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Anti Aging Genetics


Who does not want to look good feel good and be young forever- Body coach fitness can help you achieve skin vitality and youthfulness through a truly holistic, beauty solution approach, using both  DNA & functional testing complemented with beauty   supplemental  programmes designed for you working from the inside out - and skin care advice according to your genetic potential.
Whether you are some one looking for the eternal fountain or youth or some one with skin conditions and tendencies to thinning skin, dry skin ,oiliness and acne prone skin, wrinkling skin, hirsutism, melasma and pigmentation, or slow wound healing there is a skin care package for you based on DNA and/or functional blood testing and individual supplementation and nutrition packages.  
All programmes are totally individual so pricing and tests will be according to needs and goals and present condition. But rest assured this programme will ensure you have the best chance of looking and feeling your best to complement your -fitness lifestyle journey-Here are a selection of tests and nutritional supplements which may be included in your programme:- 

SkinCareDNA Test


Would you like to be able to remove the guess work from choosing the best skin care products to use to achieve  optimum radiance and beauty ?
There are literally thousands of different skin care ranges and products available to choose from and SkincareDNA could help with getting to the bottom of your skins physiology and help identify the most suitable skin care product for you -a small investment that could prove be cost efficient and effective.

SkincareDNA is a unique revolutionary DNA genetic test that examines 16 genetic markers (SNP'S) in the following catergories:-

-Firmness & elasticity

-Wrinkling (A.G.E)

-Sun Damage + Pigmentation

-Free Radical Damage

-Sensitivity + Inflammation

The SkinCareDNA test can be used in isolation or with any women's & men's wellness programme to establish the foundations and a baseline of your skin care to allow yourself to radiate health through beauty from within- advice on skin care products based on tests results will be given -saving money and time on finding the best skin care solution for you!-(Please see ARTISTRY skin care product information at bottom of page- a forward thinking brand of skincare and cosmetics giving you the most advanced products for your beauty needs-recommendations can be made on these products with & without theSkinCareDNA test)
*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at 07875086760 or sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for further  details*

Beauty From Within


Either used in isolation as a boost to your beauty regime or in conjunction with Skincare DNA Test and/or skin vitality profile testing- 1 months supply of the unique TRUVIVITY by NUTRILITE beauty supplemental  programme will help to reveal your inner radiance and luminosity of your skin. An innovative system that complements your every day   health and fitness journey and  give that extra boost to your daily moisturising beauty regime during the day and during the night.
Sharon Clare is able to offer you this programme as an Amway business owner and these two products with or without the unique DNA and functional testing will revolutionise your skin. The system consists of:-

- TRUVITY By NUTRILITE Beauty Powder Drink(DAY)- A food supplement nutricosmetics product drink that provides vitamin C derived from Acerola Cherry extract that aids collagen formation and  Zinc  to protect your ski from oxidative stress and ozone exposure  and pollution -helping your skin look refreshed during the day (grapefruit flavour) -(It also contains patented Phytoceramide complex) - 30 sachet supply

-TRUVITY By NUTRILITE Beauty Supplement (NIGHT)- A food supplement that contains vitamins C , A & Zinc to take before bed containing patented Phytoinfuse that delivers a mix of wolfberry, rose hip and grape seed, patented PhytoCeramide containing wheat ceramides, vitamin C and zinc and vitamin A to balance the skin ( 30 x 2 blister tablet pack)

Two nutricosmetic  products that complement each other synergistically throughout 24 hors day and night for younger ,healthier more radiant ,beautiful looking skin.

TRUVITY By NUTRILITE skin care programme bundle RRP 92.15  (without DNASkincare tests and skin vitality profile testing)  

* Can be purchased separately through Amway business owner Sharon Clare at Body coach Fitness or as part of a DNA and functional skin care programme- Please contact her at 07875086760 or sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for further details )*

Lumity Anti Aging Supplements

Beauty You Can Feel with Lumity Life. A natural,
         anti-aging supplement that works with your body to restore youthful vitality at the cellular level.

Lumity is a professional anti aging skin care company with specific anti aging supplements with ingredients to fight the whole 9 signs of aging -( oxidative damage, cellular energy damage, cellular debris, glycation , insulin resistance, telemore shortening, DNA damage, inflammation & hormone decline) The perfect package for preserving youth and vitality in your skin from the inside outwith morning and night supplement soft gels packed with anti aging nutrients- Light up the youthful glow in your skin with Lumity anti aging supplements & product range! 
Get  50% OFF 1st purchase of lumity with Body Coach Fitness- Using the following link:-HTTP://LUMITYUK.REFR.CC/SHARON1 

Skin Vitality Profile


Skin is not only a major target for hormone action it is also  a site of local hormone synthesis activation and metabolism. The range of hormones tested in the skin vitality profile can help identify hormone deficiencies or excesses that are contributing to skin problems, such as wrinkling, dryness and oiliness, acne prone skin, melasma and pigmentation and other skin conditions including slow wound healing.

-A non invasive simple blood spot or saliva test- with results within a month

- Look good, feel good and shine with vitality - a perfect  test to contribute to your skin care  health regime either in isolation or in conjunction with the TRUVILTE By NUTRILITE Programme and DNASkincare  test.

*Please contact Sharon Clare at Body Coach Fitness for all tests and nutrition/supplemental regimes above on  07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  for more details on price and availability and for an individual  consultation face to face /Skype to establish your unique Skin care -beauty from within programme)*

Beauty & WellBeing- Food Intolerance & Nutrition Deficiency Test


A specific beauty & wellbeing  food intolerance and nutritional deficiency test ( available through Body coach Fitness as a partner/practitioner with Test your intolerance) .With a  100 food item food intolerance test  and 20 item nutrition deficiency test for the health conscious individual who not only wants to look good -but feel good as well! All Items tested for are  specific to maintaining and gaining healthy  skin, hair and nails .A unique  affordable and easy to use test- to look good and feel good!

Beauty & Wellbeing- Food Intolerance & Nutrition Deficiency Test



Body Coach Fitness- Private Label Skin Care 


Body Coach Fitness now  has its own private labelled skin care range ( from private label fitness products)to accompany its health and brand . There is a full range of skin and hair products including  the Body Coach Fitness skin care basics set consisting  of the-

 -Limu facial cleanser

-Ginseng Toner

-Papaya Creme Enzyme Polish

-Restorative Marine Moisturiser

-Herbal Silk Moisturiser

 All in a zipped frosted vinyl bag with ivory linen trim


This kit can be purchased on its own, or as part of a premium training package .


*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more information/bespoke pricing  and to purchase *

Body Coach Fitness- Private Label Makeup/Cosmetics 

Body Coach Fitness now has its own branded range of  private label makeup cosmetics ( from Jordane natures own cosmetics from Canada ) ISO 9001 & ISO 14001. High end cosmetic products that are hypo allergenic paraben free and non- comodegenic .
 There is a full range of cosmetics from make up starter kits to travel  make up cases all branded. The range also includes cosmetic make up  sample kits ( light,medium and dark skin tones ), eye & brow sample kits, mix and match lip sample kits  and full sized foundations , lip products, eye palettes ,blush palettes  and accessories such as make up brushes.
 *Please contact Sharon Clare from Body Coach Fitness at sharonbodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more information ,details on the branded range and bespoke pricing*

Body Coach Fitness- Private Label Sunless Tanning Products

Body Coach Fitness has developed a new range of- branded sunless tanning products for salon/therapist use  at present due to minimum order value of £200.00( personal home use at a later date). The range can  include a sunless tanning mist,lotion ,mousse or liquid application . 
*Please contact Sharon Clare from Body Coach Fitness at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more information on product details and shipping methods *

Glossy Box-Beauty Subscription


 Join Body Coach  fitness & a team of 300+ beauty experts sourcing products from over 100 premium and niche beauty brands for your monthly GLOSSY BOX delivered straight to your door at:- https://www.glossybox.co.uk/referrals.list?applyCode=SHARON-RAE&li -& apply PROMO CODE-'SHARON-RAE ' at checkout on purchase and you will receive a 20% discount off your 1st GLOSSY BOX`order. GLOSSY BOX is a premium beauty box full of beauty treats from £10.00 per month (mthly,3,6 & 12 month subscriptions available) Wrapped in their pink signature packaging. Get 5 different select beauty products based on your beauty needs sent to your door -Give yourself the gift of beauty with Body coach fitness & GLOSSY BOX!


TanMe Box Monthly Subscription


Skin with a healthy glow or colour makes you look and feel more youthful. Instead of  sunbathing and/or using sun beds with damaging UVA/UVB rays -try the self tan approach the holly wood way with a monthly subscription to Tan me box 9available in USA/Canada at present).

This self tanning subscription box means you will never be without glow and shine. You can choose from -Tan newbie, Tan lover & Tan obsession boxes on a month by month basis or pre paid 3month and 6 month subscriptions -Never be without your self tanning products-get a healthy glow and get ready for spring summer 2018 with Tan Me Box at :- 



SkinGenie Personalised Skin Care


Skin genie is the worlds first skincare advisor -that analyses your DNA and lifestyle with (AI) Artificial intelligence. -"We don't just go skin deep we get into your genes!"

Body Coach Fitness is linked with the Skingenie app and skinome genetic skin analysis tests  offering you Skingenie beautynome  a science based dynamic beauty database based on your genetics.

You can use Skingenie without genetic data but DNA  analysis from  tests such as skinome ( DNA ancestry & 23 & me)will allow the unique database to choose suitable beauty and skin products from a database of 40,000 ingredients, and analyse 30 skin traits,120 biomarkers for skin test for 100,000 product toxicities.

How  It All Works?-

To gain full benefit of Skingenie system  you need scientific genetic DNA analysis -If you have no data purchase a skinome DNA test kit with access to skinegenie  (go to skingenie link )and then sign up  skingenie website -Upload Skin genetics data and wait for your personalised skin care and beauty product advice from skingenie -From the beautynome database -carefully selecting products which complement your skin DNA from 1000,s of products

Purchase Tests & Access Skin Genie-

  Please go to the following links (below) for more information and to purchase  skinome tests  *(Use Body Coach Unique code- BCF10- For 10% discount off purchase)*







Targeted DNA Sun Care Products


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer Targeted DNA Skincare -customised skin care products based on your own lifestyle and genetics . You skin is the first thing people see and you want to make a good first impression. Take good care of your skin ,fight signs of aging and optimise your skin's health.

Once you have taken the revolutionary SkinDNA kit  


your skin care recommendations for products will be made based on your test results using a proprietary algorithm. Take the guess work out of looking after your skin and purchase your test kit here:http://bit.ly/2Mng3rS 

and if you are after genetically based sun care/sun screen  products after test -unique to you ( sun screens are the best anti aging investment you can make-especially one's unique to you)click on this link to purchase - http://bit.ly/2vMHMZN  *Sunscreen Temporarily Out Of Stock)*  

 ARTISTRY-Beauty Products


Discover ARTISTRY skin care -Sharon Clare your Amway business owner-Can advise & recommend the right choice of skin care products best suited to your needs before purchasing- best results will be achieved in conjunction with functional &/or SkinCareDNA  testing and nutritional supplementation (but products can be purchased and used with out these steps)

ARTISTRY is a forward thinking skin care and cosmetic brand constantly pushing the boundaries of science and nature -A fusion of beauty & science! Re program the future of your skin with ARTISTRY products and skin care regime to complement your skin care program -The range is extensive and cannot be fully listed here but the core concept and product ranges  are listed below:-

- -Youth Extend range-Revitalise , repair & protect with cleansers ,toners,moisturisers,serums and lotions  from the ARTISTRY -power system youth extend range-with Mediterranean botanicals, patented microX6 peptides and African Baobab fruit extract-among other ingredients-The  full power system =£222.70 (individual products are also available)

-ARTISTRY Hydra V Collection-Refresh, replenish and revitalise with HYDRA-V range  -Contains Norwegian Fjord water, Himalayan pink rock minerals and hawaiian acai as key powerful ingredients suitable for all skin types-3 step core system Hydra -V =£107.65 (Individual products are also available)

-ARTISTRY Essentials Range-Botanical range of essential skin care products -simple natural care for your skin-Available for oily combination, normal/dry and all skin types -(price on application)-

-ARTISTRY Intensive skin care range-Professional solutions for professional results, special  skin care treatment products clinically proven to target specific signs of aging .Including renewing peels, skin refinishers, anti wrinkle creams, intensive night restoration treatments and power serum duos. With prices  ranging from £70.65- £338.33- for treatment kits and individual products from the range

-ARTISTRY Ideal Radiance Collection-Specific products for luminosity and radiance of the skin-With 3D brightening technology and powerful botanical ingredients. The Ideal radiance  collection kit=£167.35 + postage for all3 radiance products -illuminating essence, brightening spot corrector and illuminating moisturising cream-(All products can also be purchased individually)

-ARTISTRY Special Care collection- This collection gives all ARTISTRY skincare sub-categories an extra boost when needed-It has products which contain pharmaceutical grade L-Ascorbic vitamin C and wild yam to target wrinkles and fine lines .This is a oil free anti wrinkle spot treatment specially formulated for mature aging skins to help improve appearance of skin and fine lines- 10ml serum= £29.90

 -ARTISTRY HYDRA-V-Mask-Concentrated long lasting effect moisture mask-Made of hyaluronic acid and ARTISTRY HYDRA-V liposome technology and Norwegian fjord water. Hydration effect last for up to 8 hours after application-Ideal for special occasions for a quick skin boost.-Set of 5 masks=£30.40

-ARTISTRY Supplemental Care-Special supplemental products from anti blemish to alpha hydroxyl serums designed to target specific skin concerns-For normal/dry skins and all skin types-Prices range from=£18.75-£29.90

All ARTISTRY skin care and cosmetics are dermatologically tested and clinically proven for results . There is also  a full ARTISTRY cosmetics range to complement the skin care brand -Make up that feels and looks like a second skin!

*Please contact Sharon Clare your Amway business owner and consultant on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760  for a consultation face to face /via skype and to purchase ARTISTRY skin care and cosmetic products-Captivate the work of art in you-indulge in yourself every day and look great and feel even better with ARTISTRY Product ranges*

 Please click on ARTISTRY video link below to view more details about the skin care product range:-

                         "Look As Young as You Feel- Look Good, Feel Good & Live Life To The Full!"

Body Coach Fitness-Ant Ageing Hair Program


Body Coach Fitness-Is now able to offer a anti ageing hair car program  (with a difference) -the state of the condition and appearance of your hair can say a thousand words about your general health inside and thick glossy shiney well conditioned hair is a confidence booster and is all part of looking good and feeling good about ourselves and part of any healthy lifestyle regime.
Body Coach fitness - looks beyond just the physical exercise and physical appearance of an individual and helps make you healthy and fit from the inside out as well- a holistic approach . This program fits in with this nicely as it covers the analysis and diagnostics of your hair health from functional testing , offers recommendations to scientifically researched anti ageing hair supplements and products ,nutritional   advice for healthy hair from the inside and every hair care products to finish off full package.
If you care about the health and condition of your body and hair as well as want to help prevent/delay  the signs of ageing eg grey hair, thinning hair then this program is for you.(The ALopeciaGEN genetic test is also an option - on functional nutrition page-but this is normally more preventative in nature  - a step or process to maybe take before this program or if you do want DNA testing) You are probabaly thinking what has my hair got to do with fitness and health - well apart from the reasons given above resilient hair is a reflection of you as an individual -and the better we feel about ourselves - the happier we will be in life .

The Body Coach Fitness Anti Ageing Option includes:-

-Hair Mineral & Toxic Element  analysis test-Functional testing for any deficiencies in vital minerals needed for health of your body and hair and for any presence of toxic elements that could effect health and hair condition long term

-Oxford Biolab Products- Scientifically researched products from this range of internal supplements and external products -specifically designed by Oxford Scientists and clinically proven to prevent/treat greying hair /lack of pigmentation and thinning hair and excess hair loss(Please see more details on these products by going to supplements & weight management page- and finding Oxford Biolabs and clicking on the links)

-Recommendations for supplements-Professional nutra ceutical supplements for boosting hair health with vital minerals, vitamins and many other nutrients - eg - Cyto plan -Hair skin & nails formula

- Nutritional advice- Recommendations for changes in diet -based on a 3 day food diary -to enhance you bodies and your hairs health and condition naturally and internally

-Recommendations For every day hair care products - Sharon Clare is an AMWAY business owner and can recommend and sell the professional range of SATINIQUE hair products - all powered by the ENERGIQUE complex which has proven laboratory results - to help restore ,regenerate, and revitalise you hair Prices range from £9.99 - £ 44.35.As each case will be based on tests results and food diary analysis the price will vary dependant on this .

*Please contact Sharon Clare for details on pricing and to book a face to face/Skype consultation  on 07875086760 - or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com*

                         "Unleash the power of your hair- Look it-Love it-Live it"


Anti  Ageing Panel Tests


If you are looking for non genetic test panels for anti aging the look no further Body Coach Fitness is a practitioner with Personal Labs and is able to offer several anti  aging wellness profile blood panels tests .Find out more information and purchase at links below:-

Aging Wellness Checkup for Men Ages 50+

Aging Wellness Checkup for Women Ages 50+

Male Ultimate Anti-Aging Blood Test

Female Age Management Initial Evaluation Blood Test

Hormone Aging Profile For Women

Hormone Aging Profile for Men

DNA Protection & Anti Aging Cellular  Longevity Package


Protect your cells and DNA from within with this carefully selected range of products designed to target anti aging, revitalise cellular metabolism, encourage cellular energy support, protect your living DNA and energise every cell in your body -with this natural supplement package .

Body Coach Fitness recommends all of the following products for the most DNA and cellular anti aging protection ( although they can be purchased  separately ) - Geroprotect longevity AI, Geroprotect Ageless cell, AMPK metabolic activator ,NAD cell regenerator with Resveratrol ,Mitochondrial energy optimiser with PQQ and DNA protection formula are a powerful package to help protect your DNA and increase cellular vitality -helping delay the aging process and improve health and vitality -the natural way-no hormones or chemicals !(International shipping available on all products in package)

DNA Protection Formula, 30 vegetarian capsules

Optimized NAD+ Cell Regenerator? with Resveratrol, 30 vegetarian capsules

GEROPROTECT? Ageless Cell?, 30 softgels

GEROPROTECT? Longevity A.I.?, 30 softgels

AMPK Metabolic Activator, 30 vegetarian tablets

Genetic -Healthy Smile Healthy you Program


A healthy smile -Is a healthy you!  Oral hygiene is not only important cosmetically for your self esteem and healthy body image ,but poor oral hygiene and periodontitis (gum inflammation/disease ) has also been linked to conditions such as dementia, strokes, diabetes and heart disease.

So being able to predict your likelihood  to this condition genetically could be a useful personal preventative tool  and form part of your healthy lifestyle program.

The DENTYgen  genetic test is a non invasive saliva test used to analyse 3 interleukin genes involved in inflammation and can test to see if you are predetermined genetically to suffer with  this condition and ensure you and your dental hygienist and nutrition coach are armed with information to use towards a healthy smile oral hygiene program and also a interventional nutrition program  to help prevent tooth decay and gum inflammation.-A healthy smile makes a healthier you- Giving you the healthy lifestyle feel good factor!


*Please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for more details and to book a face to face/online consultation* 


DENTYGen Genetic Oral Hygiene Program




Denta Vital -Nutritional Program


If you want the-look good feel good factor- then dental nutritional health is as important for your health and self image as other nutritional needs.The Body coach Fitness Denta Vital nutritional program is a unique practitioner only product package designed to offer your supplementational needs for healthy teeth and gums as part of your healthy lifestyle nutrition journal.A professional package containing unique natural supplements that more holistic Dentists also choose  ( It can be purchased on its own or added to the Denty gen genetic test or any other Body Coach Fitness lifestyle program).

The package consists of the following practitioner only products:-

-Cytoplan Dentavital  BETA Glucan  1-3 & 1-6 -Derived from fungi yeast known for its immune modulating effects  .It defends the body against viral and bacterial invaders

 -Cytoplan Dentavital Bifidophilus- A strain of native bacteria which are found in the digestive system and serve as a powerful immune system stimulator and regulator.

 -Cytoplan Dentavital Bone Complex- A bone complex nutrient formula that is tailored for bone mineral density ,providing vital calcium for teeth and bones ,magnesium, boron, vitamin D3 and K2.

 -Cytoplan Dentavital Aloe XL Inner Leaf Juice- A single concentrate containing unprocessed inner leaf gel. It is used primarily for its anti inflammatory and immune amplification processes.

-Cytoplan Dentavital Cell Active Glutathione- A tripeptide molecule that prevents damage to important cellular components from peroxides ,free radicals and reactive oxygen species. It is normally produced naturally by our body and all of the other anti oxidants that we consume ,such as vitamin E and vitamin C depend on it to function.  

-Cytoplan Dentavital COQ10 Multi- A complex multi vitamin and mineral formula incorporating anti oxidant COQ10  ,beta glucan , vitamin D3 & B 12.Hydroponically grown cruciferous vegetables that follow metabolic pathways and supply nutrients in their most bioeffective form.  

*( This dental nutrition supplement program is value at RRP-148.50 however Body Coach Fitness as  practitioner with Cytoplan can offer this plan for a reduced price of £120.00)* 

Body Coach Fitness -Dentyvital Nutritional Program




 Control How Well You Age- Telo Years DNA Coaching Program

Discover how well you are aging

 Telo Years -The power to change and improve your telemore health and cellular age through a DNA Testing ( & optional lifestyle coaching program).Go beyond basic cholesterol tests and tracking vital signs such as heart rate -Monitor the 'vitality of your cells'.Start a smarter lifestyle plan based on tests results and your telemore health cellular age which could be higher or lower than your chronological age. Telemore length is one of the most important biomarkers in the body that no one is aware of.

 Why take the Test?

If you want a prevention based health and fitness approach to life, care about aging well and staying young ,discovering your DNA and track your fitness performance through improved cellular age !


Telo Years -Telo Coach Program 

The telo years health testing program consists of a DNA test for telemore length and the age of your cells in telo years and then the option to work with an expert in this field to develop a personalised lifestyle programme based on your telemore score and reassessment 3-6 months later to track improvements  .More details on the following links:-



TeloYears + TeloCoaching



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