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Body Coach fitness -Sports Academy


Whether your a coach involved in  youth, high school, or adult Olympic sports or team sports and nutrition ,or  your looking to educate yourself and others . This coach education centre with resources for sports education programmes  will provide you with professional tools to educate others eg online sports courses for coaches (voluntary & professional )and professional subscriptions to sports exercise medicine journals ,  presentation slides, notes and accompanying e books for professional education and /or seminars , work shops for clubs, PT studios ,work places ,other trainers and coaches, schools, colleges and many more-Body Coach fitness gives you the tools to educate yourself and others about the benefits of sports for physical activity!*(Sourced from  HK global fitness education store which has expanding relations with international coaching and sports organisations and with the (ICCE) International council for coaching excellence.
 Choose from categories such as :- women's sports, sports nutrition, sports marketing and communications, athletic training, psychology of sports injury, managing sports , leisure and aging and school wide physical activity + much more!*( Please click on images & text links below to find out further information and purchase sports education resources ,books & online education centre courses )*

Sports Coach Education Centre


Body Coach Fitness Sports Academy offers online coaching for sports coaches (volunteers or professional level) from Asep /HK coach education, leading international education resource sites.

If you looking to forward your sports coaching knowledge in specific sports such as adult and youth golfing principles, soccor ,strength & conditioning, track & field , basketball, foot ball ,wrestling, tennis or general  sports coaching skills courses such as coach framework, coaching essentials and principle and many more- then Body coach fitness Sports Education Centre can help.*(If you are based in USA then your college/university site may be listed  for official CPD  on the drop down menu but if you live any where else in the world these online courses are still valuable skill and knowledge developing learning experiences   to help further your sports coaching career -go to human kinetics education tab when selecting courses for locations not listed on drop down menu )*


Please go to the following link for Sports Education Centre Learning :- http://www.asep.com/courseInfo/courses.cfm?associate=21535 



 Educare For Sports Courses


Body Coach Fitness has 4 key Educare sports courses available to purchase as  an individual package designed to cover safe guarding in sports .The courses are CPD accredited and endorsed by awarding bodies such as -Cimspa , (UKA) UK Athletics  & Return to Play. The package consists of 4 courses ( Safe Guarding In sports- Mental Health & Wellbeing In Sports- Preventing Bullying In Sports & Concussion Awareness in Sports & Education) All available together at a 20% discount off RRP.  Please go to the following link to purchase  the package:- https://www.myeducare.com/shop/product/Bodycoach-Fitness

You can find out further details regarding each course at the shop page on this link and typing in each courses name  and/or go to the following links below for more details on each course under relevant course heading:-

Safe Guarding In Sports 

click here to download file

Wellbeing & Mental Health In Sports

click here to download file

Preventing Bullying In Sports

click here to download file

Concussion Awareness In Sport

click here to download file

General Educare Course Brochure Outlining Endorsed Course Provision

click here to download file

" Educare -Creates a safe environment for all. As the leading provider of essential duty of care and safe guarding knowledge .Educare develops simple, clear & concise online learning in partnership with leading experts to help people act if they suspect something is wrong. Users of Body Coach Fitness are able to exclusively purchase and access 4 key sports related Eduacre courses at the discounted price of £35.00 + VAT"


 Kinematics,Kinetics & Biomechanics Of Movement 


Biomechanics is the science of movement  of a living body ,including how muscles ,bones,tendons, and ligaments work together to produce movement. Biomechanics is part of the larger field of kinesiology ,specifically focusing on the mechanics of movement. It is an applied science ,encompassing research and practical use of its findings. Body Coach Fitness is developing  educational material &  programs for -Sports biomechanics ,kinematics and kinetics of body movement *( Helping you understand your own individual biomechanics of exercises performed eg :- biomechanics of lat pulldown and sprinting)*

*For example ,the biomechanics of the squat includes consideration  of the position and/or the position or movement of the feet,hips, knees, back and shoulders  arms*

Elements Of Biomechanics Kinematics & Kinetics :-

Statics :Studying systems that are in equilibrium either at rest or moving at  a constant velocity

Dynamics:Study systems that are in motion with acceleration and deceleration.

Kinematics : Describing the effects of forces on the system ,motion patterns including linear and angular changes in velocity over time,position,displacement ,velocity and acceleration are studied.

Kinetics : Studying what causes motion,the forces and moments at work.

 Lever & Body Parts:-

This covers the mechanical advantages  of each movement /exercise , including information on muscles and bone actions and how they act together to form levers , and torque and the effect load forces  and the effects depending on how far they are away from the pivot.

Mass Inertia & Momentum:-

Inertia is the reluctance of a body to change whether it is moving or not and is related to mass. Once a body is moving the momentum of the body is a product  of its mass multiplied by its velocity.

Inertia example- An elite cyclist such as Bradley Wiggins with a mass of around 69kg will need to apply a lot less force to get his bike moving than a boxer weighing 109kg who is sat in a saddle

Or you kick a football ( mass 0.41kg-0.45kg) according to law 2 of the game) you need to apply a smaller force than if you tried to take a penalty kicking an 8kg medicine ball ( don't try that at home)

 Momentum example-Momentum is the measure of the amount of motion a body has and is measured in units of kilogram metres per second eg- A rugby player with a mass of 90kg  running at 10m/s would have a momentum of ( momentum =90kg 10 m/s =900kgms)

*Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more information and pricing on educational material and programs in -development "




Disability Sports


Body Coach Fitness is a UFit ambassador and believes in equality for able and non able bodied peoples right to participate  in physical activity and sports. It is also a legal requirement to ensure  equality and diversity within the work place, sports and every day life . So understanding how to coach ,teach and aid disability sport through good customer service delivery is important. There fore Body Coach Fitness has dedicated a specific educational & resource section in the sports academy for disability &  engagement in physical activity & sports &  delivering excellent customer service to disabled people when working/involved in coaching/teaching physical activity and sports

Disability Courses
(Equality & Diversity & Disability Module)-Body Coach Fitness offers its own  equality & diversity & disability module CPD hours courses -on fitness business zone page- which applies to the general way of working with all abilities in sports and every day life and these cover the legal implications involved (Certificated with E Alliance Tech)
(IFI-International Fitness Inclusion) - 'Delivering an excellent service for disabled customers' IFI Certificated course - https://ifi.trainingportal.online/store   *(This is an outside sourced course -so Body Coach Fitness has no dealing with financial transactions after purchasing)*
 Teaching & Coaching Disability Sports Books

Disability Supportive Websites & Resources
The following links and resources are useful for  teachers and coaches involved with people with disabilities and coaching disabilities in sports and physical activity as well as general every day life
Pdf on EFDS Engagement

click here to download file



(UKAD)United Kingdom Anti Doping Education


Body Coach Fitness has completed the UK- Anti doping Advisor training and is able to advise you on how to -train & compete clean- and teach you how to check your medications against the prohibited list, and what to do about use of supplements ,herbs ,vitamins and social drugs ,how to use the GDRO international drug finding portal and check batch numbers for products -On informed sports product  list

The UKAD have a -100% me campaign- which means that 100% of me is put into my training, competing, and sport -no illegal substances ,banned & prohibited substances, or recreational drugs and non checked prescription medications -are used off season and in competition. As a UKAD accredited advisor Sharon Clare is committed to educating and teaching others  in sports the values of clean sport- Respect, delivering,  persistence ,determination, speed , skills, adherence to Anti doping rules and respect for other members of your sport.


*Please contact  Sharon Clare on 07875086760 and /or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for more details on seminars and educational talks for you company, team, gym/club ,athlete + Individual appointments for personal advice for Anti Doping In Your choice of sports are available  and pricing *


Drug Free Sports International- Professional Development



Drug Free Sport International-  offer evidence-based and informative continuing education opportunities for sports professionals including certified athletic trainers, sport dietitians, and strength and conditioning specialists. The

live and on-demand webinars are offered throughout the year and cover the hottest topics in athlete performance, sports supplements, substances of abuse, and other conversations relating to sports drug education and testing. Each session features an industry expert relevant to the topic, along with our Senior Director of Education, Lara Gray. Please go to- https://www.drugfreesport.com/education/webinars/22/ For more details and to sign up to drug free sports international educational programmes/webinars .

Body Coach Fitness- Sports Performance Cook Book


Body Coach Fitness has developed and published a sports performance cook book available online at the cook book project. It offers active people and athletes a hand picked selection of quick and easy snacks and beverages for sporting performance and energy.You can purchase this book through Body Coach Fitness by contacting Sharon Clare at sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 or ordering through cookbook.com by clicking on the following link below and selecting the -Home page tab on left of screen  -


Body Coach  -Fitness ,Strength & Conditioning For Sports -E Book


Body Coach Fitness is developing a -new- fitness ,strength and conditioning E book for sports .This will be a brief  ,concise but comprehensive E book /collection of articles specific to sports fitness and conditioning.


*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details on E book and launch*

DnaLife-DNA Sports Training Videos


If you are a professional qualified sports/health practitioner you may be interested in Dnalife genetic training videos *(You will have to register as a Dnalife health practitioner before using Dnalife  genetic tests to practice )* This specific set of 2 training videos is for the Dnalife Sports DNA testing. A useful educational training tool and CPD for sports/health professionals

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details * 


Dna Life -DNA Sports Educational Training Videos



Sports Talent Mentoring -Education & Performance Portfolio


Body Coach Fitness  has a  new - Sports Talent mentoring education & performance Portfolio program- A educational and performance based scheme for individuals /teams looking to develop a portfolio of evidence /profile for future education, career, sports and fitness success!

This is customised service developed unique to you - You can choose from essential components of fitness ,education and performance and Body Coach Fitness will provide a needs analysis, assessment ,evaluation and development of a professional profile/portfolio to obtain sponsorship, career and sporting advancement -A unique service developed by a former international athlete .

Portfolio management can include :-

-Online & face to face educational Sports/health & fitness courses & E books & workshops (Guidance ,advice & purchase)

 -Scheduled sports /fitness tests ,& seasonal monitoring & assessment & evaluation-For improved sports performance profiling

 -Competition /Event preparation advice & guidance for success-To get the extra 1% for the winning edge

 - Sports Talent Mentoring -Advice & help with developing a professional profile & to gain sponsorship & career advancement & market /promote yourself (Introduction to  partners, associates & teams )

-Step by step guidance on developing health ,fitness & sports portfolio/profile  for business, sports, media  or  personal use

*This sports talent mentoring package is developed by a former athlete with experience of creating a health/fitness and sporting profile portfolio for career, business  * sporting success!*

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or 07875086760 for more details and for pricing and face to face/online consultation to start your -Sports talent mentoring package!* 


Sports Coaching Online Courses

Listed below are several online/distance learning courses on sports coaching from experts in their field from universities across the globe. They range from sports inclusion and diversity to team coaching skills -All designed for sports coaches and business to learn new skills to use in practice  

Future Learn Online Course -In Sports Inclusion


On this course you will learn how athletes and para athletes prepare for a major sporting  event. You will learn how sports science ,medicine and technology helps athlete prepare for competition. We will explore the-Importance of sponsorship- for athletes and how sport event partners help build legacies. We'll also discover the motivations and preparation for major sporting events of athletes and para athletes from developing countries. You will also learn how to level the playing field for athletes and para athletes from developing countries to promote diversity and inclusion.
The course is free to sign up to for the first few weeks -Then if you want to upgrade for £28.00 you will receive a certification of achievement when you are eligible and you will have unlimited access to the course material eg- videos , articles, peer reviews and quizzes. Please  go to the link below for further details and to sign up to this certification on sports inclusion

Future Learn Course In Sport Inclusion icon

Future Learn Online Course -In Coaching The Mental Game


Learn how coaches in -sports and business- can help players reach their full potential mentally and physically, learn how to apply frame works ,principles and strategies for coaching players mentally. Culture is one of the primary mental conditioners in sports and it affects players performance and continued development. Coaches are responsible for establishing a teams culture either intentionally or unintentionally. On this course you will explore how an empowering culture ,servant leadership or player-centred approach can help to create ideal mindsets. You will learn how to foster an environment that enables people to perform to their potential and understand how to -Coach the mental game.

In this course you will cover thinking and the instinctive brain and their separate functions in key moments of performance, the performance equation, the ways of enhancing the players A Game , dealing with the B Factors ( situations and conditions) and the impact of the past -present- & future on players performance & getting in -The Zone .

 By the end of this course you will be able to identify elements of the game ,explain key features of the thinking process for performance and apply frame works, principles and strategies for coaching players mental game and be able to reflect back on your sports coaching practice incorporating insights gained through the course.

 This course is designed for anyone who is interested in sports or business coaching ,but will be particular interest to people actually working in this area of sports coaching. You can sign up to this online course for free for the first few weeks and you can upgrade for £52.00 and you will have unlimited access to course materials. Including - videos, articles, peer reviews and quizzes plus validation tests through out the course to test learning. If you up grade you can also download a certificate of achievement when eligible for a record .Please go to link below for more details on the online course In Coaching the mental game and to purchase -

Future Learn Online Course In Coaching The Mental Game icon

Future Learn Online Course In- Team Coaching


This course will teach you a range of coaching principles and strategies to create a positive and supportive team culture and how to build a strong team. Coaches play an important role in establishing team culture and determining team goals and supporting team members.

On this course you will learn how to use a range of coaching principles and strategies to create a cohesive and inclusive team environment. You'll analyse  the role successful coaches play in creating and maintaining a positive and supportive team culture. You will be able to identify the challenges coaches face when working with new and established teams, and the importance of monitoring conflict, change and development in a team.

The key sports coaching skills you will learn are- frame works to support working with teams , stages of team development, the change cycle and team bank balance. Applying principles and strategies for creating a cohesive team ,reflecting on conflict and change and investigating the role of a successful coach. 

 This course is designed for anyone with an interest in sports and coaching or who works in this area at any level. You can access the first few weeks of this course free and if you wish to complete the course you can up grade for £52.00 and you will have full access to all course materials including articles ,videos, peer reviews and quizzes. Plus you will have validation tests through out the course to evaluate learning and be able to down load a certificate of achievement when eligible for a written record of learning. Please  go to link below and find out more details and purchase the online course in -Team coaching-

Future Learn Online Course In Team Coaching icon

Future Learn Online Course In- The Science Of Endurance Training & Performance


Learn about the science behind endurance sports training and performance ,including effective preparation and rehabilitation. Endurance sports such as cycling ,marathons and triathlons are increasingly popular. Events attract every one from elite athletes striving for performance improvements ,to sedentary individuals looing to improve their health and well-being. 
  Wherever you sit on the spectrum this course will help you train and improve your performance in endurance sports. You will learn with sports scientists from the Endurance Research Group( ERG) At Kent's school of sport & exercise science-A world leader in performance research and teaching. This course will cover topics such as training, nutrition, psychology, fatigue and pain , respiratory health and endurance injuries and rehabilitation in relation  to endurance sports.
Explore the science behind effective endurance training methods, evaluate pre, during and post exercise recommendation for endurance performance ,discuss psychological preparation, concepts of fatigue and pain and injuries in endurance sports and how they can treated and rehabilitated.
 This course is for any one interested in taking up endurance sports or who is training for an endurance challenge ahead .I will also be relevant to coaches , and sports scientists as well as prospective sports scientists .You can access this course for the first few weeks and then if you wish to complete the whole course -Upgrade for £62.00 which will give you access to the whole course and its supporting learning materials- articles, videos , peer reviews and quizzes plus there are validation tests through out the course to evaluate learning. If you up grade you can also download and print off a certificate of achievement of learning for a written record. Please go to link below for more information and to sign up to the course -

Future Learn Online Course In Endurance Performance icon

Future learn Online Course In- Coaching In The Knowledge Era


This is a course in learning how to adapt to coaching in the knowledge era. We live in a world where technology is constantly changing and information can be shared instantly. As a result coaches need to be able to adapt their skills effectively to working in the knowledge era. On this course you will explore what it means  to be a coach in the knowledge era and recognise why different coaching techniques are required to be successful. You will familiarise yourself with a number of coaching approaches and learn how to apply these in practice. You will also learn how to harness the collective intelligence of your team in order to motivate and develop others.
The topics which will be covered in this course are- the changing landscape in which coaching/leading happens, approaches to coaching that move beyond instructing, the learning cycle, harnessing the collective intelligence of a team , recognising different approaches to coaching ,identifying your own place in the changing landscape and navigating the changing landscape.
This course is designed for any one with an interest in sports coaching ,but may be of particular interest to people already working in this area. You can access this online course for free for the first few weeks and if want to complete the whole course you can up grade for £52.00 and gain access to the whole course online including all accompanying course materials -videos, articles, peer reviews and quizzes ,plus there are validation tests through the course to evaluate learning .If you up grade you can also down load a certificate of achievement for  a written record of learning. Please go to link below to find out more information and to sign up to the online course in coaching in the knowledge era-

Future Learn Online Course In -The Coaching Knowledge Era icon

Future Learn Online Course- The Self Aware Coach


Discover how to become  more self aware as a coach or leader with this online course. Coaches especially In sports need to be self aware and emotionally intelligent in order to provide clear instructions ,advice an motivation to others. On this course you will learn how to apply strategies to enhance your own self-awareness as a coach or leader. You will learn how to identify your own core values and evaluate how these may affect your coaching and leadership practice. You will learn how to make adjustments to your behaviour in order to become more effective as a coach or leader. You will also learn why more self-aware coaches and leaders are more effective and productive.
Some topics which will be covered in the course are- the importance of self awareness, notions of personal mastery and its application in your role as a coach /leader, insight into your intentions and motivations as a coach/leader, servant leadership, applying a change process to your life , applying strategies to enhance self awareness and reflection on who you are as a coach/leader, identifying personal core values, reflecting on self awareness as a coach/leader and  evaluating your values and actions to inform your leadership decisions.
 This course is designed for anyone interested in sports, sports business  and of particular interest in people who already work in tis area.
 You can access the course for free for the first few weeks and if you wish too complete the whole course you can up grade for £52.00 giving full access to the whole course and its accompanying learning materials online including -articles, videos, peer reviews and quizzes. Plus there will be validation tests through out the course to evaluate your learning and if you up grade you will also be able to down load a certificate of achievement  for a written record of learning in this subject. Please go to link below to find out more details and to sign up to the online course in- The Self Aware Coach-

Future Learn Online Course- In Being A Self Aware Coach icon

Future Learn Online Course In- Player Centred Coaching


Explore coach centred and player centred coaching approaches and learn how to apply key skills to your own practice. Coaching is a challenging practice which involves applying a range of techniques to get the best out of  a team. On this course you will get an introduction to  coach centred and player centred coaching principles and evaluate the differences between them. You will analyse the impact of using coach -centred and player-centred  approaches on player development and performance. You will learn how to distinguish between the art and science of coaching and apply this to your own context. You will learn how to use player-centred coaching principles in your own practice to enhance player and team performance.

Player -centred coaching techniques and topics you will cover on this course will include- Ken Wilbers Integral Matrix ,the importance of review and planning. success and failure, the impact of different approaches on player development and performance, coaching with the intangible ( invisible aspect of a players game in mind).Plus identifying the differences between coach -centred and player-centred  coaching, the differences between the art and science of coaching ,investigating the impact of a coach or player  centred approach on player development and performance and applying player-centred coaching principles to enhance player/team performance.

 This course is designed for any one with an interest in sports and sports coaching and business and especially people who already work  in this area. You can access the first few weeks of this online course for free and if you wish to complete the whole course, you can up grade for £52.00 and you can then access the whole course with all of its accompanying learning materials including videos, articles , peer reviews and quizzes. Plus there will be validation tests through out the course to evaluate learning and if you up grade to the full course you can down load a certificate of achievement for a written record of learning in this subject. Please  go to link below for more information and to sign up to the online course in - Player-centred coaching-


Future Learn Online Course In - Player Centred Coaching icon

University/College   Online Academic  Education -Strength & Conditioning For Sports


 Universities & College teachers/facilities  and students please go to the following link for details on international PT & strength and conditioning for sports courses with supporting online teaching material and dedicated online training portal for your educational facility- http://academic.hkeducationcenter.com/?associate21535

Once at the link go to -course catalogue tab-   & you will see two main courses listed PT coaching & strength & conditioning coaching to order -If you wish to find out more & order previews of   other courses offered go to  -click here tab- and select course  from list  -if you wish to preview or purchase fill out application form  or alternatively contact your regional representative listed  on -help page. 

You can apply to adopt a course with all learning materials  and add it to your college /university academic course curriculum  with your own online learning portal training portal  & University/college students can then sign on with your facility -key code- and start accessing online educational training materials and order any extra learning materials at discounted prices through HK for their studies -A unique way to learn new career enhancing health, fitness and sports training skills

Sports Nutrition Courses-For Coaches


Body Coach Fitness-Sports Academy page is now able to offer the Expert training -Sports nutrition certification for sports coaches .An online sports nutrition course dedicated to learning about how to improve sports performance and health and fitness levels through nutrition .Please go to link below for more information & to purchase

Online Sports Nutrition Certification

Kinesiology -Taping Course (Online)


For some years now Vivomed has been involved in the developments of innovations of the field of sports medicine and education programmes for Physios, doctors and fitness and sports therapists and allied professionals. The new -Online vivomed Clinical kinesiology taping course- has ben designed for  practitioners to learn the techniques needed to effectively use kinesiology tape  -any where in the world -at a convenient time to you ( online distance learning course) .This allows you to download a 6 hour  CPD course certificate  at the end of the course. *Once purchased ,you will have-unlimited- access to course material and videos for  a 30 day period for £50.00 .

The online course material includes - The 4 major effects of kinesiology taping, the differences between traditional athletic taping and K taping , how the KT  method works, muscle ,ligament , lymphatic , fascia and connective tissue taping techniques and how to apply method in practice for sports injuries and your practice .

Please go to the link below ( then register a log in account) to then view and purchase the -Vivomed Kinesiology Taping Course for knowledge and certification in KT taping for  sports ,clinical and your therapy practice  


Vivomed Limited E Learning Kinesiology Taping Course

NCCPT Certifications -Strength Training & Power Lifting


The NCCPT is a certification body which offers (EREPS) fitness qualifications from certified personal training to youth fitness instruction, weight management & many more including the strength training specialist ,power lifting & kickboxing instructor courses listed .Please add Body Coach referral email address ( steve@cyclopes.screaming.net) in -referral box on registration for signing up to courses -

Strength Training Specialist-NCCPT 



Kick Boxing Instructor Course



Nutri Advanced -3 Part CPD Webinar Series In Functional Sports Nutrition


 Nutri advanced offer a 3 part CPD webinar series on -Functional sports nutrition, including a webinar on endurance sports & weight loss, strength training and protein gain & cardiovascular fitness stability. This 3 part webinar series is perfect for people who want either  a taster or a more intensive insight into managing active clients  -You are guaranteed to learn applicable skills to use in your own clinic. Relevant to any fully qualified health /fitness practitioner who is seeing active clients to learn new skills which are directly applicable for your clinic.

Part 1-Endurance sports  & weight loss CPD Webinar


Price=£10.00 (Inc booking fee)


*You will also have to register for a health practitioner account before being able to access course -Acceptance is not Body Coach Fitness Responsibility* 

Part 2-Strength Training & Protein Gains CPD Webinar


Price=£10.00 (Inc Booking fee)

 *You will also have to register for a health practitioner account before being able to access course -Acceptance is not Body Coach Fitness Responsibility* 

Part 3-Cardiovascular Fitness & Stability-CPD Webinar


Price=£10.00 (Inc Booking Fee)

 *You will also have to register for a health practitioner account before being able to access course -Acceptance is not Body Coach Fitness Responsibility* 

ACE -Sports Specialist Certifications

Below are a selection of select -sports specialist certifications for fitness and sports professionals ,some of which are also endorsed by NASM, ACSM & other leading fitness leading organisations. Please select from  courses below and sign up to - the gift of 'knowledge'-

ACE-Sports Performance Specialist Certification


 The ACE Sports performance specialist certification is a professional online certification in sports performance ,this is a comprehensive course with  ACE endorsement and recognition in the fitness industry as CPD for fitness /coach learning. Please go to link below for more information and to sign up to -sports performance learning-

ACE Sports Performance Specialist Certification icon

ACE Biomechanics Exercise Specialist Certification 


  The ACE Biomechanics Exercise  specialist  certification is a professional online certification in Biomechanics   ,this is a comprehensive course with  ACE and other leading fitness  endorsement recognition in the fitness industry as CPD for fitness /coach learning. Please go to link

ACE Biomechanics Specialist Certification icon

ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification


 The ACE Fitness  nutrition specialist  certification is a professional online certification in fitness nutrition  ,this is a comprehensive course with  ACE,NASM and other leading fitness  endorsement recognition in the fitness industry as CPD for fitness /coach learning. Please go to link below for more information and to sign up to -sports performance learning- Edit Text

ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist Program Certificate icon

ACE Behaviour Change Specialist Certification


  The ACE Behaviour change specialist certification   is a professional online course  in behaviour change  and fitness coaching for any clients who need to adapt behaviour for better health and sports performance outcomes  ,this is a comprehensive course with  ACE endorsement and recognition in the fitness industry as CPD for fitness /coach learning. Please go to link below

ACE Behaviour Change Specialist Certification icon

ACE Youth Fitness Specialist Certification


 This ACE CPD specialist online certification is ideal for anyone wanting to gain the knowledge and skills to create customised and organised fitness programs for children and teens and help other youth sports coaches ,parents  and other professionals in fitness ,sports recreation for healthier ,fitter ,more athletic children .Please go to the link below for more details and to purchase -

ACE Youth Fitness Specialist Certification.

 Professional Sports Presentation Package Resources


Women In Sports Presentation Pacakge

Sports Management Presentation Package

 Sports Nutrition Presentation Package

Nutrition For Sports Exercise & Health Presentation Package

Out Door Leadership Presentation Package

Psychology Of Sports Presentation Package

Strategic Sports Communication Presentation Package

Sports Marketing Presentation Package

Managing Sports Events Presentation Package

Evidence Based Practice In Athletic Training Presentation Package

Introduction To Kinesiology Presentation Package

 Medical Conditions In The Athlete Presentation Package

Therapeutic Exercise For MSK Injuries Presentation Package

Youth Health & Sports & Physical Activity Resources

School Wide Physical Activity Presentation Package

The Essential Of Teaching Health Education Presentation Pacakage

ASEP Youth Sports Kit Package (Resources For Coaches Parents & Officials)

ASEP Youth Sport Training Kit - Ready-Made Resources for Coaches, Parents, and Officials

International Professional Journals In Sports Health & Exercise Medicine


Individuals  & coaches can choose from print + online subscription or online only subscription to professional sports, nutrition & exercise medicine journals at Body Coach Fitness .Both options allow full access to the journals authoritative content and online access to digital archives of back issues. Individual subscriptions are strictly for personal  non commercial use only .Journals can be subscribed to for 1 or 2 year periods and student rates are available .

Please go to each journals individual link (Under each image)for more details on content .pricing and to order below:- 

Women In Sports Physical Activity Journal



 Sport Exercise & Nutrition Metabolism Journal



Journal Of Clinical Sports Psychology



International Journal Of Athletic Therapy & Training



PDF Catalogues Of Resources  



Browse through the 3 catalogues for HK books (on text links below),educational resources for sports health ,nutrition and fitness for adults and youth -order through Body coach Fitness  store- https://www.humankinetics.com?associate=21535


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E Text Books For Sports Coaching


These E Text books for Sports coaching studies can be accessed via any technical device and are affordable and convenient ways to learn and study-Many more are available on request -*  Please Click on each image for more details and to purchase)*

Biomechanics Of Sports -E Book

Essentials Of Strength & Conditioning -E Book

Advances On Sports Psychology-E Book

Ethics In Sports -E Book

  E-Book Review Exerpts


 Here you can review exerpts of some of the E text books above before purchasing to ensure you happy with your purchase. Each link shows exerpts of some pages from the book-Allowing you to try before you buy!


Ethics In Sports E Book  -Review Exerpt



Biomechanics Of Sport & Exercise E Book- Review Exerpt



Essentials Of Strength & Conditioning E Book- Review Exerpt 




Video On Demand -For Sports


If you prefer visual content to learn new sports skills and knowledge then the Video on demand series may be for you. Each video on demand link will give you instructional and informative content on chosen sporting subject eg performance in sports or flexibility in sports. Offering an affordable convenient and flexible way to view and learn new skills in your own home or on the move. Purchase sports video on demand products below (Click on each image for more details and to purchase):-

Video On demand-Flexibility For Sports Performance


Video on Demand-Speed For Sports Performance

Video On Demand- Strength For Sports

Video On Demand-Training For Speed agility & Quickness

 Video On Demand- High Powered Pylometrics

Go Coach -Sports Coach Apps


Go Coach Apps- Are educational apps for sports coaches in their chosen sport ,offering information, facts, tips and advice on skills and drills ,techniques and tactics to improve your coaching skills and performance of your athletes .Available at the touch of your fingertip , anywhere ,anytime -Portable coaching resources for the modern sports coach! *( Choose your app from list below and click on image for more details and to purchase/download)*

Go Coach Football/Soccor App

Go Coach Basket ball App

Go Coach Baseball App

Go Coach Volley Ball App

 Free Educational Sports Resources-Webinars


Here are some FREE useful resources -past & future webinars  on fitness and sports including nutrition ,training and sports psychology. Nothing to pay just a good learning opportunity from world leading experts in their field.

Please access and book your free webinars here:-  http://www.humankinetics.com/all-webinars?associate21535





Audible Books -(Sports Performance -Mentoring & Coaching)
Body Coach Fitness- 141 Audible books for sports coaches personal trainers, coaches, parents, athletes and teachers-looking to up their game of coaching-A different way of reading, learning, visualising and improving sports coaching and performance in sports!*( Scroll across page to go to go link to next page)*

      * More  Educational Resources and products to come soon....!*


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