Bodycoach Fitness is a Suffolk based personal training business, with easy access to London & the south east. It is run by Sharon Clare with a focus on educating & training the community on health, wellness & nutrition & getting everyone active.

Sharon was one of the top 5 personal trainers in the UK with a large fitness chain & is also experianced in operating an independant private gym . Sharon is also an international natural lightweight physique competitor with the WNBF & former BNBF Miss Britain 2004.

Sharon can help you achieve your fitness goals in the gym, at home & also outdoors.

Personal training is available 1-2-1, in couples & also small groups. Body coach fitness has a holistic approach to health &  wellness, fitness , nutrition & sports performance & is dedicated to educating  people  on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle !

Whatever your goals Sharon will help you achieve them!


When not training others to achieve their goals  Sharon  works  towards her own , training hard to compete at international level as a natural physique competitor.  Sharon's  other     fitness orientated interests  include , hill walking , cycling, running, action & a

dventure sports , F1 motorsports ,Moto GP, UFC, NFL  & the odd charity !



 New-Body Coach Fitness-Parties!

Fun filled fitness activity parties/occasions for corporate workers ,family or friends with fun fitness activities, sports skills, team building and group skills and general fun! Different packages for different age groups and also the chance to tailor your own bespoke event/occasion/party with extra benefits , please see fitness parties website page for more details!



New Piyo Live Classes coming soon....!

PiYo Live classes are coming to Body Coach Fitness soon. This new method  of training combines focus, flow and fusion movement patterns  to make you sweat , strengthen and stretch all in one workout. It is a music driven athletic workout   inspired by mind/body practices such as  Pilates /yoga and movement  for a low impact but effective body weight exercise programme -Ideal for beginners to advanced with progressive and regressive exercises for each movement . Making it a suitable for everyone-More Details  on this coming soon...



New- Mind Body Academy program!

New Body Coach Fitness mind body academy program on its own dedicated online page. A health and wellness mind set coaching program to help you achieve your health and fitness and nutritional goals . 


 New-B Baby Fit Programs

New Body Coach Fitness B Baby Fit programs on dedicated website page - please go to website page and sign up.


 New-Body Coach Fitness-Rewards Card Loyalty Scheme

Body coach fitness is launching a new rewards card loyalty scheme for all regular Body coach fitness customers .Please see personal training page on website for more details. 



 Primavera & Fit Boutique Fitness wear Ranges  -New Fitness Wear Online Shop!

New Primavera and Fit Boutique fitness wear range online now- go to online shop page and fitness wear catergory and start adding fun, funky and vibrant fitness clothing to your wardrobe.Includes various patterened leggings, capris and shorts and sets from two  exciting fitnes wear brands ,many  more to be added in the near future......


 New-Online Body Coach Fitness Supplement Store

Please go to online shop for more details on the Body coach Fitness Online supplement store with various ranges of supplements from CNP, USN, Scitec, Reflex, PHD, Gaspari , Udos Choice and many more   products to choose from all at affordable prices.



 New-Vegan/Vegetarian Bodybuilding nutrition plan

New vegan /vegetarian bodybuilding nutrition plan with hints and tips , recipes and advice on bodybuilding /weight training page on this website! 



New- BCFIT-Female Fitness Community Membership Club!

Body coach fitness has an exclusive all female fitness community membership club dedicated to all females with an interest in female fitness and  female muscle training and competition. Please see bodybuilding/weight training page for more details.



Ambassador Role-Fitness Wear

Sharon is proud to be  an ambassador for  Primavera fitness wear and  Fit Boutique fitness wear . Both fitness wear ranges are   now also  available online at the online shop on this website. Body coach fitness is both selling and promoting this versatile, fun, vibrant form of fitness wear for the gym , yoga, pilates, dance or just general activities.


Bridge The Gap Walk-Cambridge Colleges

Sharon is taking part in the Bridge the Gap Walk through some of Cambridge City Colleges on September 11th 2015. This is  a walk which supports the Arthur Rank Hospice a local charity which supports the local community. All registration money and donations towards this walk goes to this worthwhile charity . Please come along and support and join Sharon at this event and enjoy and take in the surroundings of the beautiful Cambridge college buildings at the same time. See for more details.




 NEW-Body Coach Fitness Personal Food Shopper Service

Body Coach Fitness now has a new bespoke personal food shopper service for people who want the best and most personal , detail focused service  in helping them achieve their nutritional health and fitness goals . "Personal shopping and beyond!" Please refer to online nutrition/nutrition page on website for further details.




 NEW- 28 Day Body coach Fitness Fit mummy Challenge!

Body Coach Fitness has a new 28 day fit mummy challenge which is an online nutrition and exercise challenge for busy mums on the run. Please see online training page on this website for more details! 




Macmillan Cancer Research & Live Well Suffolk -Health Walks

Macmillan cancer research have a health walks campaign   in Bury St Edmunds on 4th & 20th August 2015  (Bury St Edmunds town centre) from 10.00am- 16.30pm . Sharon will be joining other health walk leaders with Live Well Suffolk (at midday) on 20th to help promote walking as part of an active lifestyle.



 New - Additions to website !

 Two useful editions to the body building and training page at Body coach fitness. A competition day checklist to help prepare competitors ready for their big day and a personalised  performance supplement list for all exercisers from amateur to elite and from health to sports . A  new track workout  on  the online personal training page for specific sprint drills and increasing speed, agility , quickness and lean definition as well as   new 28 day healthy eating fat burning metabolic makeover plan , plus new annual coaching package and one off target zone training plans for gorgeous glutes, amazing abs and sexy legs on the online training page. 




 Gift Certificates & Student Discounts !

Body coach fitness now offers a student discount to all students who present a valid student card and also gift vouchers for a special present for the one you love, friend or budding fitness friend, please see personal training page for more details.



 Buggy Fit -Special Limited Promotion!

Limited - Money off vouchers  for baby products and a face book competition to win £50.00  worth of sweaty betty active wear & a complimentary Milton Portable Steriliser- To clip onto your Buggy when training for baby's dummy or bottle! When mum signs up to a course of Buggy Fit Classes!




New- Monthly payment personal training plans!

New Body coach fitness monthly payment training plans available both face to face and online. Please check out personal training page &  online personal training page on this website for more details. One monthly payment & exclusive personal training packages including the added incentive/bonus of getting 10% of your monthly fee refunded if you reach your specific monthly training goal targets!



NEW-Online Booking system for Body Coach Fitness!

 Body Coach Fitness has a new online appointment booking system on  the website. Look out for the  " green book button link" on  each page .Where you can view appointments available for each service and book online  !


Supplement Discounts!

Check out the supplement page on this website for new discount codes  links when purchasing for leading supplements if you are a member /client of Body coach fitness!


Body Coach Fitness- Muscle Fit Camps!

Body coach Fitness now offers 1 day muscle fit camps for anyone who is looking for motivation, inspiration and educating in the world of fitness, figure and bodybuilding /weight training .Please look at the Body building /weight training page on this website for more details.



New Body Coach Fitness- Bridal Packages!

Body coach fitness has new  Bridal packages to choose from -Bride 2 be , Groom to be , Bride & Groom 2 be , the ultimate bridal package and a new concept in Bridal boot camps  where  a maximum of 5 people (the bride, bridesmaids & mother of the bride-for example) can attend a full week of intense training and nutritional advice along with "Bridal tasks"  and healthy food and drinks and relaxation sessions- an indulgent treat to prepare for the big day! Make your day special and visit my personal training page on the website and chose one of  the Body coach Fitness packages!


Body Coach Fitness -Healthy Cooking Classes!

Body coach offers  a healthy eating cooking class  in the comfort of your own home. Learning how to plan, prepare and cook in a healthy way with advice and suggestions on meal plans and shopping for and storing ingredients and what nutrients are included in which food groups as well as how to combine food groups. Whether you live alone , have  family or wish to get a  small group of friends together I can create a cooking class for you . Please see events/workshop page on my website for more details!



 Body Coach Fitness-Online Nutrition Book!

 Sharon Clare has created a new online nutrition book containing various clean , healthy eating recipes with low-fat, high- protein ingredients .That are delicious and simple to prepare . It has recipe suggestions for breakfast, meat & poultry dishes, fish dishes, and vegetable dishes. You can buy this online via the online nutrition page , and it will be sent directly to you at  a click of a button!



 Morning  Walk To Work Or School Program!

Body coach fitness  has a morning  walk to work or school  program which is designed to increase physical activity before school or work . Research shows that when students exercise early in the morning they have a longer attention span and do better academically as well . Workers who participate in a morning walk  program will experience more productivity at work, less sickness absence and less chance of injury at work.

The morning walk to work or school  program will help prevent chronic illness such as diabetes and obesity as well as improve mental health and wellbeing. Ensuring everyone participates in physical activity each day.

(Children under age of adult consent need an adult to be present at sessions) 

If your school or company would like to participate in  the morning  walk to work or school  program please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or email for further details.

 Also if your company would like to sponsor a new program for a morning walk  to work or school program for a local school , community or work place please contact Sharon. You will be helping promote your business at the same time as being socially responsible in helping the local community to be more active more of the time.




New Online Video Training Packages !

Body coach fitness now offers online video training packages   with workouts containing (full warm up , col down and cardio and core and strength & body weight circuits) . When purchased can be accessed via a private site with a login code/link anytime and anywhere in the world (with internet access). Please look at online training page/shop for more details!




Body coach Fitness Supplement Range!

Body coach fitness is now able to offer its own Branded Supplement Range through Phyto -Fit Nutrition. The range consists of protein powders including  a whey protein , pea protein, super healthy teas and  fruit and vegetable powders for children- Please contact Sharon on 07875086760 for further details on products, prices and minimum orders !



Life Fitness Personal Trainers To Watch 2015!

Sharon has entered the Life fitness personal trainers to watch 2015 competition to become listed as one of the top ten personal trainers in the world to watch! 



Sports Specific Training Packages! 

Check out the new  sports specific training packages available from Body coach fitness on the new Sports specific navigation page on this website- maximise your potential sporting performance goals whether it be skiing, horse riding, golf, motor sports or tennis! 



 Compare Fitness World!

Sharon & Body coach fitness have a limited offer on personal training sessions via the new personal training website click on the link and type in Suffolk for trainer search location and contact Sharon via this site to get your special discount-Limited spaces!



Exclusive Offer for Buggy Fit Members:-

Body coach fitness has a discount  offer with SNOOZE SHADE  which is a product designed by a mum, to protect babies from the elements and helps them sleep on-the-go( !It protects baby from the sun, wind, rain, chill and bugs while you workout in a Buggy Fit class and is great for summer holidays and works all year round ! It is designed for ALL single prams, pushchairs and buggies(side by side) .Recommended by Mother & Baby and Parenting & Pregnancy magazine. Collect your Voucher code when you attend your first class Buggy Fit class and become a Buggy Fit member .



Pro Skins-Ambassador!

Sharon is a pro skins ambassador and affiliate to the Pro Skins athletic wear range. A quality fitness and active wear brand .Please take a browse and order via the following link:-type in



National Cycle To work Schemes!

Get involved in the national government backed initiative "cycle to work schemes" that allow you and your employer to benefit from up to 40% savings on new bicycles (saving on taxes & National insurance) and help increase your daily activity levels. This scheme is designed to promote  employers and employees to actively participate in cycling to & from work rather than drive -increasing daily calorie  expenditure (average 400 calories burned  per/hour) , reducing obesity levels (which is currently 45% of UK & European population). Reducing  CO2 emissions and increasing general health & fitness levels, producing a healthier work force . Examples of these schemes are and .

Also take part in the National cycle to work day on 3rd September 2015 and help get the population of the UK  fitter & more active more often.


NWUK-Nordic Fitness Walking

Body coach fitness  now offers Nordic Fitness Walking , which is a unique form of exercise developed by cross country skiers in Finland ,using specialist poles which encourage a total body workout including upper & lower body , core and posture . This form of training is suitable for most ages & abilities from beginners to elite athletes looking for improved sports performance . There are courses for beginners , health wellbeing & weight loss as well as at a more progressive level for sports athletes using more advanced techniques and intensities for improvement in their sporting activities .Please take a look at the Nordic Walking page on this website for more details.



NEW- Nutri genetics -"The future of Personalised Nutrition" 

Welcome to the future of personalised  nutrition, ,Body coach fitness is introducing a new unique individualised  nutrition diet plan based on a system at the forefront of nutrition technology-NUTRI GENETICS .This will help you reach your weight management, health nutrition goals  more efficiently and can also be combined with the DNA FIT profiling to reach your sports performance and fitness goals . Please see webpage on NUTR GENETICS  for further details.



Love Parks Week UK-Friday 24th July-Sunday 2nd August 2015!

Love parks week raises the importance of parks and open green spaces -Love parks week 2015 is a platform for thousands of people across the UK to join forces .This is a celebration of green spaces and over 1.4 million people have taken part in this event  over the past in the UK and we want many more this year! Look out for local promotions and Body Coach fitness promotional fitness events during the  week of Friday 24th July- Sunday 2nd August 2015 and join the Love Parks Movement! Sharon is booked on a Love Parks Week workshop to help volunteer for this "green spaces " initiative in 2015.




Live Well Health Walkers- Discounts on Ramblers Membership

Sharon in conjunction with Live Well Suffolk is  offering all new members to local health walks  with Body coach fitness an introductory offer of a 30% discount to The Ramblers association and a Voucher for £10.00 at your local Cotswolds walking store  as well as an informative leaflet on the benefits of walking! Please contact Sharon on 07875086760 for further details on health walks in your local area!



Active Contacts 4 u - Health Sports & Leisure Directory! 

Sharon & Body coach fitness are listed on the No 1 health, sports & Leisure directory  in the UK -Active contacts 4 u ( .A site which gives start ups, entrepeneurs  and business professionals  a platform to promote their business and generate potential industry contacts and increase personal training client base. Please click on the link above and search under the personal trainer tab and page 10 for Body coach Fitness details and  and help build a more active nation, by spreading the word of fitness as a lifestyle!




 New Barre concept Class coming soon...

Barre concept is a unique combination of pilates , yoga, body weight resistance training, dance and sports conditioning. Offering  a low impact but high intensity total body workout that lifts the butt, tones the thighs , flattens the abs and sculpts  the arms, withan interval training approach , that burns fat and improves cardiovascular fitness all in one class!

The Barre concept Method  of training is popular with celebrities such as Madonna & is featured heavily in the media recently on Sky Tv, Health & fitness magazine, Womens health & Body fit!


Sported! - Inspiring with impact because sport Works!

Sported ( is an organisation who  helps to grow community sports groups across the UK. It has helped 3,000 community sports clubs and disadvantaged young people , has 300 volunteers , 16 sports ambassadors and 12 regional sports managers and helped transform over 400,000 young lives with sport.

Sharon is  gaining membership to this campaign in the East of England to help promote  sports and physical education studies and health and wellness to young adults in the local community and inspire another generation to take up sports as a means of self development and a healthy lifestyle!


 Health Club TV!

Body coach fitness  is signed up as one of the top 50 Ambassadors , personal trainers and distributors for Health Club TV. Offering a unique concept to personal training -letting clients work out when you want, how you want and wherever you want. Providing results based professional workout programmes with video clips, tuitional videos and playlists on demand , to download to your mobile phone, computer or mobile app device "Click download & workout"! Health Club TV is also available in major hotels, corporate facilities, health clubs & gyms all across the UK & is reasonably priced to sign up to with membership from £4.99 per month and £34.99 per annum. Keep an eye on my online training  page for more details soon....  


Nutrition Complete-Online!

NEW-Online  nutrition complete service  is up and running  , making it more user friendly - whilst adding useful features - linking in to major leading supermarkets and retailers ,so Body coach fitness nutrition complete  clients can not only create /receive a customised meal plan and  add items  to  a shopping list , they can then  compare prices and purchase these food items from 11 leading retailers  directly from  the nutrition complete food shopping list & dietary plan created-at no added costs , making it more cost effective and save time !Please go to Online nutrition webpage for more information!


Sport England- "This Girl Can"-Campaign!

"This girl can"- is a national Sport England campaign to get women and girls more active .A celebration of active women everywhere that proves that whatever our size, ability or attitudes , exercise can be a fun and enjoyable part of our lives.

Sharon is getting involved in this campaign to encourage more women and girls to get more active and playing sport by liberating them from the fear of judgement when exercising! More details soon-




Community Action Suffolk(CAS)- Sports & Events Volunteering Project

Sharon is a registered member/volunteer  of the Suffolk  Sports & Events voluntary project, which is a joint partnership & initiative between Community Action Suffolk ,Suffolk County Council & Suffolk Sport.  Which organises sporting & cultural events across Suffolk and provides and trains volunteers to attend & assist with these events. Allowing her to volunteer and develop new coaching & event management skills.




































                                   "Evolution on the outside-revolution on the inside!"

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