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 WELLNESS  Profiles


Body Coach Fitness-Is now able to offer unique functional tests from a scientific world wide leader in genetic testing and functional  biosciences -for every life stage ,  through out your health and fitness life journey -From children ,young adults, middle aged to senior- there is a life stage wellness profile for you!
There are also wellness selected functional wellness profiles for -executive wellness and weight management profiles for different lifestyle choices .All  profiles include a professional consultation with practitioner Sharon Clare and follow up review of test  details ( via Skype/face to face) -to recommend further health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle intervention plans that could be implemented.
If you are interested in your health in relation to nutrition and food intolerances and allergies then Food watch food intolerance,   nutrition &  metabolic diseases test profiles will be of interest (Please also see -Bespoke personalised  testing panel service below) for unique custom panels designed for you

Child Wellness Profile


If you want a professional functional test for your child's health and wellness -then the child wellness profile is for you. It is designed to analyse 29  various health  test parameters  via a functional blood test which are most important in this life stage -suitable for young children to late teens/young adult hood.

The test includes analysis for  -cholesterol profile, liver profile, kidney profile, iron deficiency profile, thyroid profile, diabetic screen, CBC, Testosterone, Vitamin B12, Cardiac risk markers, folic acid 7 ferritin, ANA & CCP, Toxic elements, electrolytes and pancreas + many more

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details ,price & to book*

Young Adult Hood Profile


If you want a professional functional test for  teen/young adult wellness -then the young adult  wellness profile is for you. It is designed to analyse  59 various health  test parameters  via a functional blood test which are most important in this life stage -suitable for late teens to young adult hood.

The young adult test includes analysis for  the following markers -Lipid profile, liver profile, iron deficiency profile, thyroid profile, diabetic screen and CBC + many more

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details ,price & to book*

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Middle Age Adult Profile


If you want a professional functional test for middle age adult wellness -then middle aged adult  wellness profile is for you. It is designed to analyse 62 various health  test parameters  via a functional blood test which are most important in this life stage -suitable for middle aged  adult hood.

The test includes analysis for  -Lipid profile thyroid profile, liver profile , kidney profile, iron deficiency profile, diabetic screen ,CBC, Vitamin D, testosterone and vitamin B12 + many more

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details ,price & to book*

Senior Adult Profile


If you want a professional functional test for senior adult wellness -then senior  adult  wellness profile is for you. It is designed to analyse 86 various health  test parameters  via a functional blood test which are most important in this life stage -suitable for senior  adult hood.

The test includes analysis for  -Cholesterol profile, liver profile, iron deficiency profile, thyroid profile, diabetic screen, CBC, vitamin D,  testosterone, vitamin B12,  cardiac  risk markers, folic acid, ferritin, toxic elements, electrolytes and pancreas  + many more

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details ,price & to book*

Executive Wellness Profile


If you want a professional wellness test for your employee or yourself as a business owner in any trade - then the executive wellness tests is for you! It tests for and analyses 77 different health tests markers which are important to stressed business people from all walks of life  

The test includes analysis for  - liver profile, kidney profile, iron deficiency profile, thyroid profile, diabetic screen, CBC, Testosterone, cardiac risk factors, ferritin, arthritis, electrolytes, vitamins, cholesterol profile and pacreas + many more

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details ,price & to book*

Weight Management Profile


If you want a professional weight management functional wellness tests- then the weight management profile is for you ! It identifies hormone imbalances that can contribute to obesity, weight gain difficulty losing or sustaining a healthy weight, slowed metabolism, increased body fat deposition, and food/sugar cravings. Used as a screening tool ,it serves as an indicator of insulin resistance and risks for metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

The test analyses for many different health and wellness markers:-

-Women- In women it is suitable for women who experience pre menopausal weight gain and fluid retention, peri menopausal women or menopausal women who experience weight gain in hip/thigh area  or have an ability to lose weight from these areas , who experience central obesity weight gain , PCOS, Adrenal and thyroid dysfunction

-Men- In men the tests is suitable for andropausal male weight gain  especially in the hip/thigh area and waist area and males who experience an inability to lose/tendency to regain weight ,central obesity, and thyroid dysfunction and prostate cancer risk.

-Thyroid add on option:-Free T3,T4 & TPOab antibodies -providing a better estimation of thyroid function

-Cardiac add on option:- A test for cardiac metabolic risk markers  -hs-CRP , triglycerides, total cholesterol-LDL 7 HDL & VLDL for establishing pro inflammatory Cardiovascular and pre diabetes risk

-For Insulin resistance and metabolic resistance

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodcoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for further details on price, and to book*

EBT-Micro Nutrient Test



Eastern Biotech launches this functional cellular analysis test for nutrient deficiencies ,.it is different from all other nutritional assessments as it not only measures if a nutrient is present but also if a nutrient is being absorbed and properly functioning within the body!*(This test is more than a snap shop it gives you a 4-6 month window of your nutritional history).*

EBT's micro nutrient test  is an assessment of how well the body utilises 33 vitamins ,minerals /fatty acids ,anti oxidants and metabolites while conveying the body's needs for these micro nutrients that enable the body to produce enzymes ,hormones and other substances essential for proper growth ,development and good health.

This test provides the basis of a personalised ,functional approach in addressing a broad variety of clinical conditions including arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular risk, diabetes, various immunological disorders ,metabolic disorders and micro nutrient deficiencies .This test will have  a normal result turn around time of 3-4 weeks dependant on global location


*As this test is bespoke and customised and available internationally prices may vary ,so please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or  07875086760 for more details ,prices and for a consultation*

Wellness Basic-Screening Profile


The basic wellness screening panel-Is any thing but basic! But  a good starting point to analyse and monitor your health & fitness levels. It includes full TSH testing, and both 2 diabetic screens as well as a full blood count-FBC-including testing of 31 parameters.

Kick start your new health, fitness and nutrition regime with this basic wellness screen  -& get a fitness and  nutrition program from Body Coach Fitness based on these test results and watch -retest and re evaluate every 1-3 months and watch your progress!

*Contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for price of test and programming and to book a consultation face to face/online *

Obesity Profile Panel


A functional tests panel for  obesity- testing for Adinopection ,leptin & grehlin ( hunger hormones), cortisol,T3.T4, TSH, FBS,Lipid profile,routine urine testing, electrolytes, calcium,creatinine ,uric acide and BMI/Body mass index (requiring height & weight measurements) giving you information on your health status and progress in  weight loss. Ideal for anyone who is on a obesity weight management program  and can be used as stand  alone test or with weight management test above for even better results.

Metabolic Syndrome Profile


The cardio metabolic profile test is for analysing risk for CVD and diabetes 2 which is known to be high in people who have a disorder known as metabolic syndrome which is associated with being over weight .The cardio metabolic profile tests for biomarkers in hsCRP,hbA1c, TG, CHHDL ,LDL & VLDL .

This test is 'A wake up call' to evaluate your health fitness and nutrition program to help prevent or reduce metabolic syndrome risk factors -Ideal test to be taken with either obesity panel and/or weight management profile

* Please  contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details ,to book a consultation face to face/online and for price* 

 Diabetes -Risk Assessment & Monitoring Profile


Along with Globesity -Diabetes is one of the most common and ever growing health and fitness concerns throughout the world. As we consume more processed and sugar filled foods the need for self awareness  of our health  , and early detection and prevention and monitoring of conditions such as diabetes are growing in importance. (Always consult your GP before testing and follow their advice ).When exercising it is especially important for everyone ,but more important for diabetics to control blood glucose levels for better health ,sporting performance and recovery.

If you are concerned about diabetes risks this package of diabetes tests will help inform you of your health status and can be used as part of your health, fitness and nutrition programming  .It can be used in isolation ( or combined with -genetic diabetes test-on wellness genetics page) .

Dependant on your personal health status eg:- pre diabetes, diabetes 1 or 2  ,controlled or uncontrolled -You can choose from a package of tests :-

-Diabetes Risk Assessment Profile-HOMA index (FBS with fasting insulin) adinopinectin & HBA1c

-Diabetes Type Profile-  -(GAD abs,islet cell antibody (ICAbi),1 & 2 insulin anti body total test ,insulin fasting & C peptide

-Choice of 2 diabetes monitoring profile panels (Min & max)

A total bespoke screening process from assessment ,diabetes type and monitoring-Early detection, Prevention ,monitoring  and action  taking based on results- All results will be given through a professional laboratory with full counselling available -Body Coach Fitness can then help 'advise & recommend 'in conjunction with medical advice if necessary on  a suitable fitness ,nutrition & lifestyle regime

 *Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and/or 07875086760 for more details on tests ,to choose a package and for consultation face to face/online)*

Neuro Transmitter Profile


This non invasive non genetic ( dried spot urine ) test gets to the root of persistent issues such as adrenal dysfunction, mood disorders, anxiety, insomnia, low libido, persistent fatigue , lack of appetite, and depression . It offers a simple advantage of zeroing in on neuro transmitter imbalances -so that the relevant therapy, nutrition and healthy lifestyle intervention program  can be created -all from one quick sample-(best to be combined with other hormonal panel tests for best results ) but effective as part of a healthy mind body holistic approach to health and fitness
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and/or 07875086760 for consultation face to face/online and for more details on test and price*

Gluten/Casein Peptide Test


The Gluten/Casein peptide test can determine the inability to digest wheat, barley an milk. These undigested protein called peptides are associated with gastrointestinal , neurological and neuro -developmental disorders. The Gluten/casein peptide test determines sensitivities , even when a patient has IgE or IgG  allergic reaction to these foods. If either of the peptide results in abnormal , both gluten ( from gliadorphin) and casein( from casomorphin) should be eliminated fro your diet. A unique and useful test for food sensitivities


*Please  contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and/or 07875086760 for a face to face/online consultation , to purchase test and for further details ( Price dependant on global location)*

PULS Cardiac Test


50% of heart attack victims have normal cholesterol levels and do not show any other pre determining risk factors. Making it hard to predict likelihood of cardiac problems without genetic testing.

Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the new PULS Cardiac test through Cleveland labs and Invivo ( Non-genetic) which is unique in that it screens for the one  cause that is most likely to contribute to heart disease but is often over looked-   Unstable cardiac lesion rupture. (It is a test for people who appear healthy and fit but may have active heart disease which could result in heart attack) It measures protein biomarkers in the immune system in response to arterial injury.

It provides a 5 year personalised cardiac profile for unstable cardiac lesion rupture  and your own personal' heart age' or 'cardiac score' relative  to your age and gender and a lifestyle recommendation plan to implement to prevent a future heart problem

 * This test could help provide vital information for your physician for clinical management as well as nutritional and lifestyle management*

 Please see two links below for an example report profile of test and client /patient hand out explaining more about the test.

click here to download file

click here to download file

 *Please contact Sharon Clare for more details on 07875086760 and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  for price and to book consultation & test*


 TMAO Test-A New Way To Assess Heart Attack & Stroke Risk


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the exclusive and unique TMAO test as a practitioner with Invivo and Cleveland Heartlab. This is a new unique way of testing for risks to having heart attacks and strokes in the future acting as a good non genetic test addition to any health ,fitness, nutrition and lifestyle program if you consider you have a likelihood of this in your family .

It is a new blood test measuring levels of TMAO( Trimethylamine-N-Oxide)-A metabolite derived from gut bacteria. This test can help 'powerfully ' predict future risk of heart attacks or strokes.  TMAO is a compound produced by the liver after intestinal bacteria digest certain nutrients from foods. eg L carnitine from red meat and lecithin from eggs (yolks) and full fat dairy products. In 2011 a research team led by Dr Hazen discovered that elevated blood levels of TMAO  are linked to risk of heart attack and strokes. Since then a vast amount of clinical trials and research has proven that this blood test could be literally a future life saver and aid you to a healthy fit future with a interventional lifestyle plan based on results for future health and fitness


*As this test is highly specialised -Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitnes.com and /or 0787506760 for more details on price and to book test through lab-All test results for this test will need to be discussed through with your GP/Physician) * 

Bespoke Personalised  Profile Tests


Body Coach Fitness in partnership with EBT -are now able to offer personalised custom made panel tests. I n today's  lifestyle of excessive work hours and fast paced environment maintaining  a healthy lifestyle is more difficult. We can go week after week without paying attention to what we eat and not finding the time for physical activity. In juggling all these responsibilities it is hard to monitor one's health. We are aware that such a lifestyle pre disposes us to health disorders  such as excess weight and obesity, diabetes, hypertension(high blood pressure) , and many more. In addition we find nutrient deficiencies are more common such as low vitamin D,B12 calcium and iron  and folic acid deficiencies .

As a practitioner of EBT Body Coach Fitness is able to provide custom personalised test panels choosing from over 3,000+ test panels from various categories such as - wellness and health evaluation , nutrition and metabolic, hormonal, lifestyle, and many more. After consultation with Body Coach Fitness a personal tests profile can be organised for you with every test specific to you and your own needs and a healthy lifestyle and health fitness and nutrition program can be arranged based on test results-A truly bespoke individualised and unique health and wellness testing service

*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and/or 07875086760 for more details on bespoke custom test panels ,to book a consultation face to face /online and for prices*

Gluten Detect


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the 1st at home test for identifying if you have consumed gluten based foods/drinks (within the last 7 days) .This test is ideal for anyone who has been informed that they have a gluten intolerance and who need to follow a strict gluten free diet .The at home tests will confirm within 15 minutes whether your symptoms are indeed due to gluten consumption ( verify gluten intolerance ) and help identify food and drinks which have hidden Gluten in which may cause discomfort. It is a lateral flow test similar to a pregnancy test which detects gluten immunogenic peptides to help ensure compliance to your gluten -free diet due to coeliac disease or other conditions, and takes the guess work out of whether you are being exposed to gluten contamination which you are not aware of -A simple tool recommended for the effective management of a gluten-free lifestyle! There are two at home tests available :-


Gluten Detect -Home Stool test 



Gluten Detect -Home Stool Test has two single use lateral flow tool tests for 15 minute detection of gluten consumption ( within the last 7 days)

Gluten Detect Home Stool Test




Gluten Detect Home Urine Test


Gluten Detect home urine test  is a single use lateral flow  gluten consumption detection test (of gluten within last 7 days)


Gluten Detect Home Urine Test




Zonulin Serum Test


You have probably never heard of zonulin? This has been identified as a key biomarker for intestinal permeability which has been associated with celiac disease ,non celiac gluten sensitivity( NCGS) and other GI & systemic condition such as type 1 diabetes, MS ,RA ,asthma and inflammation of the bowel.

* Zonulin is  the only regulator of intestinal permeability known to be reversible , which makes it a valuable test for monitoring improvements of dietary and therapeutic interventions  with some one who has these conditions *

Zonulin has also been found in higher amounts in more obese adults especially people with glucose intolerance -and if test is found positive for higher zonulin serum levels-An interventional dietary program can be implemented ( not to be replaced by physicians recommendations) which could include a supplementation program  including quercitin, vitamin C , Curcumin, gamma- linoleic acid, omega 3 fatty acids, and aloe vera as well as dietary program including more zinc,beta carotene , pantothenic acid and L glutamine supplementation to provide support for gut healing.

 This test is a practitioner only test available though Body Coach Fitness & Doctors Data professional laboratory and ideal prior and during a healthy gut nutrition program with Body Coach fitness



Zonulin Serum Test



Self Check Pre Diabetes Test


Find out if your pre-diabetic once and for all .The definition of pre-diabetic is "pre-diabetes" -a warning sign. It's wen your blood glucose level is higher than normal ,but it is not high enough to be considered diabetes. Pre diabetes is a condition in which you can get diabetes type 2 if you do not change your nutritional and lifestyle .Diabetes develops very gradually so when you find out your are pre-diabetic you may not even have any obvious symptoms at this stage but if left you could get diabetes 2.

Who is this test for?

Blood sugar testing is really for every one ,but is strongly recommended  for anyone over the age of 40 years old. It is recommended for any one with a health or family history of high cholesterol .This test is a simple professional at home blood spot test to show the levels of your blood glucose. This would be recommended at regular intervals to see if any changes have occurred with anyone with a family history of diabetes 1 & 2 and once per year for every one who is still in good health.

If you take this test it could help save your future health and fitness and allow you to change your lifestyle  ,nutrition and fitness regime to help prevent occurrence of diabetes 2 .

Self Check Pre Diabetes Test




Eastern Biotech-One Test



The biomarkers measured as part of OneTest (AFP, CEA, PSA, CA 19-9, CA 125, CA 15-3, and CYFRA 21-1) are significantly associated with the presence of different malignancies and have the potential to detect cancers at the early, more curable stages while patients are still asymptomatic.

John Hopkins research has found that  among tumour types ,66% of genetic mutations led to cancer out of all random mutations. Of which 29% arise from lifestyle and environment and only 5% genetically inherited from parents. In Japan, Korea ,China  and the Far East   they routinely test for cancer mutations in people from 40 years of age onwards as part of an annual health check. Below is a link to a sample report for this test :-

click here to download file

*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details and pricing for this bespoke test*

Liver Check Plus Program


The liver is one of the largest internal organ  and one of the most important organs in the human body . This non genetic test is ideal for those who want to find out if there current lifestyle is affecting their liver and if they need to cut down on alcohol consumption, and need to eat  a more balanced diet  and exercise to improve liver health. *( This test can be taken on its own or combined with the Body Coach pro genetic test and includes a test report and  nutritional programming & lifestyle advice from Body Coach Fitness .

Dry January is a good time to start a liver detox as any in the year and this test can be redone periodically to analyse progress of liver regeneration after nutritional and lifestyle programming .

 The liver check plus program includes cmprehensive check of:-

 - Liver enzyme -Gamma GT(GGT)

-Liver enzyme -Alanine Transferase (AST) 

 -Liver enzyme -Aspartate Transferase (ALT)

 -Total Proteins ( Albumin & Globulin)

-Hyaluronic Acid


*Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 /or sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for more details  on this test program and to book a face to face /online consultation*

Liver Check Plus Program



Autism Test Panel


This There is no 1 type of autism, but-many! (ASD) Autism spectrum disorder refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills ,repetitive behaviour and non- verbal communication .A combination of genetic and environmental factors influence the development of autism. Autism is often accompanied by medical issues such as GI disorders, seizures and sleep disturbances  .(Autism affects an estimated 1 in 59 children).

Many people with autism also have sensory issues which can include aversion to certain sights ,sounds and sensations. If you analyse the condition with this GPL (Great  plains laboratory) test you will be able to help prevent further physical symptoms such as GI disturbances, sleep disorders and changes in behaviour .

 This GPL Autism test panel includes the following tests:-

-Cholesterol advanced profile

-Comprehensive stool analysis panel test

-Gluten/casein peptides test

-GPL-Tox Toxic non- metal chemical profile

-IGG Food allergy test

-Metals hair test

-Organic acids test

 -Phospholipase A2 activity test

 -Microbiology test


*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details on the bespoke customised GPL Autism test panel and pricing as this is individualised to each persons needs*


AD(H)D Panel Test


ADHD -Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder affects tens and children an can advance into adulthood. It is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental disorders in children. Children with ADHD may be hyperactive and unable to control their impulses or paying attention and their behaviour can interfere with school and home life.

ADHD can be hereditary or due to chemical imbalances and brain changes ,poor nutrition ,infections, smoking, drinking and substance abuse . Many people with ADHD live successful lives and treatment helps ,but taking this test will help in identifying areas of health and nutrition which need to be addressed with a healthy lifestyle nutrition and behaviour change program


*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details and prices on bespoke customised test panels individual to you* 

Fibromyalgia & CFS Profile


 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the- Fibromyalgia & CFS panel for people suffering with this often misdiagnosed and misunderstood condition, which may result in unexplained fatigue, tiredness ,lethargy and other physical symptoms.*(Through A professional international diagnostic laboratory)* 

 This test panel will allow you to understand your condition ( alongside any medical treatment needed) and will give you a head start in fighting this debilitating condition by creating a suitable healthy nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle plan. The test panel includes :-

-Gluten/Casein Peptides

 -GPL TOX Test-(Non metal chemical profile)

 -Glyphosate  test

IGG Food allergy test

-Metals hair test

-Organic acids test

-Phospholipase A2 Activity Test

*Full comprehensive test report included* 

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com & /or 07875086760 for more details & pricing and for face to face/online consultation* 


Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Profile Panel


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the -Multiple sclerosis (MS) Profile panel  for this auto immune disease that affects the central nervous system  damaging the myelin sheath( as  a practitioner with a leading international diagnostic laboratory). You are more likely to get MS if you have  a family history of this disorder and it consists of  periods of remission and lapses in health with symptoms of - problems with arm & leg balance and coordination issues ,memory loss and fatigue.

The test  panel includes the following:-

-GPL -TOX Panel

 -Glyphosate test

 -Phospholipase A2 Activity Test

 -Organic acid test

-Metal hairs test

-Copper /zinc profile

-IGG Food allergy test + candida

-comprehensive stool analysis

-Comprehensive fatty acid test

-Advanced cholesterol profile

-Gluten/casein peptide test

-Vitamin D Test

*(Full comprehensive test report included )* 

*Please go to Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details & pricing and to book a face to face/online consultation* 


Tourette's & Tics Panel


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the new unique -Tourette's & Tics panel -for people with this neuropsychiatric disorder .There is no effective cure or treatment ,but some dietary and lifestyle changes can help the condition. This test will help confirm that the condition is present and may give clues to co morbidities that are present.

The test panel includes :-

-CHOLESTEROL Advanced profile


-GPL -Tox ( Non metal chemical profile)

 -IGG Food Allergy Test

 -Metals Hair Test

-Organic Acid Test

-Streptococcus Antibodies Test


*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details and pricing and for a face to face/online consultation*


Eastern Biotech- Pre Marital Health Screen
If you wish to find out the future health of your partner then this unique premarital screen test panel from Eastern Biotech could be for you. There are both genetic and non genetic test panels for health screening for both males and females. So giving   your selves the best possible chance for future health, identifying any possible health issues which could be prevented or improved by better lifestyle behaviours and nutrition and exercise programming as well as interventional health care programs. Please see chart for more details of each test:-


*As this is a highly customisable Test panel -Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details on pricing and consultation*

Food Watch


Food Watch nutrition ,food intolerance and metabolic disease profile tests are a series of diagnostic analysis for food intolerances and allergies  and respiratory allergies which can affect your health for both adults and children

Food Allergy Panels


There are various food intolerance /allergy panel to choose from - mini and grand adult tests for meat eaters and vegetarians/vegans and children's  food panel tests-Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for further details , consultation and prices

Respiratory Allergy Panels


There are selection of adult and child respiratory allergy tests available from mini to grand options please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for more details , consultation  and prices

Example Of Nutrition & Food Allergy Profiles

Below is  a chart with some examples of items tested for on selected food allergy and respiratory allergy tests


Estern Biotech Healthy Lifestyle Panels
A selection of international professional practitioner only - bespoke - health  and wellness blood profiles from Eastern Biotech a leading international daignostic laboratory .

EBT -Red Blood Cell Elements  (RBC) Test Panel


The EBT Red Blood Cell Elements test  helps fine tune your system  by providing data regarding the absorption  of an array of vital nutrient elements  and why  optimum absorption may not be occuring. Eg knowing your exact zinc and thyroid levels. .RBC provides specifics  about which nutrients are too low or high or missing entirely from your system ,providing important information about how much more of a nutrient you need to eat on foods or supplements

*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details ,bespoke pricing and face to face/online consultation*

EBT-Amino Acid Plasma Test Panel


Many individuals have 'hidden' impairments in amino acid metabolism that are problematic and often go undiagnosed. Body Coach fitness is now able to offer as a practioner of EBT  an -Amino Acid Plasma Test Panel. It provides fundamental information about dietary protein adequacy and amino acid balance ,gastro intestinal dysfunctions ,forms of protein intolerance ,viatmin and mineral deficiencies particularily folic acid ,B12,B6 metabolism ,zinc and magnesium- renal hepatic dysfunction ,psychiatric abnormalities ,succeptibility to inflammatory responses  and oxidative stress ,reduced toxification capacity ,and many other inherent and aquired disorders  in Amino Acid metabolism.The test shows levels of amino acids thata re available on the body for building different types of protein ( structural,transport and storage ) and immunoglobins as well as making enzymes.

*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details and bespoke pricing and to book a face to face /online consultation*


EBT- Urine Toxic & Essential Elements  Test Panel


Body Coach fitness is now able to offer the  -Urine Toxic & essential Elements  Test panel -As a practitioner with EBT. Urine element analysis is intended primarily for diagnostic assessment of toxic element status ,monitoring detoxification therapy and identifying or quantifying renal wasting conditions. The urine elements test evaluates  exposure to potentially toxic elements  while also measuring the wasting of nutrient elements . In addition ,comparing urine element concentrations before and after admistration of a chelator ( a compound that removes heavy metals from the body by bonding to a central metal atom at two or more points ) provides information to estimate the net retention of potentially toxic elements .Finally ,subsequent urine elements analysis helps medical professionals assess the efficacy of metal detoxification therapy.
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details on test panel , bespoke pricing and to book a face to face /online consultation*

EBT- Whole Blood Elements Test Panel


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the - EBT Whole Blood Elements Test Panel- AS an EBT professional practitioner. The whole blood elements  analysis measures total element levels  that circulate extracellularly in serum/plasma ,as well as intracellularly within the blood cells ,providing the standard for diagnosis of lead,mercury, or other metal toxicity or poisoning .It also assesses recent or ongoing exposure to potentially toxic elements. Whole blood element analysis assists in determining imbalances ,insufficiencys ,or excess of certain elements that have essential or beneficial functions. Additional  testing of blood fractions or other body tissues may be necessary for differential diagnosis of imbalances. Additional testing may also be necessary to assess specific dysfunctions of assimilation ,transport, retention or excretion of elements .

*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details on test panel,bespoke pricing and to book a face to face /online consultation*

EBT- Comprehensive Parasitology Test Panel


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the -EBT Comprehensive Parasitology Test Panel- as  professional practitioner of EBT. The comprehensive parasitoligy profile is an important tool for identifying imbalances in intestinal microflora,as well as sensitive biochemical assays amd microscopy ,this thorough profile evaluates the status of beneficial and pathogenic micro organisms including aerobic and anaerobic bacteria ,yeast and parasites .

*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details on bespoke  test panel and pricing and to book an online /face to face consultation*

Forthwith Life-Health & Fitness Biomarkers


Take control of your health by tracking what is happening inside with- Easy to use  Home blood finger prick test kits -Biomarker performance testing-From Forthwith life -Essential checks for life!Tests available to purchase are:-

- Essential Biomarker checks- Establishing baseline measurements  which are essential for health( Vit D, cortisol, hs-CRP, TSH, Testosterone, HbA 1c diabetes check, ferritin, vit B12, progesterone & omega 3 & 6

-Body fat biomarker test, energy check, liver health ,thyroid health, hormones health , blood health and nutritional health

 -Full Health Screens- Tests for 50 health biomarkers including baseline, improved health and fitness and cardiovascular and diabetic health


Go to - https://www.forthwithlife.co.uk/aff/893h2v4-23403hj4/   for further details to purchase tests and to give yourself an essential health check MOT for life!





Comprehensive Wellness Test Panels


  3 Comprehensive  wellness testing panels for health and wellness -different levels of choice and affordability- but with the same goal- A better healthy lifestyle!

 Comprehensive Wellness Test(1) 


A comprehensive wellness testing panel for 250 items. Including 200 food items, 20 moulds, and 30 food additives and environmental chemicals . Wellness testing at its best - for a better healthy lifestyle!

Comprehensive Wellness Test Panel- (1)



 Comprehensive Wellness Test Panel (2)



A comprehensive wellness testing panel for 230 items. Including 200 food items,  and 30 food additives and environmental chemicals . Wellness testing at its best - for a better healthy lifestyle!

Comprehensive Wellness Test Panel (2)



 Comprehensive Wellness Test Panel (3)



A comprehensive wellness testing panel for 250 items. Including 200 food items, 20 moulds, and 30 food additives and environmental chemicals . Wellness testing at its best - for a better healthy lifestyle!

Comprehensive Wellness Test Panel (3)



Alcat-Diet Program


Studies show that the avoidance of offending food/additives improves immune function and the -The Alcat diet program- has positive effects on chronic inflammatory symptoms ,including gastrointestinal ,joint, skin, metabolic and neurological complaints. Find out what foods and rinks are compatible for you  and receive your test results with a full rotational dietary plan and en e-result guidance booklet to show you how to follow your new dietary program. * Includes a fully comprehensive test- 250 food items+ 50 chemical additives- glysophate & full rotational dietary program*

ALCAT-Dietary Program



 Add On-Tests For Comprehensive Wellness Test Panels

Please see details regarding some new add on test kits to work alongside the comprehensive wellness panel tests  above (There are also female and male herb panels add on tests available on therapeutics page) All these tests can be added onto a general wellness and food intolerance test from the comprehensive wellness and therapeutic panel test ranges available at Body Coach Fitness


 40 Preservative /Expanded Additives Alcat Panel Test



 This test analyses for 40 specific preservatives found in foods and drinks and also an extended food additive list and is fully comprehensive for food intolerance testing for these product, available through partnership with Direct  labs .Available internationally but results of tests will take longer than normal from some locations in the world than others. (Consultation is recommended before ordering face to face /online ) to establish need and requirements .

Ingredients tested for are:- (Acaia Gun,Adipic acid, ascorbic acid, beta carotene, calcium phosphate, cyclodextrin, D-Lactitol, EDTA, Fumaric acid, Glycerol, Hexylresorcinol, Invertase, Isomalt, Lactic acid, Lecithin, Magnesium phosphate, Malic acid, Maltodextrin, Mannitol, Methanamine, Methyl Anthranilate, Phosphoric acid, Polydextrone, Potash, Potassium phosphate, Potassium sorbate, Potassium Tartrate, Re #2( Amaranth), Red #3 ( Erythrosine), Sodium acetate, Sodium benzoate, Sodium bisulphate, Sodium lactate, Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) , Sodium proprionate, Sodium pyrophosphate, Sodium tripolyphosphate & Succinic Acid) 

40 Preservatives/Expanded Additives Alcat Panel Test



Antibiotics/Anti inflammatory (20 items Add on Test Panel)


This test analyses for 20 antibiotic and anti inflammatory agents and intolerances to them and this panel can be added to any Alcat wellness profile panel (this is an add on test) and not a food intolerance test. This add on test is available through Body Coach Fitness and Direct labs internationally  results may take longer from some locations in the globe (Consultation is recommended face to face/online before ordering to ensure test meets requirements)

The  ingredients tested for are :-

( Advil/Motrin), Amoxicillin, Ampicillin Sodium, Aspirin, Cephalosporin, Clinoril, Diflunisal, Gentamicin sulphate, Indocin, Naproxen sodium, Neomycin Sulphate, Nystatin, Penicillamine, Hcl, Piroxicam streptomycine sulphate, Sulfmethoxazole, Tetracycline Hcl, Tylenol & Voltaren)

20 Item-Antibiotic/Anti Inflammatory Alcat Panel Test



Phyto FEM Meno


 This female food intolerance testing panel offers professional laboratory analysis for 100 items of food and drink + 50 female specific herb items for female health .This is ideal for females with food intolerances and especially females with hormonal imbalances to see what if any herbs for relieving menopausal and hormonal issues they could be intolerant to* There is also an additional fee of £75.00 on top of this price for lab fees as this is an expanded advanced panel test*

ALCAT Phyto FEM -Meno Test




*There is an additional £75.00 lab fee to be added to this test-As  it is an expanded advanced  panel test*



 (CNA)Cellular Nutrition Assays *When ordered with Alcat Food Sensitivity Test Panel*


Body Coach Fitness is now able to  offer *free (CNA)cellular nutrition assays from Alcat when ordered with an Alcat Food sensitivity test panel*. This 98 test item report looks at 47 micro nutrients  insufficiencies  1 redox assayfor overall anti oxidant function  and 40  individual particular beneficial anti oxidants (APA) anti oxidant protection assays .Plus 11 proprietary formulations and ( optional reporting).*This deal is only available until 12/02/20*.By using Alcat tests for food  and chemical sensitivities along with cellular nutritional assays it is now possible to scientifically to determine what any particular individual should and should not eat as well as which specific nutrients/botanicals may be particularly beneficial.
(CNA) Test panels are normally priced from -£250.00 for all 3 assays
 *Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare from Body Coach Fitness at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760*
 *Special priced tests for limited availability - please see dates -normal pricing from £250.00 for all 3 assays*

Create Your Own Bespoke Customized Alcat Panel


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer -Create your own customised Alcat Panels using modular system - bespoke test panels allowing you too choose and create your own personal test profile .*You can choose your full price panel from above Alcat tests * and then create your own personalised mix of test panels as advised by Body Coach Fitness. For example - A full priced food panel with additional female or male herb panels and food additives ,colourings and preservatives  at a customised price for your own individual needs.
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare from  Body Coach Fitness  at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details *

Body Coach Fitness-Health Test Center


Take Control Of Your Health- With Health Test center's. Body Coach Fitness is a practitioner associated with Health Test Center's ( 3500  Lab Corp & Quest Diagnostics Laboratories across Canada & USA ). Offering affordable health, nutrition and performance HIPAA compliant blood test purchasing online. Convenient packages with a 100% guarantee for accurate results .Tests include, vitamin & mineral testing, nutrition, health , wellness and performance testing with a 5% discount off purchase through Body Coach Fitness at the following link:- https://www.healthtestingcenters.com/affs/sharon.html 

Thriva Health Hub Profiles


The Thriva health hub is a series of tests available through Body coach Fitness ( as a Thriva practitioner) to aid your general health and fitness -analysing  'key data' for health and wellness unique to you!
Thriva offers many direct to patient tests and two more specialist tests listed here:-
Complete Lipid Review:-
 The complete lipid review test is both very comprehensive and affordable offering full analysis of -Apolipoprotein A1, Apolipoprotein B, Full blood count ,lipid profile  and liver function-Ideal for any one concerned with Cholestrol issues -but do not wish to have a genetic test

Comprehensive Lipid Review



 Advanced Thyroid (Vitamins & Minerals) Test:-

 This thyroid test is unique in that it offers 'both vitamin and mineral analysis' for key nutrients that support healthy thyroid function as well as the thyroid function tests itself( normally thyroid test is taken on its own or with -either-vitamins and minerals  (not both).So fully comprehensive but also very affordable with personalised guidance after test

Advanced Thyroid Vitamins & Minerals Test



Path To Wellness-Integrative Functional Wellness Testing


 Prevent illness, fight disease , feel better, feel fitter & perform at a higher level -Sharon Clare at Body Coach Fitness can help you on your path to wellness as a professional practitioner at Biohealth labs, which offers professional stress profile testing, hormone tests and GI & SIBO tests -All your health & fitness concerns could be improved by functional testing & an integrative lifestyle management programme based on result findings. See links below for more details on tests available to order through Body Coach Fitness (contact Sharon clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 0787508670 for consultation and to order tests) :-

-          HPA Stress Profile: https://www.biohealthlab.com/resources/


-          Female Hormones: https://www.biohealthlab.com/test-menu/female-hormones/


-          GI Screens: https://www.biohealthlab.com/test-menu/screens/


-          SIBO: https://www.biohealthlab.com/test-menu/sibo/

Also do you  use dietary supplements? Biomatrixone are clinical grade supplements which complement

 some of the tests procedures above as part of a lifestyle management program -these also have to be

through practitioner Sharon Clare at Body Coach Fitness please see link for more details on these 




Do You Use Dietary Supplements? Visit our sister brand, BioMatrix at www.biomatrixone.com to learn about high-grade bioidentical hormones, HPA axis modifiers, and more. Based upon years of evaluating patient test results, BioMatrix has developed products and protocols shown, via pre- and post-testing, to help restore healthy function.



*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for consultation, process of tests and products , for more details  and to book tests -order products*

New-BioHealth Fructose Malabsorption Test


Body Coach Fitness will be able to offer the new-Bio health Fructose malabsorption test ( as from 20th august 2018) & 2 other tests -Leaky gut test & lactulose/glucose & fructose combo breath test. These are all professional practitioner only tests .

The fructose malabsorption test is particularily useful for anyone who experiences gastro intestinal symptoms after consuming fruit and fruit juices which could also in turn cause symptoms of IBS in some people.  Most people are aware of the fact of dairy, gluten, shellfish and nut allergise but are unaware that malabsorption of fruit sugars from fruit and juices could also be leading to health and fitness issues although these food and drink products are healthy itself. If you suspect any difficulty in digesting these substances ( seek medical advice ) as well as taking this unique test which could help determine future food and lifestyle intervention programmes which could help with this for good future digestion & health and fitness

*As these are practitioner/clinical grade tests -please contact Sharon Clare as a practitioner of Biohealth  for more details and to book and purchase test & arrange consultation* 

True health Labs


If you are looking for truly customisable health tests look no further than True Lab Tests. Go to the following link https://www.truehealthlabs.com/#bodycoach  and /or click on  image link below   and you will find a variety of specialist health test panels to choose from, plus nutritional supplement panels, vitamin panels and health, injury and fitness panels- but if you cannot find what you are looking for -go to the custom panel section- and list what your needs are and True Health Labs will create a customised testing panel just for you-personalised, customised individual health testing at its best!

Life Extension Tests


Life extension is a professional lab testing and healthy supplement provider across the world. Offering supplements with option to purchase kits eg  brain kit, detox kit, ant ageing kit and specialist lab tests ,magazines and many moreproducts and services to keep you performing at your best -sports performance tests, nutrition tests, hormonal panels and much more see links below for more details and to purchase :-

Blood Testing

Generic Deep Link

Magazine Subscription

Persona Labs Tests

Personalabs Lab Testing

Doctor Directed Testing Consult

Lab Testing Follow Up Consult

Personal Labs also offers -Telemedicine- A unique way to connect your community with medical aid eg blood tests -online/by telephone- no need to have to physically go to your GP /physician for every appointment and to book blood tests watch video for more details on telemedicine in action

  Hypersensitivity Wellness Test Kits


 Assess your immune system health status with Body Coach Fitness a practitioner of Direct labs with these  unique ELISA/ACT (LRA) Lymphocyte response assay tests. These tests monitor hypersensitivity to a variety of substances (dependant on test) including Food & drink items, moulds, environmental chemicals, additives and preservatives medications, and food and drink colourings and additives.

These  wellness tests are unique in that they are "the only tests that detect all 3 -delayed  allergy pathways"- (Type I,TYPE II, TYPE III & TYPE IV) and offers the "most items" of testing hence a higher price point. It not only screens antibodies present it identifies symptom provoking reactive substances as non reactive ,moderately reactive and highly reactive.

 Each test will come with a personalised treatment  plan of action to help eliminate sensitivities and restore overall health for exercise and every day life! A comprehensive way of establishing allergies which can affect not only health but also your fitness levels and daily lifestyle *(Each test will require to book a blood draw at extra cost -Consultation  with Body Coach fitness face to face /online prior to ordering is recommended with these tests)* Not just an average intolerance/allergy test-A comprehensive wellness evaluation test for improved fitness, health and immune function-For a happier healthier lifestyle!

ELISA/ACT Basic Test-(66 Food Items,15 Environmental items,15 Additives /Preservatives, 28 Moulds & 20 Food Colour Additives)



ELISA/ACT Comprehensive (316 Item)Test-(166 Food items, 61 Environmental Chemicals, 28 Mould Items , 27 Additives & Preservatives, 20 Food Colour Additives & 14 Toxic Minerals/Metals)



ELISA /ACT Comprehensive + Medications (341 Items) Test- (166 Food Items, 61 Environmental Chemicals, 28 Mould Items, 27 Additives & Preservatives, 20 Food Colours & Additives, 14 Toxic Minerals/Metals & 25 Medication Items)



ELISA/ACT All Inclusive (505 Items) Kit-(238 Food Items, 61 Environmental Chemicals, 28 Moulds, 45 Preservatives & Additives, 20 Food/Drink colouring Additives, 14 Toxic Minerals & Metals ,25 Medications ,46 Therapeutic Foods & 18 Therapeutic Herbs)



Healthy Chemical Balance  Test Profiles


Years ago scientists discovered our bodies have an internal chemical balance that is unique to each individual -like a finger print. Like wise every food we eat has it's own "chemical balance" -A unique set of natural or man - made  chemicals. As all our bodies react differently to each and every food we eat ,the food we eat each day  will enhance proper body chemistry ,or disrupt the correct balance. A toxic reaction might go unnoticed because most of them work at a cellular level .and may cause symptoms that are unnoticed straight away. When we eat foods that form toxins in our systems, those foods can cause harmful ,chronic problems with health .

These  unique Immuno Blood Print Immuno Lab Kits from Body Coach Fitness & Quest Diagnostics/Direct labs will pin point the foods that support a healthy body chemistry and those that are toxic to you -Making it much easier to for a healthy nutrition  and lifestyle program based on results! There are 3 kits -Standard-Kosher & Vegetarian (Body Coach Fitness recommends a consultation face to face/online before purchasing to ensure suitability of tests-Test result turn around time will vary dependant on global location & a blood draw will need to be arranged -at extra cost)

Immuno Blood Print 88(Basic) ImmunoLab kit



Immuno Blood Print 115 (Standard) -Immuno Lab Kit



Immuno Blood Print 108 (Kosher) ImmunoLabs Kit



Immuno Blood Print 104 (Vegetarian) Immuno Labs Kit



Immuno Blood Print 154 (Comprehensive) ImmunoLab Kit



Melissa Test


Purchase  a unique practitioner only Melissa blood test through Body Coach Fitness- In association with Biolab laboratories. This test uniquely tests for hypersensitivities to metals ( Titanium,Nickel & Mercury) Often used in dental materials and implants , food materials and cosmetics, sunscreens and coins and jewellery.

You may present with symptoms of chronic fatigue and rashes and  other symptoms affecting health and fitness levels and not be able to point to where it arises .

With this test you will be able to see if you have allergies to Titanium in sunscreens E number ( E771) found in confectionaries and other food stuffs, toothpaste and dental implants .As well as allergies to nickel in foods, jewellery, cigerretes   and dental ,knee and hip implants and Mercury in amalgam fillings, food and jewellery and polluted fish.

 If allergies are found Body Coach fitness can help create a nutritional and lifestyle plan avoiding known causes eg a low Nickel diet low in chocolate, beans, grains, peas and cocoa and avoiding known foods .cosmetics and sunscreens containing these items. An unusual but useful test for interventional health, fitness and lifestyle programming


*As this is  specialist practitioner only test please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  for more details and to book a consultation face to face/online and purchase a test* 


Blue Horizons -UK Allergy Test 


Body Coach is now able to offer the Blue Horizons- UK Allergy Test Panel. It includes 16 IgE Allergy tests for the most common UK allergies. A great place to jump start your search for allergies (This is -NOT a food intolerance test)This test does not require a fast and has  a 2 week turn around time-*you will need to arrange your own blood draw with a local service*A affordable and professional tests for UK allergies!  

Blue Horizons-UK Allergy Test



Smart Blood -1st Step Food Intolerance Test


The 1st-Step indicator test is popular with people who experience health problems that may be explained by a  food intolerance but want to check first before going on to complete the full smartblood food intolerance test ( on sports performance hub page). A most popular test pathway -simple yes/no finger prick test-easy to follow instructions and professional quick results within 3 days of sending tests results back*Can be-Upgraded- if a positive result is found* Ideal starter food intolerance testing kit available through Body Coach

1st Step Food Indicator Test



SMART Blood-Full Test


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the 'full smart ' food intolerance test that includes IgG analysis of 134 individual foods and drinks as well as a 30 minute consultation  with  BANT registered nutritional therapist and covers reactions to 134 food and drink, easy to follow instructions, results in under a week and a 5 refund if negative results are found .

SMART Blood Full Food Intolerance Test



Let's Get Checked


 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer-Let's Get Checked -Women's and men's health professional tests to take at home. These tests are simple to use ,cost effective and professionally analysed .Choose from women's health tests including essential vitamins and BRCA test and many more ,men's health tests including liver and kidney checks and tests for you sexual health and other important wellness tests. Please go to the following link or picture image ( below)to find out more details and to purchase tests :-

Cerascreen -Home Wellness Tests


Cerascreen offers a proven system improving health and wellness. Health care and wellness advice, personalised from your own home-quick and easy. Offering comprehensive information and nutritional recommendations with including future dietary supplements -based on test results -professional simple quick and easy at  saliva & blood tests -In the comfort of your own home!Find out more details and purchase below:-

Viamedex -Genetic Health & Wellness Test


A personalised genetic health & wellness report, for 124 genes ,covering 31 disease conditions, 53 carrier status conditions, 12 drug response genes, 6 wellness traits, and 11 addiction traits. One of the most comprehensive tests available on the market -Find out more details and purchase below:-


Clini Coin- Global Health & Wellness Platform


 Sign up to the new  Clini Coin global health and wellness block chain platform here:- https://clinicoin.io/   to link up with other health and wellness communities and trade in health crypto currency -earning rewards for healthy activity and behaviour. A unique global health and wellness concept trading in 'your health & fitness!' Please see video below for more details-

Natural Health World Wide


Natural Health world wide is a online portal which connects people with natural health and nutrition practitioners around the -globe-.Appointments can be booked either face to face or online/skype ( dependant on location of clients and practitioner).Welcome to a new world of health ands wellness and facilitate and take control of your own health, wellness and nutrition from home!

Sharon Clare at Body  coach Fitness is listed on the natural health world wide portal for nutritional therapy covering-Allergies, gut health, food intolerances, nutritional advice , genetics ,nutrigenomics and weight management.

You are a few clicks away from truly independent advice from natural health ,wellness and nutrition experts across the globe- Please go to Sharon Clare's profile for more details and to book appointments here  https://naturalhealthworldwide.com/search_profile_page.php?pract_id=194


MiaDNA Genetic Home Testing Kits

A choice of 4 professional genetic home testing kits for wellness, kids, nutrition and fitness exercise a7 athletic potential:-


Miadna Genetic Home Test Kit-Nutrition 

MiaDNA Genetic Home DNA Test Kit for Diet & Nutrition ! Leverage personal genetic testing to uncover your dietary profile and body response to food! Diet plan tailored for you with genetic analysis!

MiaDNA Genetic Test-Wellness

Home DNA Test Kit for Wellness - MiaDNA's state of the art and affordable personal genetic test I The latest genetic research related to your physical & behavioral predispositions

MiaDNA Genetic Test-For Genetic Potential In Kids

MiaDNA genetic home DNA Test Kit for your kid I Reveal their potential I Find out how genes influence who they are I Latest genetic research related to your kid's physical and behavioral tendencies

MiaDNA Genetic Test-Exercise & Fitness & Athletic Potential

Exercise & Fitness DNA Test kit - MiaDNA Genetic Home DNA Test Kit for maximizing your athletic potential I Reveal Your body's Potential I state of the art and affordable personal genetic testing

Lymes Disease Test


Lymes disease is caused by the bacterium -Borrelia Burgdorferi which is transmitted through the bites of infected ticks. These ticks are found in woodland and heaths ,so if exercising out doors in classes, running ,cani cross, walking the dog or just enkoying the lovely weather you may get bitten by one .If a tick is not removed within 48 hours it could transmit infection and as they are only the size of a pin prick they are hard to notice -so need to be vigilent when training outdoors. Symptoms are fatigue, fever and skin rash as well as a headache.

 Body Coach offers both Western Blot test ( which confirms diagnosis of lymes disease) and the Elisa test for Lymes disease which can confirm diagnosis ( but can have 'false/positive ' results in people with auto immune diseases , rheumatoid arthritis & glandular fever) a positive Elisa test would then need to be followed up with an immune blot test .Both these are useful indicator tests to have if you exercise a lot outdoors, and enjoy the countryside  or go on outdoor walking trips for peace of mind if you suspect being bitten by ticks. Keep healthy & fit when in the great outdoors!

Western Blot-Lymes Disease Test



Elisa-Lymes Disease Test




Blue Horizons-Blood Tests Canada


Body Coach fitness is now able to offer 'International' Blue Horizons  blood and genetic tests ( In Ontario Canada)  for all those Canadians out there. There are various professional laboratory and home visit tests for female and male health, thyroid, genetics and much more .Please go to the following link to book and purchase here:- https://bloodtestscanada.com/r/9793/

Blue Horizons -Blood Tests Ireland


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer our Irish customers a Ireland based blood and genetic testing service for health, fitness, nutrition and sports performance via Blue Horizons medical Ireland. Pleasse go to the following link to find out more details and to purchase :-https://privatebloodtests.ie/r/9793/

Blue Horizon's Tests In London UK


 A small Dr led team committed to providing you with timely private pathology results .This website allows you to choose select speciality tests that we carry out through TDL pathology services ,as well as standard tests on the menu. You do not need a referral from your GP as it is medically led and offers a full list of blood chemistry, biomarkers and genetic tests -all available in London the central capital of the UK. No excuses for not keeping a track on your health, fitness, nutrition and genetics -Professional fast private service -Please click on the following link to find out details of tests available and to purchase - https://bloodtestslondon.comr/9793/


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