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Body Coach Fitness Health Wellness & Nutrition Concierge


 Body Coach Fitness-Is launching a fully inclusive health, nutrition and wellness concierge program aimed at busy people with busy lives eg business travellers, working families, time poor people who require assistance with health, wellness ,fitness and nutrition services .

A unique and bespoke service with varying levels of assistance which can be tailored to you ! Create your own package from listed fitness and nutrition concierge services -Personalised lifestyle service available face to face and/or virtually (dependant on package created) 

  Fitness & Nutrition Concierge


Choose from any of the following options to form a nutrition & fitness concierge package to suit you ( you can also combine with any of the of the other concierge packages for a completely bespoke lifestyle service:-

-DNA  Life style and wellness testing to form a customised fitness and nutrition program

-Grocery shopping list and meal planner

-Food/Grocery Pick up ,delivery ,meal prep and other food errands ( Not including costs of items purchased)

-Resturant  recommendations for healthy meals, events and business lunches (also recommended food and drink list for healthy alternatives)

 -Online grocery shopping and customised meal plans + health champion cookery classes

-Personalised vitamins, supplements  and meal boxes delivered to your door

 -Personalised fitness plans face to face/virtual


Lifestyle Concierge


Body Coach Fitness lifestyle concierge service is especially for busy travellers ,business and corporate and any one seeking assistance with their daily life at work and /or at leisure. Please choose from the following options to create your own Body coach fitness lifestyle concierge package ( these can be combined with any other concierge packages to create a truly bespoke service)

-Virtual assistance (online shopping, calender management , travel arrangements, booking appointments )

 -Special occasion, event management and party planning for business /home

-Travel bookings for business - Reservations in places with healthy food options, fitness facilities ,spas and relaxation  + sports and family fitness breaks ( fitness pa option for attended assistance for fitness and nutrition and pa services )

-Health and wellness management -booking & scheduling appointments, tests  eg genetic , nutritional health and wellness and sports & nutrition tests periodically to evaluate progress

-Personalised travel  supplements

 -Full lifestyle concierge service covering business ,home and travel and family


Health & Wellness Concierge


 Body coach fitness- health and wellness concierge service works with the 8 pillars of health and wellness-(Mind,Cardiovascular system, hormonal, digestive health, metabolism, genetics, musculo skeletal and environment ) The health concierge blue print for optimal wellness consists of 3 stages ( Measure-Design & Deliver):-


Measure-The journey to optimal wellness begins with a detailed and scientifically advanced analysis of the 8 key pillars of health tough DNA testing and /or biochemical analysis


 Design-A customised bespoke exercise program will be designed based on test results and lifestyle behaviour analysis


Deliver-A health and wellness program designed unique to you will be delivered by a team of experts in their field Eg- PT's, nutrition coaches, massage therapists and yoga ,pilates and sports coaches.


The Health Concierge Method

The Body Coach health concierge method is a truly integrated  health and wellness system using state of the art scientific testing and technology and advanced and genetic ,hormonal and wellness analysis to deliver outstanding wellness programes

Healthy eating-Menu Labelling Concierge


Body Coach fitness is now able to offer a unique turnkey healthy menu labelling  nutrition solution for your business ,whether it is a cafeteria, restaurant, bistro, hotel ,country club, health and wellness centre, university ,office. With full menu assessments to ensure availability of food choices is aligned with your customer requirements. Plus the application of psychology of menu design eg-Colour confusion (how colour in menu design affects choice), the golden triangle ( how we scan a menu) ,decoy dishes & subconscious scheming to ensure your healthy eating selection is presented to its full potential. Can also include collaboration with chefs on menu design to help meet objectives for healthier food choices with full analysis of all menu items ,modifications  to menu options to meet dietary requirements or food restrictions eg( food allergies, intolerances) & cultural preferences.

A full analysis  of your current/or planned  menu based on validated and reliable sources ,with recommendations for additions ,amendments  and changes to meet the food service your business requires for your customer base. You may wish to stand out from the crowd and have a unique selling point in having a fully labelled menu with a breakdown of calories, macro & micro nutrients , and special healthy dietary selections such as gluten free,organic ,vegetarian ,paleo and vegan alternative options with full nutrient values .This will help show required nutritional values on your marketing materials and can be adjusted according to your clientele. Your customers will be able to choose from carefully colour coded and themed healthy food choices with the knowledge of exactly what the dish contains -making it as easy as selecting items labelled in grocery stores. Ideal for any restaurant or food service looking to differentiate themselves from others and meet the needs of the more health and wellness conscious customer.

The menu labelling service not only helps your business potential but also helps your customer with healthy food choices and the service can be provided according to your unique business needs. It can be provided as a one off service or on a regular basis -offering professional advice, support and guidance in food selection choice based on sound healthy nutritional principles. 

 *Food intolerance /allergy advice and testing could also be a service offered as part of the menu labelling service *

 *Please contact Sharon Clare-On Sharon@bodycoachfitnes.com and /or 07875086760 for details on pricing plans and menu labelling concierge options for your business*


Healthy Home Concierge


No one can feel healthy in an unhealthy home environment .Body coach fitness healthy home concierge offers assistance in improving your home /home office environment for healthy home making.

Healthy home concierge services include :-

-De cluttering service-If your home environment is cluttered and disorganised then Body coach could help with improving your home environment -home office space environment-create an inspirational creative environment to live and work from

-Home work space -work space adaptions and biomechanics eg work desk adaptions  (to help avoid back issues and other work space issues)

 -Fitness space design- Help in creating the perfect fitness and /or relaxation space

 General Home maker services- Meal prep, errands, pet and home sitting *(Generally out sourced provision) *

*( Create your own Body Coach Fitness Concierge package from option above -More to come soon- Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  & /or 07875086760 for more details and pricing option)*


Sports Luxe Concierge


As an athlete /sports enthusiast most of your time is spent training & competing giving you limited time and resources for looking after yourself and every day chores ,activities and scheduling. Start living the life of your dreams outside of your sport and let some one else take responsibility for needs ,organising trips, scheduling appointments and services , introducing you to the sports luxe lifestyle , with bespoke nutrition and lifestyle programmes together with introductions to sports luxe brands and venues and if needed personal training and other lifestyle programmes for you and your family, colleagues, friends. The sporting life without any worries -allowing you to concentrate fully on your specific sporting performance and lifestyle goals at work and at play.(Bespoke packages developed dependant on your sporting & lifestyle needs). Including:-
-Scheduling of sports travel, venues, specific sporting needs
 -Introduction to sports luxe brands ,resorts and health clubs for training & leisure
 Arrangement of adventure sports, activity breaks , out door leisure trips/activities for your sport
 -Lifestyle planning for at home and at play
- Sports coaching and nutritional programming ( bespoke and customised to sport)
*Please contact Sharon Clare  on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details of packages and prices and to book a consultation face to face /online *


 Healthy Made Easy- Concierge Doctors Fitness Coach Wellness Portal


Body Coach Fitness Concierge Doctors wellness portal -Healthy made easy- partnering with concierge doctors/physicians . All inclusive healthy living support program designed for concierge doctors /physicians  to help their patients make life saving behaviour change habits between Dr/office visits.

This is a virtual  coaching system to help your patients stay on track ,with emailed proven strategies for behaviour/habit change that allows for immediate implementation and  easy access to meal plan options, online nutrition ,virtual fitness coaching ,grocery lists and meal tracking option. PLUS  an accountability community for support.

This service will bridge the gap between Dr/Office visits and at home preventative care by highlighting your current wellness service provision and offering solutions  to most common issues  with structured programming and virtual and printed documentation.

 Regular communication and evaluation, tracking and monitoring ,virtual exercise and nutrition , accountability measures -Healthy Made Easy!


*Can be delivered face to face -dependant on location)* 


*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details on behalf of your  practice/wellness centre and for customised programmes and pricing* 



Physical Therapy Concierge


Body Coach Fitness Concierge Physical therapy is an elite service providing you with one to one physical therapy in the comfort of you training facility, home, office, hotel, on the field or court ,at the rehearsal studio or backstage .Physical therapy is therapy for the  preservation, enhancement, and restoration of -movement function by using therapeutic exercise, physical modalities  ( such as electrotherapy & massage ) and assistive devices and client education and training.

Have you recently received physical therapy and been underwhelmed by the customer experience ,were you a client being juggled between appointments and not receiving  truly personal bespoke therapy? Then the Body Coach Fitness concierge physical therapy service may be for you or your company /team . Referrals and cooperation with other therapists and GP's/physicians and insurance companies is usual to establish the best possible service to Body Coach Fitness customers.


*Please contact Sharon Clare on -Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details and to book a consultation /appointment*  


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