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smartDNA -Is the practitioners choice for genomic solutions -Genomic wellness for you. SMARTdna specialises in Metagenomic analysis and is  available through Body Coach Fitness.
There are several professional practitioner only  tests available which are unique in nature and form a wellness solution for you . The smartGUTmicrobiome test   and the smartDNA Genomic wellness test ,smartDNA GUT Detector test, smartDNA IBS Detector and the smartDNA wellness packages-all unique and exclusive in their application and analysis of the bodies systems and functions in relation to your genetics .Both these tests can be used as a good  baseline to establish the next step-  a personalised healthy eating nutrition and  lifestyle plan for health , sports, fitness and every day life



smartGUTmicrobiome Test analysis uses leading cutting edge metagenomic analysis and DNA sequencing technology for identifying bacteria present in your gut , mouth skin -collectively known as the human microbiome or 'second genome' .
The health of the bacteria in your gut is a reflection on your inner and outer body health and this bacteria identifying profiling will assist you and your  fitness/health practitioner to understand the under lying causes or symptoms of imbalance of bacteria in you gut. Bacteria perform essential functions such as digesting food and synthesising vitamins. Recent studies have also linked the micro biome to human mood and behaviour , via the gut-brain axis , as well as many gut disorders , weight gain, eczema and chronic sinusitis . 
The sample is a  non invasive stool sample which analyses for the % of types of bacteria in the gut, how this bacteria may be affecting your health status , if any pathogenic bacteria are present and how your diet may be affecting your micro biome.

Benefits of This Test:-

You will for the 1st time be able to see all the bacteria that is in your gut, some of which  may  be causing or linked to  bloating , chronic fatigue, diahorrea, depression ,weight gain, skin conditions , rheumatoid arthritis and autism .

How does it all work?
Order your test through Sharon Clare at Body Coach Fitness and arrange a consultation face to face/online  -take the test when it arrives and when you and your practitioner receive your results a few weeks later then it can be reviewed and incorporated into a new healthy lifestyle and nutrition program




 smartDNA GUT Spectrum Detector


smartDNA has a patented GUT Spectrum detector test which sequences bacterial  signatures associated with -Autism-.smartDNA has developed its own smartHIT database ,machine learning ,advanced statistical techniques and patented methods to analyse the bacteria in your gut. smartDNA welcomes the opportunity to work with clinicians ,researchers and industry to utilise this patented method. The GUT spectrum detector test will monitor ( not diagnose)gut  bacteria associated with Autism. It will help indicate the diversity in the microbiome ( a key indicator of health ) and the Dysbiosis compass map ,measuring the dietary intake affecting your  microbiome and what the style of diet that you are eating is working, providing a metagenomic  pathway analysis. It will give key insights into your gut microbiome and ability to digest food components such as protein, fat , carbohydrates and sugars.
 *As this is a bespoke advanced professional practitioner test -please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details and to purchase RRP from £297.00

smartDNA -IBS GUT Detector


smartDNA has -patented- the IBS GUT Detector test which sequences all of the bacteria associated with the detection of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and the IBS subtypes. smartDNA  uses its in-house smartHIT  database , machine learning ,advanced statistical techniques and patented methods to analyse the bacteria in your sample. smartDNA welcomes the opportunity to work with clinicians ,researchers and industry to utilise this patented method.
 The IBS GUT Detector test will monitor bacteria associated with irritable bowel syndrome. It will help indicate the subtypes of IBS and the diversity of the microbiome. It will help determine bacteria associated with poor health and show this with an interactive diagram called a Krona plot.
*As this is an advanced  professional practitioner only test  please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details or to purchase RRP From £297.00*

smartDNA Genomic Wellness Test


smartDNA Genomic wellness test - is a unique non invasive saliva test personal genomic wellness solution, to help reduce the risk of many common health issues that affect people as we age.
When your body is healthy and has  access to the nutrients it genetically needs , you typically age more slowly, feel less stressed, experience a higher quality of life and suffer less unhealthy conditions .
This test will enable your practitioner to design a specific nutritional program - based on these results. Allowing for better weight management , understanding of your specific dietary needs, it will assess your anti-oxidative defence levels, inflammatory response to environmental toxins, help you understand your hormone metabolism pathway and stress responses and enable specific preventative health strategies to be used for long term health- All this from 1 test

What does the test analyse for?

The smartDNA Genomic test includes analysis for:- lipid metabolism, metabolic syndrome and diabetes, inflammation in the body, sodium sensitivity, COQ10 levels, Omega 3 & 6 levels, vitamins, methylation , folate and co factors, choline, caffeine metabolism, coeliac disease, lactose intolerance, oxidative stress, phase 1 detoxification, phase 2 detoxification, weight management, HPA axis and stress responses, sleep and seasonal variation, and physiogenomic integration of genetic and functional ability .

How does it all work?
Purchase your test, contact Sharon Clare at Body Coach Fitness via Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 to arrange a consultation  face to face/Skype-take the test - wait for results a few weeks later and these will be reviewed with your practitioner -to then advise on the net step-  a personalised gut wellness nutrition package

Benefits of Test?
This is a unique and very comprehensive genomic wellness evaluation test-which is available through Sharon Clare at Body Coach Fitness. This test could be the key to your new health and fitness journey and the ultimate nutritional program to achieve  this

smartDNA Genomic Wellness Test




*Turn around time from completion of tests to getting results will be between 3-6 weeks *

smartdNA  Wellness Package



Body Coach Fitness has a complete -smartDNA Wellness Test Package- The full package contains :-

-1 x Genomic Wellness Test (Saliva kit)

-smartGUT Microbiome  (DNA Guard Kit)

-IBS GUT Detector Test ( OMNIGUT Kit)

-GUT Spectrum Detector Test (OMNIGUT Kit)


The genomic wellness plus test covers up to 160 DNA changes to assist with comprehensive analysis to assist  practitioners  with a personalised optimal wellness program for your clients. The smartGUT DNA microbiome test provides cutting edge DNA sequencing technology. Practitioners are then able to use this information to understand how your diet and environment could be affecting your bowel flora and health .


*As this is a professional practitioner test package  please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more information and to purchase -RRP from £597.00*


Genomics Education


Body Coach Fitness is a practitioner with SmartGUTdna . The  SmartDNA  Practitioner training-Is an online training course in how to apply the smartGUT microbiome and SmartDNA genomic wellness test in your health ,fitness and wellness practice. It gives you certification in  DNA sequencing technology and applications of test for improveD health and fitness for your patients/clients. It is a comprehensive course test that is beneficial to add to any professional practice.*However you also have to apply for registration as a SMARTgut practitioner to actually use the test -in practice*

If you are not already using SmartGUT DNA tests the course is currently £475.00 if you purchase here  (Only available to suitably qualified therapists and you will also have to apply for registration as A SmartDNA Practitioner -acceptance as a practitioner is not the role of Body Coach Fitness this is governed by SmartDNA )

SmartDNA Practitioner Training Course




*This price is for practitioners not already using SmartDNA Tests & is available to purchase -ONLY by suitably qualified practitioners -(You will also be required to register with SmartDNA  before practising and acceptance of registration is not under the control of Body Coach fitness)* 

 smartDNA -Gene Genius Book


Dr Margaret Smith has written a book to accompany the smartDNA tests and nutritional genomics .The book is aimed at the public but is also a great practitioner resource tool .It provided useful professional information regarding the use of nutritional genomics .

* Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness .com or 07875086760 for -international-special delivery ordering -RRP £50.00* 


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