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Bodycoach Fitness is a Suffolk based personal training business, with easy access to London & the south east. It is run by Sharon Clare with a focus on educating & training the community on health, wellness & nutrition & getting everyone active.

Sharon was one of the top 5 personal trainers in the UK with a large fitness chain & is also experianced in operating an independant private gym . Sharon is also an international natural lightweight physique competitor with the WNBF & former BNBF Miss Britain 2004.
 Sharon can help you achieve your fitness goals in the gym, at home & also outdoors.
Personal training is available 1-2-1, in couples & also small groups. Body coach fitness has a holistic approach to health &  wellness, fitness , nutrition & sports performance & is dedicated to educating  people  on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle !Whatever your goals Sharon will help you achieve them
When not training others to achieve their goals  Sharon  works  towards her own , training hard to compete at international level as a natural physique competitor.  Sharon's  other    fitness orientated interests  include , hill walking , cycling, running, action & adventure sports , F1 motorsports ,Moto GP, UFC, NFL  & the odd charity

Body Coach Fitness PT Academy - Fitness Student Learner Incentive Program

To encourage students and local employers to up skill , Body Coach Fitness personal training academy has developed a new -fitness student learner incentive program- effort rewarded. Body Coach Fitness academy courses offer a new start in the health and fitness industry and this fitness student incentive program /package reward will encourage and motivate you to continue to succeed in your fitness studies. More details  at the -Body Coach Fitness PT Academy page.


PT Academy-Business Educational Quiz Kit
Please  go to- PT Academy page -For more information and details on the- Educational quiz kit for classroom style courses, group program, self assessment purposes and staff training for Pt's /nutrition coaches businesses .A series of 12 quizzes designed to educate ,validate and recognise your own trainer learning ,clients and staff educational learning and achievement for progress.Most health and fitness educators and profesionals believe that health and fitness starts with education. This kit establishes YOU  as a leader and breeds confidence in your business.A (USP) Unique selling point product for a success  in the health and fitness industry.
PT Academy- Private Label Branded Educational Marketing & Promotion Videos (For Your PT Business Website)
Please go to- PT academy page- for more information and details on the new - branded educational marketing and promotion videos for your PT business website once qualified as a fitness instructor/PT with Body Coach Fitness including an educational  mini motivator video pack and a call to action nutritional /healthy lifestyle video pack to upload to your new PT business branded website for a (USP) Unique selling point  in your new health and fitness business .
Body Coach Fitness- Body Building Biomechanics Program
Please go to- Body Building /weight training page- for the "NEW" Body building biomechanics program . It is designed to improve both human body  biomechanics ,help prevent injuries, improve aesthetics and muscle symmetry. Learn how to optimise your work out programs  through good biomechanics and optimise your muscle building potential with this assessment program,whilst preventing undue  injury and pain . 
 Practice Better - Health & Fitness Professional Practice Platform
Body Coach Fitness is now using a -Practice better health and fitness professional practice platform - for better management of healthy lifestyle programming. It can store data on health ,fitness and nutrition supplements and form part of your new healthy lifestyle programming .Please go to the following link-https://www.practicebetter.io?afmc=3l  for more information on this .
Body Rewire Continuum Program-Sports Injury & Rehab
 Please go to- Sports injury/rehab page- for more details on the- body rewire continuum program- ideal for all age groups post injury To engage the neuromuscular system and improve conditioning. Based on 5 categories of pattern of movement - homolateral,core distal, homologous, spinal pattern and cross lateral, to accomplish body rewiring and "brain body connection ".
Nordic Practitioner 1 Day Seminar Course 
 Please go to  Dnalife  page for more details on the - DNAlife Nordic 1 day practitioner seminar course- available through Body Coach Fitness a professional provider practitioner  at Dnalife. This course is part of an education portfolio for health and fitness professionals offering the chance to put knowledge into practice
 Body Coach Fitness -Online  Healthy Eating School & Further Education Reward Certification Program( Part Of The Active Youth Fitness ,Sports & Wellness Hub)
Body Coach Fitness is introducing the - online/face to face healthy eating school and further education certification reward program - as part of the- Body Coach Fitness health,sports, nutrition and well being school/further educational learning hub.Effort rewarded for compliance to this guided healthy eating initiative ,through graded certification dependent on participation.Celebrating positive healthy eating and physical activity actions for improved health and well being and obesity prevention of children and younger adults .Please go to- Healthy kids page- for more information on this educational hub program
 Onboard101 Branded Education Website Platform
   The branded online onboard101 website is specifically designed to help with the education of  coaches , gym members ,pt clients ,staff, and employees and any one interested in learning how his or her body really works. It is a perfect -bolt on- addition to a personal training /nutrition coaches business once qualified through Body Coach Fitness pt academy. Perfect for seminars , online class webinars, class room settings ,online health courses, weight -management nutrition programs, personal training packages , value added memberships ,group programming ,corporate wellness programs & nutrition boot camps. Please go to- PT Academy Page -For more information.


Body Coach Fitness- Educational Exercise  Library

 Body Coach Fitness has improved the educational exercise library with more educational content. A more varied range of archived exercise videos based on improving both your health and fitness and improved pain free movement for every day life and sports. Each exercise will include more in depth written instructions on application of technique including back ground of the method,step by step instructions of method and progressions for improvement.New exercise methods added to the range are the 6 essential primal movement patterns , and injury prevention and treatment methods such self release  AIS Mattes method ,MET Muscle energy techniques and John Gibbons Master Method technique, and many more .*Recommended to be used alongside and in between professional treatment and coaching*.
Body Coach Fitness- CPD Articles

Body Coach Fitness is writing CPD articles on subjects including  as how to- build our business online, common business mistakes , food and calories , big lifts ,fitness testing , posture awareness ,women's fitness and sports performance , and many more . The articles are written with learner objectives summary and question and answer section .The articles are educational, informative, and  future forward thinking -please go to personal training academy - for more information.

 Body Coach Fitness- Privilige Club Fitness Retreat
  The new Body coach Fitness Privilige Club  health &  fitness retreats start late  2020  Dates , location & prices to be confirmed! The retreats will be located in Suffolk and Lake District locations to start. Activities can include  hiking, cani cross ,cycling , nordic walking,Romana Braganza 3-2-1 holly wood circuits  ,boot camps ,buggy fit instruction ,stretch & relax and other specialist classes Plus  educational wellness/nutritional/sports performance  and genomic  work shops/seminars and a  gift package on arrival ( which could include Body Coach Fitness branded skin care kit,  sweat towel ,water bottle, tote bag, and travel mat and Body Coach Fitness Retreat recipe book ) and a Myzone fitness tracker and belt to monitor and record your progress during and after the retreat .There will also be the chance to experience specialist  services such a full biomechanics assessment and a DNA or non genetic nutrition and /or wellness test and food intolerance testing for fine tuning future health ,nutrition and wellness programming -Please go to- Fitness Travel/ Retreats Page -For more information
Body Coach Fitness-Myzone Travel Essentials Pack
 Please go to- FitnessTravel/ Retreats page - for more information  on the new - Body Coach Fitness Myzone travel essentials pack.Ideal for travelling whilst keeping fit and healthy and monitoring your health and fitness goals on the go . Look good , feel good ,move more and acheive your smart goals whilst travelling for work or play.
Live Love Eat Digital Magazine Article - January 2020 Edition
Sharon Clare at Body Coach Fitness is writing an article on - Health ,Sports, Wellbeing & Tech- A future vision for the health ,fitness and wellbeing industry.I will add the details with the link to purchase magazine when published .
Body Coach Fitness-Ergonomic Work Active Work Smarter Bundle
Please go to- corporate wellness page - for more details on the new -Body Coach Fitness work active ,work smarter ergonomic bundle  for your active work office environment . "An investment " for your work space to enhance your health and well being at home /work .
Body Coach Fitness Personal Training Institute -Success Academy Review
 Body Coach Fitness Personal Training Academy now offers a 3 month review process in its academic curriculum. Using tools and resources to embody success looking at " progress and achievements" over a 3 month period.A self auditing process involving the student looking at each part of the educational process to reward effort and improve future curriculum design.
Body Coach Fitness -Wellbeing Employee Education Assistance Program
 Body Coach Fitness recognises that employees of large companies such as multi national food retail outlets  are commited to supporting and educating staff on wellbeing  and nutritional advice   for the future health of work colleagues and customers.Training and education for staff can be provided on  food ingredient labelling to identify healthy food choice for customers and advice on healthy food choices for shoppers.The program also encompasses physical,emotional,social and mental education and health and fitness initiatives and health benefits.Please go to- Wellness corporate page- for more in depth details
Wellness Coaching Australia -E Books
Please got to-trainers corner page- for more details on the -wellness coaching australia E books -available through Body Coach fitness  .Educational resources for professional wellbeing coaches including staying connected in a virtual world and waking up to positivity as titles .
Body Coach Fitness Genetic PRO-DNA Educational Resources & Library Educational Training 
Body Coach Fitness genetic PRO  has matching  educational library resources /articles  linked to your personalised genetic tests ordered*( Sourced from a leading international professional analytical laboratory)*. An educational library of detailed information for each of the 800+ tests available sourced from over 18,000 + genes *(Not just standard reports)* .Plus plans to offer DNA science educational summer camps consisting of subjects such as genome science ,DNA science and being human and the human genome .Please go to -Body Coach Fitness Genetic PRO page- for more details.
Body Coach Fitness is now helping promote and use   the Start4life  NHS/government backed campaign for health and nutrition advice for pregnancy,weaning, toddlers and parenthood as part of its nutrition and wellness programming  . Please go to- Healthy kids page & B Baby Fit page  -for more details on this.
Train Like The Stars-Ramona Braganza 321 Baby Be Gone 
Please go to - train like the stars page- for more information on the training method used by the stars to get you back in to shape post baby. The 12 week post natal work out program -321 baby bulge be gone- a series of specialist workout programs used by the hollywood stars.
Body Coach Fitness -Healthy Eating On The Go Life Planner
Body Coach Fitness now offers a new bespoke concierge program  the - healthy eating on the go life planner- an individualised nutritional  program for busy people on the run ,ideal for business people ,working families and time poor communities looking to improve healthy eating on the go. "A  PA life planner for healthy eating on the go" , planning your nutritional balance outside of the home at school/college or on  business trips and  family outings based on your own life schedule and journey plan.Please go to-health & wellness concierge page- for more details .
Body Coach Fitness- Share My Lesson Plan -(By Fitness Educators For Fitness Educators) 
 Body Coach Fitness -Share My Lesson plan "By fitness educators for fitness educators " is a fitness professional education  forum joining fitness educators across the globe and allowing sharing of fitness lesson plans ,educational content /ideas ,resources and expertise to support efforts to help future fitness students to succeed in the fitness industry.Collaboration between fitness educators to improve standard lesson planning  and increase innovation in fitness education.Please go to-Personal Trainer Academy Page -For more details.
Myzone- Wellness & Sports Bundles
 Body Coach Fitness is now offering   special introductory wellness & sport  bundles for Myzone ,supporting  long term health fitness goals ,sports performance and your gym member journey.Please go to -personal trainer page -for more details.
Body Coach Fitness-Nutrition Through The Life Stages 
Body Coach Fitness has developed a - nutrition through the life stages program- please go to the -fit family page- for more details .The programs can be created for people from all life stages from young to later and all inbetween . Each bespoke life stage nutritional program will include a  personalised recipe file/book  for each persons nutritional life stage needs and (can include an EBT wellness profile test package for each life stage eg childs wellness ,young adult wellness,middle age wellness  and senior adult wellness) if requested .
LEAF-Educational Open Farm School Days
Body Coach Fitness is linking up with (LOFSD) LEAF open farm school days an educational farming and food sector  program/ project offering educational school visits  and farm experiences with high quality teaching and learning through LEAFS  educational coordinators  and additional  information and advice through Body Coach fitness .Please go to- Fit family page- For more information.
Body Coach Fitness- Supporting Staff Well Being In Schools Program
 Body Coach Fitness has  a specific-supporting staff well being in schools program for over worked and stressed teachers /work staff in the education sector.Please go to corporate health and wellness page for more details- staff well being is of the utmost importance to schools and this program specifically addresses  health issues due to work stress and work load associated with schools ,introducing ofsted ,5 ways to wellbeing and NHS resources and guidelines to implement at school/college  for positive staff wellbeing ,creating a better learning environment for pupils.
Body Coach Fitness -Kids Active Based Learning Hub
The Body Coach Fitness action based learning hub is designed to prepare the brain for learning.Each active learning station in the hub applies  to create a brain body connection, focusing on the 12 foundations of learning readiness. Strengthening foundation in these areas facilitates the pupils ability to learn and encode information. Please go to- Fit Family page-For more details and information on this new program.
Race Fit Profile
 Body Coach Fitness can now offer the -race fit profile- the perfect professional fitness blood test for beginners or those taking a new fitness challenge .It understands your body like never before , help make the right nutritional and training choices for optimum race fit sports performance .Please go to - sports specific page for more details .
 Alcat (CNA) Cellular Nutrient Assays & Bespoke Customise Test Profiles
 Please go to- wellness profile page- for more information and details on the two new offers for Alcat nutrition  profiling available at Body Coach Fitness .The (CNA) Cellular nutrient assays are test reports for micro nutrient deficiencies ,anti oxidant function and protection. You can now also customise Alcat test panels /profiles for your own individual needs .
Body Coach Fitness -Private Label Skin Care & Private Label Makeup/Cosmetics & Sunless Tanning Product Range
Body Coach Fitness now offers its own private label skin care products and private label branded makeup/cosmetics and sunless tanning product range to accompany its health and wellness brand.There is a full range of hair and skin care products  including a skin care basics kit .Plus a full range of natures own hypo allergenic ,paraben and non comedogenic makeup  cosmetics and accessories .This also includes a professional therapist only Body Coach Fitness sunless tanning product range. Please go to -Anti Aging Page -for more details .
Practice Better-Healthy Lifestyle Solutions System
Body Coach Fitness is now using the -Practice better healthy lifestyle solutions system- as part of the companies bespoke lifestyle packages and healthy lifestyle concierge services. This can increase adherence to healthy lifestyle program's by allowing the use of the system to create  specialist lifestyle bundles and communications through face to face and tele health /services .
Dnafit Meal Planner & Genetic Recipe Cook Books
Body Coach Fitness offers the  new Dnafit line of personalised recipe cook books ,available (at extra charge) after  Dnafit test results ,via the professional practitioner only service. A new meal planner service is also available with the main  Dnafit tests  - see Dnafit page for more information- & where you can select and choose food items from 4 major food superstores and plan your meals for the week. 
 (ELAC)Eat Like A Champ -Obesity & Nutrition Programme 2019-2020
 Body Coach Fitness is a co ordinator and teacher for  the -(ELAC)- Eat Like A Champion Programme for year 5 and year  6 children in obesity prevention and nutrition  across the UK. A campaign to tackle growing obesity in children through 6 tailored lesson programmes available through the British Nutrition Foundation. Please contact Mrs Sharon Clare at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  for more details.
 Eastern Biotech One Test Panel-Powered By AI Technology
 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer a newly developed Eastern Biotech multi cancer screening panel . Which harnesses the power of AI artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy and usefullness of affordable tumour marker tests  to help identify up to 6 or more cancers*To be used in association with  and not instead of medical  intervention with your GP/physician *Please go to- Wellness profile page -for more details
Gastric /Stomach Cancer -Genetic Comprehensive Panel
Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer a -Gastric/Stomach cancer comprehensive panel -to go alongside the colorectal cancer screening test for increased surveillance and  preventative steps to manage cancer risk ,a holistic approach  to digestive health . Please go to wellness genetics page- For more information and details regarding this personalised exclusive professional practitioner only test.
Live Love Eat Magazine Article In -Healthy Eating Nutrition For Children & Young People's Obesity Prevention
Body Coach Fitness is writing an article for -Live Love Eat magazine (digital edition)  in children & young people's health and nutrition to help prevent the obesity epidemic  .This  edition will be available from the end of November 2019 via amazon Links to purchase magazines are  UK- http://ow.ly/rDQB30ciU8z  &  US- http://ow.ly/p12930ciU69

 (BHF)British Heart Foundation-Sporting Challenge For Adults ,Kids and Children & Youth Heart Health
I'm raising money  for the British Heart Foundation research and I'd be so grateful for your support .The BHF has helped halve the number of people dying from heart and circulatory disease in the UK but sadly every day hundreds of people lose their lives .It's only thanks to support from people like us that the BHF can create  new treatments and discover new cures .Body Coach Fitness is  raising funds for adults ,children and kids heart health.Please go to the following link :-https//www.justgiving.com/fundraising/sharon-clare22
Body Coach Fitness -From Farm To Fork-Education Work Shop
Body Coach Fitness has developed - a Body Coach Fitness -From farm to fork educational work shop-Please go to Nutritional & Therapy Academy page- for more information and to book. Learn about where your food comes from and the process it goes through to your plate. A work shop based on natural food sources , food manafacturing processes   , biotech food technology and consumer awareness.
Body Coach Fitness-The 5 Senses & Food -Education Work Shop
Body Coach Fitness  has developed a -Body Coach Fitness 5 senses and food  educational work shop -Please go to Nutritional & Therapy Academy  Page - for more information and to book. Learn about using your senses for developing food preferences and healthy food choices . Increasing sensory experiences with food preperations and food choices will encourage more healthy eating and enjoyment of food.
Healthy Eating Recipe Note Book For Female Body Builders
Body Coach has developed a healthy eating note recipe note book for female body builders -please go to -bodybuilding /weight training page -for more details and to purchase the new published book through Food projects publisher .Full of healthy eating recipes for female strength athletes on the go! Body Coach Fitness is also in the process of developing an -Around the globe - Recipe cook book a  healthy eating book for various different international cultures 
Community Fitness Week 2019
  Community Fitness Week (4th – 10th Nov) is a brand new initiative launching in 2019 to raise awareness of community fitness and the instructors delivering sessions around the UK. Community Fitness can be anything from a Zumba Fitness class in your community centre, to a small walking group, to Pilates in the local primary school. Fitness can have such a huge impact on a community and helps build one. Besides the obvious fitness benefits, it also build social circles, removes barriers, and looks after mind and body. Body Coach Fitness has a new website app in progress to schedule your classes for community fitness week and onwards ,offering Mind set classes, Nordic walking, running groups and HIIT classes . Please go to https://www.fibido/profile/sharon-clare
 Body Coach Fitness -Children's Recipe Cook Book & Note Book
 Body Coach Fitness has now developed a new -Children's recipe cook book and note book.For budding young chefs in the making.Healthy bite recipes for creative kids Please go to - Fit Familly Page -For more information and to order.
 Myzone -Festive Finisher Challenge 2019
Please go to Personal Training Page for more information on the new Myzone Challenge available through Myzone Clubs -The Myzone Festive Finisher Challenge 2019. With the festive season around the corner ,keep yourself and your members motivated with this MEPS challenge .
 Body Coach Fitness- 30 Day Sit To Standing At Work Challenge
  Get involved in the Body Coach Fitness 30 day sit to stand at work challenge ,to help you go from sedentary chair based  to non sedentary -( for office based workers /schools  and college ) .Including a step per day log in and standing desk diary noting progress from sitting at work to standing position through a 30 day introductory process .Using ergonomic principles , research data ,specific postural exercises and the use of additional equipment such as treadmill desks ( working while walking)Move more-sit less and get more active more often
(November Health Awareness Month)-Pancreatic Cancer Genetic comprehensive Panel
 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the new- Pancreatic cancer genetic comprehensive panel  as part of the professional practitioner only series of wellness genetics tests, November is pancreatic health awareness month . Body Coach also offers a pancreatic chronic pancreatitus NGS (Next generation sequencing ) genetic test panel.Please see - wellness genetics page- For more information and bespoke pricing.The pancreas is an important part of endocrine hormonal function in the human body.
 Biomechanics -Mobility & Gait Program For Seniors
 A combined biomechanics assessment ,mobility and gait program for non active and active seniors .Helping assist with falls prevention  ,reducing joint pain and improving mobility and function for every day life more the more senior age groups in society.
Woman's Wellness- Ovarian & Uterine Genetic 
This test is a next-generation sequencing preventative analytic genetic panel that simultaneously analyses 13 high risk cancer sequencing genes for ovarian and uterine cancer .Please got to- woman's wellnes page- for more details 
Elimination & Rotational Dietary Program
Please go to- Online Nutrition/Nutrition page- For more details on the Body Coach Fitness elimination and rotational dietary program. An easy and inexpensive approach  to help identifying food intolerances .Following an elimination and 4 day rotational advisory diet program based on healthy lifestyle principles.
Ergonomics Of Driving Position-A Postural Analysis 
 Please go to -Biomechanics assessment page- for more details on the new -Ergonomics of driving position program- available at Body Coach Fitness. Covering the biomechanics and ergonomics of driver position, postural seated position , selection of suitable vehicle car environment.Correct postural positioning whilst driving can affect concentration ,stress levels and physical discomfort  ,this program will assist in adapting your driving poistion to alleviate this.
PT Academy Online Revision Mastery
Please go to -PT academy page- for more details on the new online revision mastery series at Body Coach Fitness PT academy. An online fitness knowledge support series for improved fitness studies and revision mastery.
Body Coach Fitness- Career Journey Concierge
A personalised fitness career journey concierge program, designed to increase business start up success and improve fitness career advancement for fitness coaches and therapists.Offering  individualised select introductions ,advice and referrals to fitness business services, providers , educational and career opportunities ,to enhance your fitness career journey to success.Please go to -Personal Training  academy page -for more details.
Body Coach Fitness- Sports Performance Cook Book 
 Please go to -Sports Academy Page- For more details on the -Body Coach Fitness sports performance cook book. Including easy ,fast on the go recipes for active sporty people .Energy and protein packed snacks for active people and athletes.
  PT Academy-Reflective Practice Model
Please go to -Personal training academy page- For more details on the Body Coach Fitness PT academy reflective practice model as an addition to the internship program
Fitness Education-Podcasts
 Please go to -Personal Training academy page- For more information on the planned -Body Coach Fitness education podcasts- informative monthly podcasts on fitness education,training & career prospects .

PT Academy Study/Career  Research Hub 

Body Coach Fitness PT Academy  is developing  a  research hub with library guidance containing links to relevant fitness study & career links, case studies ,and ongoing research in the fitness industry to guide ,inform and support excellence in fitness research studies. Please go to- Body Coach Fitness PT Academy Page- for information and contact details.

The School Breathe (The Breathing Room)
Please go to- Fit familly page- For more information on the new holistic  breath work program which can prepare teachers to offer a formulated breath work program with aerobic conditioning and relaxation techniques. 
Liquid Biopsy Metastatic Cancer Test
Body Coach Fitness in partnership with Eastern Biotech is able to offer the -Liquid biopsy for metastatic cancer test- *Only available after consultation and approval through your physician* Please go to Eastern biotech page for more details 
Eat Your Medicine-Around The Globe
Please go to-Food around the globe page- For more details on the new Eat your medicine around the globe program . This global advisory nutritional program for root cause medicine is a method of identifying the root cause of disorders/diseases with advanced testing ,eliminating blind spots in your nutrition and creating a pathway to a healthy journey through scientific nutrition.
Progressive Career Map/Study Pathway Planning Tool
A progressive career /study map and skills network planning tool,to help you get on in your working life.Open up the progressive map to plot your career/learner pathway journey,to enhance your fitness career prospects .Please go to-Personal Training Acdemy Page -For more details.
  PT Business  Skills & Branding
 Please go to-Body Coach Fitness- Personal training Academy page- for more details on the- Body Coach Fitness PT skills & branding program-A program for  newly qualified personal trainers ,after certification for the most successful  fitness business  start up.Creating essence,positioning,attribute and identity within your new fitness business network.
Global Wellness  Concierge  -Hotel & Residency Partnerships 
Body Coach Fitness can go beyond your hotel/spa & private apartment residency facilities ,taking care of your discerning guests wherever they travel.Working closely with your team to deliver world class wellness programs ,elevating your guests experience and transforming your hotel/spa or private  residency into a holistic immersive wellness destination.
321 Empower-Empowering Girls Globally To Get A Fitness Career
 Discover more about how 321 Empower is empowering girls globally to get a future career in fitness.321 Empower offers real world education skills and training in the health and wellness sector to young female survivors .Please see -Trainers with the stars page- www.bodycoachfitness.com. Body  Coach Fitness supports this ethos of encouraging  fitness career advancement
 Suite Of Fitness Job  Opportunity Apps
  Get more from your fitness job seeking opportunity by joining the Linked in suite of job seeking apps via the  LinkedIn mobile apps link on personal training academy page. A faster way to tap into a professional job seeking world for your future fitness career.
Restorative Fitness For Cancer Survivors
Please go to- Women's & Men's wellness page-For more information on the Body Coach Fitness- Restorative Fitness Program For Cancer Survivors .This is specifically developed for individuals post cancer treatment (& post medical clearance )as an aid to full cancer recovery through a healthier lifestyle and adapted exercise program to aid the bodies ability to heal.
 Athletic Performance & The Microbiome
Please go to -Sports specific page- For more details and purchase the new- Athletic performance & the microbiome program- Specifically for people who work out regularily at high intensity and for amateur and elite sports athletes. A bespoke program with professional specialised testing and analysis and professional grade supplements and nutritional advice as needed.
 Keep It Going-Outdoor Adventure Sports Nutrition Bundle 
 Please go to -Sports specific page- For more information on the new - Keep it going outdoor adventure sports nutrition bundle- Ideal for active people on  the go-looking for optimum nutrition With an added environmental feature of  a Solar power bank-an electronic device with carabiner and compass feature which will never run out out of energy.
 Bare Foot Walking
 Please go to -Retreats Page- For more details on -Bare foot walking - available soon at a retreat beach location near you.Based on Ayurvedic philosophy and using vivo barefoot walking tecniques,to establsih and connect with the ground ,for health and well being reasons
Cani Cross- Starter Pack ( With Dog Health & Activity Tracker)
Please go to- Class page- For more details on the -Dog health activity tracker and cani cross start package - to be used as part of your sports training ,health walks and runs with your dog .This device attaches to your dogs collar and allows for activity tracking ,distance travelled and calories burned by your dog which can then be linked with your own health and activity monitoring device for synchronisation ,motivation and bonding with your pet pooch,.The dog activity tracker can be combined with the Body Coach Fitness Cani cross starter package
Personal Training Academy Fitness -Job Search Skills For Fitness
 Please go to- Personal Training Academy Page - For more information on job search skills for fitness including -CV Writing tips fitness job interview tips -Refine your job search skills for your future career in fitness
  Corporate Wellness Seminars 
Body Coach Fitness has developed corporate wellness seminars -Online or face to face Corporate wellness seminars- with topics on creating a vision for lifestyle to change and developing strategic plans, professional organisation & planning and mindful leadership. Do you need a team conference ,training day or just want to give your team and clients a thought prevoking presentation  that allows them to take something home -please see corporate wellness page- for more details on this wellness series
 PT & Member Customer Client Acquisition Mastery & Lead Generation
 Please go to- Trainers Corner Page- For more information and to schedule a place on the new-PT & member customer acquisition mastery and lead generation. This online webinar/workshop will aid in establishing ,maintaining and acquiring members & PT Clients .
Active Aging-Smart Watch
Please go to- Womens and mens  wellness page- for more details on the Active aging smart watch  for the more elderly active population ,to help monitor and track physical activity ,health and other tasks and functions, such as heart rate and blood oxygen levels, medicine reminders ,GPS tracking and much more .
 Downs Syndrome (NIPT) Test
 Please go to- Women's and men's wellness page- For more information and details on the latest international professional diagnostic test -Downs syndrome ( NIPT) test for ladies looking for peace of mind during pregnancy. A non invasive procedure to complement you health and wellbeing program ,alongside medical intervention.
 Nutrigenomix -Fertility Package 
Please go to- Nutrigenomix page- For more information and to purchase the new Body Coach Fitness Nutrigenomix fertility package which is a bespoke individualised package including the Nutrigenomix fertility package , a torch screen to identify infections which can affect the health of their baby and a professional 3 day fertility check test for when planning to have a baby .
 Gym/PT Member Retention Tool
Please go to -Trainers corner page- For more information on a  UK Active supplier service - Amphigames gym challenge evolution and mobile app- For increased member and gym staff retention through virtual group fitness challenges nationwide.
Get Your Work Place Off To A Flying Start-With National Fitness Day 

Body Coach Fitness & UK Active are supporting National Fitness Day ( 25th September 2019)and encouraging workplaces to get their teams off to a flying start! Research suggests employees who start the day being active enjoy lower stress levels, are better decision makers, have more energy, and most importantly, are happier.

That’s why this National Fitness Day, Body Coach Fitness & UK Active  are doing something about it by asking workplaces all around the country to push back the start of the working day by an hour and get active To discover more and find out how your workplace can get involved in all things National Fitness Day -Please go to corporate wellness page- For more details

Fitness  Career Guide
Please go to- Personal Training Academy Page- For more information on the Body Coach Personal Training Academy -Fitness career guide ,for anyone looking at changing their career and entering the fitness industry . Helping you make the decision to change to fitness as a career and helping you choose the correct fitness specialism pathway. 
Operant Sports Conditioning
Please go to-Sports specific page- For more details on the new -Operant sports conditioning program- For a postive reinforcement approach to training ,looking at your own individual intrinsic and extrinsic motivators in the pursuit of goal achievement .
  This Girl Can Lets Ride-British Collaboration

Building on the success of our #OneInAMillioncampaign which launched earlier this year, together with Sport England a bespoke This Girl Can campaign. Featuring cycling has been created with -specific assets to raise awareness of women’s cycling,we willreach new audiences and engage them with British Cycling programmes.I’m supporting a new #thisgirlcan campaign to get more women cycling. Find out how you can get back on a bike this summer with free rides, traffic-free spaces and bags of inspiration: www.letsride.co.uk/thisgirlcan #this girl can

 New-smartDNA Wellness Packages
Body Coach Fitness is able to offer 3 new smartDNA wellness tests /packages as a professional practitioner with smartDNA. The smartDNA wellness package, smartDNA gut spectrum detector & smartDNA IBS GUT detector. Please go to smartDNA page -For more information and to purchase test packages and the new -Gene genius book about Nutritional genomics to accompany these for a practitioners resource and the public who are interested in learning more 
Monthly Lunch & Learn
 Please go to- Corporate wellness page-For more information and to schedule a place on the new -Monthly lunch and learn- workshops  for mental health and well being in the work place. Structured educational and informative sessions with the opportunity for social networking with fellow colleagues and influencers looking at improving the 5 ways to mental health and well being .Education is the key to unlocking the golden door of freedom and opportunity in life,health and career advancement ,these monthly lunch and learn work place workshops can provide the key to improved wellbeing for everyone in the work place breaking barriers in mental health. World Mental Health Day is on 10th October 2019 - a great day for supporting better mental health and looking after your wellbeing -help break the barriers to mental health in your work place with Body Coach Fitness
 Keep Britain Tidy-Love Parks Week 2019
  Keep Britain Tidy’ are organising a Love Parks Week in 2019 – “encouraging everyone to get out and enjoy their favourite park. By using and celebrating your local park, you are helping us to protect them for future generations.”  For more information including events in your area see https://www.keepbritaintidy.org/get-involved/support-our-campaigns/love-parks-week and contact Body Coach Fitness at Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for more details regarding local involvement in your area 
 Body Fit Profile- For Sports Optimisation
Please go to- Sports specific page- For more information on the -Body Fit Profile -For sports optimisation from a professional laboratory  for beginners training for sports challenges such as half marathons & 10K's or people starting out in more advanced physical activity training at the gym or outdoors ,covering sports biometrics  analysis with all results  reviewed by a sports medicine specialist
 The Plant Powered Athlete
Please go to- Sports specific page- For more details on the new- plant based athlete package- A bespoke customisable package with individual nutrient deficiency analysis for plant based sports people /active individuals on restrictive /limited diet plans. Plus professional  practitioner only plant based supplementation program and review of test results via a registered medical practitioner. Offering the complete nutritional analysis package for -plant  powered athletes .
New- Myzone Environmentally Friendly Digital Membership Card
Myzone fitness tracker has developed a new innovative environmentally friendly feature -A Myzone digital membership card- saving money and the planet by replacing your gym plastic membership card. The digital card is linked to your Myzone app/belt & watch  and can be used for to gaining  access to your club with Myzones check in system at  reception*If your club/gym has Myzone* ( saving  time,money the environment and also creates a deeper Myzone /club experience) .Body Coach Fitness is a promoter of Myzone-Please go to -Personal Training Page -For more details 
Fitness Consultant-Body Coach Fitness
Body Coach Fitness endeavours to achieve excellence as fitness trainer, innovator, industry expert, consultant and global fitness consultant. Whether endorsing products ,services or creating bespoke improvement plans ,Body Coach Fitness can promote ,endorse and enhance your fitness brand ,product or service through the- Body Coach Fitness Consultancy. Please go to -Health & wellness concierge page- For more information.
 European Week Of Sport Week-(23rd -30th Sept 2019) 
  Every year from 23 to 30 September, millions of sports professionals, enthusiasts, experts and associations from across Europe – and beyond – come together to take part in one of the biggest sport initiatives in the world: the European Week of Sport. Led by the European Commission and co-organised by national coordinators and sport partners all over Europe, the Week promotes an active lifestyle through a variety of celebrations and events.  In 2019, the 5th-annual European Week of Sport will be the biggest ever, with events supported by 47 partner associations in 41 countries. The Week is for everyone – regardless of age, background or fitness level – and helps individuals, public authorities, the sport movement, civil society organisations and the private sector collaborate in the field of sport. Body Coach Fitness will aim to be part of this sports movement -to encourage increased sports uptake and physical activity for health
Kinematics,Kinetics & Biomechanics Of Movement
Please go to- Body Coach Fitness Sports academy - For more information on the -Kinematics ,kinetics and biomechanics of movment educational material /programmes  for sports and human movement.Including information on how to train and move for the best effect for sports performance /physical activity eg the statics ,dynamics, kinematics, kinetics ,levers torque ,mass,inertia and momentum of specific movements /exercises in your training program for best effect
 Pre-Orthotic Conditioning(POC) Biomechanics Programme
Please go to- Sports performance hub page- for more information on the -new- Pre orthotic conditioning ( POC) biomechanics programme . Which provides a professional bespoke/customised (prepare and perform) assessment and sports conditioning programme and helps identify the need for sports orthotics
 The Hidden Sweetener? 
 Please got to- online nutrition page- for more information and to purchase the new bespoke (practitioner test)   sorbitol malabsorption test for the often -hidden sweetener- sorbitol found in "diet" or " sugar free" foods ,drinks ,cosmetics and other products .An often overlooked bulking agent and humectant  polyol sweetener which can cause digestive issues in some people on over consumption.
Personal Trainer Academy Course  -Refer A Friend Loyalty Program
 Please go to -Personal Trainer Academy -For more details on the new -Personal Training Academy Course Refer A Friend Scheme - Offering A -Bonus Scheme -For Referals who sign up to the academy courses online *Conditions apply*
Personal Training Academy-Course Information Pack
Please go to -Body Coach Fitness Personal Training Academy Page- For more information and to request a personal training academy course information pack. An outline of content of course material and study support available at the academy
 Study Skills -Tips & Resources
Please go to- Personal Training Academy page- For more information on -Study skills tips and resources to help aid your fitness study skills , knowledge base  and learning techniques. Body Coach Fitness  personal training academy is creating a free resource pack/list of study skills tools for enhanced learning skills -Happy learning.
Tailored Online  Diabetes Support & Maintenance Program
 Body Coach Fitness has developed a bespoke 12 week tailored fitness and nutrition program & maintenance program  for diabetes, *(which can include  individualised programming and testing ,including a  diabetes type I & II Genetic test, Lorisian Diabetes test measuring your HbA1C ( A reliable risk indicator for developing pre- diabetes and diabetes, and food intolerance testing)* All optional to program -so you can choose the level of support you require *To be used in conjunction with GP medical clearance and supervision* Please go to -Online Nutrition Page for more details
 Children's Biomechanics Program
 Body Coach Fitness has developed a children's biomechanics assessment/program ( in association with a podiatrist specialising In children's gait ). Podopaediatrics is the study of children's feet. This is focused on treating and addressing early foot deformities and paediatric foot health.This program looks at minors gait and biomechanics for improved form and function. Please go to- Biomechanics assessment page for more details .
 Body Coach - Fitness Student Professional Cover Insurance
Please go to- Body Coach Personal Training Academy page- For more details on the new- Fitness student professional cover insurance cover- In development for insurance whilst carrying  out fitness tasks and assessments within the scope of your fitness qualification you are studying( Online or on campus) Unlike other student  insurance schemes you do not need to be supervised by fellow professionals as long as you are carrying out practical skills in your studies in line with your assessment skills logbook and within the scope of the qualification you are studying.
PT Academy Job Opportunities Board
Please go to- Personal Training Academy page- For more details on the new PT Academy section on-Current vacancies /job opportunities available in the fitness industry for PT academy graduates.
 Body Coach Fitness Sports For Better Mental Health-(Connect Sport  #21by21 Campaign)
Body Coach Fitness is proud to support the UK's national Connect Sport campaign for encouraging 21,000 more trainers/coaches and volunteers to become trained in mental health awareness by 2021.Please go to sports specific page -For more details on this and the new Body Coach Fitness -Sports For mental health program/ workshop details 
 Confidence Boosting-Mind ,Body,Spirit Sports Program
 Please go to -sports specific page- for more details on the new - Confidence boosting -mind.body,spirit sports program. A self esteem and confidence boosting program to help you achieve  your sports and life goals -with guidance and advice on creating steps to competitive success & beating your own personal  fitness and sporting challenges for optimum performance
 Sports Relaxation -Holistic Body Training
Please go to- Sports Specific Page- to find out more details and to sign up to the new- Sports relaxation & holistic body training program- with Body Coach Fitness. A sports specific program looking at improving relaxation ,recovery and focus and improving mind /body balance .Relaxation and recovery is often an overlooked but important aspect of an sports enthusists/athletes training  program.
 MeaningFul Motivation Journal
Please go to- Mind & Body page- For more details and to purchase the new Body Coach Fitness -Meaningful Motivation Journal/Program- A motivational strategy /planning tool kit for finding and acheiving your life,fitness,nutrition and health goals through learned techniques and daily journaling 
 Executive Blend -IV Infusion Therapy
Please go to- Corporate wellness page- For more details on the two executive blend "limitless drips" vitamin and nutrient infusions for stressed and over worked  people looking for  professional treatment to boost energy,increase focus , increase immunity and body detox .Available as part of Body Coach fitness corporate services and through referal to ( a UK based professional infusion therapy practice)
 New-Sports Endurance -IV Infusion Therapy Shots
Please go to- Sports performance hub page- For more details on the 2 new additions to the professional IV infusion therapy range - endurance shots for sports eg Ornithine & NADH.Available  as part of body coach fitness sports performance packages and through a referal to   ( a UK based professional infusion therapy practice )
New Additions To -Food Around The Globe Series-(Food From The East-Indian Sub Continent ,The  Middle East , South America , Australasian , African & North American  )
 Body Coach Fitness has  some  new additions to the -food around the globe series- Of nutrition programmes looking at different cultures and their nutritional requirements ,creating a unique lifestyle and nutritional program for your requirements -(Food from the East Indian Sub continent ) & (Food From The Middle East)-& (Food From South America )& (Australasian Food)& (Food From African Continent )& (Food From North American Continent)  Find these new plans at - Food around the globe page
 New Additions -To Personal Training Academy
Please go to-Personal Training Academy page- For more details on the 2 new options available. Body Coach now has an option for -prepayment purchase for fitness and personal training academy courses *In a specific price bracket* plus a new added feature available to fitness students- Theory revision days - for extra help with your studies 
 Body Coach Fitness -How To Build A Fitness Business  Online Master Mind Work Shop  Series
Please go to -Trainers corner page- For more information and to purchase some of the new series of-Body Coach (How To) Build A Fitness Online Business Series- Including online live/pre recorded workshops or pdfs on- How to -Launch  fitness classes online, how to-Create  an online fitness education  (workshop/programme/course)  &  How to-launch a successful community fitness project online/face to face -An educational series for -budding PT entrepenuers looking to craete a USP in their fitness business 
 Equi Biomechanics
Please go to- Biomechanics Assessment Page- For more details on -Equi Biomechanics- Available at Body Coach Fitness - Using biomechanics assessment , posture and balance assessment and tailored rider fitness and nutrition packages -Bespoke assessment and programming for a fitter and balanced rider 
 Biomechanics & Gait- For Pregnancy Program
 Please go to- Biomechanics Assessment page- For more details on the new- Body Coach Fitness biomechanics & gait analysis for pregnancy program. This is a specific assessment for biomechanics,gait,lower back pain and posture in  relation to musculoskelatal imbalances during and after pregnancy.Also includes  assessment  for functional fitting of buggies/baby carriers and advisory programming for functional exercises for every day life eg for picking up baby
 Personal Training Academy-Body Mapping Anatomy 
 Please go to- Personal Training Academy Page-For more information on the new anatomy educational learning tool  coming to Body Coach Fitness academy soon-Body Mapping-This involves watching someone draw 3D muskuloskeletal analtomy eg drawing key points such as bones,joints ,muscles and ligaments with pen onto volunteers and then practicing it yourself ( watch learn & practice  sessions ) With a focus on a different body structure /part of the human anatomy each lesson/session.Ideal for health and fitness students ,and therapists and anyone interested in learning more about your anatomy -and pin pointing exactly where a injury may be located and how each muscle affects this in real life /3D action
Hyperbaric  Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) -For Sports Injuries
Please go to -Sports Rehab Page- For more information on the Body Coach Fitness referal scheme  with a local hyperbaric oxygen therapy centre for health and sports injury concerns. A complementary treatment to alleviate a range of symptoms and support injury recovery  and wellbeing.
 Body Coach Fitness- Active Ageing Senior Sports Program
Please go to-sports specific page- For more details on the new-Body Coach Fitness active ageing senior sports program with fitness smart watch. This program is specifically designed for the more active senior who is interested in getting back to sport or improving sports abilities .It includes senior sports specific nutrition and exercise programming unique to your sport as well as a elderly/senior GPS tracker fitness smart watch with heart rate monitoring  measuring sleep,medicines,heat rate,steps,and safety eg first aid SOS calling plus senor specific supplementation for ultimate results and health and vitality at a older age .Ideal for the fit and active senior looking to enhance sports performance and health
 Body Coach Pro Genetic -New range Of Sports Specific Test panels  & Programmes
In addition to the Body Coach Pro Genetic football specific test panelm,you can now choose from a selection of -Body Coach Pro Genetic sports panels- all including individualised nutrition and exercise programming as part of the program.The new sports listed are ,cricket,swimming,rugby ( & other ball sports)  , & tennis ( & other raquet sports).Please go to -Body Coach Pro Genetic page- For more details 
 Body Coach Pro Genetic -Football Sports Specific Test Panel
Please go to- Body Coach Pro Genetic page- For more details on the -Body Coach Pro Genetic Football Sports Specific Test Panel- .A bespoke customisable body coach fitness dna test profile specific for football coaches and players  ,combining football  genetics with practical aspects of the sports. Including  an individualised nutrition and football training program and full consultation
 2019 Myzone Global MEPS (Myzone Effort Points) Challenge
Join the 2019 Myzone Global MEPS Challenge with Body Coach Fitness and get mepping( MEPS =Myzone effort points) . A global activity challenge to help increase and incentivise physical activity participation .To create a healthy fit population  globally . Prizes for the most dedicated and a personal challenge /goal to work towards -Starts 1st June 2019-Please see more details on-Personal Training Page- to see how you can get involved ,purchase your Myzone heart rate monitor and belt and get mepping & active more often -Plus new details in the Myzone familly section on- MZ-Zone match classes with gamification.
 5 New (EBT) Eastern Biotech Health,Wellness & Lifestyle Test Profiles
 Please go to -Wellness profile page- For more details and to purchase  the 5 new -EBT practitioner only test panels -(Red blood cell elements ,whole blood elements, urine toxic & essential elements ,amino acid plasma and comprehensive parasitology test panel ) International  bespoke test panels for better healthy lifestyle prospects
 Body Coach -Meso Nutrient Nutrition Program
 Please go to- Online nutrition/Nutrition page- For more details and to purchase the -Meso nutrient nutrition and supplementation program. Full of power packed super foods ( meso-nutrients)  for improved healthy,nutrition,fitnes and viatality
 New-Body Coach Pro Genetic Test Panels
Please got to- Body Coach Pro Genetic Page- For more information on 2 new test panels for a healthy lifestyle. The bodycoach pro genetic insulin senstivity test panel and the body coach pro genetic women's wellness pro mini test panel.Both  bespoke customisable tests  to be used  as part of a preventative healthy lifestyle program
 Body Coach PT Academy -Fitness Internship Program
Please go to- PT Academy Page- For more information regarding the new -Body Coach Fitness Internship Program- Developed for  Fitness graduates and coaches -with the primary goal to help fitness student graduates take their first steps into the fitness industry -offering valuable work experience and support ,training the fitness coaches of the future and improve the immersive learning experience
 Body Coach Pro Genetic- Cross Fit Test Panel
 Did you know that if you are a crossfitter ,that you can alter your (WOD)- Workout of the day -based on your genes?Bdy Coach Fitness has developed  a unique genetic bespoke panel for cross fit ,along with an accompanying -cross fit nutrition & training guide - For serious cross fitters looking to improve their WOD.Fully customisable ,improving your optimal fitness and performance
Chronomics-Genome Rockstar
Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the Chronomics (Genome Rockstar panel) as a professional -A test which looks at your genetic biological age,profiling lifestyle and enviroment indicators such as smoke exposure and also metabolic factors. A trackable online dashboard test panel helping create a  personal improvement plan for better health .Please go to-Healthy lifestyle Genetics page-For more details and to purchase
 Circadian Rhythm Variation Program For Sports
 Please go to-" Sports Specific" Page- For more details and to purchase the -Circadian Rhythm Variation Program for Sports- To maximise performance by analysing your own unique body clock with specific cortisol awakening & chronomic tests and sports programming -To get the edge in your sports!
 DNAMind Certification Course
Please go to- DNALIfe page- For more details of the - DNALife DNAMind 1 day certification course-A nutrigeneomic approach to brain health.   Body Coach Fitness is a professional DNALife practitioner with this test also available for any clients wanting professional genetic brain health and function related to nutritional health. This practitioner test gives tools to adress mental health and neurodegenerative disease in your porfessional practice .(For register DNALife practitioners only)
 Active Kids- VIPR For Sports
Please go to- Sports specific page- For more details on the -NEW- Active kids VIPR for sports program/classes. Developed by Body Coach Fitness ,based on specialist VIPR kids training  and adapted for harnessing future sports and health development in young children .Exploring & evolving new ways of coaching kids  all the way to adult hood.
 Online Sports Performance Analysis & Player/Athlete GPS Tracking
 Please go to- Sports Performance Hub Page- For more details on the new -Online sports performance analysis & player/athlete GPS tracking - available at BodyCoach Fitness via a professional online video analysis software package. Ideal for sports teams,universities ,and individual sports athletes & sports enthusiasts ,what ever your sport -Work with Body Coach Fitness to -Optimise your performance to maximise your sporting gains!
 Body Coach Pro Genetic -Body Repair Aesthetics Test Panel
Please go to- Body Coach Pro Genetic page-For more information on the new mini test panel- Body Repair Aesthetics Test Panel- For analysis of genetic predispostions to symptoms and condition affecting the  aethetics of the body such as cellulite, stretch marks, varicose veins, collagen breakdown and loss of elasticity .Ideal for anyone concerned with the bodies aesthetics.
 Body Coach - Environmental Healthy Lifestyle Program
 Please go to -Mind /body page- for more information on the new Body Coach fitness package for better environmental health and fitness . Body Coach Fitness has a commitment to a healthy environment around us as well as the health and fitness of its clients. Hence the development of the environmental healthy lifestyle program for better health and fitness of "you and your environment"Air pollution causes 7 million deaths worldwide per year and this environmental health and fitness package will help you determine your  personal risk to this where ever you are in the world plus healthy lifestyle programming and technological /equipment device support  for accurate monitoring  and improvement in your health and sports performance whilst improving your environment .
 Sports-Immune Function Monitoring
Please go to- Sports Performance Hub Page- For more infromation and to sign up to the -Body Coach Fitness -sports immune function monitoring program- For amateur to elite sports people/athletes looking to fine tune their off and on season training to prevent immune fatigue and illness preventing that loss of competitive edge .Ideal sports evaluation test program for improved health in sports 
 DNA Power -Health power & Brain Power Test/Coach Programmes
 Please go to -DNA Power page- For more information and to purchase the two new -Health power and Brain power genetic test and coach programmes avilable through DNA Power practitioner  Body Coach Fitness
MyZone  MZ-Burn Now Live
Please go to- personal training page-For more details on another  new feature to the  Myzone familly" MZ Burn" -A new feature on Myzone software for creating  group training experiences eg-' HIIT Studio'- & -Burn Studio' with 5 MZ Burn sessions-(Orbit,unity,trilogy,elevate & circuit)
 Body Coach- HIIT For Sports Pro Genetic & HIIT For Sports Biomarker Profile Tests
Please go to- Body Coach Pro Genetic page- For more details on the -HIIT For sports pro genetic test ,a customisable test for people involved in high intensity training .Please also go to -sports specific page- For more details on the - Body Coach HIIT Training for sports profile test also designed for individuals/sports people involved with high intensity training such as track cycling, sprint running and HIIT training.
 Body Coach Fitness-Food Mapping/Webbing
Please go to-Food around the globe page- For more information on the new bespoke customised -foodmap /webbing service- available via Body Coach Fitness . Get your own local food map based on your own individual dietary /nutritional needs. Beyond simply understanding the way in which your food gets from A-B a resource focusing on food issues ,supporting local producers and sourcing the healthiest,freshest quality food in your local area of the Globe. 
 Youth Sports -Movement & Physical Activity Intervention Programme
 Please got to- Sports specific page- For more information and details on the new -Body Coach fitness Movement & Physical Activity Intervention Programme.  A 4 stage  personalised  youth sports evaluation and intervention programme specific to your childs/youths sporting needs.  Incorporating SAQ,movement pattern screening, speed,agility and accuracy, dynamic balance  and proprioception and hand eye co-ordination and manipulation skills.
Pathway ( Medicinal)Cannabis DNA Kit 
 Please go to- Pathway genomics page- For more information and to purchase the -Pathway genomics  ( medicinal ) DNA cannabis kit. *(Body Coach Fitness is not advocating this test for  illegal cannabis drug use -but this genetic test is suitable for adults -"medicinally prescribed "cannabis derivatives  via their physician/GP for health and fitness wellbeing-Evidence of prescription will be needed before purchase )*. When used as a predictive test ( in conjunction with your GP) it can identify suitable prescription based CBD &  THC products for legal therapeutic for better health and relief from symptoms .
 Bio Magnetic Therapy-Sports Rehab
Please go to- Sports injury/Rehab page- For more details on , and to purchase the  -Bio Magnetic therapy sports flex - Targeted localised magnetic therapy relief designed for specific areas of the body with unique -central  reverse polarity technology- to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation and provide pain relief post sports injuries. A winning combination of unique magnetic technology for better sports injury rehab/recovery
 Gender Gap-Get Into Sports Program
 Please go to-Sports specific page- For more information on the new-Body coach fitness gender gap-get into sports program/work shops - aiming to balance the levels of female participation in sports/physical activity for better health, fitness self confidence and self esteem. Decreasing barriers and increasing the motivations of females to take part and succeed in sports ,empowering and rewarding physical activity  .
 Body Coach -Sports Behaviour Change Management Program
 Please go to- Sports specific page- For more information on the new-Body Coach Sports Behaviour Management Program. A bespoke sports behaviour change managment program with a holistic approach for balancing a successful life in and out of sports Guiding you through transitions,challenges and choices through your sporting journey and positive lifestyle behaviour change programming  -For Life beyond Sports!
 Nutrient Check Restrictive Diets(Vegan,Flexatarian & Plant Based)
Please go to- Weight managementgenetics page- For more details on the new Body Coach Fitness- Nutrient check for restrictive diet plans- Ideal for vegans ,flexatarians, vegetarians, keto diets, (HFLC) High fat low carb dieting , gluten free dieting and other plant based weight management programmes. An ideal evaluation method to see if you are getting enough of the right nutrients for your body for good health and fitness 
 Light Therapy-For Sports Injury & Rehab
Please go to- Sports Injury & Rehab Page- For more infromation on the -Light therapy treatments -for sports injuries and rehabilitation and pain management . Light therapy works on many levels and helps increase oxygen flow and nutrients to damaged/injured areas of the body. This treatment can be used to reduce pain and inflammation and enhance recovery from injury
MZ Book,MZ Instruct , MZ Body Scan ,MZ Console & MZ Motion  -(Family Of MyZone Products)
 Please go to the -Personal training page- For more details on the -New family of Myzone products -available to future,current Myzone & Body Coach Fitness  customers, gym facilities and Personal training coaches.Feel good products for maximum motivation,tracking and adherence -To a healthy active lifestyle program!
 The Big 5 Heart Program & Healthy Heart For Sports Program
 Please go to- Corporate wellness page- For more details on the Big 5 healthy heart program - A preventative work place heart health program for  better CVD  health & healthier working future. Plus go to -Sports Specific Page - For more details on the -Healthy Hearts For Sport Program- A preventative heart health program -making a healthier heart your sporting goal -For better future health and cardiovascular health for sport
 Body Coach Fitness  PT Academy -Visual Learning Tool Kit
Please go to -Personal training academy page- For more details on the -Body coach fitness Visual learning pack. A tool kit specifically for -visual learners- to aid in improving learning techniques for your fitness industry studies /research. It includes tips ,tools and techniques which can be applied to learning whilst studying for your PT/Fitness instructor exams and also for future career development
Body Coach Fitness- Hierachy Of Functional Active Aging Program
 Please go to- Women's & men's wellness page- For more details on the new -Body Coach Fitness Hierachy Of Functional Active Aging program- A program designed to follow on from the (FFMOT )Functional fitness MOT asessment - based on specialised (VAA) Vipr active aging training & (FIA ) Functional institute of aging guidelines. Helping the older population through the whole hierachy of active aging spectrum from (dependant to Elite older athlete ) to improve every day living functions and performance abilities -dependant on level of current fitness.A forward thinking program for active functional aging
 Eating Seasonally & Sustainably (For Better Nutrition & A Better world
Please go to- The food around the globe page- For more information on the new customised  - Body Coach fitness- Eating seasonally & sustainably -nutrition and lifestyle program.Analysing your food print/food miles  across the globe and creating a individualised seasonal & sustainable healthy eating and lifestle plan for both better nutrition/health and improving the economy & local enviroment in your place in the world.
 Female Athlete Triad- Interventional Program
Please go to- Sports Specific Page- For more details on the new Body Coach Fitness -Female athlete triad interventional program. Bespoke program specifically designed for female athletes succeptible to (FAT) Female athlete triad syndrome. Specific nutritional and healthy lifetstyle intervention program looking to prevent/treat  FAT and improve future health and sports performance goals.
 Body Coach Fitness -Fitness Student pocket Guide
Please go to- Personal Training Academy Page-For more details on the -Body Coach fitness Fitness Student Pocket Guide - For budding and existing fitness students in college, fitness/pt instructor courses or apprenticeships. Alsi ideal for anyone taking the -1st big steps into the fitness industry as a fitness instructor/PT. A pocket guide to fitness student graduation and work place success
 Body Coach Fitness  PT Academy Alumni
Please go to- Body Coach fitness PT Academy Page- For more information on the new post graduate Body Coach Fitness Academy Alumni  network and support membership plan. At Body Coach Fitness PT Academy we like to keep in touch with our students  ,pre,during and post completion of courses. The Alumni offers exclusive member benefits such as discounted courses, master classes, newsletter,regular articles written by fitness students /fitness professionals and updates on new up and coming fitness learning opportunities at Body Coach fitness PT Academy plus future CPD fitness learning pathways planning.
 Body Coach Fitness- Boot Camp With Buggy
Please go to- Baby B Fit Page- For more information on the new more advanced fitness level- Body Coach fitness Boot camp with Buggy .For post natal ladies ( & dads ) who have medical cleareance and are after a more boot camp style class after baby .Ideal for people with a more advanced fitness level /athleticism prior to baby ,or post buggy fit classes ,at a later stage after baby . Another  stepping stone back to former fitness ,fun safe and guided exercise- Boot camp style !
Amplify-Genetic Customised Nutrition Supplementation
Please go to -DNA Fit page- For more information of the soon to be launched Amplify -Personalised nutritional supplementation based on your DNAFit test results. Body Coach is able to offer 20% referal discount for this and other tests. Cutting edge science for real life change and better,nutrition,health and sports performance !
 Sports Traits Genetic Test-Compare Your Self With Athletes
 Please go to the- sports performance hub page For more information and to purchase the Sports traits  -Startline genetic test & See how you stack up against a huge database of some of the world’s greatest athletes, based on your height and genetic code. Decipher your DNA puzzle and  boost your fitness with this unique genetic test .Find out where you place in the competitive sports field  at Body Coach Fitness
 Body Coach Pro Genetic-Nutrition For Fertility Custom Panel
 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer a customisable gene panel test for Nutrition For fertility -The Body Coach Pro Genetic nutrition for fertility test. Specifically looking at eating behaviour patterns, responses to foods ,beverages and supplements in relation to fertility. You choose how many and what gene panels you wish to analyse and Body Coach can arrange custom gene panel tests via an international gene sequencing laboratory for you. Please go to- Body Coach Pro genetic page for more details
 Personal Training Academy- Virtual Anatomy Lab
Please go to- Personal training academy page- For more details on the -Visual and interactive virtual 3D anatomy lab. Using the latest body technology to engage fitness/health,sports science students on class,lab,home work and track learning. Re inforcing text book knowledge through interactive lectures and dynamic visualisation .
 Educational -Functional Training Anatomy Anlaysis App
Please go to- Personal training page- For more details on the- Muscle & motion functional training anatomy analysis app. You  get limited access to this educational app through Body Coach Fitness ( The PRO Gym app version offered here is a combination of all muscle & motion app-strength,functionaltraining,stretching& anatomy analysis).*(You will have restricted  access by signing up for a limited period of time for a trial period after which there is a a monthly /annual subscription)*.Learn how your body works whilst working out!
 Work force  & Sports Team CPR Instructional Training (Kits)
 Body Coach fitness is now able to offer a professional work place /team CPR training /kit as part of its services. This CPR training kit will help roll out life saving training to your work force ,sports team, community, club or at home. This training is provided with a professional instructional kit from a leading health and wellness charity. Please go to sports specific & corporate wellness pages for more information on this -DVD instructional training kit with professional training, resources and skills for your work force /team.
Sports Injury Fix
Body Coach Fitness is now listed on the -Sports Injury Fix - site for people sourcing professional sports injury rehabilitation/massage therapists .Please go to- Sports Injury Page for link to Body Coach fitness page listing.
 Isokinetic Testing (Biodex/Cybex)
 Please go to- Sports Injury & Rehab page- For more information on the isokinetic testing/training programme -referral scheme- at body Coach Fitness (As part of Body Coach fitness sports injury/rehab & wellness programming.
 First responder-Sports Concussion Programme
Please go to- Sports injury /rehab page- For more information and to sign up to -Head smart ist responder  sports concussion programmme.Allowing you to onsite test and assess for sports concussion, a grass roots solution for schools, clubs and professional teams with online educational webinars, baseline computerised refernce points and accurate diagnosis and recovery.
 Body Coach Fitness- Corporate Active Communities Hub
 Please go to -Corporate wellness page- For more details and to sign up to - Body coach corporate active communities hub -Building an athletic business mind set. With a -corporate active comunities programme - customised to your work place and local communities needs- Driving forward- developing more productive,healthy  & engaged   people & building an effective team with the -future in mind( Available online or face to face)-*(Most medium to large companies have a corporate social  responsibility(CSR) to look after their work force and engage in activities /projects which benefit the local community in some way this programme assists with this )*
 Body Coach- PT Business Starter Documentation  Resource Packs
Please go to- Trainers corner page- For more details on the new -Body Coach Fitness PT business starter documentation pack- Including all the resources/documents you may need when starting out in business in fitness/nutrition ( Customise the right pack for your business )
 Buggy Fit At Home
 Please go to- Buggy fit page- For more information and to sign up to- Buggy fit at home classes  with Body Coach Fitness- This is a 14 week online class program (created by busy mums -for busy mums ). No need to leave the house ,work out in the comfort of you own home  with professional instrcutor guidance -Convenient ,affordable & professional-For mum ,baby (& dad)
 Body Coach Personal Training Academy - Special Education & Learning Disability Needs
Please go to -Body Coach Personal training Academy Page- For more information on the -Special education and learning disability needs support program- For academy and non academy fitness industry students ,needing extra support, guidance, advice and (referrals service if necessary) whilst studying for professional fitness industry qualifications .
 Sports Tech
Please go to-Sports specific page for- Run specific and ball sports specific sports tech -( Digital profiler 3D run analysis, GPStracker for football & I wave traker for swim coaching , cycle coaching apps , plus many more -) A choice of  sports tech for a sports of your choice -Get the edge !
 Sports Talent Mentoring -Education & Performance Portfolio
 Please go to- Sports academy page- Fr more deatils on the NEW-Sports talent mentoring education & performance portfolio program. This is for anyone wanting to "excel,advance,progress,learn ,apply & evaluate their sports education & performance needs
 Hypoxic /Simulated Altitude Training  For Sports
Please go to -Sports perfromance hub page- For more details on the -New Hypoxic/simulated altitude trainig programme -Available at Body Coach Fitness. Including sports performance specific training program and personal at home use hypoxic fitness  mask for training & hypoxic sleep mask -To allow you to both train and  sleep at the altitude of your choice -getting the sporting edge .
 Blood Flow Restriction Training-Sports Rehab
Please go to- Sports injury Rehab Page- For more information on the new-Blood flow restriction ( BFR) Training for sports injury rehab. This technique allows for better recovery and quicker rehabilitation from injuries and can help improve sports performance and ability to carry out every day activities of daily living 
 Sports Academy Profile
Please go to- Sports performance page- For more information and to purchase the- Sports Academy Profile - A bespoke test panel for advanced measurement of metabolic and baseline  markers of sports health,fitness and performance.Together with customised nutritional,lifestyle and exercise programming based on results+ A Body Coach Fitness Sports Performance E Book. Ideal for  developing athletes and non athletes looking for advanced programming and increased performance in their sport
 Sports Fuel Nutrition Article -Live Love Eat Magazine
Body Coach fitness has contributed an article to Live Love Eat Magazine on - "Sports Fuel Nutrition" with tips and advice on -Fuel for exercise, ,should I drink sports drinks ,supplements & food and fluids for athletes and non -athletes.I will add link here when it is published.
 DNA Blue-Wellman Genetic Profile
Please go to- Womens and men's wellness page- For more details on the NEW- DNA Blue  Wellman Genetic profile available through Body Coach Fitness as a professional practitioner witha leadinhg international diagnostic laboratory.This report impacts male health and wellbeing and gives personalised nutrition & lifestyle guidance.
 Ever Green Life Personal Health Record App- Ambassador
 Body Coach fitness is an ambassador for the -Evergreen Life Personal Health record App- Take control of your own health,wellness and fitness with the Ever green app. It brings all health information into the palm of your hands for you to control & share.  Track your health and monitor progress( from B/P to body fat) ,manage medications, record allergies , DNA profile ( Learn how your genetics affect your  health and fitness through the DNA profile test service. Contact Sharon Clare on sharon@bodycoachfitness.com  or 07875086760 for moe infromation on how to add this to your healthy lifestyle and body coach fitness nutrition ,welbeing and sports programmes.
 Personalised IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy For Sports & Wellness
 Please go to- Sports Performance Hub Page- for more details on the -Personalised vitamin infusion service - Which can be added to any of Body Coach Fitness professional health,nutrition ,lifestyle and sports performance packages .*(Outsourced to professional registered vitamin infusion practitioners in London UK)*.Vitamin shots for -Fitness,Energy, hydration,Detox,immunity, High dose vitamin C, multi vitamins , Bolt on nutrients ,Mood boosting,fertility,anti ageing & beauty ,hair enhancement & many more. Combined DNA test + personalised vitamin shots also available for truly individualised results ,unique to your own bodies make -up.
 Body Coach Pro Genetic- Ski Fit & Adventure Sports Test Panel
Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the -Body Coach Pro Genetic Ski Fit & Adventure Sports Test Panel.A gene profile that gives you insights into your attributes that can specifically affect your performance on the ski slopes and mountains for extreme adventure sports .This test will allow you to find out your bodies own unique capabilities to cope with altitude ,extreme temperatures , and whether you have sufficient mental toughness and recovery ability to tackle the ski slopes or extreme sports in all weathers .Ideal for anyone seriously into extreme  and adventure sports & skiing and snow boarding.Unique ,customisable nd professional test for -The Edge!Please go to- Body Coach Pro Genetic Page -For more details and to purchase.
 Body Coach-Health Test Centre
 Take control of your health With  -Health Test Center's  affordable HIPAA Compliant  blood tests available at 3500 Quest & Lab Corp testing facilities and Body Coach Fitness . Please go to -Wellness profile page- For more details on tests and to purchase nutrition,vitamin & mineral ,health and wellness and performance tests at 5% discount at -Body Coach Fitness Health Test Center
 Drug Free Sports International -Professional Development
Please go to- Sports academy page- For more information and to purchase /sign up to -Drug free sports international professional development educational webinars in sports nutrition, banned substances, supplements for sports and much more
 Sports Specific Functional Breath Strength Training
 Please go to- Sports perfromance hub page- For more details on the -NEW- Sports specific functional breath training program.This specilaist training incorporates specific breath strength focused ,diapragm, trunk and breath relaxation method exercises for better performance in sports .
 Meal Plans For Different Types Of Sports
Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer - Meal Plans For Different Specific Sports - Including basket ball, cricket, football,rugby, tennis and many more .These are  blueprint template meal plans designed for specific sports -from recreational to elite athletes -giving a meal plan guide for your specific sport
Body Coach-Vestibular Precision Training System
Please go to- Sports performance hub page- For more information on the NEW Body Coach Fitness vestibular precision training system -For improved sports performance .balance, coordination , movement precision, and propreoceptive/somatosensory systems -Get the edge and get back into the game with this unique movement precision skills program
  Body Coach-Sports Medicine Athletic Test Package
Please go to- Sports performance hub page- For more details on the NEW Body Coach Sports Medicine athletic test package, to -(Predict-Prevent - Nuture & Nourish)  athletes and sports enthusiasts, for better health  wellness & sports performance. Sports & intense exercise takes its toll on your health & wellbeing & this test package helps you to understand your strengths and weaknesses and -Bridges the gap- between sports & medicine (with professional lifestyle, fitness and nutrition assessment through Body Coach Fitness & medical & therapy assessment through recommended qualified professionals) .A true -holistic sports medicine approach -To your training and nutrition programming-Untouched by hand & touched by heart!
 Food Life Skills Nutrition Course
 Please go to- Nutrition & Therapy Academy Page-For more details on the -New- Food life skills course available through Body Coach Fitness with  (BNF) British nutrition Foundation resources . This resource packed presentation/seminar  based course is for young adults from (3-18 Years of age ) * Below 16 to be accompanied by Guardian /Parent. Ideal for family groups, community groups, gyms ,schools and colleges *
 Pro Collagen-Pro Sports Nutrition & Supplement  Package
 Please go to- Sports performance page- For more details on the New- Pro collagne pro sports nutrition & supplement package- With professional Collagen based supplements for added joint,muscle and ligament support, recovery from exercise ,and better overall health ,welness and sports performance .Plus customised individual lifetsyle and nutritional programming advice -The full package for better performance Prevent-Protect & Perform!
 IHRSA Educational Webinars
 Please go to-Trainers corner page- For more information and to sign up to the -IHRSA Educational Webinars - In fitness leadership, sales and marketing ,fitness programming, finance strategies, wellness and cooperate wellness, staffing, membership retention and more ....Ideal for -forward thinking -fitness professionals looking to develop their PT/class studio ,health club ,leisure facility
 Hydrotherapy -For Sports Injury
 Please go to- Sports injury rehab page- For more details on hydrotherapy for sports injury ,performance and health and wellness. This  is available through Body Coach fitness with an associated  qualified physio and therapist and is ideal for improving circulation, recovery time from injury ,relaxation and improved physical activity and sports performance .
 York Scan -Food & Drink Premium & Classic
 Please go to the -Online nutrition page- For more details on the two new -York test food scans for food intolerances available at Body Coach Fitness via Wellnostics .Both Classic and premium York scans are professional, reliable and have full Consultation & support through both York scans and Body Coach Fitness.
myDNAHealth Optimal Health Panel
 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the -Optimal Health Panel Test- As a practitioner with myDNAHealth. Learn how to eat,move & live better and take advantage of your inherited strengths and overcome your limitations. Please go to-myDNAHealth page-For more details 
 Sports Podiatry/Biomechanics
Please go to-Sports Injury & Rehab Page -For more details on the- Sports/Podiatry Biomechanics program available through Body Coach Fitness. Full assessment & mechanical & gait analysis, prescription of orthotics ,rehab and stretching & strengthening program -For -BEST Sports performance 
Hearing /Vestibular Related -Genetic Test Panel
Please go to- Welness genetics page- For more information on the new -Hearing related genetic panel-Predictive preventative intervential test for hearing and vestibular related disorders. Hearing is important for every life and balance ,coordination and preception in physical activity.This unique test available through Body Coach Fitess & a leading international diagnostic professional laboratory could help improve your hearing health as part of an interventional -heathy lifestyle and nutrition plan
 Pregnancy Massage
Please go to-Women's & Men's wellness page -For more details on -Pregnancy massage- Relaxing massage for mother and baby to be *Not available in in 1st trimester *( post natal massage also available ).Specifically to help mother relax,improve circulation,releive stress ,improve circulation and aid in fluid retention and for overall mental and physical health and wellness
 DNA Life (Sports/Health,Diet ,Wellness )Practitioner Educational Training Video Series
 Please  go to-Sports academy page -For more details on the DNA LIfe DNA sports educational training video bundle & -Trainers corner page- For more details on the DNA Life -Complete package video bundle with educational training for -DNA Sports,DNA Diet,DNA Health, DNA Intro to Science,DNA Introducing DNA Life  & DNA Oestrogen .*All video training bundles are for qualified registered practitioners only* -Watch & Learn with these comprehensive professional practitioner Video training series to accompany (Health practitioner only tests) 
 Body Coach Pro-Sports Nutrition Deluxe (For Pro Athletes)
 Please go to-Body Coach pro Genetic Page- For more details on the sports pro deluxe nutrition panel for serious /elite /professional sports people /athletes . A bespoke fully comprehensive genetic look into your sports nutrition and health
NGS Genetic  -Liver Panel
Please go to- Wellness genetics page- For more details on the unique 'bespoke' DNA liver panel from Body Coach & NGS . A  34 gene test for inherited liver disease * Two other liver DNA panels are  also available for Cholestasis & Alagille*
 GPL4 Metabolic Energy Production Panel
Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the -GPL4 Metabolic energy production panel -From a leading "international"diagnostic company. This test panel looks at energy production,nutrition including anti oxidants ,vitamins and toxicities, ,enzyme production and other healthy lifestyle factors such as assessing CNS food allergies and fatty acid metabolism.Please go to- Healthy lifestyle DNA page -For more details on this new comprehensive healthy lifestyle panel -with a difference!
Body Coach Fitness- HyperSports Pro
 Please go to  Sports specific page for more information on the -new Body Coach Fitness Sports Hyper Pro Program-For sports professionals .
HiPer for Super Humans helps to experience God-given peak potential. Become a peak performer and soar, because your success is only limited by one thing – what you do next. This program is for the fascinating humans who are little bit different from the rest of us. The humans with real super powers! We help you activate your high performance mode, allowing you to accomplish super human feats! Go above and beyond - optimize every area of your life and take yourself to the next level of magnificent health and vitality. HiPer for Super Humans - push your body and mind to the absolute limits of human performance! Get ready to take your life to the next level. 
 Sports Floatation Therapy
Please go to- Sports injury & rehab page- For more details on the -Sports floatation therapy -For pain relief, relaxation, sports recovery and clarity and visualisation of the mind .Improving both your performance and recovery abilities in sports /fitness
 Body Coach Genetic Pro- Mini Lifestyle & Nutrition Plans +Precision Professional Sports
 Please go to- Body Coach Pro Genetic page- For more details on the 2 new nutrition & lifestyle mini customised DNA panels/plans. The Mini Carbs vs Fats panel & Men's skin panel .Both useful additions  to combine with healthy lifestyle and nutrition programming and specific to you+ A Precision professional sports & fitness plan/panel specifically for TBI & Head injury in sports protection and optimal hypoxic training and personalisation of training regime
 Body Coach Pro Genetic-Pre Pay Instant Rewards 
 Please go to- Body Coach Pro Genetic Page- For more information about the new -Body Coach pro genetic pre pay rewards schemw,this allows you to invest in your future testing. You pre pay for future tests *Body Coach pro genetic tests only* & instantly recive a bonus reward paid into your pre pay account for future payments. An ideal way to invest and receive rewards for a brighter ,fitness,healthier future
Wellness Profile  -Health Condition Based Test Profiles 
Please go to- Wellness Profile Page - For more details on the new health condition specific test profiles for -Fibromyalgia & CFS & Multiple Sclerosis (MS).These two unique panels are avilable through Body Coach Fitness in partnership with    a leading international diagnostic company.
 Body Coach Pro Genetic- Fit Active Child DNA Plan
Please go to -Body Coach Pro Genetic page- For more details on the new -Body Coach fit active child DNA panel ( for sports & physical activity ) .This DNA plan includes testing and report for analisis on your child's ability to perform sports /physical activity, improbe brain and cognitive function through diet and and prevent muscle and bone injuries whilst being active in growth & development .Helping you plan a brighter -healthy,more active future in sports & every day life
 Body Coach Pro Genetic- Intermittent Fasting DNA Plan 
Please go to -Body coach pro genetic page- For more details on the new - Body Coach Pro Genetic intermittent DNA plan/test panel.A keto diet and intermittent fasting has been shown to help reduce both weight and high cholesterol and this plan and dna test could help kick start your new year weight loss and start you on the way towards adjusting to a long term healthy weight loss plan (based on test results)
 Body Coach-Post Show support Reverse Dieting Program
 Please go to- Body Building fitness Page -For more information on the new-Post support-reverse dieting program. Specifically designed for fitness /body building competitors after competition to support them in their diet and  training phase before off season training ( An important -but often overlooked -step for metabolic adjustment ,recovery and preparation for the building phase).
 Mixed Skills Sports- Body Coach Pro Genetic Panel
Body Coach Fitness now offers a unique bespoke test panel specifically targeting - Mixed skill sports eg ( Martial arts,performing arts,dance and gymnastics ) These sprots and disciplines  require a unique combination of skills and genetic abilities -eg they need to be both strong with good stamina & endurance but also quick and flexible and supple and be able to perform at high levels for length of time. This genetic panel will give you a unique insight into your genetic capabilities to choose a suitable mixed skill sports and help develop your skills to a higher level to suit your own bodies needs
Body Coach -Athletic Training Performance Testing Package
 Please go to- Sports specific page- For more details on the new -Body Coach Athletic Training Performance Testing Package- A specific customised targeted test package with nutritional coaching .Fully comprehensive individualised program -For improved recovery,health,optimum performance and the ability to train -at a higher level!Sports performance nutrition coaching at its best- form a plan for success based on scientific results.
Easterm Biotech-Complete Watch Panels 
 Please go to- Wellness genetics page- new year watch panels (health watch + food watch + cancer watch=complete watch ) with a combination of food intolerance,healthy lifestyle ,nutrition and cancer test panels- For complete health ,wellness and fitness for 2019 & moving forwards .....
 Body Coach- Male & Female Fertility Genetic Panel Tests
Body coach fitness Is now able to offer its own bespoke & unique -male & female fertility genetic panels- Unique customisable personalised genetic tests -for interventional healthy lifestyle and nutrition programming for improved fertility (Test includes gene panels for IVf response , and likelihood of eclampsia, miscarriage,fetal distress and in females (and (how to overcome and boost sperm production for males )
  Nordic Health - Paleo Diet  Panel
Please go to- Nordic Health page - For more details on the new Paleo panel test( available through Body coach fitness as  a "Nordic health practitioner"- For anyone interested in learning more about their predispositions to being successful on this diet plan. Plus also future key health markers based on the Paleo lifestyle. Plus Body Coach pro genetic page- for more details on the paleo diet dna test panel from Body coach fitness
 Body Coach Genetic Pro- Emotional Eating/Stress Disorder Panel Test
Please go to- Body CoachPro Genetic Page- For more details on the new- Body coach genetic pro emotional eating/stress disorder mini genetic test panel- Ideal for emotional eaters or people who are predisposed to stress eating disorders alongside blood tests and therapy for best results and to help  identify reasons for emaotional eating patterns *To be used alongside medical supervision & and not in place of medical treatment /therapy *
 Body Coach-PT Mentoring for Success business starter Bundles
 Please go to-Personal training academy page- For more details on the new- Body Coach Fitness PT mentoring for Success business starter bundles .Including 4 weeks of new business start up mentoring , and a professional generic or logo/branded supplement and educational tool resources pack containing a selection or products an useful resources to offer your clients to make your new PT/Studio business stand out from the crowd in a competitive market! There are 4 bundles - Pt mentoring & fat loss starter pack, Pt mentoring & power packed supplement and resource pack  Studio pro pack & ultimate PT starter pack. Plus a fifth pack -A professional weight management & lifestyle seminar/webinar kit for PT's /nutrition coaches to use for healthy living programs
 Body Coach- Work Book Reference Manual
Please go to- Personal Training page- For  more details on the new -Body coach work book reference manual .Ideal to use alongside the transformational journals, or the weight management seminars or on its own as part of your new healthy lifestyle program or Body Coach Fitness PT/Nutrition package. This 12 chapter  reference manual covers human physiology (in lay man's terms) and the rationale behind -"Eat right & Exercise". Education is the key to adherence to a healthy lifestyle program-Start your fitness and health journey with Body Coach Fitness.
  Body Coach-Transformational Journals ( 8-12 Week Programmes)
 Please go to- Personal training page- For more details on the -New -Body coach fitness transformational journals .These journals are a daily journal helping you track and gauge your exercise and nutrition progress. Helping motivate you to exercise and improve nutritional adherence
 Body Coach -Fitness ,Strength & Conditioning For Sports -E Book
 Please go to- Sports academy page- for more details on the -new body coach fitness ,strength and conditioning E book for sports .A concise but comprehensive series of articles written for a pocket guide for sports enthusiasts &  coaches
 Body Coach Fitness Pro Genetic - Arrhythmia DNA test
 Please go to-Body Coach Fitness pro genetic page- For more details on the new -Pro genetic arrhythmia DNA Test. A bespoke comprehensive genetic test for 76 genes associated with hereditary arrhythmias .An ideal preventative test to accompany your healthy heart diet ,exercise and lifestyle plan
 Body Coach Fitness Education/Business -E Books
Please go to- Body coach fitness personal training academy page- For more details on the new -Body coach fitness education/business E books soon to be launched -In various fitness education & fitness biz subjects.
 Altar G-Treadmill Rehab Therapy
Please go to- Sports Injury & Rehab page- For more details on the -Altar G Treadmill rehab therapy programs available in Suffolk UK. For improved wellness ,sports performance  and mobility-For the elderly to athletes.
 Body Coach-Sports Pro Deluxe
Please go to- Body Coach Pro Genetic page- For more details on the -new sports pro deluxe panels-  Specific to your sport eg- sports pro deluxe tennis, sports pro deluxe rugby & sports pro deluxe football ( ask for others available) Fully customisable and bespoke unique to you and your sporting needs
 Movement is Medicine Program
 Body Coach Fitness is launching the new-Movement is medicine program in the new year A set of functional exercise programmes and nutrition and healthy lifestyle programmes based on holistic health and nutrition pathways. This will include -Neuro active fitness with neuro based exercise concepts, gait training, upper limb rehab, repetitive task based training, and functional strength, HIIT training and reaction/stimulus training based on condition presented -eg- Parkinson disease, M/S, strokes PLUS  other functional training for age related and movement based conditions eg- osteoporosis and sciatica  .Neuro training Bridging the gap -between PT and physio - creating a brighter more active future via movement based medicine-More details soon....!
 Body Coach Genetic Pro-Platinum Sports Pro Membership
 Please go to- Body Coach Fitness genetic pro page- For more details on the new -Platinum sports pro memberships at Body Coach Genetic pro. 3 Levels of ultimate performance testing -Bespoke ,customisable and unique
 Neuro Athletic Trainer Program
 Please go to -sports performance hub page- For more details on the -new neuro athletic training program- For better neuro plasticity, cognitive function and physical sporting performance ,including a system based on athletic neuro science fro sports athletes, coaches and anyone wanting to improve mental and physical sports performance
  Healthy lifestyle Check
 Please go to-Healthy Lifestyle DNA page- For more details on the -healthy life style check test- specifically designed for professional analysis & monitoring of your health and fitness -For improved customisation of healthy life style programming
 Sports Profile-Sports Performance Recovery Test
Please got to- sports performance hub page- For more details on the -Sports profile -Testosterone: Cortisol  ratio test for sports performance recovery. Ideal for anyone who trains hard in sports/fitness and wants to reflect on their training routine and make sure they are recovering from exercise properly to avoid ill health and improve sports performance recovery.
 Body Coach Fitness- Sports & Fitness Hamper
Please go to -Personal Training page- For more details on the Body Coach Fitness -Sports & Fitness hamper .A bespoke /customised hamper for a gift for Xmas, birthdays and celebrations for sporty fitness friends, family and work colleagues .Choose from a range of products to create your own individual sports and fitness hamper package
 MOT 4 Mum's
 You have an MOT for your car so why not after childbirth? Body Coach Fitness now offers a -MOT 4 Mum's- Please go to -Women's & Men's welness page- For more details .A bespoke asessment and rehab programme for post natal ladies,unique to you
 Life Lab -Food & Intolerance Test For Sports Performance & Better Health
 Please go to -"Sports performance hub page" For more details on the Life Lab food allergy & intolerance tests available through Body Coach fitness for better Sports performance ,nutrition and health
 Body Coach-Audible Fitness Education
Please go to- Personal trainer academy page- For more information and details on launch of new- Body Coach Fitness -audible fitness education courses/lessons and books-Fitness learning -Beyond the text book!
 Body Coach-Fitness Travel Essentials Pack
 Please got to- Fitness travel/retreats page- For more details on the new Body Coach -Fitness travel essentials pack. Customise your own Body Coach fitness travel  pack with all the essential  portable fitness equipment you need to use where ever you are in the world. Including fitness and nutrition advice monitoring and tracking
 Right Angled- Fitness,/Sports Women's Health & Wellness Pro DNA Tests 
 As a practitioner of Right angled DNA Tests .Body coach fitness is now able to offer the - Right angled fitness DNA ( sports performance page),Women's wellness DNA ( women's & men's wellness page)& Wellness pro DNA Tests( healthy lifestyle DNA page) & the Heart DNA Test ( wellness genetics page) .Please go to these pages for more information and to purchase tests with consultation and healthy lifestyle programming based on results -Truly personalised sports/fitness. and wellness programming
 Body Coach Genetic Pro-Mini Nutrition Genetic Panels
 Body Coach Fitness now has its own custom mini genetic test panels for nutrition -Including lactose intolerance, caffeine intolerance and folate deficiency-Please go to-Body Coach Genetic Pro Page-For more details.
 Dna Diet Online Training Education Course
Please go to-Wellness tech & genomics page- For more information on the NEW-Non certificated Dna Life Dna Diet online training for professional nutrition, healthcare  and fitness practitioners looking to first hand knowledge and 'education' in the use of this exclusive (practitioner only) dietary genetic test online training program ,ensuring -safe ,professional practice*(Genetic test kit not included)*
 Wellness Tech & Genomics Academy
Please go to wellness tech & genomics academy page- For more educational online course from Body coach fitness in association with a leading online course provider. There  is a selection of professional scientifically researched online course for professionals and the general public .In subjects concerning wellness tech in relation to health, fitness and wellness and genomic courses in nutrition ,health and lifestyle .Knowledge is 'power'!
 Body Coach Fitness- Lifestyle Genetic Test Panels
 Please go to -Body Coach Genetic pro page- For more details on 4-new- custom lifestyle gene panels - Detox, oxidative stress, abilities and aptitude and partner compatibility gene panels -Customisable to order for you!
 DNA Life Gluten Panel (DQ2 & DQ 8)
 A new way of genetic testing for celiac disease . The DNA Life gluten panel ( DQ2 & DQ8)Which  Identifies -haplotypes  DQ2 & DQ8- Which  99% Of celiac disease sufferers normally have present in their genetic make up. Offering anew solution to preventative nutritional .lifestyle and health and fitness programming
 Back On Track- MSK Screening & Sports Performance program
 Please go to- Biomechanics screening page- For more details on the new -Back on track- MSK screening and sports performance program. Designed to assess, normalise, develop and plan a customised sports rehabilitation program based on biomechanical screening and individualised 5 phase progressive sports programming. Correcting imbalances and deficiencies and improving pre/post injury sporting performance
 myDNA Wellness & Nutrition & MyDNA Weight Management
 Please go to-Weight management page- For more details on the myDNA Wellness & Nutrition test & My DNA Weight managment test for optimised weight managemnet and personalised nutrition and fitness reporting  available through Body coach Fitness  and a leading UK  food intolerance testing/diagnostic company.
 Smart Life Solutions-Where Technology Meets Health & Wellness
 Please go to- SmartLife Solutions Page- For more details on the -New Body Coach Fitness store with Smart Life solutions & health tech packages and subscriptions .Including fully integrated life sense wearable bio parameter technology monitoring wristbands, blood sugar monitoring device wrist bands, customised nutrition supplements based on your own individual bio parameter readings and smartlife DNA test results and much more
 Sensory Training For Sports
Please go to-sports performance hub page-For more details on the new sensory training system for sports -giving some one the edge over their competition  in sports performance
 Diet & Lifestyle +Omega 3 & 6 Check
 Please got to- Weight management genetics page-For more details on the -Healthy lifestyle +Omega 3 & 6  check- Ideal advanced test for ultimate insight into your inner health and weight management
 Body Coach Mini Test Panels ( Health)
  Please go to- Body Coach Pro Genetics page- For more details on the new -Body Coach Mini genetic health test panels including the sunshine vitamin test for genetic vitamin D Deficiencies and the -mini genetic fat burning  panel test .
 Body Coach-Fitness Education Hub
 Please go to- Personal training academy page- For more information on the new -Body coach fitness education hub - For professional fitness, nutrition and sports coaches and people interested in fitness education. This is a education hub with fitness education tools and resources and video /pdf/email tutorials on fitness education and business matters -Launching soon.
 New-Ultimate Performance Sports Test Panel
 Please go to- Sports performance hub page- For more information and to purchase the Professional-Ultimate performance test panel- A fully comprehensive test panel available through Body coach as a practitioner with a well known UK leading diagnostic laboratory. Ideal for extreme gym enthusiasts and amateur and elite athletes or sports teams /individuals wanting to track and monitor progress from baseline to top end competition performance
 Body Coach -Tropical Health /Fitness Travel Screen
 Please go to -Travel & Retreats page- For more information and to purchase one of the new Tropical travel screens  It is a screen to test for the most common parasitic diseases known to affect frequent business, sports and holiday travellers which are not showing any symptoms. Geographically some diseases are  more common in certain parts of the world due to temperature ,humidity and certain types of insects, low poverty  and low standards of health. Ideal addition to your healthy holiday, business or sporting trip fitness regime.
 Fitness Genes-DNA Analysis Service
 Please go to -Personal Training page- For more details  on the new Fitness genes DNA analysis service available to purchase at Body Coach Fitness as a practitioner account holder with a leading health/fitness distributer
Body Coach Fitness- AnteNatal Functional Nutrition Program
Please go to- Functional nutrition page- For more details on the -Ante natal functional nutrition program -With 20 biomarker tests for healthy mother and baby(fetus) and resulting individualised ante natal functional nutrition program Ideal for any mum wanting  better health for there selves and their future baby!
 Body Coach  IgG4 Food sensitivity & DNA test (For Health & Sports) 
Please go to- Body Coach Genetic Pro page- For more details on the  combined Elite IgG4 food sensitivity and   Body Coach Fitness NGS Food test panel for health and sports. Combining both biomarker and genetic tests for improved results against food sensitivities -giving you the chance to improve health and sporting performance
 Body Coach-Mini Test Panels (Fitness & Sports)
 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer -3 new mini NGS genetic test panels for sports & fitness -Mental health in sports , vitamins for health & sports and inflammation and muscle recovery. Ideal tests as a starter to genetic testing for health, sports and fitness
Body Coach Fitness- Customised NGS Genetic Panels  
Please go to-Body Coach genetics pro page- For more details on the Body Coach Fitness NGS customised panels for health, sports, fitness and nutrition available via  a leading global genetic laboratory testing company in the USA. You choose your gene test panel for your own unique body!
 Lung Health -Genetic Test
 Take this preventative NGS DNA test for the chance of improving your future lung health. The Fulgent -Lung disorder NGSS DNA panel  analyses 51 genes associated with lung disorders -so you are able to work towards helping prevent or improve your chances of getting these genetically predetermined lung disorders - by behaviour and lifestyle change and improving environmental pollution and starting a fitness regime
 Fulgent Genetics -Epilepsy NGS  Panel Tests
Please go to -Wellness genetics page-For more details on the Fulgent Epilepsy NGS genetic panel tests available through Body Coach Fitness as provider of these tests ( from neonatal onset,childhood panel,adolescent panel & comprehensive adult onset panel)  & epilepsy management blood chemistry test panels .For interventional lifestyle ,nutritional and medication programing in association with your physician
Fulgent Genetics- Migraine NGS Panel Test
Please go to- Wellness genetics page-For more details on the new unique bespoke customised Fulgent NGS Migraine genetic panel test .A useful tool in prevention of migraines and healthy lifestyle and nutritional programming for this common but debilitating neurological disorder.
AUTISMgen-Autism Genetic Test Profile
 Please go to- Wellness genetics page- For more details on the new -AUTISMgen genetic test panel for Autism and associated conditions. Ideal for anyone with a family history and /or undiagnosed symptoms as part of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition program ( in association with physician). Can be taken as a stand alone test or in combination with GPL Autism test panel ( mind/body academy page)-for best results
 The PH Dietary Program
 Please go to- Nutrition/online nutrition page- For more information on the PH Dietary program with PH testing/analysis and customised/personalised nutritional programming and food list package for your unique blood PH level. Plus supplemental advice in line with PH level type. This nutrition program could help with better bone health, muscle integrity, immune system and general health and fitness and weight loss.
 Geno Type Dietary Program
Please go to- Weight management genetics page- For more details on the unique geno-type diet program for improved health and weight loss personalised to your geno-type and blood type .Bespoke geno type vitamin products plus customised geno type /blood type protein  blends also available on request and you can even get a blood type diet app for help with grocery shopping and restaurant food selection according to your geno type /blood type.
 Golf Biomechanics Clinic  -Screening Program
 Improve your golf swing with the Body coach fitness- online /face to face golf biomechanics screening program - sports injury/rehab page- This injury prevention and golf performance enhancement program is a specific golf biomechanics golf swing analysis package .Assessing, correcting, improving and preventing injury. This is ideal before adding the Body coach fitness - golf fit package on sports specific page for the best golf sporting performance .
 LifeCode GX- Nutritional ,epigenetic & Nutrigenomic Educational Seminars
Please go to- Nutritional & therapy academy page- For more details on the new professional practitioner only nutritional, nutrigenomic & genomic educational seminars
 LifeCode GX- 5 Report Suite +DNA  Test
 Please go to- Wellness genetics page-For more details on the new 5 Report suite + DNA Test package available through Body Coach fitness. A professional Lifecode  GX suite of tests for-methylation, oestrogen, histamine intolerance, detoxification and the nervous system .The perfect bespoke customised test package for ultimate health,fitness and nutrition
 LifeCode GX -Athlete & Nutrient Core DNA Tests
 Please go to- Sports performance hub page- For more details and to purchase the new- Athlete & nutrient core genetic tests -Ideal for serious sports enthusiasts and amateur and elite athletes-Professional practioner only tests available through Body Coach fitness
 Myzone Genetic- Health/Weight Management
 Please go to-Weight management genetics page- For more details on the Myzone health /Weight managment program -With combined fitness /health tracking, genetic testing and nutritional supplementation matched to your genetic test results . A truly bespoke weight managment program unique to you .
Online Life Coaching Academy
Please go to-Life coaching academy page- For more details on the new Body Coach Fitness -Online life coaching academy for sports ,business, entrepeneurs and every day life change eg weight loss programmes, career success
 Seasonal Sports Training Camps
 Please go to- Sports specific page- For more details on the new Body Coach fitness -Seasonal sports training camps. These are designed for specific aspects of sports training for off season as there is no time to sit on the side lines when trying to reach your sports goals.
 Back To Work- Work Conditioning Program
Please go to-Biomechanics page- For more details on the new FIRST- Functional, integration ,rehabilitation, strength training-Work conditioning  back to work program. This is ideal for people and companies wanting workers back to full functional work capcaity post work injuries .Using sports based methodology and functional evaluation assessments and work conditioning programmes designed specific to you and your work role 
GPL -Autism & ADHD Panel Tests
Please go to- Mind body academy page- For more details of the new Great plains laboratory (GPL) test panels for Autism and ASHD .Ideal for establishing a baseline for interventional healthy lifestyle and nutrition programming to improve associated symptoms of these often misunderstood and misdiagnosed conditions
 Join The Fight-Breast Cancer Month 
Please go to- Wellness genetics page- For more details on 2 new bespoke female health/breast cancer panels.The breast cancer focus panel offering genetics screening and the specially created-join the fight panel- A very comprehensive bespoke,customised breast cancer and femal health testsing pcakage for full peace of mind,health and fitness for the future 
Weight Loss Checks -For Weight Management 
 Please go to-Weight management genetics page- For more details on the new weight loss check tests which can be included in your Body coach fitness weight management programme .These are ideal for identifying non genetic markers for weight loss and can be taken as a stand alone test ,combined with weight management genetic tests and added to any Body coach fitness nutrition, fitness, sport or wellness programme.
 LiquiCORE CTC Genetic Test
 Please go to- Wellness genetics page- For more details on the unique highly specialised bespoke customised test for metastatic cancer for breast, colorectal and prostate cancers.*( Will nee involvement of GP/physician in test process)* A very unusual but effective test for future health and development of specific nutritional and lifestyle planning for a brighter future
 Eastern Biotech -DNA Methylation
 Please go to-Wellness genetics page- For more details on the new Eastern Biotech DNA ,Methylation test available through Body Coach fitness. This test will analyse SNP's involved with risk factors involved with  methylation pathways and biological processes which can be reduced by lifestyle changes and dietary changes and supplementation.
Self Check-Pre Diabetes Test
Please go to- Wellness profile page- For more details  on the new at home self check pre diabetes test. This test is -pre diagnosis test- for diabetes. Allowing you start a change in your fitness, nutrition and lifestyle programming for better future health without diabetes .Interventional programming for health and fitness and nutritional programming.
 Eastern  Biotech- (NIPT) Non Invasive Prenatal  Genetic Test
Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the unique  Eastern biotech non- invasive prenatal DNA test ( NIPT) . this cell-free based genetic test is avilable to ladies as early as 10 weeks of prenancy .So this allows you to plan and develop a healthy fitness,nutrition and wellness lifetsyle plan for the next few months of pregnancy-Insurance for your future babies health offering results which could prepare you and your future baby for future health.
 Kids & Growing Pains  & Youth Sports Development
 Please go to- Sports injury & rehab page- For more details on the section on kids and growing pains & sports specific youth sports development- Invest in your child's future health and sports athletic abilities * All minors must be accompanied by parents /adult coaches .
Eastern Biotech- Food & Pet Sensitivity DNA Test
Please go to -Wellness genetics page- For more details on the new Eastern Biotech DNA test for food and pet sensitivity. This test is unusual and unique in that it offers both food and pet sensitivity testing for the 8 most lifestyle key areas at home .Providing an affordable accurate test with dietary and supplement guidance for better health ,nutrition and fitness outcomes
 Osteoporosis/Osteoarthritis -DNA test
Body Coach fitness is now able to offer the new -Gene track Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis DNA tests to compliment the DNA joint care tests for collagen SNP's  .Both tests can be taken as stand alone test or as a combined package for a in depth look onto your musculoskeletal system for future health and fitness risks and interventional lifestyle and nutrition planning for a more mobile and active future.
 Feng Shui Your Work Space -For Business /Career Success
 Please go to -Corporate health and wellness page- For more details on the new Body Coach Fitness Feng Shui for business/career success service available for companies and individuals wanting increased positive life force energy for better health ,work production and business and career success. This can be offered to individuals at home /at work exclusively on its own as a customised service or as part of a healthy lifestyle program for individuals  and corporates.
 Body Coach -Executive Stress Resilience Program
 Please go to-Corporate wellness page- For more details and to book on to the new Body Coach executive stress resilience program with -Cortisol and vital vitamin and mineral testing, in depth lifestyle evaluation, wellness coaching, parasympathetic exercise program from primal movement training to full body functional training for work and EFT for reducing anxiety and stress at work
EFT Emotional Freedom Technique (For Sports Performance ) 
 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer lessons/sessions in EFT-Emotional technique which can be applied to sports performance, work and business success, every day improved self image and self esteem and positive thought processes. Once learnt it can also be  self applied with an individual selection of tapping techniques unique to you. This has been shown to have good results with improving performance in all sports ,giving you the edge and tools to become a winner in your sport and be able to move outside of your comfort zone and self improve. Please  got to sports injury & rehab page for more details
 Live Love Eat Oct 2018 Digital Magazine Article-The Mental Health Game
Body Coach Fitness has contributed an article to the October 2018 edition of-Live love at digital magazine -On the mental health game and better nutrition for better mental health. Please got o the following links to find out more and purchase - ( USA Edition-  http://ow.ly/p12930ciU69  & UK Edition- http://ow.ly/rDQB30ciU8z)
 Jamie Oliver's Changing The Nations Eating Habits -Online Course Series
Please go to -Nutrition & therapy academy page- For more details on the video arts online course module series -Which shows how leading chef and healthy eating guru Jamie Oliver organises, leads and manages his healthy eating for the nation campaigns with video courses in - Jamie's school dinners managing change and living through change & Jamie's kitchen-15 lessons on leaders hip and 15 lessons on team work .Watch this video arts series for education ,inspiration and ideas on how to organise and manage a successful healthy eating initiative
Nutri Advanced -Gut Health Transformation Programme
Please go to- Nutrition & Therapy Page- For more details and to purchase the -Practitioner Nutri Advanced  Gut health transformation programme. A 6 week live educational webinar series for practitioners on gut health and nutrition and the use of professional Nutri advanced supplements for better health and fitness. A useful informative and educational series for any serious nutrition, health and wellness practitioner
 Work Place Skills -Online Courses
 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer other practitioners and small and large corporate companies suites  of -workplace skills video arts courses for personal and work development skills -Please go to Corporate wellness  page -For more details .The course category selection includes - sales, influence & negotiation, communication  skills, customer service ,work place skills, wellbeing, projects and change & leader ship. Improve your work place educational program with world class tech learning development courses
 Do You Have The Viking Gene?
 Please go to- Healthy lifestyle DNA page for more details on the -Viking Gene test/Hemochromatosis DNA test- .Most people know of anaemia which is low absorption of iron from food but this is the opposite (over absorption of iron from your diet) and was common in the Vikings with their iron poor diets.
 Body Coach -UKAD Anti Doping Education In Sport Program
 Please go to- Sports Education Academy Page-For more details on the UKAD Anti doping in sports education program available through Body Coach Fitness .Body Coach Fitness is an accredited advisor for UKAD and offers individual athlete , team, company ,club and community education on this and the national 100% me campaign
 Dry Needling For Sports Injuries
 Please go to- Sports injury & rehab page- For more details on the Dry needling for sports injury treatment available soon ( early/late spring 2019) at Body Coach Fitness
 Dry Cupping Therapy For Sports
 Please go to-Sports Injury & Rehab Page- For more details and to book a-Dry cupping therapy treatment for sports. You do not have to have health issues to benefit from this ancient practice. It is ideal for sports athletes and gym enthusiasts for improving oxygenated blood to muscles, skin and the body for improved recovery from exercise, removal of toxins, reducing inflammation and improving general sports performance and giving you the edge to be o top of your game.
 Body Coach-Physical Therapy Concierge
 Please got to-Health & wellness concierge page- for more details on the new Body coach fitness concierge physical therapy service. For individuals, companies, hotels, health clubs, educational facilities , sports teams/clubs . Bespoke service brought to you in cooperation /conjunction with other therapists ,medical advisors and sports coaches .
 Let's Get Checked -Wellness
 Please go to- Wellness profile page - to find out more and purchase -Lets get checked - Women's and men's wellness tests ,a professional cost effective health and wellness test provider for at home testing for future health.
  Gene Track-Private DNA Weight Loss Test
 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the -Private DNA Weight Loss Test- through Gene Track as a professional reseller/practitioner . Please go to-Weight Management Genetics page-For more details and to purchase This weight loss DNA test which is  unique in that it offers a more comprehensive review of weight loss genes -including the CLOCK gene which regulates circadian rhythms which in turn can affect weight loss -so giving  a more holistic DNA weight loss test
 Gene Track-Health Risk Panels
 Please go to -Healthy lifestyle genetics page- For more information on -specialised health risk/medication panel DNA tests to be used for a holistic healthy lifestyle plan in conjunction with your health, wellness & medical practitioner. Unique test panels for out of the ordinary results for interventional preventative healthy lifestyle programming. Can be used as part of a Body coach fitness lifestyle program or as a stand alone test for your GP/physician
 Diabetes Type 2-Test Panel
 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer a diabetes type 2 predictive genetic test ( to work alongside the type 1 test previously offered) via Gene track as a reseller/practitioner .This test is an international professional test to be used alongside GP/physician advice and treatment and nutritional and healthy lifestyle guidance
 New-Online Course Additions-For  Work Place Wellbeing
Please go to- Work place wellbeing course page- for more details on the 4 new online course module additions to the work place wellbeing course suite Including- Mind set , Personal agility, creativity at work and managing emotions at work -all with certification of completion for CPD hours
  Gene Track Genetic Tests
 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer international gene track DNA tests as a reselling practitioner. Please go to -Corporate wellness page for more details on the- Warrior gene test ,Fitness retreat /Travel page for the Wanderlust genetic test, online nutrition page for the 3 combo test for fitness, nutrition & weight loss, mind /body academy page for the anxiety & depression genetic test and the sleep genetic page for the DNA narcolepsy test for people who suffer from extreme daytime tiredness affecting health, fitness, sports performance and wellness.
 Body building Online Educational Series Of Certification Courses
 Please go to- Body building & weight training page- For more details and to sign up to the series of online body building online courses for beginners to advanced lifters on technique, exercises, skills and programming for the sports of Body Building to enhance your theoretical knowledge and improve practical application when training
 New-Online Course Additions To Fitness Business Zone
 Body Coach Fitness is currently adding more course modules for fitness and business professionals who are interested in developing their fitness business skills and gaining CPD Hours for work . The new additions include - Social media awareness , presenting data, flexible leadership module, managing virtual teams, developing leadership ,find a role in the team, giving & receiving feedback, motivation & effective feedback, food law and  the English Sentence module.Cost effective fitness business education at your fingertips online with certification of completion.
 CICA Genetic + Alcat test Bundle
Please go to- wellness genetics page- For more information and to purchase the NEW- CICA Genetic + Alcat test bundle .This is a unique professional combine food intolerance and genetic gluten intolerance test and ideal as a fully comprehensive assessment of your food intolerance 'status' for 'future' health ,fitness and wellness
 12th International-Nutrigenetics & Nutrigenomics Conference -Online Webinar
 Please got to- Nutrition & Therapy page- For more details on the 12th International Nutrigenetics & Nutrigenomics seminar live from Canada Online -A unique opportunity to learn from world leading experts in this field from the comfort of your home/office.
 Phyto FEM Meno Food Intolerance Test +Alcat Dietary Program
 Body Coach Fitness now offers the new Alcat expanded advanced Phyto FEM-Meno test for females -Please got to wellness profile page- For more details and prices .Ideal for females with female hormone and food intolerance issues ,offering both food testing and specific herbs for female health. Plus purchase the new Alcat dietary program with full testing and professional rotational dietary plan  and e-result guidance booklet.
FIT Test-Food Intolerance Test 
 Please go to -Performance health & wellness test page- For more information and to purchase the -6 markers food intolerance test. An ideal test for  beginners to food intolerance testing and anyone with a possible intolerance to the -big 6- Egg White, Yeast, Casein, Milk, Gluten & Wheat.
 Work Place -Nutrition Tool Kits
 Please go to- Corporate health & wellness page- For more details on the nutritional tool kit bundles available through Body Coach Fitness. These are kits comprised of materials from- The ANH Alliance for natural health- international UK based company on - 'Food & you' & 'What's On Your Plate'. These educational nutrition resources could also be used for many other reasons eg - school,ccommunity and nutrition counselling ,or for general guidance for members of the public interested in nutrition.
 Professional  At Home DNA Tests For -Sports & Fitness & Wine & Food Tasting Precision
 Please go to- Sports performance hub page- For more information on the new professional Medigoo Sports & Fitness Test panel & please go to- wellness genetics page (Under medigoo tests) for the Wine & Food tasting Precision dna test to test your genetic preferences for different tastes  helping you choose food and wines you are guaranteed to like
 Bespoke- Pharmacogenetic Test Panels
 Please go to- Healthy Lifestyle Genetics page- For more details and to find out more about the bespoke pharmacogenetic panels tests for 12 different types of medication. A more accurate ,quicker way of getting the correct prescribed dosage of medication to help prevent illness and improve health, nutrition and fitness
 DNALife - Nordic Gut Health -1 Day Course For practitioners in UK
 Please go to- DNALife Page-For more details on the 1 day Nordic Gut Health practitioner course in the UK. A chance to attend a I day course which is often not available in the UK to improve knowledge in SIBO Testing and gut health for your clients in your practice
 EBT-Micro Nutrient Test
 Eastern Biotech launches a micro nutrient test with functional cellular analysis of nutrient deficiencies. As a practitioner of EBT Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer this bespoke /customised test. This test is unique as it is not a snap shot ,but gives a 4-6 month history of your nutritional deficiencies .Please go to -Wellness profile page- For more details on the EBT Micro nutrient test. Ideal for anyone interested improving their nutrition, health, fitness and energy levels for every day life and sport and as part of their healthy lifestyle journey.
 Hypervolt Therapy-Sports Lab Rehab
 Please go to-Sports Injury/rehab page- For more details on the new Hypervolt Quiet Glide Technology Therapy available through Body Coach Fitness sports rehab lab. This is a new state of the art percussive vibration technology device which can help relax stiff, sore and muscles to restore  and improve mobility ,increase  sports performance ,prevent injury and aid recovery
 Body Coach Fitness-DASH Dietary Program
 Please got to- Online nutrition/nutrition page- For more details and to sign up to the Body Coach fitness -DASH Dietary program for improved health and fitness and specifically improved mental focus and mental health .Based on a scientifically researched program for health and vitality
 ACE /CPD  Specialism Certifications In -Sports Performance, Behaviour Change ,Nutrition , Biomechanics & Youth Fitness
 Please go to -Sports academy page- For more details and to sign up to select ACE/CPD  sports & fitness specialism online courses in subjects such as biomechanics, behaviour change ,nutrition , sports performance and youth fitness
  Silverberry -DNA & Genetic Fitness Assessment Certification Course
Please go to -Wellness genetics page- For more details and to purchase the new Silver berry  DNA genetics fitness assessment certification course for both professional practitioners in sports, nutrition, health and wellness to people considering having the test done themselves to learn more or just individuals with a keen interest in genomics and nutri genomics and personalising nutrition and fitness programming
 Online Courses In Sports- Endurance Sport, Coaching In the Knowledge Era , Player-Centred Coaching, The Self Aware Coach  & Team Coaching
Please go to-Sports Academy page- For more details and sign up to these 5 sports coaching courses -with free access or the fist few weeks and the chance to up grade for full certification- Professional online courses for sports athletes, any one interested on sports or sports business or in particular people already working in this area
 Online Courses In Sports Coaching & The Mental Game & Nutrition & Disease Prevention
 Please go to sports academy page- For more information on the online course - Coaching the mental game- & please also go to -nutrition & therapy academy page - For more details on the nutrition & disease prevention course. Bothe courses are suitable for both the general public with a ken interest in this subject and /or health, nutrition and sports practitioners working in these fields.
 Online Courses In-Sports Inclusion & Food Innovation & The Science Of Nutrition 
 Please go to -Sports academy page- For more details and to sign up to the online course in -sports inclusion- this course is free for the first few weeks and then you can upgrade for certification. Please also go to- Nutrition & therapy academy page- For more details and to sign up to the online courses in- Food innovation and the science of nutrition both of which are free for the first few weeks ands you can upgrade for certification. These course are suitable for both the general public with a special interest in this subject as well as health, nutrition and fitness professionals
 ACE Specialist Certification In Weight Management/Nutrition
 Please go to- Nutrition & Therapy page- For more details and to sign up to the ACE CPD Weight management specialist certification course online .
 EBT Carrier Screen Expanded Panel
 Please go to- Wellness genetics page- For more details on the eastern biotech Carrier screen expanded panel for future parents wanting genetic screening for the future health of their future children .A genetic screen which could help shape the future health and fitness of your children
Online Courses In -Food & Our Genome & Infant Nutrition
 Please go to nutrition & therapy academy page- For more details on two online courses .The food & our genome course for nutritionists ,practitioners and health care professionals and the infant nutrition course for parents of infants ,nutritionists and nutritional advisors and any one with an interest in child hood nutrition
 Online Courses In-Preventing Childhood Obesity & Nutrition & Wellbeing
 Please go to- Nutrition & Therapy Academy page- For more details on these two nutrition online courses ,both are suitable for professional practitioners and non professionals with a keen interest in this subject and you are able to up grade for certification
Online Courses In- Food Exercise &  The Gut & Brain Behaviour & Food Regulation
 Please go to- nutrition & therapy academy page- For more details on two online courses ,one for individuals interested in regulating weight and another for sports and health care professionals on food ,exercise and the gut.
 Online Courses In- Food As Medicine & Talking Abut Weight , Nutrition Fertility & Pregnancy & Introduction To Nutrition & Food Safety
 Please go to -Nutrition & therapy academy page- For more details on these 3 online courses in nutrition in 3 very different angles on a themes of nutrition- food safety, fertility pregnancy and nutrition & talking about food and weight. 
Online Courses In- The Relation ship Between Food, Gut & The Brain & Nutrition & The Environment
 Please go to- Nutrition & Therapy Academy page- For more details on the two course on nutrition and environment and the relationship between food the gut and the brain ,both certificated on up grading
 Condition Focused CPD Course Webinars
 Please go to- Nutrition & Therapy Academy page- For more details on two -Condition focused Nutri CPD Course webinars .These are condition related and offer professional expert advice on their subject offering advice on dietary, supplemental, lifestyle and nutritional interventions for your clients * Practitioner only*
 Mobile Whole Body Cryo Therapy Chamber (Sports teams /events & clubs)
 Please go to- Sports injury & rehab page- for more details on the -mobile whole-body cryo therapy chamber -Available for hire through Body coach fitness ( In association with BOC ) A professional mobile whole body cryo therapy service for professional athletes ,teams ,clubs ,events and sports enthusiasts. Bringing  this professional recovery tool direct to your door! Improving training and injury recovery associated with sports and fitness
 Child's health & Nutrition- Educational CPD Webinar
 Please go to- Nutrition & Therapy Academy page- For more details on the professional -Child's health & nutrition educational CPD webinar for *practitioners only*. A 1 hour CPD course webinar teaching you how to help your clients/children  with dietary, lifestyle ,supplement and nutritional adaptions for the 4 A's - Autism , asthma , allergies and ADHD
 Female Health & Nutrition Educational CPD Webinars
 Please go to- Nutrition & therapy academy page- for more details on the series of 4 one hour CPD Educational webinars on female health & nutrition( Endometriosis & fibroids, MPS, PCOS & Infertility)-For practitioners only .A worthwhile CPD series to add knowledge for your health, nutrition fitness and wellness practice
 Kinesiology Taping -Online Course
 Please go to- Sports academy page- For more details on the Practitioner kinesiology taping course online - This is a 6 hour CPD certificated course for physios, fitness and sports therapists ,clinicians and allied professionals
New-Sports Baseline, Advanced & Endurance Fit  Tests
 Please go to- Sports performance hub page- For more details on the new sports blood biomarker analysis tests ,baseline, advanced and endurance fit for tracking ,monitoring and evaluating your inner health and fitness performance in all stages of your training periodisation
3 Part CPD Webinar Series In Functional Sports Nutrition
 Please go to- Sports Academy Page -For more details and to book on a professional health practitioner 3 part CPD webinar series in functional sports and nutrition -Including part 1- endurance sports & weight loss part 2- strength training & protein gain & part 3 -cardiovascular fitness stability. Body coach fitness has a professional health practitioner account with Nutri advanced an recommends this webinar series for your health & sports clinic knowledge
 Cryo Cuff Therapy -For Sports Injuries
 Body Coach Fitness- Is now able to offer the air cast cuff cryo and arctic flow wrap treatment for sports injuries ,joint swelling and painful joints. Please go to-Sports Injury & rehab page- For more details on this treatment in clinic/at home  and also how to purchase equipment for inbetween clinic sessions
 Stress: Disease of The 21st Century & Diet, Supplement & Lifestyle Interventions ( CPD Webinar)
 Please go to- Nutrition & therapy academy page- for more details and to book the stress & 21st century diet supplement and lifestyle intervention CPD webinar .A professional educational webinar worth 1 Hours CPD points *Practitioners only*
 Impaired Methylation Educational Conference
 Please go to- Nutrition & therapy academy page-For more details and to sign up for the impaired methylation conference ( live recording) .This educational conference is presented by a clinical nutritionist with a specialism in functional medicine and nutrition and the healing power of food
 Thyroid Paridigm Shift + Nutrition (Live Event Recording)
 Please go to- Nutrition & therapy academy page- For more details and to book the live recording of this educational event on thyroid issues ,tests, nutritional interventions and much more by experts in this field -A professional live recording of a research and lab based subject .
 GPL Academy Workshops
 Please got to- Nutrition & Therapy Academy page- For more details on the 2 day workshop in the USA for practitioners only on how the environmental toxins affect nutrition ,metabolism and health
 Integrative Solutions & nutrition For Candida Over Growth -CPD webinar
 Please go to- Nutrition & Therapy page - For more details and to sign up to the - * practitioners only* Integrative solutions & nutrition for candida over growth CPD webinar .A 1 hour CPD course webinar with a leading international expert on options to help improve this -By dietary,supplemental,lifetsyle and nutritional recommendations
 Practitioner Online Education-Brain Microbiome
 Please go to- Mind /body academy page - For more details on the* practitioner only *  4 week education course on the brain microbiome .Learn about therapeutic and diagnostic approaches to restore alterations in the brain microbiome which can affect your physical and mental health and fitness and normal ageing of the brain. Ensure a healthy mind and body for you and your pt/nutrition clients with this course
 Invivo Online Course & Educational Audio Visual Lectures
 Please got to- Nutrition & therapy academy page -For more details on the practitioner only online course in -Immunology and food allergies and intolerances and the Invivo Audio visual educations lectures on -The integrative women's health summit with 10 hours of educational lectures from experts in their field.
 GI Health Online Master Course
Please go to- Nutrition & therapy academy page- For more details and to sign up to the GI Health online master course *for suitably qualified practitioners only* starting in September (live recordings also available ).A fully comprehensive course on GI health ,probiotics ,western diet and lifestyle and interventions for better function
 Nutri Advanced  CPD Seminar- The Effects Of a 21st Century Diet & Lifestyle
 Please got to- Nutrition & Therapy Academy Page- For more details on the Practitioner CPD seminar of the effects of the 21st Century diet and lifestyle .A professional CPD awarded event for health practitioners only
 Energise! The Energy Summit-London
 Please go to -Nutrition & Therapy Academy Page-For more details and to book a place at the Energise ! The Energy Summit London -A professional conference for suitably qualifies practitioners with 5 CPD Hours for attendance (BANT/NNA/NTOI)
 Cytoplan Educational Seminars /Roadshows
 Please go to- Nutrition & therapy academy page- For more details and to book educational nutrition seminars /roadshows full of knowledge to add to your health ,therapy and fitness practice-*Qualified health /fitness practioners -Only*.
 Genomics Education Course
 Please go to-SmartDNA Page- For more details on the SmartDNA practitioner training course -A online course for practitioners to learn about the tests in practice .More details about requirements for training course and registration on SmartDNA Page.
 CNS-Nutrition Seminar
 Please go to- Nutrition & Therapy Academy Page-For more details on the CNS Cambridge Nutritional Sciences seminar -Available to book here at Body Coach Fitness- For *Qualified practitioners only* A full knowledge packed day for practitioners to learn about CNS diagnostic tests plus nutritional and lifestyle modifications associated with these tests and applications  for true health & wellbeing
 Blue Horizons- Blood Tests In Ireland
 Body Coach fitness is now able to provide a private blood testing & genetic testing service for health, fitness, nutrition  ,wellness and sports performance in Ireland as a practitioner of Blue Horizons. This means you can source professional tests to work alongside your Body coach fitness lifestyle program off the mainland of the UK -Please go to wellness profile page for more details
Culinary Genomics Nutrition Program
 Combine genomics with the culinary arts and create new and exciting opportunities for chef's , food experts in restaurants ,at home and in the work place cafeteria with customised culinary preparations eg nutrigenomic recipes and menus -Let food be thy medicine and mix nutrigenomics ( how food interacts with genes ) and the kitchen for a deep impact on health outcomes. Please go to- Online nutrition/nutrition page- For more details
 FMD-Prolon Dietary Program For Weight Management
 Please go to- Online nutrition/nutrition page- For more details on the professional -FMD Prolon dietary program for weight management .A unique personalised and customised dietary program with a combination of foods and ingredients that also promote healthy ageing
 Gut Testing -Autoimmunity -Prolon Fasting Diet (Training For Practitioner)
 Please go to- DNALife page- for more details on the unique gut testing practitioner training with leading professors in this field and GI Map testing plus training in the prolon fasting diet method -Both only available to purchase and attend if a qualified practitioner
 Nordic Webinars -(Practitioners Only)
 Please go to -DNALIfe page- For more information on the *practitioner only* webinars from Nordic Labs -In Methylation & Steroid Hormones (More to come soon) .Professional pre-recorded lectures by professional experts in their field of practice .Ideal for CPD after certification for health, fitness, wellness , nutrition and sports therapist/coach practitioners
 DNALife Certification Course/Workshops -(Practitioner Only)
 Please go to- DNALife page-For more information and to book a DNALife (practitioner only) certification course/workshop in al 4 NGX Tests eg DNA sport, health, oestrogen and diet-A 2 day professional certification for any practitioners interested in nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics as part of their practice for health and fitness
 DUTCH Training HPA,HPO, & HPG Axis Webinar Certification
 Please go to -DNALife page- For more details on the DUTCH Complete hormone test -Webinar Training Certification * for qualified practitioners only -*  Online education for professional practitioners  working with this test which analyses cortisol patterns ,sex hormones, melatonin and oxidative stress
 DNAFit Discount Voucher
 Get a 20% discount off Dnafit nutrition or fitness tests with Sharon Clare's Body Coach Fitness link- https://dnafit.mention-me.com/m/ol/cn0qt-sharon-clare - Learn how to work with your bodies make -up to get the best results out of your health and fitness training for a healthy lifestyle and better fitness performance

 Concussion /Blood Brain Barrier Permeability Test Screen( For Contact Sports)

 Please go to- Sports rehab/injury page- For more details on the practitioner only  Cyrex Array 20 & Lab4more concussion blood brain barrier permeability  tests for  test screening( for sports & health). This is an ideal preventative ,interventional tool for people who engage in physical sports and experience repeated head trauma eg contact sports such as-combat sports & rugby.
 The Benefits Of Iron In Sports & Health-Haemoglobin & Haematocrit Test
 Body Coach Fitness as a practitioner with CNS will soon be able to offer- In clinic on the spot testing for low iron , with haemoglobin & haematocrit test analysis -Iron is especially important for athletes and sports enthusiasts and anyone who exercises to high intensity and has poor nutrition. An ideal monitoring and evaluation test offering results on the day -effective ,time efficient and cost effective diagnostic health and sports portfolio analysis for better health and sporting performance -Please go to- Sports performance page - For more details on launch and test and pre book
 In Clinic- Food Detective Professional
 Body Coach Fitness offers many CNS food and health tests for at home ,however  we are now able to offer the -In clinic Food detective professional test -with on the spot results (within 40 minutes rather than 1-4 weeks) .This is a cost effective ,time efficient and professional way to establish your food sensitivities for future healthy nutrition planning-Please go to-Online nutrition/nutrition page- For more details and to purchase
 New Product Launch-NewGen Fitness & Sports Supplement
 Please go to- Supplements & weight management page- For more details on the -soon to be launched- NewGen Protein .A 100% certified organic vegan plant based protein with phyto nutrients ,beta glucan for improved cardiovascular and digestive health and a unique blend of anthcyannanin rich ingredients and  added synthetics and sweeteners and additives. A power packed protein made from all natural source ingredients for optimum health and fitness
 Healthy Made Easy -Doctors Concierge Fitness Wellness Portal
 Please go to- Health & Wellness Concierge page- For more details on the new Body Coach Fitness Doctors Concierge Fitness wellness portal- Health made easy for practices and wellness centres between Dr/office visits and at home preventative care -An inclusive healthy living support program designed for Concierge Physicians /Practitioners. Keeping an accountable track on your patients nutrition ,physical activity and behaviour change habits -A wellness program solution with accountability measures.
 'International' -Blue Horizons Blood Tests
 Please go to- Wellness profile page- For more details on the new-International Blue Horizons blood tests available in ( Ontario Canada) for all the Canadian Body Coach fitness  customers -Tests for female amd male health ,genetics and much more -designed to be taken with Body Coach Fitness nutritional and fitness packages
 Sports & Health Benefits Of Vitamin B12
 Please go to- Sports performance page- For more details and to book professionally administered vitamin B12 .Vitamin B12 Is a powerful vitamin for cellular and body energy, mental focus , red blood cell formation for oxygen , DNA /genetic health, fat burning and improved metabolism and energy production for sports. 1 out of 2 American's is deficient in vitamin B12  and this product could be useful for athletes and sports enthusiasts  who have this issue *(medically supervised )*
 Sports Fuel- Nutritional Purification Program
 Please go to- Sports performance hub page- For more details on the -new customised sports fuel food based nutritional purification program- A sports specific nutritional program for exposures to food allergens, toxins, pesticides and other environmental and lifestyle factors. This program is unique to you and should ensure a reduction in nutritional and environmental stressors to your bodies system for better sports performance
  Smile & The World Smiles With You -Dentivtal Supplement Nutrition Package
 Smile and the world smiles with you! Please go to - Anti Aging genetics page- For more details on the unique practitioner package designed for nutritional dental health.Dental health is important for both for  your self image ( look good-feel good factor) + also your overall health and fitness as dental decay has been shown to affect your health detrimentally. This unique package is designed to be used as part of your healthy lifestyle program for improved vitality, immune function , reduction of inflammation and -feel good factor
 Nutricheck-Advanced Practitioner Nutrition Evaluation
 Please go to- Online nutrition/nutrition page- For more details on the new -Nutricheck advanced nutritional evaluation test -An ideal addition to any health & fitness,nutrition and lifestyle program
 My HeritageDNA -MyFootball DNA
 Please go to- Sports specific page -For more details on the My heritage DNA test which analyses your ethnic origins and new family and heritage connections in all areas of the world. MyFootball DNA  looks into your families heritage in sports and your genetic potential based on this .
 Body Coach -Sports Luxe Concierge 
 Please go to health & wellness concierge page- For more details on the new Body Coach Fitness Sports luxe concierge program ,offering customised sports lifestyle planning ,from scheduling, to nutrition and sports coaching as well lifestyle programming for the busy, active sports athlete/enthusiast traveller in mind
 The Future Is Bright-Customised Sports Fuel System
 The future is bright-With the soon to be launched GX customised sports fuel system- with a four part system accurate tracking system with sweat testing, formula specific fuel pods, drinkfinity technology and smart cap technology with mobile hydration app monitoring. Years of research and innovation creating a unique system of sports fueling . Please go to -sports performance page for more details regarding product and to sign up for future release to GX smart cap fuel system -for ultimate sports performance
 Blue Zone -Power Of 9 Longevity Program
 Please go to- Food around the globe page- for more details and to sign up for the new Blue zone /power of 9 longevity nutrition & lifestyle program. Which offers nutritional and lifestyle advice an secrets from the people who live to over 100 years of age with  good health and fitness from the 5 Global Blue zone hot sports . Scientifically researched  dietary and lifestyle plan to improve your chance of along ,healthy fit life
 Sports Testing Nutrition Consultation(Registered Sports Nutrition Therapist)
 Sports testing nutrition consultation -With Ed Tooley a specialised sports nutrition therapist available through Body Coach Fitness-Ideal for before, during and after sports nutritional testing -sports performance hub page-( combined consultation and test package also available)
 Mudho-Health & Wellbeing Corporate
 Please got to- Corporate health & wellbeing page- For more details on the new Mudho DNA profiling test available to companies UK wide through Body Coach Fitness. This test is an advanced genetic test for the future health and wellness of your work force . Ii offers your employees their own health dash board with test results and recommendations -Including advice on stress management as well as mental health issues and nutritional reccomendations for over 18 vitamins and minerals and healthy lifestyle advice.It includes hundreds of recipes ,work outs and general fitness advice to keep your work force fit and healthy for the future.(Body Coach Fitness can even visit your work place and give your staff a motivational seminar/presentation on DNA tests -genetics,nutrigenomics and epigenetics and food intolerance tests available at Body Coach Fitness to encourage participation-please see seminar /work shop page for more details)
 SMART Blood-Full Food Intolerance Test
 Please go to -wellness profile page- For more details on the new SMART blood 'full' food intolerance test. This test analyses for over 134 food and drink reactions and offers a full consultation process and 12 page test report with result findings of test results by a BANT registered nutrition therapist.
 Fitlosophy-Fit at Work Program
 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the Fitlosophy fit at work program- A scalable ,tangible wellness corporate/work place wellness solution to plug into your existing work place wellness system-health tracking and accountability. For corporations, small businesses, health care providers and wellness providers from 20 -20,000 employees. Please see more details and sign up at- corporate health & wellness page.
 Fitbook -Fit at School & Fit Mama Programmes
 Body Coach Fitness is now offering innovative programmes through fitlosophy. The fitbook fit at school program for 5- 13 year olds  and fitbook junior -on fit family page- & the Fitbook mama2b  program for expectant mothers for healthy mum & baby -on Baby B Fit page- 2 Unique ways of creating and maintaining a accountable healthy lifestyle program
Targeted DNA Sun care
Please go to- Anti aging genetics page- For more details on the unique targeted DNA sun care products. The best anti aging product you can use is a sun screen and this one will be unique to you and based on your Targeted DNA test results   ( as well as unique customised skin care products ) .Look as good as you feel with this unique range and use as part of your healthy lifestyle journey!
 Run DNA -Sports
 Please go to -Sports specific page /running programs section- For more details on the new RunDNA Sports package. This is a unique running/endurance test -to help you get your best race performance ever . Nothing will stand in your way-Of crossing the finishing line!
 Wellcare PRO Health Plans
 Please go to-Wellness genetics page -For more details on reseller/practitioner only TBG health plans based on your own unique genetics ,customised and personalised to you. For long term ultimate health and fitness results!
 Empower,Nourish & Thrive- Genomic Plans
 Please go to- Healthy lifestyle genetics page- For more details on the nutrition and health DNA tests  -Empower ,Thrive and Nourish- Unique customised plans for a healthier fitter lifestyle!
 Lorisian 150& 200Plus +MyDNA Fitness Tests
As a practitioner with Lorisian Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the new updated and more comprehensive Lorisian 150 & 200plus tests with MyDNA Fitness combined .These test packages  are ideal for overall analysis of nutritional intolerances and deficiencies and genetic health and fitness factors for your healthy lifestyle journey!
Earn Pathology Reward Points For Health & Fitness
Get an extra health & fitness reward when ordering any Blue horizons test through Body coach fitness .Each test is worth a certain amount of pathology points which in turn is worth £1.00 per point .Please see more details on -Performance/health test page- on how you gain points to put towards health and fitness blood, genetic  and nutritional tests
New-Bio Health Fructose Malabsorption Practitioner Test
 Most people are aware of gluten, dairy nuts and shellfish causing food intolerance ,allergies and gut issues however have you ever considered that other healthy foods such as fruit & fruit juices could be contributing to IBS and gut health issues which in turn affect our overall general health and fitness in every day life ? Go to- Wellness profile page to find out more regarding the -Fructose malabsorption test
 Blue Horizons -Business Travel Pathology Passport
 Please go to- Corporate health & wellness page - For the new -business travel pathology passport- this is a new travel health test passport test package for safe  travel available through over  30 private spire & BMI hospitals across the UK. Safe travel-safe business =happy employees & productive employees
 Body Coach fitness- Nutrition & Therapy Academy
Body Coach fitness is in the stages of developing a nutrition & therapy academy with courses/workshops in nutrition, health and wellness, herbal remedies, aromatherapy and sports .Please go to -Nutrition & therapy academy page-For more details and the first additions
 Future Health & Wellness In The Work Place
Please go to- Corporate health & Wellness Page-For more details on the new- DEXA scan program *( on request)* for workplaces and their staff. Engage , empower and motivate employees by offering a DEXA scan as part of a occupational health scheme give yourself and staff personalised insights into their health( lean mass, body fat ,muscle imbalances, bone mass/density & more)-Specialised professional scan for employees who want to drive down short and long term health care costs at work .Body Coach can refer for this as part of a corporate  program ( at added cost) on request
 DEXA Scan-Sports Medicine
Please go to -Sports performance hub page- For more details regarding the DEXA scan which can be arranged (on request) as part of Body Coach Fitness assessment packages for both sports and health ( bone density and weight management)
 DNA Health Update Test & Gene Smart Bio Response
Body Coach fitness is now able to offer a unique add on test to the DNALife health test -The DNA Health Update test offering a more in depth look at your genetic health with specialised test panels .Plus the latest in modern science technology -Gene smart Bio response oestrogen health supplement based on a natural compound found within cruciferous vegetables ,patented supplement only available through practitioners with a microencapsulated form of DIM ( 1 dose equals the potency of detoxification and oestrogen metabolism as 1 kilogram of raw green vegetables . Professional supplementation for males and female hormonal health and detoxification and enhancement of metabolism.
NEW-TMAO Test- A New Way To Assess For Cardiovascular Health
Please go to- Wellness profile page- For more details on the new TMAO test available through Body Coach Fitness as a practitioner with Clevelandheartlabs and  Invivo. This unique professional research backed non genetic test could be a life saver -it identifies risk of heart attacks and strokes from a simple blood test that looks at the TMAO metabolite found in the gut .A useful test for interventional programming of health, fitness and lifestyle programming for future health and fitness
Detoxification & Inflammation Genetic Tests
Please go to- DNALife Page- For more details and to purchase the new DNAlife inflammation and detoxification  genetic panel tests.Ideal add on tests to the main test packages ( health, diet, sport , oestrogen skin and mind)
 I Health Wave Tracker
Please go to-Sports Specific page -(swimming fitness program section) For more details on the I Health wave tracker available to purchase through Body Coach Fitness as a Wellnostics Practitioner/Distributer
 Nordic Labs-1 Day Educational Course
Body Coach Fitness is able to offer as a practitioner the Nordic labs 1 day course in DNA oestrogen  an educational 5 hour  course which explains your hormones and how your hormones affect your health and how the new  DNA oestrogen test can benefit you as patient/customer  or just some one who is interested in improving their own hormonal health and fitness. It covers all 10 genes associated with female hormone health and could give you a valuable educational insight into your current and future health and fitness-Please go to DNAlife page for more details and to purchase. This educational course is ideal for anyone wishing to improve their healthy lifestyle journey. (Can also be purchased as part of a Dna oestrogen test package)
 DNALIFE- Multi Buy Packages ( Corporate /sports teams & families)
 Please go to-DNALife page- For more details about the multi buy test packages available for large groups eg corporate, sports teams and family and community groups .A professional test package at affordable prices for large groups
Nordic Gut Health Panel
Please go to- DNALIfe page- For more details on the new comprehensive 3 test Nordic Gut Health Panel test -3 unique tests forming a unique panel looking at dysbiosis , gut function, health and efficiency to provide vital information to create future nutritional and lifestyle programming
 Nordic Food Panel
Please go to- DNAlife page-For more details on the new Nordic food panel for food intolerances indicators and contributing factors. This test report is available in several languages including, English, finnish, Danish , Swedish, Portuguese and Icelandic ( sample reports available) A Professional food intolerance test for professional results
 Simply Nature -Health, Wellness & Energy Packs
Please go to -Online shop - For more details and to purchase Simply Nature  health ,wellness and energy packs ,containing all you need for overall wellness and improved lifestyle. There is a selection of professional grade packs from energy support to work life support -all designed to be used as part of your health ,fitness & wellness journey
 Executive Stress Management Supplement Package
Please go to-Corporate wellness page- For more details and to purchase the new 'Executive stress management supplement package' .This is a professional package with practitioner only grade supplements specifically designed for stress management ,for a healthier more productive you-At hoe and at work
Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the healthcare/practitioner onlt test -GI MAP- a professional genetic screening test for your microbiome. Please go to -Wellness genetics page-For more details on the test and to purchase
 DNA Power + Vitamin Lab (Personalised vitamins)
Unleash the power of your genetics with DNA power, vitamin lab and Body Coach Fitness. Please see more details on -DNA Power page-  Personalised supplements and vitamins based on your DNA Power test results and unique 16 digit reference code .Personal affordable monthly subscription service with customised vitamins -Truly unique to you!
 Athgene Premium
 Body Coach fitness is now able to offer the Athgene Premium genetic tests for athletes and sports enthusiasts as a practitioner through DNAlife. This tests analyses your DNA for your own unique capabilities to perform in fitness & sports-Please go to sports performance hub page- For more details .
 New- Higher Nature ,Solgar ,Nuzest , Dr's Best ,Lamberts ,Pukka Herbs,NOW Foods,Nutramedex,  Douglas Laboratory ,Kirkman Labs & Klaire Lab Products, US Enzymes & Organic Herbal Remedies
Please go to -Online shop page- For details and to purchase all new higher nature ,solgar ,nuzest , dr's best ,Lamberts, Pukka Herbs,NOW Foods,Nutramedex  douglas laboratory ,Kirkman Labs & Klaire labs , Organic Herbal remedies & US Enzymes  products through DNALife & Body Coach Fitness .Professional products with natural ingredients for the whole family
 DNA Mind & DNA Mind & Sports Test
Body coach fitness is now able to offer the new DNA Mind & DNA Mind & Sports test as  a practitioner through DNALife .  Your mind is a important as your physical health in your life journey and being mentally fit affects your every day life and also sports performance. Please go to -DNALife page- For more details on the new DNA Mind & DNA Mind & Sports test packages for optimal mental function.
 SportiQ  & NutritioniQ  Genomic Tests
Please go to- Pathway genomics page- For two new genetic tests available through Body Coach  fitness  and Pathway genomics .The NEW SportsiQ  test which analyses for 20 genetic fitness,performance ,exercise and sports traits & the NEW NutritioniQ  test which analyses for 25 nutrition,vitality and wellness genetic traits.
 Advanced Methylation Gene Pack + DNA Health,DNA Sport, DNA Diet & DNA Oestrogen
Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer this advanced practitioner package of all 4 main DNALife test + a methylation gene test at an affordable price -An ideal package for improved health, nutrition,. fitness & sports ,hormonal health and general health & vitality
 Children's DNA Discovery
Please go to- Fit family page- For more details on the new children's DNA discovery test which analyses your child's future learning, health, fitness and cognitive abilities  based on their individual DNA. This and their lifestyle and environmental factors will help determine their future health, wellness and fitness journey!
 Body Coach-Occupational Health Bundles
 Please go to- Corporate health page -For more details on the new Occupational Health Bundle tests available through Body Coach Fitness and a professional private laboratory service. Which includes testing and evaluation through over 30 private hospitals across the UK. All occupational health bundles can also be combined with other Body Coach Fitness corporate services
 NutriFit Plan  & NutrFit Premium /Nutri Sport plan
Please go to-Healthy Lifestyle DNA page- For more details on the new global tests available to create customised dietary and healthy lifestyle programs based on your -own individual make -up. Ultimate  nutrition and lifestyle plans -For Ultimate results-Nutrifit plan with over 60 personalised recipes for your genes and 28 day dietary plan & Nutri Premium (Nutri Sport) which analyses all your needs ay a genetic level  for better health ,fitness & sports performance
Personal Genome Analysis test
Please go to -healthy dna lifestyle  page- For more details on the comprehensive personal genome analysis test available through Body Coach Fitness & GTLDNA /Easy DNA. This test analyses for genetic tendencies, traits to certain conditions and medications  and can form a corners tone of a healthy lifestyle plan for the future
 Natural Health World Wide Practitioner
Sharon Clare is now listed on the international -Natural health world wide -site as a practitioner in nutrition .This online portal is a global link for people to link up with and take advice from experts in natural health, nutrition and wellness. Empower yourself and go to Sharon Clare's profile page -link on wellness profile page- and see more details on how to book an appointment for natural nutrition
Future Athlete-Fitness & Sports Genetic test 
Please go to- Sports Performance hub page - For more details and to purchase a -future athlete fitness & sports genetic test through Body Coach Fitness -Find out your personal recommendations based on your genetics on - power & strength, endurance, exercise recovery and cellular  health  for sports- (Ideal for cyclists, triathletes, endurance sports  & omnisports-Get the edge be a future athlete!
 Elite Sport-DNA Profiling
 Please go to -Sports performance hub page- For more information and to purchase a professional Elite sports DNA profiling test available through Body Coach Fitness. This test could improve your health, fitness ,injury risk and sporting performance all in one- Be Elite choose optimal health & sports performance
 3 Panel Wellness Test-HealthCode DNA
 Please go to -Healthy lifestyle DNA page- For more details and to purchase the new wellness genetic test available through Body Coach Fitness -The 3 panel wellness test from HealthCode DNA -covering health, wellness,nutrition and fitness at genetic level -Arming you with the knowledge to work towards your health and fitness gaols at an optimal level
 Healthy Lifestyle DNA Tests
Please go to -healthy lifestyle DNA tests page for more information and to purchase GTLDNA healthy lifestyle tests from healthy weight tests to genetic predisposition tests -Un lock your genetic potential for a healthier fitter future
 NutriFit -Health & Wellness DNA Test -Corporate Wellness
Please go to- Corporate wellness page - For more details on the new Nutrifit health and wellness DNA test part of Body Coach Fitness Corporate wellness programs. A comprehensive breakdown and analysis for you and /or your staff with a nutrigenic guide offering lifestyle and dietary recommendations and food nutrition tables for over 200 different foods  along with their calorific values, cholesterol content and vitamin and mineral content. A perfect corporate wellness tool in order for you and your employees to start a journey to a healthier life both at work & at home
 IGg Food Intolerance Test(+Protein/Sports Supplement Intolerance)
Please go to-Sports performance hub page -For more details on the IGg food intolerance test with added protein/sports supplement intolerance analysis -seeing your unique reactions to  hemp, soy, whey, pea , rice and  casein proteins and 134 food and drink items. Improve your health, vitality and sports performance with this unique test
 SelfDecode -Decode Your  Health & Wellness Genome
Please go to -Wellness genetic page- For more details on the Selfdecode personalised dna/genome health report service. Identify relationships between SNP's and your health, uncover beneficial foods, supplements and other substances unique to you, and learn about the connection between your genetics & wellbeing
 Body Coach Fitness-Educare For Sports Courses
Please go to -Sports Academy page- For more details on the Body Coach fitness Educare For Sports package of courses designed for safe guarding and coaching in sports for individuals, coaches and volunteers. A CPD accredited package with endorsed courses by CIMSPA , UK Athletics, Return to play and Educare Learning Ltd
Body coach fitness in now a registered practitioner with  Proven probiotics a scientifically clinically proven range of probiotics for boosted digestion, immunity, and mood and performance enhancing. There are a variety of unique products for all different stage of life and health status. Please go to the following pages for each product -(Proven probiotics with acidophilus ,bifidus & energy & immune support-Sports performance  hub page)_ (buggy fit page-pregnancy & babies probiotics)-(Women's & men's wellness page- 50+ & cardiobiotic products)- (Travel & fitness retreats page- Travel probiotics-(Adult high strength & Practitioner only -Supplement & weight management page)-(Toddlers ,Fit for school & children's 4-16 years+ multi vitamins -Fit family page)
 Mail A Mentor Scheme
Please go to-Body coach personal trainer academy page- Fort more information on the new -mail a mentor scheme- offering post fitness education support and advice and assistance in planning your new fitness career from every day running of your training eg templates and resources to more structured business evaluation and development ,helping support you in the early stages of your fitness training career journey
Body Coach Fitness- Health & Wellness Concierge  
Please go to- health & wellness concierge services page- For more details regarding the new health, nutrition and lifestyle concierge packages for busy people with busy lives .Virtual and face to face concierge packages to organise and create your health and fitness lifestyle journey
 'My Brain' -Wellness Tests
 Please go to-mind body academy page- For more details and to purchase -My brain at home wellness tests-analysing chemical imbalances in your neuro transmitters for -(brain balance, sleep & mood and focus and memory)
 Body Coach-Self Esteem Confident Me Work shop(Schools/College/Community groups & youth Groups) 
Please go to  -Events /workshop page- For more details on the new self esteem -confident me work shop for schools, colleges , and community and youth groups developed with association to the national ( Dove self esteem project) Aiming to improve the nations youth body image, self esteem and body confidence issues allowing them to -be free to be me & true to me -Also increasing confidence in participation in physical activity ,socially more active and educationally more tuned in
 Body Coach Fitness- Body Building Academy
 Please go to- Body building academy page- For more details on the Body coach fitness bodybuilding & advanced fitness trainer course -(in development ) to be launched at later date. Details of the general outline of modules and content to be featured are listed  ,more details about more academy courses, products soon.
 Body Coach Audible Book Shop-For Sports Performance Mentoring & Coaching
 A different way of improving your sports performance and sports coaching-listening, learning and visualising ,every one learns in different ways .Please go to- sports academy page- For more details and to shop audible books on sports performance ,coaching and mentoring -Listen ,learn, engage and improve !
 Mapmygene Inborn Talent Genetic Test
 Please go to -Family Fit Page- For more details on the new Inborn talent genetic test -A mapmygene tests Only available through Body Coach fitness In the UK, but available globally. Create the champion in your child and discover your child's future personality, talents, and career profiling
Mapmygene Disease Succeptibility Genetic Test
Please go to- wellness genetics page- For more details and to purchase the disease succeptibility genetic test .Body Coach Fitness is the UK Distributer/practitioner for Mapmygene tests  and this globally available test covers over 100 predictable inherited dieseas and over 8 categories of body systems .May your future health,fitness and wellness with Body Coach Fitness & Mapmygene.
 Body Coach Healthy Zone- Schools/College Fitness Education & Physical Activity Program
Please go to- Fit family page - for more details on the  Body coach fitness schools/college fitness education & physical activity program. It can include  the new Myzone fitness education & physical activity program with fitness and nutrition logging and lifestyle behaviour programming for children, parents, teachers/staff & the whole family and community
 Body Coach Fitness Trainer Magazine
 Please go to -personal trainer academy page- for more information on the new Body Coach fitness trainer Digital magazine launching shortly .A digital bi monthly magazine written by fitness professionals for fit pro's /budding fit pro's( Not just for Body coach Fitness academy students) There is a link to a brief preview version on this page
 New-DNA Blue Well Woman Genetic Test
Please go to- Women's & men's wellness  page for more details and to purchase the new DNA blue well women's genetic test .A unique tests specifically for analysing control and regulation of key female hormones and key vitamins and minerals needed for healthy female hormone balance ,vitality and longevity. Use full test to accompany Body coach fitness women's wellness programmes and also if considering hormone replacement therapy going on contraceptive pill or taking tamoxifen .A full lifestyle and nutrition recommendation plan from professional laboratory in included.
Online Sports /Fitness Academy For Universities/Colleges & Students 
Please go to- Sports academy page- For more details and to sign up  your university/college to the online courses training portal for your fitness students educational curriculum. Students sign in to enrol on your universities/colleges chosen courses .A unique distance learning portal for universities/colleges and students studying for PT and strength & conditioning for sports qualifications
Please  go to -Sports academy page- For more details on the online academy for Uni 
 Body Coach Fitness- Lumo Lift Corporate Wellness Program
 Please go to- Corporate wellness page- For more details and to purchase the Lumo lift concept for your corporate wellness program. A revolutionary product which can improve the posture and health and wellbeing of employees as well as help reduce staff sickness from one of the most common absenteeism conditions - back pain
 Lumo Run Coach Running program
 Please go to -Personal training page- To find out more details and to purchase a Lumo Run Running coach program through Body Coach Fitness and a UK distributer. A Revolutionary program for tracking, analysing and coaching your run. Just you ,your phone and Run coach -Can be used between gait analysis and biomechanical screens as a useful tool to help improve cadence, speed, gait , biomechanics and running performance.
 I Heart -Internal Age Monitor
Please go to-mind body academy page- for more details on the I Heart internal age monitor for home use, available through a professional account with wellnostics . A professional preventative & interventional assessment tool for your health and fitness needs and to encourage self monitoring and change behaviour healthy lifestyle programmes to improve your health and fitness journey! Find your true internal body age with I Heart internal age monitor
 Disability Sports & Physical Engagement-Sports Academy
 Please go to the- sports academy page- For more details and to purchase courses and seek free resources , books and educational materials on being involved with and teaching & coaching disabilities in sports and physical activities. This section has a small selection of both informative and practical skill based courses and products to ensure excellent delivery of customer service to disabled people when involved in sports and physical activity & every day life
 Mobile Gluten Sensor Test Kit With App
 If you suffer from gluten intolerance or are coeliac the please go to -online nutrition page- For more details on the new technology based mobile gluten sensor test kit with app. Take it anywhere at any time and check food & drink items for traces of gluten .Quick, accurate and discreet testing method taking only a few drops of item and a few seconds for test results, No more worrying when eating out at restuarants or on holiday or at work .There is even an accompanying app with details of resturants who offer gluten free foods and meals-Mobile food tech at its best
 At Home- Sports ,Nutrition & Health & wellness DNA Tests
 Body Coach fitness is now able to offer  Medigoo professional- at home- DNA Tests. Please go to Sports performance page - for more details on the at home Medigoo sports & athletic abilities DNA test & the wellness genetics page for nutrition, weight management and health and wellness at home DNA tests. Affordable ,professional , effective and accurate tests with fast reliable results to form part of your healthy lifestyle journey
 Work Place & community Health promotion Training Resources
 Please go to -Corporate wellness page- For more details on the workplace and community health promotion training resources available for work site packages including professional work site presentation material for educational seminars /workshops to Certificated -Healthy every day eating (HEED)  facilitator training courses  & Active living daily (ADL) facilitator training with participant resources .For individuals  and work places to develop their own wellness scheme or for a community based wellness promotion scheme.HK certificated  which are internationally known with offices in UK, Europe, USA, Australia & Canada.
 Body Coach Fitness-Sports Education Academy
 Please go to- Sports Education academy page- For more details and to purchase educational and informative products for sports coaches ,educators and sports and fitness enthusiasts. Including professional presentation packages to use for educating yourself and others at gyms, work shops, seminars, community halls, educational facilities ,youth sports packages and online sports coaching courses from the Body coach Fitness Sports Education Academy &  much more  coming soon!
 Chrono Type  Nutrition & Life Style Program-Perfect Timing
 Please go to -Online nutrition page- For more details on the Body Coach Fitness Chrono type nutrition and lifestyle program. This is a unique and scientifically based for of nutrition and exercise programming based on your own individual chrono type,  circadian rhythms and biological body clock-Optimising ,health, sleep , recovery, performance, fat loss and metabolism-Perfect timing for your body clock!
 NutriSynch-Practitioner Only Health, nutrition & Fitness Test
 Please  go to -wellness genetics page- for more details on the health practitioner -only- test for health, fitness and nutrition, a unique test which Body Coach fitness is now able to offer as  NutriSynch practitioner -Ideal for accurate nutrition, fitness and lifestyle planning
 Fitness Business -Learning Zone
 Please go to the fitness business learning zone page for more details on work skill based CPD hour learning modules for anyone wanting to improve skills & knowledge in effective business management .These courses apply to other sectors other than the health and fitness industry, however these customer focused developmental learning modules will give you and your staff the edge in fitness business management and excellent customer service
 Sports Gene Tests-Discover Your Natural Abilities
 Please go to-sports gene page- For more details and to purchase new Sports gene genetic tests at Body Coach Fitness. There are 3 tests analysing your bodies natural genetic abilities -Sports gene for athletic abilities, sports gene genetic test for sleep and sports gene genetic weight management test-all important factors to consider in fitness sports and every day life
 Bioresonance Therapy For Practitioners
 Please go to- Sports injury & rehab page- for more details and to purchase professional practitioner bioresonance therapy equipment at a discount at Body Coach Bicom Bioresonance therapy Fitness store
 CEC-Online Courses
 Please go to -CEC Online courses page- For more details and to purchase accredited and endorsed health ,sports, nutrition and therapy qualifications including major awarding bodies such as REPS -Affordable, accredited ,flexible distance learning qualifications
 PULS -Cardiac Test
 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer the new PULS Cardiac test a (non-genetic) test for cardiac ( heart attack risk) in healthy active individuals through a leading professional laboratory giving you a head start in cardiac health for the future by providing vital information for preventative nutritional and lifestyle programming-Please go to -wellness profile page- For more details
 Aqua Kinetic-Sports PoolWork Rehab Program
 Body Coach Fitness has developed a new water based rehab therapy program for different sports injuries -ideal program for training, recovery after training and rehabilitation from injury. Using specific rehab protocols with added benefits to various physiological systems of the body.Please go to sports injury & rehab page for more details.
 YourZooki -Omega 3
 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer you next generation omega 3 fish oil supplements available in exclusive department and health stores as well as international shopping channels. Zooki MCT & Omega 3 Zooki are the beginning of a new Omega 3 fish oil technology based naturally sourced range of supplements good for brain & heart health as well as helping vision . Higher potency,  free from sugar, artificial sweeteners and GOM ingredients and due to Micelle nano encapsulation no nasty fish oil taste -Perfect for all the family-Please go to supplement/weight management page for more details and to purchase
Body Coach-Sports Injury &  Recovery Nutrition & Supplement Programme
 Body Coach fitness has various biochemistry and genetic tests and general and sports specific training and nutrition programmes. However there is gap between nutrition and preventative sports injuries and therapy .Therefore Body Coach fitness has created a customised nutrition and supplementation programme purely aimed at prehab ,during and post injury aimed at reducing inflammation & oxidative stress, optimising muscle efficiency , supporting ligament ,tendon and other connective tissues and optimising cellular energy all working towards optimal sports injury recovery-Please go to -Sports injury & rehab page for more details
 Syncroni Digital Learning Platform
 Please go to- Personal Training academy page- For more details on the opportunies with  Syncroni learning platform ,a new concept being developed which can help transform digital learning, conferencing and social  media platforms
 DNAWorx-Sports & Nutrition Tests
 Choose DNAWorx tests -Choose Optimal sports performance  at- Sports performance page- maximise your sporting performance and decipher your ultimate nutrition and sports modalities eg power, endurance, recovery, fat metabolism , carb metabolism and many more important genetic factors which ultimately effect your health and sports performance
 May 2018 Live Love Eat Magazine-Slimming Supplements
 Purchase the may 2018 digital edition of Live Love Eat Magazine with Sharon Clare's article on sliming supplements in the fitness industry at US- http://ow.ly/p12930ciU69 Or UK- http://ow.ly/rDQB30ciU8z
 SkinGenie  Personalised Skin Care Advisor
 Please go to-Anti Ageing Page- For more details on the skingenie advisor  a world leading dynamic beauty database with deep linking to AI machine learning algorythyms and skin care genetic tests- Offering personalised advice based on your skins genetic needs -Use Body Coach code -BCF10 for discount of products
 Genetic -(Healthy Smile -Healthy You)Program
 Please go to- anti ageing genetics page-For more details on the new DENTYGen  genetic oral hygiene program -A personal prevention program for dental inflammation -A healthy smile makes a healthy you-Giving you a  better self esteem ,self image and forma part of a healthy lifestyle program and a look good feel good factor
 Phit-Act-Physical Investment Today Act
 Find out more information and sign up to the PHIT-Act -Physical investment act  here:- http://hub.ihrsa.org/phit-act which could help save up to 20-30% on yearly expenses related to physical activity & allow Americans to use flexible saving accounts and health savings accounts for not only medical expenses but also money towards   health club memberships, exercise equipment and exercise videos ,youth sports leagues and much more -Maybe a thought for the UK health, sports, wellness and fitness industry insurance market and the health service  -Encouraging physical activity by saving money
 Kids Daily Activity Tracker & motivator
 Please go to -fit family page- For more information and  to purchase children's daily activity monitor -analysing sleep, activities of daily living ,step challenges, virtual coin rewards system ,and a parental controlled app including fun educational adventures and chore/behaviour management & checkout the educational programs for schools  using activity trackers for children
 GX Perform-Athletic Performance Genetic Test
 Please got to -Sports performance page- For more pre launch details on the new test soon to be available through Body Coach Fitness for serious fitness and sports enthusiasts and athletes. The test analyses for mental/physical foundation, training response , fuel utilisation and recovery recommendations at a genetic level so totally unique to you and your bodies peak athletic performance needs.
 Color Hereditary Health Family Test
 Please go to-Wellness genetics page- For more details about the Color hereditary health family genetic test .If you test positive for a hereditary Color test -Your 1st degree relatives have 50% chance of the same mutation-An ideal test package for the whole family-Color-Peace of mind ,health,fitness  and life for you & your family
 New-Forth Edge Tests for 2018-(Race fit, Recovery, Training Load & Injury Risk )
 Please go to-sports performance page- For more detail and to purchase some new tests launched for 2018 -Race fit, recovery, training load and injury risk ( both male & female injury risk tests). The ultimate package for active people, athletes and sport's enthusiasts
 Ori-Customised DNA Skincare,Supplements & Fitness Solutions
 Please got to -Ori Page -For more details on genetic skin care serums, vitamin & fitness supplements and fitness solutions -Unique to you-no trial and error-Personalised prodcuts made for you based on your DNA.
 Speaker Link-Sports & Leisure Forum 2018
 Check out the speaker line up at Sports & Leisure Form 2018- Sharon Clare from Body Coach Fitness is on the list -More details at- https://sportsandleisureforum.co.uk/speakers/
Body Power 13th May 2018-Biomechanics Education Stand
 Sharon Clare is on the Biomechanics education Ltd stand at Body power 2018 on 13th May 2018 representing the Biomechanics brand as one of their coaches -Visit the stand and find out about all things biomechanics -Details of stand location to follow...
 Sungenomics Genetic Customised Probiotic
 Please go to -online nutrition page -For more details and to purchase the unique personalised Sungenomics  FLORE & FLORE TOTS  DNA based customised probiotic range. This is  a truly unique product -unique to you and your gut for a/microbiome-Helping shape you and your children's gut health for increased energy,vitality , health and better absorption and utilisation of foods eaten.
 Work Place Wellbeing Micro Learn Courses
 Please go to -work place wellness courses page -for more details and to purchase the new work place wellness micro learn modules with online distance E learning and video learning materials . Affordable ,professional work place wellbeing education for companies staff and individuals interested in their own wellbeing
 MZ 3 Fitness & Health Assessment /Test Package
 Please go to -Personal training page- for more details on the  MZ 3 Fitness & health assessment/test package via Body coach fitness.  A customised fitness & healthevaluation program using the latest in fitness technology-Including a 3D portable body scanner for health, a MZ 20 home scale linked to Myzone App & a  specific MZ Fitness test and instructional MZ fitness library videos to use between fitness /health assessments to improve tour results
 Silverberry Genomix  Tests
 Please go to- Wellness genetics page- For more details and to purchase Silverberry genomix  DNA /genetic tests in a selection of specialist areas including:- lean & fit -fitness & exercise, athletics, injury prevention, skin care, nutrition, longevity, weight loss, comprehensive wellness, personality& behaviour -Know yourself and reach your potential in life & fitness!
 Sports- EMS Electro Muscle Stimulation & Oximetry
 Please go to -sports injury/rehab page- For more details and to purchase EMS Electro Muscular Stimulation devices ( category II medical grade) for people from amateur fitness enthsiasts to elite pro athletes +Sports performance hub page- For more details and to purchase pulse oximetry devices - 02 saturation point analysis  for improved stamina, endurance capabilities and health and sports performance goals
 NEW-Sports Nutrition Test + Professional Nutrition Consult
 Please go to- Sports performance page- For more details and to purchase the new-Blue Horizons sports nutrition test + professional nutrition consultation with a SENr registered sports nutritionist -Designed for both amateur and elite athletes and targets key metrics relevant to sports performance and nutrition
 Personalised Soccor DNA Genomics Test
Please go to -sports specific page- for more details on the unique -personalised soccor DNA genomic test- A player development tool- allowing for accurate training creation based on your age, gender, player position, tests results -offering a personalised plan on development in speed, endurance, strength, nutrition, flexibility and preventing injury + much more
 Personalised DNA Based Supplements
Please go to- online  nutrition page - for more details on the wellness and vitality DNA based fitness, nutrition and supplement test -Harness the power of your DNA  -For enhanced and unique customised nutritional results with Body Coach Fitness & Vitagene
 Allergy Prevention In Early Life Program
 Please  go to -fit family page- for more information on the allergy prevention  at an early age program- based on British nutrition foundation & department of health guidelines and ideal to use alongside other food intolerance /allergy testing for children and families and nutritional programs
 Body Coach Fitness Presentation /Speech - At Sports & Leisure Forum Event 2018
 Sharon Clare at body Coach fitness is making a presentation/speech to delegates of the Sports & Leisure Forum Event at 17.00pm on  18th June 2018 at Radisson Blu Hotel,London Stansted on the subject of -"Healthy Nutrition, supplements and energy drinks in the sports, health & leisure sector"- The sports and leisure forum is specifically designed for operations and facility managers, gym chains , local authorities, hotels, spa's, sports trusts, wet/leisure  and stadiums. The forum will help  inspire  upcoming projects and delegates  will gain cutting edge knowledge from leading solution providers ,whilst net working with peers.
 Get The Edge -In Sports Recovery & Rehab
 Please go to -sports injury/rehab page- for more details and to purchase ASEA Redox -A cutting edge supplement which has been shown to help improve VO2 max and increase athletic endurance , increase efficiency of aerobic performance, boost energy, accelerate anti oxidant production, and speed recovery -An ideal product to get the edge in  improving health and sports performance with gene expressional pathways at a cellular level
 Diet & Lifestyle Test (+Omega  3 & 6) & Healthy Lifestyle Tracker
 Please go to- Online nutrition page - for more details on the advanced diet & lifestyle test (with omega 3 & 6 fatty acid ) and  online healthy lifestyle tracker -to monitor and record tests results and track progress over time-Healthy nutritional  tracking at your finger tips
 Inherited Traits-Athletic Performance Tests
Please go to -sports performance hub page- for more details and to purchase the genetic inherited traits test for athletic performance. These tests  are ideal for adults ( & children over a certain age) to analyse your predetermined ability to excel at certain physical activities and sports based on your genetics. There are 3 tests - endurance athlete test, power and endurance and athletic performance test. An ideal way to improve your training program and see what your genetic potential is in sports
 Blue Horizons -Sports Performance Checks
 Please go to- sports performance hub page- for more details and to purchase sports performance checks including- Basic athlete test, female & male sports hormone checks , female and male PLUS sports checks and Nutrition nine (n9) essential sports nutrition check
 BNF -Healthy Eating Week (11th-15th June 2018)
 Please go to - family fit page- for more details on the British nutrition foundations healthy eating week program -Book through Body Coach Fitness for fun resource packed educational activities and challenges about healthy eating ,healthy cooking, food provenance and physical activity.
Body Coach Fitness Eat Smart-Be Smart Healthy Eating Student Program
Please go to- Fit Family page- For more details on the new  Body Coach eat smart- be smart program specifically for busy ,low budget students looking for a healthy eating lifestyle intervention  program -Unique to them.
 Body Coach Fitness Metabolic Type Diet
 Please go to -Online  nutrition page- for more details on the Body Coach Fitness Metabolic diet program. Find your metabolic type and foods to eat and combine and foods to avoid for best results -helping you lose weight, increase health and fitness and sports performance and create a healthy metabolic nutrition and  lifestyle plan unique to you and your bodies needs
 Insulin Resistance Test & Dietary Program
 Please go to -online nutrition page- for more details on the Body Coach Fitness Reverse insulin resistance test & dietary program- Full program consists of  genetic test for insulin resistance and a fully comprehensive dietary 'advice' on recommended foods and foods to avoid ,and health and fitness and lifestyle intervention plan -Unique to you ( To be used with physician guidance and not in replacement of)
 Low Purine/Low Carbo Type Dietary Program
 Please go to -online nutrition page- for more details on the low purine/low carbo  dietary program including biochemistry analysis of kidney function and a advisory nutrition , health and fitness intervention program based on results. This dietary program is also ideal for carbo types on the metabolic diet - who definitely need low protein and low purine foods  in order to lose weight ,feel energised both physically and mentally
 DnaLife -Single SNP Genetic Inflammation Test
 Please go to -Sports injury & rehabilitation page- for more details on the genetic chronic injury and inflammation test identifying people pre determined to higher risk of chronic inflammation on injury and higher riak of tissue damage and difficulty in healing and repair. This test  comes with a Body Coach Fitness nutrition ,therapy and lifestyle intervention program based on test reslults
 Wellness ,Nutrition & Sports Performance Pop Up Fitness Events
 Please go to -Personal Training page-  for more details on the new Body Coach Fitness Pop Up Events coming to your area soon, can  be tailored to your specifications for businesses, local community events, general  fitness fanatics from beginners to the elite. A one stop pop up event for every thing Fitness!
 Inherited Disease Panel/Expanded screen panel test
 Please go to -wellness genetics page- for more information on the 2 new test for preventative screening for inherited diseases. These tests are highly customised and only available through practitioners and could help to determine yours and your families health -offering a chance to delay or prevent inheritable disease eg neuromuscular, cardiovascular, metabolic and developmental diseases occurring  with a healthy nutrition and lifestyle plan based on results (Bespoke Preventative health and fitness service)
 Hereditary Genetic High Cholesterol Test
 Please  go to -wellness genetics page- for more details on the color hereditary genetic high cholesterol test- Body coach fitness is a provider of Color tests including this unique one which helps detect (FH)- Famillial high cholesterol creating a cholesterol management and lifestyle plan for you and your family to help prevent and improve hereditary high cholesterol for improved health and fitness
 DNA Protection & Anti Aging Cellular Longevity Package
 Please go to -Anti aging genetics page- For more details on the new DNA protection and anti aging cellular longevity package including professional scientific natural supplements to help protect your DNA and cells internally from aging -A natural youth enhancement program without resorting to hormone replacement therapy chemicals and other aesthetic ways of staying youthful. Protect your health ,cells ,DNA  and improve your vitality  with this carefully selected internationally available package from  Body Coach Fitness
 Body Coach Fitness-Educational Exercise Library
 Please go to exercise library  page for 'free' educational screens, corrective .core and flexibility exercises to help improve your health, fitness, posture ,movement and range of motion  in every day life and exercise and healthy lifestyle -Subscription educational exercise library launching later in 2018!
 Allergic/Intolerant To Whey & Casein Protein ?
 Find out with Body Coach fitness and Quest Diagnostics/Direct labs -Go to Body building page for more details on this unique way to find whether your milk intolerance effects your ability to consume whey and or casein based protein supplements
 ImmunoLab Healthy Chemical Balance Tests
 Please go to -wellness profile page- for more details on the ImmunoLab Healthy chemical balance tests. Scientists discovered our bodies have an individual internal chemical balance that is unique to each of us- Our bodies react to different food eaten in different ways and when we eat foods which upset our chemical balance ,or form toxins we become unwell. These 3 tests -standard-kosher & vegetarian - are unique in that they help pin point foods that support a healthy body chemistry and those that are toxic to you
 ELISA/ACT Hypersensitivity Wellness Tests
 Please go to -wellness profile page- for more details on the 'unique' ELISA/ACT immune health  and wellness hypersensitivity tests .These are unique in that they analyse for all 3 delayed allergy pathways and offer the most tests items . A ideal way to evaluate your health/fitness  status &  responses to allergens which could affect your fitness levels ,health&  nutritional status and daily life -with full personalised plan of action based on results
 New-Add On Test Panels For Comprehensive Wellness Panels
 Please go to wellness profile page for 2 new test add on panels for comprehensive wellness panel tests. Both add on test panels are available through Body Coach fitness & Direct Labs -and include the 40 item food/drink  preservatives & expanded food additive test panel & the 20 item antibiotics /anti inflammatory test panel add on test. Making your comprehensive wellness panel test that much more  unique and personal to you  
 LEAP MRT-Food Sensitivity& Anti Inflammatory Tests
Please go to online nutrition page for more information on LEAP MRT tests for food sensitivity and anti inflammation .These tests are-unique and the only tests in the world  that  tests for low reactive sensitivities -Low reactive foods are the BEST to eat
 Common Food Group- Allergy Tests
There are  8 common food allergies - wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, milk ,soy , fish, shellfish and Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer most of these tests independent of each other ( plus more single food/drink items)-so if you suspect a allergy to certain foods this may be a better option when considering food allergy testing as part of a healthy lifestyle  and nutrition program-Please go to online nutrition page for more details
 Fit For Life Fit For Work Occupational Health Screens
 Please go to corporate wellness page for more details on the Body Coach Fitness Fit for work fit for life health screens-More than your average occupational health screen -for pre employment screening and monthly, quarterly or annual screening of staff. Including physical ,biochemistry and fitness assessments- the whole package-Keep your staff fit for work & fit for life
 Body Coach Personal Trainer Academy-At Home Tutoring
 Please go to personal trainer academy page for more details on the new Body Coach Fitness at home tutoring program. One step up from the study buddy program -offering 1-2-1 personal fitness tutoring -For fitness course providers and fitness students and students with special learning needs and that extra help to achieve your fitness grades & start a successful fitness career
 School/College Genetics Education Club
 Please go to fit family page for more details on the school/college 23&me genetics education program.    Sign your school/college up for the program and you can create a social community genetic project in your community
Metabolic Efficiency Testing 
 Please go to sports performance page for details on the new metabolic efficiency test -available through Body Coach Fitness - Find your fitness number!- & the details on when your body is most efficiently burning body fat stores for energy during endurance training
 Maximal Uptake VO2 Max & Sub Maximal Aerobic Testing
 Please go to spots performance hub page for more details on the maximal uptake v02 Max and sub maximal aerobic testing protocols available at Body Coach Fitness -Ideal for endurance sports and assessing your strengths and weaknesses and testing key performance markers developing a personal profile  so you know how to train in the months ahead
 Fatigue & Muscular recovery Program/Profile
 Please go to sports injury & rehabilitation page for more details on the fatigue and muscular recover program, products and blood panel test-Suitable for every day exercisers, sports enthusiasts to athletes
Anti-Ageing Profile Tests
 Please go to anti ageing genetics page for more details on the new anti ageing non genetic blood profile tests -Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer these in partnership with Personal Labs -Evaluate & Maintain your youth and vitality with Body Coach Fitness
 Candida Dietary Program
 A common but over looked problem -candida over growth causing nutrition and digestive problems. Body Coach Fitness offers a candida test analysis and dietary programming solution on online nutrition page -please go here for more details - to help increase you healthy and vitality for exercise and life
 Athleat-Body Coach Fit Box
 Please go to sports performance page and /or body building page for more details on the new-Body Coach Fitness Fit Box - An all grass fed natural meat box designed by Body Coach Fitness especially for its active customers, sports enthusiasts and athletes in partnership with Athleat. Special offers also on other selection starter boxes
 Body Coach fitness -Spot Light Of The Month-Live Love Eat Digital Magazine
 Please go to the following links :-UK-http://ow.ly/rDQB30ciU8z  & US-http://ow.ly/p12930ciU69  to purchase March edition of Live Love Eat magazine -with Body coach Fitness spotlight of the month article
Bespoke Personalised Custom Test Panels
 As a practitioner of EBT Body Coach Fitness is able to now offer truly bespoke personalise custom test panels for health and wellness evaluation from over 3,000 + test profiles. Create your own customised test profile with Body Coach Fitness and create your own health fitness and wellness journey -go to wellness profile page and look for -Bespoke personalised test profiles and training and nutrition programmes for more details
Professional  Kids Orthotics
Please go to -fit family page- for more details on the newly available children's custom orthotics and also professional pre fabricated kids fit and sports orthotics -start your children off on the right foot -improve their balance, biomechanics ,health and performance with these products through Body Coach Fitness
 Wellness Basic Screening Profile Test
 Please go to wellness profile page for more details on the basic wellness profile screening test available through Body Coach Fitness & EBT-A professional laboratory screening test to evaluate your health and fitness- Ideal every 1-3 months to evaluate progress and is nothing but basic!
 Body Coach Fitness -Idea FIT-Fitness Training Blog & Monthly Newsletter
Please go to bottom of -bodybuilding page for more details and to subscribe to the new Body Coach Fitness Idea FIT fitness blog posts and free monthly newsletter (out on 1st of every month) with training hints and tips and details on nutrition ,schedule ,events and
seminars-will be adding  more details as much as possible-keeping  you posted on developments at Body Coach Fitness and across the fitness world
 Diabetes Risk Assessment & Monitoring Wellness Profile
 Along with Globesity diabetes is one of the most prevalent health conditions effecting people across the world. This can however be controlled ,monitored and even prevented or delayed by changing exercise, nutrition and lifestyle habits .This panel of tests can help with early detection ,monitoring ,evaluation and action based on results-Please see more details on -wellness profile page.
 Topical Vitamin Patches
 Please go to online nutrition page for more details on PatchMD topical vitamin patches available world wide and ideal for travel and available in in over 20 different variations including anti aging, maximum performance, kids multi vitamins , older adults and sleep start packs-An easy way your daily vitamins for health & fitness or daily life
 Lactate Threshold Testing/Training Program
 Please go to sports performance page for more details on the lactate threshold test program for sports performance -one of the best ways to see how all your hard training has paid off.
 ABT Athletes Blood Test (Black Panel) -Add on Tests
 Please go to sports performance page for further details on the officially launched ABT Black test panel and new add on tests -including a genetic micro nutrient add on test, Iron  TIBC,C Reactive Protein tests ,lipid panel and dietician consultation add on service and many more -making your ultimate sports performance tests that more bespoke and customised to you-You are unique so use a test that is designed for you!
 Cardio Metabolic Profile Test
 Please go to wellness profile page for more details on the cardio metabolic profile test- analysing for risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome  and being over weight-A wake up call to evaluate your health fitness and nutrition regime
Spot Light Of The Month Article -Live Love Eat Magazine
 Sharon Clare & Body Coach Fitness are contributing the -spotlight of the month -article to Live Love Eat magazine & also an article on 10 tips to get fit for spring /summer -More details and link coming soon
 Fitness & Genetic Diet Test
 Please go to wellness genetics page for more details regarding the new fitness and genetic diet test available through Eastern Biotech & Body Coach fitness. A truly personalised nutrition and exercise profile
 Patreon Creator -Body Coach Fitness Education
 Become a patreon at the new Patreon creator Body coach fitness education site-which is creating and raising finds for an online /face to face  health & fitness and pt mentor coaching portal academy offering rewards for monthly donations go to following link for details https://www.patreon.com/BodyCoachFitnessEducation?alert=2
 Obesity Profile Panel Test
Please go to wellness profile page for more details on the obesity profile panel test available through Body Coach fitness & Eastern Biotech -Ideal for anyone on an obesity prevention weight management program 
 Clini Coin Global Health & Wellness Platform
 Please go to wellness profiles page for more details on the new Clini coin global health and wellness block chain mobile platform offering links with health and wellness communities, and clini coin rewards for healthy activities and  behaviours
 Bio Resonance /Bio Feed Back -Nutritional & health Hair Analysis
 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer in conjunction with a professional practice in the UK-Bio resonance screening of hair for analysis of nutritional deficiencies and biochemical and bio energetic  imbalances in the body. Tests are available for both adults and children -please go to mind body academy page for more details
 Body Coach -My Zone Online Package
 Please go to online training page for more details on the -all online Myzone training package offering nutrition, exercise, heart rate activity tracking & active points reward  based accountability tracking ,meal delivery (and optional monthly subscription  fitness/nutrition boxes)and fun engaging My zone app- Zone match classes - Every thing you need to get to your fitness goals-online
 Harness Your Hormones Program
 Please go to women's & men's  wellness page for more details on the new Harness your hormones program and discover how you can make them work for you
 MyZone -Sport Specific Packages
 Please go to sports specific page for more details on the new customisable bespoke sports packages using wearable fitness tracking , scientific analysis , mind behaviour programming and much more
 Corporate Wellness Holidays  For Work place Wellbeing
 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer Corporate wellness holidays/breaks  - for work place wellbeing -A customised corporate incentive travel program for your work force .Please go to corporate wellness page for more details
 Pathway Genomics OME Application
 Please go to Pathway Genomics page for more details on the soon to launched unique Pathway Genomic OME App- With AI -Artificial intelligence  integration & the bringing together of your genetic test data results with health records, activity tracking wearable's , and other biological and biometric data sets to create a personalised actionable  preventative wellness program -The future of medicine , health, nutrition & fitness
 Sports Event Nutrition Planning
 Please go to -sports specific page- for more details on Body Coach fitness sports event nutrition planning program- pre -during & post event /race nutrition plan -prepare to plan or plan to fail!
 Goal Getter-Genetic Test
 Please go to Sports performance hub page for more details on the new Genetic test -Goal getter available through Inside tracker/Helix -Looking at your genetic potential to perform at sport, and other lifestyle factors which are involved with diet & exercise .A digital coach in the palm of your hand tracking your genetic potential to success-Discount off until end of March 2018
 Body Coach Endurance Check Elite
 Please go to Sports performance hub page for more details on the new Body coach fitness endurance check elite test program- optimising wellness and performance in endurance sports
 Body Coach Fitness-Body Building Store
Please go to Body Building page for the new Body Coach Fitness Body Building Store-1000's of items from fitness wear  , supplements, nutrition ,tanning products and much more!
 Functional fitness MOT (FFMOT)
 Please go to women's & men's wellness page for more details on the Functional fitness MOT (FFMOT ) Program coming soon to Body coach fitness-A later life physical activity evaluation program
 The Hidden Message In Food -Chakra Nutrition Program
 Please go to Mind body academy page to find out more and purchase a holistic nutrition program with a difference. Based on Chakra nutrition principles and finding the hidden message in food- & finding the true meaning of using nutrition as a potential pathway for personal growth and health & fitness
 Fit-Thotics -Customised Sports Orthotics
 Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer a UK based customised orthotic brand Fit thotics -created and designed in Britain .Choose from various orthotics ( Squat thotics -for strength athletes -body building and sports performance page & Various sport specific orthotics -listed on sports specific page under each sports package & walk-thotics for general walking orthotics  at  Nordic /Power walking page) .
 Body Coach Fitness PT Academy- Study Buddy Program
 Please go to Body coach fitness PT Academy page for more details on the new Study Buddy Program-For potential and existing academy members and anyone studying or planning to study a health & fitness qualification in the fitness industry -Helping -Equip-Assist & Support -Fitness industry students -The future of the health and fitness industry!
 Gluten Detect-Home Test
 Please go to Wellness profile page for more details on Gluten Detect Home tests -These are affordable professional home tests to aid with compliance to a gluten-free diet and lifestyle once diagnosed with a form of gluten sensitivity/intolerance -Quick effective tests for ease of use at home for your health & your own peace of mind
 Findwhy -Genetic Weight Management Test
 Please go to  weight management genetics page for more details on the new DNA test looking at 5 key genes associated with regulation of metabolism, satiety, meal frequency, sensitivity to carbohydrates , stress responses, fat absorption, insulin and blood sugar control and leptin levels - all helping identify genetic tendencies for likelihood of having issues with factors associated with gaining weight .I individual approach to weight management with scientifically backed recommended advice on nutrition ,diet and lifestyle behaviours based on results
 Bespoke Nutrition DNA Test, Blood Test & Vitamin Subscription
Sharon Clare is an ambassador for VITL- Who now offer not only personalised vitamin subscriptions but to make it even more  customised you can add a VITL nutrition DNA test and personalised nutrient level blood test ( analysing vitamin B12, D, Folate, Ferritin & magnesium levels) -Truly unique and personal nutrition and supplement programming-Go to both online nutrition page & sports performance hub page for more details and to purchase
 Body Building/Strength Training Blood Test panel
Please go to Body Building page for a new Body Coach Fitness Body Building/strength  blood tests health check panel. A specific panel  of blood tests  for body builders, weight trainers, strong man and power lifters -looking for hormone levels, health status, organ function and nutrient levels -Ideal for pre & post competition, annual or training phase health check or progress
 Physical Activity Points -Reward Schemes
 Body Coach Fitness has linked with active points to create Physical activity points reward schemes. Please go to corporate page for Corporate activity reward scheme & personal training page for more details on the physical activity points reward scheme for the public and Body Coach Fitness customers. Get active- Get fit, get happy & get rewarded for physical activity efforts 
 UK UFIT Ambassador
 Sharon Clare from Body Coach Fitness- Has been chosen to be a UK Ambassador for UFIT  - http://www.justdoufit.com/ufit-ambassadors An  international association promoting 'inclusive' health fitness & sports for everyone- whether they be able bodied or mentally and physically disabled in some way -everyone has the ability to take part in physical activity & sports-Please go to UFit page for more details
 Corporate  -Executive Wellness Profile & Food Intolerance 220 Test
 Please go to Corporate wellness page -For more details on the new Body coach fitness executive wellness and food intolerance test- specifically designed for a fully comprehensive health and food intolerance screen to keep employers and employees healthy and fit for work
 MAX International-Riboceine Anti Oxidant Supplements
Please go to -sports performance page- For more details and to purchase MAX International patented Ribociene  Glutathione promoting anti oxidant supplements for increased health and sports performance. The range helps promote natural production of Glutathione in the body and is free from harsh chemicals and banned substances -so is safe to use for competitive sports. The  products are (BSCG) Banned substances control group approved-The gold standard in testing for banned substances not allowed in sports- Safe ,affordable , quality effective supplements -boost your health and sports performance with MAX International(Available -USA & Canada & surrounding areas )
 IFIT Coach
Please go to online training page and/or trainers corner page to find out more and purchase IFIT coach program. A fully integrated fitness tracking system including google map workout plans, Rock My Run music beat work outs, personalised nutrition, exercise fitness library, customised sleep tips and much more all fully mobile -Smart training with IFIT Coach & Body Coach Fitness
 Body Coach Fitness-Healthy Fuel on he Go Recipe Book
 Please go to sports performance hub page for more details on Sharon Clare's new Body Coach fitness Healthy Fuel On The Go Recipe Book-full of healthy snacks/meals to help refuel your body for
exercise /sports on the go!
My Sleep code -Genetic profiling  Lifestyle program 
 Every one needs sleep to repair and recover your mind and body for the next day.Please go to sleep therapy/genetics page for more details on the new My sleep code genetic lifestyle program available at Body Coach Fitness. A unique DNA based individualised way of creating a sleep code profile for you to get the best nights sleep ready for work rest , play and sports -rest recover and recuperate with My sleep code .
 Body Coach Fitness Family Cook book
Please go to fit family page for more details on Sharon Clare's new Body Coach Fitness family cook book, available from USA. Full of family recipe ideas including appetisers, main meals, desserts, cakes and bread ,vegetarian and much more
 12 Super Foods For 12 Days -Of Xmas Live Love Eat Magazine
Check out Sharon's article in digital magazine Live Love Eat (December 2017 edition) - on the 12 superfoods of Xmas for the 12 days of Xmas-purchase magazine on following links-  UK- http://ow.ly/rDQB30ciU8z &

US- http://ow.ly/p12930ciU69


 International Representative -2018 IDEA Fitness World Convention
 Sharon Clare from Body Coach Fitness has been chosen as one of the international fitness representatives at 2018 IDEA Fitness World Convention. Please go to trainers corner page for more details on her professional representative code to allow you to join her and many others at  a discounted rate & be part of the forefront of fitness
 Taste n Tell -Nutrition Education Ambassador
 Sharon Clare from Body Coach Fitness is now a regional Ambassador for Taste n Tell a fun educational System of interactive education on nutrition for children. Please go to fit family page for more details
 Salusa Community Enterprise Listing
 Sharon Clare & Body coach fitness are listed on the Salusa community enterprise specialist physical activity and health therapy platform site. The Salusa projects vision is to provide  a single point of access to refer or recommend verified registered physical activity services in the UK for the community -please see Body Coach fitness listing here for more details:- http://www.salusa.co.uk/listings/suffolk-uk-body-coach-fitness/
 Active Kids  Sports & Health Products
 Please go to Sports performance hub page for more details on Kidzshake sports drinks, vitamin flakes and  shakes for active kids -keep your kids active and full of vitality for sports and every day life
 Body Coach Fitness-Girl Power Club
 Body Coach Fitness-Girl Power Club starts in new year -join at sports performance hub page -for free and fee paying team talks, S& C and other sporting challenges  and events and specialist seminars -Join Girl Power!
 So What Ami I? Swami Genotype Dietary Programme
 Please go to online nutrition page for more details on the Swami genotype dietary programme- personalised, customised meal planning and dietary programming -with specific supplementation also available dependant on your genotype - hunter, explorer,  gatherer , nomad , teacher or warrior type
 Teachable-Create Your Own Online Fitness & Nutrition Courses
 Trainers, therapists and coaches -please go to trainers corner page and sign up for Teachable -A world wide online course creator and training platform for instructors/teachers  wanting to create business and lifestyle online courses -use your knowledge to inspire others and create a profit at the same time
 Health & Fitness- Expert Writing Service
 Sharon Is now offering her knowledge skills and experience In health fitness and nutrition writing to other businesses please go to expert writing services page for more details on writing articles , blogs, e books and product reviews on fitness, sports, nutrition, health and wellness.
 Healthy Kids -Meal Planner
 Please go to fit family page and scroll down to the bottom of the page for more details on healthy kids Inc meal planner subscription for meal planning for a healthy family -from seed to table!
 Customised Vitamin & Supplement Subscriptions
 Please go to online nutrition page for more details on an online monthly subscription pack for customised vitamins and supplements unique to you- truly person supplementation
 Functional Foods & Medicinal Herbs Test Panels
 Please go to therapeutics page for more details on specific allergy/intolerance tests for functional foods and medicinal herbs including tests for medicinal herbs used specifically for each gender ( male and female) and comprehensive tests for functional foods and medicinal herbs - A unique way to see how your works
 Test Your Intolerance Kits
 3 new Test your Intolerance kits available through Body Coach Fitness -Practitioner only tests for sports nutrition deficiencies ( sports performance hub page) , Beauty & wellness food intolerance and nutrition deficiency test( Anti aging genetics page) & Pet allergy intolerance test - keeping your dog healthy to help keep you fit ( class page)Unique and affordable tests for performance , looking and feeling good and keeping healthy
 Fitness/Gym Monthly Subscription Box
 Please go to body building/weight training page for more details on the monthly gym/fitness subscription box available -with world leading fitness supplement brand samples, discount codes off full size products , gym apparel and accessories delivered to your door every month -various subscription offers -& the  latest nutrition & training goodies all at affordable prices , no contracts , no hidden fees
 EBT- Healthy Weight Packages 
 Body Coach Fitness has new additions to the EBT wellness genetics range of tests .Go to Wellness genetics page for more details on DNA Healthy weight test and EBT-Healthy weight package (including food sensitivity test, DNA healthy weight test and weight management profile) -comprehensive testing programmes for weight maintenance .Also go to Wellness profile page for more details on the EBT Gluten/Casein Peptide test- a unique tests to determine sensitivities to undigested proteins-peptides found in every day foods such as wheat, barley, rye and milk
 DNA Pathway
 New -DNA Pathway GlutenFit test available through Body Coach Fitness- go to pathway genomics page for more details on this genetic based tests for celiac disease wth prescribed recommended gluten free diet based on results- personal nutrition at it's best
 Customised Orthotics-(Work/Sports & Casual Wear )
 Go to biomechanics page for more details on the latest product available to purchase via Body coach fitness (internationally)-Unique personalised orthotics for all walks of life- sport-work-casual wear. Choose from many different customised  orthotics including children's orthotics, senior orthotics, work orthotics (including protective footwear),military orthotics ,  running, walking, hiking, golf, football, tennis,  soccor /rugby,   aerobics, basketball , bowling  and casual wear for every day use -why suffer with biomechanical issues and foot, knee and back pain ?
 Athlete Blood Tests(ABT)
 Go to sports performance hub page for more details on unique ABT sports performance blood tests available at Body Coach Fitness for athletes, sports teams /individuals  and committed  fitness enthusiasts -Test panels in baseline screening, pre race /pre competition panels, nutrition & genetic panels -use Body Coach Fitness referral code provided to get a discount off purchase - Unique tests for unique people !
Genetic Directions-DNA Health Based Health Test Programs
Please go to -Wellness Genetics page- For more details on the Genetic Directions DNA based test programs including - weight management, healthy aging, micro nutrient predisposition analysis and coming soon( winter 2017) a new Peak athlete performance test program

Health & Fitness  Biomarker Tests
Please go to  wellness profile page for more details on Forthwith Life health and fitness biomarker tests -Essential for fitness  and essential for health
Body Coach Perfect 10-Fitness Incentive Scheme
Body Coach Fitness is launching a new concept for incentivising people to get and keep fit and making exercise an important part of their life. Please go to Personal training page for more details

Good Gym-Community Group
Sharon is a member of goodgym a group of community runners that run to do good. Providing assistance with physical community tasks & projects and visiting isolated older people  as part of their every run/running group, keeping  fit and doing good at the same time .  Join Sharon at http://www.goodgym.org/ to become a member also and run to keep fit and help your local community at the same time.

Body Coach-Work place Wellness Online
Please go to corporate health and wellness page for more details on the new online healthy work place  series - a time and cost effective health check & benefit to your work places wellbeing leading to a  healthier and more productive work force

Upbeat Heart Support
Sharon is helping raise awareness of how you can raise funds for local charities just by shopping online including Upbeat heart support group .Use the following  link https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/upbeat/
to sign up to the scheme and shop with over 3000 shopping outlets online and raise funds for this charity at the same time as each purchase donates funds to the charity.

Biomarker Profiling Tests For Sports
Please go to sports performance hub page for more details on the new innovative biomarker tracker/profiling tests that Body Coach fitness has partnered with for sports- such as HiiT , Endurance and power -Track your health and performance and optimise your sporting performance

Healthy Home & Office Snack Delivery
Snack good & do good- with Body Coach Fitness & Love With foods home plan and office plan healthy snack delivery. For every healthy snack box purchased a % donation of proceeds will be donated to a global food bank to feed the needy .Please go to online nutrition page & /or corporate page for more details

Active Office-Sit Stand Desks
Sedentary behaviour at home and work is one of the most well known causes of back pain ,obesity and other common health conditions .Get your work force .colleagues ,children or yourself more active in the office  with Sit Stand -Body Coach Fitness is know able to offer an incentive partner discount  off active office items purchased from this range of sit stand desks, desk risers, active seating and treadmill desks -please go to corporate wellness page for more details and to purchase -Get Britain standing and active at work

VITL Personalised Vitamins
Sharon Clare is an ambassador for VITL personalised vitamins-please go to online nutrition page for more details and to purchase tailor made personalised vitamin packs based on a consultation process and health review -delivered to your door

September- Live Love Eat Magazine Article -The Good Gut Guide
Sharon Clare is contributing to the September 2017 article of live ,love eat magazine about -the good gut guide- a short introduction into the importance of good gut health for fitness, sports and wellbeing-Link to purchase article -http://ow.ly/rDQB30ciU8z

Body Coach Fitness- MyZone Corporate Wellness Programme
Please go to Corporate wellness page for more details on the Body coach Fitness Corporate Wellness programme, involving  accountability effort monitoring of physical activity and reward incentive scheme and various nutrition and exercise packages

Blood Test Diet
Please go to sports performance hub page for more details on the blood test diet- to see what your blood tests says about your diet ? With a unique  personal sports nutritionist based nutrition and supplementation plan based on test result findings

Corporate Gifting
Employers -give the gift of good health and fitness with Body Coach Corporate gifting packages, for rewarding  your staff and customers for continued service and custom-please go to corporate wellness page- for more details

Corporate Nutrition Service
A  bespoke unique individualised employer and employees corporate nutrition service -including meal delivery service , online nutrition, food detective analysis , diagnostic nutrition testing, food shopping ,educational seminars and much more - please see  corporate page for more details

New-Nordic, Asian & Modern Living Diet Scans

Three new unique food intolerance diet scans available at Body Coach Fitness-please go to fitness food page - for more details about the new unique Asian, Nordic and modern living diet scan tests- which are the perfect addition to the Asian , Nordic and mediterranian  diet plans- Fitness food around the globe!

Food Intolerance Testing Group
Body Coach fitness- Now offers food intolerance testing group -hair test analysis - for food and non food items -a more non invasive form of food intolerance testing. Please go to performance/health tests page for more details on all tests available

Nutrigenomix-Sports, Health & Wellness Tests
Sharon Clare is now able to offer an exciting new service- Nutrigenomix  genetic testing - for sports and health and wellness. Simple genetic tests that will help create a unique personalised nutrition and /or exercise program based on results of tests. Please go to Nutrigenomix sports/health tests page for more details.

Natural Female Body Builders Journal
Sharon Clare is  compiling a short introductory  audio/audible lesson to purchase at Teachoutloud -please click this link or more details and to  purchase when it launches:-

https://teach.learnoutloud.com/Browse/Sports-and-Hobbies/-/Natural-Body-Builders-Journal/90734   audio and video products to follow also

MindBody NetWork Community
Sharon Clare & Body Coach Fitness are now members of the fitness community-Mind body network- please see link:- https://mindbodynetwork.com/profile/sharon-clare    Sharon will be posting article on fitness and nutrition on this network and also promoting her new business ideas for fellow professionals and the general public

UFE (Ultimate Fitness Events)-European Champion Ships UK
Sharon Clare will be helping out as part of the UFE (Ultimate Fitness Events) team at the European Championships on 30th September 2017 -ensuring everything runs smoothly for this ultimate natural UK   fitness extravaganza

Entrenarme-PT community Listing
Sharon Clare and Body Coach Fitness are listed on the - world wide Entrenarme -PT professional community listing directory for people to choose a professional trainer for them https://entrenar.me/en  - if you wish to leave a review of Sharon Clare please go to this link- http://entrenar.me/en/review/add#/new/14455/sharon-clare

New-Lorisian Tests-IBS & Weight Management
Please go to performance /health tests page for more details on 2 new tests available through Body Coach Fitness- Lorisian 150 plus with IBS support and Lorisian 150 plus with ideal weight programme support. Both come with an extra  nutritional programme based on tests results eg- lowFODMAP plan or 12 week low GI weight management plan

New-Genetic IL Test-Biometric Finger Print
Please go to mind body academy page for more details on this unique test for individuals interested in their health, sorts abilities and personality profiling , companies , sports teams and schools and universities  and families
smartDNA Tests
Please go to smartDNA page for more details on the two new  professional  genomic wellness and gut health tests available at Body Coach Fitness. These are both unique tests and will aid in establishing a more personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan for your health , fitness , sports and every day life

Body Coach Fitness-Home Exercise Lab
Please go to sports therapy and rehab page -for more details on the new -Body Coach Fitness Home Exercise Lab- A unique  online tutorial post injury , therapy and rehab exercise program for individuals as part of their , corporate , sports and wellness rehab program care at home

Exercise Therapy-At Your Desk/work
Body Coach Fitness Is now able to offer exercise therapy at your desk/work -please go to corporate wellness page for more details. An individual  work & home based exercise therapy based prescription for your needs- Live , work & play pain free!

Live Love Eat Magazine- July 2017
Please click on the following link UK-   http://ow.ly/rDQB30ciU8z        To purchase July 2017  digital edition of Live Love Eat magazine. Sharon Clare has contributed an article on the top  reasons to go vegan with your diet

Biomechanics-Home & work Assessment
Body coach fitness is now offering customised biomechanics -home and work assessments, looking at you, your home environment & work environment in relation to how you live and move- eg how you sit, stand , sleep and work in relations to your biomechanics-please see biomechanics page for more details
Sleep Therapy
Please got to sleep therapy page to purchase an at home sleep therapy coaching package-A professional state of the art coaching program -for monitoring, assessing and developing a customised step by step personal sleep program to follow for optimal health, fitness and sports performance-Ideal for people with sleep problems and anyone who just wished to benefit from a good nights sleep-sleep better-feel better -as part of your healthy lifestyle journey

One World Play Project
Help support the one world play project world wide  with Body Coach Fitness- Donate to this worthwhile charity through the following Body coach site link:- http://onewrld.co/2s73fen  and you will be helping disadvantaged children in schools, organisations, refugee camps, war disaster zones , inner cities to be able to participate in physical activity and sport via the unique one world futbol (ball) and other play resources that  will be given with these funds. Every one has the right to play- play is in our Dna -One world project  is taking the field to the world -offering the chance for everyone to experience a health giving activity .Play does not just belong in the school yard it can help rebuild community spirit and offers health and fitness benefits  as well as mental focus for developing children across the world

PREPcoach-Model & Sponsorship Listing
Sharon Clare has a profile on the professional  model and sponsorship listing directory for female athletes - PREPcoach 

 to gain interest from fitness sponsors and fitness modelling agencies -please click on link to view profile :-


Studio Instructor & Training Course-Directory Listing
Studio Instructors, gyms and studios sign up to the studio instructor professional listing directory- https://www.studioinstructor.co.uk  using REFERAL CODE- STUDIO3096629717 when joining- A site for fitness professionals ,pt studios and gyms -to source group exercise instructors or gain employment ,training, insurance and be kept informed of industry developments. Sharon Clare Is listed as a professional studio instructor  and her Body Coach fitness PT Academy  /Edu Fit online  fitness instructor and personal trainer certifications are listed as a training provider for members of the site .Please see trainers corner page for more details

Ambassador Of Healthie
Sharon is an ambassador for the healthie nutrition app -an integrated mobile app for fitness and nutrition to help track your healthy activity- from food to work outs  health metrics and more .Monitor your performance in between exercise /pt sessions with Healthie -the future of nutritional care -please go to http://www.gethealthie.com/- see Sharon's profile on page 2 of Ambassador profile on home page .Unique Ambassador referral link coming soon

Fitness Pro Business App
Please go to trainers corner page and scroll down to custom fitness business app section -& click on link to purchase a custom made brand designed  fitness pro business app - for pt,s nutrition coaches, studios & gyms - take your market mobile

Anti Aging Genetics Packages
Look good & feel good with true holistic beauty from within- new  Anti Aging genetic holistic  packages - using high tech DNA and functional testing and  nutri cosmiceutical products unique to you-go to anti aging genetic page for more details

myDNAhealth- Family Package
New- to the Body coach fitness myDNAhealth tests range- The new DNA family Package- offering every member of your family the gift of good health and fitness through a unique professional , personalised genetic testing and lifestyle analysis process ,Body coach fitness believes in making your fitness journey a  family one. Also new- myDNA EFA Metabolism Panel tests kit also available - please go to myDNAhealth page on website for more details and to purchase.

Digital June 2017 Edition-Live Love Eat Magazine
Please click on the following link :-https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01M8MWB9B/ref=sr_1_1…  to purchase the new digital edition of Live Love Eat magazine- with Sharon Clare's article on -Metabolic type diets and nutrition for health

The Power Of 5 Campaign
Nutrition is the key to good health and chronic malnutrition is an underlying cause of  up to 45 % of childhood deaths before the age of 5 years old. That means 3.1 million children are dying of malnutrition every year -according to the World Health Organisation (WHO)As Sharon and Body Coach Fitness are now business owners within Amway-I wanted to highlight the NUTRILITE power of 5 campaign that you can donate important funds to -to aid malnourished children around the world so they receive vital vitamin & minerals to supplement their diets .Please click on the following link to find out more and donate :-


IdeaFit Fit Pro listing
Body coach fitness is listed on the Ideafit fitness professionals listing directory which connects 16 million customers with 250,000 fitness professionals who are certified by 100 different  fitness certification /training bodies across the globe. So you are sure to receive a fully qualified and professional instructor from this directory listing site-  Click on the following link to view Sharon's Fit pro profile listing :-www.ideafit.com/profile/sharon

Genetic-Weight Management Programme
Please go to weight management genetics page for a new unique Bodykey genetic weight management programme, with a dietary and exercise based plan  ,online supportive coaching system and colour coded healthy meals, drinks and supplement range all based on your bodies genetic make -up and ability to  utilise fats and carbohydrates

Amway Business Consultant
Sharon is now a wholesale business consultant for an international product distribution company Amway international - offering high quality beauty & cosmetics,home & living and nutritional products such as naturally derived supplements and energy drinks 

 Body Coach Fitness- Digital Magazine
Sharon has decided to launch a free environmentally friendly digital fitness magazine with health, nutrition, sports and lifestyle topics for everyday  fitness enthusiasts and the general public  and a special dedicated section at the back especially for fitness professionals offering  industry trends , and hints and tips on how to run your business. The full issue   will be officially launched in June 2017 but please click on the following link to read the mini introductory issue :- https://issuu.com/bodycoachfitnessmagazine/docs/body_coach_fitness_magazine      Just a quick introduction of much more to come-including monthly recipe suggestions, exercise of the month, fitness product of the month, fitness professional industry trends , up skilling , CPD, E-Learning and much more , some thing for every one whether a member of the public or a fitness professional interested in health and fitness and getting more active more often  

Body Coach Fitness-At Home Fitness Training
Body coach fitness- premium VIP at home fitness training- is a truly individualised -fitness on your door step- lifestyle program  for you-please go to -At home fitness page for more details of this new at home fitness concept

June 2017-Article On Metabolic Type Nutrition
Sharon has contributed an article on metabolic type dieting and nutrition for the June 2017 digital edition of Live, Love Eat magazine -I will add a link to purchase &/or view the article when published

Online-Nutrition Education Shopping Tour Experience
Please got to online class room experience page and scroll down to online-  nutrition education shopping tour section- for more details on a unique food shopping experience for you and your family , work colleagues and friends

Body Coach Fitness- Personal Trainer Academy
Please go to personal trainer academy page for Body coach Fitness- online fitness courses in partnership with Edufit Training. Professional online course for anyone interested in a health and  fitness industry career. Choose from online fitness instructor course, online personal trainer course and online combined fitness instructor & PT course .

Sharon is now listed on Oneshoo personal training directory for specialist personal trainers and coaches -please click on link to view profile:-

Women In Sports Week- June 19th-25th  2017
Celebrate  women's sports week between June 19th-25th 2017 - By joining a local sport activity, games or sports club and get more active more often this summer & support the elite women in sport as well as in your local community. Summer 2017 will be one of the best years to celebrate women's sports as there are many international events such as women's world cricket , rugby , European football and hockey taking place- Celebrate and support active women in sport!

May -Live Love Eat Magazine Article
Please click on the following link:-  UK-  https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01M8MWB9B/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1477914243&sr=8-1&keywords=B01M8MWB9B or US- ​https://www.amazon.com/Live-Love-Eat-Magazine/dp/B01M8MWB9B/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1477914231&sr=8-1&keywords=B01M8MWB9Bto purchase  May edition of Live ,Love Eat Magazine and Sharon Clare's article on preventing childhood obesity

Body Coach Fitness- Online Breakfast & After School Club
Please go to family fit page -for more details on the new Skype/online breakfast and after school clubs -fit 4 schools. A series of online sessions helping to get your pupils and children more active and eat healthily with childhood obesity prevention  advice and education.

HRV-Biofeedback System
Please go to sports injury & rehab page to find details of the new HRV (Heart rate variable ) system of bio feed back- A mind body system which measures your heart rate for your bodies stress and relaxation score -so training and relaxation can be monitored and adjusted for optimal  performance and relaxation and recovery

The Next Generation Of Corporate Wellness
Please go to corporate wellness page for more details on the new Wellness 101 -genetic testing program available for your companies health and wellness scheme. Helping boost  employee wellbeing in a cost effective way -utilising the latest scientific research and technology to get and keep your work force happy,healthy, productive and  fit for work
Wellness Profiles
Please go to wellness profile page- for unique functional wellness profile tests for each life stage through your health, fitness journey- from child's wellness to senior wellness .

Food From Around The Globe
Please go to fitness food page- for details on the new food around the world nutritional plans available .A selection of healthy nutritious nutrition programmes for every one from where ever you are located in the world -choose a plan from your own  region or from another continent around the world .

Online-Skype Class Room
Check out the Body Coach Fitness- Online Skype class on online class room page .A new developing concept of online interactive learning for fitness professionals and the general public interested in learning more about nutrition, health , sports and fitness related topics of interest- educational, inspirational and motivational learning -Knowledge is power!

Check out Skypercise fitness  page for more details on Skype classes & skypercise fitness- More affordable flexible way to train and available any where, any time and ideal for busy people who still need to keep fit and healthy

Skype /Email-Postural Alignment Exercise Therapy
Please go to biomechanics page for more details on the new Skype/email postural alignment exercise therapy package available through Body Coach Fitness. Ideal for busy people with busy lives -who want to live pain free and move efficiently for their work, home life and sport

Juenesse UK /European Distributor
Please see new Juenesse UK/European distributor website -Zen project 8 page- exciting weight loss/maintenance system launching in UK soon-order products and Zen bodi 8 week challenges through Body coach Fitness

Specialist Dance Rehab Program
Please see new specialist dance rehabilitation program on sports injury-Rehab page .A unique program designed for a specialist artistic form of sports & fitness

Sports Performance Hub
Check out the new sports performance hub page- to fine tune your fitness and sports training performance and conditioning

Back Pain Clinic
Please go to sports injury & rehab page for more details on a new back pain health clinic at Body Coach Fitness-12 week clinic with education- exercises ,relaxation & support

April Edition-Live ,Love Eat Magazine
Please click on the following links:-  UK &  US to purchase April Edition of Digital Live, Love, Eat magazine -Sharon has written an article on healthy smoothie's and juices and will add the link to article later

Zen Bodi System-Zen Project 8
Sharon Clare is one of the distributors involved with the exciting launch of  -Zen project 8-Zen Bodi System into Europe-launching in April 2017.The Zen bodi system is a unique youth enhancement and global health movement program. A healthy weight loss system not a meal replacement program with 3 key phases- Detox , Ignite & Thrive. More details on website and products and Zen Bodi System soon....

DNA Coach Power Packages
New DNA Power tests kits and genetic DNA Power Coach training , fitness and health and sport packages available through Body coach Fitness-See DNA Power coach page for more details and to purchase

Therapy Packages
2 new therapy based injury prevention and treatment programmes-Sports package on sports specific page -(Pre event tune up) & Corporate package on corporate wellness page-(Corporate worker program)

Wellness Genetics
New- Wellness genetic tests available through Body coach fitness -More details on wellness genetics page .Genetic tests including Geneus test, telemore test, genetic cancer test and Karmagene -personality and behaviour test & genetic diabetes test(More available)

Pathway Genomic Tests
Please go to Pathway Genomic page- For new DNA genetic based Pathway tests . A range of scientifically validated and supported technological tests in various categories including- Pathway fit, SkinFit, Healthy Women's DNA test, Healthy weight DNA test, and BRACTrue -breast cancer screen test- more to follow soon.

New-Unique Genetics Programmes
New genetic programmes  available soon at Body Coach Fitness -SkincareDNA programme  -more details on women's & men's wellness page & Genetic Personality/Characteristic Programme -on mind body academy page  for behavioural change in fitness & health, nutrition and sports performance 

Customised Orthotics
Please go to Biomechanics assessment page for more details on a new product available soon at Body coach Fitness -Fit Thotics customised orthotics -A professional range of unique orthotics at a reduced price with Body Coach Fitness Promo Code (to be added soon)

Enertor Insoles
Please go to online shop page to purchase Enertor Insoles- Endorsed by Usain Bolt at a special discount price with Body coach fitness Promo Code -Perform better,hurt less and live happier with patented technology insoles

April Edition Digital-Live , Love , Eat Magazine
Sharon has contributed an article on the April 2017 edition of Live, Love Eat Magazine on -Spring Super Smoothie's -Liquid Lifts- With ideas for super energising and refreshing spring pick me up drinks which are quick and easy to prepare and healthy ,tasty and nutritious . Will add  a link to purchase magazine as soon as published.

UK Pre Launch-Isagenix
Exciting news, the company I am aligned  with- Isagenix just announced it will be launching in the UK soon! Isagenix is an international supplement company with a huge following -We are in pre launch phase and counting down to the UK launch..... Contact me Sharon Clare on Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com &/or 07875086760 to learn more about the upcoming Isagenix invasion in the UK & for  Opportunities

DNACTIV8 Mini Tests
If you would like to experience the benefits  of genetic testing for health and wellness and fitness and sports performance but just want to look at certain aspects of these  then the DNACTIV8 mini tests may be for you -Go to DNACTIV8 Health & DNACTIV8 Sports pages for more information and to purchase

DNACTIV8 Genetic Sports & Fitness Tests
Go to DNACTIV8 Sports page for more details of the new genetic blue print test, sports specific DNA tests and Fitness/Gym specific  Tests -Be the best and perform at your best

Sports & Fitness Business Insurance
It is important that you and your fitness business are insured -please go to sports specific page for sports travel and sports team insurance and trainers corner page for all fitness business insurance PT's, martial arts, gym/club insurance, sports leagues and associations -both are specialists fitness and health insurance providers and available through Body Coach Fitness

Nutri Gold Naturopathic Supplements
Please go to Supplement & weight management page for more details and to purchase Nutri Gold Naturopathic supplements- the gold standard and natural choice of supplements

Awesome Supplements
Go to online shop page and scroll down to purchase Awesome supplements a fitness and sports performance range that works, and is developed by a PT and nutrition coach who also teaches nutrition at his academy

Body Coach Fitness-Women's Wellness Circle
You are invited to Body Coach Fitness Women's Wellness Circle -please see mind body academy page for more details on the monthly gathering for sharing health and wellness topics ,recipes , healthy cooking ideas and much more

UK Active-National Fitness Day 2017
Get ready for UK Active's National Fitness Day  on 27th September 2017 - Which is planned to be bigger and better then ever before . With the same principles of trying to get more people more active more often, through physical activity- At home, in the streets , at the gym and  in your office-Where ever you may be -no excuses -Be Active!  Body Coach Fitness will keep you updated on developments and what they have got planned for this event!

Live Love,Eat Digital Magazine -April Edition
Place your order through the two following links :-US-Amazon & UK- Amazon For the April 2017 Digital Edition of Live,Love ,Eat magazine -Sharon has written an article on Nutrition & Genetics
Professional Insurance
Self employed personal trainers and nutrition coaches - please go to trainers corner page -For discounts on professional liability insurance and health insurance for peace of mind

New Gen Direct Super Food Plus
Please go to supplement & weight management page for -New Gen Direct Super Plus range of 1005 organic natural all in one supplements

Optimal Recovery & Injury Prevention Programme
Please go to sports specific page-For more details on comprehensive recovery and injury prevention programme -specific to your sport/physical activity

Body Coach- Nutraceutical Programmes
Please go to nutraceutical page for more details on the new nutraceutical packages available through Body Coach Fitness- Body Coach- Nutra Sports, Nutra Health & Nutra Baby & me, Nutra Rejuvenation , Nutra Family , Nutra Men's Health & Nutra Energy Boost.

Body coach- Health Buggy Walks
Please go to class page for more details on the Body Coach Fitness health buggy fit walks- a complementary new class to Buggy fit for new mums involving gentle brisk walking and networking with other mums

Cultural/Regional Allergy Tests
Two new cultural & specific regional geographical allergy profile tests for food and environmental allergens .The Mediterranean allergy screen profile test & the middle eastern allergy screen profile test-please go to performance/health test page for more details

Holistic Wellness Health Screen
Go to mind body academy page for more details on the new holistic wellness health screen for a whole body system approach to assessing your health and fitness

Envie4u Maternity Swimwear
Go to buggy fit page for more details and to purchase Envie4u plus size, maternity , nursing mothers and mastectomy post surgery swim wear, bras and lingerie

New-DnaLife   test programmes available through Body Coach Fitness. These tests are only available through professional practitioners. Sharon is a Dnalife professional registered practitioner who is able to offer these tests as a series of genetic based nutrition exercise  and lifestyle programmes-DnaSport, Dnadiet, Dnahealth, Dnaoestrogen -Please got to DnaLife  page for more details  

Body coach fitness is affiliated with Smgenomics  a specialist  professional sports genetic testing company offering unique genetic based tests for sports injury prevention and sports nutrition. If you order through Body coach Fitness unique code you will receive a discount on all purchases -Please go to sports genetics page for more details and more information .

Stress Management Programme
New- Body Coach Fitness- Stress Management Programme designed to help with managing stress, work life balance, and physical and mental wellbeing ,through functional testing, nutritional and supplemental  support and lifestyle behaviour change- Please go to mind body academy page for more details
 Smart Carbs Nutrigenomic Test
A NEW Smart Carbs nutrigenomics test from DNActive8 will be available from Body Coach Fitness from March 2017- Please see details about this and further tests available soon on DNActiv8 page 
Sustainable Eating & Aging Gracefully Work shops
2 New work shops/seminars available at Body Coach Fitness- Sustainable eating about nourishing ourselves whilst looking after the environment we live in & ageing gracefully about nutrition ,exercise and lifestyle and behaviour choices conducive to anti aging through the generations -please go to work shop/seminar page for more details

Culture  Specific Food Allergy Test
A new culture specific food allergy test is available by Great Plains through Body Coach Fitness. The Asian IGg food allergy test ( with candida testing). It specifically concentrates on food items in a more Asian diet (Chinese, Japanese, Korean & Indian) and anyone who eats a diet high in Asian cultural cuisine. Please go to performance/health test page & scroll down to find out more details of this unique preventative functional health test.


Skillogy-Business Courses
Check out the Skillogy technology and business related  courses suitable for your role -at Trainers corner page-succed at every level in your PT Nutrition business

TellmeGen Health Map Genetic Test
TellmeGen health map tests are now available through Body Coach Fitness , please go to performance /health tests page for more details and to purchase.A unique genetically based test for over 260 items including your genetic personality traits and predispositions to certain disorders and diseases as well as possible reactions to certain medications/drug. All of which can be improved through preventative /interventional health fitness and lifestyle changes recommended by the test results .Available in both adult and childrens versions.

Sharon has a practitioner account with Revital health stores- Who offer high quality supplements and sports nutrition and cosmetics and skin care. Available to purchase from store, online  and by phone -please see supplement and weight management page - For more details and discount scheme

Post Pregnancy Function Program
New Post pregnancy function nutrition and lifestyle program - go to functional nutrition page for more details- unique individual functional tested program for health of mum & baby

Tots To Teens-Functional Obesity Program
New- Tots To Teens functional childhood obesity prevention program- please look at functional nutrition page for more details

Travel Fitness Programme
A new functional nutrition and travel fitness programme- functional nutrition page- 2 options- frequent flyer & travelling light ,both comprehensive programmes for travellers whether business or leisure

Proto-Col Nutrition Supplements
New- Sharon is an ambassador   of  Proto-col products -Please go to supplement/weight management page for more details and her Proto-Col website link to purchase natural health, weight and fitness supplements as well as natural skincare and cosmetics

myDNAhealth Natural Supplements
New-myDNAhealth supplements available at  Body Coach fitness to be used with myDNAhealth programmes and/or as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Seven different supplements  go to  myDNAhealth page for more detila s and to purcahse 

New-myDNAhealth genetic testing now available through Body Coach fitness-Sharon is now  myDNAhealth practitioner and there are several tests to choose from- Comprehensive, Complete(wellness& weight management), oestrogen , methylation and detoxification all designed to unlock your health, weight loss and wellbeing potential through genetic analysis

Cytoplan-Nature meets Science Supplements
 New- Cytoplan nature meets science natural supplements - only available  through practitioners- high potency safe effective supplements -online shop page
 February Edition-Live, Love & Eat Magazine
Please click on either of the 2  links to  purchase February 2017 Edition of Live,Love & Eat Magazine- this months issue is all about self care and self esteem-Check out Sharon's article on self care-self love all about a positive mind set ,believing to achieve and being at one with your self

UK- https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01M8MWB9B/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1477914243&sr=8-1&keywords=B01M8MWB9B

 Food For Life Fertility Programme
 New-functional nutrition programme for couples-fertility for life food plan- Ideal for people wanting to boost their health, fitness and nutritional status and balance hormones involved in conceiving and sustained healthy pregnancy-please see functional nutrition page for more details
 Nutri Advanced Programmes
New-Nutri Advanced Programes on supplements and weight management page for weight loss, thyroid, hormonal, gut transformation and cleansing 
 Herbs For Healing
 Herbs for healing - on therapeutics  page- a range of natural botanical skin care and nutritional foods and supplement products  and body cleansing kits as a preventative and therapeutic aid in optimising nutrient absorption and utilisation.
 DIABETOGen Functional Nutrition Program
 DIABETOGen -A  new preventative/interventional functional nutrition plan-functional nutrition page- a genetics based nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle program
 WELLBEING Gen /DETOXI Gen & NICOTIN Gen -Nutrition Programs
 WELLBEING Gen -Functional nutrition program-  a unique comprehensive program with over 8 separate genetic tests and full consultation and analysis to create the ultimate  bespoke package for well being and age prevention As well as  a new DETOXI/NICOTIN Gen nutrition program which aids in detoxification of body and prevention of addiction to substances eg nicotine -functional nutrition page.
 OXIGen & WEIGHTgen- Nutrition Programs
Two new genetic based functional nutrition programs -OXIGen & WEIGHTGen -both on functional nutrition page- customised nutrition and lifestyle programs with a difference
FITGenetics  Functional Nutrition Program
A new genetic physical fitness , nutrition , supplement and lifestyle program -FITGenetics -functional nutrition page-  allows you to identify your physical activity capacity genetic type as well as health capacity and core nutritional analyses -dedicated to  fitness physical activity, health and sports performance. 
Functional Genetic Pharmacogentic program
A new pharmacogentic pain management program designed to identify genetic pain thresholds and identify food intolerances to provide a tailored plan of action to prevent , help alleviate and control every day aches and pains, chronic pain and inflammation for every day activities sports through functional nutrition and supplementation-a more natural approach to pain  management

Nutraceutical Supplements
A large range of nutraceuticals (functional nutrition supplements) are  now available through Body Coach Fitness .Including products from  Innate response, Vital nutrients ,empirical labs  & Designs for health .These are used as part of Body Coach Fitness Nutritional supplement recommendation programming and can also be purchased via consultation through Sharon at body coach fitness or available  at online shop page- Not readily  available in retail outlets and a much more bespoke form of supplementation-Contact Sharon for more details

Paleo Bars
A new range of macro and micro nutrient protein and energy Paleo bars are now available at online shop page

 New-Genomic Nutrition Programs
Body Coach Fitness has added 8 new genomic/DNA based nutritional programs to functional nutrition page- highly specialised scientifically backed genetic testing and nutritional assessment profile in specialisms such as female hormonal health and cardiac/healthy hearts, detoxigenomic nutrition program , immunogenomic nutrition program  behavioural neurogenomic nutrition program , genetic weight management nutrition program ,genetic GI Mapping digestive nutrition program and beautiful skin vitality nutrition program
 TTotal Digestive Health Test PLUS Test
An additional more comprehensive digestive health test from Brunel health ,on performance /health testing page on website offering more in depth analysis of parasitology and faecal calprotectin to differentiate between IBS and IBD and look for Ova and Cysts in sample taken 
 Sports Plus Functional Nutrition Program
Body coach Fitness has a new more sports specific functional nutrition program focusing on nutrient levels, hormones specific to health and performance function and full consultation process-please see- functional nutrition page- for more details 
 Brain Health Functional Program
New-Brain health functional nutrition program- at Body Coach Fitness, using professional scientific analytical testing combined with a structured lifestyle and nutrition program(recommendations)-please go to functional nutrition page for more details! 
Healthy Aging & Healthy Aging Plus Functional Programs
Two new function programs at Body Coach Fitness- healthy aging functional nutrition program and healthy aging plus function (combined nutrition and physical activity program based on scientific analysis of specific DNA factors in the body-please see functional nutrition page for  more details
Executive-Functional Nutrition Program
Please go to- functional nutrition page- for new Executive functional nutrition program-ideal for both employers and employees wishing to maximise health, fitness, nutrition and work productivity .Through evidence based scientific nutrition wellness program
 Livewello Practitioner listing
Sharon Clare & Body Coach Fitness are listed on the professional nutrition/health practitioner site :- https://livewello.com/practitioner/sharonclare -where personal training and nutrition clients and potential new clients can privately communicate details eg nutritional program or testing details , nutritional health details, and also, liase with other professional health/nutrition practitioners and also  learn more about gene variance in regards to nutrition and health -a practitioner contact database for fitness , nutrition and health professionals
 Online & Face To Face Vegan Nutrition Plan
Body Coach fitness has a new individualised online or face to face vegan nutrition page- available on- online nutrition /nutrition page

Brasil Fit active Wear-Winter Stock
A few new Brasil Fit winter stock arrivals at the online store page-check out the items/leggings marked New for winter 2017

Live Love Eat Magazine
Please go to the following link to purchase  Live Love Eat magazine -with Sharon's article on fitness in the new year on 
"Eat clean Stay Lean"-Amazon UK    

Functional & Genomic Nutrition Packages
Please go to- functional nutrition page on website for new health and wellness  and sports performance functional nutrition packages and genomic nutrition packages including metabolic nutrition programs, wellness programs , performance programs and female only programs

Healthy Kids program
New-Healthy Kids program- with pediatric specific nutrition profiling tests  covered by leading accredited European  laboratory Alcat-Do you value your child's health at a young age ? Then go to healthy kids page

Spectracell-Micro Nutrient Tests
Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer Spectracell functional micro nutrient tests -available at performance/health testing page - combined with a 8 week functional nutrition and supplementation plan based on the results-This could be the key to your optimal health, wellness and sporting performance -scientific based nutrition with maximum results!

Promotional Products
If you are in business - especially the health & fitness industry it is important to promote and market your unique USP to stand out from the crowd. Go to -trainers corner page- for promotional business products section - to purchase all your health, fitness and nutrition business promotional products-Make 2017 your best fitness business year !

New-Brunel Advanced Test

New Brunel Advanced Adrenal  Health Test available in January 2017 - please see health/performance test page- for more details.

Bonsai-Biotics UK  Brand Ambassador
Sharon has been selected to be one of the UK team Ambassadors of a new nutraceutical natural supplement range Bonsai Biotics . The range is all made in the UK and naturally sourced ethically and ingredients are also pure and officially tested for banned substances . Please look at online shop page for more details on this range of products.

Healthy Living Store
Please go to the new BC healthy living page to search for all your healthy living needs whether they be fitness equipment, nutritional supplements,  health & wellness products or sports performance . Body Coach Fitness working with two well known retail stores to provide you with a professional outlet for your healthy shopping needs.

MYZONE Wearable technology is now available to purchase at Body Coach fitness -online shop page - the most accurate & versatile wearable available -Where ever you are in your fitness journey let MYZONE take you to the next level

 Body Coach Fitness-Fitness Equipment Store
Check out trainers corner page for personal training/gym/studio fit kits and professional sports equipment  -To help set up your own fitness training facility/business or home gym-Use code "BODYCOACH" at checkout at http://www.staffsfitness.co.uk/  for 5% discount off  fitness equipment

 Total Wellness-Article- 5 Best Abdominal Exercises
Check out Sharon's  choice of core exercise when asked for her top 5 abdominal/core exercises at this link:- https://totalwellness.club/5-best-ab-exercises-as-chosen-by-personal-trainers/

Body Coach Fitness-Official Partner With- ASFA
Sharon & Body Coach Fitness are now official partners with ASFA-American Sports Fitness Association- A leading online fitness training qualification company. Please click on following link to see Body Coach fitness link on ASFA Partner link page:- https://www.americansportandfitness.com/pages/partners
Live, Love & Eat Digital Magazine 



Sharon is going to be a regular contributor to the monthly  digital (kindle version) of Live , Love & Eat magazine starting December 2016- A monthly magazine available through their website www.liveloveandeatmagazine.com  and amazon .Live love & Eat magazine is committed to providing you with wonderful content on health , vitality and nutrition. 

Commit 2 Get Fit Personal Training Package
Please go to personal training page to discover the new Body Coach Fitness Commit 2 get fit personal training package - yearly subscription ( agreement) to make exercise and healthy nutrition  part of your  every day life 4 ever!
 MediCheck Tests
MediCheck tests on performance/health tests page - various  tests to purchase through Body Coach Fitness  ideal for keeping a track on general health, fitness, nutritional status and sports performance levels  
ASFA-American Sports & Fitness Association Courses
Please go to online shop page  to browse and purchase professional and endorsed fitness ASFA-American Sports Fitness Association courses

Metabolic Health Performance
Metabolic performance courses available on performance /health test page- mastery courses for practitioners and people interested in their genetic and metabolic health , fitness and sporting potential . 

 In The Kitchen
A new page on the Body Coach Fitness website -dedicated to  helping you create healthy nutritious meals in your kitchen. Recommendations for kitchen gadgets and accessories as well as unusual some times difficult to source food ingredients and healthy cook books .All items featured are also  available to purchase and heathy cooking courses and healthy cooking retreats will be added in the near futures. Sharon will update items to keep you motivated to stick to your fitness and health journey goals through healthy nutrition in the kitchen-Health starts in the kitchen!
Great Plains Laboratory Tests
Body coach fitness is now able to offer a testing service for the worldwide laboratory service Great Plains also in association with BIOLAB UK . The tests  available are unique and based on screening for metabolic and genetic health markers and specialise in environmental testing for levels of toxins and chemicals inhaled, ingested and in your body's cells due to your lifestyle or environment -so aa plan can be recommended to amend this for future better health, fitness and sporting performance levels.
CNS Tests 
CNS professional tests available on health/performance test page on website- Specialised food print tests including vegetarian , vegan and cultural ( diets high in herbs & spices) tests
 Regenerus Laboratory Tests
Body Coach Fitness is now able to offer  a very extensive list of blood, saliva, urine,stool and breath testing procedures through Regenerus laboratories and there associate laboratory partners such as Cyrex. Allowing Sharon to give the best possible scientific  analysis  for training and nutritional advice. Not all tests available are listed as there is an extensive library and details can be given on request. Give your self the best possible chance of reaching your health , fitness and sporting performance goals by going to health/performance testing page and scrolling down to purchase a test
Origym Article On How To Write A Fitness Blog
Please go to trainers corner page- To see Sharon's advice to Origym , professional fitness training course provider on  how to write a good fitness blog  .
Body Coach Fitness Book Stores
New Body Coach Fitness Trainers book store and Sharon's fitness industry recommendations books to read  for people in the fitness industry-Trainers corner page -Also  Online Book store at  -online shop page for the general fitness community to purchase  .
Business Master Mind Skills Gap Experience Day
Please got to Trainers corner page for the new Body Coach Fitness Business Master Mind Experience Day. A full days mentoring  &  skills gap training for PT's who are newly trained or returning to the fitness industry.

Balance Escalation & 3D Flexibility (Mostability) Class
Go to class page- For more details on the new balance escalation & 3D flexibility (Mostability) Class coming soon to Body Coach Fitness. A class for beginners to athletes as it can be tailored to ability and fitness levels  through programmed stages and progressions. Using the principle strategy technique process of applied functional science. Ideal for injury prevention, rehabilitation, strength , flexibility and power and performance, working in 3D functional planes of authentic motion. Dramatically improving how your body moves and functions in every day life and sport.
 Energy Fit Kit -For Endurance Sports
Go to online store and purchase the new Body Coach Fitness -Energy Fit Kit -For endurance sports such as running -in stock and ready to purchase.
Body Coach Fitness-12 Days Of Xmas (Digital Calender)
Go to personal training page for more details on the Body Coach Fitness- 12 days of Xmas (Digital Xmas Calender)- 12 Days of fitness inspiration, advice, recipes ands fitness promotions/offers

PT Qualifications
Go to trainers corner or online shop page and check out PT qualification section for Origym PT qualifications -use Sharon's unique  Origym Ambassador code -BODYCOACH -PT for 15% off PT training courses  when purchasing REPS recognised and internationally accredited personal training qualifications.
 GC Bioscience Test
New-GC Bioscience blood chemistry tests available through Sharon Clare at Body coach fitness - if you have an interest in developing a clearer understanding of how your body functions and revealing factor which may be inhibiting you health, fitness and sporting performance then go to health tests/performance page on website and purchase your own bespoke list of health and fitness screening bio science tests .

New-Opti-0-3 Test
A new blood spot biomarker blood test-  Opti-0-3 test will be available soon at Body coach fitness -More details on performance/health testing page . Ideal  test for omega 3 & 6 imbalances , deficiencies in the body &  inflammatory and chronic health conditions risk indicator ! Unique practitioner code also available on this page for you to source natural scientifically researched supplements after diagnosis and purchase at a 25% discount.

Body Coach Prehab Work shop
A 1-1.5 hour work shop on essential moves to stay as injury free as possible and go from pain to personal best. See work shop/events page for more details

Vegan & Paleo Snack Boxes
New- Vegan & Paleo snack boxes available to purchase from online shop page- healthy, wholesome snack packs for busy people on the run

 Master Classes
3 New master class work shops - on work shop page- The big 3 master class -learning the variations and techniques of the 3 big lifts Squats, Dead lifts & Bench. The legs work shop- upgrade your wheels with this in depth leg master class & a glute work shop focusing on glutes,lower back & core. All mini master classes designed to improve technique, learn new variations and regressions and advanced exercises for maximum results -suitable for all levels .

Gut Health Protocol kit
New- Body Coach Gut Health Protocol Kit designed to work alongside a natural healthy diet to cleanse the intestinal tract/gut and aid in better absorption and utilisation of nutrients from foods ingested. See nutrition page /online shop page for more details.

Mobile Fitness App
Sharon is pre registered to be part of the new mobile global fitness community app pummel fit . A mobile app for real people, real trainers and real coaches- working better together to form a global network of pt's and fitness professionals . Designed so that people can select  the perfect source of work outs, pt and nutrition services local to them through this mobile fitness app-launching soon https:/pummelfit.com

 Autumn Healthy Lifestyle Magazine
Please click on the following link for Sharon's article on how to keep fit in Autumn in Healthy Lifestyle digital magazine:-

https://issuu.com/lifestylemagazines/docs/health_magazine_autumn_16/15?e=19150155/39227860  and the following link for the whole Autumn edition of the magazine-& click health magazine picture :- http://www.health-magazine.co.uk/

Brunel Health Core Ten Test
New- Unique health core ten test available at Body Coach Fitness measuring ten core metric indicators for sports performance and health- Vitamin B9& 12, Ferritin(Iron), Vitamin D, Sodium, Calcium, Protein(Albumin), Magnesium, Thyroid (TSH) hormones .See Performance & health tests page for more details.

Guided  Meditation & life Potential NLP
New- guided downloads  on meditation for healing ,de stressing &  preparation  and also new Life potential NLP Courses, both ideal for behaviour change and positive mind set-important tools for success in life and achieving goals!
Total Wellness Article- Women & Strength
Sharon is writing an article for online total wellness magazine on the subject of women and strength -I will add link to article when published.

Both Hands Coaching Site
Sharon is listed on a new coaching site for training - http://sharonclare.bothhands.com
for health, nutrition and sports performance coaching- offering training advice and programmes

Autumn/Winter Brasil Fit Fitness Wear
Some new items of Autumn/winter stock of Brasil Fit  fitness apparel has arrived, Amni textured and Tye die leggings and some new autumnal crazy prints see online shop page for more details

Internet Business marketing courses
Internet business marketing courses are now available to purchase through online shop - online courses to help business professionals such as personal trainers, coaches , nutritionists and therapists learn how to market and grow their businesses online in a competitive market .There are full diplomas on business marketing and shorter courses available in all multi media channel marketing for your business - Learn To Grow!

Expert Rating Professional  Fitness Certifications
Expert rating professional fitness certifications available to purchase from online shop page - online course in natural health, physical therapy, personal training, nutrition and medical emergency aid.

Ultimate Health Hamper Fit Kit
The ultimate healthy hamper fit kit is now available at the online shop page with a selection of healthy products and supplements to boost your health whilst keeping fit!



NAFC Fitness Certifications
NAFC Fitness Certifications are now available to purchase from online shop page  also with speciality certifications in nutrition and weight loss amongst others

Assessor,Verifier& PTTLS Courses
Assessor, verifierand PTTLS courses availble to purchase from online shop page- a new avenue for personal trainers/coaches to enrol in to improve their CV and career prospects and earn a new income whilst educating and assessing others in the fitness industry (or other sectors) training the trainer!


First Aid/CPR Certifications
Online and blended learning first aid and CPR certifications are now available to browse and purchase on online shop page

Breast Cancer Care-Voice/Volunteer 
Sharon is now a breast cancer care voice/volunteer helping support people who have been touched by breast cancer! Becoming a Breast cancer care voice is a unique and powerful way to make an positive lasting impact for people affected today and for the future!

Body Image Global Ambassador
Sharon is an ambassador for the BIMGAP programme which is a global body image movement programme - which promotes the value and power of a positive body image mindset and health for everyone at any size. A movement which hopes to create global change  with promoting diversity - see website for more details :- https://www.bodyimagemovement.com/ambassador

ITPA-Professional Tennis Coaches Certifications 
Tennis specific specialist international professional certifications on 3 levels , online workshops, camps and educational DVDS for tennis coaches , strength coaches wishing to specialise in a specific sport and PT'S.

IAPC-Body Building Certification
IAPC Body building certification are available to browse and purchase at online shop page- a international certificate for keen competitors or professional personal trainers who want an edge in the industry and a new revenue stream. 

New Pilates , Boxing & Weight Lifting Fit Kits 
NEW- fit Kits at online shop- Pilates, Boxing & Weight lifting kits available to purchase , affordable fitness at the click of a button-Also check out Sharon's Blog post on her gym bag store -http://www.gymbag.co/blog/sharon-clare-personal-trainer-and-her-most-important-goal-to-inspire-educate-and-motivate-others/

 AFPA Certifications
AFPA Fitness, nutrition & specialist  CPD  certificatications are now available to purchae at online shop page.AFPA is internationally recognised , accredited and has certified nearly 100,000 fitness and health and wellnes professionals since 1994.

 Cani Cross Dog fit Classes
Check out details of Sharon's cani cross dog fit classes starting soon- on the following link:- 



Fresh Fitness Food
Fresh fitness food available at online shop page- bespoke meal delivery service for athletes and professionals in London & surrounding areas of UK .Sharon is a partner with fresh fitness foods and offers unique referral discounts off this service .

 New-Women's & Men's Sports Fit Kits

New- Women's & Men's sports fit kits available to purchase at online shop page -Including Energy boosting, protein packed, recovery products  all in one convenient parcel-delivered to your door!

Animal Flow

For Personal trainers-book an animal flow instructor training course through online shop page -  Or purchase an online instructional dvd  for am inspirational animal flow functional work out!

 Body Coach Fitness- Forces Fitness

Forces fitness training   programs and fitness tests for pre selection into the army, navy, marines, RAF , police, fire service and nursing and training programs to ensure you have the required strength, cardiovascular fitness and mental toughness to carry out your role in the services . Please see personal training page for more details

NESTA & Spencer Institute  Courses

Nesta -nutrition  ,exercise, and sport trainer association online certification courses available in health, fitness, wellness and nutrition among others available on online shop page. Also Spencer Institute  life & wellness coaching certification courses available at online shop page to purchase.


Sharon will be at LIW (Leisure industry week) on 21st September  representing Brasil Fit UK Fitness wear brand with Beyond the Work out on the SOSA Fitness dance  company stand -One of the professional industrys leading fitnes events.

New-Quarterly Eat For The Seasons & Monthly Fitness Food Q&A section

See the fitness food page for the new quarterly eat for the seasons section and monthly fitness food health Q&A section -with tips , advice and sugestions on healthy food and how it can benefit your health and fitness levels!

 New-PT Suggestion Box & Trainers Suggestion Box

Please see personal training page for the new monthly PT Suggestion box & Trainer corners page for the new Trainers Suggestion Box for more details!

 Holistic Complementary Therapy & Beauty Store

New holistic complementary therapy courses available to purchase at online shop page . With accredited advanced massage courses & various CPD and course such as pregnancy & baby massage, injury management massage .lower back and neck pain massage, first aid and health and safety at work and other complementary therapies such as reflexology, Indian  head massage & Reiki!

Body Coach Online Avon Store
New-Body Coach Fitness Online Avon Store - please go to online shop page for more details. Complement your fitness regime with the gift of beauty!

 Yoga E -Book & Correspondence Course

 New- Asthanga Yoga online correspondence course and Brilliant Yoga E-Book available to purchase at online shop

Holistic Nutrition & Mind Body Courses

Body Mind Institute online integrative educational courses available to purchase at online shop .Courses available in sports  nutrition, holistic nutrition , raw chef certification and personal development amongst others.  

Nutrition Certifications

Go to online shop page- scroll down to nutrition courses   and  check out the certified fitness nutrition certification available to purchase through a link on page-suitable for fitness trainers ,coaches, nutrition advisors and all completed online -so convenient and affordable

Team Building Activities

Please see personal training page for more details on Body coach fitness team building events -ideal for corporate team building , groups of friends or special ocaassions .

Chek Institute Certifications

Chek institute courses are available to purchase at online shop page , online courses, work shops books and other Chek products- scroll down to Chek link on page.

ACE Certifications in personal training, group instruction & health coaching available to purchase form online shop page .

New- Lorisian Homocysteine Testing
New- Homocysteine testing available at Body Coach Fitness- A reliable  laboratory test and health & wellness predictor for homocysteine levels in the body- predicting future health problems such as strokes, heart disease , dementia , which can be corrected with the right supplementation and dietary advice more details on lorisian testing page on website!

*(homocysteine measurements do not give a definitive diagnosis of risk of these conditions and any symptoms or illnesses must be cleared by a medical professional before taking the test)*

Fitness Retreats
Plans for the future- Body coach fitness retreats starting 2017- check out fitness retreats page for more details and more information on already established health, wellness and fitness retreats you cab book on via Body coach fitness !

Sourced Box-Healthy Snacks
New- Healthy snacks Sourced Box available to purchase at Body Coach Fitness- A healthy snacking service designed to work wonders with your health delivered to you home or work place every month- see online shop page for more details.

New-Online Educational resources
New-Human Kinetics online health ,fitness , sport & nutritional resources to purchase at online shop page- E Books, Educational CPD (REPS,NASM,ACE,ACSM,ISSA,NCSA- and many more) scientific research -Go to online shop page and scroll down to Human Kinetics and click on the link !Treat yourself  to the gift of learning!

Sundried Ethical Active Wear Ambassador
Sharon is now an Ambassador for "Sundried Ethical Active Wear "- A new ethical active/fitness wear brand in the UK. Each Sundried product purchased has it's own unique code which  when used gives a donation to the  charity called water aid for kids. So helping  you look and feel good whilst working out and giving to a worthwhile charity at the same time . Please click on the following link :-  https://www.sundried.com/?rfsn=29812189d747 and use the CODE - BODYCOACHFITNESS to receive a 20% discount off purchase! Please see online shop page for more details!
Health- Lifestyle Magazine
Sharon is writing a health & wellness article for Health Magazine part of the series of digital magazines in the lifestyle magazine group . The article will be on tips and advice on weight loss and exercise in the Autumn - Sharon's article is published in the Autumn I will add a link to view the digital copy.

New- Body Coach-Bonus Referral Scheme
New- Body Coach fitness bonus referral scheme- a new scheme where by any one who refers a friend or signs up to and pays for a personal training package or nutrition package with Body coach fitness gains benefits themselves from this referral process. Please see personal training page  and scroll down page for more details .

Press For PT
Sharon & Body coach fitness are listed on the new online home work out training site http://www.pressforpt.com/  - select Sharon's profile and you can book a time to train virtually at home with her via the system , work out any where and any time at the click of a button!

New- Sports Specific Programs

New-2 new sports specific programs for Body coach fitness- sports specific page- For Ball Sports including rugby,football, hockey, netball, basketball, raquet sports and cricket & Extreme sports program for sports such as wake boarding , kayaking, rock climbing, high ropes, water sports such as jet skiiing and wind surfing - programs designed specific to sport.

PRO Time Tech Ambassador
Sharon is now an ambassador for Pro time tech - a new company selling top quality supplements and supplement dispensing machines  .Please go to the following link :- http://www.protimetech.com/  to purchase items and use the following PRO discount code  SHARONPRO20 to gain an extra 5% off purchases !

New- Busy Mums Seminar/Work shop
New- Baby I'm Back Work shop/seminar ideal for busy mums on the go wanting advice on managing their health, fitness and nutrition regime with best results . Please see events/work shop page for further details!

Brasil Fit- Summer Stock

Some more stock of Brasil Fit Fitness wear has just arrived at Body coach fitness online shop page - summer shorts in fun colours and patterns and capris and tops.

 New -Sports Specific Packages

Two new sports specific packages available  at Body Coach fitness -on sports specific page- Swim fit package and bike fit package both addressing specific disciplines in certain sports, please see page for details.

National Fitness Network
Sharon is  a member of the National Fitness Network- A new fitness network dedicated to fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts for professional networking, sharing ideas and with unique member benefits and offers.

New-Fit Body Project Plans

3 New online Fit Body Project Plans form 4 weeks up to 6 months- More details and pricing on -online personal training page of this website.

Champions Corner
New Champions corner on body building page- A new area dedicated to an athlete of the month -either a BC Fit community member or any other competing athlete who would like to be crowned  Athlete of the month on Champion corner. The selected athlete will have their photo and mini profile on the site and receive a months membership to the BC fit Body building and fitness community . It does not have to be body building it could from any sport . See more details on Body building page.

New-Trainers Corner
A new page -Trainers corner- Dedicated to personal trainers in need of professional development, motivation, inspiration and support in their fitness business.

Healthy Eating On A Budget

New healthy eating on a budget work shop (details on events page) & healthy eating on  a budget e - resource purchase- (online /nutrition page)both designed to give you more of an understanding of how to eat healthily on a limited budget!

PA For Fitness
New- PA for fitness - Professional Personal training service - Some one to organise &  plan your daily fitness & nutrition schedule on a one to one or family basis on active vacations. business /work(travel) or  day to day at home -24 hours per day  - see more details on personal training page .(Professional availability requests -only)

Member of- Connected Coaches

Sharon is a member of Connected coaches- www.connectedcoaches.org a online sports coach community started by Sports Coach UK for coaches in any sport to help them develop their sports coaching and help them be the best they can be and get the most out their chosen sport and sports coaching.

New- Youth/Teen Weights Work shop/seminars
Coming soon- New youth/junior/teen weight lifting/training work shop/seminars. Designed to introduce any young adult- female or male the benefits of getting involved in weight training/weight lifting. For example the benefits of increased self esteem and confidence , increased lean mass and improved appearance , maintaining  body weight and decreasing any excess body fat the healthy way, development of strong bone density , increased sports performance and strength in every day tasks, increased focus and goal setting , and physical activity benefits to health( the natural way). Safe exercises , diet and supplementation appropriate to age group , with advice on how to proceed if you want to compete (which organisations to contact) and more. (This should be a pre requisite foe any youth/teen/junior wanting to enter the weight room!)Please see events/work shop page for more details and who to contact.

New- Cani Cross Fitness
New Dog Fit Cani cross instructor led small group classes, 1-2-1 instruction and hikes and walks and runs coming soon to Body coach fitness .Please see class page for more details if you are passionate about you and your dogs health & fitness as well as looking for a social , fun & safe way to get fit with  your pooch! Cani cross is a sports derived from ski joring ( skiing with your dog ) in Scandinavia and is now becoming more popular in the UK for anyone with basic fitness levels and above who would like to participate in walking ,running , hiking sprinting and  jogging in an out door environment with their dog (professionally instructed ) Full instruction and leadership is given in each group or 1-2-1 session by a fully licenced and qualified instructor in Dog Fit- Cani Cross.

New- Fit Mamma Maternity Fitness wear range
New- Maternity fitness wear range - Fit Mamma  is now available to buy from body coach fitness online shop . A unique  range of stylish ,supportive, flattering pregnancy/maternity  active wear. From shorts, capris and leggings to a full range of especially designed tops all perfect for wearing whilst participating in classes, yoga, Pilates, (some for running if appropriate) walking and general active leisure wear! Please go to online shop to browse and purchase!

 New-Mind & Body Class/Work Shop

A new mind & body class/work shop with a series of exercises & tasks which use both brain & body motor control , utilising both left & right brain together (logical & creative brain) .Ideal to energise you whilst improving motor movement, short term memory and many other benefits (improve self esteem, goal set stay calm, problem solve .Ideal for students, workplace,older cognitive function and sports ( motor control- cognitive function & focus) See class page for more information

New-Body Coach Equine Rider Fitness Work shop 

A new work shop designed for  riders of all disciplines from fitness riding to elite show jumping & dressage riding .Including practical and theory and information on how to improve, movement, core strength & stability, posture, flexibility , mind set and nutrition to improve your riding technique, prevent injury and make the connection between horse & rider . Please see events/work shop page for more details!

New-Pink Fitness Box
New Pink Fitness Box available on online shop at Body coach Fitness. If you get motivated by stylish fitness wear when working out check out the pink fitness box. You have a choice of a one off purchase or regular monthly subscription to the Pink Fitness Box. You will receive a package with an item of fitness wear from the Brasil Fitness Wear range along with a exercise plan and tips on nutrition as well a recipe of the month .A great way to help you work towards your fitness goals in style! Go to online shop page and scroll down page for more information and to purchase.

Women In Sports Week
Get ready to support & fundraise for Women in Sports Week starting 3rd October 2016. A week  designed to showcasing women in sports from grass roots to elite level  and to encourage support more females into physical activity.

Allowing women to reach their full potential through sports.

New- Brasil Fitness wear -Online Shop
Some more new Spring/Summer Brasil Fitness wear stock items added to online shop page!

New-Online courses

Purchase online courses to update and educate yourself on subjects including healthy cooking , nutrition ,  and fitness and exercise - go to online shop page for more details

Volunteer For Paralympic GB team Athletes 

Sharon  is helping out with the volunteer kitting out team for the Paralympic GB Athletes  in London in preparation for the Rio Olympic games .

New- Nourished Kitchen Program

New- Body coach fitness nourished kitchen program- designed to feed the mind and body and restore and repair gut /intestinal health with traditional  healthy foods and supplementation ( alongside medical supervision ). Your intestinal health is the corner stone of our wellbeing , it can affect our hormonal and nervous systems and many other important bodily systems causing chronic health conditions, like leaky gut syndrome, allergies  & food intolerances , mood disorders and anxiety , chronic fatigue, aid coeliac conditions and auto immune conditions . It is possible to restore and repair intestinal health and improve these conditions with aid from this nourished kitchen  plan , good gut health protocol (&medical supervision) &the 4 R'S System ( Remove .repair/replace & restore) .Please see nutrition page for more details!

New- Creative Lunch Day Work Shop

New- Kids creative lunch day work shop, designed to take kids through a healthy food journey encompassing both practical and theory .An interactive work shop suitable for groups of young children  at school, organisations , play groups &youth activity groups .Please see events/work shop page for further details.

New-Plant It Grow It Eat It Work shop

New- Interactive, creative plant it, grow it , eat it work shop, designed to engage adults/parents and children in producing their own healthy food through physical activity/gardening  and educating them on making  the connection between the  food produced to the table , the environment and community and gardening as exercise . More details on events/work shop page.

New- Fitness Challenge Workshop

A new work shop designed to challenge yourself as an individual/, team  -learn new fun individual/team/partner drills and pit yourself against your friends -what does not challenge you does not change you . See events/work shop page for more details!

UK Active- National Fitness Day 2016

Celebrate UK Active national fitness day on Wednesday 7th September 2016 and engage  in exercise &  make it "bigger & better" than  last year! Join an organised event /class  and bring a friend and start your fitness journey to a healthy life! More details soon....!

New- Online/Email programs(Band work outs & Partner drills)

2 New online/email programs  to purchase on online training page - resistance band workout ( for a quick workout, anywhere , anytime including the beach) with minimal equipment and Partner drill workout ( Work out with a friend) fun partner work outs for extra motivation and support.

New-Men & Women's Wellness Programs

Four new women's wellness programs  targeting specific areas of women's life phases and cycles.

Ageless aging designed for the pre to post menopause phase in life,  Fit period program for keeping control of your exercise and nutrition through your menstrual cycle to body coach vital core program which is specific for pelvic floor function and control and Body coach fertility fitness program.Plus  1 new men's wellness programme addressing  male issues in fitness , nutrition & health.All these new programs are on the men & women's wellness page on this website!

 New- Body Coach Fitness -Health & Fitness Screen

 A new full health & fitness/sports  performance screen is available at Body coach Fitness  which includes  postural, functional, nutritional,  wellness blood tests as  well fitness testing  such  as lactate threshold  testing and cv & strength testing. A comprehensive  screen for anyone from a beginner to advanced exercise /athlete  who wishes to achieve their goals  and get the best results possible! Check out the mind body academy page for more details and pricing!

 Woman's Health UK Body Of 2016

Sharon has entered the UK Body of 2016 competition  with woman's health magazine- excited!

New-Muscle Master Class  

 New muscle master class sessions/work shops coming soon. Each master class will cover principles & practices of strength/weight training from beginners to exercise/weight to the fundamentals of the Olympic lifts  .Ideal for people new to weights who need motivation, guidance and education on the best way forward up to the more advanced lifter looking to gain new ideas , share best practice and network with like minded individual groups. More details on events/work shop page - start dates, prices and venue details coming soon!

 New-Body Coach Fitness -Fitness Food

Check out Sharon's new fitness food page - this page will be updated monthly with 4 new healthy eating recipes designed for natural athletes , fitness  competitors as well as anyone who wants to add fresh healthy recipes and meals to their diet. A new Body Coach fitness food recipe guide will be available soon  to purchase from this page with many more healthy eating recipes inside- sent straight to your inbox on purchase- will keep you posted -launching soon.

Elite Fitness Network

Sharon is a member of the Elite Fitness Network-  Take a look at my profile on the model tab on the website www.elitefitnessnetwork.co.uk  The EFN  prides  itself on being the fastest growing and dynamic fitness and sports  marketing agencies and fitness networking sites in the UK. Sharon is now one of the EFN-Elite!


I Am Team GB  Event

Sharon is planning an event to get people active for the Join In - I Am Team GB campaign  -

please go to the following link for more details:-


Team GB Kitting Out Volunteer-Olympic Game 2016

Sharon has been selected as a volunteer of the GB Athletes Kitting out team for the Olympics this summer ! The Olympic games will take place from 5th-21st August 2016 .Team GB will consist of  approximately 350 athletes across 23 sports (archery, aquatics, athletics, badminton,boxing,canoeing,cycling,equestrain,fencing,golf,gymnastics,hockey,judo,modern pentathlon,rowing,rugby 7's, sailing,shooting,table tennis, taekwondo, tennis and weight lifting.The kitting out process for the GB Athletes is a process with considerable logistical challenges and  a very important part of the Athletes preperations for the Olympic games.Sharon is proud and honoured to be part of this process.

 Total Wellness Article-Resistance Training

Sharon has contributed an article to total wellness ,please view on the following link :- https://totalwellness.club/resistance-training-it-might-not-be-what-you-think-it-is/

Body Coach -Train The Trainer Project

Body coach fitness now offers a new train the trainer work shop to help inspire, educate and inform  other fitness industry professionals who are starting up or already established on the ups & downs and ins and outs of creating a successful business and also a distance "trainer the trainer "support network/business consultancy  email/telephone and documents on tips and tricks on creating a brand, USP  and marketing and building a successful training company in a highly competitive network . You will find both these new packages on "personal training" &  " work shop pages on this website for further details and pricing.

Women In Sport! 

Sharon is a member of "Women in  Sport "an organisation that  is transforming sport for every girl and woman in the UK-We are women in sport! By drawing on our unique insight we will champion the right of every woman and girl in the UK to take part in, and benefit from sports :from field of play to the boardroom & from early years and throughout life! Join Sharon and Women In sport & champion this cause on www.womeninsport.org/

 Body Coach Fit Kit!

New- -Body Coach Fit Kit available to purchase at online shop page .No excuses not to exercise , easily portable, light weight, affordable so you can train at anytime and any where!

EFN-Elite Fitness Network

Sharon is a member of Enetwork   , the UK's leading fitness network! Which prides itself on being the fastest growing & dynamic fitness and sports modelling agency and fitness networking specialist and who's ethos is to build  a fitness family -One of the Elite FN-Elite

 e fitness


PROTIME Ambassador

Sharon is now an ambassador for the  PROTIME Team a unique brand of  Athletic wear  - and a  company who promotes new up and coming athletes  use her unique discount code  Bodycoach-1 to receive 20% off items purchased  on   http://www.protimefitness.co.uk/ref/sharonclare/ 

Spring/Summer Range-Brasil Fit Fitness wear-Online Shop

NEW-Spring/Summer range of BrasilFit Fitness wear  added to online shop.Go to online shop-Brasil Fit tab and look out for items labelled new spring/ summer range.Lots of fun bright colours to brighten up your fitness wardrobe!

New- Callisthenics Instructor Class Finder 

Sharon is listed on the new callisthenics instructor class finder link :-  


Health Of The Nation Report

Sharon has been chosen as one of the 35   fitness professionals and Olympian athletes to contribute to an article on the health of the nation which is also being developed In partnership with  Fit Bit. It will be a 2 page article with information on her views on personal training and her opinion on what improvements people need to be made  to enhance health(ie whether technology is going to play a part in getting people fitter and stronger) .The purpose of the report is to educate the masses as to the problem we are facing on the obesity epidemic  and highlighting  the sedentary lifestyles we lead in 1st  world countries such as the UK & USA  .This report will be distributed across 8000+ fitness facilities and to over 5 million people based in the UK & USA .When the report has been published I will add the link  for people to read!

  Launch -New Supplement Store

Sharon is adding even more choice of supplement brands and fitness products for her customers  by creating her  own  Gym Bag supplement store . Please go to the online shop page  for more details and /or  click the following link :- www.BodyCoachFitness.gymbag.co

to browse and purchase items.

  Sports Supplement -Reviews

Sharon is  on the expert PT review panel for a local sports supplement company who sells branded  sports supplements . I will be providing formal reviews for products online on their site  and will post links of these  reviews on my site as soon as they are completed  .Please look at product review page for further details!

Health Hero Awards 

Vote for Sharon Clare as PT Health hero of the month at the health hero awards on www.healthheroawards.com/

Click on the link and add her name to the twitter page link and category PT  health hero  to vote!

Health Club TV

Sharon & Body coach fitness personal training packages are listed on health  club tv to purchase personal training packages- Click on the following link www.healthclubtv.com/videos.html  and then click on "store " tab and scroll down page for Sharon's profile to purchase free mini demonstration playlists and to purchase full monthly online personal training packages from £20.00 per month.Health club TV is a unique concept in exercise delivery that lets you work out when you want and where you want, with quality exercises for your road to fitness . Providing  a full range of program work outs and tuitional videos on demand for easy viewing on mobile devices and pc.

Member of EMD Community

Sharon is  a member of the EMD -Exercise movement dance community which is an organisation dedicated to developing , championing & supplying quality  professional fitness teachers/trainers who promote exercise movement and dance to get the nation moving!

Member of D2BD Community

Sharon & Body Coach Fitness are members of the D2BD -Dare to be different community  a new non profit organisation driving female talent .An exciting new community for women who dare to be different and is about increasing female participation , inspiring, connecting and showcasing and developing female talent in male dominated sports, careers and environments. Founded by Susie Wolff a female motor racing driver who has dared to be different and challenged perceptions In a male dominated sport. Being a member of this community will allow Sharon to inspire the next generation of females to take up a male dominated sport such as  body building or motor sports or take up a career in the fitness industry so combining her love for fitness and motor sports and inspiring and educating others! Please take a look at her D2BD profile by typing in the following link and clicking on the blue "Profile" tab:-www.daretobedifferent.org/members-2/sharonbodycoachfitness-com

Personal Trainer Magazine-HIIT Training Article

Sharon has completed a HIIT training article in the latest digital edition of personal trainer magazine please click on the following link to read this article :-   http://www.ptmagazine.co.uk/whats-the-deal-with-hiit-training/

New- Buggy Fit Mums Club 

A new added benefit of training at Buggy fit classes will be launching soon- Buggy fit mums club! Buggy fit mums club offers access to nutritional advice , recipe of the week, buggy fit news and special offers on Baby products -free to buggy fit class members and £29.95 per month to non class members  sign up on - www.buggyfit.co.uk/mumsclub/

Listy Fit- Directory

Sharon Clare & Body Coach Fitness are one of the first to be listed on the new UK all in one health and fitness directory for people who want to search for a professional personal trainer, health coach ,gym or class. Find your perfect fitness professional for your training & nutrition goals on www.listyfit.com.  (Search  for Sharon under CO109BN Sudbury Suffolk).

REPS Directory Listing

Sharon  Clare & Body Coach fitness  are listed on the professional fitness industry REPS directory to be launched in March 2016 .A directory for the public to search for professional, insured and reputable personal trainers and coaches in there locality. Sharon is listed on page 4 (CO10 9BN postcode  area) on the directory www.repsdirectory.co.uk.

Juice Plus  Products

Sharon now sells juice plus products .Juice plus are premium products made from up to 27 different fruits , vegetable and berry blends per day  . Helping you to get your daily minimum recommended servings of fruit & vegetables per day with ease and convenience . Please go to online shop page and scroll down to juice plus products and click on her juice plus website link.

Harlequin Bikinis Athlete-Sponsorship

Sharon is now officially a sponsored/supported  Harlequin Athlete with Harlequin Bikinis a well known international company making custom made posing suits and bikinis for fitness, figure and body building athletes -Please see website www.harlequinbikinis.com  for their range of brightly coloured and unique costumes! 

Body Coach Fit Phase Online Training!

Sharon has joined Fit Phase online training, listing Body coach fitness online training programmes to purchase. Offering online training programmes on :- https://bodycoach.fitphase.com Adding new programmes at the moment! 

UFE-Ultimate Fitness Events-Birmingham Show

Sign up to compete in the ultimate fitness events Birmingham show on the following link:- 

http://ufeshows.com/birmingham-uk and compete in an international fitness and body building federation -use the code Sharon25 to receive a 25% discount when applying for membership/entry fees-See you all there!

"Fit Villages Instructor"-Suffolk Sport

Sharon is on the database at Suffolk Sport as a "Fit villages instructor" , so available to instruct  classes to the local community through the Fit Villages project. More details to follow soon.

Representing - Brasil Fit   At Body Power 2016!

Sharon will be representing Beyond the Work out fitness wear on Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th May 2016! She will be promoting the Brasil Fitness   clothing range that is currently available on her online shop and helping out on the stand . A chance to try on, and pick up the new Spring Summer range to be launched in the UK soon.

Body Power Athlete Academy

Sharon is a now a member of the Body Power Athlete Academy - An academy dedicated to  helping athletes on their journey to becoming sponsored fitness stars. Also helping with development of professional portfolio and business acumen to become a positive role model for others! 

New- Body Coach TRX Fitness

A new TRX Fitness class is starting mid spring - including functional suspension training +core + HIIT  cardio + rope . A full body fitness program suitable for 1-2 instruction or small group training . Please keep an eye out on class page for more details.

 New Stock-Brasil Fit Fitness wear!

New stock- Brasil Fit fitness wear !-Checkout the new items of stock just arrived in store- Crazy print leggings and capris in wild snake , jungle and violet jaguar prints -Special introductory offer in Janaury on these new items  see offers on online shop page! (More items arriving very soon!).....

 London Anniversary Games-22nd-24th July 2016

Sharon has applied to be a British Athletics volunteer at the London Anniversary Games  from 22nd-24th July 2016- fingers crossed!

 I Move Freely Group Classes -Spring 2016

New- I move Freely Group Instruction classes (& 1-2-1 )will be available from early/mid spring 2016 onwards(Sports Therapy Association Accredited training course) . Good for  a healthy workplace programme and functional movement for every day life. Helps with muscle imbalances, good posture, relief from mild discomfort from back, neck and muscle pain, improved athletic function /performance. Can be tailored to target specific concerns of the group/individual- From beginner to Elite athletes- I move freely will  keep you healthy & moving longer! Please see class page for more details and contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachftness.com  to pre book and further information!

New-Body Coach Fitness Prime Mover Work place programme!

Body coach fitness will be  launching a new prime mover work place programme incorporating the I move feely programme  within it , in early/mid spring- more details to follow soon!

 FPGS -Fitness Professionals Global summit

Sharon is now an affiliate of the  FPGS  -Fitness professionals  global summit -any personal trainers /coached who wish to join can click on the following link :- http://www.mcssl.com/app/?af=1646986 to join for free. To access presentations and online seminars from leading top professional fitness industry leaders from February 8th-12th 2016. Sign up now for free and join the fitness world wide summit !

January Sale On Brasil Fit-On Selected Items 

Body coach Fitness has select Brasil fitness wear items on a discount sale price through out January 2016. Check out the Brasil fit  section on the online shop page and take advantage of this sale before they sell out!

 Simply Naturals Minerals

Body coach fitness  now offers simply naturals  products , natural wafers of high grade potency minerals for health and vitality. Please go to online shop page for website link and more details.

Online Fitness classes 

Body coach fitness is introducing online classes  to this website in the near future, which can be accessed any time and any where  via an internet/wifi connection (online pc/laptop, tablet or phone).Please see online class page for up and coming details soon.

 Fit After 50 Classes

New- Fit after 50 classes starting at Body coach fitness soon. Specifically designed for this age group to help improve cardiovascular  health, strengthen muscles, increase flexibility & suppleness as well as improve  posture . Please see class page for more details!

 HYLETE-Train Team

  Sharon is part of the HYLETE Nation   and a  member of the HYLETE Train team promoting a functional fitness wear company which specialises  in cross training fitness clothing and accessories -Please go to online shop page and click on the referral link to get your discounts on  purchases from this fitness wear brand .

 Coming Soon...Healthy Living Journey 2016

 Coming soon to Body Coach Fitness- an interactive distance healthy living journey, with weekly tele classes on healthy living topics , weekly recipes, weekly exercise advice, face book support group and many other -please see online training page for more details or contact Sharon Clare for more details on 0875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com.

 Walk The Planet In 180 Days -For St Elizabeth Hospice Care

Sharon has joined the "Walk the planet & make a world of difference "  

joint virtual challenge to walk around the world in 180 days from January 1st- June 28th 2016 to raise funds for St Elizabeth Hospice Care . Please donate to her just giving fund raising page  :- 

http://giving.stelizabethhospice.org.uk/around-the-world-in-180-days/  for this good cause -THANK YOU!

Vitality Health

Please click on the following link  :- Genadvisory.co.uk/bodycoachfitness   to get more information on vitality health, the new approach to health & life insurance. If you sign up through Body Coach Fitness you will receive up to 25% off health/life insurance and 50% off  monthly gym membership (please see link for more details).

  Insure 4 Sport

Personal trainers check out this link  www.insure4sport.co.uk/cat16   for  10% discount on specialist sports insurance for personal trainers  plus checkatrainer membership for £9.99 per year!

Post Pregnancy Rehab Work shop

New 4 week course of 1 hour work shops on post pregnancy rehab.  Covering biomechanical assessment & screening, posture analysis, nutrition and exercise prescription for core & glute activation and improved posture .Please see work shop page for more details on price and booking.

4 Week Pose Down & Champion Maker!

New- 4 week pose down competition prep course - 4 weeks of coaching to ensure you are fully prepared and ready to rock for your fitness competition show day.Also a new 2 hour champion maker mock show day  - to iron out any last minute issues with stage presence , posing and stage nerves-Please see body building & weightlifting page for more details prices and purchasing.

 Prep Coach

Sharon is listed on www.myprepcoach.com as a pioneer coach with my prep coach . This site is a free fitness resource for fitness and bodybuilding competitors and the public to source qualified fitness professionals who specialise in fitness /body building  event competition preparation - go to the site and select prep coaches in England UK and you will see all prep coaches listed including Sharon. 


Sharon has now joined other leading health & fitness professionals  and become an "Elite expert "member of "WatchFit"  -contributing 24 + articles per year to WatchFit"   a new unique online training platform   turning diet & fitness into a game with a twist!- Sharon will be contributing free editorial/articles  on fitness & nutrition advice and also plans to purchase via  WatchFit and these and other leading professionals plans 

 can also be downloaded to your mobile device and accessed 24 hours per day. Where you log in and we track your progress every step of the way - so get fit with WatchFit and sign up via the website www.WatchFit.com and to view and purchase from Sharon's  profile please click  on :- http://watchfit.com/experts/fitness-and-personal-trainers/sharon-clare-8738   Also please see my online training page for more details. 


Total Warrior Events 2016

Join the Body coach fitness team at one of the total warrior events next year 2016!  A choice of Scotland, Leeds & the Lakes see website for more details :- www.totalwarrior.co.uk ( poster and more details on the event -on personal training page). One of the greatest warrior events in the UK covering over 30 punishing obstacles -Accept the challenge and contact Sharon at Body coach fitness on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for more details and to join a team of 10.


  WSNET-Active MapX

Sharon & Body Coach fitness are listed on the  class finding resource  active map x . Click on www.wsnet.co.uk/activemapx and  select your local area and choose a class to sign up to.

New-Body Coach Fitness Bespoke Nutrition Plan

New body coach fitness bespoke nutrition  with meal plans and  instructional videos on how to prepare meals and coaching sessions included in the package price . Please see nutrition/online nutrition page for more details.

Total Wellness Club Article - Nutrition For Weights & Cardiovascular Exercise 

Sharon is contributing editorial towards the online total wellness club http://www.totalwellnesclub/  for the new year 2016 on nutrition for weight training and cardiovascular sessions . I will add the link to this article when it has been published on the site in the new year!

New- Back care/Posture Work shop & Employee Wellness Workshops 

 Body coach fitness has 2 new work shops available in the new year 2016- the back care /posture work shop which is designed for everyone who is in need of education & advice on the prevention , analysis &  correction of back pain related issues - more information on work shop page. Also a new employee wellness work shop which is hands on as well educational in the prevention and treatment of work place issues caused by poor work station areas or tension headaches and repetitive strain injuries . Please look at cooperate wellness page for more details - Contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for more details and bookings in the new year!

Wear It BEAT It BHF Red Campaign February 5th 2016

Sharon is fundraising for the wear it beat it BHF red campaign - on February 5th 2016- will as just giving fund raising page soon .

 "Ambassador-UFE Natural Bodybuilding Federation

 Sharon is now an ambassador for the UFE an international  natural body building federation , promoting and representing the federation across the UK. To become part of the UFE natural fitness community sign up as a member/competitor with the following promo code Sharon25 and you will receive a 25% discount from your competition entry fee . Please see the UFE website  for further details - www.UFEshows.com  & go to body building /weight training page on website for further information.

New Stock- Mission Athlete-Online Shop

New stock /colours in of Mission Athlete techknit towels and new yoga tech knit towels as well as a  new Mission Athlete Product "multi cool "which can be worn in 12 different ways  and new Mission Athlete cooling performance caps.

Couch to 5K & Couch To 10K Runners programs

New  couch to 5K & couch to 10K runners programs designed to get you off the sofa and up and running - please go to online training page for further details and to purchase plans.Ideal for beginners to running &/or pre event training eg Race 4 Life!

Creating a New Body Coach Fitness App! 

Sharon is in the process of creating a Body Coach Fitness App to launch early in the new year 2016- will keep you posted on developments! 

New- Strength training plans  for 50+ &  Young Adults/Youth & Beginners To Exercise

Sharon has added two new strength training plans to purchase online on  the Body building and weight training page . Please go to this page for more details.

Also there is a new 30 day beginners to exercise plan available to purchase online on online personal training page , please go this page for further details.

 Total Wellness -Article-Female Training

Sharon has a professional profile on the total wellness site please click the following link to view:-  http://www.totalwellness.club/listing/bodycoach-fitness-sharon-clare/  and

to view her latest article on female training please select the following link:- http://www.totalwellness.club/gym-workout-plan-women/

Personal Trainer Magazine Article-Ladies Work Out Plan

Sharon has contributed another article to the professional fitness industry magazine personal trainer on  a ladies specific work out plan. Please click on the following link to read this article:- 



Work Out Magazine Article-November Edition

Sharon has an article in the  professional fitness industry  "work out " magazine in November edition on her success in her personal training career .www.workoutmagazine.co.uk  log in with email address and view article Article   on page 22.

 PT Magazine Article-Female Strength Training & Nutrition

 Sharon is contributing an article to PT Magazine in September for a future edition of the online version .On her favourite subjects of female strength training and nutrition , will up on line on the following link :-http://www.ptmagazine.co.uk/strength-training-for-women/ on the 28th October 2015!

 New-R5 Amino Man Performance Nutrition

New- R5 Amino Man performance nutrition is now available  to purchase  on online shop page  scroll down page for link.R5 Amino Man is a blend of scientific & sports expertise. It helps aid recovery, repair, regenerates, rejuvenates and restores post exercise. It is a blend of amino acids , vitamins, minerals and botanical support to help optimise and support "natural" hormone growth and help make you feel relaxed ,refreshed and optimise sleep for recovery& repair  post exercise.  Designed for people who work hard, train hard and play hard!

New- Mission Athlete Brand !

New  Mission Athlete brand added to online shop- More stock will be coming soon... In stock at the moment- Patented Technology Mission Athlete branded cooling towels. With a unique fabric designed to help cool body temperature and remove excess perspiration on exercise at the same time- So giving you the competitive edge and advantage !Please see online shop for items! This brand is new to the UK and Body coach Fitness is one of the first to start stocking these and will look forward to adding more items soon.It is designed by athletes for athletes - or anyone who wishes to push themselves to their limit!

Sport Relief Mile March 2016!

Sharon has been accepted to organise and run the Sainsbury's Sport Relief Mile in Stowmarket Suffolk in March 2016!  This is an organised event to raise funds for sport relief and more details will be posted in the new year on my website about the event and how to take part and raise funds for a good cause!

 New-Dynamic Taping Work  Shop!

New dynamic taping 2-2.5 hour taping work shop coming soon in the new year for anyone who is physically active or involved in sports and would like to know more about the benefits ands practical application of taping for common sports injuries or for prevention of injuries and rehabilitation . Please see events/work shop  page for more details.

 Directory For Tutor Listings

Sharon is listed on the directory of tutor listings  as a fitness tutor and assessor  for any companys looking for tutors or students requiring tuition www.tutorhunt.com. 

 Community Action Suffolk- Annual Sport & Volunteering Celebration Event

Sharon is attending the annual community action Suffolk annual volunteering evening on behalf of Body Coach Fitness to celebrate another year of community sports events action in Suffolk. 

 Love Parks Week  10th Year Celebration

Love parks week is celebrating it's 10th year celebrations in 2016. The official week of  events for Love Parks week next year is 15th-24th July 2015. However as it is a special year of celebration  for Love Parks official events will be taking place across the UK from the months of February to July 2016 ! Watch this space for any events to be held in Suffolk!

 New- Body Coach fitness- "Tag Coaching"

 New- Body Coach Fitness "Tag Coaching"  for competitors in figure/fitness & body building. Please body building page on website for more details . " Bring your coach to the show for greater confidence!"

 Place With Cancer Research Team- BM10k Race

Sharon has a place running with the cancer research team at the BM10k - Brighton 10K race on the weekend of 15th-17th April 2016. All working towards raising funds for Cancer Research -a charity close to my heart as my father died of bowel cancer last. year and miss him greatly. All funds raised  will be donated to this charity and will be training towards this in the new year! Please donate generously to Cancer Research on the following just giving page :- http://www.justgiving.com/sharon-clare1/

 New- Fit Figures Posing Work shop & Choreography Work shop!

New Fit Figures 2 hour  mini posing work shop coming soon  to Body Coach Fitness - with hints and tips on posing, poise, presentation and routines new and veteran fitness, figure and body building competitors in need of inspiration and advice to win the judges over on the special day! Also new one to one and small group choreography workshops for fitness/figure and body building competitors-please se events & work shops page for more details!

New- Body Coach Fitness Fat Loss Challenge! 

New Body Coach Fitness fat loss challenge starting in the new year - Looking for ladies to join either the red or blue team to see which team can win the fat loss challenge , there will be a prize at the end for winning team. 8 weeks of fat loss classes/boot camp classes of your choice (which are currently running) and two options to choose from to achieve your new year weight & fat loss goals! Please see class page on website for further details.

 New- Brasil Fit Fitness Wear Range !

 New -Brasil Fit fitness wear range available  to purchase at Body Coach Fitness online shop page. Click on online shop category link at top of page and select Brasil fit tab and browse and purchase this new unique fitness wear range in the UK. BrasilFit is a beautifully designed high quality boutique sports and leisure wear range .A well known fitness wear brand in Australia and  the US & now due to take the UK by storm!The range consists of limited edition prints with  full length leggings, mid calf leggings and brightly coloured singlet tops to mix and match with pants. So if you want  to stand out and look unique then BrasilFit crazy prints are for you!Limited numbers in stock so best to order early for Xmas!

REACH-Supporting Women In coaching

REACH - Is a national campaign run by Suffolk Sport which is currently running .Designed to inspire more women into coaching in the local community. Sign up to become a sports coach at www.reachintocoaching.co.uk.

New-Fat Shedding Home Training Plans

Check out the new weight management programmes available to buy  on online shop page - fat shedding home training plan with and without Body Coach Fitness shake included . A easy, convenient and cheaper way of kick starting your fat loss goals! 

 New- Fat Loss/Burning Work Shop

New fat loss/fat burning work shop coming soon to Body Coach Fitness. Involving a fat burning fitness class, home exercise plan worksheet, nutritional seminar , healthy recipe and meal suggestions and group discussion and Q&A session, please  go to events/workshop page for prices and further details

Suffolk Coordinator- Join In!

Sharon is taking up the role of Suffolk Coordinator for Join In UK, a voluntary  role coordinating events and recruitment of Local Join In Leaders across Suffolk. Join in is a community based scheme helping to develop sports and physical activity projects and increase awareness of these in Suffolk.


Health Rove Health & Wellness Coach Register

Sharon Clare and Body Coach Fitness are listed in a worldwide professional register www.healthrove.com  which is open to the community worldwide to sign up to and select a qualified approved health and wellness coach.

 Total Wellness Article-(Men's & Women's workout Plans)

 Sharon is contributing an online article for total wellness www.totalwellness.club/    on  ladies and men's workout plans  .Total wellness is an online portal for wellness and health solutions, products and professional articles and advice in health, lifestyle and wellness. I will post a link to view article when published.

 New-Liquid Sun Rayz Professional Tanning Products!

Check out the new Liquid Sun Rayz   professional tanning products on the online shop page on this website( go to drop down online shop link at top of page and select Liquid Sun Rayz catergory) The range has sunless tanning products for both competitive body building and figure/bikini  athletes as well as every day sunless products for the public. Liquid Sun Rayz also has a full range of products to enhance your tan, with skincare, make up and skin preparation products to make your sunless tanning a quicker, easier and better experience.

Premier International Profile:-

Please click on the following link  to view Sharon Clare's Professional  Premier Link :-  


 Coming Soon- "Gym Rat Inc" Fitness wear !

New "Gym Rat Inc " fitness wear coming soon to Body Coach Fitness online shop ( see details on online shop page and click on Gym Rat Inc link). Late Autumn /Winter -Pre order by contacting Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or sharon@bodycoachfitness.com.

New MISFIT Fitness Tracker-Online Shop!

Check out the new MISFIT fitness tracker wearable technology system by going to online shop page and clicking on the MISFIT website banner- Browse and purchase & "Get Fit In A Flash!". 

 New- Custom Bikinis, Posing suits & Trunks!

 Check out the link to purchase custom designed bikinis, posing suits and traunks for your special competition day on the online shop page!

New - "THRIVE" Experience-By LeVel!

Go to online shop page and scroll down until you get to "THRIVE" banner. Click on the website links and sign up as a customer (referral Sharon clare-SLClare)  and purchase "THRIVE" premium lifestyle products .

New-Body Coach Fitness Own Label Fitness Wear -Coming Soon!

Body Coach Fitness is launching its own label fitness wear soon. It will be available to purchase  on the online store soon.Contact Sharon for further details of launch!

 New- Power Tramp-Mini Trampolining  & Barre Concept Classes!

 Body coach fitness is launching POWER TRAMP- Mini trampolining classes . A FAB,FUN,FUNKY workout that ROCKS! Also new Barre Concept class (starting early 2016) a combination of pilates, yoga, ballet and sports conditioning-Please see class page for more details!

 New- Vitamin Range -Health Span !

New vitamin range health span is now available at Online shop .Please go to online shop page scroll down page and click on  "Shop Now" button to browse and purchase items.

Blue Fish Sport "Mentor & Affiliate"!

Sharon is now a Blue Fish Sport "Mentor"  and a part of the Blue Fish Sport family. Joining other athletes, coaches, instructors and  fitness enthusiasts across the globe wearing and promoting the Blue Fish Sport Apparel Brand, a spiritual, functional and fashionable fitness wear clothing range. "Designed for the body and made for the soul" Sharon is also an affiliate for Blue Fish Sport  Please see online shop page where you can purchase items with a 10% discount code via my affiliate link and discount code- Go team Blue Fish!-Please contact Sharon Clare on 078756760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for further details!

New Natural Skin Product Range !

Check out the online shop  for the natural skincare range green people .Click on green people "shop now" banner and start selecting and purchasing a high quality skin care product range to complement your new health and fitness lifestyle! 

Independent HERBALIFE Distributer!

Sharon is now an independent Herbalife distributer and able to offer advice and sell Herbalife natural supplement range .The range is suitable for the general public, weight loss and management as well as sports athletes and enthusiasts. Please see bodycoach fitness online shop page or click the link www.sharonclare.hblf.net for HERBALIFE product information and to request a password to log in and purchase products! Contact Sharon on 07875086760 or Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com or in the gym for further details on products advice and support!

Total Wellness Club

Sharon is listed on the wellness site Total Wellness Club as a source of wellness coaching (fitness & exercise catergory) http://www.totalwellnessclub/    Link to her Listing:-


. Sharon has also been asked to contribute editorial on fitness, health and wellness articles for this site and is honoured to do so. Please look out for her articles and other fitness professionals knowldege and wellness services on this professional site dedicated to promoting  , fitness, exercise, nutrition  and wellness!

 New- Accessories & Outer Wear Section- Online Shop!

Body Coach Fitness has added a new section to its online shop -Accessories and outer wear , such as head wear (caps, hats ) , water bottles, sports equipment bags , outer wear windproof fleeces and jackets for men , ladies and unisex.Please go to online shop page and click on drop down catergory tab and choose accessories and outer wear and browse and purchase at your leisure.

 New Ultra Life Range -Online Shop

 Body Coach fitness now sells Ultra Life nutrition and supplement range (please see online shop page) click on online shop drop down catergory link ,  choose  Ultra Life Supplements catergory  and see the range available to purchase.Body Coach fitness personal training clients can recieve a discount on this range (conditions apply)through Sharon Clares affiliate program with the range.

Ambassador for Posto 9 Fitness Wear 

Sharon Clare is a brand ambassador for Posto 9 a fun vibrant fitness wear clothing range and can offer all personal training clients a discount of 10% off products - voucher code to follow soon.  

 Work Out Magazine article

Sharon has an article on her new protein supplement range in the health and fitness trade magazine Work Out magazine (page 67) September 2015 edition which is available to view digitally online or is distributed to independent and non independent gyms UK wide.

New-Body Coach Fitness Run Work shops!

Body coach fitness is adding a new run work shop to the list soon, please look at events and workshop page on this website for more details. 

 In stock This Week-DIVA Fitness Wear !

New- DIVA Fitness Wear range in late this week - order early to avoid disappointment!

 New- Work Shops!

Body coach fitness has 3 new work shops for different groups including, women do strength work shop, kettle bells for fitness & fat loss work shop and a wellness coaching work shop-please see events & work shop page on website for more details! 

 New Workshops!

Two new workshops for Body Coach Fitness- new warrior fitness workshop-learning about strength and conditioning and functional training and body care work shop - learning about stretching, myo fascial and relaxation techniques-please see events and workshop page for more details! 

New-Calisthenic/Street Workout  Class-Coming soon....! 

Please see class page on website for details  of a new class coming to Body Coach fitness early autumn. Combining  signature iconic  calisthenic moves such as front lever, back lever, planche, human flag, muscle ups and super man press ups - increasing  muscular and cardiovascular fitness as well as flexibility and balance and agility- Beginners to more advanced!

 Now in Stock!- HardWay Sportswear & Lifestyle collection

Body coach fitness has  a new sports wear and life style collection on the online eshop. The brand  is called HardWay SportsWear . Unisex (ladies & men's) T Shirts, hoodies, baggy track bottoms, & accessories for the gym and active leisure in fresh colours and with  a stylish look! Please check out the range on online shop page!

New-ARNI Instruction & Stroke Association Group

Sharon Clare is starting a new Stroke Survivor and post head injury survivor group at the Bury St Edmunds Suffolk Stroke association Head Office Headquarters on Friday 2nd October 2015 at 11.00am-1.00pm -Please see specific ARNI  Instruction page on this website for further details on this and ARNI Instruction method.

New Piyo Live Classes coming soon....!

PiYo Live classes are coming to Body Coach Fitness soon. This new method  of training combines focus, flow and fusion movement patterns  to make you sweat , strengthen and stretch all in one workout. It is a music driven athletic workout   inspired by mind/body practices such as  Pilates /yoga and movement  for a low impact but effective body weight exercise programme -Ideal for beginners to advanced with progressive and regressive exercises for each movement . Making it a suitable for everyone-More Details  on this coming soon.

 Primavera & Fit Boutique Fitness wear Ranges  -New Fitness Wear Online Shop!

New Primavera and Fit Boutique fitness wear range online now- go to online shop page and fitness wear catergory and start adding fun, funky and vibrant fitness clothing to your wardrobe.Includes various patterened leggings, capris and shorts and sets from two  exciting fitnes wear brands ,many  more to be added in the near future......

 New-Online Body Coach Fitness Supplement Store

Please go to online shop for more details on the Body coach Fitness Online supplement store with various ranges of supplements from CNP, USN, Scitec, Reflex, PHD, Gaspari , Udos Choice and many more   products to choose from all at affordable prices.

Ambassador Role-Fitness Wear

Sharon is proud to be  an ambassador for  Primavera fitness wear and  Fit Boutique fitness wear . Both fitness wear ranges are   now also  available online at the online shop on this website. Body coach fitness is both selling and promoting this versatile, fun, vibrant form of fitness wear for the gym , yoga, pilates, dance or just general activities.

Bridge The Gap Walk-Cambridge Colleges

Sharon is taking part in the Bridge the Gap Walk through some of Cambridge City Colleges on September 11th 2015. This is  a walk which supports the Arthur Rank Hospice a local charity which supports the local community. All registration money and donations towards this walk goes to this worthwhile charity . Please come along and support and join Sharon at this event and enjoy and take in the surroundings of the beautiful Cambridge college buildings at the same time. See bridgethegap.org for more details.

 Buggy Fit -Special Limited Promotion!

Limited - Money off vouchers  for baby products and a face book competition to win £50.00  worth of sweaty betty active wear & a complimentary Milton Portable Steriliser- To clip onto your Buggy when training for baby's dummy or bottle! When mum signs up to a course of Buggy Fit Classes

NEW-Online Booking system for Body Coach Fitness!

 Body Coach Fitness has a new online appointment booking system on  the website. Look out for the  " green book button link" on  each page .Where you can view appointments available for each service and book online  !

Supplement Discounts!

Check out the supplement page on this website for new discount codes  links when purchasing for leading supplements if you are a member /client of Body coach fitness

 Morning  Walk To Work Or School Program!

Body coach fitness  has a morning  walk to work or school  program which is designed to increase physical activity before school or work . Research shows that when students exercise early in the morning they have a longer attention span and do better academically as well . Workers who participate in a morning walk  program will experience more productivity at work, less sickness absence and less chance of injury at work.

The morning walk to work or school  program will help prevent chronic illness such as diabetes and obesity as well as improve mental health and wellbeing. Ensuring everyone participates in physical activity each day.

(Children under age of adult consent need an adult to be present at sessions) 

If your school or company would like to participate in  the morning  walk to work or school  program please contact Sharon Clare on 07875086760 or email Sharon@bodycoachfitness.com for further details.

 Also if your company would like to sponsor a new program for a morning walk  to work or school program for a local school , community or work place please contact Sharon. You will be helping promote your business at the same time as being socially responsible in helping the local community to be more active more of the time.

New Online Video Training Packages !

Body coach fitness now offers online video training packages   with workouts containing (full warm up , col down and cardio and core and strength & body weight circuits) . When purchased can be accessed via a private site with a login code/link anytime and anywhere in the world (with internet access). Please look at online training page/shop for more details!

Body coach Fitness Supplement Range!

Body coach fitness is now able to offer its own Branded Supplement Range through Phyto -Fit Nutrition. The range consists of protein powders including  a whey protein , pea protein, super healthy teas and  fruit and vegetable powders for children- Please contact Sharon on 07875086760 for further details on products, prices and minimum orders !

Life Fitness Personal Trainers To Watch 2015!

Sharon has entered the Life fitness personal trainers to watch 2015 competition to become listed as one of the top ten personal trainers in the world to watch! 

 Compare Fitness World!

Sharon & Body coach fitness have a limited offer on personal training sessions via the new personal training website   www.comparefitnessworld.com click on the link and type in Suffolk for trainer search location and contact Sharon via this site to get your special discount-Limited spaces!

Exclusive Offer for Buggy Fit Members:-

Body coach fitness has a discount  offer with SNOOZE SHADE  which is a product designed by a mum, to protect babies from the elements and helps them sleep on-the-go(www.snoozeshade.com) !It protects baby from the sun, wind, rain, chill and bugs while you workout in a Buggy Fit class and is great for summer holidays and works all year round ! It is designed for ALL single prams, pushchairs and buggies(side by side) .Recommended by Mother & Baby and Parenting & Pregnancy magazine. Collect your Voucher code when you attend your first class Buggy Fit class and become a Buggy Fit member .

Pro Skins-Ambassador!

Sharon is a pro skins ambassador and affiliate to the Pro Skins athletic wear range. A quality fitness and active wear brand .Please take a browse and order via the following link:-type in  http://proskins.co/store/en/6-slim

National Cycle To work Schemes!

Get involved in the national government backed initiative "cycle to work schemes" that allow you and your employer to benefit from up to 40% savings on new bicycles (saving on taxes & National insurance) and help increase your daily activity levels. This scheme is designed to promote  employers and employees to actively participate in cycling to & from work rather than drive -increasing daily calorie  expenditure (average 400 calories burned  per/hour) , reducing obesity levels (which is currently 45% of UK & European population). Reducing  CO2 emissions and increasing general health & fitness levels, producing a healthier work force . Examples of these schemes are www.bike2workscheme.co.uk and www.cyclescheme.co.uk .

Also take part in the National cycle to work day on 3rd September 2015 and help get the population of the UK  fitter & more active more often.

Live Well Health Walkers- Discounts on Ramblers Membership

Sharon in conjunction with Live Well Suffolk is  offering all new members to local health walks  with Body coach fitness an introductory offer of a 30% discount to The Ramblers association and a Voucher for £10.00 at your local Cotswolds walking store  as well as an informative leaflet on the benefits of walking! Please contact Sharon on 07875086760 for further details on health walks in your local area!

Active Contacts 4 u - Health Sports & Leisure Directory! 

Sharon & Body coach fitness are listed on the No 1 health, sports & Leisure directory  in the UK -Active contacts 4 u (www.activecontacts4u.co.uk) .A site which gives start ups, entrepeneurs  and business professionals  a platform to promote their business and generate potential industry contacts and increase personal training client base. Please click on the link above and search under the personal trainer tab and page 10 for Body coach Fitness details and  and help build a more active nation, by spreading the word of fitness as a lifestyle!


Nutrition Complete-Online!

NEW-Online  nutrition complete service  is up and running  , making it more user friendly - whilst adding useful features - linking in to major leading supermarkets and retailers ,so Body coach fitness nutrition complete  clients can not only create /receive a customised meal plan and  add items  to  a shopping list , they can then  compare prices and purchase these food items from 11 leading retailers  directly from  the nutrition complete food shopping list & dietary plan created-at no added costs , making it more cost effective and save time !Please go to Online nutrition webpage for more information!

Sport England- "This Girl Can"-Campaign!

"This girl can"- is a national Sport England campaign to get women and girls more active .A celebration of active women everywhere that proves that whatever our size, ability or attitudes , exercise can be a fun and enjoyable part of our lives.

Sharon is getting involved in this campaign to encourage more women and girls to get more active and playing sport by liberating them from the fear of judgement when exercising! More details soon- www.thisgirlcan.co.uk

Community Action Suffolk(CAS)- Sports & Events Volunteering Project

Sharon is a registered member/volunteer  of the Suffolk  Sports & Events voluntary project, which is a joint partnership & initiative between Community Action Suffolk ,Suffolk County Council & Suffolk Sport.  Which organises sporting & cultural events across Suffolk and provides and trains volunteers to attend & assist with these events. Allowing her to volunteer and develop new coaching & event management skills.





















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