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Healthy Lifestyle DNA Tests


Body Coach Fitness  is now able to offer GTLDNA /DNA Easy tests as part their healthy lifestyle programming. The tests are available worldwide and in the UK and are 99.9% accurate and affordable healthy lifestyle genetic tests. If you can harness your genes and capitalise on what is encoded in your genes you could achieve better wellbeing. These tests can be purchased individually or ideally as part of a structured Body Coach Fitness healthy lifestyle fitness and/or nutrition plan 
Choose from the following tests below ( there is also a Nutrifit  healthy DNA test on the corporate page for business users and /or individuals ):-*(Plus the 3 panel wellness  DNA analysis tests powered by  Health Code at bottom of page)


GTLDNA Wellness & Lifestyle DNA Test
The wellness and lifestyle DNA test  report is more than just a simple laboratory test. It is a personalised template  that will help harness your genes and capitalise on your encoded  DNA for better wellbeing. It includes analysis of Life span potential, hair loss predisposition, avoidance of errors (how well do you learn from past mistakes) , genetic learning patterns ,memory performance, are you a morning/night person, a risk taker? Are you genetically determined to need more social support and will you be better at speed or endurance events ?
The results you receive within 6-8 weeks are a contributing factor to your future health and wellbeing and can be used as part of your  new healthy lifestyle journey!

Wellness & lifestyle DNA Test



GTLDNA Diet & Healthy Weight Test


The DNA and healthy weight test is ideal for when you are starting a new diet ensuring the new diet compliments your genetic make -up. With the results from this test a diet plan can be created that matches your genes and can drastically improve your chances of reaching your fitness goals and maintaining your weight. Results should be available within 15-21 working days, from receiving samples in the laboratory.

You put an end to all trial and error weight loss plans and diets by knowing your genetic profile and eating the right way for your genetics for weight loss. Your genes  can affect certain aspects  of your metabolism and all processes by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. It can also affect how your body reacts to different types of exercise and exercise intensities and much more.

Your Results Unlock The Key To Weight Loss

Your own personalised report  will include a complete genetic profile for the following:-

 -Weight loss & ability

 -Protein ,fat & Carb utilisation

 -Nutrients & vitamins


 -Strength Training & exercise regime


The nutrition & exercise recommendations are scientifically derived from the results of this DNA test ,you will discover just how much protein, fat and carbohydrates  you need in your diet and how these 3 key dietary components are affected by your genetic make-up. Besides this you will learn whether you are prone to any nutrient or vitamin deficiencies and ensure the intake of nutrients and /or vitamins you might be genetically predisposed to lack.

Please see link below for an example DNA healthy weight test report- 

click here to download file

GTLDNA Diet & Healthy Weight test





 Are you ready to take the next step towards a healthier you? Nutri plan utilises cutting edge  next generation sequencing technology coupled with leading bio informatics and modern scientific research. This extensive test comprises 35 different analyses  and instead of a couple ,Nutriplan assesses for over 110 genetic variations ,setting us apart from many other tests on the market.

Your genes play an important rule in micro and macro nutrient digestion and directly influence your nutrient needs. Based on your own individual genetic predisposition Nutriplan can determine  an oiptimal diet type. Nutriplan is a uniquely personalised diet plan and cook book with recipes to match your genetic predisposition.

 28 Day Plan

 Get a daily diet plan for your breakfast ,lunch and dinner and day time snacks

 Cooking Recipes

 Try sixty different cooking recipes personalised for you in each diet type.

Instructions & Advice

Get advice on how to change your nutrition plan or recipes without changing the calories intake.


The Nutrifit screening test will include every thing you need to start your new journey to a healthier lifestyle based on your individual genetic make -up. Results  are expected within 4-6 weeks ( dependant on location -this test is sampled  in AUS,but can be ordered globally) For an additional cost you can even have your own personalised nutrigenetic guide booklet printed and sent to you.

If you want more individualised dietary advice based on your own individual genetic make -up purchase this test -To work towards  a healthy lifestyle

Nutri Fit DNA Test



Nutri Fit Premium (Nutri Sport)


Nutri fit Premium DNA test will assist you with the help you need to tune your lifestyle with your genes in common areas of nutrition requirements ,sports ,natural rejuvenation and health. So are you ready to take the next step towards a healthier ,fitter you? Nutrifit premium utilises cutting edge next generation sequencing technology coupled with leading bio informatics ands modern scientific research.

Nutrifit Premium will include unique recommendations tested against 60 DNA test types that will help you gain your nutritional ,health, sports goals and rejuvenation of youthful looks with the help of your genetic make -up.

Individual Analysis

 This test will include a DIET TYPE based on your genes, 21 nutrition reports ( macro & micro nutrition & metabolism) ,8 metabolic properties and eating habit reports ,13 sports reports, 9 lifestyle and detoxification reports ,5 health reports ,6 rejuvenation reports and nutrition information and charts.

This Test Is Ideal For-

Any one who wants to reach their optimum body composition, optimise their exercise program ,customise their diet program to cover personal nutritional needs ,reduce their risk of developing some major common yet preventable diseases and optimise their diet and lifestyle according to their genetics.

The ability of our body to metabolise and use both macro & micro nutrients is determined by our genetics as well as lifestyle ,and  by analysing your genes for genetic predispositions to exercise  you can find your ultimate exercise program as well -Testing both these factors plus lifestyle assessment via Nutrifit Premium test -An ultimate genetic nutrition, exercise and lifestyle plan can be implemented for ULTIMATE results!

DNA Test Kit

The Nutrifit premium testing process normally takes around 4-6 weeks (dependant on location -If ordered outside AUS it may take longer as this particular test is analysed here- but can be ordered globally) For an additional cost you can even have your own personalised Nutrigenomic guide booklet printed and sent to you in the post

Nutri Fit Premium



Personal Genome Analysis


Bring to light what is hidden in your genes and learn how your genetic make-up might influence your life with our Personal Genome Analysis. This analysis will reveal your susceptibility to certain common diseases ,how to reduce your risk of developing them and your response to a number of commonly used medications. The analysis will also provide you with further insight into a number of genetically determined physical abilities and characteristics ,such as alcohol, caffeine metabolism and pain sensitivity.

About This Test

The 'personal genome analysis test utilises next generation sequencing technology ,coupled with carefully designed DNA markers and leading genetic bio informatic software and assesses over 130 genetic variations in more than 110 different genes.

 Your personal genome test will include, an easy to understand introduction to genetics and genome analysis ,descriptions of conditions and drugs that your genetics are compared against ,coloured and explanatory display of your genetic results ,medical advice and preventative measures, a list of genes analysed and a list of scientific research that the Personal genome analysis is based on.

It will provide information on how to avoid the following diseases (if you are at risk of developing the) - Alzheimers, asthma, atrial fibrillation, basal carcinoma, breast cancer, celiac disease, colorectal cancer, diabetes type 1 & 2 , gallstones, glaucoma, heart attack, hypertension, lung cancer, multiple sclerosis, prostate cancer, psoriasis , restless leg syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and venous thrombolism.It will also test you to a response to the following drugs- statins, gastric acid medications, blood clotting medication, blood sugar regulation medication, and treatments for coronary heart disease. In addition it will also provide you with further insight to the following traits and talents based on your genetics- Alcohol metabolism, baldness, caffeine metabolism, ear wax, eye colour, lactose metabolism, learning from mistakes, memory, muscle structure, pain sensitivity, bitter taste perception, nicotine addiction, resistance to noro virus and resistance to malaria


Who is This Test Suitable For?

It is an ideal test for some who wishes to make appropriate preventative measures and life style changes to reduce your risks or prevent developing certain diseases, and who wants to be aware of genetic predispositions to enable early preventative lifestyle measures and early detection for treatment.

DNA Test Kit 

All that is needed is a saliva sample with the sterile test kit swab. The results should take between 4-6 weeks ( dependant on location on the globe  - as this test is analysed  in AUS ,but available to purchase globally) .

If the test kit identifies you as having a high risk for developing a condition, your doctor, counsellor and nutrition/pt coach  together will be able to provide you with the relevant information and options for the future based on results of test.

Personal Genome Analysis



GTLDNA Genetic Predisposition Test


The GTLDNA genetic predisposition test is a huge leap forward in the field of genetic medicine and an ideal health management tool for improving peoples health and fitness outcomes. The test covers 34 different predisposing genetic diseases in many different groups including cardiovascular disease and auto immune diseases, (eye)ocular disorders, cancers & ageing  . Genetic health tests have really overcome a new frontier in moving towards achieving a better standard of health and well-being. Knowing for example your genetic predisposition to prostate cancer or heart disease  could help you change your current lifestyle to help prevent or delay onset of such conditions fore warned is fore armed !

* To read more about how genetic discoveries over the last two decades  are giving rise to a new system of 'personalised  medicine' visit the following link- http://defyyourdnabook.com  for 'Defy your DNA ' book by Dr.Stephen Shrewsbury MD*

GTLDNA Genetic Predisposition Test



GTLDNA Cancer Panel Genetic Predisposition Test-( AVAILABLE SOON)


The GTLDNA Cancer panel genetic predisposition test is ideal for establishing your genetic risk of hereditary cancers. This test looks into 92 mutations associated with hereditary cancers -does cancer run in your family? Would you like test that could confirm whether or not you carry certain hereditary genes responsible for cancer? Risk factors for hereditary cancers are family history of cancers, cancer at a young age, 2 or more cancers developing in an individual and having cancer develop in both pairs of an organ ( eg both breasts).*This test is only available in consultation with medical  professionals so if this test is ordered you will need to consult and involve your GP /practitioner *

*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com/07875086760 for further details on tests and to book face to face/online consultations  and appointments*

Inherited Diseases Panel


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the GTLDNA/Easy DNA inherited diseases panel as a practitioner of this test. The inherited disease panel tests for over 30 genes with over 700 unique inherited diseases ,including neuromuscular diseases ,cardiovascular, development and metabolic diseases.

An inherited trait is genetically determined at birth. They are traits passed on from parent to off spring ( they are also influenced by environment and lifestyle).This test is ideal for anyone looking to try for a baby and who wants to know the likelihood of inherited dieseases and anyone interested in their future health based on their genetic potential - in order to start any interventional and preventative lifestyle changes to improve future healthy lifestyle journey! This  test is available across the globe and results are normally given within 6-8 weeks ( may take longer outside of AUS)

Inherited Disease Panel



GTLDNA -Pharmacogenetics Test Panels


 search has proven that we do not all require the same dosage of medication ,some need higher or lower doses than others and some people may be slow metabolisers and some high metabolisers. Your genetic make up determines how you respond to a number of common drugs .The traditional approach of -trial and error- to determine the optimum dosage may take some time .These pharmacogenetic test panels test your bodies responses to several classes of drugs. Pharmacogenetics testing has found its application in both adults and children. Ultimately a pharmacogenetic test will help tailor the best prescription and do away with the one size fits all approach .

There are 12 different GTLDNA pharmacogenetic panels :_

Pain Management- Assesses a range of SNP's for pain management -Analgesics, antipyretics, anti inflammatory, and anti rheumatic drugs

 Cardiovascular Management- Evaluates your ability to metabolise the following drugs- Anti arrhythmic, ant hypertensive I & II, cardiac stimulants, vasodilators , anti coagulants and anti platelet drugs and SNP's for treatment of satins

Internal Medication- Medication prescribed for- respiratory function, anti emetics, migraine reduction, anti histamine and abortifacient medications

 Psychiatry Medication- Anti depressants I & II and SNP's for treatment using anti depressants and psychosis and autism.

 Neurology- ADHD Medication, anti convulsents, muscle relaxants , alziemhers and treatment of epilepsy and sedatives

 Infectology- Antibiotics, Anti malarial, antiretroviral, anti fungal, and anti viral

 Oncology & Haematology- Antineoplastic I & II and targeted therapy I & II

 Organ Transplantation- Immunosuppesive & Immunomodulator

 Anaesthesiology -Anaesthetic drugs and muscle relaxants

Urology Medication- Drugs for incontinence, erectile dysfunction and benign prostatic  hypertrophy

Endocrinology -Contraceptives ,androgens, anti-androgens, glucocorticoid and thyroid medication

Recreational drugs- Alcohol, barbituates, benzodiazepine, cannabinoid, synthetic cannabis, dissociative drugs, tobacco as well as SNP's of importance for recreational drugs

*These pharmacogenetic panel tests are bespoke and will need a GP referral appt after purchasing test -the only additional costs will be a blood collection fee in your local area-Results are normally 14-21 days dependant on global location - The price given is for 2 test panels any additional panels will be charged at extra cost-Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details *

GTLDNA Pharmacogenetic Test Panels


Price =£ 350.00 ( For a choice of 2 different test panels)

*After purchasing please contact Sharon Clare on details above for more details on choice of panels and additional genetic counselling * 


Nutrition & Health  -Genomic  Tests
A selection of unique personalised /customised genetic healthy lifestyle plans including ,nourish for nutrition, empower for health enrichment and thrive for weight management. Please select  and purchase below-

EMPOWER -Health Enrichment


Empower health enrichment test- Helps you discover what's possible with 'high-quality living-get a taste of the best that can be ' Empower was designed as a healthy appetiser to give you an overall view of 20 traits ,37 genes and 53 SNP's from our most in demand products .Body coach is toolbox wellcare pro practitioner and professional affiliate and able to offer this unique customised test  to help recommend how to nourish and fuel your body ,recover from workouts and feel more alert. Backed by science with key insight trends for restful sleep and improved focus and discovery . 

Empower -Health Enrichment



Thrive- Weight Management Plan


Thrive weight management plan- Offers a full analysis  of 18 traits , 22 genes and 35 SNP's providing you with insight into how your body functions to help achieve your healthiest weight. 'Thrive is the 1st step to finding balance in your healthy lifestyle'. Discover key insights to predispositions to obesity, and high body mass index ( BMI) .Research backed recommendations on what you should be eating and the best foods for your body. Customised evaluations into your eating behaviours and your health and exercise program. Science backed analysis of your sleep to help speed up your nightly recovery so you wake up refreshed and gain valuable insights into how your body handles stress. Don't rely on fad diets to achieve your weight loss goals.

THRIVE- Weight Management Plan



Nourish-Nutrition Optimisation Plan


The Nourish plan was designed to eliminate any confusion about what to eat for optimal health once and for all. This plan tests or 26 traits ,50 genes and 68 SNP's to provide health recommendations based on research and results. This package will give you every thing you need to eat well and finally feel your best!.You body will thank you when you apply the science backed recommendations with this personalised nutrition optimisation plan!

Learn more about micro nutrients deficiencies that could be slowing you down ,find out if your optimal diet should include more carbohydrates or fats so you know what to fuel your body with! Get  a breakdown of important traits which assess how taste buds affect your food choices and view insights into how you will likely experience the taste sensations of sweet, salty, 'bitter creamy' carbonation, cilantro and artificial sweetener .Learn how your taste preferences potentially influence your food choices and get specific actions steps to stay on track with your health goals!

NOURISH-Nutrition Optimisation Plan






3 Panel Wellness Test -Powered By HealthCodeDNA


  The 3 panel wellness analysis test powered by HealthCode DNA includes 14 metrics encompassing your bodies genetic composition and response to exercise and metabolic traits. Anatomical traits -Lean body mass , body fat predispositions, body composition, detox ability, and free radical sensitivity, weight loss ability , fat loss, cardiovascular health, cholesterol and HDL levels, protein utilisation, fat utilisation, carb utilisation, macro nutrient ratio, fat ratio, carb ratio, sugar and hormone response ,glucose response, insulin response 2 ( glucose metabolism, insulin resistance and diabetes) , food metabolism, sodium and caffeine sensitivities, vitamin absorption rates of vitamins B-9,folate, B12 ,D and calcium absorption ,fat sensitivities, overall  saturated   and mono saturated fats , dietary requirement ratios for omega 3 fats, anti oxidants ,whole grain needs ,iron over load and lactose and gluten sensitivities 1 & 2. Plus 10 fitness metrics including - aerobic ,anaerobic profile, maximum oxygen uptake , endurance capacity ,power and strength capacity, likelihood to exercise , exercise mood-response ,pain intolerance and injury risks. Please see PDF link below for an example HealthCodeDNA  Test report:-

click here to download file

3 Panel Wellness Analysis Test-HealthCodeDNA



 Right Angled- Wellness Pro DNA Test


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the-Right angled wellness pro DNA Test- Get the edge -get ahead- .This Wellness pro test is  360 Degree over view of your cardiovascular /cardio fitness ,designed to revolutionise your perspective on health and fitness. The all en-compassing genetic report will provide you with all the information you need to know about your health and wellbeing!

This genetic test will give you a full genetic report on- your heart health, fitness performance & diet. The test analyses for the following gene profiles:-

-Cardiac Screening= Type III hyperlipoproteinemia, atrial fibrillation,  coronary heart disease, hypertension, myocardial infarction, peripheral arterial disease, and sickle cell anaemia

-Drug Responses= Beta blockers & LVEF, warfarin sensitivity, clopidogrel metabolism,  verapamil VS ,Atenolol ,simvastatin ,induced myopathy, metoproiol metabolism, peridiprol, caffeine metabolism

-Lipid metabolism= Triglycerides  ,homocysteine, MTHFR Variant, oestrogen supplementation & venous thrombosis


 This genetic test will include a full written report -plus you can also book a full consultation with Sharon Clare face to face/online  to analyse test results and develop a future healthy lifestyle wellness pro programme

Right Angled -Wellness Pro DNA Test


Price= £149.00 

Chronomics -Genome Rockstar



Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the -Chronomics Genome Rockstar test panel- For analysis of biological age  ,with 1000+ tailored opportunities  to track and improve health ,personalistion of opportunities through DNA insights and implementation of simple lifestyle management  programming.

The genome rockstar plan is the ultimate test for genetic healthy lifestyle programming with-(Yearly epigenetic testing ,whole geneme testing, health indicator testing eg- biological age,metabolic  factors and smoke exposure and environmental factors , 1000 gene predictors and an online dash board with personal health improvement  planning ,also looking at what medications you respond better to -All trackable and traceable for improve healthy lifestyle benefits.

 Please go to Body Coach fitness professional Chronomics link to view more details and purchase here for £69.00 per month for a year or £799.00 upfront for whole year and also view the short video clip detailing test and download file for a sample report of test panels:-


click here to download file

Health Risk Panels

To ensure a healthy lifestyle -here are a few select specialised health/disease risk genetic panels which may help prevent or delay these conditions from occurring by ensuring you are armed with all the information you need to establish a interventional healthy fitness lifestyle program .These panels are useful for people who take medications which may interfere with their health and fitness plan and every day life.


Aspirin & Colorectal Cancer DNA Panel 


Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in men and the fourth most common cancer in women and is associated with risk factors such as obesity, physical inactivity ,smoking and high red meat consumption. Aspirin is a common medications taken routinely as a heart attack risk preventative as it reduces inflammation ,studies have shown that taking aspirin routinely over  a long period of time ( more than 5 years) also helps to reduce occurrence of colorectal cancer. However aspirin also has side effects - gastrointestinal bleeding, dizziness, ulcers and headaches and muscle cramps.

Genetic variants associated with cancer risk and regular aspirin use show that two genes may be involved in increased or decreased risk of colorectal cancer with aspirin intake( If you have the succeptibility genes )- rs2965667 on chromosome 12  near the MGST1 gene & the rs16973225 on chromosome 15 near the IL16 gene.   This simple but effective genetic test can be used to find out which of the 2 genetic variant markers you have . Dependant on results of test you may be found to have a TT genotype=  34% decreased risk 0r TA & AA genotype = 89% increased risk or AA =34% decreased risk or AC & CC = non significant association of risk of colorectal cancer from taking aspirin as a preventative medication.

 This test could be useful for anyone with family or high risk of developing colorectal cancer and who also takes aspirin and similar medications to screen for likelihood of an increased or decreased genetic risk of developing this disease. This is a customised private test for aspirin & colorectal cancer -provided through Gene track and full results will be strictly private for you and your GP'S/physicians  and fitness consultants use in planning a healthy lifestyle holistic interventional lifestyle program *(Genetic counselling is also recommended with this test & your physician /GP must be involved )*

Aspirin & Colorectal Cancer DNA Panel Test




*This price includes international shipping  of test kit- (2-4 weeks results )-*

DNA Warfarin Sensitivity Panel


Warfarin is a common anticoagulant prescribed for blood clots and people at risk of thrombosis and determining the correct dosage of this drug involves a complex process of various factors such as weight, age, diet,ethnicity, and genetics. It can take several months to establish the correct dosage

If you choose to take this DNA test it could decease the wait for correct dosage of medication greatly from months to weeks. This test examines 11 markers across 4 genes (VKORC1,CYP2C9,GGCX & CYP4F2). The information obtained from this test result could be used alongside your DR's/physicians advice and cooperation to determine correct dosing of medication.

This is an international  customised private DNA based warfarin sensitivity test and results should be available in 2- 4 weeks (longer in some locations eg Australia  & UK) .* Genetic counselling & involvement of GP/Physician is recommended with this DNA test for best results.*

DNA Warfarin Sensitivity Panel Test




* This includes international shipping of test kit (Results approx 2-4 weeks dependant on global location* 

Do You Have The Viking Gene?


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the Gene track Hemochromatosis DNA risk test  (The Viking gene test) as a professional reseller/practitioner . This unique test is to analyse for the Viking gene -HFE associated with regulating the amount of iron that is absorbed from the diet. Most people are aware of anaemia (which is a condition where by you are short of iron due to lack of absorption from the diet).But most people are unaware of the other most common genetic disorder -Hemochromatosis ( absorbing and storing too much iron from the diet). This condition affects approximately 1 in 200 of Europeans and is linked to a gene which allowed the Vikings to absorb more iron from their iron poor diets 1000's of years ago and is associated with symptoms of -the iron fist- that is specific to hemochromatosis and refers to pain in the joints of the pointer and middle fingers and other hemochromatosis symptoms such as fatigue, abdominal pain, shortness of breath and heart flutters.

DNA Testing for the Viking gene-HFE- determines whether you are at risk of developing this condition ,and if you suffer from a family history and /or experience unexplained symptoms as above then this may be the test for you -improving your future health and fitness outcomes by establishing your genetic status and developing an interventional health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle plan. This is a private customised international test and results will normally be within 2- 4 weeks dependant of location globally.


Do You Have The Viking Gene-DNA Hemochromatosis Test




*This includes international shipping costs for test kit (Results in 2-4 weeks approx.)* 


Healthy Life Style Check


Keeping track of your health and fitness has never been easier-With the healthy lifestyle check test. This non genetic -at home -finger prick blood test can be used on its own or together with other genetic tests to help customise your own individual healthy lifestyle programme.

Your health is influenced by many factors including your age, your lifestyle and your family history. Knowing your own personal risks will help you to become more pro active about you own health and fitness. *With advice from a qualified doctor included -helping pin point the areas of health you need to focus on*

 Why take this test?

 If you want to track your general health and fitness, or would like to see  your diet and lifestyle become healthier and want to pro actively manage your health and lifestyle.

This test monitors - liver, kidney ,heart  health ,inflammation as well as  key nutrients eg- iron, and vitamins for energy and optimal health!


*Please contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and or 07875086760 for  more details and to book consultation face to face/online* 


Healthy Lifestyle Check Test



GPL4 Metabolic Energy Panel


Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the-GPL4 Metabolic energy panel test- As a practitioner with a leading international diagnostic company. This test will give you a comprehensive analysis of your metabolic energy, organic acids, vitamins and mineral levels , any food allergies, metal toxicities present & inflammations. Providing an excellent  assessment  of an individuals metabolism and is targeted  to find any irregularities that are  directly related to numerous conditions ( co morbidities) This test includes :-

-Organic Acid Test Panel- Providing a snapshot of your metabolism and includes tests for (  74 urinary metabolite markers, 9 yeast markers, 8 bacterial markers, 3 oxalate markers, 7 neuro transmitters, 1 folate metabolism marker, 8 fatty acid oxidation markers ,8 vitamin markers, 3 indicators of detoxification ,14 amino acid metabolites & 1 bone metabolite)

 -IGG Dried Spot Test-( 93 item food allergy test+ candida )

-Metals Hair Test ( For measuring toxic markers)

-Phospholipase A2 Activity Test- For key biochemical factors produced in the inflammatory response ( As an increase in PLA2 activity can lead to R/A crohns disease, allergies ,cardiovascular disease & candida infection + many more health conditions ) 

 -Full report in test panel findings

*Test panel consist of -Urine test, dried blood spot test, hair metals test & blood serum tests*

Benefits Of Test Panel

-To evaluate energy production

-Assess CNS & integrity of intestinal wall

-Identifies nutritional & anti oxidant deficiencies  

-Determines  metal toxicities & effects of chelation

-Identifies levels of PLA2  ( an enzyme correlated with inflammatory conditions)

*As this test panel is bespoke & unique it requires you to contact Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com and /or 07875086760 for more details ,pricing and face to face/online consultation * 





























































































































































































































































































































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