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Sleep Code-Genetic Program


My sleep code is a user friendly personalised diet & lifestyle prescription plan guided by your DNA. Sick of waking up bleary eyed in the morning? You could help solve this by taking general advice given to every one- go to bed by 10pm each night, cut tea and coffee out, exercise every day and start ,making changes to diet near bedtime. This will help the majority of people how ever every one is an individual with different body clocks .Sleep code offers a truly customised and personalised way of creating your own sleep code schedule , ensuring you rest , recover and recuperate as effectively and efficiently as possible- improving physical ands mental focus ands function the next day ,preventing sleep disorders and illnesses exacerbated by lack of sleep. By understanding your own genetics -My sleep code- helps identify and prioritise the steps that are most likely you work for you. My sleep code is not just a genetic test .whereas genetic tests are often limited to results and fail to shed light on the what? My sleep code explains further findings and recommends lifestyle steps in  a user friendly way .So you can get started with the most effective sleep code strategy straight away. My sleep code exercises 6 essential mechanisms to under pin better sleep  quality. ( Body clock, stimulant response, digestive health, allergies and immunity, stress and resilience and appetite and blood sugar balance. My sleep code tests for 18 different gene variants and focuses on the 6 essential steps .

Understand your own personal sleep code -with my sleep code! Are you an early riser or night owl ? You will be able to establish the right sleep time schedule which suits you. Reactor vs non- reactor  -are you a reactor who is likely to suffer from disturbed sleep patterns and night mares? With these results you could identify changes in diet and lifestyle which may help with this. Are you a worrier or cool cat ? craver vs balanced appetite ? Learn all these genetic tendencies and more to form a personalised sleep code lifestyle program individual to you- Get a good nights sleep with my sleep code and be a better you tomorrow! Go to the text link below and purchase sleep code DNA lifestyle program-


MySleepCode with Body Coach Fitness


Sleep Therapy -Technology



Sleep well-Live better- Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer   revolutionary state of the art sleep monitoring  that combines reliable and accurate sleep tracking  and monitoring ,evaluation/assessment and creates an individually tailored E-coaching sleep therapy program, all this  at a reduced price - in partnership with SleepRate.All this data  goes into one single user friendly mobile application-to make sure you are getting  the best sleep nights sleep that  you can !
SleepRate is not just an ordinary sleep tracking  app, it is a fully comprehensive expert-level mobile health solution comprising all 3 stages of sleep treatment for non medical sleep deficit-monitoring-assessment & therapy. This system is ideal for people who just want to track their sleep or who have a sleep disorder/deficit and want to improve this for health, or other reasons.The system  is agnositic -so able to work with a wide range of wearable heart rate tracking devices that you already have -(and which will be needed for this system) eg android watches, apple watches ,most heart rate bands (outside of US a compatible BLE HR scan such as polar H7 could be used for example)
Start tracking your sleep patterns , find your perfect bedtime and make sure you are getting the real good quality sleep that your individual body needs

*All most 50% of the population of  US, Europe and China suffer from sleep deprivation and sleep disorders-20 % of these require medical lab treatment -but the remaining 80% have to rely on over the counter medication, and other methods such as sleep therapists/coaches which are both not ideal -using SleepRate will offer you -at home reliable sleep monitoring, assessment and therapy at the click of a button-if you sign up to 1 of the 3 SleepRate  packages below*

Or  alternatively you may choose the Body coach fitness sleep balance program - which includes SleepRate package number 3 plus nutritional support, professional nutraceutical supplementation  recommendations ,relaxation exercise prescription, and  full email /online /Skype support through out-The ultimate sleep balance program with individualised technological and lifestyle advice

Why does good sleep matter?


Enough good quality sleep is essential for good health fitness and mental wellbeing-when we are sleeping our bodies recover, recuperate, grow and repair ,so ensuring we get a good nights sleep consistently is vital -everyone is unique and this also applies to sleep .Determining your own perfect sleep regime/program individual to you will reap benefits in your every day life whether it be at home , work , rest or play! Here is just a small lists of the benefits of good sleep-and why you need to purchase the SleepRate device to help achieve this :-

- Improves cognitive function and mental focus

-Improves mood and helps prevent mental health issues

-Increases productivity and gives you vital energy reserves

-Helps reduce stress levels

-Essential for overall wellness

-It also helps prevent secondary morbidities such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension(high blood pressure)

SleepRate Packages


There are 3 packages to choose from ,track your sleep, check your sleep and fix your sleep all offering ground breaking state of the art technology which is ever developing to include mood enhancing features in the future

Package 1-Track Your Sleep-Monitor


Track you sleep-Monitors sleep-tracking your sleep statistics (eg quality of sleep, structure and quality) including a thorough analysis of your sleep stages, patterns  and night time stressors on the body plus much more-data at your fingertips- All this for $9.50 per year

Package 1-Track Your Sleep-Monitor


Package 2- Check Your Sleep-Monitor & Assess


Check your sleep -and get a professional sleep assessment from the comfort of your own bed. After 7 nights of monitoring  you will receive a personalised sleep evaluation report describing your sleep situation and identifying problems that may be detrimental to your sleep cycle and any sleep issue you may not have been aware of -the next step up from track you sleep program. All for $33.25 per year!

Package 2-Check your Sleep-Monitor & Assess


Package 3- Fix Your Sleep-Monitor /Assess & Therapy


The ultimate at home /remote sleep coaching program .A professional (CBT ) cognitive based therapy plan customised and personalised too your specific user sleep profile situation ( based on data found from monitor, assess stage of SleepRate program)
A step by step guide to coaching healthy sleep patterns all via the app - no need to go to sleep therapists ,physicians or take medication- a natural healthy way to achieve balanced health through good sleep. You will get weekly CBT coaching sessions sent to you -based on your  continuous  monitoring of  your sleep each week -allowing for updated adjustments and feedback as necessary-An intuitive , affordable, effective monitoring, assessing and  therapy based sleep coaching program - all in the comfort of your own home-or where ever you may be in the world! All for the price of $85.50 per year!

Package 3-Fix Your Sleep-Monitor, Assess & Therapy



Key Benefits Of All Packages


-A comprehensive scientifically proven -exclusive patented personalised home monitoring, tracking ,evaluation and sleep coach therapy program

-Behavioural disorder focused

-Device is Agnostic- user friendly and can be used with most BLE Hrate monitors

-A research based sleep program after 4-6 weeks of tracking -with full package 3 which is constantly  evaluated and monitored and updated

-Makes life better

-No need for expensive sleep therapists and involvement with physicians ( unless a possible medical condition is associated with sleep disturbance) -*It is always recommended that you contact your physician/GP if sleep problems persist for medical intervention)*

                                                                   "Sleep Better-Feel Better-Move better & Achieve More"

Body Coach Fitness-Sleep Balance Program



Body Coach Fitness sleep balance program is the ultimate sleep and relaxation package ,offering the full benefits of SleepRate package number 3 along with full nutritional guidance, supplementation recommendations and relaxation exercise prescription .Each package will be designed individually to you- so prices may vary according to supplements purchased on recommendation but will include:-

-SleepRate Package 3- Monitor,assess and CBT sleep therapy program for 1 year

-Invivo Sleep balance profile  hormonal test- analysing cortisol stress response and levels ,melatonin levels and other sleep hormone levels -in relation to sleep- to determine nutrition and supplement recommendations

-Professional nutracuetical  nutritional supplement recommendations  based on nutrition and life style assessment , SleepRate  test results and Invivo tests results-eg:- This could include recommendations for Innate adrenal response  or calm response, Nutri advanced Mega mag  night formula and cyto night - which all support cortisol stress or imbalance, induce relaxation , balance and calm -for a good nights sleep

-Nutritional guidance on suitable food and beverage choices to eat and drink for a calming relaxing healthy  way to get a good nights sleep and also foods to avoid which may be detrimental 

-Recommendation plan -For relaxation exercise prescription -to unwind and  prepare your self to sleep 

-Full email/online/Skype support through out program

* Each plan is individual and the price below is based on all listed above- any purchases of recommended supplements would be at an additional price to this package*

Body Coach Fitness-Sleep Balance Program




Celliant Technology Mattress -For Better Sports Performance & Physical Wellbeing



Bear mattresses are designed from Celliant  Infra red yarn technology which recycles   the bodies natural energy back  as (IR) Infra red  ,increasing blood flow and tissue oxygenation by up to 80%. Faster recovery- more energy-better endurance & increased athletic performance and physical wellbeing!

Please go to the following links below to find out more about this performance sleep aid mattress and purchase:- 

     Celliant Technology-      http://shrsl.com/u79s-  


     Bear Mattress Athletes-  http://shrsl.com/u7a3 


 Bear mattresses also give back to good causes - A portion of all sales goes to a charity called 'Good Sports' to help children all over the country have access to an active healthy lifestyle- see link below!


Good Sports Charity-  http://shrsl.com/u7bo

 Struggle To Stay Awake In The Day?


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the Unique international- Narcolepsy gene test- As a reselling practitioner of Gene Track. Ideal for anyone who suffers from "unexplained extreme tiredness "through out the day! This is a neurological disorder which is characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness -which should not be mistaken for the usual afternoon slump, sleep deprivation or lack of caffeine.

This test will analyse you for the -20X-40X genes- genetic variants responsible for narcolepsy, people are often misdiagnosed with emotional or psychiatric problems and this test may help explain these symptoms of inherited sleepiness and drowsiness which may be affecting your every day life and reducing energy and vitality for health sports and general wellness.

 This is an international test to be taken at home and is tested in professional laboratories  in Canada. Orders from UK & Australia are sent by international express and when sent back tests results are normally available within one- working week. Tests will be completed within 3-5 days in Canada & USA)*

Please purchase test kit below and if you require further information -contact practitioner /reseller Sharon Clare on- 07875086760and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com

Gene Track DNA Narcolepsy Test



 *Price Includes sending test kit/ international shipping costs* 




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