day & a red star at the end of the week when they tally up results &  t collect rewards


-Reward - Reflect  on child's goals ,log accomplishments ,( red & blue stickers are included), as well as notes & doodle pages for 12 weeks of interactive fun! Please go to following link for more details and to purchase - http://bit.ly/2Bp7NDE

LEAF- Educational Open Farm School Days


Body Coach Fitness is linking up with (LOFSD)LEAF Open farm school days an educational farming and food sector  program an opportunity for schools to visit a farm and experience  high quality teaching and learning through LEAF education's regional coordinators.It is part of the Food a fact of Life & British Nutrition Foundation series of the face time farmer initiative in the United Kingdom.
Creating connections and building awareness and understanding for people about how their food is produced  and where it comes from and the huge range of goods and services  farming delivers ,is one of the key parts of delivering more sustaining farming.Country side class room helps teachers to find resources ,places to visit and school support relating to themes of food , farming and the natural environment .A range of quality assured educational content from hundreds of contributors.It aims to inspire teachers to use food,farming and the natural environment  more often,in and out of the class room ,because we want all children to have opportunities to learn about experiences on essential topics. Our vision is a world where we are farming ,eating and living sustainably .
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details on this project*

Fit At School -Goal Setting Program


Body Coach Fitness is now able to refer schools ,teachers and coaches to -The Fit At school goal setting program! A fun interactive goal -setting program for kiddos to make a game plan ,track their progress and earn rewards along the way!

Fit school includes:- 

-Fit book Junior for each child ( 5-13 year olds)

-USB Teachers Kit-With digital resources for 'educators' with 2 different levels offered for different age groups in 2 different international languages ( English  & Spanish)

 -Coach Guide- A series of communication to engage + inform parents on how to use fit book junior at home


A fun engaging ,interactive tool for educators to adapt children's behaviours for a healthier lifestyle! Please go to following link  http://bit.ly/2MpYE2L

For details & more information, and to sign your school up fore the Fit at school initiative with Body Coach fitness & Fitlosophy!


Taste n Tell- Nutrition Education


Taste n tell REAL(Reading-Eating-Learning) System makes kids food fun! Sharon Clare at Body Coach Fitness has been chosen as one of there regional Ambassadors in the UK. This system is scientifically proven to aid in helping tackle reading ,eating and learning at a young age. It comprises of a series of 10 interactive nutrition learning books, a wipe clean base and removable  pod container ( only need to purchase once for all 10 books). Each of the 10 books has a theme and the  role model characters in the Discovering Food Series represents a food group-eg:- vegetables, grains, protein and dairy. You and your child can together enjoy discovering the adventures of the characters along with beautiful images ,illustrations and rhymes and learn more about food!


* More details on program and  Ambassador code/link for 2o% discount off purchases through your Ambassador available soon!*


1 Family 1 World Project


To truly know yourself and your health -you need to go back and find your true ancestors and also see how you connect with your community and your world that you live in .Living DNA has a 1 family 1 world project mapping the worlds DNA & helps provide educational programmes to show the world that we are all connected in some way based on our genes.DNA.

Please go to the following  link for more details and on how you can get involved :- 



Please go to   http://www.awin1.com/awclick.php?mid=7712&id=241743   To order tests


College Education-Genetics Club Program


 Please go to the following link to find out more information and to- start a genetics club at your school/college:- https://education.23andme.org/users/sharon-clare/   
The 23&me genetics education club program is designed for students and educators over 18 years + in college or further education. As a student or educator ,by joining the community your school/college will receive:-
-Genetics club box
-Genetic 101 brochures
-DNA Decoder
-T Shirts & promotional brochures & pamphlets
 -Educational resources
 The education program is designed to educate ,support and advance genetics research and education. Start a genetics club at your school/college  with the Body Coach link above and give the gift of education on genetics , wellness and ancestry within your community and create a social change!

Sports Box Delivery-For Your Young Athlete


If you have a budding young athlete in your family or just want your kids to get more involved in sports and physical activity-Try the Sports Box co monthly delivery box. The more time your kids spend enjoying  sports the more time they will spend playing and having fun and getting physically active for health and fitness.

The Sports Box co can deliver a customised sports box to your door every month for your young athlete and /or a 1 off gift box for special occasions or gifts & for every 100 boxes purchased by people 1 kids sports box will be donated to a child  who needs the opportunity to play sports (through charity Big brothers & sisters-see website for more details)So you will not only be providing your own child with the possibility of learning and playing new skills in sports but paying towards another child in need.

You can even choose your theme eg :- age range of child, specific sport of interest from sports such as soccor , American football, hockey and basket ball and base ball and also at what skill level they will need - so ensuring the correct items will be delivered each month. Each month the box contents may vary and could include items such as sports footwear & apparel, equipment and games and will always include training cards for their sport and tips and practice drill ideas and plans for the month. A unique and practical gift box for your talented child which is educational, fun, informative and practical all at the same time( available in USA -only at present) -Purchase Sports box delivery packages at the following text link and banner (picture image) below -

The perfect gift for kids who love sports. Training aids, gear, accessories and more delivered to their door! Boxes customized for kids of all ages, baseball, softball, basketball, hockey, football and soccer.

The Perfect Gift for Kids who Love Sports

Kids Orthotics


It is so important to start off on the right foot -so why should custom and pre fabricated orthotics be just for adults? Are feet are still forming throughout our childhood- give your child the best start biomechanically by investing in either custom (made for you) or professional good quality pre fabricated orthotics especially for children. The correct orthotic can help with balance, increase sports performance, reduce pain, help with correct bone formation in a child's foot and correct biomechanical imbalances early in life. Common childhood pains such as knee pain (Osgood schlatter's ) and heel pain ( severs disease ) both common in 8-15 year olds can be relieved by the correct custom fit or professional pre fabricated orthotic specific to children

Kids Custom Orthotics

Please go to   https://doctorsorthotics.com/product-category/childrens-orthotics/?affiliates8     to find out more details and to purchase custom fit (unique to your child's foot) orthotics for children

Professional Pre-Fabricated  Orthotics

 Please click on the link below ( & go to -Buy orthotics- Kids Orthotic tab at top of page) for more details & to purchase professional pre- fabricated children's orthotics

Available in kids 'fit' orthotic & kids fit  'sports' orthotic

Docpods orthotic innersoles and information on foot pain and foot problems information and treatment. Shop online at our online stores for all of you foot pain needs.


Healthy Zone-Healthy Schools/Colleges


 Body Coach Fitness -Healthy Zone /Healthy Schools & Colleges- Is a program of activity menus for physical activity and nutrition for pupils and staff wellness and promotion ,developed to make everyone at college and school ( including staff- move more often . The program can also be used in community groups as part of a physical engagement and nutritional educational group. *(Includes Myzone schools/colleges fitness education & physical activity challenges program -with fitness activity logging & nutrition logging)*

Each healthy zone/healthy schools & colleges program can be created according to your needs  and could included:-

-Before & after school/college activities -including walk/run -walk/bike  clubs &  morning mile

-Family fitness nights & family fit days-teenage outdoor challenge

Physical activity logging & food logging

Breakfast activities -such as breakfast picnic, build your own shake-up, incredible edibles (healthy breakfast option), 

 -Nutrition or health fundraiser -selling healthy own made snacks

-healthy eating seminars

 Staff wellness & health Promotion-Activity Menu:-

 -Health Fairs For staff, parents and coaches

 -Create a school health wellness- Advocates for health and nutrition at school/college

 -Special wards recognition-Competitions & prizes for modelling healthy behaviour in class(Teacher/parent incentives ,health competition-group exercise classes)

 -Take home family activities for teachers & parents

 -*(Myzone schools/colleges fitness education and physical activity challenges program-with fitness activity logging & nutrition) logging *Please contact Sharon Clare for more information-see contact details below) A program that not only gets you physically active but provides you with challenges with SMART goal setting & fitness & nutrition education on heart rate tracking ,benefits of exercise, nutritional strategies, and lifestyle behaviour change for children, parents,schools, colleges and the whole family)*

- Healthy breakfast/lunch club & wellness events


 *(Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details on the Healthy zone -school/college program -With Myzone  fitness education and physical activity program +fitness logging & nutrition logging)*

BNF Healthy Eating Week


Join Sharon Clare & Body Coach Fitness -In (BNF ) British Nutrition Foundation Healthy eating week ( 11-15th June 2018) and celebrate healthy eating, healthy cooking, food provenance and physical activity at  your school, nursery or at home with the kids and family ( face to face /or online via Skype).

A healthy challenge will  be set every day of this week  for your family Eg:-

 Monday-Have Breakfast

Tuesday -Eat 5 a day

Wednesday- Drink plenty

Thursday-Get Active

 Friday-Make a Change

 This together with BNF resource packs full of fun activities  ,education and inspiration throughout the week! This week has been specifically designed by BNF for practitioners like Body Coach Fitness ,schools and nurseries to inform, inspire and educate children on health eating and exercise -Book your healthy eating challenge now!

*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more information ,prices and availability slots)* 


Family Food Nutrition Resources


Check out these useful and informative family nutrition resources from various food and drink associated bodies with the sole interest in educating the public regarding children's and family nutrition and health







Healthy Kids- Educational Resources (For Parents,CoachesCommunity Groups & Educators) 


These online health education resources will help you create a healthy lifestyle /physical activity scheme for your child, community groups, schools and family. These  professional text books, courses and presentation material packages included physical fitness technology for kids in a digital age, outdoor activities and team building, youth sports tips and much more to get children more involved in physical activity -& Help drive the fight against childhood obesity globally! Build your own seminar/workshop, school/creche or community group lesson plan or activity -To get kids moving more often!

The Essentials Of Teaching Physical Education Presentation Package

 Team Building Fitness Technology In A Digital Age

Heart Education-Fitness Tech

101 Tips To Keep Kids Fit-For Youth Coaches & Schools & At Home 

Kids Healthy Initiatives


Please go to the following link :- http://standupkids.org/   and find out more and make a donation to the stand upkids campaign .Which aims to get many more children across the globe more active -standing rather than sitting at a desk at school/home. Stand up kids mission is to get every public school child at a standing desk within the next 10 years to counteract the epidemic of sedentary lifestyles and inactivity and to better manage 21st century education. A worthwhile cause and as sitting is the new smoking why not start this early on with kids and help prevent and improve the future global obesity epidemic and future sedentary conditions such as back pain -& give out children-A brighter future! 
Walking School Bus
Creating your own walking school bus initiative is a organised way of getting your children to school choosing walking rather than taking a lift  in the car. A group can be organised by parents, school teachers or coaches such as at Body Coach Fitness .Please see more details on the project on the following website link:- http://www.walkingschoolbus.org/resources.html  and/or the PDF file download document below:- 

click here to download file


Kids Daily Motivator & Activity Tracker


 Keep track of your children's daily physical activity with a daily activity motivator and tracker- Vivo fit junior. An activity tracking wearable for kids ,stylish, swim friendly and encourages your kids to keep moving, showing your child  their  steps taken each day, hours asleep  and also when they have reached their 60 minutes of recommended daily activity . It has a parental personal assistant app  -where you can manage your child's activity tracker( can be used for multiple children) where you can also track their steps, sleep activity, daily activities and task data when it automatically syncs to your smartphone -You can assign  tasks to your child through the app and the child will be able to see tasks and new jobs to do each day on their bands and these tasks can be set up to recur daily or even weekly -keeping kids active and parents involved in their physical activity goals.When tasks are completed eg household chores or brushing their teeth  they will receive virtual  coin rewards for each task which can be exchanged for rewards you have agreed on eh more screen time .There is also extra credit for sweat (rewards)eg as they reach their 60 minutes of activity each day fun facts and mobile adventure trails are unlocked for them to complete ,friendly toe-to-toe stepping challenges  allowing your kids to sync with nearby friends in the step challenge and create friendly competition .A fun hands on physical activity tracker and motivator for your kids and a parental guidance monitor -Find out more details and purchase here:-

VivoFit Junior (UK)

VivoFit Junior (USA)

*Checkout the kids Educational program available through Garmin -Using wearable trackers at-  http://www8.garmin.com/education/       & video below for more details on vivofit junior* -(See also another education project using Polar -



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