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Genetic Weight Management Programme


Sharon Clare is now a consultant for a worldwide international product distribution company Amway international which offers high quality environmentally friendly products from beauty and cosmetics to home living and nutritional supplements .At Body coach fitness we understand that each person is different and reacts differently to certain types of food and exercise.  A key unique product which is available to purchase through your Amway business owner & consultant is the bodykey by NUTRILITE genetic weight management programme this is a unique weight loss programme which has been formulated scientifically and based on your genetic make-up.The analysis of test allocates one of 3 diet type profiles (fat  reduced,carb reduced or balanced diet profile ) all colour coded  to identify which healthy meals ,drinks and supplements from the range are needed for you on your diet plan.The results are then combined with your lifestyle and dietary preferences to build a truly individualised diet and exercise that is unique to you. The ability to control calorie intake ,whilst maintaining the correct balance of nutrients according to your genetic body type is greatly facilitated by the use of NUTRILITE food supplements as part of the programme.Please check on the video link at the bottom of the  page to see how the bodykey by NUTRILITE weight management programme works!

BodyKey Weight Management Programme


Weight loss is more than just diet and exercise -your lifestyle and DNA-genetic make-up form an important role in how successful you will be at weight  loss and maintaining results thereafter.

So bodykey by NUTRILITE  genetic weight management programme is a revolutionary way of achieving healthy weight loss  through using genetic data from your own body and creating an individual ,balanced dietary and exercise programme with meal plans, supplements and drinks recommended by your consultant from the Body key range and continued support and monitoring through my bodykey online coach system.

How Does It All Work?

1)The Bodykey weight loss journey starts with contacting your Amway consultant -Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  to start the process

2)Order your Bodykey kit-through your Amway business owner /consultant (Sharon Clare)-it contains all you need to get started- (genetic test kit, unique code to enter  mybodykey online coach system,suporting literature and a carefully selected supporting starter product pack  from bodykey range -(including plant protein, shaker and fibre product)as well as others recommended on programme

3)Take the simple to use 3 swab saliva DNA test and send in pre addressed box-with unique code

4)Register on mybodykey online coach system with unique code given-and answer questions on your lifestyle and diet and exercise preferences wait  between 10-15 days post test for results .


5) Mybodykey online coach is the heart of the programme and once your test results are analysed  you will receive a diet and exercise plan based on diet preferences and genetic testing.It offers thousands of recipes tailored to your specific needs and over 70 video tutorials to  make exercise fun,plus many  more interactive tools to chart your route to weight loss success

 6)Your weight loss journey is a personal one- and reaching and maintaining your target weight goals are important to you.Having a diet and exercise plan designed by expert nutritionists and coaches and having expert advice on  delicious instant meals, drinks and supplement recommendations  from the bodykey range unique to your genetic diet profile will enable you to stick to the plan. All bodykey products are colour coded in line with the dietary programmes so you can mix and match alternatives as required.

7) When you receive your dietary plan it will be based on your genetic make-up and how your body responds at a genetic and cellular level to fats and carbohydrates in your diet .Based on this sophisticated analysis our experts wil catergorise you into one of 3 groups

i)Carb reduced diet profile-yellow

ii)Fat reduced diet profile-red

iii)Balanced diet profile  -orange

So for example if your DNA tests shows you respond better to a fat reduced diet profile - you will receive a dietary plan with recommended products from the bodykey meals and supplements listed which  are highlighted as  red in colour. Giving an easy to follow ,unique and genetic based weight loss programme ensuring you achieve the success you require .


So in summary the bodykey weight management programme is a unique personalised weight loss programme that works with your genetic predisposition to help you lose weight and, more importantly help  maintain that weight loss  in the future helping prevent  unhealthy   fluctuations in weight. With an individual  online coaching programme ( my bodykey online coach)   personalised diet and exercise programme ,access to exercise videos & recipe suggestions.All this with  on going support & guidance if needed  from expert consultants in their field of nutrition & exercise & recommended  key healthy meals &  supplements based on your own bodies genetic ability to respond to fat and carbohydrate consumption to ensure that you have the best chance of success in your weight loss journey- SO DO NOT DELAY -Contact Sharon Clare at Body coach fitness on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and/or 07875086760 to book your first step and consultation to start your weight loss journey !

* The price of weight management programme starts at £434.10 -including bodykey DNA genetic test box,unique code, supporting literature , a starter kit with some bodykey   supporting products and supplements , access to My bodykey Online coach and support from a team of nutritionists, behavourial psychologists and exercise experts for support .Bodykey recommended Diet and exercise plan based on test results* -(not included- all the instant bodykey meals  , bars ,teas,and supplements for programme-these can be purchased and added as needed)*



*Please note -Minors and people of a BMI of below 18.5 are excluded from the bodykey by Nutrilite programme-.Women during pregnancy , breastfeeding women and people of a BMI of over 30 should consult their doctor before participating in the programme. *

Please click on demonstration video link below to view instructions on Mybodykey weight management programme.

FindWhy -Genetic Weight Management Test


FindWhy Genetic weight management test is anon invasive weight control test looking at 5 key genes  that are known to have a significant impact on metabolism ,fitness and carb responsiveness. The genes in the weight management control test panel  were selected  based on current scientific research on genes related to exercise, obesity & nutrition in humans:-

-FT0-Regulation of metabolism & satiety

 -MC4R- Regulation of  satiety & meal frequency

-ADRB2 & E27Q-Sensitivity to carbohydrates & the stress response


-FABP2 -T55A-Fat absorption & regulation of insulin and blood sugars 

 -SH2B1-Regulation of insulin & leptin levels


Obesity is  major health hazard and is associated with heart disease, cancers, diabetes and many other chronic and acute disorders and diseases -So taking this test will be one step closer to ensuring you win the fight against obesity- as this provides scientifically backed professional nutrition recommendations  based on FindWhy genetic test -' Individual to you!'




FindWhy- Genetic Weight Management Test



Obesity & Weight Management DNA Test


Determine how likely you are to gain weight or lose weight with this genetic test specifically for weight management and obesity .It tests for the following genes-

-Feeling full gene-GENE FTO

-Obesity- GENE MC4R

-Appetite -GENE LEPR


This test will help answer the following questions? Are you more or less likely to feel full after breakfast, lunch and dinner? What does your genetic profile say about your metabolic rate and appetite? How might your genes impact your weight loss/gain? Plus  do your food habits line up with your genetic traits? 

After your purchase you will receive buucal swabs to take the test and a stamped addresses envelope to send to lab. On return of results you will receive a full 20 page report on the test findings which could help you kick start your new healthy weight loss journey to success -Unique to you and all conveniently available to you at home.Please click on link below to find out more information and purchase test- 


DNA Diet Testing Kit - Weight Loss and Obesity Home Test Kit


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